Jodie Kidd stages Yarico: “The shame of slavery in the Caribbean”

Jodie John Kidd Barbados

“The story has its origins, however, in around 1650, when traveller Richard Ligon met a female Amerindian slave in Barbados and returned to England to write A True and Exact History of the Island of Barbados, telling of “poor Yarico” who “for her love, lost her liberty”.

It’s a musical. Don’t know what to think about it because I haven’t seen it, but I lost my liberty for love one time. Lost a house too.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s what they are talking about in Yarico.

Jodie’s quotes in the Guardian are interesting because they totally ignore the issue of white historical privilege in Barbados.

Yes… we’re free, but the old boys still control the money and the economy… and where they don’t, the new black political elites are gaining fast. The ordinary man, especially the light skinned mixed-race man, has not progressed in Bim since about 1960. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Robert, BFP

“When I was at school in Barbados I did learn about the history of the island, but there was not much sense of a racial problem when I was growing up because it is such a modern island and has people from all over the world coming in and out all the time,” she said. “More than any other of the islands in the Caribbean, it has always been super popular. So when it came to racial conflict, I didn’t really get to see any one incident of it as I grew up.”

Jodie Kidd quoted in the Guardian article, Jodie Kidd brings story of love and slavery to the London stage


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12 responses to “Jodie Kidd stages Yarico: “The shame of slavery in the Caribbean”

  1. Manjak of My Lords Hill

    Jodie Kidd is a

  2. Manjak of My Lords Hill

    Jodie Kidd exhibits the fantasy world that many privileged white Bajans who may have grown up some of the time on this little isle. Of course for her there was ‘not much of a racial problem’ down at Holders Plantation, St. James.
    Such a thought that such ‘problems’ existed in Bim may never ever entered had her tiny little head.
    As to the school she attended while she lived here their history lessons I an sure would not have included Bajan/African/African-American or the history of the Amerindians in the Americas.
    These so called white Bajans can be terribly embarrassing.
    One wishes that Jodie and her ilk would choose silence more often. Remember the old adage, better to be thought stupid than break the silence and remove all doubt.

  3. I am of a mixed race living in Barbados, and I find more racism from black people than white people, and don’t tell me because of my fair skin, my grand mother was as black as can be, but, we were all family.

  4. Manjak of My Lords Hill

    Re. Jodie Kidd
    Two days after the Guardian (London) interview with Jodie about Yinka and Yarico and the proposed musical in the West End of London she was subsequently asked by the London Evening Standard to share with its readers her favourite places. She then went on to mention about eight places in the world.
    Her so called homeland Barbados did not get a mention.

  5. D Oracle.

    Manjak, your envy and hate speaks for itself.

  6. Name.

    Thanx a lot Jodie Kidd. Just what we need.
    More Euro-White-Guilt bullshit, like if that hasn’t screwed-up Europe enough.

  7. gentlejim

    @just asking : You sound just like Mark Maloney ” How can I be a racist when my grandfather was black” One of the most ignorant comments from a supposed CEO that I have ever heard.
    @ D oracle: You would not know unless you have experienced it firsthand.

  8. Shame and Scandal in de Family

    Is this the Jodie Kidd who along with her ne’er do well unemployed Polo pony less brother was fired by her sponsors for a cocaine scandal? The same Holder’s House family who makes Mrs Bouquet in Keeping Up Appearances seem like a novice at social climbing? Spare struggling Barbados the patronizing 1 act play.

  9. D Oracle.

    gentlejim, BS! A male obstetrics/ gynecologist physician wouldn’t know about vaginal issues and childbirth unless he experienced it firsthand?? Dolt.

  10. gentlejim

    @ Oracle: Don’t you think you are the “Dolt”
    .You are comparing apples with oranges,but I guess you do not know any better.

  11. D Oracle.

    gentlejim i think you are a repeat cnut who does not know the difference between writing like a moron and the benefits of silence.

  12. gentlejim

    @ D Oracle 🙂