Barbados mother says “I’ll breed ’em. YOU feed ’em!”

“Government is shortly to ask Parliament for a supplementary, around $100 000, to ease the distress of mothers who trek daily to the courts for child maintenance only to be disappointed because a special account was overdrawn.

The move comes against the backdrop of angry cries by frustrated women earlier this month that some had not received the child support for September, while others claimed they had not received any payments since July. Some called for a return to the cash payment system instead of the current cheque mechanism.”

… October 30, 2014 Nation News Child Money

Barbados makes single motherhood a viable career choice and then we wonder why we have so many young women, girls really, popping ’em out like Marcia does grill fish, peas & rice, and beer at Oistins.

Half the time it’s a guess to name the father… make that fathers. Plural.

This free ride, this “guvment look after everyting” is coming to an end, as it must.

The cupboard is bare, and as BFP’s Shona said back in 2006

“Government child maintenance payments empowers young uneducated women to perpetuate further generations of young unwed mothers and young men who lack the steady hand of a father.

The current trend towards making unwed motherhood a societally sponsored career choice marginalizes the role of fathers and men in general – and can do no long-term good.”

Barbados Free Press

Story #1,243 in a continuing Nation Cultural Series…

by BFP reader Passin thru

Jacqueline Blunt is 40 years old and has five children (by how many different men we’re not told). She’s long-term unemployed and lives with her mother; who has served notice on Miss Blunt that she and her five children are out on the street as of Tuesday.

According to the newspaper article, Mother of 5 needs house Miss Blunt contributes nothing to household expenses and keeps such hours and personal habits that her long-suffering mother sought to impose an 8pm curfew on the 40 year old. That really says it all when an unemployed and unemployable mother can’t be bothered to tuck her children in each night. It’s not as if she’s out working or looking for work – she’s partying.

Miss Blunt is featured in The Nation newspaper looking for her next meal ticket. She doesn’t…

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4 responses to “Barbados mother says “I’ll breed ’em. YOU feed ’em!”

  1. Yes, this Government will find money to give these woman who breed for different men every year, but cannot find money to educate people who want to go to UNIVERSITY, what a travesty to our nation, and our people who want to better ourselves and get out of poverty. Soon we’ll be paying for treatment at the QEH wether we can afford it or not, but I am sure as day follows night these people will be blocking up the Polyclinic and the emergency room. God help Barbados!!!!!!

  2. St George's Dragon

    You are confusing two different stories here. These payments are not meant to be Government funded. The fathers pay child maintenance money into the court, and the court pays it on to the mothers.
    Reading between the lines, someone has “teefed” the money and the Supplementary is to make up the loss. The real story is that this is not the first time this has happened. Why are the systems set up in such a way that this can happen again and who took the money?

  3. Camera shy

    The payments are not meant to be government funded, but when the baby fathers don’t pay, the government steps in and covers the payment for the women, then goes after the man. That’s why the shortfall.

    It is exactly as BFP’s story says it is.

  4. D Value

    What is the most confusing day in Barbados? Answer: Father’s Day
    What are you more likely to see anywhere in Barbados, an unemployed muddah wid yet de next baby pon she hip, or the same wig-wearing welfare dependent with a brand new model cell phone to she ear? Answer: both
    Where is the money paid in to the court system for the muddah’s trildrens ? Answer: Leroy Parris has it.
    Where is Barbados headed? There is no bottom to hit only a black hole.