How many Harlequin companies did Dave Ames register in Barbados?

Harlequin Resort

Why so many Harlequin companies?

It happened like this… we were sitting around last Friday discussing how David Ames and his Ponzi partners have more companies than anybody knows about. Marketing done by this company, land held by that company, building done by another company supplied by another company delivering materials.

It all collapsed and left eyesores and abandoned building sites that are a blight upon Barbados and other nations.

And then somebody asked if anyone had run the word “Harlequin” at the Barbados Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office.

Everybody looked at each other with that “aren’t we a bunch of idiots?” look. Nope, nobody had done it.

So we fired up the computer, logged into to cover our asses, and did the deed.

Here they are, folks… All the Barbados-registered companies with the word “Harlequin” in their name…


Truly, the government looked the other way on all of this. How many of these companies filed proper reports? You know how it is here on this rock… a political donation takes care of having to worry about filing the paperwork for companies. No worries about annual reports if you make a big donation to the ruling party.


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  1. Anonymous

    there are quite a few !

  2. army geddon

    A question you should ask is do you think you’ll complete and gain title on any property you have paid to complete on, with yet another company Ames has closed or had closed in the UK.

  3. Wot no Bank account?

    You mean the one with no bank account! I never thought HH&R was a cash only business.

  4. army geddon

    Don’t know how it all worked in detail. I wouldn’t complete on a garden hut with anything Ames has a hand in!

  5. Pigs will fly.

    Imagine is you got a call from Dan Dalligan offering you a great deal to complete on your unit at Fucament Bay

    Dan works for HH&R in Essex, Dan talked about money being held in escrow accounts, all you need to do is send your money to Barclays in Essex – all will be well.

    Fast forward…..

    HH&R in Essex goes bust!!!! shock horror, what about the completion money I paid???

    Don’t worry that was actually sent to a Caribbean company, that just happens to have a VERY similar name to HH&R.

    HH&R (UK) does not have a bank account 😉

    The money has gone to HH&R ( somewhere in the Caribbean) but it’s not held in escrow.

    The question: Why would you have such a set up and what has happened to your money?

    Of course, it could be sat there all safe and sound.

  6. party animal

    You say give the ruling party a donation ? Should that read give a person in the Party a donation

  7. The Jesters.

    But when you can’t make a donation,,,,,,,,what happens then?

  8. Proof Reader?

    The list of UK-based Harlequin companies is even longer, many with almost indistinguishable names.

    Some investors are alleging that a number of them recently completed on their purchases with Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited/Administration Services Overseas Limited (06904994) which promptly went into liquidation.

    In the London Gazette’s recent Notice ID 2221613 Notice Code 2443 issued on 24 Oct, it is stated that Luxury Resort Services was a previous name of ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES OVERSEAS LIMITED/Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited; this is incorrect.

    The similarly named Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Limited (05838190) is NOT the same company as Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited/Administration Services Overseas Limited (06904994) which went into administration in Oct 2014.

    On 1 May 2013 Carol and Daniel Ames resigned leaving just David E Ames as a director of HH&R. On 16 May 2013 the company name was changed to Luxury Resort Services Limited (05838190). Now why should they want to do that?

    Luxury Resort Services Limited is NOT a previous name of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited/Administration Services Overseas Limited. It is still trading. Annual Returns were filed on 25/06/2014. The Administrator should be aware of this unless the Board aka director David Ames has given him the wrong details. Why should the notice carry misleading information? I am wondering if the incorrectly named company in this notice has been included to deliberately cause even more confusion for the creditors and investigators such as the SFO and Essex Police. Likewise, is the alteration of company names within the Harlequin group intentionally to confuse or deceive?

  9. Proof Reader?

    The list of UK-based Harlequin companies is even longer, many with almost indistinguishable names.

    Some investors are alleging that a number of them recently completed on their purchases with Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited/Administration Services Overseas Limited (06904994) which promptly went into liquidation.

    In the London Gazette’s recent Notice ID 2221613 Notice Code 2443 issued on 24 Oct, it is stated that Luxury Resort Services was a previous name of ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES OVERSEAS LIMITED/Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited; this is incorrect.

    The similarly named Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Limited (05838190) is NOT the same company as Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited/Administration Services Overseas Limited (06904994) which went into administration in Oct 2014.

    On 1 May 2013 Carol and Daniel Ames resigned leaving just David E Ames as a director of HH&R. On 16 May 2013 the company name was changed to Luxury Resort Services Limited (05838190). Now why should they want to do that?

    Luxury Resort Services Limited is NOT a previous name of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited/Administration Services Overseas Limited. It is still trading. Annual Returns were filed on 25/06/2014. The Administrator should be aware of this unless the Board aka director David Ames has given him the wrong details. Why should the notice carry misleading information? I am wondering if the incorrectly named company in this notice has been included to deliberately cause even more confusion for the creditors and investigators such as the SFO and Essex Police. Likewise, is the alteration of company names within the Harlequin group employed intentionally to confuse or deceive?

  10. You started it. .....

    This has been set up to confuse the investor, ames is too thick to think of it- makes you wonder if his legal team advised him; ethical i doubt it. SRA complains galore for the legal boy Abrahams:-)

  11. Proof Reader?

    On the contrary, despite the inept impression he gives people, Ames is highly skilled in achieving what he wants whether it is by evasion, duplicity or intimidation through litigation and gagging orders.
    Never underestimate him!

  12. SRA Complaints, all the rage.

    SRA complaint against Abrams, Poor boy, Ames will drop him.

  13. Proof Reader?

    This from a Harlequin update was posted here by Anonymous
    October 30, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    ‘Our goal is within reach
    Unfortunately, due to matters of confidentiality and security, we cannot disclose all of the positive news from this month, but we can state that Harlequin is overcoming obstacles and making significant headway in a number of areas.

    We believe we are just months away from investors witnessing the benefits of our restructuring process. By mid-2015, we expect to be in a much stronger position with finance either in place or ready to be announced. Thank you all for your patience and please continue to bear with us. We are almost there.

    (Sorry, I am not shouting. I wanted to break up the two areas of text.)

    Petitions to Wind Up (Companies)
    In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division)

    Companies Court No 6835 of 2014
    (Company Number 06904994)
    [formerly known as Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited (06904994)]
    and in the Matter of the Insolvency Act 1986

    A Petition to wind up the above-named Company, Registration Number 06904994, of 11 Honywood Business Park, Honywood Road, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3HW, presented on 25 September 2014 by the COMMISSIONERS FOR HM REVENUE AND CUSTOMS, of Bush House, Strand, London, WC2B 4RD, claiming to be Creditors of the Company, will be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice, 7 Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL, on 10 November 2014, at 1030 hours (or as soon thereafter as the Petition can be heard).

    Any persons intending to appear on the hearing of the Petition (whether to support or oppose it) must give notice of intention to do so to the Petitioners or to their Solicitor in accordance with Rule 4.16 by 1600 hours on 7 November 2014.

    The Petitioners` Solicitor is the Solicitor to, HM Revenue and Customs, Solicitor`s Office, South West Wing, Bush House, Strand, London, WC2B 4RD, telephone 020 7438 6920. (Ref SLR1716065/N.)
    29 October 2014

  14. army geddon

    I’m a bit behind on all this. Did anyone giving Ames money to complete this year actually….well complete and now own property, or did the money disappear into one of his companies? Or even get filtered out in some way like the £250m million in HMSEE (£40-50 mill still unaccounted for – isn’t it?) Just a question or two- I like to keep up to speed.

  15. A Genuine Investor

    I have been an active follower and investor in Harlequin for several years. I have gone from supporting Harlequin, and yes writing those reviews on TA after visiting Buccament Bay, the very same one’s Harlequin encouraged to do so; by saying it would help my investments.

    I have posted on various forums, both positive and accusatory allegations against Harlequin.

    Furthermore, I have attended the RL meetings, met CLC, David Ames; you name it. I’ve met them.

    I have watched sometimes with anger, sometimes with amusement the postings on BFP, especially the ones from both end of the Harlequin spectrum.

    Have I reached a conclusion?

    Yes, I have, not based on any histrionics or emotion just my own opinion, nothing more.

    I have concluded, sadly that Harlequin and the Ames family are doomed to fail. There is, nor has there been any finance, never will be with Ames at the helm. David Ames is delusional and an outright liar.

    Some investors will no doubt get their money back via the SIPP claims. Others who invested cash; unless they have the stomach, and money to sue the agents, they have lost the lot.

    The insolvency firms will pick over the bones; no doubt recovering pennies in the pound, the usual situation -fees equal to the value of the assets released.

    Regarding CPC / RL without these firms (who are in it to make money, and why not?) Harlequin would have been able to continue this scam by using investor’s money to attack the brave few who fought, and continue to fight Harlequin.

    In this, I include BFP, Nikki Crozier, Paul Walton, Gareth Fatchett, and the long, but informative posts on BFP from many posters (however, I suspect they are the same person)

    The support and help from the investors on the RL forum, some who have become almost friends. These people have had the most vile and derogatory things posted about them, but refuse to be bullied by the Harlequin machine. Well done and thanks you!

    I do not have time for anyone who supported Harlequin to make a fast buck This includes, but not limited to, the agents, SIPP providers, the IFA’s, many of the staff that worked for Harlequin. In my mind, they were blinded by greed (maybe I was) and turned a blind eye to what is possibly is a Ponzi scheme.

    One thing I actually believe is that Ames and his cohorts will be made to pay, one way or another, for their actions. Things, in my experience have a funny way of balancing the books.

    All the best from

    A genuine investor 😉

  16. I'm with you there

    One thing I actually believe is that Ames and his cohorts will be made to pay, one way or another, for their actions. Things, in my experience have a funny way of balancing the books.
    All the best from
    A genuine investor 😉

  17. army geddon

    Well said. Ames many would say is truly delusional- a Walter Mitty in the flesh. His delusions are only outmatched by those of his followers. I remember one meeting I attended when his opening lines (asking us all to be grateful he was so grand to come) “Well I’ve taken time out from feeding my animals to come and see you all today” When I asked him where the £7 million was he’d taken out in dividends, salaries and expenses was he swerved and answered a nicy nicy question from a plant. I even had to “bounce” some midget doorman to get into the meeting. Yup he was vetting “trouble makers” before the meeting began. Ames is a planner and in his world bright or not (not) he’s cunning and has been around the block a few times. Beware. So did anyone complete? Or did more money get lost?

  18. The White Death

    David Ames Redefining PERJURY IN THE UK.
    This will catch up with you.

  19. The White Death

    Holkam Compensation is on Risk Warning and is pushed by Ames and Harlequin.
    It is not regulated and i hope your funds do not disappear.

  20. army geddon

    Don’t know them, and they wont be betting my funds. Anyone that gave Ames more money needs a service.

  21. The White Death

    Harlequin property brochures from 2008 to 2012. Great pictures and plans but nothing was built.They just lied and lied.Only BB a few properties built.

  22. The White Death

    Eventually partial plans were passed in 2012 on ST lucia and Dominion Republic.Harlequin then decided that due to to the beautiful views they wished to explore improved drawings and start again.
    Why was this,because they would never build these properties and were just taking up time.

  23. The White Death

    If there is any investor who needs advice and help, i believe that Regulatory Legal are now taking on new clients.

  24. Redefining delusion

    I remember Ames told me, you are lucky I speak with investors the CEO of Barclays would not meet investors, like him!

  25. Redefining Donald Trump

    What about the story about him saying the only difference between him and Donald Trump is that Ames does not need finance?

    Or was that can’t get it LOL

  26. TM get ya when ya dead

    Arh Yes Holkham who promised not to chase the agents for a split in commission with TM – naughty Rob

  27. Silly old duffer Bob

    Yes Bob.

  28. army geddon

    One down……………………………

  29. Anon 999

    Yes, I have been told the thing TailorMade fear most is the SFO. Apparently, some of this OTT commission may have been diverted?

    Whatever, could this mean? 😉

  30. Army Geddon

    IN “Deed” Has anyone looked at the land registry in Buc Bay?

  31. Poor old lapdog ......woof woof Dave told me to.

    Bob, what’s up? Has Dave still told you to keep ya old god shut?

  32. In "god" we trust.

    “God?” Oh dear oh dear.

  33. The White Death

    Let us not forget the Stenning family, mother and 2 sons ( maybe more) who have been with Ames from the beginning.Will have had substantial
    earnings and also part of that of £ 1,000,000 owed to staff at HMSSE.
    Where do they live?

  34. army geddon

    tell us more. can’t say I’m that worried too much about staff salaries although one was good and honest. Look at the salary bill in the accounts. Then interrogate it.

  35. Sunny & Family....

    Dead easy, but i’m not paying!

  36. Anonymous

    It’s not dead easy if they are not on the electoral roll dumbo.

  37. Stenning

    But they are Dummy!

  38. Ames the Fraudster (Snr.)

    “Sunny Stenning”. He’s a regular on “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” isn’t he?

  39. The White Death

    If there is evidence that SIMON TERRY, ANDY REGAN and DANIEL ABRAHAMS have broken the LAW i want them prosecuted.

  40. SRA all the rage

    Worry not, the SRA are involved 🙂

  41. army geddon

    funny – I live overseas but someone here from the area said first off gypsies, I know!

  42. @Army – What the hell does that mean?

  43. army geddon

    Uh- Gypsies- observation of former comment- guppies- no soz gypsies? So – ex pats recognise family. Yup recognise from former local stock..

  44. army geddon

    Someone mentioned Stennings Gypsy stock, or maybe I’ve got an inference wrong as I’m not familiar with “my big fat gypsy”. Where I live half the year overseas, we have a lot of people from the Ames region working here. One of them a business man says he seem to recall the Ames family being of Gypsy (well he didn’t use gypsy but means the same) stock. I just passed this on as a cryptic comment. Might be useful if someone was doing some background.

  45. Big Issue Anyone

    Sunny & Vinny Stenning are the same person. Definitely part of the plot to cheat members of the British public out of their life savings, pensions & homes.

    Sunny would have said anything to make a sale, lied about finance, progress, and hidden the grim truth, Dave Ames never , ever, had the resources or skills to build even 5% of the promised Hotel rooms.

    The emphasis was always, sell, sell, sell, and don’t concern yourself with the consequences, here’s a big fat commission cheque to help you get over any moral dilemmas you may have.

  46. Risk Warning tweet

    Risk Warning @Risk_Warning · Nov 4
    Hard to believe but true. Harlequin’s latest crashed company* ran up 200k HMRC debt without a bank account. That’s some going #harlequin

    (Company Number 06904994)

  47. army geddon


  48. The Pink House

    Well, not the only one that likes to have a couple of names, wonder if he had a bank account 😉

  49. Did Ames lie to investors?

    According to Professional Advisor dot com, (14 Aug 2014) Ames was negotiating with investors claiming that the FSCS backed his futile trust and in the full knowledge that he owed HMRC £200k who were in the process of issuing a Winding Up Petition for recovery of the debt.

    Harlequin chairman David Ames is misleading investors into thinking the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) backs a controversial trust he is trying to use to rescue his troubled overseas property scheme – a claim the FSCS denies – information obtained from separate sources suggests.
    In a conference call with about 70 Harlequin investors on 31 July, Ames said he and his legal team had met with the FSCS, that it supports the Harlequin trust, and that investors must join it or risk missing out on compensation, according to two sources who were in on the call, including one who kept a transcript.
    But when these claims were put to the FSCS, the consumer redress body said it had not advised any claimants on whether or not to join the Harlequin trust group…

    more here:

  50. army geddon

    Very odd that people continue to be taken in by Ames, very odd indeed.

  51. The final nail?

    Hats off to all those involved in snaring the GV

  52. Anonymous

    What happened to TheTrust? Is that a dead dog?

  53. Anonymous

    Dead as a door nail. Still waiting for the finance Harlequin told me was close, 5 years ago.

  54. Failed finance, failed business man

    Harlequin is dead, just that Ames lives in his own Walter Mitty World, can’t accept the fact he has failed again.

  55. army geddon

    Bang on- I truly believe he’s delusional. In fact that may form part of his defence.

  56. there's still a bark in the old dog

    What’s he been doing in SVG recently?

  57. Failed finance, failed business man

    I don’t care what he’s been doing he is unimportant now.

  58. Anonymous

    They must be so proud of their successful businessman son Matt.

  59. And another thing

    They must be so proud instilling such strong family values.

  60. The best laugh is Dave won't support you!!

    We have reported all three in house solicitors to the SRA, many counts of malpractice.

    Without these bully boys Ames would not have been able to carry on. Now, as for lying in Court and misleading…….

    All I can say is you have been very greedy and deserve what you get.

  61. But I'm not a legal man.

    The GV’s response:

    ‘I’m not a legal man, that’s why I (overpay) them’

    If I was a betting man, I would say they have some explaining to do.

    And as for that tape recording…….

  62. "No one will dare use the transcripts" - a quote from a desperate man

    You must be happy now Bobbit, Laura Miller ran the story about the transcripts.

    The little blurb about her at the bottom is a nice touch too:
    “…….[Laura] has reported on some of the biggest failures in the investment world, including Keydata, Arch Cru and Harlequin Property.”

    Harlequin is one of the BIGGEST FAILURES in the investment world. What do you think of that Bobbit? It wasn’t that long ago that even suggesting Harlequin was anything other than a perfect investment meant you felt the full force of Carter F*ck. But now the puppet master is stumbling, and stumbling badly. He can’t afford Carter F*ck, and now Laura Miller is using one of the “Biggest failures in the investment world” to advertise her skills as a journalist. That’s nice don’t you think Bobbit?

  63. Harlequin seems to be over, all that needs to be done is for
    Gabriel to blow and them walls will come tumbling down

  64. Wheels within wheels

    Lots happening in the background..

  65. The Last Post

    If you had heard of a lawyer who was educated at Oxford or Cambridge.Who was highly respected and had worked on other major frauds and legal battles with about a 95% success rate.He also worked with NO 5 Chambers and also had a very thick skin { which he needed on this case}.
    Would you expect him to win in the end?
    Absolutely never in doubt.

  66. Ah Laura Miller, GF mouthpiece. Wonder if she has ever done any real investigative journalism, or just has GF hand up her back working her mouth. Wonder if she will report on any visit to RL by the SRA? Don’t hold your breath on that one.

  67. More BS from BS himself

    ^ ^
    Very well-spelt BS Bob Storey
    0/10 for your veracity

  68. Reported on ……. Keydata, Archive Cru and HP. All RL cases. “Now Gareth what would you like me to post next. Have you got something you can slip me?”

  69. St George's Dragon

    Meanwhile, there are still court cases going on in St Vincent; some from a couple of weeks ago:

    Click to access criminalassizescasemanagement20th_21stoctober2014masterraulstonglasgowag.pdf

  70. Anonymous

    So you’re not denying the content of the story then Bob? You’re just miffed that more of the GV’s lies have been exposed.

    Quick! Attack the messenger. “I like this news not! Bring me better news!” (that’s Brian Blessed in Black Adder I)

  71. Tedious

    Content of what story? Where has the transcript been reported? No message on this blog.

  72. Silly old duffer Bob

    Bob, stop being stupid. Go and ask Betty for your pills.

  73. Al Capone

    How can someone with no money defend all this legal action?
    Maybe by not paying any tax?

    Al Capone was finally done by the tax man…. just saying.

  74. Tedious

    As usual no answer. Where has the transcript been reported? Link? But anyone who thinks the only poster on here is “bob” really is stupid.

  75. No smoke?

    But come on tedious, Bob is a bit thick….. he does give me a laugh.
    What do you think of all this legal stuff going on?

  76. Tedious

    No you are the one who is bit thick by referring everything back to “bob” That’s why you are tedious. No one is going to take any of your questions seriously. They are pointless.

  77. Tedious

    And where is the link?

  78. The end is in sight.

    If I were a betting man, this is time to attack Ames, he is weakend.

    His legal team are under investigation.

    Cash is tight.

    Use his tactics and run him out of money and sue him to death.

    His wife is just about to crack up even more.

  79. Anonymous

    Look at SG ling about numpty

  80. Is there a way to download the “Report on outcome of Mediation”?
    It leads me to believe that something has been decided.

  81. Dave its your own fault

    Well the GV keeps telling people the contract is in SVG, so sue me there.
    Looks like that’s what people have done.

    Bit like stating the FSCS supporting his trust.

    Or, the Shiplys extension.

    Did he honestly think investors would take his word for it?

  82. Tedious

    “Look at the SG ling about numpty?” What ARE you on about?

  83. What goes around, comes around.

    It’s gathering speed….. no stopping the inevitable demise of Harlequin.

  84. Sid

    It was always going to happen, it’s only ever really been a question of when.

  85. D'amless

    This Bob- is that Bob tall Storey aka Koko (I have a) cabana? Wonder of he’s in it then?

  86. Anonymous

    Funny really, when ever anyone asked any meaningful questions of Bob, he’d duck them too.

    Now that is tedious.

  87. Tedious

    Link link link link? Where is it “no one will dare use the transcripts” looks like that quotation is true then. Pointless post from pointless person.

  88. Anonymous

    Bob would also repeatedly demand evidence, yet ignore any evidence that was staring him in the face- To the point of claiming he got viruses and couldn’t view the most damning of it all.

    So tedious

  89. D'amless

    Oh yes- I’ve no doubt he has viruses. Give me fever eh!

  90. Tedious

    Well you have just proved that posts on here are bull***t. No proof or link to Laura Miller posting the transcripts. Worse than tedious, plain lies.

  91. Pink Ponzi

    This is nearly as funny as the Stennings watching BFP for Dave and jumping in to say they are not on the electoral role.

  92. Anonymous

    Read the story Bob. She quotes directly.

    Man you are tedious.

  93. Tedious

    I love feeding the troll(s) Now where is the link, that’s right a LINK? Woff Woff. Let’s see you bite again. 0/10 for veracity haha lol

  94. Bob's not got a few Bob.

    Tedious that just shows how ill you are. Have fun trying to feed yourself when you have NO PENSION.

  95. Anonymous

    Is that the script today Bob? Deflect attention away from the content of the story?

    Many, many more people now know about more claims made by the GV that have been proven to be false. I believe they are called lies, but then again what do I know? That’s for the police and the SFO to determine.

    How about a comment on the content of the story Bob? Or are you not allowed to?

  96. Why no link?

    Link link link link link?

  97. link link link

    Too lazy to scroll up a bit BS Bob?

  98. Bob why not email her. I’m sure she would love to have your
    return email since you are such a font of information:

  99. Why no link?

    Link link link . There is no link. Why should anyone email her for an article when a link could be posted on here. Why would Laura Miller want anyone’s email apart from GF.

  100. HMRC, ASOL, The GV and the other GV.

    Finally the GV is about to meet his demise, Mr. David Campion, The other GV of and founder of ARGO ( the laundrette in Barbados), has no idea of the trouble he now faces, the insolvency documentation for ASOL also demonstrates that Harlequin Developments was trading insolvently. Campion was the Managing Director of Harlequin Developments, and hence as the Director of that company was committing an illegal act, and could well find himself personally responsible for some of the debts of that company. No point Mr. Campion in running to Ames on this, looks like Ames will have stitched you up nice and good here. 😃😃😃😃. Could not happen a nicer bloke.

    And it gets worse for young Campion, I wonder if he ever looked at the accounts compiled by Jim Baker for Harlequin Developments, well maybe he should, I can see dozens of investor claims against HD and Campion over the next number of years, the Jim Baker accounts don’t lie…………..

    And what about the allegations of theft being levelled against young Campion? 😃😃😃😃😃. Surely not I hear you say, well thanks to the GV, Campion is in the firing line here too. 😃😃

    And on a happier note, The GV entered ASOL into a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation some weeks back, today in the UK high Court, HMRC petitioned the Court to have ASOL wound up. Looks like the GV comitted an illegal act by entering the company into a CVL whilst there was a HMRC petition pending. HMRC will have new liquidators appointed to that company as a result,

    I do wonder if Dave Campion has any idea of the ramifications of this and of the shit storm about to come his way 😃. The GV does as he found out today. 😃😃😃. Mr. Campions woes are just beggining, funny that. Others will soon shortly pursue the man behind Argo.

  101. Anonymous

    Bit late for the Man from Oman to be up.

  102. Worriedinvestor

    Busy redefining Court cases all round the World

  103. No Laura Miller link.

    Not Bobs Transport ltd! What’s the world coming to! Still no LM link then. So no one published the transcripts then haha lol

  104. Sneaky snake

    When HMSC start to look at you, that’s a big problem. I wonder who tipped them off?

  105. No Laura Miller link.

    Evolution Circuits! They were a customer of mine. Who is HMSC? Is that a new government department? Perhaps it’s in Jordan? His Majesty’s Serial Criminals perhaps?

  106. Bobs tax return?

    HMRC coming to look at Bob’s tax affairs!!

  107. The Man from Oman??????

    It’s Dave Man from Amman, Not Man from Oman, different place, different country, Amman is a city in Jordan located in the Northern Gulf and Oman is a country in the Southern Gulf, and where may I ask has Mr. Man ever been sued by the GV nor indeed where anywhere does it state that Dave Man from Amman has ever engaged in criminal activity.

    Oh of course, anyone who dares speak out against the GV must be a criminal. Wonder what Dave Man from Amman has on the Great Visionary. 😉😉😉😉?

    Oh yes of course it’s all in the file here in front of me, the same file the authorities have. It’s a large file so might take a week or so off to read and digest its contents.

    And for those who are remotely interested its 22.14 in Amman right now. But 00.03 in Oman. See Amman does have DST ( Daylight Savings Time) but Oman does not. Amman is the Capital of Jordan. Muscat is the Capital of Oman.

    And Dave Man in Amman is doing most well, Thank you very much, and yes he still maintains a total distrust and immense dislike of The Great Visionary, and has felt it his duty to provide the Authorities in the UK with all the documentation he has on the Ames family, and on all the business activities of Carol, Dan, Dave and Matt. Of course the Ames family know this, through the disclosure and discovery process.

    Has Dave Man from Amman broken any confidentiality by doing this? Is it covered by an NDA ? Probably but who gives a shit, aside from Dave, Carol and Dan.

  108. Bobs tax return?

    Good Man!

  109. Wilkins Kennedy.

    The GV is looking to pull out of the WK case. Looks like the recent Judgment in the UK reduced his chances of success from 60% to below 10%. He approached Kennedy’s (Lawyers for Wilkins Kennedys insurers) last week for a drop hands deal. The deal has been rejected by the equity partners in Wilkins Kennedy, who are now extremely bullish about seeing this all the way to court.

    A few former “Directors” of Harlequin Hotels and Resorts were approached to give statements against Wilkins Kennedy but have thus far declined the kind request by Ames, it appears that the cash payments made in return for statements has dropped considerably from that paid by Ames in the past.

    And Bob, I know, so I have no need to prove this to you. Watch this space my friend. 😃😃

  110. Will this tragic saga ever end?

  111. No Laura Miller link.

    Of course as DA lawyers are on ” NWNF” they would be keen to drop this now. Did you find this information on a train? Still no LM link. Nice try at changing the subject. Now where is that ficticious link I wonder.

  112. End of

    Crazier did a drop hands deal.

  113. Anonymous

    Who cares about Audrey? Carter Lemon Cameron are the Solicitors.

  114. Upwards and onwards

    2nd completion for BB announced.

  115. Anonymous

    Was it Bobby? Did he get a title?

    No, I think not. There aren’t any titles are there? No access agreements either. How much was the alien land holders licence?

    So many questions.

  116. Harbinger of doom

    HMRC investigation into Harlequin announced.

  117. Harbinger of doom

    So few answers…..

  118. Question time Dave....

    I think HMRC will have a number of questions to ask David Edward Ames.
    I think the SFO will have a number of questions to ask David Edward Ames.

  119. Wot no Bank account?

    So little time…..

  120. Wot no Bank finance?

    So many legal cases to fight, America, England, SVG.

    Ermmmm, what about FINANCE

  121. Anonymous

    Ames is a worried man this evening.

    Abrams, Regan are facing some serious questions, Terry thinks by walking when he did, that he is immune, not so.

    Taylor is being sought. Dalligan, Campion and the Harlequin propagandist Ronan should now be sweating a little.

    Stenning who is brain dead, and who is following in the family foot steps, is not concerned.

    Tricker is facing the spot light, will her absolute loyalty to Ames, be her downfall ? all those horses, who will look after them. ?

    Geddes the man who keeps deleting the servers accidently and who happens to be related to Ames, is now swimming in a pool of brown stuff.

    Hefin Rees QC walked, in a vain attempt to keep as much distance between him and Ames, not sure if this will help.

    Smith who Campion and Newman (the PID Newman), successfully ousted by providing evidence to Ames that Smith had his fingers in the pie, has been an instrumental pawn in the downfall of Ames.

    Coggle former CFO of ICE and confidant of Ames, now employed by PID and Smith in the Dominican Republic has also proved to have been an invaluable font of hugely relevant information and another pawn in the downfall of Ames.

    Baker also facing some serious probes, Baker stated that all the financial information was provided to him by Harlequin, but forgot to state that one of his more senior employees was also acting FD for Harlequin, Chalmers.

    Many questions to be answered, many questions. And even better many employees to answer them.

  122. Loose lips

    Paddy I’m sure these people will be so happy you have give the a special mention.

  123. Harbinger of doom

    At the same time as Ames is fighting off many legal cases in SVG, along with HMRC taking action against Harlequin in England; the demented dwarf sends out an update saying how wonderful things are after he managed one more (apparent) completion. 😉

    It would be funny if it were not so pathetic. Note the update is lacking in it’s usual bile……… I wonder why?

  124. HMRC to investigate all agents of Harlequin

    The GV has instigated one of his greatest diversionary tactics ever regarding HMRC.

    ‘Someone’ has spilled the beans to HMRC regarding the huge commissions paid to agents.

    This has already resulted in 4 agents having a full tax inspection. ‘Someone’ has inferred that tax may not have been paid on all these payments.

    Agents not known for their intelligence seemingly thought closing the company down makes it all go away; how wrong are they!

    This will start a full investigation into payment to all agents.

  125. The Tax Man cometh

    @ HMRC…


  126. Tax and more tax - can't pay take it away!!!

    Can you honestly see them declaring all that tax! I believe the tax inspections go back 7 years, all bank accounts all transactions.

    Tailormade must be crapping it

  127. D'amless

    HMRC can go back as long as they want if they deem it so. Seven is the norm but not I’m advised a legal limit

  128. Gottcha

    Administrative Services Overseas Limited “ASOL”) was subject to a winding up petition hearing on the 7th November 2014. Does this company have your money? Love the name- Ames doesn’t do irony ASOL heh heh

  129. You only have to keep records going back 7 years

  130. Update?

    Could someone post the latest update please ?

  131. Gottcha

    How long to keep your records
    You must keep your records for at least 5 years after 31 January of the relevant tax year.
    If you send your 2013 to 2014 tax return online by 31 January 2015, you must keep your records until at least the end of January 2020.
    Very late returns
    If you send your tax return more than 4 years after the deadline, you’ll need to keep your records for 15 months after you send your tax return.
    SOURCE GOV.UK. As I understand it there s no limit to a criminal investigation

  132. Redefining groundbreaking Another 50 acres still need navvies with picks...

    @Update, 1.27pm

    Dear All,

    We are delighted to confirm that a second Harlequin investor has now successfully completed on their property investment and received Title at Buccament Bay Resort!

    Not only is this excellent news for the rest of Harlequin’s completion clients – a number of whom we expect to join the other two investors very soon now that the Vincentian processes are smoothing out – but it demonstrates once again the progress that Harlequin is making towards realising our investors’ goals.

    As previously disclosed, what Harlequin is achieving in St Vincent is groundbreaking for all concerned, which had the consequence of causing delays in the local processes, but we are confident that the experience will simplify completions going forward.
    Completion units available now
    There are still a limited number of units available for completion in Buccament Bay Resort and blu, St Lucia. Completion options are available; please contact us for more information.

    If you are an existing purchaser and have balancing funds available, please contact Dan Dalligan or Vinny Stenning so we can begin working towards the realisation of your investment. Their contact details are as follows:

    01268 24 24 60



  133. Anonymous

    Even if one was to give the Harlequin leadership the benefit of the doubt and say that the disastrous outcome was not owing to any pre-meditated wrong-doing but rather crashing incompetence then it does beg a further question.

    If the leaders were so grossly incompetent in nearly every respect, how is it that they showed the finest skills in hiding this from prospective investors? It seems that all their attention was focused on maintaining the fiction of a smooth running operation when the reality was starkly different. It takes some effort to consistently and systematically fail to carry out statutory requirements such as filing accounts and it takes gargantuan efforts to then convince the wider world that all is fine and dandy

  134. The Taxman

    S98 report – Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited

    Saint Vincent High Court Listings – October 2014



    In the last two weeks Harlequin Property have invited investors to give them more money for completions.

    The current court activity against the land holding company at Buccament Bay (Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited) and the former UK company which procured earlier completion monies (Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited – now Administrative Services Overseas Limited “ASOL”) was subject to a winding up petition hearing on the 7th November 2014. – see case 120.

    Although “ASOL” was placed into voluntary liquidation on the 20th October 2014, the writ which was brought by HMRC related to circa £150,000.00 of unpaid PAYE / NIC. The narrative in the Statement of Affairs fails to mention the HMRC petition. This is the reason ASOL was placed into voluntary liquidation.

    Oddly, the UK Harlequin operation had no bank account. The Statement of Affairs confirms this to be the case. How you run a company without a bank account we do not know.

    The company appears to have been funded by Harlequin Developments (SVG) Ltd (which is revealed on the Statement of Affairs) and utilised the bank account of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts Limited (a Cayman Island company).

    It is easy to see why investors would be confused as to who they were dealing with. Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited and Harlequin Hotels & Resorts Limited have fundamentally the same name. The Cayman Island company has a bank account at Barclays, Wickford, Essex. The structure is very opaque and hard for an investor to understand who they are actually dealing with.

    Just be very careful when parting with money at this stage for a completion is a significantly risky proposition.

  135. Forgive me I have fell off the wagon!!

    I couldn’t resist …

  136. Arse Hole

    It would appear the guy dealing with winding up ‘AS OL’, was solicitor who has been struck off, now working as an IP.

    Click to access 8818-2003%20-%20Whipps%20AJ.pdf

    Only Dave Ames could find a law firm ELS with a colorful background.

  137. Only Ames

    Remember Caldora? The company that was going to come up with finance, ran by some con man?

  138. Operation satsuma

    I would imagine many agents are worried about this HMRC investigation into their ‘colleagues’.

    Most of them are non too bright and couldn’t believe what they were earning.

    Most, have spent it, probably none can afford the crippling ramifications of a full Harlequin tax investigation.

    Especially if Mr. Ames has given all the payment information….. That’s pretty nasty if true.

  139. Arachne

    @ The Taxman November 11, 2014 at 2:50 pm
    When referring to the companies within the Harlequin web it’s best to use the company registration number to avoid confusion, especially when the names are so similar or have been constantly changed..

  140. Wow

    Dave Ames.Its nice to see there are naw TWO completions.where are the photographs of the TWO happy investors standing outside their cabanas with their title deeds in there hands.This is a great photo opportunity for you to show the other 5,998 investors you were telling the truth all along.By the way haw is your trust going? Haw many members do you have?

  141. Anonymous

    I feel so angry at the Ames family.

  142. HR

    Looks like Ames and the malevolent agents are due for a dust up with HMRC. Painful.

    HM – Her Majesty, as in Dave it’s not the GV’s money.but
    Her Majesty’s – the clue in in the title.

  143. Lidl bit more wine Bob?

    Meanwhile Bob BS’s repeating himself over on TA. Must be the wine.

    And the latest review (from a travel agent) is an absolute cracker if taken out of context.

  144. Anon

    Is Dave Ames going to sue HMRC for defamation and taking things out of context?

  145. Completion monies, one for the SFO?

    Maybe the GV should ask his mates at Tailormade ( in liquidation) for a living will; after all he is a dead man walking!!

    Bob, keep calm t was meant at a figure of speech and not to be taken out of context.

  146. A business that does not need a bank account.

    I don’t think HHR (UK) Ltd operating with out a bank account should be taken out of context.

  147. HMRC don't take cash payments?

    Maybe not paying HMRC was due to a banking error, because they didn’t have a bank?
    This should not be taken out of context, many businesses operate without a bank account; its just that we can’t find one yet…..

  148. anon

    Agents wont know whats hit them when they get a tax investigation. I’ve had one and it’s bloody awful – even when you have nothing to hide. You feel guilty.

  149. Trainee Inspector Tax

    Can you imagine the chuckle brother Stenning completing a tax return!!!!

    One huge problem they all have.

    Now that the payments have been handed over, its just a check against what what declared on the tax return , is it not?

  150. Anonymous

    Just recieved this from Harlequin.

    11th November 2014

    Dear XXXXXXX,

    We would like to clarify the points you have raised in your email of this afternoon.

    Administrative Overseas Resorts Ltd. formerly Harlequin Hotels and Resorts (UK) Ltd entered into a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation on the 20th of October. Mr. Alan J Clark was appointed as the liquidator, as such the company is in formal liquidation.

    Yesterday in the Courts in London HMRC petitioned the court for the winding up of ASOL. As you can see, the company is already in Liquidation, the petition by HMRC was therefore unnecessary and a waste of Tax payers funds.

    All we can say on the matter is that it is our understanding that due to a clerical error on the part of HMRC, they were apparently unaware of the Creditors Voluntary Liquidation. Our inhouse legal team is now in communication with HMRC and are dealing with the matter.

    We would like to point out that the liquidation of ASOL has no impact on your investment. Dave Ames has reiterated this point on a number of occasions, the Liquidation of ASOL was intentional as was made clear by Dave Ames in his recent update, and a part of the restructuring process we are undertaking, which is intended to protect your investment.

    The latest updates from RL and the continued speculation on anonymous forums are all inaccurate. We are all most confidant in the direction the Harlequin Group is taking under the guidance and leadership of Dave Ames.

    Dave Ames will be updating investors in early 2015 with news on the financing negotiations which are ongoing.

    The team at Harlequin is now vetting a number of these financiers to ensure that the chosen financier meets the stringent requirements Dave Ames has set out for his investors. Dave Ames has requested that the negotiations with the financiers remain confidential, this is because of the very competitive nature of the finance business, and the massive interest generated by the Harlequin business model.

    Dave Ames by keeping the negotiations confidential will ensure the most competitive deal on finance and end mortgages for investors.

    To put this into perspective, Dave Ames and Harlequin have in excess of £1 Billion of investors seeking ready to commence business with the right mortgage providers, netting the mortgage providers between £ 50-75 million per annum in interest payments.

    Hence the massive interest from financiers in the Harlequin Business Model.

    There are no other property developers in the Caribbean in such an enviable position.

    We hope this addresses those questions you raised today.

    Dave Ames will be hosting another round of his very successful conference calls in the next few weeks, and we invite you to take part, where you will find that all your questions will be comprehensively answered by Dave and his team.

    Kind regards,

    Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Ltd (Cayman Islands).

  151. Sportingman not BS

    Paddy your post would make much more sense and be more believable if you could actually get the company names right.

    Now be a good boy and pay Harlequin what you owe them so they can get the building work back underway.

  152. Ames the Fraudulent Failure

    Anonymous @ 7.37pm – too funny!

    I do hope that’s been sent to the authorities concerned (which of course now includes HMRC just to be clear).

  153. Anonymous

    HMRC are going to find this situation farcical. People phoning/emailing them with bits of useless information every 5 minutes. I can just imagine the tax man on the phone, with his hand over the mouthpiece, raising his eyes and saying to a colleague, “it’s another harlequin nutter on the phone trying to tell us something we already know” His colleague replying, “is it an international call or is it that nutter Walton again? Is he declaring his fee from RL?”

  154. Ames the Crook (and his list of accomplices to date).

    “Hence the massive interest from financiers in the Harlequin Business Model.

    There are no other property developers in the Caribbean in such an enviable position.”

    FFS, Who writes this stuff??!!

    And still you get the numbskulls defending them like the anonymous idiot at 8:10pm.

    One thing Ames and his cohorts have in common is absolutely no sense of embarrassment or perception that the rest of the world his laughing at them (well, those who aren’t wishing them painful, tortuous deaths anyway).

  155. Anonymous

    @ Sportingman not BS, giving money back, ok, let’s start with Nicola, Dan, Carol and maybe Dave can pay back Matts share, oh ya Dave maybe throw in the million quid also that Matt nicked in commissions from the firesale of the properties in the Hideaway way back in 2007/2008.

    This should go along way to building 5900 units.

    Remember Matts commissions Dave, the commissions which caused you and Matt to fall out so acrimoniously, the commissions that Matt paid zero tax on.

    Although it’s a bit late now really isn’t it Dave, it is out of your hands now Dave.

    I doubt that Jim and Adela will put their careers on the ground for version 6 of the accounts, given that I have copies of 1-5.

    Just out of interest how many weeks did you get from HMRC to produce all of the audited accounts? 2-3 ?

    Accounts 1-5 dutifully passed onto HMRC I might add, by my good self. 😉☺️😉😉😉😉

  156. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 8.10. HMRC are most interested in any financial information relating to Harlequin. And I think we should all help them no matter how relevant we think the information might be.

    Love to see what Manderfield, Stennings, Dalligan, Taylor, Dan, Matt, Dave et al ……………….. all have stated on their tax returns? Any ideas, all those units in lieu of commissions attract tax, were they declared?

    Naughty boy Dave, winding up a UK company in the knowledge that HMRC were on your case…….. very naughty.

  157. Anon

    It’s curtains folks, now that HM Government are involved.

    Some interesting links for investors.

    http: // htm

    http :// uk/avoidance/

  158. Question

    Sportingman not BS, is the petition by HMRC something that Dave needs to worry about ?

    Why do you always blame the builder for the anti Harlequin posts ?

    Why do you state that the SFO would find that information from the builder is toxic. ?

    How much did Dave pay the Davies clients ? Did the builder assist in the Davies case ?

    I suppose the most important question, Do you believe that Dave is innocent of all or any of the allegations being made against him ?

    Just wonder if you could answer any of the questions ?

  159. Ames the Conman

    I see Harlequin have the top brains of the organisation working on deflecting topics away from fraud, tax evasion, deception and misrepresentation. They skilfully, adeptly and seamlessly draw attention back to various ex colleagues of Ames and their homophobic traits.

  160. The Queen will have revenge.

    HMRC will have been told to get back the money. Matt should never have tried to rope in one of the family 😉

  161. Sportingman not BS

    Boring Paddy. You know you can’t prove anything. If you could you’d have won in Ireland. You didn’t and were found guilty of fraud, you and your special friend Mac Donald.

    Dave has done nothing wrong. If you and Mac Donald hadn’t ripped him off all the projects would be much further along. You know he’s had to fight you and your lying accountants to get justice for the investors so stop trying to deflect blame from yourself you thieving scum.

  162. Anonymous

    Yes what happened the Part 2 of the expose that Paddy/Ralph/Uncle Tom (no disrespect meant to BFP on that one) etc etc were going to post on here? Are the trains running late now? Isn’t it strange how a post on here with “new revealing information” appears in a RL email a few hours later. Keep digging RL the holes getting bigger.
    And the Laura Miller link, not good enough, only EXTRACTS from the conference call. Means nothing at all. The “transcript of the call was taken by a different investor who did not want to be named” Why not her name was at the bottom of the transcript lol

  163. Pimps R us

    I wonder if Walton has a bank account or is paid in kind?

  164. Fly on the ointment

    That name was someone who works for Crazier. Thats why it was a drop hand deal.

  165. Anonymous

    @Pimps R us.

    Bonk account, surly ?

  166. Anon

    @ Sportingman not BS, so it’s not true about RL. There was no SRA probe, RL have been right all along.

    So when is the SFO investigation into Harlequin going to cease, you appear to suggest that the complainants might be in a minority and that they are toxic.

    If the Builder, Walton and Newman are all toxic why in the name of God is the SFO still pursuing the matter. ?

    Being Gay is no longer a crime, I take it your either homophobic or jealous of Mr. MacDonald and his relationship with others either straight, bi or gay.

    Never noticed the caveat in the Harlequin contracts where gay couples were precluded from investing in Harlequin.

    Is it your assertion that the Builder and Mr. MacDonald are both gay, that they are in a relationship, and that this gay relationship led to the downfall of Harlequin.

    It’s the same as stating that Simon Taylor’s visits to brothels in the Caribbean resulted in Harlequin’s downfall, or the visits by Dave and Royd to massage parlours in the Caribbean resulted in the failure of Harlequin.

    You could also state that having others hold property in trust for you led to the failure of Harlequin.

    So many reasons why you could claim that Harlequin failed.

  167. Anonymous

    How he gets paid only papers over the cracks!

  168. Anonymous

    The SFO might still be pursuing the matter, but Paddy, Newman, and MacDonald can hardly be trotted out as witnesses for the prosecution can they. Not with their track records of deceit and lies.

  169. Bobs spelling lesson one.

    November 11, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    You’re on a roll now.

    Bob, please take note of the correct use of you’re not your 😉

    Good night Bobbykins

  170. Hearsay

    November 11, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    Strike that comment out, hearsay.

    All posters must ignore that!

  171. Sportingman not BS

    Anon at 9:45 pm or Paddy as we all know. Why don’t you produce the proof you keep on promising? We know why it’s because you can’t. It’s all crap.

    No one blames you for loving a bit of man meat. We do blame you for being a thieving scum who conspires with a bent accountant. Even your countryman the judge said you were both conspiring against Dave. Your various posts on here have done nothing to prove you weren’t. Are you going to publish the transcripts? You promised to do so. You won’t because then we’d all see the lies you told the court for what they are. So many promises to publish this and publish that and nothing ever gets done. Why is that Paddy? Why? Something to hide?

    Did the SFO ever get you to sign a witness statement? We all know they won’t touch you because you’re toxic. Can you imagine what a defence lawyer would make of someone found guilty of fraud accusing an innocent businessman of fraud? They’d laugh you all the way out of court!!!

    Now run along there’s a good boy.

  172. Anon 9:45 – Wouldn’t it make sense for someone who was going
    to open a 5-star Spa to visit local massage parlors. Maybe they were
    “recruiting” future masseuses.

  173. Anonymous

    Dear Sportingman not BS. I’m not the builder, but I will raise a few points that have been raised in the past.

    You have this evening raised some very interesting points indeed.

    You state that Dave Ames has done nothing wrong, you state that if the builder and Mac Donald had not ripped Dave off the projects would be much further forward.

    I know you guys don’t like to deal in %’s. But deal in them we must.

    The Irish court awarded some 0.22% of deposits taken, to Harlequin, this would in real terms have built approx 6 additional units out of 6,000 sold. So realistically we can’t really call this being much further forward.

    Let’s not forget the 5 star build rate in the Caribbean is $ 200 USD per Sq ft.

    Harlequin alledge that the builder took $13 Million Dollars. This is 1.85% of deposits taken, again this is equivalent to 65 units out of 6000 sold. Based on Caribbean build rates.
    Again not really much further forward.

    If we take the above in the context of commissions paid, if these commissions had not been paid on the deposits then Dave would have been able to construct a further 1750 units,

    With the deposits paid Dave would have been able to build some 3000 units on land paid for by Dave. This would have brought Dave in another £ 400 million. Allowing him to build a further 3100 units.

    With completions on this last 3100 units Dave would have netted £ 400 million, allowing Comission payments at this stage of £220 Million. Leaving Dave with £ 180 million. Granted much of this £ 180 million would have had to be spent on the infrastructure of the projects, the back of house, restaraunts etc.
    The builder was paid $ 52 million dollars, enough to build 260 units, or 200 units with infrastructure.

    According to Harlequin’s own witnesses, 220 units were on average 70% complete, in essence 154 completed units, in addition restaraunts beaches etc were at various stages of construction. We all remember Dave’s immortal words about the Marina.

    But notwithstanding all the above, after deducting the payment of $ 52 million $ £ 32 million made to the builder and the £220 million paid in commissions, Dave should have had £188 Million left to construct units with, or as you clearly pointed out, money to bring the projects much further forward.

    Indeed the balance of construction funds £ 188 million or USD $ 300 million after paying the builder should have allowed Dave Ames to build a further 1500 units. So why were they not built and what happened this money.

    This is what is of interest to investors.

    Sportingman not BS, I’d be very interested in your views on the above.

  174. Anon

    Heh Sportingman not BS, NDA’s don’t prevent anyone from reporting certain strange transactions to the SFO, do they? I know that Dave and Carol would consider such an action to be morally reprehensible, but I for one could not give a damn about morals when it comes to Dave and Carol,

    So I suggest you run along there now my friend. 😉😉😉

  175. Sportingman not BS

    Paddy you do protest too much. You ignore the distraction to the management team for dealing with the mess you made, the costs of going after you and getting justice for the investors, the costs of putting right he shit you left and so on. The only person who has ever dealt in percentages is you.

    Where is all the “evidence” you said you’d publish?

    It doesn’t exist does it.

    Every time you’re asked to produce what you promise you fail to do so just like you didn’t actually build anything, just stole money from the investors. That’s what the judge said. You committed fraud. You are a thief.

    Go on put up the transcripts and all the other stuff you keep on promising. Go on. Go on. Or shut up you thief.

  176. Anonymous

    Sportingman not BS, but Carol perhaps, certainly not Dave, Dan maybe, most certainly someone in the inner circle, but yes most definetly not BS.

    Anyhow, how would you know what witnesses the SFO intend on calling unless of course you are in the inner circle.

    Secondly I’d be more concerned about what factual information was passed onto to the SFO rather than by whom.

    The fact that the SFO are still pursuing the matter in itself speaks volumes. Whether the Builder or those connected with him are witnesses of fact or otherwise, is really immaterial to the SFO, it’s the information that they may have provided, ie emails, documents, other leads, etc that could prove invaluable in successfully prosecuting a criminal case.

    The other weaknesses or cracks which could appear are potential inconsistencies between the Irish case and subsequent unconnected litigation in the UK and Caribbean.

    The fact that much of the ongoing litigation is subject to an NDA, does not preclude the SFO from obtaining the information by way of production orders. The SFO can easily circumvent any NDA by the use of such orders.

    If the builder or any of those connected with him were in any way involved in any other litigation, they would be best placed to identify any inconsistencies,
    This would save all involved a huge amount of time and energy.

    Of course if this were to have happened, Dave and Carol could use the excuse that there was a conspiracy a foot to bring them down.

    And then we have the sensationalisation of the Irish case which as has been pointed out many times here, involved a mere 0.2 % of deposits taken.

    This was also a Civil not a criminal case and which is the subject of an appeal.

    To give some context to this, a recent trial in a London criminal court convicted a “FRAUDSTER” Matthew Ames and sentenced him to 40 months in Prison. Matthew Ames did not appeal the judgment against him nor the severity of the sentence. Matthew Ames was also disqualified as a director for 13 years plus, and did not appeal this ban either. Matthew Ames is also the subject of PROCEEDS OF CRIME case, and recently attempted to have himself declared bankrupt in the UK. The same Matthew Ames helped himself to a Hefty Commission 0.25% of £440 Million on the sale of a number of properties in the Dominican Republic at a Resort known as the Hideaway, over a three day period in 2007, and as a result fell out with his father, yet Carol and Dave see fit not to sensationalise this, even though Matthew Ames a former employee of Harlequin, a convicted CRIMINAL and BANKRUPT took more in three days from Harlequin investors then that, that was judged against the builder over a period of two years and which is the subject of an appeal in a Civil Court.

    Yet Harlequin have not seen fit to sensationalise the horrid case of Matthew Ames, nor indeed make reference to his fall from grace within the Ames family.

    Sportingman not BS. You are also fully aware that an Appeal has been lodged in the Irish case, and that Appeals can only be lodged if there are valid grounds.

    Sportingman not BS, I’m not too sure about the Builder lying in the Irish court, what you are saying is the Judge believed Ames over the builder and that is apparently true.

    But why have you made no reference to the inconsistencies between the Irish case and subsequent UK and Caribbean cases, inconsistencies that emenated not only from Carol and Dave, but their legal representatives ? I call them inconsistencies, others call them lies. Or is this the subject of an NDA. ?

    Sportingman not BS, on an unconnected note, I know a guy being investigated by the SFO, who has a number of overseas properties but purchased in someone else’s name, do you think I should report this fact to the SFO? I ask given your apparent defence of all those who are innocent.

  177. A simple question to Harlequin investors —– don’t your local MPs
    give crap……………

  178. Anonymous

    Sportingman not BS @ 11.00 pm.

    The Ames family through Harlequin took in £ 200 million + of investors deposits after the builder had left the “scene of the crime” on June 11th 2010. The resort opened amid fanfare and celebration on the 11th of August 2010.

    Your witnesses, and I call them your witnesses, (given your membership of Harlequin’s inner circle,) described in vivid detail the lengths they went towards rectifying all the problems left by the builder in a two month period from the 11th of June 2010 to the 11th of August 2010, an heroic effort you must admit.

    You then opened your resort a full 5.5 weeks after it was initially due to be opened, that being the 1st of July 2010, I use the term initially loosely as this date was one of many announced by Harlequin.

    Between August 2010 and October 2010 the construction work force of some 800 at Buccament Bay was reduced by almost 70%, with a further 20% let go between October 2010 and January 2011.

    Furthermore you did not keep to your contractual agreements with your workers which culminated in a number of workers taking legal action against you through the St. Vincent labor court, an action that you and Harlequin lost, yet to date you and Harlequin have refused to pay out on the judgment. I don’t understand therefore why Dave States that you Harlequin never lost a case, but that’s a story for another day.

    Not withstanding all the above you and Harlequin were able to describe to the Irish Court how you and Harlequin spent an additional $ 48 million on construction at Buccament Bay between June 2010 and March 2013. This $ 48 million is an important figure given that you and Harlequin gave quite a bit of evidence on this expenditure.

    You also through your expert witness demonstrated that previous to ICE Group Ridgeview construction were paid some $ 3 million dollars for the work they undertook at Buccament Bay.

    I can see eye browse rising here, but that was your and Harlequin’s expert witness that produced the figures.

    Yet no construction of any real significance was undertaken on any of the other 5 resorts during the period post dating June 2010. Yes we had the glossy updates, the photo shoots, the promise that finance was around the corner, but between June 2010 and now you and Harlequin managed to construct the shell of three units at Merricks and demolish 70% of an existing hotel in Barbados. And paint a motel in St. Lucia.

    You talk about the distraction caused to the management team by the builder, it did not seem to distract them too much, why ? Well between late 2010 and 2011 the “Management Team” managed to launch an additional 4 resorts to augment the existing 6 being actively promoted to investors by you and Harlequin.

    Two in Barbados, (one never got off the ground, the other an existing hotel which you and Harlequin managed to demolish 75% of), a motel in St. Lucia and Jamaica ( again which never materialised apart from being sold to investors).

    So see the “Management Team” could not have been distracted that greatly, furthermore between June 2010 and Jan 2013 the “Management Team were able to extract a further £ 200 million + from investors.

    The full claim against ICE Group and the builder was for $ 13 million USD, that is the claim which you and Harlequin filed, no more no less, this figure has not been altered or amended in over four years.

    I know you dislike % but they are hugely relevant, you and Harlequin are claiming 1.85% USD $ 13 million of the total deposits taken, from the builder, this is your and Harlequin’s claim as assessed by your experts.

    And you claim that this amount is the cause of most if not all of Harlequin’s problems. The Irish court heard that a total of USD $ 103 million was spent on construction of Buccament Bay to date.

    I will not revert to % here,

    A total of some USD $ 700 million was taken by you and Harlequin in deposits.

    Amazingly some $ 350 million of this was paid out in commissions.

    Of the remaining balance that being USD $ 350 million , USD $ 103 Million was spent on the construction of Buccament Bay.

    The question everyone asks is what happened the remaining quarter of a billion U.S. dollars. USD $ 250 million.

    Ok USD about $ 50 million was paid for land. So where is the $ 200 million?

    Your expert witnesses through their evidence in Ireland quite clearly demonstrated that you could have built an additional 1200 + Five Star Units for USD $ 200 million,

    Yet all you managed was the now rotting carcass of three units in Merricks Barbados, a hoarding in the Dominican Republic, a 75% demolished hotel on the South Coast of Barbados, ( with millions in debt left in that country), and a refurbished 3 star 75 bed motel in St. Lucia.

    So Sportingman not BS and Harlequin, can you explain to investors where their USD $ 200 million of money, investor money that was supposedly sent from the UK for the purpose of constructing 5 Star investors units has gone, or what this has been spent on?

    You can talk adnausium about the builder, the builder this the builder that, but amazingly you and Harlequin cannot account for why the USD $ 200 million referred to above did not produce an additional 1200 + 5 Star units as your expert witnesses stated was achievable.

    For over 4 years now you and Harlequin have attempted to lay the blame for Harlequin’s and your abject failures squarely at the door of the builder and others.

    You and Harlequin’s complete infatuation with the builder and his associates has nothing to do with justice for investors but is soley an attack on those you, Sportingman not BS and Harlequin blame for the drying up of the personal cash cow that was Harlequin. You and Harlequin are enraged by the fact that very possibly the builder and his associates reported you and Harlequin to the authorities.

    And no I’m not the Builder.

  179. Could you answer some questions?

    Mr. Sportingman not BS? you say Mr. Ames has done nothing wrong so why are the SFO still investigating him? And can you answer the question about the two hundred million dollars. ?

  180. rasta

    Da bilder sure get under da skin of Aims.

    Fyah de a mus mus tail, him tink a cool breeze.

  181. Interesting

    Sportingman not BS, ok I know your angry at the builder so present feelings acknowledged, but I wonder, should the builder win his appeal would you be willing to acknowledge you were wrong about him?

    A simple yes or no would suffice.
    Thank you.

  182. rasta

    Sportingman not BS Sake a mout fish get ketch my friend.

  183. rasta

    Heh Sportingmon not BS 11.00 pm why da fuck da bilder give you da info. He better given da polic da info. Smoke da weed mon and chill. ”Twas good while it lasted, chill brother, what will be will be. We knows its over at Buccama. Even da Ralph knows its over. So chill brother chill and smoke da weed.

  184. Anon

    @ Sportingman not BS Nov 11, 11pm

    In addition to the award made by the Irish Court you claim three additional costs that caused a loss to Harlequin. In summary these are:

    1. The legal costs and management time spent in bringing the case
    2. The cost of completing work that should have been done
    3. The cost of rectifying work that had been done badly

    That the cost of 1 exceeded the award demonstrates a poor commercial judgement and any properly functioning company would have taken a view that the likely award would not be significant enough to justify the cost in bringing the case.

    The costs of 2 and 3 demonstrate a failure to put in place a decent QS early enough in the project to properly sign off stage payments made to the builder. Again this is evidence of a chaotic and inexperienced developer not having a clue or not caring about investor funds. There wasn’t even a written contract to regulate the builder. And incidentally I don’t care who advised Harlequin not to have a written contract. It is such ridiculous advice that a complete business cretin would have ingnored it even if the archangel Gabriel himself had given the advice.

    So it all comes back to a company that failed in its most basic obligations of trust and care of other people’s money. This even assumes no wrong doing but just crass incompetence

  185. Anonymous

    Jesus who has rattled Paddys cage?

  186. Is there a pot of gold? Or are we chasing rainbows?

    A question after reading the long, but informative posts.

    How much money, if any has been stashed away.

    Assuming some has, it will be found. That’s pretty difficult to carry around in cash.

  187. Anonymous

    @ Anon 7.35 am, this had nothing to do with sound commercial sense, it was a gravy train for Ames and Co. that was brought to a shuddering halt by the builder and his compadres. Justice for Investors? No. This was purely the action and vindictiveness of a stupid man and his wife and it seems it’s about to bite that stupid man Ames squarely in his ass.

  188. Agents heading for stress attack

    The whole thing is collapsing, my agent who happens to be a good friend is in abject terror at the thought of a tax inspection.

    He paid none and closed his company down before he needed to file any accounts.

  189. Anon

    @ Anonymous 08.15.

    I think the only cage rattled is the proverbial one in Harlequin, they are probably preparing for the real thing. Sportingman not BS has gone very quiet. Probably not allowed use the Internet at work.

  190. Anonymous

    I hope the tax man goes after Ames and all the agents. I am thrilled they are terrified.

  191. Gottcha

    What about the was £40 m il or £50 million totally unaccounted for. Anyone have any idea where that is?

  192. HMRC coming to get ya Dave

    That mon ami, will be the job of HMRC and they may even appoint a Government insolvency practitioner.

    Imagine HMRC and a nasty IP on your case 😉

  193. What if.......

    A question to the very informative poster.

    Why with all this information you don’t get the highest office in the Government involved?

  194. Anonymous

    @ Gottcha, if it was me, I’d get a stranger to invest in overseas property so it wasn’t in my name. That’s what Id do to hide the money but that’s just me.

  195. Anon

    What if, I’d be most surprised what with all that’s going on now, if the poster hadn’t given his information to some really important people.

  196. Gottcha

    @ Anonymous. Well they’ve fund loads but still a big hole. Maybe HMRC will dog a bit better. Is the SFO still on the case?

  197. Anonymous

    Me too, I’d find someone who was willing to say they owned property, that I paid for, pay them a few quid to do so, HMRC or SFO would never find it 😉😉😉. I’d call it my little nest egg. 😉😉😉

  198. Anonymous

    There is a hole alright, Somewhere between 60-100 million dollars was probably used to fund the interest payments to investors. But that still leaves between 100-140 million unaccounted for, though I doubt many investors would have invested knowing that over 10% of the money was funding other investors interest. Couple this with the 50% commissions, does not leave much left to build.

  199. Gottcha

    Not what the audit says.

  200. Anonymous

    None of the figures produced by Harlequin to date either by way of the figures produced by RL or the so called forensic “Audit” carried out by allegedly by Jim Baker will hold much weight.

    Jim Baker in his forensic ” Audit” relied in the most part on figures produced by Harlequin themselves. And Ames has himself stated that the RL due diligence is flawed, however he has to date not provided any evidence to back up his assertion.

    To date no “Audited” accounts have been produced or filed for the Caribbean companies, and in the absence of such accounts, all other financial information produced will not be worth the paper it’s written on, most especially where HMRC are concerned.

    We must not underestimate the seriousness of HMRC becoming involved, the ramifications of this are enormous, and not just for agents, the Ames family or Harlequin. HMRC could look at the business model and deem it to be an Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme, UCIS, and the ramifications for SIPP investors could be dire indeed. Each SIPP investor could face a tax bill of 50% of their investment even though they have recieved nothing from Ames.

    The law might be an ass in this respect, but sadly it is the law.

  201. Anonymous

    Ho ho haha, so BequiaP who likes to cut and paste ANY negative link from BFP now has only 55 of his 79 posts regarding BB left on TA. Look like the negative publicity campaign has finally backfired on you. Now be a good boy and stick to the agenda of what TA is about, not your silly agenda of trying to discredit BB and promote Bequia. You, your mate Sally and the muppet who likes to make anonymous telephone calls, have been found out. All have one thing in common, want to promote Bequia over BB. Bet you enjoy sailing also BequiaP? Haha lol.

  202. Anonymous

    Good lord what a strange post. It certainly appears that those who support Ames are living in an alternative universe.

  203. Anonymous

    “What TA is about” are you for real??? The amount of transparently planted reviews for BB reached such epic levels it was covered in the national press (and involved 100s of them being removed). Also, for years HQ have had posts and threads that said anything negative removed. You really are in your own little world, aren’t you?

  204. Anonymous

    No Anonymous 1.13 this is the real world of duplicity by anti BB trolls.

  205. Anonymous

    TA is about hotel reviews, not links to the SFO and court cases.

  206. My investment is worth £1

    We’re still waiting patiently for the corrections to RL’s DD report. The lawyers in the overseas jurisdictions must be too busy to correct those nasty lies posted by RL, either that, or (and here’s a crazy thought) the DD is a correct representation of the disaster that is the Harlequin empire.

    Come on Dave, we haven’t forgotten about it. You can’t just attack RL and say it’s all wrong with out showing why. There are a lot of investors who really wasn’t to see your corrections so we can sleep a little better at night.

  207. Anonymous

    Strictly speaking it’s about honest and impartial reviews, but that all seemed to have been considered an acceptable thing to seek to manipulate when it suited (perhaps Sportingman has an opinion on that?). It’s also about general advice for the traveller, and contrary to what has been suggested I think that information directly relating to the management companies and resort owners is profoundly relevant, both in the way that it impacts the maintenance of the resort and the way that it informs the potential for something to go wrong before travelling. We’re I considering going there this is absolutely what I’d want to know so I could make my own decision in receipt of all the information.

  208. Anonymous

    It’s over for Ames, now that HMRC have entered the fray. No NDA’s can protect him now.

  209. Sid

    I think you’re probably right Anon.

  210. Anon

    I agree with you Sid

  211. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 1.04 pm, AKA Sportingman, AKA Bob Storey..
    Ha ha ha , lol…of 51 posts on TA by you, only 26 are left after TA cut the obvious crap you post out…Lol. Your percentage of cut postings is higher than BequiaP.
    Got your title to your cabana yet? …Thought not.


    Before it gets taken down, perleeze go over to TA and have a look at the poop BSBob Storey aka Sportingman is posting.

  213. Sid

    Even if HP are to believed that the 2nd completion is about to be made, out of 9,000 contracts they will have fulfilled 0.02% (one fifth of one percent) of them and even they must be years late. And this is good news is it?

  214. Anonymous

    From Sportingman BS on TA

    Looks like the builder is now connected to BequiaP who must be also conspiring to bring Ames and Harlequin down.

    Dave, Bob has unearthed another conspiracy, 😃😃 and has recieved an anonymous phone from someone called Bequia Regatta?? , must be the same anonymous on here,

    Dave please get the US court to identify Anonymous, not me the other Anonymous, because Anonymous is calling Bob from Bequia. By the way what did Anonymous say to you ?

    Oh and Bob, HMRC will be probing all the companies, not good. Not good at all.

    Where is your mate Sportingman not BS today, is he not allowed post on BFP from the Harlequin HQ?

    BS latest post on TA.

    Sally, I for one am not unsettled by developments in HP. You see just posting links to ad hock headlines is misleading and causes confusion. For instance a link was posted to Harlequin Sales going into administration. This was misconstrued as the sales of holidays going into administration when in reality it was the property sales going into administration. That was proved by a clarification needed on this site. As a visitor to BB have you posted any comments on TA as to the BB hotel? You see Sally there is a suspicion of a concerted effort by people concerted with Bequia to discredit BB. Why is that. You are the editor of a sailing mag, BequiaP by his ID is a Bequia supporter, I have received an anonymous telephone call from someone who sails in the Bequia Easter regatta. If this could be kept to travellers experiences of BB then it would be great. Perhaps people in Bequia see BB as a threat. Who knows.

  215. Anonymous

    Ho ho haha, so Sportingman who likes to makeup ANY positive link now has only 14 of his 52 posts regarding BB left on TA. Look like the positive publicity campaign has finally backfired on you. Now be a good boy and stick to the agenda of what TA is about, not your silly agenda of trying to promote BB out of self interest and promote Bequia instead. You, your mate Carol and the muppet who likes to evade tax, have been found out. All have one thing in common, want to promote BB over Everything else. Bet you wish you were sailing over the horizon now? Haha lol.

  216. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 4.55 I think you have just swivelled up your own arse. You will probably meet Paddy up there.

  217. Silly old duffer Bob

    Poor attack poodle Bobkins, if he thinks TA is the answer to Harlequins problems he’s dafter that I thought.

    If Bobit didn’t post on here, the amount of activity would cease.

    Is it only me? That sees the irony of that.

    ‘We’ all know Harlequin is insolvent, Bobey Blobby won’t have it, so we are keep posting information to enforce our views.

    The more Bobinns post the more crap is posted about Harlequin.

    So it’s actually Bob who is causing the problem, I love it, I really do.

    Poor old blobby Bobit

  218. Anonymous

    Oh Mr. HMRC please it’s all BequiaP and Paddys fault, it’s not mine, no not mine, I’m suing the SFO, Essex Police, BequiaP, Ralph Gonsalves, cause he owns Bequia, God for the floods, Wilkins Kennedy cause they got money, the people who own the overseas properties in trust for me, cause everyone knows about it now. My wife, my son, I’m suing everyone. Why cause I can.

  219. Sportingman

    @Anonymous 5.04 you obviously have a problem with simple math. 52 posts, 27 still active. Obviously having 6 fingures on each hand is not enough.

  220. HMRC conspire with Paddy?

    Bobit what do you think of this HMRC malarkey, do you think that devil of an Irishman done this?

  221. Could we all be wrong and Bob right?

    Or maybe…………… the SFO, Essex police, Freemasons, Fatchett, Crozier, Broughton, Mail on Sunday, Panorama, Walton, CLC, and the 1000s of disgruntled investors are WRONG, but you….. ‘Bob the Brain’ have seen through this…….The GV is going to make a success out of this historic cock up.


  222. Sid

    Redefining tax returns in the UK.

  223. Sid

    Ames would have gotten away with it too….if it hadn’t been for them meddling kids!

  224. Sportingman not BS

    Poor Paddykins. The thieving scum can’t accept he and his special friend were caught with tehir hands in the till so we get the usual long rambling crap that he hopes deflects from his crimes.

    Paddykins you keep on saying you have evidence, that you’ll put it up for us to see. All crap. You’re long on promises and short on delivery. That’s exactly what you did to the investors. You’ve damaged my investment but we all know that Dave has got the finance ready and he will destroy you and your scum friends like Mac Donald, Crazier, Fatty Broughton, Newman and Walton.

    End of!

  225. Gottcha

    Is that a joke post sportingman?

  226. Mental illness is no joke !!!

  227. Gottcha

    Its tragic- Who is sportingman? I think SP-Man just having a bit of a wind up. No one can belief what he says! Especially not him.

  228. SFO Harlequin Property Investigation.

    Harlequin Property
    25 July 2014

    The SFO investigation into The Harlequin Group continues. We have had several reports from worried investors who have recently received information from other sources to suggest that our investigation is now closed. This is not the case. Due to the complex nature of our investigations and the fact that several overseas jurisdictions are included within the scope of those investigations, it is inevitable that delays in the process of gathering information and evidence will be and have been encountered. It is not possible to issue any more detailed information at this time. Once we are able to issue a further update we will do so.

  229. Sportingman not BS

    Gottcha no, no wind up. Your pathetic attempt at rasta speak is racist. Now run along Paddykins and find all those secret files you keep on promising to show us.

    The SFO know they have to keep the investigation live even though they realise it’s going nowhere. They believed Paddy and Newman and now are so deep in that if they stop, Dave will sue them for millions for the damage they’ve done to the business and all our investments.

  230. Anonymous

    @SFO HPI why oh why keep regurgitating old old information. Are you that short of something new to post it is all you have got? Come on let’s have a bit of imagination and have a laff at your next effort to keep a tired thread going. Boring as hell.

  231. SFO Harlequin Property Investigation.

    Sorry anonymous I cannot supply any entertaining material about 6000 investors losing 400 million, perhaps you need to look else where for fun, a dating site, maybe meet up with bob, he is a lonely old man, with little in his life, outside of this forum.

  232. Anonymous

    Sportingman not BS, why did HMRC petition to wind up ASOL ? Can you answer that ?

  233. NO NAME - This was used previously by somebody else.

    I have been on this forum for a significant amount of time.The present situation is bizarre when you take into account what comments have been made over several months. I must be in fantasy land? What is going on?

  234. Anon

    Hey Sportyman not the full Bob, if I was Dave Id get a stranger to go buy me some foreign property with all my illicit wonga, keep it away from prying eyes if you get my drift, 😉😉 Then HMRC would never no 😉😉.

    But I’m not Dave, I’m smarter then Dave, 😃😃😃

  235. Anon

    Sportingman not BS, the only person Ames will destroy is himself, now what is your opinion on the latest news about HMRC.

  236. Anon

    Sportingman not BS, you state the following, ” deflects from his crimes.”

    What is a crime SBS ?

    Ok, I will tell you.

    In ordinary language, the term crime denotes an unlawful act punishable by a state. The term crime does not, in modern criminal law, have any simple and universally accepted definition, though statutory definitions have been provided for certain purposes. The most popular view is that crime is a category created by law (i.e. something is a crime if applicable law says that it is).One proposed definition is that a crime, also called an offence or a criminal offence, is an act harmful not only to some individual, but also to the community or the state (a public wrong). Such acts are forbidden and punishable by law.

    While every crime violates the law, not every violation of the law counts as a crime. Breaches of private law (torts and breaches of contract) are not automatically punished by the state, but can be enforced through civil procedure.

    Now the Irish case was a Civil Case therefore cannot be called a crime, however there were crimes comitted during the case.

    The crime of perjury, how do we know this, that’s easy from all the other litigation,

    In its most simple form, perjury is lying under oath. The crime of perjury is the willful swearing, either spoken or in writing, to tell the truth and then giving false information.

    Perjury can occur even if the person has not been sworn to tell the truth, such as in a courtroom. Merely signing a document under penalty of perjury that contains false statements can be a crime.

    It will soon come to pass whether other crimes have been committed, see below for example.

    Signing an income tax return that contains false information is an act of perjury, for example.

    In a recent UK case, a guy was in a criminal court, he was there because he was selling carbon credits, he took investors money and told the court that he met a guy called Joe in a rain forest, gave him the investors cash and then Joe disappeared in to the forest, yes with the cash, the guy also claimed that the FCA conspired to destroy his business, he claimed that if they had not interfered all would be well, sounding familiar Sportingman not BS ? Anyway I digress, the guy was found guilty in a Criminal Court by a jury and sentenced to 40 months. He is a criminal Sportingman not BS. He was convicted and sent to prison because he comitted a crime, for what it’s worth, that piece of shit was known as Matthew Ames. Matthew Ames the Criminal. CONVICTED CRIMINAL. He has a record so will and can always be referred to as a CRIMINAL. Whilst he is imprisoned we can also call him a PRISONER or CONVICT. CON for short. When he gets out of PRISON he will be an ex CONVICT or CON for short, but he will forever have the tag CRIMINAL, his kids will know their DAD is a CRIMINAL, because he committed CRIMES, was CAUGHT, and PUNISHED. His parents will know their Son is a CRIMINAL, his new neighbours will no he is a CRIMINAL, the papers have and will refer to him as a CRIMINAL. Because he is a CRIMINAL he will not be able to visit his sister in Australia, because he is a CRIMINAL he can’t go to Canada or the U.S.

    Are you now understanding what a CRIMINAL is.

    What does the SFO investigate? They investigate suspected CRIMES. Who is the SFO investigating? They are investigating Harlequin. Why ? Because there is a suspicion a CRIME or CRIMES have been comitted. And what happens if their suspicions are correct ? They will prosecute those responsible. And what happens if they get convicted ? They become CRIMINALS as a result of the CRIMES they were CONVICTED of. Even when they are released they will still be ex CONVICTS, or ex CONS, and will always be tagged as CRIMINALS. Their sons and daughter will know they are CRIMINALS, their neighbours will know them as CRIMINALS, their grand kids will know them as CRIMINALS…………..

    Get the drift Sportingman not BS.


  237. Anon 11:18 I love it…..more please, although you are teaching/preaching
    to the brain dead. You go bro !!!

  238. Anon

    I truly hope Sportingman not BS is not a representative of Harlequin, but I probably am wrong.

    From SBS more threats to sue, this time the SFO.

    “The SFO know they have to keep the investigation live even though they realise it’s going nowhere. They believed Paddy and Newman and now are so deep in that if they stop, Dave will sue them for millions for the damage they’ve done to the business and all our investments.”

    I don’t doubt the fact that Mr. Ames would sue the SFO, I’m surprised he did not sue the BBC, he sues anyone who crosses his path, including his own investors who dare attempt to recover their money.

    And on the issue of finance Sportingman not BS, a little reminder of what Dave Ames said in his “Chairman Chat with OPP on December the 6th 2011.

    “Q. In the current global financial situation, I understand you are having severe difficulties in raising mortgage funds to complete on Buccament Bay contracts. What are your plans to ensure the availability of the necessary funds?

    A. As we all know, the world economy hasn’t been the same since the start of the financial crisis in 2008. Whilst many of the world’s economies shrunk, caution grew and it became much harder to raise funds from the banks. As a result, it became clear to us that we couldn’t raise funding until we had opened Buccament Bay Resort and proven it to be the success we knew it would be. Since the official opening on 1st April of this year, we’ve done just that and now many financial institutions are ready to invest with us. In early 2012 we expect to be able to announce some significant steps forward in terms of funding.”

    So in December 2011 Dave had many financial institutions ready to invest. It’s now nearly early 2015 and we have yet to hear an announcement on “Some Significant Steps Forward In Terms Of Funding”

    December 2011? That’s three years ago, THREE LONG YEARS.

    The only significant steps we have seen in the last three years, are
    (1). A banking error prevented payments of the investor interest payments. (Still not rectified).
    (2). Announcement by the SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE of CRIMINAL investigation into HARLEQUIN.
    (3). FCA Valuation of Harlequin Investment at £1.00
    (4). Administration of HMSSE.
    (5). Creditors Voluntary Liquidation of HMSSE.
    (6). Creditors Voluntary Liquidation of HHR (UK). ASOL.
    (7). Petition by HMRC to Windup ASOL.
    (8). Resignation of Simon Terry. Company Solicitor.
    (9). Resignation or sacking of Hefin Rees QC, (depends who you believe).
    (10). Resignation of Three General Managers of Buccament Bay Resort.
    (11). The Resignation of one director of Harlequin Hotels and Resorts,
    (12). The Resignation of Michael Slade, Financial Director for Harlequin.
    (13). The Resignation of BDO Auditors for HMSSE.
    (14). The Resignation / Sacking of a large number of senior management
    of Buccament Bay Resort.
    (15). The Resignation / Sacking / Layoff of a second director of Harlequin Hotels and Resorts.
    (16). The Resignation / Sacking of Procure It Direct.
    (17). The Resignation / Sacking of Indigo Dive.
    (18). The Resignation / Sacking / Layoff of the Managing Director of Harlequin Developments.
    (19). The Resignation / Sacking / Layoff of over two hundred Buccament Bay Resort Staff.

  239. Anon

    (20). The Sacking / Layoff of all Harlequin development Staff.
    (21). The Sacking / Layoff of close to 1000 Harlequin Development / Harlequin Hotels and Resort Staff.
    (22). The Abandonment of the Merricks site.
    (23). The Abandonment of the H Hotel site in Barbados.
    (24). The failure to start a development in Jamaica ( despite selling units there).
    (25). The Abandonment of the planned Garupa Resort in Brazil.
    (26). The Abandonment of the planned refurbishment of a hotel in Brazil in time for the World Cup.
    (27). The cessation of all works on the Marquis Estate in St. Lucia.
    (28). The cessation of all works on the Two Rivers site in the Dominican Republic.
    (29). The cessation of all works at the Hideaway in the Dominican Republic.
    (30). The cessation of all works at Las Canas in the Dominican Republic.
    (31). The failure to pay PAYE and NIS in the UK.
    (32). A HMRC probe into tax issues in the UK.
    (33). The failure to repay directors loans by Dan Ames.
    (34). The failure to repay directors loans by Carol Ames,
    (35). The failure to repay shareholders loans by Nicola Kelliher, daughter of Dave and Carol.
    (36). The failure to repay shareholders loans by Matt Ames.
    (37). The resignation / sacking / layoff of Matt Ames from Buccament Bay Resort.

    (38). The Conviction and sentencing of a Shareholder of HMSSE and former employee of Harlequin and the Buccament Bay Resort. Matthew Ames. Interestingly in the sentencing hearing, Matt Ames solicitor stated that Matt Ames would still have a job at Buccament Bay if the judge did not impose a custodial sentence, and that Matt Ames would be in a position to repay £ 10,000 a month from his salary as restitution to his victims, this at a time when the resort had yet to break even. So who would have really being paying this salary? Investors perhaps?

    The £ 10,000 a month is equivalent to EC $ 43,000 a month. Or the equivalent to about thirty local staff salaries a month. Was Matt Ames a convicted criminal and fraudster really worth 30 local salaries a month.

    (39). The commencement of dozens of court actions against Dave Ames, Carol Ames, Buccament Bay Resort Ltd. Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Ltd, Merricks Resort Ltd, HMSSE in the High Court in St. Vincent by investors.

    (40). The obtaining of liens or charges by investors on the various resort companies.
    (41). The commencement of legal proceedings against Dave Ames Carol Ames in the UK.
    (42). The obtaining of a freezing order over the personal assets of Dave and Carol Ames in the UK. * Terms of the freezing order now the subject of an NDA. Freezing Order possibly remains in place.
    (43). The thus far failed attempts by Harlequin and the Ames family to convince all investors to join a trust.
    (44). The attempted yet not established Trust to save Harlequin.
    (45). The acrimonious split amongst parties negotiating a Trust with Harlequin. (RL).
    (46). The commencement of Redress proceedings against Harlequin agents.
    (47). The commencement of seeking Redress for Harlequin investors through the FSCS route.
    (49). The cessation of all sales by Harlequin.
    (50). The failure to date by Harlequin to source mortgage funding for investors.
    (51). The Liquidation of a number of Harlequin main agents.
    (52). The removal by agents of online material relating to Harlequin.
    (53). The closure of the Harlequin Property website.
    (54). The disappearance of Trader Vics.
    (55). The disappearance of the Liverpool Soccer Academy.
    (56). The cessation of works on the Gary Player signature golf course.
    (57). The rotting hull of the Black Pearl sailing ship.

  240. Anon

    The list goes on, and on and on.

    But for Sportingman not BS a few positives, well in hindsight not quite so positive, as you will see, the cases or victories claimed by Ames are not as clear cut as Ames would like us to believe.

    It is worth noting that the positive documented spin coming from Harlequin revolves around litigation and nothing more, not finance, not recommencing construction just litigation.

    (1). The victory in the Irish Court.

    (a). This however is the subject of an appeal.

    (b). A number of witnesses for the plaintiffs (Harlequin) in that action changed their stories in subsuquent but unrelated litigation in the UK. In one example a witness for the plaintiffs, a practising Solicitor was reported to his governing body for giving conflicting evidence.

    (c). Some £ 6 million was expended to recover some £ 1.3 Million.

    (d). Mr. Ames sold all the assets belonging to ICE Group in St. Vincent.
    However Mr. Ames did not seek the permission of the court to do this.

    2. Harlequin managed to have Harlecon shut down and commenced defamation proceedings against the operator of the website and accountants Wilkins Kennedy.

    (a). The proceedings never reached court instead they went to arbitration which was covered by an NDA.

    (b). RL stated that Wilkins Kennedy who in an agreed statement with Harlequin had denied any knowledge of their involvement in the Website, paid all the legal costs associated with the case.

    (c). It appears that Dave Ames was in breach of the Tomlin order by conveying this information to RL.

    (d). Dave Ames claimed initially that Mr. Newman had apologised for setting up the website.

    (e). It subsequently emerged that Mr. Newman in the defence he submitted had not stated that Dave and Carol had been operating a Ponzi scheme, he had merely suggested that it could have been possibly construed as such. And therefore he apologised to Dave and Carol if they had thought that Mr. Newman had stated as a fact that they were operating a Ponzi scheme.

    (f). Mr. Newman however never apologised for setting up or operating the Harlecon website, a fact confirmed by Dave Ames in a Conference call earlier this year. Again Dave Ames deviated from the agreed statement and once again breached the Tomlin Order by referring to the lack of an apology by Mr. Newman.

    (3). Mr. Ames commenced legal proceedings against Wilkins Kennedy in a claim exceeding $ 60 million USD.

    Wilkins Kennedy have stated that they fully intend to mount an aggressive defence to the claim.

    (4). Harlequin and Dave Ames have lodged counter claims against investors pursuing them in the courts in St. Vincent for breach of contract.

    (5). Harlequin successfully defended an attempt to have the Caribbean companies wound up by a UK court in an action taken by RL. However the Judge in that case acknowleged that the RL clients had a valid claim but the claim should be brought in St. Vincent and not the UK. RL have stated to the court that they have now served Stat demands on Harlequin.

    (a). Oddly enough Harlequin in the court in St. Vincent in a class action suit brought by Mulberry Law suceeded in convincing the Judge there that the UK was the correct forum for investors to bring a case.

    (b). Given the now conflicting judgments it will be much easier for the next round of class action suits to succeed in the UK, given that Ames has conceded by virtue of his success in St. Vincent that the UK is the correct forum for such litigation.

    (6). Harlequin have taken a case against Automatic in the US for the release of a number of IP addresses of those they claim have defamed them. We assume the intention is for Harlequin to then pursue those individuals for damages in the UK.


  241. Anonymous

    Great posts Anon. Although it’s sure to incur the wrath of the GV sorry meant Sportingman not BS. Or as was said earlier Spottyman not the Full Bob. Bang on though mate.

  242. Criminal Negligence.

    Love it Anon, I await to see how well the harlequin shills can address the many issues you raised.

  243. Sportingman not BS

    Boring Paddykins. You do go on anon anon. It’s just the same old drivel spewed out again and again. The fact remains that the judge in Ireland said you were guilty.

    How long did it take you to type all of that rubbish up? Have you nothing better to do with your life? Of course not because no one will touch you as you are toxic.

    Instead of your usual boring dull crap why not post the information you claim to have about RL? Oh dear. You can’t because it doesn’t exist does it?

    Meanwhile Dave is pressing on getting completions finalised despite your best efforts to cause problems. Financing is being organised and next year will see the finalization of the restructuring Dave and the team have been working on so hard, even though you and Crazier have been undermining all those efforts. Shame on you!

  244. Null and Void

    Avon i have to say your recent posts are top drawer.
    Your comments on nov 13th 2.20pm 5a@b are very telling.
    I think that the DD produced by RL was the game changer.
    If an investor still believes in Harlequin to build more properties,
    i might invest on a positive thinking course.

  245. Gottcha

    This all very confusing- we have quite detailed information from some here, example the likes of anon, some info of which I know to be true. But are persons saying the Anon is the Irish builder? Then sportingman says I’m having a pathetic attempt at being a Rasta, claims that’s racist and that I’m also some chap called Paddykins. Very odd thing to claim. Its like finding yourself in the pub next to someone relying on care in the community after an early release from a caring institution!
    I’m not sure if the bulk of this forum has any value at all. Those who still support Ames and think he is going to rebuild any business to the good of 6,000 “investors” is immensely delusional. So- do any of the people outside the two that we see publicised as may having done so, expect to complete? Have those that sent completion money to any companies “led” by Ames completed? Or have they lost that money?

  246. Anonymous

    Anon 11.18 signing an income tax return that contains false information is not perjury.

  247. Sid

    @Gotcha, I don’t know of anyone that is expecting to complete anytime ever. I know I certainly don’t. It’s been 8 years of the same lies and excuses and nothing tangible ever happens. If HP was a dog it would have been shot long ago.

  248. Angela

    Nothing would surprise me anymore, I wouldn’t be shocked if Ames himself was not pretending to be ‘Bob’ I suspect his level of literacy would we similar.

    I think the long detailed posts are almost someone who worked with Ames, could be the ‘Irish builder’ who cares? All that matters is Ames is held accountable for his actions.

    ‘End Of’A some would say.

  249. Sid

    Not even 2 completions out of 9,000 in nearly a decade with over £400m to play with. You’ve got to be really good at f*cking things up to achieve that.

  250. Delusional

    Don’t worry Sid, the financial institutions are lining up to give money to the twice bankrupt man with no accounts, who is being investigated by the police, the SFO, and HMRC, who blew £400 to build 100 hotel rooms, and who’s son is in jail for operating the exact same scheme.

    There are so many institutions it seems, that Ames has to carefully vet them to ensure they meet his stringent requirements. That mist be what is taking so long.

    It’s not that there aren’t any institutions willing to lend to the GV, it’s because there are so many.

  251. Anonymous

    From Anon…what a great list of non accomplishments by GV in recent years.No wonder the Newsletters stopped…there is nothing positive to report at all…nothing.

  252. Sid

    I think we really are at the tick…tock stage now.

  253. Null and Void

    I do not forget the total mess investors were in feb 2013 when legal firms started to help investors who realised the reality.The best part of £400,000,000 had been spent.Not all investors will agree that litigation was required but i was on the other side.
    If these legal firms can pull back the sipps(not easy) it will be as close to a miracle that i am going to see..
    An investor has previously stated that sometimes life corrects things.
    I believe that also.

  254. Anonymous

    Sid, are you Red Button girl in disguise? Is it you who is hovering over that red button. Think you would have cramp by now if it was.

  255. Red button girl.

    No, Bob. I have been in the background and I have a shocker coming Harlequins way.

    It just took a little bit longer. Tick tock, tick tock. In for a nasty shock.

  256. Anonymous

    Yeah yeah yeah. Don’t tell me you have just been found on a train.

  257. Worriedpurchaser

    @Anonymous November 13, 2014 at 2:02 pm ( Bobit)

    Ames won’t laughing when Ed Milliband brings this up in the House, yes Bob, he has promised to.

    Amazing what information a silly little woman can obtain.

    You see Bob, it’s a prefect opportunity for Ed. He will rub Mr. Camerons nose in it; as a result Mr. C will have to act 😉

  258. Bobbies (Helmet)

    The gauntlet has been thrown down Bob. HMRC, the SFO, The Police and no finance come on Bobbies (Helmet) even the GV can’t get out of this.

  259. -Worriedpurchaser………Its about time someone did something
    across the pond.

  260. The Government have to do something.

    It’s not a bad idea, name and shame Ames.

  261. Which house would that be? His Wendy house?

  262. Anonymous

    You may laugh on the other-side of your face, things are happening, things are happening 😉

  263. Oh dear oh dear, someone really does not understand how the HOC works. This is beyond funny. So how exactly would Red Ed ask a question? Ask a question about a current SFO/police investigation? Hahaha drop it you muppet you are out of your depth.

  264. Angela

    Got ya really rattled then aye? lovin’ it

  265. Anonymous

    Seriously folks, do you really think HMRC are interested in a tiny amount being dealt with by a liquidator. You guys really underestimate Dave and the team. HMRC have far bigger fish to fry.

  266. If the HMRC is anything like the U.S.A. IRS they will hound you to the
    ends of the earth for one bloody dollar. I’ve been there and believe me they
    will get their ounce of flesh.

  267. All fair in love and war...

    Yes I do, Dave and the team are heading for some ‘time’

    HMRC are VERY interested in the none payment of tax by agents & Harlequin. VERY.

    Especially, how the payments were made 😉 wink ,wink….

    And remade, nudge nudge.

    This has far reaching ramifications for the like of one Stop, Tailormade ( in liquidation)

    All falling into place nicely.

  268. Red Ed in his Wendy house

    And Angela that’s why the majority of posts by the anti HP trolls are recognised as complete wind ups. Complete bull and wishful thinking with no substance. You have already shown yourselves up with your “understanding” of liquidation and HMRC

  269. Gottcha

    If HMRC will hound a plumber or electrician for a few hundred they will hunt Ames and Agents to the enth. This I do know.

  270. Runs in the family

    Bankruptcy Orders
    [aka The GV]

    AMES, David Edward, occupation Tradesman, of 19 St. Cleres Crescent, Wickford, Essex. Court—SOUTHEND. Date of Filing Petition—28th April 1998. No. of Matter—165 of 1998. Date of Bankruptcy Order—10th June 1998. Whether Debtor’s or Creditor’s Petition—Creditor’s. Official Receiver—2nd Floor, Tylers House, Tylers Avenue, Southend-on-Sea SS1 2AX.

  271. anonanon

    Does anyone know if Carol has a connection to St Albans and Pittmans Fields?

  272. anon

    HMRC are shit hot rottweilers

  273. scam scam and even mores scams...very clever ones though

    HMRC will deffo go after this as the tax on £400 million is well quite a lot, so oh yes they will be on this like a tramp on a sandwich…. chomp chomp

  274. All fair in love and war...

    Lets not forget the agents none payments.

    £200,000,000 that’s a few bankrupt agents.;)

  275. Anon

    @ RETPC 6.08pm

    Parliamentary privilege means anyone in the HoC can say pretty much what they like about anything they like with impunity.

  276. Lets just hope that the HoC is not as unworkable as the
    US Congress. Talk about intransigency…whoo! We have a
    black President and the WASP majority just can’t stand it.
    (This is being written by a white raised in the Episcopal church).
    I’m really ashamed.

  277. Anonymous

    They will it’s been confirmed.

  278. Anonymous

    It’s not about race, Obama would still be a fool is he was blue.

  279. The fools are the Insurance/Healthcare stockholders who have seen
    there investment rise at 12% plus in the last year. They just don’t
    get it. Een Ames didn’t dare promise that..

  280. Null and Void

    We are part of the group known as the “committed ones”
    In 2013 David Ames had the choice to pay us off.
    He chose not too.
    That was the case of serious bad judgement.

  281. Anonymous

    There has been an enormous amount of nonsense talk on here and on other forums about the demise of Harlequin and the Ames family, and it is utter nonsense.

    However the Pro Harlequin supporters on here do nothing to promote the cause of Harlequin, but there is a possibility that those supposed Pro Harlequin supporters are not who they seem.

    There is talk of HMRC, Dave Ames proved in a UK court recently that his overseas companies were not controlled from the UK, it must be stated that the overseas companies are wholly seperate and individual entities, HMRC have no jurisdiction over these companies, none.

    What has Dave done wrong? Yes in hindsight he should not have offered to pay investors interest payments, he did this to assist investors, but if you needed to get Dave to pay your mortgage repayments then you should not have invested in the first place. No one put a gun to your heads,
    Dave designed a business model to allow people to better themselves, it was a partnership, and in every partnership there needs to be a bit of give and take.

    For nearly 7 years, Dave dutifully paid the interest payments for investors and not one of you complained, he then hits a cash flow glitch as a result of a down turn in the world economy and fraud on a massive scale, just look at the Wilkins Kennedy case, nearly 70 million Quid. Yet the ambulance chasers got on the band wagon, Fatchett, Crozier, Mulberry Law, etc causing hysteria amongst investors, yet not one of those companies has achieved anything for their clients aside from adverse costs.

    You then had the SIPP investors, looking to unlock their pensions, you had Dave plagued by IFA’s begging him to allow SIPP investment in his vision, this was money that investors had tied up in the UK till they retired, DEAD money, yet Fatchett and Co. generated so much hysteria about it that it was shamefull,

    Dave worked and works day and night to bring his dream for investors to fruition, Dave is 63, he will work till he drops dead, he is not doing this for self gain, he had enough money to retire 10 years ago, as he said himself after he sold his business he ploughed every penny of his money into this dream he had for investors, he was 56 when he started this journey, he could have retired and had a good life, but instead he wanted to give the ordinary folk a chance at making something of their lives, Dave grew up the hard way, he had it tough, but over the years learned from his mistakes and used what he learned to develop a unique investment opportunity which the authorities for over 6 years had no problems with,

    A poster made a comment earlier about the SFO, if the SFO had a case against Dave or Harlequin they would have moved by now, they haven’t.

    You may find however that their attention is focused on those unscrupulous IFA’s who peddled the product for self gain,

    There has been much talk about the commissions taken by Harlequin, the commissions were demanded by the agents, in what was a very competitive market, Dave had little or no control over this, his own staff were salaried and it is absolute nonsense to think that his staff were also getting comissions, the audited accounts for HMSSE over the years show the salaries and wages paid by Dave and his families UK companies, and show the tax paid. HMRC had no issues with Dave or his family or employees for the past 8 years, but oddly enough just after RL faced a major investigation by the SRA, HMRC petition a winding up order for a company that went through all the proper channels to enter liquidation, I’m not suggesting anything here, but I think most will agree it’s an odd coincidence, I believe the petition failed, and of course it would, the company was already in liquidation.

    I know there will be howls from the anti Harlequin mob later, stating that Dave lied etc, but let’s not throw stones in glass houses here, how many of you lied on your mortgage applications, are we all holier then thou when it comes to Dave ? I’m sure we have all told lies from time to time. Dave is a good man, he has his faults too though, he can get carried away in the moment, but remember the dream he was building was for all his investors.

    Yet because he was having a bad few months we all turned on him, he tried to establish a trust, he was willing to put all his assets into a trust for investors, but no? Investors wanted more, they wanted to oust him. And why because of unfounded hysteria caused by a very small few, who were jealous of Dave and Carol, a few who thought they could take advantage of the good will of the Ames family, a family hounded by the press now. Who are spending all their time trying to move on with, not their own lives, oh no but the dream for all investors. Yet the investors Dave wants to see their dreams become a reality for, are turning on him like rabid dogs, and that is shameful.

    When Dave had units available to complete, investors moaned that Dave promised them mortgages, Dave did promise to do his utmost to try and facilitate anyone looking for a mortgage. Even going as far as to offer up his land as security to banks if they would give his investors mortgages, but hang on, it is really time to cut Dave some slack here, he can only do so much, if investors credit ratings are that poor, there is little or nothing Dave can do about this, he was not the reason or the cause of an investors dismal credit score. How many of you out there could not afford a foreign holiday, yet were buying two, three and sometimes four of Dave’s properties and expecting him to stomp up the interest payments of investors, it is the greed and pack mentality of investors that have Harlequin where it is today. And shame on those investors, shame on you.

    Others on here are suggesting that Dave has squirrled away millions, some even being brazen enough as to suggest that Dave bought foreign properties in the names of others to keep the illicit funds from prying eyes, I mean really, what a fanciful idea, the stuff of make believe, Dave’s lawyers would not allow such behaviour, no way. Why do you think Dave has so many 1st rate solicitors and barristers on his team, no not to litigate against others, but to ensure the business is run in a transparent, legal and professional manner. Take Hefin Rees for example, a rising star in his profession, ambitious and bloody good at what he does, there is no way he would nail his colours to Dave’s mast if he did not believe in him. This can easily be proved because even though he and his chambers were owed a substantial amount of money by HMSSE, he continues to give of his time freely to Dave, to allow Dave follow through on the promises he made to investors.

    I can see the howls again from the anti Harlequin mob, probably suggesting that HMRC should look into the tax affairs of a QC with an impeccable record. Again shame on you all.

    When Matt Ames was convicted, following a witch hunt by a gossip columnist in a backwater rag, the journalist in question bringing so much attention to a fledgling company that as a result of investigations by the authorities it could no longer trade. Matt Ames was naive but he is not bad, Dave even offered to compensate the so called victims, but the offer was rejected, people preferred to see a life and family destroyed rather then allow the individual time to pay his investors back.

    Dave and his family are decent generous people, they live a modest and frugal life, Dave spends all his time even though he is 63 travelling in order to make the dream for all his investors a reality, it’s no joke living out of a suitcase when you are a young man, but when you are 63 it’s much more difficult. Dave has sacrificed so much for his investors, including what is most precious to him, time with his wife kids and grand children, yet we do not appreciate the sacrifices that Dave has made. Ok true there are some in his office who have dealt with investors in a horrid manber, but did any of you bring this treatment to Dave’s attention? No I doubt it. Dave would have routed out the Cancer within his company had he been aware how some of his employees may have treated his investors.

    An example of this is when Dave fired one of his senior sales staff who had lied to a journalist, Dave was disgusted and outraged at the outlandish claims that his sales guy was making.

    And the Panorama fiasco, a bunch of thugs who were hell bent in trying to destroy Dave, after being invited out to St. Vincent by none other then Gareth Fatchett, and when they could find no dirt on Dave they tried a ridiculous stunt with the Prime Minister of St. Vincent. When all this failed the eventually resorted to trying to bribe someone in return for fabricated evidence against Dave. Again disgusting behaviour, truly disgusting. A shameful act by a bunch of thugs paid for by the tax payer. I could go on, but I will finish on this note, investors should hang their heads in shame for all they have put Dave and his family through, and it’s now time to support Dave and his family, you will find that Dave will bring you your dreams. It’s time to stop the rot and support Dave for who he is, not a great visionary, not a guy craving attention, but a simple guy with one dream, and that is to see 6000 very satisfied investors, and a legacy that will demonstrate triumph over adversity, where is that British spirit we are so famed for.

  282. Dave 100% finance scam.

    Firstly, Dave did not pay our mortgages, this would not have been possible, since Dave had no money to do this, our investment was used to pay our mortgage, as well as the huge agents commissions.

    I do not ever remember seeing in any of the sales copy, that I should not invest if I could not pay the mortgage, in fact , harlequin set up the 100% finance scheme to give investors false security. The 100% finance scheme was a complete farce, and when it failed, Dave Ames then has the front to blame the investors. Dave Ames again & again reassured investors the legitimacy of the 100% finance scheme, and to then turn around and blame investors for taking up his offer, shows what type of person he really is.

    a gun was not put to my head, you are correct. I have never had a gun put to my head when making any purchase decision, but does that mean I waiver all my rights to be told the truth ?. It must have become apparant to Dave that his finance plan had failed, combined with his failure to over see the projects, but rather than revealing this truth to new investors, he tried to reassure them he had the resources to complete multiple developments, which is complete lies.

    I didn’t realise making purchasing this property in the Caribbean, that I needed to play my part in its success, this is definitely a first. When I make a purchase, I expect the company to provide the service or goods they sold to me.

    I am wondering how dave was going to compensate victims of his sons crimes, with what money, with our investments , how can dave compensate victims of his own crimes, while his own investors have lost a total of £400,000,000

  283. Anon

    Wtf was that all about? Who tf has been at the cooking sherry? FFS, Saint Dave, the GV. Lol, you goto be aving a laugh.

    Someone shoot me please now lol, I was going to say even better €&@%#^*++ the GV, so we could all be put out of our misery, but then you’d have Dave and Carol changing the IP hunt from a “deformation” case to “an intent to &&@#%£* ” case.

  284. Null and Void

    @ Anonymous 4.28 am

    I make only one comment, my contract is 8 years old and not one brick has been laid on my property.Under my contract with Harlequin,my deposit should be returned to me. However D A wil not honour the contract and therefore we have no choice but to take legal action against him.

  285. Dave 100% finance scam.

    can matt ames get access to the Internet while in prison ?, or perhaps one of the harlequin shills is posting on his behalf ?.

  286. Anonymous

    As investors one must assume the risks, is it fair to let Dave Ames carry all the risk? Your either investors or your not ? I’ve never heard you called anything else, you all invested in a hotel development and no one ever questions the use of the word investor, investors sometimes loose so hence the need for give and take when times get tough.

    You don’t go to a Casino hoping that the Casino will refund your money if you loose, why can’t you work with Dave rather then threatening him with litigation and threatening the investments of other investors?

    We are all in this with Dave and United we stand a much better chance of success, and maybe by supporting Dave and showing confidence in his leadership we might just achieve something.

    Others ripped Dave off and that’s why we are where we are, was NOT Dave’s fault. No way. And it’s time some of us stood up to the ambulance chasers and Wilkins Kennedy and supported Dave, we should be offering Dave witness statements against those he is suing not suing him. For gods sake man. What HAS Dave done to deserve any of this? It’s time to stop being hysterical.

  287. Dave 100% finance scam.

    Dave carrys all the risk, actually dave profited, while 6000 investors lost 400 million.

  288. Anon

    Oh please spare us.

    If someone prepares glossy promotional literature making it clear that the investment works in a particular way, people buy it, the investment fails to work as advertised (ie interest payments being made) and then get blamed for believing the marketing material! If the literature said at the start that the developer would make best endeavors to pay the interest then half the people would have walked away at the start.

    And as for open and transparent. The most basic level of transparency of a company is to publish audited accounts on time. That this was not done in the Caribbean is not the sign of a business that wants to carry on in an open way.

    I could go on but I’m bored now

  289. Anon

    Read the post of 4.28 am carefully, it’s full of inuendos. Like about Ames placing property investments in other people’s names, or why the hell would a QC work for free, and HMRC mentioned in the same breath, no it’s clever, designed to provoke debate, and inflame the situation whilst at the same time guiding us to other avenues we might not have gone down before, it’s written by someone who knows something. And it certainly ain’t Harlequin.

  290. Dave 100% finance scam.

    sounds like to are trying to glorify a ponzi scheme.

  291. anon

    or polish a turd?

  292. !8 months for HMRC tax scam

    In the Telegraph today, a GP was jailed for 18 months for not declaring £185,000 income.

    Agents be scared, very scared.

    Just think, if its true Ames has given HMRC the details of what you have been paid?

  293. Tax and more tax - can't pay go to jail.

    And some muppets said they would not be interested…

  294. Gottcha

    Funny thing about the St Dave image. I’ve met him, I’ve talked to him on the phone. He lied and was evasive. That enough for me. Dave’s dodgy.

  295. Bankrupt agents

    Ames will shit on anyone.

    He has shafted the loyal investors who gave him completion monies.

    HMRC have the details of the commissions paid to agents, the £10million paid to Tailormade,etc who in turn will spill the beans on the one man band agents, who in turn will be made bankrupt by HMRC if they can’t pay.

    They are absolutely stuffed, and by the way putting assets in the wife’s name or closing companies won’t work – HMRC have the power to reverse such transactions.

    If you don’t believe me ask……

  296. Anonymous

    The idea that “Dave bought foreign properties in the names of others to keep the illicit funds from prying eyes” being a false accusation, is irrecoverably wrong.

    The report from Shipleys clearly sates that HMSSE owns property in Dubai, much of which never realized any return. I’m sure this would have been an important aspect of an “investment” decision if investors had known this was going on. This is excluding the £180k+ that all the Ames family members owe in Director’s loans, Mrs Carol Ames owing the most at £108,000 of investors’ money.

    Face it 4:28am,the game’s up. If Ames was honest, he wouldn’t have sold property on land he didn’t own.

  297. I'm Lovin it!!

    Love it when a plan comes together.

  298. Depends on who recieved the income.

    November 14, 2014 at 10:02 am
    Correction. Investors never received the income, bet Ames has a Dubia bank account or agents who sent the income to the Caymans maybe….

  299. RL Tweet

    Risk Warning @Risk_Warning
    Claim against 2 largest SIPP operators who hold 2000+ Harlequin contracts sent today. This case will define SIPP responsibility.

  300. Null and Void

    Harlequin Investment.

    If any investor has not had independent advice on the CURRENT value of this product Regulatory Legal Solicitors are regulated and qualified to help you.
    TELEPHONE 01384 889 900

  301. Anonymous

    @anonymous 4.28am Are you a comedian?


  302. Sounds like “Harlisuccess ” is back!

  303. Anonymous

    @deleted, looks like someone has been posting by multiple IDs lol

  304. Anonymous

    @Anonymous November 14, 2014 at 7:07 am, I love your casino analogy…

    “You don’t go to a Casino hoping that the Casino will refund your money if you loose”

    When I ‘invested’ I didn’t realise buying a property from HP was akin to gambling in a casino! Though if I could roll the clock back I would much rather have put my £200k on a spin of a roulette wheel than handed it over to HP as I would have at least had a 50/50 chance of getting something back!

  305. Building blocks

    Its all coming together.

  306. Anonymous

    No one has posted with more multiple Ids than booby brain Bob.

  307. Size of brain = lack of imagination.

    Why do you keep referring back to someone who has not posted on here for some time? Seems very odd but gives you something to do.

  308. blame the working class

    Dave Ames wanted to help the working man, the sort of person that could not invest hundreds of thousands. So he generously helped out thousands of investors.

    Fast forward 5 years, the money had run out, and 5900 hotel rooms
    still to complete, Dave Went back to those investors, those who could not
    afford to raise hundreds of thousands, and asked them to raise hundreds of thousands

    Dave was shocked to find the low income working man he was so desperately trying to help, did not have hundreds of thousands of pound lying around,

    It’s a real mystery why the harlequin business model did not work. It is those darned working class people fault, where is their spirit, why are they not out toiling in the fields, so Dave Can keep his family in the luxury they came accustomed to.

  309. Sid

    The whole concept was ill conceived from the start. To assume there is enough demand to fill out god knows how many resorts, all paying top rates, without testing the market was very naive. When I invested I had no idea that there were so many projects planned. If I had I would of run for the hills.

  310. Anonymous

    Sid you sit here stating that there is no demand, what studies have you conducted to come to this conclusion, I would like to bring your attention to Atlantis in the Bahamas. A very successful 4 star hotel with 3,400 rooms. Buccament Bay is 5 star plus but with similar rates to Atlantis. I’ve been to both and the service and quality at Buccament Bay far exceeds that of Atlantis, let’s not forget that when Buccament Bay opens its planned Casino, it will need all the accomodation and the rest.

    When the international airport finally opens, despite the many delays wholly beyond Dave’s control, we will see daily flights direct from the UK, US and Europe, the new Airport will cater for those not only travelling to St. Vincent but to the Grenadines archipelago, Grenada and St. Lucia. There will also be direct links to Cuba. Central America, South America including Argentina and Brazil. St. Vincent is planned to become a major international Hub, the current PM has plans to also construct a new city Center on the site of the old airport.

    The demand for Buccament Bay is already at an all time high, and could be sold out 10 times over if we’re not for the airlift constraints, in the past two years US clients were looking to hold large conferences at the facility sometimes looking to accomadate in excess of 1000 delegates. Once the airport is open demand will hugely outstrip supply.

  311. Anonymous

    Well said Anonymous 6.45. BB is part of the SVG jigsaw. The PM will not allow BB to fail. It is part of the master plan.

  312. Anonymous

    No offence to SVG, but what else is there to do apart from BB for the Essex based Harlequin type holiday maker?

    Tenerife is much easier to get to from anywhere in the UK (direct flights I believe), year round sun, much less rain and flood risk, and plenty of places to get a fry-up if you fancy venturing outside the hotel. Terrific water park too.

  313. Conman

    extract taken from the video
    Technically, we dont actually need to raise any money from our investors or from our point of view, so the great thing is you dont need to worry about the 70% mortgage.

  314. Anonymous

    Almost as convincing as the construction progress video from BB where Ames lied about the Maweena, almost complete, behind him, but obviously not filmed.

    Obviously not filmed because Ames was lying constwuction of the Maweena hadn’t actually started, unless it was washed away by one of the many subsequent floods. Still, it would have been insured, wouldn’t it Mr. Ames? .

  315. St George's Dragon

    And the Telegraph have it terribly wrong. They quote Harlequin Properties as an example of an unregulated investment going wrong:
    That can’t be right surely. It’s a great success, isn’t it? Best call in the lawyers.

  316. Anonymous

    A couple of paragraphs from the Telegraph article above dated 14th November 2014, posted by St. George’s Dragon:

    “There are several types of unregulated investment. The first are “unregulated collective investment schemes” or Ucis. Some can be attractive, offering investors exposure to unusual assets that do not perform in line or “correlate” with other investments. These range from investment funds targeting fine wines and classic cars to agricultural crops and carbon credits. Some are legitimate and operated by respected, expert firms. Others are outright scams….

    … Two high-profile cases of unregulated investments going wrong include Harlequin Properties, a set of holiday homes in the Caribbean into which 6,000 people invested hundreds of millions of pounds, and the “tax-dodging” film schemes into which celebrities including David Beckham and Anne Robinson funnelled millions.”

    Quick Mr. Ames, add The Telegraph to the list of parties trying to force Harlequin into liquidation for their own agenda! They must be jealous of you and your enormous success! Call in the litigation team!

  317. Conman

    perhaps Dave pressed the multiply key instead of the divide key on his calculator when determining how much money was needed to complete 6000 hotel rooms in the Caribbean.

  318. BBaywatch

    I’ve been otherwise occupied for a while, but while the usual Punch and Judy show continues it is interesting that it is being noted that HMRC are now taking an active interest. I think that I first predicted this a while back but these things do take a while to get going.

    November 14, 2014 at 6:45 pm
    Sid you sit here stating that there is no demand, what studies have you conducted to come to this conclusion, I would like to bring your attention to Atlantis in the Bahamas. A very successful 4 star hotel with 3,400 rooms.

    Well yes, that’s true but SVG (even with an international airport), is not the Bahamas. If you don’t understand why that comparison is pointless then you need to do a little more research before commenting. I might ask what studies have been done to come to the conclusion that there is any demand anywhere in the non main land Caribbean market (the Bahamas is not a Caribbean destination) for resorts of this size? If this business model was ever to have any chance of succeeding then indeed there should be easily available research by Harlequin Property into the feasibility of these developments. it would be the first logical step for any developer to take, ascertain the demand and volume of the market – pretty basic stuff.

    There is a demand for high level luxury tourism in the region, the fact that Palm Island, Petit St Vincent, Mustique and various hotels/villas on Bequia regularly feature in lists like the Condé Nast Top destinations lists demonstrates this, but noticeably BB has never ever troubled the list compilers and isn’t likely to either. At best it is competing with resort hotels in the likes of the Dominican Republic and Cancun region but they are long established, have a better product and considerable marketing power behind them. It’s all very well trying to develop an entirely new destination, but that does not happen overnight and neither HP nor the government of SVG have the resources to throw at this problem – I mean, did you see the SVG stand at WTM, a tiny presence on the sidelines. So much seems to be predicated on the the survival of BB ( and whichever of the myriad HP companies that controls it) and the government of SVG,and neither are foregone conclusions.

  319. Anonymous

    Conman, it wasn’t Ames’ fault though, he doesn’t know how to use a calculator – he’s never done it before. A man in the rainforest told him what button to press.

    All Mr. Ames wanted to do was help investors and all they do is blame him for losing all their money. Ungrateful bastards.

  320. Conman

    Ungrateful, working class greedy bastards. He wanted to help us, and we cannot even show gratitude by raising another 400 million so he can build another 100 hotel rooms.

    According to an earlier post, he even offered our money to the victims of his son’s “, rainforest investment”. This is the sort of man Dave is, working tirelessly to remove the worry of how pensioners will spend their pensions, or how parents will pass on their assets to their children.

  321. Anonymous

    Just noticed today a bit of “sprucing up” going on at the derelict H Hotel site in Barbadsos..that is,… curbside cleaning…some clean up inside too , looks like…perhaps preparing for a viewing?(Sale)
    If the property is in DA name, there is nothing from stopping him selling it.
    I wonder how many units were sold to investors in this one?

  322. Anonymous

    One could never ascertain how many Harlequin units were sold in each or any resort since Harlequin have never published transparent records or accounts.

    Additionally they have admitted to never having kept investor money ring-fenced, or in escrow. In fact, Harlequin took it upon themselves to clarify years after their launch that money taken from investors could be used on development of any resort within the Caribbean (or used on commissions, litigation, marketing, or whatever).

    Is that what is meant by an Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme, and do you think this one is a scam?

  323. Anonymous

    The H Hotel site is being prepared for the recommencement of work dumbass, Dave Ames has obtained interim finance and is moving ahead with the H Hotel, if you had taken the time or effort to head over to the Merricks site, you will see that, that site too is being prepared for a restart of works. Argo a local Caribbean company has been awarded the restart works.

  324. Anon 10:01 – Did you notice David Campion lurking around the

  325. Anonymous

    Common activities prior to the recommencement of a fast-track construction programme … sweeping and a tidying up.

  326. Anonymous

    @Anon 10 17 pm I’m not such a dumb ass as you my friend, as I did not give Dave and Carol any of my money for CGI projects.
    I dont know that there are any construction companies in Barbados that will touch Merricks or H Hotel..I`m patient, we will see.

  327. Anonymous

    “Dave Ames has obtained interim finance” translation – “Wonga Loans” + “Credit Cards”

  328. sweepup

    I’m waiting to buy- not complete!

  329. Anonymous

    RE Anonymous 10:17pm. If Ames has new money, it’s going to be a bloodbath. RL will be first in the queue along with HMRC and all the others.

  330. Anonymous

    Ames has negotiated a deal to sell the H site in Barbados, I’m not even sure if the deal may have already taken place.

    I wonder if the total proceeds of the sale will be returned to investors.

    Dave Ames selling the H hotel under the noses of the authorities on both sides of the pond, with no guarantee that any of the money will be returned to investors, we will probably get a letter from ELS to say that the proceeds of the sale were used in the ordinary course of business, well someone still has to pay the Ames, Dalligan, Stenning salaries.

    I have another question, given that Shippleys don’t appear to want to pursue the properties in Dubai, why can’t Ames come out and sell them on behalf of investors ? All of them, every property owned by Ames either through companies or through third party “trusts”.

  331. sweepup

    Harlequin quote of (the) today.
    “My wife and I are happy
    to have completed on our
    lovely four-bedroom villa at
    Buccament Bay Resort, and
    we are excited about the
    future prospects of this
    beautiful resort and being
    part of its future for many
    years to come.”
    Yup Buccament Bay Resort is gonna sort it all out. Who is “my wife and I” ?
    I’m ready to sweepup.

  332. Argyle Airport, Harlequin's saviour.

    Once the airport opens, everything will be fine. The international carriers are lined up waiting.

    They don’t care that after a recent incident involving a machette “the” ambulance couldn’t come to the rescue as no one could find a driver. “the” ambulance being an old second hand Japanese cargo van that can carry one person to the underfunded and struggling hospital. Mayor airlines don’t care about little things like infrastructure. St Vincent will be a hub apparently, serving St Lucia and Grenada – two places the major carriers already service.

    It’s nice to see that the pro Harlequin propaganda machine has ditched Booby Bob, but the new writer is just as funny.

    Keep it up please, it’s very entertaining.

  333. Anonymous

    Forget about the sweeping and tidying up activities (which must be the current phase in the restructuring plan), what about the litigation? Harlequin know that that’s what the investors really care about, how the defamation claims, to protect the Ames family name, are progressing.

    The development can stay on the back burner for years to come until those who have continued to point out the Ames family’s numerous and fraudulent, incompetent failures are forced to sign NDAs. It’s a good thing that investors were informed that their deposits could be used for litigation at Harlequin’s discretion, else how on earth would Mr. Ames have funded all the litigation necessary to protect his family name?

    We are also, and particularly, interested in the latest proceedings to recover money for completions due from investors; litigation which is necessary since Harlequin is in fact unable to raise the guaranteed mortgages.

    How long does Mr. Ames anticipate it will take to force the investors to sell their homes, clear their outstanding mortgages for money already given to Harlequin and pay the remainder owing to Harlequin, including interest payments kindly paid for by Harlequin using investor deposits?

    Who would have dreamed it would have come to this! Poor Mr. Ames, he must be terribly stressed.

  334. Sid

    Why weren’t the couple that completed at BB named in the article? Or the ‘Harlequin spokesperson’ for that matter. It would give the whole thing much more credibility if they had been, but hey, it’s in the St Vincent Searchlight, so it must be true.

  335. 8998 to go

    Come on Sid, you said it yourself, 2 out of 9000 is great news. Harlequin were right all along, lets cut them some slack and celebrate with them.

    The question is, will we live long enough to see the other 8998?

    (of the two only two look a bit dubious so it’s either 8998 or 9000 left. Either way, I’m popping the cork on a good box of wine tonight. I’ve aged this one for a whole week, the missus won’t know what hit her. We even broke out the plastic wine goblets and they only come out for special okashuns)

  336. Anonymous

    The following is typical of the misinformation being spread by those with an unjustified axe to grind with the Ames family.

    “One of the most high profile unregulated investment disasters was the case of the Harlequin Properties, in which thousands of investors lost money”,

    This is typical of gutter journalism, on the day that the most popular newspaper in St. Vincent interviews a very satisfied investor we have the Torygraph in the UK wrongly stating that thousands of investors have lost money, NOT TRUE.

    WHY? The value of Buccament Bay as valued in 2011 by one of the Caribbeans most respected valuers and an International company to boot was $ 250 million USD.

    That was 2011, Dave had added more units since 2011 and a state of the art conference facility, adding some USD $ 50 million to the value of that resort.

    Merricks in Barbados was granted full planning permission some time back. Giving a current value of some USD 30 million to that asset. The value of the H Hotel in Barbados is in excess of USD 15 Million given its location on the beach, the value of work done to date, the full planning permission associated with that development and the very valuable concessions negotiated by Dave and his team.

    The value of the Hotel Blu in St. Lucia is in excess of USD $ 15 million.

    The value of the Marquis Estate is in excess of USD $ 60 million, the Marquis estate comes with full planning and the sole rights to have a Gary Player signature Golf Course and Hotel at that location and sits on, in excess of 600 acres of prime devolpment land.

    The very fact that Gary Player is involved with Harlequin through a negotiated exclusivity deal for the Caribbean, means that the only Gary Player golf courses to be built in the Caribbean will be at Harlequin locations.

    The value of the resorts in the Dominican Republic again is in excess of USD $ 30 million, the Hideaway has full planning permission and all the locations have massive fiscal incentives, which cannot be negotiated by new entrants into that particular market.

    So the current asset value for Dave’s assets is in the Caribbean is in excess of USD $ 450 million.

    Income was $ 672 million USD.

    Cost of sales as audited and accounted for USD $ 336 Million.

    Development Budget expended to date $ 336 Million USD.
    Current Development Value $ 450 Million USD.

    Hence we have a net gain for investors on the development budget of USD $ 114 Million USD. A 34% increase on the investment and this before the bulk of construction has been undertaken.

    The issue with Harlequin is the company is Asset Rich, but cash poor, however given the huge value in the assets there is massive interest by financiers.

    The development costs for each unit are circa $ USD 180,000.00 or $ 960 Million USD for 6000 units. Once these are complete investors will owe Dave a further USD 1.560 Billion USD.

    Giving Dave a net surplus of $608 Million USD. Now you might see how attractive this is to most financiers.

  337. cabañas going cheap as chips

    LOL, you couldn’t make it up!
    Oh hang on you just did.

  338. Null and Void

    I could be wrong but the name that fits is Ralph Gonsalves.

  339. Anonymous

    Errm 4 bedroom. Whats the cabana number with 4 bedrooms. Been there none been built.

  340. Anonymous

    @8990 to go. A wine box doesn’t have a cork. Dumbass.

  341. Anonymous

    @Anon 2:33am

    Now I understand why Harlequin has been such an unmitigated failure.

    Apart from pulling figures out of the air ($60m USD for Merricks?), and quoting incorrect numbers (Buccament Bay is not worth $250m USD. That valuation was based on all 3 phases being complete, and did not factor market conditions, revenue etc.), your ideas that Harlequin will be attractive to financiers is pure speculation.

    The main problem you have is that the victims who were conned into giving you their savings were both mis-sold (by agents), and are in no position to take on extra debt. Your arrogant claims that “investors will owe GV $1.6bn” is nothing less than fantasy – several small factors including “breach of contract” prevent this from ever happening.

    Without wide support of a “trust” (which was a long shot to begin with), the GV can only ever hope to raise capital based on his current “asset” base (I use the term loosely). This looks to be the case with H Hotel, but again, I would not trust anything coming out of the “pro Harlequin” camp, as it’s full of wannabe amateurs.

    The proof in the pudding is this my friend – your claims of “$114m USD gains for investors” means that you can therefore raise capital on all of those highly valued assets (float them on the Stock market if necessary), and pay back all the victims. If you are not in a position to do this (and by all accounts…………….. you’re not), then you’ve failed.

    The reason why you’ve failed is that you issued contracts with deadlines. Those deadlines have long since passed without being fulfilled, thus meaning that you’ve failed. You cannot claim “investors owe you money”, when you’ve broken every promise you’ve ever made. Quid Pro Quo.

    This does not mean that “business model” (again, a term I use loosely) is an unmitigated failure, nor that Harlequin is a Ponzi scheme, but means that you’ve failed in your promises. This is why there is so much resentment & anger against Harlequin. People bought returns, not a hut in Barbados. The main issue Harlequin has is it seems to think people bought property. They did not. They bought returns, which were so fervently promised by the GV.

    Please can you enlighten us as to the status of those returns?

    Your ramblings are extremely uninformed.

  342. Join the chosen two lol

    Dear All,

    Please find attached a copy of an article that appeared today in Searchlight, St Vincent’s leading news publication. The newspaper has kindly granted us permission to distribute the article because their website is subscription-only. Buccament Bay Resort investors in particular may be interested in signing up to in order to keep up to date with current events in the Resort’s home country.

    Completion units available now

    There are still a limited number of units available for completion in Buccament Bay Resort and blu, St Lucia. Completion options are available; please contact us for more information.

    If you are an existing purchaser and have balancing funds available, please contact Dan Dalligan or Vinny Stenning so we can begin working towards the realisation of your investment. Their contact details are as follows:

  343. Bob the bung. and his 1980's management speak.

    Has Bob Lidil returned?

  344. Lillian Byrd

    Anon 2.36, please tell me you were being ironic? That you are a comedic genius!

  345. St George's Dragon

    A few small points of clarification on Anon 2.33’s post.
    I posted a full commentary on the Merricks planning position some time ago when I went to the Town & Country Planning office to take a look. The approved planning was for Phase 1 not the whole development; that’s still the position unless they went back with another application which is unlikely as they closed down Barbados not long after.
    On the subject of the “very valuable concessions” negotiated on the H hotel, it seems to have escaped Anon 2.33 that the Barbados Government has recently extended the concessions it originally granted to Sandals to all hotels. Strange that Anon missed that. After all, the Harlequin operation is based in the Caribbean, not the UK, as proved in the recent RL winding up case. Don’t they read their local daily papers?
    Will pass by the H(orror) hotel later to check on work underway. Want to make sure it’s a clear-up that’s going on, not a ransacking of the site.

  346. Irish Virus

    I think the Irish builder bred them at BB to cause a problem

  347. Null and Void

    There must be a pretty obvious reason why completions are not taking place after several years at Buccament Bay.
    Reasons why not ;
    Duplication of sales?.
    The small amount of land that is registered and owned by Harlequin?
    The land that Harlequin does not own?
    The access to the site?
    I am sure that RL s due diligence would tell the story.

  348. anon

    Flood plain?
    Surge tide?

  349. Daft Dave and his laughable trust

    It did and that’s Harlequins problem!

  350. Null and Void

    A couple of extra thought on completions :

    If you have paid completion money to Harlequin why would they wish to complete,they already have your money?

    A completion means paying the investor the 10% rental guarantee, Harlequin would be worse off.

  351. Anonymous

    Odd, there were only two 4 bed villas, one was converted into the reception and the other, well that was owned by a guy from near Basildon essex, in fact so too was the one converted into the reception, can’t remember their second names just now, but one guy was called Dave the other Matt.

    So I guess it was either of these two who completed, one does wonder against the back drop of the SFO investigation, HMRC probe and warnings from the FCA what they could have been thinking by completing.

  352. Null and Void

    I can see a primeminister leaving office before an election and it is not in the UK.

  353. Gone to Uncle's

    1) Well Con-Matt’s Receiver would like to hear about that.
    2) I wonder why Dave’s Receiver didn’t go after him after his first Bankruptcy ..surely The Insolvency Service must have heard that Dave was in the money again.
    3) Anyone know if Carol had a connection to Pittmans, St Albans round about 2003? Was it one of her rentals?
    4) What about Katharine Manderfield Wooler’s unit at BB?
    5) Or Sean Ghent ‘s? He was owed six grand in the HMSEE/ASOL liquidation.
    6) Actually didn’t lots of Basildon staff buy/own/got given ‘villas’ at BB? Bet HMRC aka Mr Taxman would like to know about that.

  354. wishful thinking

    I doubt it Null&Void
    Like the GV, that PM has no shame either

  355. Anonymous

    @gone to Uncles.
    Re 6 Why not referr back to “project orange” crip sheet on ownership. Go on do a bit of research rather than just make something up in order to try and be sensational. “I don’t know anything so I’ll make something up” Just pathetic.

  356. aNun

    BobBS go and have a cup of tea
    you need a break ..
    ..and sober up

  357. Anonymous

    It is a well documented fact that employees of Harlequin and Agents recieved units in lieu of Comission payments.

    However I can fully understand why those same individuals now seek to resile themselves from any previous comments they have made regarding the issue of receiving units in lieu of cash comissions, especially given the latest probe by HMRC.

    It must also be noted that Harlequin recieved 95% of funds paid by way of stage payments from in excess of 200 initial investors at Buccament Bay.

    Are Harlequin now saying that all these units were the subject of resales? It’s possible, but in the absence of any documentory evidence we have no idea.

  358. Well that puts the project orange crib sheets into complete disrepute. You cannot now say whether the information was right or wrong! Go and have a look on the train for the correct set.

  359. Anonymous

    Matthew Chapman of the BBC Panorama program discovered Project Orange, he came across invoices presented to Harlequin from Jefferies Solicitors in Southend for services provided to Harlequin in respect of Project Orange. It was previously stated on BFP that Project Orange was the ” Code Word” used by Harlequin to cover up or hide the actual work undertaken.

    Jeffries Solicitors, DLA Piper, Simon Terry, Wilkins Kennedy and Dave Ames were all associated with project orange, DLA Piper were concerned that Harlequin could be exposed if the SFO or authorities were to conduct a dawn raid on Harlequin such was the state of the record keeping at the time.

    Project Orange was a sweeping under the Carpet of Harlequin problems exercise and would probably have stayed under the carpet had it not been for the liquidation of HMSSE and ASOL.

    Problem for Ames is that some on here keep raising the profile of Project Orange, given that invoices exist referring to Project Orange it will not take HMRC / SFO / Essex Police long to assertain from those involved the true purpose behind the operation named Project Orange.

  360. Anonymous

    Anonymous 7.14 a post of pure fantasy. WK associated something a bit dodgy? Are you saying that Mathew Chapman was Ralph? Perhaps it’s time to give Mathew Chapman a call?

  361. I doubt if they would ever see a cent from HR (i.e.. Dave) but
    they certainly could recover from whoever their ticketing agency was.

  362. THE LIES

    Dav Ames and Ralph Gonsalves came out of the same box they are bullies and cowards

  363. Anonymous

    @anon 8.03, the most common complaint of people staying at BB? That would be coffee for the coffee machines in the Cabanas. The only innuendos about waste into the sea has come from a poster who also suggested that BB was built on an Indian burial ground! Lol

  364. Anon 8:03 – I will be traveling to St Martin next month and I just checked
    out my Allianz trip insurance policy. (The kind you get for about US$40.00
    at online ticket purchase). It does cover air-ambulance service up to
    $25,000. After that I guess you are on your on.

  365. Anon

    I have seen a video, taken by residents of the Buccament Bay village, of waste from the resort being pumped in to the river, which then flows right on to the beach of the resort!

    A prominent news man in St. Vincent posted a video to his Facebook page of human waste being pumped into an open soak away on resort.

    All of the food and cooking waste from The Bay and foul smelling run off from the garbage stored behind the restaurant is pouring straight into the ocean, where the guests and locals bathe.

    Want pictures? No problem, they can be posted here too if you need the proof!

  366. Anonymous

    Does Buccament Bay have a sewage
    treatment facility on or close to the Resort? NO. Sadly that particular phase of the project has not yet been completed. So what happens the raw sewage ? It is supposed to be shipped by tanker to an off loading area. St. Vincent currently does NOT have a tertiary treatment facility and is the subject of a US environment warning.

    “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines pollution of coastal waters and shorelines from discharges by pleasure yachts and other effluents; in some areas, pollution is severe enough to make swimming prohibitive”

    There is a discharge pipe located behind the Bay Beach Restaraunt that enters the Water at that location, it has been aledged that untreated sewage has been pumped through this pipe on a number of occasions. Buccament Bay has been visited by the chief medical officer on a number of occasions and water samples were taken from the bay. The Chief Medical officer did ask Harlequin to dispose of its sewage at a different location.

    There were also two documented emergency discharges of raw sewage into Buccament Bay from the resort which necessitated a visit by the countries chief medical officer on both occasions.

    Ancient petroglyphs were found at Buccament Bay, and another World Heritage petroglyph site is located a stones throw away in Layou,

    This article might prove interesting,

    It clearly demonstrates concerns as to Harlequins respect for the history and local environment of Buccament Bay.

    A mummified body of a mother and baby was discovered during excavations for some buildings at The Buccament Bay Resort and this discovery was recorded by government Archeologists, finding ancient remains is not uncommon in construction, yet in the case of Harlequin, rather then embrace the culture and history behind the finds, the finds are instead denied, as if they never happened.

  367. The View From Mount Pleasant

    Luxury villas in SVG? Here they are and the top four are all on Bequia! Buccament Bay doesn’t get a mention – AND – some of these villas are within resort hotels so it is a direct comparison with BB!

  368. Anonymous

    15,000 UK nationals visited St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2013 and included St. Vincent Nationals with UK passports. For Dave Ames to have an average 65% occupancy of his planned 1200 bed resort an additionjal 81,200 visitors will be required. That’s one 787-7 dream liner per day, experts will point out that a 65% occupancy is a break even point.

    If we believe Ames and the claims that occupancy levels could be as high as 100% this would necessitate a further 197 Dreamliner flights a year. At Ames’ claimed occupancy 11 flights would be required per week, add St. Lucia and Barbados to this and we are looking at an additional 42 Dreamliner flights per week,

    This would mean close to a trebelling of current airlift capacity to Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent.

    This is truly amazing, even bizarre, has anyone ever looked at the figures and the claims, why haven’t established resorts like sandals, Hyatt, four seasons or the Marriott chain, not seen the market potential and exploited it, ?

    And what was the secret to Harlequin that allowed Ames to claim he was redefining luxury in the Caribbean, was it only those filet steaks in Jacks? Was that the secret all along? Or was it the beds ? Or was it the Ice Creams, it sure as hell wasn’t the choice of pools, it wasn’t the A/C, nighife, Waterpark, Casino, or Shopping Mall, it wasn’t the transfer, the low or non existent water pressure in BLU St. Lucia, the coffee in the coffee pods, or was it just really the towel art or the imported white sand beach ?

  369. Towel art is so so so downscale Carnival Cruise Line…

  370. Redefining Guest Staff ratios.

    Ok this from the judgment in the RL case, has Ames not been regaling us with tales of increased business year on year, ? increased business meaning more guests…

    So why reduce the number of staff even though business is increasing month on month, year on year ?

    What is the staff reduction doing to the staff guest ratios ?

    Is Ames redefining 5 Star Classification ?

    You just have to love this guy Ames lol.

    11. As regards BBL, Mr. Ames’ response was similar. Although BBL appears to have no assets, and has never filed accounts, it employed 320 staff (down from about 500) to operate Buccament Bay Resort and had its own management structure, from the General Manager downwards. There was no “bird’s eye” management from Essex.

    12. In a further witness statement dated 24th July 2014, Mr. Ames revised the number of BBL employees downwards to 269, of which 61 were casual employees. He reiterated that, while he met some investors in the UK, he met others outside the UK in many other locations and that the same was true of his signing contracts. He made the point that the Tomlin order was made in a separate action, in which HMSSE was a defendant, and had no jurisdictional implications as regards these petitions.

  371. @ WFS Exactly how did that vitriol advance the cause of Harlequin?

  372. Wonder which one of these posts has enraged Dave?

    Does Buccament Bay have a sewage
    treatment facility on or close to the Resort? NO. Sadly that particular phase of the project has not yet been completed. So what happens the raw sewage ? It is supposed to be shipped by tanker to an off loading area. St. Vincent currently does NOT have a tertiary treatment facility and is the subject of a US environment warning.

    “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines pollution of coastal waters and shorelines from discharges by pleasure yachts and other effluents; in some areas, pollution is severe enough to make swimming prohibitive”

    There is a discharge pipe located behind the Bay Beach Restaraunt that enters the Water at that location, it has been aledged that untreated sewage has been pumped through this pipe on a number of occasions. Buccament Bay has been visited by the chief medical officer on a number of occasions and water samples were taken from the bay. The Chief Medical officer did ask Harlequin to dispose of its sewage at a different location.

    There were also two documented emergency discharges of raw sewage into Buccament Bay from the resort which necessitated a visit by the countries chief medical officer on both occasions.

    Ancient petroglyphs were found at Buccament Bay, and another World Heritage petroglyph site is located a stones throw away in Layou,

    This article might prove interesting,

    It clearly demonstrates concerns as to Harlequins respect for the history and local environment of Buccament Bay.

    A mummified body of a mother and baby was discovered during excavations for some buildings at The Buccament Bay Resort and this discovery was recorded by government Archeologists, finding ancient remains is not uncommon in construction, yet in the case of Harlequin, rather then embrace the culture and history behind the finds, the finds are instead denied, as if they never happened.

  373. Or was it this one ?

    Ok this from the judgment in the RL case, has Ames not been regaling us with tales of increased business year on year, ? increased business meaning more guests…

    So why reduce the number of staff even though business is increasing month on month, year on year ?

    What is the staff reduction doing to the staff guest ratios ?

    Is Ames redefining 5 Star Classification ?

    You just have to love this guy Ames lol.

    11. As regards BBL, Mr. Ames’ response was similar. Although BBL appears to have no assets, and has never filed accounts, it employed 320 staff (down from about 500) to operate Buccament Bay Resort and had its own management structure, from the General Manager downwards. There was no “bird’s eye” management from Essex.

    12. In a further witness statement dated 24th July 2014, Mr. Ames revised the number of BBL employees downwards to 269, of which 61 were casual employees. He reiterated that, while he met some investors in the UK, he met others outside the UK in many other locations and that the same was true of his signing contracts. He made the point that the Tomlin order was made in a separate action, in which HMSSE was a defendant, and had no jurisdictional implications as regards these petitions.

  374. Or this one ?

    15,000 UK nationals visited St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2013 and included St. Vincent Nationals with UK passports. For Dave Ames to have an average 65% occupancy of his planned 1200 bed resort an additionjal 81,200 visitors will be required. That’s one 787-7 dream liner per day, experts will point out that a 65% occupancy is a break even point.

    If we believe Ames and the claims that occupancy levels could be as high as 100% this would necessitate a further 197 Dreamliner flights a year. At Ames’ claimed occupancy 11 flights would be required per week, add St. Lucia and Barbados to this and we are looking at an additional 42 Dreamliner flights per week,

    This would mean close to a trebelling of current airlift capacity to Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent.

    This is truly amazing, even bizarre, has anyone ever looked at the figures and the claims, why haven’t established resorts like sandals, Hyatt, four seasons or the Marriott chain, not seen the market potential and exploited it, ?

    And what was the secret to Harlequin that allowed Ames to claim he was redefining luxury in the Caribbean, was it only those filet steaks in Jacks? Was that the secret all along? Or was it the beds ? Or was it the Ice Creams, it sure as hell wasn’t the choice of pools, it wasn’t the A/C, nighife, Waterpark, Casino, or Shopping Mall, it wasn’t the transfer, the low or non existent water pressure in BLU St. Lucia, the coffee in the coffee pods, or was it just really the towel art or the imported white sand beach ?

  375. Maybe even this one.

    I have seen a video, taken by residents of the Buccament Bay village, of waste from the resort being pumped in to the river, which then flows right on to the beach of the resort!

    A prominent news man in St. Vincent posted a video to his Facebook page of human waste being pumped into an open soak away on resort.

    All of the food and cooking waste from The Bay and foul smelling run off from the garbage stored behind the restaurant is pouring straight into the ocean, where the guests and locals bathe.

    Want pictures? No problem, they can be posted here too if you need the proof!

  376. Or this one Dave?

    Matthew Chapman of the BBC Panorama program discovered Project Orange, he came across invoices presented to Harlequin from Jefferies Solicitors in Southend for services provided to Harlequin in respect of Project Orange. It was previously stated on BFP that Project Orange was the ” Code Word” used by Harlequin to cover up or hide the actual work undertaken.

    Jeffries Solicitors, DLA Piper, Simon Terry, Wilkins Kennedy and Dave Ames were all associated with project orange, DLA Piper were concerned that Harlequin could be exposed if the SFO or authorities were to conduct a dawn raid on Harlequin such was the state of the record keeping at the time.

    Project Orange was a sweeping under the Carpet of Harlequin problems exercise and would probably have stayed under the carpet had it not been for the liquidation of HMSSE and ASOL.

    Problem for Ames is that some on here keep raising the profile of Project Orange, given that invoices exist referring to Project Orange it will not take HMRC / SFO / Essex Police long to assertain from those involved the true purpose behind the operation named Project Orange.

  377. Disgusting

    Something has rattled the pro Harlequin mob again.

    As usual they respond in the vilest manner possible and attack those who they suspect of posting, in a most reprehensible manner, they are not interested in providing reasonable arguments but seek to turn readers off reading this forum by posting the most vile of comments. I doubt very much that Mr. Ames will seek to have these posters identified through the courts in the US, I hope BFP moderators cleanse this forum of the filth that was produced.

    You can’t even call these posters bullies, that’s too good a name for them.

  378. THE LIES

    Is it a massive attack on MONDAY?

  379. Anonymous

    @Disgusting aka Anon 1/Chris Sutton. You are obviously new on here. You want evidence of vile attacks? The anti HP “bullies” as you call them began this line 2 years ago. Silent telephone calls, nasty remarks about old women, posting personal details. Oh yes you have a lot to learn about vile attacks. Now take your self righteousness and pious postings and shove it up your big US ass.

  380. anon

    Bob you can dish it out but you can’t take it. The bully bullied Hahahah! I find that really funny.

  381. ferret-ing

    Someone mentioned Manderfield -Wooller having a villa(s) or something at Buc Bay. It may be worth HMRC, SFO et al looking at her connections and how they may have benefited- in some way, or clear them out of said investigations to gain focus? For example Katherine Taylor CEO of Guardian SIPP ( possibly the biggest SIPP provider supporting Harlequin sales) claims she doesn’t know Manderfield yet they may very well have been in constant touch for many years. And may still been in regular touch! Manderfield / Wooller you may recall was recommending SIPPS as a vehicle to purchase property from Harlequin. I do no more that suggest the investigations should be varied and wide. Those that have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. On the other hand there may be a lot of help that could be provided if information gained helps peoples cases.

  382. Anonymous

    @Anon 9.40 I’m glad you think bullying is so funny. Bullying behind an anonymous ID is called trolling. And that’s just what you are, an anonymous troll.

  383. Abusing Old People

    Many vile attacks originated from whatthefuss, bob’s only friend. If you want to see the true victims of the harlequin ponzi scheme, speak to the old people that are about to retire, who trusted dave ames with their pension, after being misled about finance and timescales, and now face a life of poverty, these are the true victims.
    Bob , when you spend your days provoking victims of a ponzi scheme, what reaction are you expecting ?Its’ like going onto a jewish forum, and spending your days writing about the virtues of the nazis and hitler, while regularly insulting jewish people.
    I wouldnt even accuse you of being a shill bob, it would be over rating your importance, you are just a lonely old man with nothing better to do with his life than write crap on a forum.

  384. Anonymous

    @Aop, fortunately you know nothing about the life of Mr Storey. If you did you would realise how stupidly inaccurate your remarks are. Funny you should comment about crap on a forum, exactly what you have just written, you are just trolling along as normal. Hey ho what ever turns you on.

  385. His wife cut ot off

    No one calls him “Mr Storey.”

    Why would an anonymous poster hiding behind an anonymous id refer to John Wayne Bobbitt as “Mr Storey?”

    How odd.

  386. THE LIES

    The situation is clear, do we both walk away or not?

  387. Anon

    Robert Storey and the other Harlequin Trolls are disgusting cowards, Robert justifies his stance by claiming to be a victim of cyber bullying, all we ever hear from him is how he is the subject of incessant anonymous calls, at one point from the UK and lately from the Caribbean and Bequia.

    What I find odd is that we now have two documented cases of people completing, Harlequin were at pains to publicise this fact and we have Robert Storey who has not yet completed, yet was getting his return, refusing to make any comment on the issue of completions.

  388. Robert Storey

    @Anon 2.32 your post is factually inaccurate. Get your facts right before you call anyone a troll.
    Using the term Mr Storey is a sign of respect by another poster. Respect being something that is beyond your comprehension.
    This is the first and last time I will post anything today. Your expected trolling replies will not be answered.

  389. Anon:2:32 Wellllllllllllll – I guess he told you !!

  390. Anon

    This whole end-game situation puts me in mind of a child that has been caught doing something wrong by an adult and, rather than give in and own up, they concoct ever more elaborate lies to try to dig themselves out of a hole. The adult has long since stopped being taken in by the child who even seems to believe the story they are making up.

  391. Ames the Lying Conman

    Storey won’t clarify the facts around him being paid a return for his unit, yet lack of publicised completion because he was not being paid a rental return but was being paid by Harlequin to troll for them on the internet.

    Pity they didn’t find another gimp, as Storey just helped to confirm that Harlequin was a low class con being run by a bunch of uneducated chavs.

  392. ferret-ing

    Its a tall Storey. The only people I’ve seen paying respect to Koko (I have a) Cabana are his alter ego’s.

  393. Anon

    As expected Storey disappears back into the world of anonymous trolls, for an individual who mocks any discussion on Harlequin deriding any and all negative talk, he has little or nothing to say in support of Harlequin, it could be that he is desperately clinging on to the hope that he does not loose his investment, that fact, most if not all can sympathise with, the manner in which he and others go about this, is not however worthy of merit or sympathy.

  394. Moon-fakir

    SFO have interviewed Tall Storey once- and I happen to know they haven’t finished with him.

  395. Archaeologist

    Mr. Storey has scoffed at the notion that the mummified remains of a Carib Indian Woman and Child were discovered at Buccament Bay during construction excavations, the remains were indeed uncovered very close to some very significant cave paintings close to the sea shore at Buccament, the remains were removed and archaeologists documented the find, which to historians and locals was fascinating.

    Either Mr. Storey is superstitious or fearful that the discovery or more importantly word of the discovery might well affect the value of his property.

    Interestingly enough for those who may be superstitious, the bodies were found under what is now the concrete slab, for what was to have been the Waters Edge hotel block. This has never been built, could it possibly be that the disrespect shown to the Carib Indians has manifested itself into the problems at Buccament Bay today.

    There are huge problems for Ames and Harlequin in St. Vincent, the problems are of such a magnitude that Sam Commissiong has refused to defend Ames and Harlequin against the increasing number of local creditors pursuing Ames and Harlequin through the courts.

    Commissiong however had no problem with defending Ames against investor claims even going as far as to lie for Ames in the Davies case, but to do so on your own turf to your fellow countrymen, in what is an election year, is a step too far even for Commissiong, Ralph will have made the call here, the one thing Ralph cannot abide by in his election year is local creditors being owed significant sums of money.

    The timing for Ames and Harlequin is all wrong, HMRC, SFO, ESSEX Police, Ralph Gonsalves, and all those properties Ames tried to hide by having them held in trust by 3rd Parties.

    Not good timing at all.

  396. The words of the trolling trolls

    Only once? Are you sure? I wonder if the SFO were interested in a telephone call from a photographer who sails in Bequia?

  397. Anon

    Again I say Storey has little or nothing to say in support of Harlequin, he however feels that attacking others is supporting Harlequin, this is like a soccer hooligan, they claim to support a specific team but their sole mission is to create mayhem.

    Storey has never once put up any valid reasons as to why (1). He feels his investment is sound. (2). That the business model works.
    (3). Why it is ok for Ames not to produce independently verifiable occupancy figures. (4). Why it’s ok for Ames not to provide audited accounts. (5). Why he, even though he had not completed, was receiving his returns.

    When asked basic questions in the past, he has flatly refused to answer them, by either stating that it’s none of anyone else’s business, or by stating that he has no knowledge of the facts, strange for someone who attacks all negativity against Harlequin.

    Funny too when you get some quite comprehensive answers to Project Orange, the Sewage Problem or the Indian burial site, you have two things that always happen, (1). Absolute silence on the actual matters, (2). Disgusting attacks on the usual suspects.
    You then find no mention of those same topics by Storey and Co. for weeks, then when the dust has settled Storey and Co. resurrect the same. They then deny that they are posting, all very odd behaviour, but heh we are dealing with Harlequin, so it is to be expected.

  398. The words of the trolling trolls

    Ah the Indian burial site. Would that be an Indian burial site which was on a flood plain? Who uses a flood plain as a burial site. You could not make it up. Hahaha lol zzzzzzzzzzz

  399. Anon

    Yeah Bob who would build on a flood plain? And who today in their right mind would want to live on a flood plain, that’s why Dave Ames redefines geography and geology along with everything else.

    just some flood plain locations below, Note Buccament Bay is not on my list. We know the GV would never build on a flood plain unlike those “idiots” on my list below.


    https: //

    Other flood plain conurbations, include lessor well known cities, LONDON, PARIS, SHANGHAI.

  400. Anonymous

    Lol brilliant, love it.

  401. The words of the trolling trolls

    Hahaha lol zzzzzzzzz fallen for it again! How many hours of your life did it take to find something that means nothing to me. You must think I am “Bob” haha lol. You and your mini me Anonymous. You need to get a life mate.

  402. Anon

    No one has fallen for anything “mate”, Harlequin and their supporters for months have denied that Buccament Bay was built on a flood plain, there is no problem with building on a flood plain if you ensure that the issues pertaining to the flood plain are dealt with in a manner which does not adversely affect those around you.

  403. Sad

    I am not sure what is more sad, being Robert Storey, or pretending to be Robert Storey

  404. The words of the trolling trolls

    But “mate” would Indians bury their dead on a flood plain? What do think “pal?” Why is a article relating to Nuneaton of interest? Unless of course you think there is some connection with it? Oh I see you think I have something to do with it? You must think I am someone else. Yes “mate” that is exactly what you have fallen for. Sucker.

  405. Anon

    Why wouldn’t Indians bury their dead on flood plains? Londoners have, Parisians have, the residents of Shanghai have so why wouldn’t the Indians at Buccament Bay. ?

  406. Anonymous

    When Bob and his mates loose an argument or when the GVs ridiculous claims have been exposed as claims of a fantasist the Trolls come out with the, I’m not who you think I am game.

    See to Harlequin Ames Bob and Co. this is all a game, a game which only they find funny.

    They have no interest in discussing the future of our investments.

    Let’s just remind ourselves of what Ames was saying in 2012, two years after the Builder and Wilkins Kennedy left the scene of the crime. So they cannot be blamed for the following having not been achieved, I know it’s stomach churning just to read this, but it’s always good to keep the claims made by the GV fresh in our minds, especially for anyone engaged in litigation.

    I suggest this is downloaded ASAP before the GV has this removed.

    http: //

  407. Anonymous

    All major cities are build on rivers. That’s why they are major cities. Rivers flood. London, Paris, Shanghai? So what.

  408. Anonymous

    What sort of crap link is that?

  409. St George's Dragon

    Travel Zoo is offering 7 nights at Buccament Bay for 1199 pounds; take off the BA 500 pound flight cost and that works out to 100/night.

  410. Anonymous

    Sandles 7 nights St Lucia £1229. Jamaica £1339. Virgin holidays advertising holidays in BB. Of course they are not a top holiday company are they?

  411. The false promises and the lies.

    Thanks for the link, that update from Harlequin sums it up nicely.

    I love this quote on page 45 of the Newsletter,

    “The changes made at blu hotel in St Lucia is astounding, it is a completely new looking hotel. The information I got tonight on the Harlequin properties will ensure that I sell the hotels with confidence” Sheree Hassack, Personal Travel Advisor

    I love it in the context of the reference to Hotel Blu on page 14.

    Why bother upgrading the Hotel Sheree Hassack seemed quite happy with the BLU Hotel as was, so why bother with the bathroom upgrades,

    Fast forward 2 years, and guests seem to complain about the lack of water for showers and the incessant noise from the outdoor bar next door.

    Could someone please show me the conference facilities available at BLU.

    I love the roof on Trader Vics at page 8, however that’s now the roof of the ” State of the Art” conference Center. No Trader Vics.

    What happened to Christine on page 8 and Gianluca on page 9. Or Kevin Smith on page 14? And has Harlequin Developments now changed its name to Argo, what happened the Managing Director of Harlequin Developments, and how come he was never an employee of that company ? Campion was a full time employee of Harlequin Properties (Barbados) Ltd. and where was that company registered ? According to BFP not in Barbados. Campion was not employed by Harlequin (Barbados) Property Ltd. and why so many companies with so many similar names, and why is Campion not employed by the company that he was Managing Director for.

    What happened LFC who are referred to in the Brochure, Trader Vics ? Where are they.

    This is what Ames said about these associations,

    “We have teamed up with a number of world-renowned brands so that our hotels and resorts offer a unique range of top class amenities for all the family. These famous names add considerable quality, value and prestige to our hotels and resorts, as well as demonstrating and qualifying the company’s vision of redefining luxury in the Caribbean.”

    What happened Gary Player ? Or the WICB ?

    What happened Brazil and the finance for the Dominican Republic, all referred to in the Newsletter, what happened the Trader Vics in St. Lucia?

    The link raises so many questions, so many.

    Very relevant link, Thank you.

  412. The Returns.

    @ Anonymous 10.39, you are completely missing the point, Ames has guaranteed that investors will receive again a “Guaranteed” 250 million dollars a year for the first two years of operations. Yes “Guaranteed”, ok for the 100-110 units complete at Buccament Bay he will owe $ 5 million USD. in Guaranteed monies. That mate works out at £ 45 quid per night pp, if the hotel was 100% full for the year. If it was 50% full it would work out at £ 90 quid per night, leaving Harlequin with £ 10 pp to for an all inclusive 5 star service, pay the staff, pay the water and electricity bills, the maintenance costs, the marketing, that mate is the problem.

    Harlequin is not Sandals, Sandals don’t owe investors over three quarters of a billion dollars, Ames does.

  413. The Devil is in the Detail

    According to Ames in his case in the UK with RL he claims to have 269 employees at Buccament Bay and approx 30 staff in Basildon, These are Ames’ words. Not mine, not SGD, not Anon or Anonymous, now given that Ames is no longer selling property, where does the money come from to pay the salaries?

    Let’s say the UK salaries amount to £ 120,000 before tax, £ 4,000 avg per employee (I should not mention tax given the current HMRC probe).
    And let’s say the Buccament Bay staff earn an average of £2 per hour per 12 hour shift. Let’s say £24.00 per day or about £ 720 per month per staff member, or £193,680.00.

    We know from the Matt Ames case that senior staff would have been on substantial salaries, Matt afterall was not even the GM and was to be on a salary of in excess of £ 10,000.00 per month, this according to Matt Ames’ defence attorney in his criminal trial in Feb of this year.

    This was the sum Matt was offering to pay in restitution to his victims in lieu of a custodial sentence, as was offered to the judge by his defence attorney.

    If Ames was to make £ 100 pp per night, at 100% occupancy per month he would earn £ 600,000. Take from this the £ 313,680.00, let’s add the guaranteed return for 50 investors to complete, why shouldn’t we, Ames keeps telling us about completions, this of course is a double edged sword for Ames because for every completion he must pay a guaranteed return, so let’s call it 50 investors who to date have handed over completion money. Dave is looking at paying out a Guaranteed return of some £110,000 per month.
    This added to the £ 318,680.00 is £428,680.00 per month, leaving £171,320.00 or £ 28 pp per night to provide food and beverage to the guests, and the best Filet Steak in the Caribbean cannot come cheap, oh of course the operational costs must also come out of this £ 28 pp per night, for electricity, water, the cost of the “free cruise” and all the other “freebies” which do have associated costs, which everway we want to look at it.

    But what if the resort was only operating at say 60% occupancy, this is where the problem lies, the salaries and guaranteed returns remain constant irrespective of the occupancy rates, but at 60% Occupancy, a 60% occupancy give Ames revenues of £ 360,000.00, but costs excluding food, drink, electricity, water, maintenance, insurance, marketing and freebe costs come to£428,680.00. A 19% loss before all the additional costs.

    If Ames gets 100 people to complete the losses increase by a further £ 110,000.00 or 26 % per month before all other costs.

    So something has to give, something always has to give, the model is unsustainable at £ 100 per person per night.

    If Ames was to get the 70% completion money from investors. Less then 60% of this completion money would be available to Ames to continue with the build, the balance would need to offset ongoing operational shortfalls.

    I have not included the operational shortfalls for the Blu Hotel, but they would be even higher, again let’s not forget, the BLU Hotel units were sold at a premium, it was Ames’ plan to sell them at a premium given the expected returns were to have been made a lot faster then the conventional resorts.

    The current pricing structure of £ 100 pp indicates an issue with commanding higher rates for the Harlequin product. Buccament Bay rates have been slashed for quite some time now.

  414. Anonymous

    If Dave was trading at a loss or insolvently he would be out of business by now, he’s not.

    The resorts at both Buccament Bay and the Blu hotel are going from strength to strength, and attracting positive reviews and attention from the travel community at large.

    The UK staff are tasked with invoicing etc for the completion monies, monies owed to Dave by investors, remember over 100 units are available to investors to complete on, some investors have found themselves unable to complete, this is not Dave’s fault, for whatever reasons the investors can’t complete, but you do not see Dave going after these investors for their funds, do you ? No you don’t.

    The UK office is self financing and is not funded from the hotel operations. The calculations above are also all wrong. The hotel commands rates 4-6 times that quoted by SGD, sometimes guests have to cancel holidays, they will have paid substantial deposits etc, these deposits tend to be non refundable however the guests can claim through their travel insurance, allowing Dave to put these cancelled rooms up at extremely advantageous rates, this is not to say that this was the price paid for the room, the previous guests deposits are retained by Harlequin so Harlequin is not at a loss, the previous guest gets their money back through their insurance, the lucky new guest gets a cracking holiday for a cracking rate, and once they experience all the resort has to offer they spread the news, so its a win all round, no one looses.

    The rates for the staff are also wrong, Dave pays the highest rates in the Caribbean for staff, and also provides them with uniforms and other perks, staff can also eat free in the staff areas from food not utilised for guests so wastage rarely if ever occurs, there is an abundance of water in SVG so there is no cost to Harlequin, Harlequin also is looking to install solar panels to its resort, which will allow them to sell the surplus electricity generated back to Vinlec in St. Vincent, so not only will the resort not have to pay for any electricity they will be paid for it, the fewer guests at the hotel the more electricity available to sell to Vinlec.

    As a result of the above and until the solar panel installation is complete Vinlec is charging the resort a minimal rate for electricity.

    Operational costs at the hotel are therefore negligible.

    The cost of food and drink at the resort is also below £10 per person per day, most of the produce is locally produced and Harlequin have invested heavily to allow local farmers increase productivity, a % of the produce is then given to the hotel at very special rates allowing the local farmers to sell the balance at much higher rates, again Harlequin and the local farmers both win. Harlequin through it’s initial investment in increases productivity and the farmer as a direct result of his productivity.

    So a little knowledge on the resort or its operations leads to the speculative but inaccurate figures provided by the previous poster.

  415. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    To the previous poster, what is your position within harlequin ?

    It seems that dave is trying to rewrite history, he wants investors to completely overlook the original promises, because this is convenient for dave.

    Dave chose to target less wealthy, naive investors to raise captial. Nobody forced dave to make this decision, this was Dave’s choice, nobody put a gun to daves head, this was dave’s decision, and dave’s decision alone,

    Dave is now expecting the customers who, by daves own words, are not wealthy, to now raise hundreds of thousands, and invest this, contrary to warnings from financial institutions.

  416. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    Investors have to speculate, because harlequin have repeatedly failed to provide auditable accounts, another reason why investors should be reluctant to invest.

  417. RU for real?

    ‘If Dave was trading at a loss or insolvently he would be out of business by now, he’s not.’
    ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES OVERSEAS aka Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited and Harlequin Management Services (South East) Ltd are insolvent that is why both companies are in liquidation. HMRC continue to investigate this web of lies and deceit.

    You really are beginning to sound desperate.

    And by the way, the food is not produced locally it is flown in from Miami.

  418. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    Investors may be interested to know, that you can view the original harlequin website, with the 100% mortgage guarantee

  419. BBaywatch

    From the latest review on TA, which is 5 Star, but lists the following as ‘trivial issues’.

    The trivial issues referred to above are:
    Rattan furniture is showing its age and needs replacing.
    The mattresses for the sun beds are mouldy, however the pool guys do put covers over the mattresses.
    The towels in the rooms are showing their age. Frayed and rough.
    The towel replenishment is hit and miss, seems to be pot luck whether you get hand towels or not.
    The turn down service is hit and miss.
    Mini bar refill is hit and miss but if you call reception it’s sorted quickly.
    The plunge pool in our villa was leaking and looked dirty. It was not topped up for 3 days and we had to ask a couple of times to get it sorted.
    Like I said not major issues but if you’re paying top dollar you’d be a bit disappointed.

    The reviewer also says “exceptional value for money if you’ve got a web deal.” and “Although not perfect the trivial issues certainly would not stop us from going again however if you paid published rack rate your expectations might not be met.”

    So quite probably this reviewer paid something like the £100 per night that SGD suggested and although it is a matter of opinion if the issues listed are trivial or not, what is surprising is that they even exist. In most well managed hotels replacement of these worn items would be automatic by the housekeeping dept which would have a budget for such things but as this has been reported by various reviewers over several months quite clearly there is no money available. Why would a 5 Star hotel not replace minor items which would be of insignificant cost?

    The reviewer also dived with Dive St Vincent and Indigo Dive during their stay at BB, booking them independently. Why would they do that when on their website BB advertises Serenity Diving as being at BB? Serenity however makes no mention of BB on their website, is this yet another local company that BB have fallen out with?

  420. Keeping it in the family?

    Looks like Bob Ladell is no stranger to insolvency (remember the Pro Harlequin Dave’s Trust)

  421. I am not Bob Storey

    @Keeping it in the family? Yawn yawn. I guess the trolling academy didn’t teach you the difference between a solvent and an insolvent liquidation. It was a members’ voluntary liquidation which means it had enough assets to pay all its creditors and return a surplus to the shareholders.

    Now troll on lol!

  422. Loose lips sink Ames ho ho ho!

    I believe the bunker are getting pissed off due to not being paid, no wages for the Christmas period…..
    loose lips trying to get the journalists interested in running a con story. Watch this space……

    Ames has been tipped off and is not happy. He can’t stop it this time.

  423. Anonymous

    “The resorts at both Buccament Bay and the Blu hotel are going from strength to strength, and attracting positive reviews and attention from the travel community at large.”

    – Care to share revenue and profit numbers? No? Then you’re lying.

    “The UK office is self financing and is not funded from the hotel operations.”

    – No it’s not. The “UK Office” is in liquidation and under investigation from HMRC for unpaid tax.

    “Operational costs at the hotel are therefore negligible”

    – Only a conman would write this drivel. Hotel operating costs are never going to be “negligible”. Staff, utilities, food, are all overheads which will never go away. This is exclusive of maintenance, of course. But who needs maintenance!??

  424. Lillian Byrd

    Not ONE business in St. Vincent will provide any produce or service to Buccament Bay Resort unless money is paid up front.

    It is speculated that the resort owes Vinlec hundreds of thousands of dollars, that National Insurance payments have been deducted from staff salaries over the past eighteen months or so, but the contributions have yet to be paid into the Natioal Insurance Scheme.

    Anon @ 2.30 are you referring to the Alternate Universe BBR?

    I have seen shipping containers of food arrive from Miami that were held in customs for so long, because there was no cash to pay the local clearing costs, that by the time the container arrived between 50% – 90% has to be thrown away because it had spoiled.

  425. Anon

    @ Dave Offered 100% etc Nov 17 7.08am

    Definition of “guarantee”: a formal assurance (usually in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled.

    On what basis was the guarantee of mortgages being made? No doubt Harlequin would claim that, like the rest of the world, it had no way of predicting the financial crisis of 2008. Quite so. But without that foreknowledge they had no business offering guarantees unless they were prepared to back them by some kind of insurance product (which would have been unaffordable for such an offer of mortgages). They should have said that they would make “best endeavours” to source mortgages and that would have been honest and allowed investors to make an informed choice. That some investors are now incapable of completing on their “investment” is not a situation of their own making. Many, dare I say most, would have run a mile from this if they knew the “guarantee” was no such thing.

    What do they call it when someone is induced to make an investment on the back of a promise that turns out to not be true…?

  426. Moon-fakir

    What a waste- should give them 48 hrs to pay and if not distribute the food to the poor.

  427. Sid

    I recall seeing announcements that the airport in SVG would be open in early 2105…which is now very near. We’re certainly near enough that an opening date should be set. Does anyone know when it is?

  428. Worriedpurchaser

    It certainly looks like this stupid little man and his hangers on will be finally taken to task. It’s HMRC that will bring them, the scum agents and Bob the #anker to their knees. I have reported my agent for tax fraud, a pain of a process on line, but I felt so bloody happy after it. The tide is turning and toxic turn king short legs kanute can’t stop it!!!!!

  429. Toxic bay

    Of course the sewage in pumped into the sea, what do you expect from the impoverished village next to BBR ? I too have seen the pipe pumping untreated human waste direct into the sea. It gave me a terrible skin infection. Totally disgusting from the toxic toad. What do you expect????

  430. Anonymous

    No one reported anyone for anything, so please knock it on the head. Sid the airport should be fully operational mid 2015, construction work is due to recommence in earnest at Buccament Bay around the same time.

  431. Sid, mid 2015 for commercial flights. There will be 4/5 months as a shakedown period prior to that.

  432. Anonymous

    @Sid The authorities keep insisting that the Airport will be substantially finished by the end of 2014 , and will be ready to receive International flights early 2015. Having seen the project in late October, I can safely say that they are off by at least one year !

  433. @anoymous 1.23 you are way behind. Do try and keep up with the latest news.

  434. Moon-fakir

    It’s all academic as far as Harlequin is concerned. Some improved infrastructure may be in place for the new owners.

  435. Anonymous

    Bob, we are all way behind, please update everyone with the “latest news”.

  436. Anon

    I think they may be putting the finishing touches to the airport in much the same way as the Buccament Bay marina in January 2010.

    You really have to make sure you use the right kind of language in your news updates

  437. Moon-fakir

    Chaps, I hope you don’t think I’m Tall Storey- I was merely commenting on the future of Buccament Bay. Don’t think B Storey aka Koko Cabana will be in situ!

  438. failed or bust

    Can the Rapid Response Rottweiler TEAM ensconced in the Basildon Bunker make any comment about the two insolvent Harlequin companies headed up by members of the Ames family?

  439. Loony-faker

    “Chaps!” That’s a bit sexist. Just a bit public school I’d say. Whato

  440. Sid

    I’d be interested to know what Ames’ mood is like lately, if he is still feeling positive. Is anyone close enough to him to comment?

  441. Anonymous

    Give him a call Sid. Go on pick up the phone.

  442. Sid

    And ask him what….how are you feeling? Even if I did do you think he’d tell the truth?
    If your comment is suggesting that I wouldn’t call him, I have spoken with him on a number of occasions….all of which have been a waste of oxygen.

  443. Anonymous

    I thought you wanted to know what his mood is like. As far as I know it is top class. He is always positive.

  444. Sid

    I do and think that’s a reasonable question to put out there considering everything that is going on. I’m just wondering how worried he is by all the accusations and threats that are being banded about.

  445. Anonymous

    Dave is in great form. The issue with HMRC is simple, Dave is owed substantial sums from HMRC through the Terminal Loss Relief claim, far more then Dave owes through ASOL. The petition by HMRC to wind up ASOL failed on the grounds that ASOL was already in liquidation, looks like HMRC had their eye off the ball on that one.

    The Liquidation of ASOL and HMSSE has no impact whatsoever on the operation of the overseas companies. Indeed the liquidation of ASOL formed part of the strategic reorganisation of the companies.

    Why don’t people ever look at the positives.

    As you can see from this newspaper interview Buccament Bay has been between 80 & 85% full, and commands very strong rack rates. $ 650 to $ 1800 per night.

    And even as far back as 2012 investors were very happy with the returns they were making.

    Why would a guy who pumped all the money from the sale of his business want to rip himself off?

    I suggest if you want facts read the article and not the usual negative crap from posters and RL who have hidden agendas.

    http:// http://www.hotelnewsnow. com/mobile/articles.aspx?articleid=7742

    All this talk of 100 units having only been built is hog wash, Ames has 242 units opened at Buccament Bay and a further 110 at the BLU in St. Lucia.

  446. The Taxman Cometh

    HMRC have powers that are very similar to the SFO’s when investigating tax fraud. No doubt the lawyers and accountants who acted for the likes of TailorMade and Marcus James will prove to be very helpful when Disclosure Notices are issued.

  447. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 5:56pm
    Liars are always caught in the end.

  448. Anonymous

    That’s true, paddy would concur with that statement.

  449. Anonymous

    I’m most certain that Paddy concurs with the fact that Ames & Co are liars, as do thousands of others associated with Harlequin, what must be most gratifying for Paddy is the fact that Ames and Co. changed their stories in subsequent legal actions to the Irish Case, yes liars are eventually caught and caught out.

    Oooops sorry, are these lies by Ames and Co. covered by an NDA, I do apologise if they are.


    Oh sorry I apologise, just got you now, I’m a bit slow sorry, with all the expose’s on Ames you are once again trying to deflect attention away from Dave, see I could not see any link between what Ames and Sawkins told hotels now and Paddy, so I thought you were asking if Paddy concurred as to the statement referring to Ames that liars get caught, I see now you are trying to say that Paddy is a liar, well sadly he is not.

    Jeez I wonder if all the Police, SFO, HMRC investigations are down to Paddy, I mean Ames’ little loyal band seem totally consumed by Paddy.

    A guy who is appealing a judgment of some 0.25 % of monies Dave took in.

  450. Pink panther

    17/11/14 5.56
    Looking at the positives,how many investors in 2012 were “happy with their returns”

  451. Anonymous

    Quoting room rates and Occupancy of BB in early 2012 has no relevance to what obtains today. Room rack rates are at 50 % of 2012, and occupancy is certainly not at 80 to 85%.
    I like the reference to GV having sold his business, and then taking the money to invest in land to develop his projects..I believe that the records show that he went bankrupt twice, before he got involved in this scheme.

  452. Anon

    Interesting post on TA referring again to guests being made to sign bills for food even though it is an AI resort. The reviewer says that the value of the bills were ridiculous quoting $70 for sandwich, coffee and cake twice.

    This will make it interesting if and when investors make it to the 50:50 net room share deal. I can only presume that “net” means met of the cost of providing the AI element. At rates like that there will be about $5 to split 50:50 with investors!

  453. Anonymous

    Well if the average occupancy was 80-85% in 2012 and Ames tells us a number of times since then that bookings have increased an avg of 100% year on year or some such nonsense then the average occupancy should be in excess of 160-170% of that in 2012.

  454. Anonymous

    @anonymous 7.46 not only are you a bit slow, you are also a bit thick. Cannot even put a link up correctly.

  455. Pink panther

    17/11/14 4.40
    I can assure investors that Daves mood in the last two days is dipping drastically. He did not expain himself.

  456. Anonymous

    It’s ok, most others got the link, sorry about it though,

    Here it is again

  457. I like this one, It's good to revisit the lies
  458. Pink panther

    I forgot to mention that Dave was upbeat on the funding crisis, and he feels that a loan is just around the corner.
    I replied which corner is that Dave,is it in the UK?

  459. Pink panther

    I will call on you tomorrow so we can discuss your future plans for investors.

  460. wonder what Pat Cash has to say now, I do love his endorsement of the Harlequin product
  461. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 7.46/8.09 is that the same link that was put up 5.57? Repetition can be so boring. Still gives the trolls something to do.

  462. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    Robert , if you read the definition of a troll, it is describing you.. You see robert, 5999 investors that have spent £400 million and now have investments valued at a £1 , they have a genuine reason to be unhappy. Who would have invested if Harlequin had been transparent about its finances and resources ?

    c In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion

  463. Anonymous

    No repetition mate, you pointed out that my link was broken so it took me three attempts to correct it, thanks for pointing out the broken link to me, I thought it made for interesting reading though, when I did finally get the right link up, again thanks for pointing out the broken link, please keep up the good work. Again thanks.

  464. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    are you saying robert, that the valuation of a hotel room is dependent on how the investor financed the deposit ?
    Please explain yourself,

    my understanding robert, is that investors have worthless contracts, regardless of how they paid the deposit. whether it was through a SIPP, cash or the 100% finance scam

  465. Jon Bon Jovi

    Why don’t we look at some facts?

    1. Harlequin has paid 0 returns

    2. Harlequin has been “liquidated” in the UK. As per the court case with Fatchett this year, it means that Harlequin’s business is in the Caribbean. It also means that GV cannot sue you in UK courts… since it’s not in the UK’s jurisdiction.

    3. Harlequin as yet have not outlined where, or when, finance will be made available. I doubt they have any at all. They certainly didn’t when promised people mortgages.

    4. Harlequin’s “chairman” is the father of a convicted ponzi scheme fraud, Matthew Ames. He is serving prison time and facing complete bankruptcy for operating a scheme which scammed pensioners into sending him their money to buy teak trees in Sri Lanka. Harleuqin chairman’s son used the money to fund a luxury lifestyle. He [the son] is a fraud.

    5. Harlequin’s chairman is twice bankrupted and is close to going so again. His UK “assets”, as far as we know, are still under a UK freezing order. He keeps claiming that the “investments are safe” in the Caribbean. Try telling that to a mortgage broker in the UK.

    6. Harlequin stopped paying the much vaunted interest payments last year due to a “banking error”. To date, this “error” has not been rectified, and indeed, their UK company, presumably responsible for paying said money, is in liquidation. If this isn’t fraud, I don’t know what its.

    7. Since mid 2013, Harlequin has promised “finance” for the extra resorts. As yet, no mention of either the finance or strategy has been publicised. This, as you may already know, is what’s known as a “bait and switch” – whereby highly demanded products are used to lure unsuspecting victims into a web of deceit and lies. Here’s the wikipedia definition:

    “Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud used in retail sales but also employed in other contexts. First, customers are “baited” by merchants’ advertising products or services at a low price, but when customers visit the store, they discover that the advertised goods are not available, or the customers are pressured by sales people to consider similar, but higher priced items (“switching”).”

    In Harlequin’s case, the “bait” would be the mortgages. The “switch” will either be the “5 year waiver”, “raise your own money”, or complete loss of investment.

    8. Despite numerous requests, no member of the Harlequin sales / customer services team has actually explained what caused the “cash flow” constriction since mid 2012. They have you believe their “business” would be operating “normally” if it were not for the “Irish builder”, yet having put that case behind them, they are at a loss to describe why they are still in a “cash flow glut”. Could it be that they don’t have any more “investors” to sign up, thus causing an effect known as a “ponzi scheme collapse”? This is purely speculation. I am not insinuating Harlequin is, or has been, a fraudulently represented scheme.

    9. Harlequin have only built a fraction of the promised rooms.

    10. The FCA have issued numerous warnings against handing any more money over to the “Harlequin Group” (which is not a legal entity). SIPP investments in the “group” are worth £1.

    11. Cash / Direct investors have the stark choice of walking away (losing £10,000’s), or signing up to a “5 year waiver” in which they will entrust Harlequin to build the resorts without suing them. Even a fruit fly knows this will be a very bad position to be in. Very bad.

    12. All of the companies in the Caribbean are owned by one person. That person, the “chairman” of Harlequin, is twice bankrupted and is the father of Ponzi scheme fraudster Matthew Ames. The son was convicted of running an illegal ponzi scheme in 2013.

    13. Of the £440m taken in by HMSSE in the UK, £250m was spent on “sales and marketing”. This included huge commissions to IFA’s & agents who all cashed 8% of the gross purchase price for every Harlequin “property” sold. HMSSE also took their cut. This is the main reason why Harlequin is not able to realize their promised returns – they spent over half the money on “non building”.

    14. In 2013, Harlequin took a former “contractor” to court in Ireland. At the cost of £5m of investors’ money, the chairman of Harlequin felt it in the best interests of investors to recoup “stolen money” the builder was accused of. Although the court ruled in favour of Harlequin (albeit awarding a menial $1.6m to the company), the judge was highly scathing of Harlequin’s “chairman” for not even having a written contract with the accused.

    15. Even today, Harlequin employees are adamant that “finance is around the corner”. Sadly, this has yet to materialize into any tangible results.

  466. Who needs facts when lies will do.

    Why do you think 5999 investors have an investment worth £1? Explain that one. Why do you keep referring to everyone as Robert? Do you think my name is Robert? What a very odd assumption.

  467. Anonymous

    @jon Bon jovi.
    Item 1 = wrong.

  468. One Direction

    @anonymous 10:11pm

  469. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    I must admit, the £1 valuation may have been optimistic, and the 5999 is not an exact number, as we know , harlequin does is not good at transparency or supplying auditable accounts, and so in the absence of any real data, we have to rely on newspaper reports
    6000 (ish) investors have invested through harlequin, and to date, only a couple are seeing any kind of return
    so, this leaves a vast majority of investors with a contracts that are void, worthless, not worth the paper they are written on.
    Of course , person who is not robert, if you have evidence to the contrary, I would be glad to hear it,

  470. Anonymous

    @1D see the post below.

  471. Jon Bon Jovi

    @Anonymous 10:26pm
    Don’t see it.

  472. Anonymous

    Not below my post, the post of 1D! It cannot be below my post as there was no post below.

  473. Jon Bon Jovi

    Seems to support my claim that absolute no-one has received returns?

    I’m sure if there were any returns, GV would have told us all by now. He thought it was most appropriate to send an update claiming to have a list of IP addresses, so I’m sure he’ll let us know in good time when he gets around to signing cheques.

  474. Anonymous

    @Dave offered etc etc 10.20 “and to date only a couple are seeing returns . There you go.

  475. Jon Bon Jovi

    Not proof.

  476. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    November 17, 2014 at 10:59 pm
    @Dave offered etc etc 10.20 “and to date only a couple are seeing returns . There you go

    a couple are seeing returns, again, maybe optimistic.

    But for a vast majority of investors, they have nothing but worthless contracts, and it was even suggested, by Matt Ames and Dan Dalligan, that harlequin could take action against those investors, that have already lost
    400 million, for breach of contract.

    Are harlequin able to prove their investors contracts still hold any value ?

  477. Anonymous

    Ah well believe what you want. I know it’s true, Dave offered etc etc knows it’s true, GF knows it’s true. Your mind must be in the same state as your ID, addled.

  478. Jon Bon Jovi

    I don’t dispute that it’s “true”. I don’t dispute that it’s “false”.

    Just as you can claim that a chosen few are “receiving returns”, I am at perfect liberty to claim that no-one is receiving them. No-one is the wiser because neither of us can provide factual documentation stating which is correct.

    I still believe that no-one has received a return, and will remain so until I see documentary evidence to prove otherwise.

  479. Returns ?

    If as claimed investors were getting returns and if as claimed by Dave Ames the resorts have yet to break even, where was the money coming from to pay the returns ?

    Surely the returns were not being paid on the back of new property sales?

    Where was the money coming from to pay the investor interest payments for instance ?

  480. Anonymous

    The returns were paid from funds paid through the normal course of business and from the personal funds of Dave Ames.

    The interest payments were made from the Ames family personal funds, they initially purchased the land with their own funds then as they registered the land in the various companies names the took the funds back out, nothing remotely illegal with that, but instead of Dave and Carol taking their own money out for good which was their God given right, they used this cash to pay the investors mortgage interest.

    As for the value of the assets, these are worth in excess of 500 Million, so to state that investors contracts are worth a pound is ridiculous.

  481. Anonymous

    I hear that Dave walked on the water down at BB, just before he paid last months returns and interest payments to his beloved investors.People looking on said “Jesus!”…he waved, and said, “no. its me, Dave”

  482. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    So how much money did the twice bankrupted Dave Ames put into this business venture, and do not include any of the 400 million taken from us .
    I imagine the interest payments must have been tens of millions.

  483. St George's Dragon

    I am sure there are easy explanations for a couple of slight inconsistencies in earlier comments:
    Inconsistency No 1
    Anon – November 17, 2014 at 7:56 pm
    “The reviewer says that the value of the bills were ridiculous quoting $70 for sandwich, coffee and cake twice.”
    Anonymous – November 17, 2014 at 2:40 am
    “The cost of food and drink at the resort is also below £10 per person per day”
    Both comments are surely consistent..
    Inconsistency No 2
    Anonymous – November 17, 2014 at 2:40 am
    “…remember over 100 units are available to investors to complete on”
    Anonymous – November 17, 2014 at 5:56 pm
    “…Ames has 242 units opened at Buccament Bay”
    Of course 242 is a greater number that 100, so the two comments are not at odds but why the discrepancy in numbers; if there are 242 units “available” why are they not “available” to complete on?

  484. Pink panther

    Hi Dave
    I thought i would just raise one issue with you. That is you would never accept that investors did have rights and could not be bullied and would group together against you.

  485. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    I am glad to hear harlequin’s assets exceed their debts by about 500 million, so sell the assets, and return our deposits, and I hope you are not expecting an interest free loan for the 8 years you have held my money.

  486. Pink panther

    Dave has just phoned and we had a long conversation regarding the way forward.
    Unfortunately i had to inform him that he is a lying rat and a bully.

  487. Pink panther

    Dave – I will phone you later.

  488. Pink panther

    Dave- We met up last week for lunch and you confirmed that you are a crook.

  489. Pink panther

    Dave- I will be back later.

  490. Pink panther

    Dave – How are those CRAP lawyers who work for you?
    Are they in a little bit of trouble and might not be lawyers for too much longer?

  491. Pink panther

    Dave- The latest Harlequin news is that you are heading back to Thailand
    where all this started.
    Your lawyers will be going with you because they will be unemployable in the UK.

  492. Pink panther

    Dave – How many investors in YOUR TRUST know that you have a mental health issue that you are a compulsive liar.

  493. Jon Bon Jovi

    @Anonymous 11:35pm

    Please can you itemise the “500 Million” in assets? Would that be sterling, dollars, or monopoly money?

    “The interest payments were made from the Ames family personal funds” – so why did mother, sons & daughter take out substantial money from the business as “directors loans”? Can you itemise how much of “their own money” they put into the projects and interest payments?

    The bile you produced is the core of the fraud actually. Investors were duped to think the people running the show were legitimate businesspeople, not crooks. You ask how this was achieved? Simple…. Invent hyperbole which obviously is not true, tell it to as many people as you can find, bully others who see through the charade with the legal system. Result? Lots of otherwise logical people suckered, mainly by irresponsible agents (where were they getting their info?), into a scheme which is now showing its true colours.

    I don’t dismiss your “valuation” as incorrect (it’s your opinion). Without proof, I’m quick to defend my own judgement, which is that “Harlequin” is worth nothing more than what someone will pick up BB, Blu & the few parcels of land at auction, perhaps $30m at a stretch.

  494. Pink panther

    Dave- I think I’ve lost the plot. I need help.

  495. Anonymous

    @Jon Bon Jovi, what does it matter. You would not believe anybody until you have seen documentary proof. So you will just keep going round in circles.

  496. Jon Bon Jovi


    It doesn’t matter.

    I don’t care what you think or say to be honest. I care about getting my money back, and consequently am interested in facts. If you’re happy to use hearsay, rhetoric and hype as a basis for sound judgement, then I pity you. If you give me your details, I’ll send through some stock options which are going to “shoot in valuation” over the next couple of days. Don’t worry, I’ve got “friends” who know what’s going down… it’s cool, they’ve all got “500 million in assets” so even if the “investment” tanks, you’ll still have that to rely on. Even the FCA can’t touch them.

    Give me a break. Real investments give you financial data, IP information, asset breakdowns and strategy. I’m yet to see how much money Harlequin has even taken in, yet alone where they hope to get the next funding.

  497. Pink panther

    @ Pink panther impersonator 18/11/14 10.35
    You wish i had but i am very much on the Harlequin case.

  498. Anonymous

    Well Pink Panther, when you met Dave for lunch last week I hope you paid. I would not like to think that Dave was spending investors money on a sandwich.

  499. Sid

    I doubt he would have as he would have had something to show for it 🙂

  500. Pink panther

    Investors – If you want your money back you have to fight for it.

  501. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    Dave Ames, champion of the working man, makes it possible for people that do have hundred’s of thousands , to own a piece of the caribbean, and they cannot even repay his kindness….. by investing hundreds of thousands.

  502. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    some real gems from the GV,”It’s not about one person making the money”, “we do not have a penny of debt at buccament bay” ( I am not sure the 6000 investors that ‘gave’ you £400 million would agree )” we are rewriting how business is done”,

  503. Cash Deal

    I’m looking at keeping some funds from prying eyes, any one interested in buying property with my cash in their name subject to a little sideline agreement? Excellent remuneration for your troubles. PM me. Tried and trusted method used in the past.

  504. Paul Bergrin

    Simon, Andy, Daniel it ain’t worth it brothers, it just ain’t. No way does crime pay.

  505. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    Again I ask, what is the current value of investor’s contracts on the open market ?. What will prospective purchasers pay for a void contract , on a development in most circumstances does not exist, managed by a company with harlequin’s reputation.

    Sipp investments were valued at a £1, why should investors that financed the deposit’s with a loan or life savings, believe their contracts would have more value on the open market.

    Harlequin can settle this debate easily, advertise the contracts, and see what the market is willing to pay.

    I do not remember the trust offering members the share of 500 million of assets, and it failed to address the issue of contracts offering investors no security.

  506. Oooops where's ME laundry lol

    Oh dear thanks to the accounts of James Baker and a heads up from Andy Smith, David Campion MD of Argos and Harlequin Developments and or HD Studio, seems to have been doing someone else’s laundry. Either that or Jim Baker is a raving loon. Looks like Campion is doing a lot of crawling in the Caribbean too,

    Where watching this space with interest, we wonder how the little whine bag will talk his way out of this one, 😜😜😜😜😜😄😄😄

  507. The tanks nearly empty Dave

    Goodness me this has all got too boring for words. The best plan is to leave the Ames family to it, they have managed to get it so wrong when they had money; what makes anyone think they can fix it now?

    I’am amazed with all these people claiming to know this and that, Harlequin is still limping along.

  508. All quiet on the Western Front

    All quiet Thank God, but I disagree with the point of letting sleeping dogs lie where potential wrong doing has taken place. The voices of the people need to be heard until such time as action or explanations are forthcoming. But we should vent our anger and frustration in a manner which befits us ordinary decent folk, and not allow ourselves to be sucked in to the bile produced by some on here in the past.

  509. Anonymous

    Yes thankfully the anti HP trolls have crawled away into the night. Now we can have an adult discussion on all things HP.

  510. HMRC

    @ Anonymous 4.08 pm, what are views on the winding up petition by HMRC on ASOL, and what are your views on the ongoing SFO / Essex police investigation into Harlequin, ? Do you think that the ongoing investigation has any merit? And do you think it is an impediment to Harlequin being in a position to raise potential finance?

  511. Y

    @x is that a kiss you have just blown anonymous 4.08?

  512. Anonymous

    Yes they have been wound up
    The investigations are ongoing

  513. HMRC

    @ Anonymous 4.44 pm don’t you think that it was a little odd that HMRC petitioned to have a company wound up that had already entered a shareholders voluntary liquidation, does this not suggest that HMRC might be seeking to control the liquidation?

    You state that the SFO / Essex Police investigation has no merit, can you elaborate on why you feel this is the case ? Surely if the SFO Essex police saw no merit in the investigation the investigation would have been concluded at this stage, would it not ?

    Given that Mr. Ames and the Harlequin companies have a number of judgments registered against them in the Caribbean, coupled with the SFO and Essex Police investigations, and whilst you state that the Police investigations will not impact any potential financiers view of Harlequin, can you explain your thought process on why you think Harlequin will obtain finance and why moreover with such a huge debt burden over the companies ( the investor contracts) and the judgments, why is it you think Harlequin might be an attractive proposition for any financier ?

  514. Sala lady

    What about the shitload of stat demands recently files against Dave’s beloved BBR.

  515. HMRC coming to get ya Dave

    HMRC would be the largest creditor, if they get into Ames’s ‘As Hol’

    Ames will have a little bit of a problem lol

    All roads lead to the £200million of unpaid tax 😉

  516. Anonymous


    The SFO investigation certainly has merit. 6000 investors didn’t get suckered into a scheme without finance, legal protection or asset protection for nothing. They were fraudulently sold products which either didn’t exist (still don’t exist), or were seriously mislead.

    Before his holiness “anonymous @4:44pm” comes up with the now stale “500 million assets” blah blah blah, let me tell you the underlying truth.

    If the chairman of Harlequin property did not sanction the selling practices of the “agents”, he is as much to blame than them. I was told on numerous occasions by my “agent” about having “over $200m of assets in the Caribbean”, how the chairman of Harlequin is a “renowned businessman”. The reality is somewhat different, as has been vehemently uncovered by RL.

    The “$200m of assets” (now $500m apparently) are so because of a “valuation” performed by some company on Buccament Bay. A “valuation” is just that, an approximation of the asking price. We should also note this “valuation” is for the entire completed Buccament Bay, not the decaying tourist village we have today. I have yet to see any concrete evidence of the “value” of the Harlequin assets. Indeed, if we’re to believe James Baker’s assessment under oath in court, the whole stinking lot is insolvent. Not my words anonymous 4:44pm…. they’re James Baker’s.

    The “serious fraud office” does not get involved in micky mouse jobs. You have to present a serious case as to why they should spend tax payer’s money (and their reputation) on a case. Harlequin is most certainly one.

    The only impediment to Harlequin raising finance is the scheme itself.

    Here’s how the “finance” is going to be raised. I hope you packed lube, because the investors are going to get shafted right and proper….

    1. The “hotel management company” which chairman has been talking about is going to earn money from management contracts. This means anyone who completes is going to owe this company a cheque every year.

    That’s why this hotel management company is prepared to pay Harlequin the proposed $5m a year (or whatever the number was).

    This might not sound bad, but believe me it is. The reason why it’s bad is very simple. So far, Harlequin have blown £440m on a few huts and glossy brochures. They have absolute no scruples as to the hideous financial positions they’re leaving their victims, and will be in a position to “recommend” a hotel management company to look after your hut.

    Do you really think you’ll be able to trust this management company? After all, your hut can’t move, so you’re stuck with whoever “Harlequin” tell you to use. And what if they choose to raise prices? You’ve got to pay…. just like the SIPP companies.

    2. The “finance” the chairman has been talking about is a mortgage arrangement for investors. If Harlequin can sucker investors into raising mortgages (IE the remaining 70% of the purchase price), Harlequin has a huge lever to work with in terms of construction finance. This, by the way, is another question. How are Harlequin going to raise construction money and help victims with finance? I don’t know…

    Every contract to Harlequin is only for the 30% “deposit”. This means that in order to even sniff a “return”, you’re going to have to cough up double what you already laid down. How you’re going to do that is through a mortgage, either recommended or brokered by Harlequin.

    Now, Harlequin suckered victims into the scheme by promising “virtual” or “guaranteed” mortgages (with no underwriter). Contrary to the promises, the contracts just state that “the company” will “endeavour” to help raise the capital. In other words, the responsibility is that of the victim to raise the money themselves (misselling).

    Harlequin has every right to pursue victims through the courts (in St Vincent) for this money, as they did not legally promise to underwrite the “virtual mortgage”. Therefore, investors are the ones who the chairman will be trying to get to burden with finance.

    Ever wonder why Harlequin has not published any information on how they hope to “raise finance”? After all, “finance” is a very broad term. Maybe they’ll mortgage their own land. More than likely, they’re trying to find the best way to shaft investors even more (isn’t that right “investors owe ‘Dave’ $1.6bn” anonymous 4:44pm?)

    … and therein lies why it is a scam. Innocent middle-income earners cajoled into a scheme which, frankly, is too risky for them. If they could afford the huts outright, it would be a different storEy.

    As it stands, the victims are going to be taken to the cleaners. Face the facts people. Harlequin is evil and the people who run have absolutely no morals. They’ll piss on your mother’s grave given the chance.

  517. No anti HP trolling for 11/2 hours. Just could not help yourselves could you.

  518. HMRC

    I suppose the latest poster might care to answer the questions posed to Anonymous 4.44 pm, I don’t consider this an Anti Harlequin post.

    @ Anonymous 4.44 pm don’t you think that it was a little odd that HMRC petitioned to have a company wound up that had already entered a shareholders voluntary liquidation, does this not suggest that HMRC might be seeking to control the liquidation?

    You state that the SFO / Essex Police investigation has no merit, can you elaborate on why you feel this is the case ? Surely if the SFO Essex police saw no merit in the investigation the investigation would have been concluded at this stage, would it not ?

    Given that Mr. Ames and the Harlequin companies have a number of judgments registered against them in the Caribbean, coupled with the SFO and Essex Police investigations, and whilst you state that the Police investigations will not impact any potential financiers view of Harlequin, can you explain your thought process on why you think Harlequin will obtain finance and why moreover with such a huge debt burden over the companies ( the investor contracts) and the judgments, why is it you think Harlequin might be an attractive proposition for any financier ?

  519. HMRC coming to get ya Dave

    In summary. THERE IS NO FINANCE.

  520. HMRC conspire with Paddy?

    Once HMRC get a grip of Dave ‘As Hol’ he is in big trouble.

    Next step HMSSE

  521. Yesterday (18 Nov) I did a complete 360deg of the HHotel property.
    The only evidence of any activity is that the opening date has been
    white-washed. Nothing else shows any indication of anyone having
    gone within the fence–the lock on the gate and chain have not been
    moved, none of the weeds leading to the construction trailer have been
    disturbed. The only thing new (to me) was that there is now a public
    paved walkway (very nicely done by the way) between the ocean side
    and the property fence. This in effect gives HHotel a beach that is
    roughly 10-12 feet wide and open to the public. I have photos but
    they are no different from the ones SGD posted a week or two ago.
    Sic transit gloria

  522. Anonymous

    It is still an eyesore..should be torn down.The govt does that to derelict buildings every day…and this is one derelict building!

  523. Anonymous

    Bet this job is not featured on Argo`s website.

  524. Anonymous

    It is! Talk about big balls….

  525. Anonymous

    Wonder how much of the US$28 million for H Hotel was spent to achieve the eyesore that it is today?Great job Mr Campion, you should be real proud of this project.

  526. Dave disowns agents.

    Apart from the commissions leak regarding agents; shorty is claiming with such veracity he had no control regarding what was misrepresented to clients. He did not sell Harlequin.
    #Hung out to dry.

  527. Bobs special deal

    “Every contract to Harlequin is only for the 30% “deposit”. This means that in order to even sniff a “return”, you’re going to have to cough up double what you already laid down.”

    BS Bob was “sniffing” his return years ago, even though he didn’t and probably still doesn’t have a title. He even drove the RL’s offices to collect his £100 for proving it. Why was Bob’s contract so special? Why did BS Bob get paid 10% and where was that money coming from? Apparently BB was making losses, and HP had no other source of “income” except for new investor deposits. Why did Bob get paid?

  528. Anonymous

    Bobbit’s into a box of wine again.

  529. Bob the nob

    Bobit must need some new tires by now, time to go down RL’s office waving your ‘return’ documentation. $100 must get you guys a few boxes of wine!!

    Hey, Bobit where’s you odd buddy Ingham? The other fag who loves abusing women.

  530. Anonymous

    All sing together “we’re trolling along on the crest of a wave” $? Shouldn’t you be a school with all the other children.

  531. Bob the nob

    Should you not be getting your return Bob?

    You poor old fool Bob, you actually think Ames will look after you….

  532. Pink panther

    A few weeks ago an investor claimed ” that he could not be beaten”
    What a strange statement that was.

  533. The end is a comin....

    Yeah right.
    Dave Ames can beat the police, SFO, HMSC, well, everyone and anyone 😉

    This little group will join forces and smash him into pieces along with his hangers on. HMRC have launched an investigation into agents pay – how do I know? My agent is being investigated…

    This is fact.

    What is Ames doing now? Playing the big shot, twice bankrupt, double glazing salesman?

  534. Anonymous

    10.28, yes it would be play time at school. Now sonny Jim go back to your Janet and John book, which is about as close as you will get to reality. I bet you will quite tired today, you poor mite, tossing and turning last night in your kiddie bed, worrying about me and my financials. Bless.

  535. Papa

    BobbieBS thinks he’s the Pope again!

  536. Is Bob the pope?

    Maybe he is. He is known for blowing smoke after all hahaloletc

  537. Where for art thou Ralph?

    Where has Ralph got to these days ? Does anyone know how to contact him ?

  538. Ralph

    We are here.

  539. Anonymous

    Have a word with Dave, he knows who Ralph is/are.

  540. Ralph

    We do hope Dave and Carol know who we are, and anyway big deal.

  541. Anonymous

    Exactly you are not a “big deal” anymore.

  542. thee taxmen cometh

    I wonder if Carol has packed up her cherished collection of Capodimonte figurines.
    U don’ t want the Receiver or Mr Taxman to get their hands on that do you Carol?

  543. Crapodemonte

    @ thee taxmen cometh

    With such an in-depth knowledge of Mrs Ames ways, how do you think the old hag will be taking this?

  544. What goes around, comes around, with interest.

    The truth is Ames is not a ‘big deal’
    Very soon all will be revealed, the Ames family and the ones who have been allowing this disgrace to prosper will be taken to task.

    Be worried.

  545. Anonymous

    Weren’t we all supposed to be afraid of last Monday. Has the Armageddon date moved? Give it up Ralph/paddy. We are all bored with the “all will be revealed soon”

  546. What goes around, comes around, with interest.

    Okay, here’s a snippet.

    HMRC have all the agents details, they will be investigated.

    There seem to have been some rather odd methods of payment going on by Harlequin and agents, very odd. They all sort of go round and round, like a merry go round, if you will. Co mingled lets call it.

    SRA are involved.

    HMRC are going to be the biggest creditor of HMSSE, look into that as much as you wish.

    Oh yes and things are hotting up in SVG

  547. Anonymous

    Yep temp due to hit 31 on Monday but quite a bit of rain around.

  548. Shafted , Just Like Our Customers !!!

    Not as hot as it is in prison, any news on Matt ?

  549. family cell

    Mummy and Daddy to join him lol

  550. Pink panther

    STATUTORY DEMANDS could be flavour of the month.
    TIP- Use a quality legal firm.

  551. Worriedinvestor

    Dick, poor Dick, what sort of dick apparently invests £200k when their mortgaged house is only worth £200k

    And it’s cash…… given to Ames.

    If only it were true. That would be funny 😉

  552. Worriedinvestor

    Has Dave told you to start posting again- be a good Dick.

  553. Anonymous

    Like night flows day, when ever there is something going on the pro Harlequin filth come out and try to derail the thread. Clearly someone is rattled.

    HMRC making you loose sleep?

  554. Anonymous

    Nubricks .com is today offering investment in a 58 room boutique hotel on Barbados South Coast . Beach frontage. CASH only from US $160000. Sounds like H hotel to me . This is a MOST interesting development if it indeed is H. The sales pitch sounds very similar to harlequin offers and the CGI pages are very slick and inviting. US$9 million , not bad if Investors buy into this .

  555. Anonymous

    No..the property offered by Nubricks is Silverpoint Hotel, Silversands, Barbados.

  556. dilapidated hotel

    An interesting feature on page 3 of Barbados TODAY about eyesore hotels on Bim that includes Harlequin of course

  557. Pink panther

    I am sorry to repeat myself.

    STATUTORY DEMANDS could be flavour of the month.

    TIP -Use a quality legal firm.

    NDA might kick in shortly.

    HARLEQUIN – I am waiting for you to attack me.

  558. Anon

    The pros are showing their true colors by being vile again. Only goes to show they’re rattled. If they were laid back about all this then they wouldn’t be provoked to make such disgusting comments. Cornered rabid dog syndrome again I’m afraid.

  559. Pink panther

    I will personally make sure that you have an extended tariff
    of 5 years on top of your sentence.You should learn to play with the adults.
    @XXXXXL and Mirror

  560. Anonymous

    @DFW if you are going to be the spelling police (yawn) why do you think that You’re should have a capital letter if it is in the middle of a sentence? Now that’s basic stuff. Hahaha

  561. Pink panther

    I forgot to mention, the two clowns{ lawyers } that you have down there. They might represent you for a reduced fee. You would have a problem as they will not be lawyers THEN.
    My next post will move on to DA.

  562. Anonymous

    Anonymous 12.25pm – yes your right, and whats even better is that your investment is paying me to do it!

  563. Anonymous

    When Dave’s at BBay the mice will play!

  564. Anonymous

    Anon – of course I do but you don’t!

  565. Pink panther

    David Ames is a CROOK.

    David Ames is a LIAR.

    David Ames is a BULLY especially to women.

    David Ames is hand in hand with a CARIBBEAN PRIMEMINISTER. Money has changed hands.I will name him in the next post.


    @ To Harlequin.

  566. Pink panther

    I am sorry to repeat myself again.

    STATUTORY DEMANDS could be flavour of the month.

    TIP – Use a quality legal firm.

    This post will be reposted ever hour if necessary.

  567. Anon

    Someone said Dave Ames is gone to Buccament Bay to meet someone, as if this is really fantastic news, perhaps he is meeting with the management company who have undertaken to lease Buccament Bay from him, perhaps he is gone on holidays, it is really immaterial why he is there, meanwhile back in the UK close to 6,000 investors are wondering what the hell is going on and most importantly where and when are they going to see action being taken over their missing millions.

    And back to HMRC, the petition to wind up ASOL succeeded, I am led to believe that a similar petition is due before the courts with respect to HMSSE in the next week or so.

  568. One small step.

    Just mention to DA that the stat demands have been served in SVG as he said they can’t be served the UK 😉

  569. Well pink fanny. That’s shut you up.
    TIP use a law firm that knows what it’s doing.💰😅

  570. Anonymous

    Served in svg by RL?

  571. Armour chink

    Anyone have any facts to share?

  572. Sid

    If it’s facts you’re after….you’re in the wrong place !

  573. Anonymous

    Matt Ames has applied for early release and is hoping to be released in time for Christmas, the move is as a result of the UK’s government position on allowing prisoners to be released on licence and subject to a tag after 25 % of their sentence has been carried out. Dave Ames father of Matt Ames has petitioned the court, asking the courts permission to allow Matt Ames travel to St. Vincent where he will be employed by the family business at the Buccament Bay Resort under the direct supervision of his father. A decision on the issue is expected to be made in the next few weeks.

  574. oh yeh?

    November 21, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    that looks like very old news

    proof please

  575. Anon

    No wonder he applied to go into bankruptcy knowing he was being released, so now Matt will return to Buccament Bay to ensure luxury is redefined, I’m sure anything is more luxurious then his prison cell.

  576. Anon

    It seems that is the policy of the UK government alright, Andy Coulson was released today under a similar arrangement.

  577. Anon

    @ anonymous 6.34pm

    Well nothing about the British justice system would surprise me. At least if he gets his £10k per month job then all those people he defrauded can be paid back just as he promised. It will be good to track those repayments to see if he is true to his word. We are often told how honest the Ames family is and how they want to work transparently with their investors. Here is a golden opportunity to show this to the world.

  578. Anonymous

    Looks like someone upset Ingham with his usual vile posts, to think that slob has a daughter, such a worry.

  579. Northern fatties

    You must have been up North ?

  580. Audi the cars for fat people.

    I’m not Eric, I just made a comment about a trip, that’s all. I don’t know some people!!

  581. Pink panther

    It is a funny old world.
    A group of clients were under a court order not to divulge any details of a court action for over 12 months. The court order ends and another action begins, but nothing is mentioned by the clients to others although there is no order in place.

  582. I am an American. I cannot understand the British class system.
    My God !!! You people have lost an amazing amount of money.
    Just what the hell has Erica done to be implicated in that. Leave the
    poor woman and her family alone. I recently flew to BGI. My seat
    partner was a Bajan lawyer based in Washington DC. and on his way to
    SVG. Don’t ever forget that the US swooped down on Grenada and
    did away with the New Jewel Movement. Something similar seems to
    be occurring in SVG……..

  583. Anon

    On behalf of all right-thinking British people I apologise for the existence of people like the previous poster. It is sadly true that the UK has it’s share of inward-looking, xenophobic people of low intelligence. They exist the world over and we are not immune. They usually call for the repatriation of people unlike themselves but, in truth, they are an embarrassment and shame the good people of the UK.

    We’ve been round this loop before. Lots of people seem to be angry that one family was not prepared to sit back and be silent while their savings were ransacked for no return. When that family had the audacity to ask for what was contractually theirs then posters on this site and elsewhere wrote the most vile abuse that showed their minds were more depraved than any decent person could imagine. Truly sad individuals who are bitter to the core of their souls. They then hatched the ridiculous plan to pretend that the family had posted the vile comments themseles but nobody was convinced then and nobody is now.

  584. Anonymous

    Anon 7.07 what gives you the right to apologise for anyone. Erica brought everything upon herself. She set up a blog and then banned anyone who posted something different to the chosen one. She is a nasty piece of stuff and gets everything she deserves. Even Fatchett thinks she is a head case.

  585. Anonymous

    @pink fanny. Nothing is mentioned because GF has dropped a huge bollock. And who pays when this happens, why the clients of course. In fact ask RL how much money they have won back for their disciples? Not only this case but all the previous ones. Cyprus for instance.

  586. A disciple

    I was just thinking, can we ask Ames how much his investors have received due to his great visionary style?

  587. Angela

    Ames and his cohorts have no idea whats going on. We like that.

    They have instructed whatsthefuss aka Richard Ingham to try to wind people up, so things will slip out, in anger.

    It won’t happen, but the end of Harlequin and the associated sycophants will be taken to task.

    As sure as night follows day.

    Have a nice day Richard 😉

  588. And the banking error

    Glad to see the rubbish has been removed.
    Meanwhile, still no finance.

  589. Long Live HP Trolls

    So, ingham and storey have been intimidated/upset/stalked by Erica, Strangely, I couldnt give a *****, what bothers me is Dave Ames is still a free man, after he cheated 6000 investors out of their pensions and life savings, and then pissed it up the wall.

    I guess that must make me a HP troll.

  590. call me cynical

    Re Matt
    and that helicopter in where was it? Hong Kong?
    Taiwan? Can’t quite remember…

    or maybe Dubai
    Urr nah it was
    Matt slammed up in prison still, going bankrupt to wipe out his debts and Amanda wifey divorcing him.

  591. Armour chink

    OK no facts- anything relevant ?

  592. Anonymous

    @call me cynical, yes you are cynical.

  593. Angela

    Yes, HMRC will bring Harlequin down. then the SFO will lock up the perpetrators.

  594. Armour chink

    We hope Angela. Not been too dynamic so far have they!

  595. Whatsthefuss

    Angela, I have never professed to be aware of what’s happening at Harlequin, but you are not aware either. I haven’t spoken with DA for several weeks, maybe a month, or more, I’m weary of the whole thing and tired of talking about it.

    I can assure you that I am not the antagonist on here and haven’t been posting, and to be clear DA has never asked me to post on here – why would he? Anybody can post anonymously themselves.

    As for Erica upsetting or intimidating, again I have never said this, it was her that reported me to the police. Rather than upsetting me I just feel sorry for her. Imagine the police telling you that you were a ill, deluded and a time waster. she probably now thinks the police are involved in this great conspiracy theory.

  596. Motley Fool

    Has anyone got anything to say thet may help investors? All investors! From what I see SIPP investors are making progress with some favourable ajudications under belts. Don’t know where the cash people stand.

  597. Anon

    Motley Fool – if your a cash investor get title on a property! At least you own something,

  598. Long Live HP Trolls

    It will be interesting to see how the authorities deal with sick ,deluded time wasters.

    How is the pill popping Mrs Ames ? , cant be easy, knowing her husband has brought so much misery to so many?, Perhaps her mood will improve, when the SFO finally lock up her deluded husband, bit of company for Matt aswell

    I wonder who is posting as whatthefuss ?, we know the original has an impenetrable ip ban.

  599. Motley Fool

    Thank you anon but i doubt thats worth much. And no way I’d hand over more money.

  600. Long Live HP Trolls

    sorry, meant to say, cant be easy, knowing Carol and her husband have brought so much misery to so many.

  601. Anonymous

    @llHPT, yes people like Ralph etc will get theirs at some point.

  602. Long Live HP Trolls

    I am not sure sure who ralph is, but when you say, will get theirs at some point, I guess you are not talking about a return on their investment.

  603. Anonymous

    Ralph would have to be an investor to get a return. Many people know who Ralph is.

  604. Long Live HP Trolls

    I am not sure ‘investors’ best describes Harlequins clients, Victims would be more suitable.

  605. Motley Fool

    I’m not sure clients is apt either- fools, I’m one is better.

  606. Anonymous

    Motley Fool, write it off, put it down to experience and move on with your life.

    Otherwise it will send you nutty like you know who!

  607. Anonymous

    Latest TA review of BB..somehow this does not sound like a Five Star resort…at all. To be fair I am copying the entire review, not just the bad points.
    FROM DAVE 1609

    “Lovely Complex but needs a tweek here and there!!”
    4 of 5 stars Reviewed yesterday NEW

    Travelled as 2 couples and this is a lovely complex and as we arrived for our 2nd visit and received a cooling cocktail as before, the hotel had suffered a severe flooding the previous year and what used to be the main restaurant is no longer usable. The Bay is now the main restaurant and you do have to book your preferred time slot at the reception as you do with all of the restaurants, you should book as early and in advance as you can get the very early or very late time slots for your meals. The reception staff will do all they can to get your preferred time but you may have to be a little bit flexible with this.

    The staff in the Bay could not do enough for you and were very attentive especially Naiesha behind the bar (forgive my spelling) and Brod who have both been there since the complex opened in 2010 and they both go the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you require and Curt for making the most delicious smoothies at breakfast and Brod will make sure you get enough pots of tea to keep you going through the buffet breakfast.

    The restaurant though does definitely need some drop down weather proof covers as when it rains which is obviously frequent in their rainy season the floors flood very quickly and this is very dangerous not only for the guest but also to the poor staff who have to try and bring your food whilst paddling though large puddles of water. I am surprised there hasn’t already been an accident before as I am fairly fit person but had to watch my step once it had rained. The food served in the Bay was very good and there are plenty of choice each night and nothing has a surcharge not even the steaks which were always cooked to perfection.

    The newest restaurant Jacks also serves well-presented very nice meals and the steaks were also really well cooked although they do regularly seem to have run out of something we found something was not available each time we booked to go to Jacks. One thing that we found annoying was the background music in Jacks is very loud and we found it very difficult to have any sort of conversation and it needs to be turned down a few notches. The other restaurant is the Safran which serves Indian food which we found the food a bit bland and lacking the normal spiciness that you would expect from an Indian restaurant, the poppadum’s were served with no chutneys or sauces and we thought that the ambience of the whole restaurant was lacking in something and it definitely needs a revamp. The HQ is superb and the staff always have a smile on their faces and are pleased to look after you and your coffee cake or ice creams are all served with a smile.

    The rooms are fantastic and always kept clean and you have a different character every day made out of towels and whilst you are out in the evening your bed is turned down and quite often you are left a drink (water) and some fudge on your bedside cabinet for when you return at the end of the evening (nice touch). The air conditioning and fan are both quite noisy in your room and I did turn the fan off most nights and a couple of nights I turned off the air conditioning as well nice and quiet but it did get a bit warm! Our splash pool outside our room was never working as it should and was half empty most of the time and quite dirty, it was filled up once but it was half empty again next day and we never bothered with it after that. The lower pool was empty when we arrived and it was being jet washed and broken tiles replaced but apart from a bit of noise and only having one pool for 3 days until the pool was refilled it did not cause us too much inconvenience.

    The pool staff are all lovely and so helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them and they really look after you well, I can’t remember all of their names but Vadol deserves a special mention as he was very very helpful and would do everything and more to keep you supplied with drinks towels ect, they do run out of towels quite often and also sun bed covers so make sure you get yours earlyish in the morning and the limited amount of pool umbrellas are sought after and if you are going in for a swim make sure you have something hanging under or on the umbrella as when we popped into the sea for a swim ours was taken by a delightful couple who had commandeered 3 of them to keep themselves in the shade, why you would come to a hot country and sit under 3 umbrellas for most of the day is beyond me!! The umbrellas you have or are supposed to have in your room are also not very evenly distributed as we were a group of 4 and had not one between us whereas the 4 people on the table next to us had one each and if you have one do keep it close or they will disappear.

    Over all a lovely place to visit and the good definitely out ways the negatives. I would definitely come back again in the future and hopefully by then the new runway would be completed and this would negate the short flight over from Barbados which is ok in its self but does make your day of travelling that much longer and the hassle of going through immigration at Barbados collecting your bags and then through customs to then having to check in for the Liat flight and going through the process all over again. Still a lovely place to stay and I would like to return soon.

    Stayed November 2014, traveled as a couple

  608. Motley Fool

    Ta Anonymous but at this stage I have no need to. Don’t like to say too much here after looking back at some of the posts. But I will say- no I don’t have some secret plan or deal. I do have a sensible angle on my quite strong position. But whatever I’ll be keeping a watch. Vindictive you see, and luckily able to stand the hit if eventualy forced to, unlike some poor sods who really did go way over the top remortgaging and gosh knows what! I’ve made mistakes before for sure but first time I’ve really slacked on DG and instinct- due to an overtrust (outside Ames). And I intend to see pay back- at the top.

  609. Anonymous

    Motley Fool,if your a cash investor and have a plan, then get on with it, especially if you have more course through an agent.

    If your planning playing dirty with Ames then be careful, many have tried and failed and he has the funds that interest criminals in resolving matters avoiding the normal routes

  610. Anonymous

    Should have read – no recourse through an agent, apologies it’s iphone spell check!

  611. Anonymous

    “Motley Fool, write it off, put it down to experience and move on with your life.” – very wise advice indeed.

    As a SIPP investor, I am thankful, but still very weary of the process. I am fully signed up with RL.

    For cash investors, you’ll be best getting on with your lives again. Even if Harlequin score “finance”, they’ll not be able to handle it. The management of that vile company will have the authorities to deal with very soon.

  612. Anonymous

    “Fully signed up with RL” muppet. 😊😊😊😊😊

  613. Father Chistmas

    If any investors do receive a refund payment, maybe they would consider a small donation to support the Ebola outbreak. There are several orgs including :
    Doctors without borders.
    Bob Geldoff and Band Aid
    I guess we all need a little help sometime.

  614. Anonymous

    “Fully signed up with RL” muppet. – haha yeah but whatcha gonna do sucka. At least I stand a chance of getting money back 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  615. Anonymous

    You assume I have money that could be lost. Haha. Not everyone is a sucka, sucka.😇😇😇😇😇

  616. Sucka has been suckered

    Anonymous 10:29, aww bless it’s a shame, you too embarrassed to admit you have been conned and feel silly?

    We have all been through that stage!


  617. Interesting entry on i-witness-new svg about ground shifting on the
    outer perimeter of the new Argyle Airport in SVG. Wonder what
    would happen under the weight of a jumbo-jet.

  618. AFU

    The cracks in the ground and along the main road near the control tower by the perimeter of Argyle are likely caused by the amount of earth that has been removed and recent rain making the slope above the earthworks unstable. This is potentially serious as telecommunications water pipes and electricity cables need to be moved. Let’s pray we don’t see another storm like the one last Christmas. On a further note if you look on the vid on I Witness News Facebook page you will be just how ‘advanced’ the airport looks. I cannot foresee it being open this December except may be for a fly past by the GV in his ageing Harlequin Air crate and Uncle posing for some pre-election photo opps.

  619. The sucka who sucks.

    “Aww bless” is this a religious site now? Not everyone who posts on here has potentially lost money. I don’t feel silly, in fact rather smug.☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

  620. Angela

    Speaking of religious things, what become of the unregulated ‘God squad’, Halkham Compensation.

    Really, to go with them is real dumb. Not for profits my bottom.

  621. Positively

    Watch out Ralph Gonzales.

  622. Whosthesucka

    The sucka who sucks, yes of course you haven’t lost anything, this site is full of people with no financial interest, they come here because it’s such an interesting read – not.

    Keep denying the facts because your embarrassed if it helps your healing!

    Aww bless its a shame!

  623. Perhaps we come here because we have a financial interest in the
    economy of the islands and are concerned with the disastrous
    effect that the Harlequin mess is having. This may be hard to take
    but to a great degree it is the investors who acted as enablers.

  624. Bored and Anonymous

    Anonymous, must be a bit boring and backward on SVG if this shite forum is of interest

  625. Positively

    @Whosthesucka 1.16pm
    There will be a lot of blood on the carpet but none of it will be mine.

  626. Shake and Vac Carpet Freshner

    Positively – yes of course, because you would know, wouldn’t you!
    Know nothing gobshite!

  627. My lord…the Comrade RG is posting !

  628. Comments awiting moderation?


    When I login from home I see many posts over 50 (not many are mine) saying ‘comment awaiting moderation’ but when I login from work all these are not there.

    I could understand if all the posts were mine but they are not, many are from whatsthefuss with the usual level of revolution.

    But I can read all of them? A glitch?

  629. Positively

    There is no such word as a glitch.

  630. Positively Wrong

    A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system. It is often used to describe a transient fault that corrects itself, and is therefore difficult to troubleshoot. The term is particularly common in the computing and electronics industries, and in circuit bending, as well as among players of video games, although it is applied to all types of systems including human organizations and nature.

  631. Has anyone been able to translate the Cyrillic posts. I’ve tried
    alphabetically but only come up with nonsense words.

  632. Anonymous

    A glitch is like the banking problem that prevented investors from receiving their payments. It is supposed to be a transient fault, but in this case it appears to be permanent.

  633. Positively – the glitch that stole Christmas.

  634. Positively

    anonymous 10.32
    There is another Christmas coming.

  635. Positively

    You have lost.

  636. Positively

    Positively Wrong 9.43
    I did not ask you for an essay i said there is no such word as glitch.

  637. Redefining Moldiwarp. He can see, hear and go everywhere.

    @ anonymous Nov 24 10.08, Twedbems post at 10.32 translates as “BUTTON post absolutely not visible” on google translate. It is slightly different from the one that appeared earlier and was subsequently deleted. I think the previous one said that that the button was not visible on some posts/sometimes not visible on posts.

    There was another deleted one from Mole, saying “We have eyes and ears in all camps”

  638. Thanks RM.Hcs,hagoe…….that sure clears that up

  639. Redefining Moldiwarp.

    anonymous 10.46. Well I’m glad it clears it up you, because it means nothing to me. At the time of writing this post, Twedbems is linked to a Russian site advertising a school of English (language and culture) in Cambridge. Their tour schedule seems to include Stonehenge – the Brits have a long established culture of making human sacrifices to improve the weather … And Winchester, where their celebrated king burnt the cakes …What do those poor kids go home thinking?

    Twefbems is getting a bit repetitive. I wonder why post is in smaller font each time? I’m pretty sure the word for button, knopke? also means knob as in radio. And there plenty of those of all sizes in Basildon.

  640. It's spam

    RM It’s spam love ——dont’ even go there or waste a minute of your life on it.

  641. Positively

    Attack when you are ready.

  642. Michaelabottowlert


  643. The dim reaper

    Even Ingham and Bob Storey have given up, only Ames thinks it’s still alive.

  644. Moon-fakir

    Storey’s given up? What’s Putin doing here? Ames built in the Ukraine has he?

  645. Sid

    Maybe Putin’s the mystery financier?

  646. Robert Storey

    @Redefining moldicrap. Alfred the Great did not burn the cakes at Winchester. he died at Winchester.You are rubbish at English history.

  647. Moon-fakir

    Sid in Ames world that quite likely- he’ll turn up riding Shergar.

  648. Redefining Moldiwarp.

    @ It’s spam 2.15. Thanks for the info and advice.

  649. Redefining Turdus philomelos

    @RS 5.38. I knew a history pedant would put me right. Go on Bobbikins sing your little heart out.

  650. Robert Storey

    @redefining crapus postus. How many IDs do you have? At least I know the history of Harlequin, you don’t even know the history of your own name.

  651. Redefining Turdus philomelos

    @ RS 6.25. As many as H’s coat of many colours. Great. A complete and detailed history of Harlequin (including all of Dave’s crepuscular purchases in his own name) is what plenty have been waiting for.

  652. Sid

    Has anyone got any relevant news, like what is happening with the trust? What is happening with the SDs in SVG? etc?…

  653. Moon-fakir

    If you mean the Ames Trust it will never happen. Best thing may for investors to buy up the ashes when it all goes officially bust. Form a Trust through in independent body.

  654. Anonymous

    Won’t be much to buy in trust now the balances have been paid to Ames on the majority of the completed cabanas!

  655. Pam le Spam

    Let us reflect upon the title of this (regularly tedious) thread…

    How many companies did Dave Ames register in Barbados?

    We could add to that list; and question how many companies did Dave Ames register in other countries too? Many with similar names. Was it intended to obfuscate the creditors, HMRC (UK), The Insolvency Service and lawyers representing the investors?

    Countries like:
    The Cayman Islands
    Hong Kong
    St Lucia
    Dom Rep

    Not forgetting BIM
    And North America?

    As at today 26 Nov 2014 The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) website states that investigation into The Harlequin Group continues.

    We have had several reports from worried investors who have recently received information from other sources to suggest that our investigation is now closed. This is not the case. Due to the complex nature of our investigations and the fact that several overseas jurisdictions are included within the scope of those investigations, it is inevitable that delays in the process of gathering information and evidence will be and have been encountered. It is not possible to issue any more detailed information at this time. Once we are able to issue a further update we will do so.

    Many thanks to those who have been in touch to register their details with us at this .

  656. Anonymous

    Ames will have died of old age before the SFO bring charges, get him to trial and have an appeal.

    He will never serve a day inside.

    SFO = waste of tax payers money

  657. Beached Wigan Whale

    The SFO are proving to be a waste of time and tax payers money. Two and a half years trying to understand the Harlequin business, amazing that a dumb bankrupt double sales man (according to the anti HP posters) can bamboozle them with such ease.

    If the SFO ever get their act together and charge Ames, get the case to court, deal with the appeal Ames will have died of old age.

    DA will never serve a day in jail, so stop the excitement!

  658. K for lime leaves

    @Moon fakir 11.00 ahha a reminder that several threads ago there was a suggestion that a company might have been set up for no good reason. Perhaps it may have a use after all.

    PS thanks for reminding me of the surrealist alphabet.

  659. Moon-fakir

    you sir-real K-lim-

  660. anon

    I don’t think so BS Bob/BWW
    HMRC (The UK tax authority) is also now investigating Harlequin and has presented its own petition to wind up this crock of lies and shite company. That will override Harlequin’s own Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation.

    I post this information here for the new people who are seeking information on the internet about Harlequin The disgusting obscenities posted by the Harlequin trolls will not detract from the truth that can easily be found in the public domain. Here it is again for those who missed it up thread.

    In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division)
    Companies Court No 6835 of 2014

    (Company Number 06904994)
    and in the Matter of the Insolvency Act 1986

    A Petition to wind up the above-named Company, Registration Number 06904994, of 11 Honywood Business Park, Honywood Road, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3HW, presented on 25 September 2014 by the COMMISSIONERS FOR HM REVENUE AND CUSTOMS, of Bush House, Strand, London, WC2B 4RD, claiming to be Creditors of the Company, will be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice, 7 Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL, on 10 November 2014, at 1030 hours (or as soon thereafter as the Petition can be heard).

    Any persons intending to appear on the hearing of the Petition (whether to support or oppose it) must give notice of intention to do so to the Petitioners or to their Solicitor in accordance with Rule 4.16 by 1600 hours on 7 November 2014.

    The Petitioners` Solicitor is the Solicitor to, HM Revenue and Customs, Solicitor`s Office, South West Wing, Bush House, Strand, London, WC2B 4RD, telephone 020 7438 6920. (Ref SLR1716065/N.)

    29 October 2014

  661. Any idea of what occurred on 10 Nov 2014 at the
    Royal Courts of Justice………….?

  662. Tax Man in the sun

    now who could that be? Dr G was keeping shtum about it but no doubt the identity of the company could be found from examining the accounts filed.

    Oh, hold on a minute, where are the accounts?

  663. Anonymous

    HELLO! Telecommunications company! Read the article you have posted a link to.

  664. Anonymous

    @pam le spam/Anon/ etc etc 💤💤💤👎👎👎

  665. TailorMade( in liquadation) aka Holkham Compensation( unregulated)

    New on Holkham, remember the ones Ames was ‘promoting’ the one that promised to leave agents alone?


    SCS Farmland / Powerscourt Services Limited / Holkham / Rev Robert van de Weyer

    SCS Farmland is an Argentinian Farmland investment. The SCS Farmland investment is administered in the United Kingdom through Powerscourt Services Limited.

    The main agent for the sales with SCS Farmland were Tailormade, although there are some other smaller agents involved with the sales.

    Most of you will never have heard of Powerscourt Services Limited, but many of you will have heard of Holkham Compensation / Holkham Redress. Holkham Compensation / Holkham Redress are businesses run by the same person who runs Powerscourt Services Limited, the Reverend Robert Van De Weyer.

    Holkham has been heavily promoted by Tailormade in the last few months. The fact that the Ministry of Justice are investigating Holkham has not got in the way of another great Tailormade recommendation.

    Powerscourt Services Limited run Escrow / Client Account arrangements for investors. You would expect Powerscourt Services Limited to be scrupulous in their client accounting. Paying investor monies to the correct party etc.

    We will not set out the factual basis of the litigation, but would comment that on the 13th November 2014, His Honour Judge Purle QC granted a freezing order in case number – A30BM501 – Breckons & Other –v- Powerscourt Services Limited (“Powerscourt”). By consent Powerscourt have agreed to extend the freezing order to trial or further order.

    We made the application for 6 investors in this matter. We are now in the process of seeking the other SCS Farmland investors in this matter. We have around 50 others who responded to our original email. We have contacted the SIPP operators who we know have SCS Farmland investors (Guardian / Lifetime and Curtis Banks). We have also contacted SIPP operators who we feel may have SCS Farmland investors.

  666. 12 loaves and 12 fishes

    Shame on him a man of God!!!

    OMG!! Traitor Made they told me they were just promoting to help clients, blooming eck, next they will be getting paid by the Great Rev (GR) because he runs Holkham as a none profit organisation.

    A true gift from God 😉

  667. Anonymous

    Very good news for justice. Thank you RL

  668. Moon-fakir

    Guardian seem to be involved with every dodgy deal going! They’re not the big outfit you think. Little tin pot thing actually. Is Manderfield ne Wooller a shareholder.

  669. Redefining Ponzi Schemes

    redefining ponzi schemes, 6000 investors put in 400 million, and 2 get a return.

    Ponzi scheme
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the operator. Operators of Ponzi schemes usually entice new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent.

    Ponzi schemes occasionally begin as legitimate businesses, until the business fails to achieve the returns expected. The business becomes a Ponzi scheme if it then continues under fraudulent terms. Whatever the initial situation, the perpetuation of the high returns requires an ever-increasing flow of money from new investors to sustain the scheme.

  670. By that definition Harlequin has been the tightest Ponzi on
    record. Only two returns out of 6000. (That is unless you count
    the mortgage payments being made to investors –for a while).

  671. Redefining poncy posters

    @redefining Ponzi schemes. 😴😴😴😴😴😴

  672. SFO coming to get ya!

    The directors of TM must be twitching…. I feel big problems….

  673. Anonymous

    Come on Paddykins, so far today all you have done is circulate old old news. HMRC, the number of companies DA has registered, Holkham (you were a bit slow on that cut and paste) and now Ponzi schemes. Things a tad slow for you today? Ok let’s give you a bit of a hand on this. How did DA meetings go in BB the last week? Perhaps Leaky Mole can help you? But there again we all know that a mole is blind and scurries about in the dark. Go on you know you want to.

  674. The Problem

    Hi Sue I will be in touch

    Do not reply on here

  675. Not daft that Gareth fella

    Intelligent move, back door into Harlequin.

  676. The Problem

    @ Sue 9.17

    The Problem is coming your way

  677. You'll go blind Blepharitis

    HP trolls seem a leetle bittie tense tonight
    Shall we speculate which one of the Basildon trolls likes titties, slebs and porn sites?

    nah zzz

  678. Anonymous

    Short for celebrity?

  679. definition

    sleb (plural slebs)
    (slightly derogatory) a celebrity.
    Someone who wears slutty clothes and acts like a pleb.

  680. The Problem

    A very aggressive stance will be taken from this weekend onwards
    Everybody welcome

  681. All for one and non for profit.

    Traitor Made and ‘The Rev. non profits’ must be worried, especially with the latest news.
    Looks to me like dare I say a Ponzi scheme….. now let me think……will the
    SFO be looking at all the links here?

    Ames promotes Halkham, Traitor Made promote Halkham…. Why?

    No possibility of a cover up or a commission split 😉

  682. Sid

    Why is the HP website still down? How can they claim it is business as usual for them when they don’t even have a presence on the internet? In fact if you google Harlequin Properties all you get are pages of legal firms offering their services to take action against HP and links to negative news articles about them.

  683. All for one and non for profit.

    You can bet sneaky Bob was involved with Halkham. Sid it must be a glitch 😉 or an internet error?

  684. What's in a name...

    Sid, your’re so last year – its Harlequin Hotel and Resorts.

  685. Sid

    I think you’re right @Afoanfp, it’s all the internet’s fault. I expect the internet is owned by an Irish builder.

    And thanks for bringing me up to date @Wian… I feel much happier about my investment now :o)

  686. Forgive me GR I have sinned.

    Am I alone in thinking the net ( not the internet 😉 ) is closing on all of these people? There must be some serious worry beads and confessions going on now…..

  687. Anon

    @ what’s in a name 11:37am

    Sid may be “so last year” but at least he’s more up-to-date than the news page on the Harlequin Hotel and Resorts website you refer us to. The last entry is dated 10 April 2012!

    By the way, you have to be BS as only he could hedge his bets and say your’re when he means you’re. Good plan though Bob. If you’re not sure if you should use “your” or “you’re” then type “your’re” and at least you know you will be wrong rather than just have the nagging feeling that you might be.

  688. Robert Storey

    @paddykins/Anon 1.09 you are (you’re) getting an obsession again. It must be play time at school again. Not me haha lol 😇😇😇😇😇😇

  689. The Problem

    I will be after you on Monday

  690. The Problem

    Can you make sure that your mate, Ralph is on as well, I wish to bully you
    Both at the same time.

  691. Sid

    I really am so last year, though it’s a pity I’m not so 2007…..just before I invested any money in HP!

  692. The Problem

    I guess that it is a funny old world

  693. The BIGGER Problem

    How long before the SFO and HMRC tie Halkham, Harlequin and Tailormade into one nice tidy little case?

  694. W for Tune, you greedy b*ggers

    @ TBP 5.11 And Powerscourt. We shouldn’t want them let off the hook. Not when Powerscourt had already sold stuff that went down the tubes. And I think it was this Powerscourt company that had the Rev and Aidikins as directors, at the time of iffy selling.

  695. Sid

    Is it me or does there seem to be a general sense of acceptance now amongst investors? Like everyone is just sitting back waiting for the inevitable.

  696. Robert Storey

    Grow up you big girl 💃💃💃

  697. The Problem

    Anonymous 6.51pm
    You sure can,I will let you know

  698. The Problem

    Do not feel left out, you will be invited

  699. Mr Burns the basket case

    My agent told me Alistair Burn, ex TM director has lost the plot, along with his fancy car, can’t sell his house, can’t pay the mortgage. What a shame.

  700. The Problem

    Where has the money gone?

  701. A for a disiac

    @ TP 8.48. Sex Parlours?

  702. The Problem

    Yes please

  703. Mr Burns the basket case

    Well according to the agent, Mr Burns has a huge, huge, mortgage, now no income so to speak of unless you call the will writing an income.

    Kids at private school, and basically fancied himself as a bit of a flash git…

    How the mighty fall……

  704. Dyslexic Dick

    Richard Ingham is back with his poor spelling and punctuation.

  705. I'm pissed out of my mind and an expert will writer. At least I'm better than Mr B ... hic

    @ MrBthe BC 9.08. Do people really pay him to write their wills? They’d do a better job with a form from Staples. And they wouldn’t have to pay creepy any money.

  706. Would you trust them when your dead?

    TM directors running this, what a joke, now experts in Trusts etc

  707. And when another wonderful TM idea goes wrong?

    Imagine it,

    Ooops sorry that company is now in liquidation. We can offer a spade. or a box of matches 😉

    The GR (Great Rev) will say a few words for nowt.

  708. The Problem

    Talking wills
    This idea could be seriously big scam

  709. Same old pigs at the trough!!

    Looks like Halkham with the SCS farmland is another, and who are best mates with them?

  710. The Problem

    We have a live SD and we are quite happy to wind up Harlequin.

  711. Sid

    @The Problem, how far along are you in the process? It can take a very long time to complete and I’m sure will be contested by Ames all the way. The SDs that have been raised to date haven’t really been worth the paper they were printed on….though I’m not suggesting yours won’t be successful.

  712. The Problem

    Harlequin you should know by now we will not blink

  713. The Problem

    We will try

  714. The Problem

    If we win Harlequin will close next week

  715. Sid

    That’s interesting. Then I assume Ames knows exactly who you are then?

  716. The Problem

    Shook his hand at Harlequin HQ late 2012

  717. Worriedinbluffer

    I spoke with DA this morning. He could not be happier. The problem with the Problem is that he has a problem.

  718. Has John got a S(T)D?

    Wow a live SD. This is just awesome news. Does Laura Miler know, is it on the front page of the Echo? I’m surprised DC did not include it in his speech at JCB this morning. The world is holding its breath on this news. It’s enough to make Putin pull back from Crimea. In the meantime I think I will take my shelf back to IKEA for a refund.

  719. I wonder what TM have got to hide?

    Poor old TM something got them a bit rattled…….

    To all Harlequin Investors
    Yet again, in the interest of providing balance, it is unfortunate that we feel compelled to circulate a response to the latest smears from Regulatory Legal and hopefully you will understand the reasons for doing so. Please click HERE to read the response.
    Furthermore, in relation to Holkham Compensation, we can now confirm that despite being a relatively new firm, one of Holkham Compensation’s clients has now received a compensation payment in relation to an IFA/Harlequin claim, which is obviously great news for all concerned. However to date, neither us, nor anyone we’ve spoken to has heard of a client of Regulatory Legal achieving the same result. Therefore, we would be very grateful if ANY client of Regulatory Legal who HAS received a compensation payment in relation to an IFA/Harlequin claim, could let us know. Please inform us at

    Thank you

    TailorMade Alternative Investments

  720. Anonymous

    Ermm, they sold Harlequin, they sold SCS, they now promote Halkham don’t need to be a genius to figure the nicker of Halkham just gives all his profits away.

  721. Wow..after that I’m changing my name.

  722. The Problem

    To avoid any confusion my surname is Freeman.
    The SDs should be good enough to stop Harlequin

  723. Anyone out there got a SD?

    So now we have more than one SD, quoting SDs as in plural. Just for reference Mr/mrs/ms/Rev etc Freeman, how many SDs in the past have “stopped” Harlequin?

  724. The Problem

    Served in SVG

  725. What a shag pad!

    I wonder how the old bloke from TM is taking all this? Has he still got that flash house?

  726. Anyone out there got a SD?

    I hope it’s not through RL. I would count on them getting the date right.

  727. The Problem

    I have said it before and so i will say it again
    Ames does not respect investors
    In early 2013 this group of investors were committed to having their deposits returned.
    Harlequin had not kept to their contract

  728. Sid

    How big is the group?

  729. The Problem

    Goodbye Harlequin

  730. The Problem

    It is for the solicitor involved to continue

  731. Anyone out there got a SD?

    Sid, it’s the group that recently got bombed out of the UK court and told to go to SVG. They seem to think that RL have got it right this time.

  732. Dyslexic fat worshiper returns.

    I wonder how you know that Richard?
    Capital letter Friday…. they’re….takeaway…. basic stuff Dick.

  733. Anyone out there got a SD?

    They’re?? Think you have out simplified yourself there.

  734. Dyslexic fat worshiper returns.

    I just fancy a bit of Yorkshire pudding.

  735. Dyslexic fat worshiper returns.

    I was referring to Mrs Ingham lol

  736. Rob Shaw, selling up too?

    I see Mr Shaw the other TailorMade( in liquidation) director was also trying to sell his house.
    Must be a bitter pill to swallow, from knocking on doors to living in a posh pad – then having to sell it?

  737. Pissed off blonde

    I’m sure the Tailormade directors aren’t exactly living in poverty, don’t they get a 50 percent split of the annual Guardian Sipp fees which are over a million pa?

  738. Moon-fakir

    Do they? Isn’t that dodgy RL ??????

  739. I only ask

    Does Wooller now Manderfield get any commission?

  740. What goes around, comes around, with interest.

    Shaw paid £400k for his house in 2007, so he could trouser a million quid, and yes they do get an override on SIPP fees, that’s why they are so unhappy with RL for trying to stop them.

  741. I only ask

    T Made= nasty scum ?

  742. Whatsthefuss

    Dyslexic Fat Worshiper, if you were referring to Mrs Ingham then it’s even worse, you couldn’t be more wrong.

    Shes that interested in the Broughtons she doesn’t even know who you are!

    Anyway, this is a pointless argument, discussion over.

  743. I only ask

    What’s this about?

  744. Can't pay take it away.

    Maybe the TM directors are asking the Rev- end for some divine intervention to stop them losing their shag (less) pads.

    I believe relations are strained……with there wife’s lol

  745. I only ask

    Oh yeah like the nurse or plumber that just wanted a decent pension. Methinks you are a wannabe, bitter, loser. Tosser

  746. I fail to see how a desire to “strike-it-rich” and prosper can be
    called greed. Greed and avariciousness are synonyms and
    by that definition David Ames fits the bill. No, Virginia, the
    investors were not greedy – those who sold them the investment
    were the culprits.

  747. I only ask

    Greedy Investor- I haven’t lost a bean, that’s surmising by an idiot. Nurses and plumbers et al were sold SIPP investment by so-called professionals. As far as they were concerned that was the DD they should have and did carry out. And while were at it so called greed is what drives economies although I doubt you’d be capable of comprehending such. You will have profited from the greed of others- often called entrepreneurs. People that are willing to take risk, provide jobs and better the lives of small minded idiots like yourself. Let me guess, you work all week trying to keep ahead of the credit card bills and HP payments on you naff family car- probably a diesel and suffer from extreme jealousy of those that have their finances under control. Your tormented by two anal iphone uglie’s called children who treat you with contempt. Your an underachiever!! The people in the house you can’t afford, that drive the cars you secretly lust after, drive you secretly insane. In other words your a nobody that expresses opinions out of ignorance and said jealousy. Toodle pip, its sunny in my garden over here and a cold beer awaits.

  748. Rob Shaw's biff

    Rob Shaw has a spaz or mong child……….. God works in mysterious ways.

  749. Armless it is...

    Mandersfeild has a one armed bandit Kid

  750. Anyone out there got a SD?

    Yes we have had this before. Anyone who decries a “loser” in this is a bitter loser themselves. Oh come on. If you are going to quote pension schemes then using nurses is not a good idea. They have a great scheme in the UK. I think “I only ask” is one of our US posters who knows very little about UK pension schemes. 🇺🇸👷

  751. I only ask

    Hardly- I’m a working person sticking up for the nurses and plumbers. Working people aren’t all wannabe ignorant jealous wasters- like greedy investor.

  752. Chink in their armour

    I’m with only ask, I can see a put down of a jealous tosser when I see one.

  753. Dave Offered 100% non status mortgages.

    Dave Ames, your expensive sales brochures were highly misleading. I guess honesty and transparency would have impacted sales :

    Dear investor, you greedy bastard
    you expect to give us 30% deposit and pay your mortgage, get finance and build 9000 hotel rooms in 5 years, you deserve to lose everything. Only a fool would trust us. As a punishment, we will piss away your life savings, pensions and homes on agents commissions, developers loans , highly risky investments, lining our own pockets and litigation. Long live Robert Maxwell

    Please send cheques to one of our highly untrained staff


  754. Anonymous

    Wow. Dave Offered 100% mortgages – you got my vote. Well done 🙂

  755. Anonymous

    Whoever you are anonymous, face the facts that Harlequin has been one of the largest scams in history. “Greed” is when agents are paid 8% of gross, not when a victim loses their life savings.

  756. Anonymous

    Okay fine suit yourself 🙂 I’m the greediest little piggy in the whole wide world. What difference does it make?

  757. Anonymous

    hehehe Hell no! I’m always going to be greedy little piggy. Oink Oink Oink! I’m such a dirty little pig. Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear me squeal at night when everyone else is asleep.

    I’ve loved every minute of this and am actively seeking the next legitimate investment opportunity I can ruin with my greed & all my greedy friends! We’re like Internet trolls, but for investments. We go around and find investments which we can buy into, and then cry wolf at the slightest sign it will implode, thus causing fear, panic & “ambulance chasers” to ensue.

    It’s worked pretty well so far, although I didn’t take much of an active role this time 🙂

  758. I only ask

    Well clever dicks- you can’t read straight text let alone inferred! The lines too narrow for you heh. No wonder you’ve all lost your shirts, those honest individuals apart, the Harlequin people and snake oil investment salesmen deserve all your getting, and then the tax man cometh. Selling your houses to pay HMRC eh! all you deserve. Greedy investor is a wholly reprehensible shit who was probably one of those who prayed on the real working person. When you go to a nurse or a plumber you don’t do in depth DD, you trust in their professional competence. In the case of the nurse it would be hard to even do basic checks. Those reprehensible so called professionals that did nothing more than rip of the working person- take their savings, take some of their houses and indeed some of their lives are just scrapings on the shoes of humanity. Whatever my faults I haven’t killed anyone or taken their home. In fact I think some of the snakes here realise they’re crap and are trying to solve their consciences by attacking honest people on the grounds “they” are greedy and so saying “I’ve done nothing wrong” And you know who you are. To the rest of you, I wish you well and sincerely hope you can get something back.

  759. I only ask

    Even salve heh nasty bastards

  760. No Backing Down

    If Harlequin does not repay our investment as per our contract,then Harlequin will be liquidated.

  761. I only ask

    NBD anons a weird one but does speak some truth. Ames may be brought down though- with luck, Him and the snake oil salesmen and women.

  762. Anonymous

    If Ames does not get taken down, he’ll be taken out.

    He’s operated a scam. To the one guy who seems to support him – I challenge you to find merit in anything he has done.

    Here’s a definition of “scam” in case you want to defend him some more:

    “A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value. Scams traditionally resided in confidence tricks, where an individual would misrepresent themselves as someone with skill or authority, i.e. a doctor, lawyer, investor. After the internet became widely used, new forms of scams emerged such as lottery scams, scam baiting, email spoofing, phishing, or request for helps. These are considered to be email fraud. Also see phishing, scheme

    Read more:

    Were victims not mislead by glossy brochures with promises such as “buy back within 2 years”, “10% guaranteed returns”?
    What about the “contracts”, now defunct (unless you want to enforce them in SVG)?
    The land which he doesn’t own?
    Previous business failures, which no-one was told about?
    Fatchett an “ambulance chaser”?
    FSCS “supports” his trust?
    Harlequin Air?
    Interest payments?
    “Banking Error”?
    ASOL (why was the name changed)?
    Properties in Dubai?
    Director’s Loans?
    Panama & Thailand scams?
    (Lack of) Accounts?
    A “trust” which you can “join by emailing a document signed with your initials”?
    Litigation against anyone who spoke out?
    Blaming everyone else but themselves?
    Son in jail for fraud?
    Irish Appeal?

    I challenge you to read the definition of scam I copied above. Now compare with the list I wrote below.

    2 people have, at best, even sniffed a return, so with all of these facts, please enlighten me as to how it’s not a scam, or even how its the victims’ fault for “being too greedy”? And before you even consider calling it bullshit, remember that Ames actively promoted this scheme. He was not an innocent by-stander. He saw the money coming in and counted it. He knew what he was doing.

  763. SFO coming to get ya!

    All in good time, all in good time.

  764. Anyone out there got a SD?

    Fatchett “the” ambulance chaser. How about taking £1m in client fees and getting nothing back in returns?

  765. Stop ya whining

    You got the DD, still waiting for Harlequins version.

  766. Who could this be?

    What could this mean?

    Why did the UK administrator of a Farmland investment loan a sipp operator £104,000 a few months ago and then try and write it off?

  767. Another Scam?

    Why would Rev of the CofE pay investor money to the wrong parties? Millions we understand. Let’s hope FCA, MoJ and the police have a look.

  768. Anyone out there got a SD?

    Ah the DD. And what exactly did the RL DD achieve? What have the contributors to the RL athletics fund achieved. Of course getting the investor list from HP so RL could pursue the SIPP claims. Anyone got anything back yet?💸 💸 💸

  769. The Gatekeeper

    The SD is power, RL will use it if required

  770. In God we Trust

    I think you will find RL have a very interesting plan. I also think the people who sold Harlequin and SCS farmland have got bigger things to worry about, maybe from the SFO and other enforcement agencies.

    But, hey what do I know. Maybe TailorMade (in liquadation) and under investigation are really the good guys or should that be God guys.

  771. Anon

    Even if we gave the benefit of the doubt to Harlequin and assume that it was just crashing incompetence rather than a scam that delivered us to this point.

    Then if we further extend a generous hand and assume that a financier would overlook this incompetence and all the other criminal investigations taking place. Let’s assume they grant funding to allow the construction to continue.

    Who on earth would tender to build anything for Harlequin? Given their proclivity to sue anything capable of being dragged into a courtroom, who would be daft enough to ever contract with them – assuming Harlequin can be bothered to form a contract rather than just say “go and build us something and here’s a big bag of money given to us by investors”!

    Even if we assume all this and someone is willing to have their business completely trashed by association, we have to further assume the market for this number of additional resorts and that Harlequin can operate them at a profit.

    Does anyone really believe all this could happen?

  772. No – no – and no…

  773. Anonymous

    Terrific post @Anon.

    The sooner these criminals are sent to jail, the better.

  774. Anonymous

    yes it will. yea of little faith. Additional cabannas opened to cater for the upturn in arrivals. Expect additional announcements soon!

  775. There used to be someone posting on here that had excellent
    airline industry information. If you still monitor this site would
    you answer this question: Deducting the average Caribbean
    nationals number, how many seats are available on a weekly basis
    on flights landing in SVG. Every time I have flown in to SVG
    from Barbados on Liat the VAST MAJORITY of passengers have
    been locals.

  776. Happy Independence Day weekend BFP.

  777. Anonymous

    Another 40 cabanas completed at BB

  778. I would really, really, really be interested in knowing what construction
    company completed them. Or has DA been on island with a hammer,
    hoe & wheelbarrow. Who the hell wired them? Caveat emptor…

  779. Anon

    There were always close to 160 units completed at Buccament Bay, odd how Ames has never clearly stated how many units have actually been completed and opened, Ames stated in 2010 that 60 odd units were completed, but never went on record after that date, so it is anyone’s guess, could be 40-60-80.

    And what about Merricks, or H Hotel in Barbados, funny that Ames is claiming to have more units opened at Buccament Bay, sorry meant completed, if he was secretly building apace at Buccament Bay why not crack on with H or Merricks,
    because to open them would mean moving the wall between the open units and the not open units, lol, the wall has not moved, nope no siree, and anyone with a camera can take a photo of Buccament Bay from Layou side, and can see from the photo what was open, what is open and what will be open.

    And who project managed this “build” at Buccament, not HD Studio, nothing either on Argo website, so couldn’t have been Campion, so who was the mysterious contractor / contractors, not Dinky Balcombe, he is suing Dave, not Andy Smith of Procure It Direct, he gone too, Ken Picknell perhaps? Why not, it’s been over 6 years since Ames gave him the boot, plenty of water under the bridge there now, or is it the company that built the Freedom tower in Newyork, Aecom, the company Ames stated was to be contracted to PM his resorts, or are Krauss Manning back, hmmmmmm who could it be?

    All quiet on the Wilkins Kennedy front too, wonder if the are back as project managers, or was the USD 67 million paid and subject of an NDA. ? Or is it the ICE group, or Ridgeview Construction, or TVA Architects, or TVS…………..

  780. Anonymous

    Yawn yawn, Ames completed another 40 units, he will say what he wants when he wants, and if challenged on here Ames will sue for defamation, why ? Cause UK defamation law puts the onus on us to prove Ames hasn’t, not on Ames to prove he has.