Harlequin’s H Hotel: Latest photos of an eyesore that spoils Barbados

Harlequin Barbados Disaster 39

Harlequin Barbados Disaster 500

by St George’s Dragon

As promised I went to take a few photos of the Harlequin H Hotel today.

The site has obviously suffered less than Merricks, presumably because it is in a more populated area. It looks as though it was secure until fairly recently, although when I went it was possible to walk straight in from the boardwalk side of the site as someone has ripped the site hoarding door off its hinges.

There are still a few items of plant and materials on site, although nothing of any great value.

Such a shame. So many people have lost money just to create an eyesore that spoils Barbados.

A lovely view for the tourists from the beach boardwalk!

A lovely view for the tourists from the beach and boardwalk! Click photo for larger view.

Editor’s Note: The exposed rebar is salt-drenched and rusted, with salt-laden water dripping down into the concrete. How long before no self-respecting structural engineer would approve further work? Has that time already arrived? Do we have an architects or engineers out there to comment?

More Photos… 

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Harlequin Barbados Disaster 56 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 55 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 54 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 53 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 52 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 51 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 50 IHarlequin Barbados Disaster 42 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 49 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 48 Harlequin Barbados Hotel 500 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 47 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 46 Harlequin Barbados Hotel 65 Harlequin Barbados Hotel 63 Harlequin Barbados Hotel 62 Harlequin Barbados Hotel 60 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 64 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 61 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 59 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 58 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 57 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 44 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 41 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 40 Harlequin Barbados Disaster 9


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19 responses to “Harlequin’s H Hotel: Latest photos of an eyesore that spoils Barbados

  1. S Byers

    About 4 years ago, and then earlier this year (2014) we saw this horrible mess and wondered WTF?!! NOTHING was being done on the site. And do be careful going in there – we saw needles and syringes on the ground amongst all the cr&p. The reinforcing rods must be well corroded so its a matter of pull it all down and start again. Ah – but in the third world, with corruption from the top down, no-one cares so long as they can make a quick buck – and to hell with health and safety – and so what if the building collapses with folks inside. What is needed is a ginormous hurricane to sweep it all away. But you tourist guys just don’t get it do you, as Thompson pulls out of Barbados…and the number of visitors decreases year by year.

  2. Harbinger of doom

    Only Ames could put a spin on this, it’s a dump, the camera does not lie, well because…. it’s a camera…… pity Ames is not a camera.

  3. Anonymous

    SGD – Thanks for the photos. Making the proverbial lemonade out
    of lemons wouldn’t it be great if the whole site were torn down and the
    picnic shelters extended all the way to the end of the property line and
    opened to the public. Please no parking on the water side. Barbados
    would have the beginning of a magnificent corniche/malecon. It is an
    opportunity not to be frittered away.

  4. Anonymous

    Wonder if Virgin knew that this was David Campion project before they awarded him (Argo) the contact for their new Barbados office ?

  5. Anonymous

    Does he possess a Bajan work permit?

  6. I am so satisfied that they have moved the vagrant that was around there as well, now, what I am seeing are dogs running around on the site & the Board walk, isn’t there notices that says no dogs? would the authorities do something about cleaning up the area now that the tourists season is here, & for Barbadians?

  7. anon

    What do the staff in the basildon bunker actually do?

  8. Sid

    They take people’s money.

  9. Kiss my butt

    Make Dave feel like a proper businessman

  10. Pull it down?

    If this building is unsafe and an eyesore why can’t the government do something about it?

    It look like a fairly decent location being dragged down by this ‘hotel’

  11. anon

    Does Dave own or rent the basildon bunker? His overheads must be massive!

  12. RL Latest


    Total Wealth Management Limited

    We have received notice of a creditors meeting for Total Wealth Management Limited (“TWM”).

    TWM handled some of the Tailormade pension transfer work, so this will effect clients with Harlequin, SCS Farmland etc.

    All Financial Ombudsman matters will now be referred across to the FSCS. We will update our own clients accordingly.


    The last week has seen the default of Harris Knights & Co Limited, the liquidation of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts Limited, the liquidation of Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited and the notice of a creditors meeting for Total Wealth Management Limited. The momentum is now building in one direction and investors would be wise to ensure that their position is fully protected.

  13. Dave disco ( not in liquidation)

  14. Redefining shity looking building sites in the Caribbean

    Are you sure they are not the pictures from Buccament Bay? They look the same – what an absolute shambles.

    Only Ames could look at that and think all is well.

  15. Redefining the saying ''looking through rose tinted glasses''

    This will now be know as;

    Looking through Ames tinted glasses.

  16. another victim

    Tipifies incompetance SRA complaint comiming your way Mr Regan what a short legal career!

  17. SRA here we come

    I wonder what Regan done prior to becoming a solicitor only a few years back?

    Misleading a Judge very naughty.

    He’s about 50…hardly a hot shot !!

  18. Andy hot shot

    Andrew Neil Regan
    Solicitor Admitted as a solicitor: 16/02/09

  19. What goes around....comes around.

    Both of Harlequins solicitors are been investigated, that is a fact.

    Ames hasn’t got the technical ability, to set up this structure without their help.

    Both of them, will be facing some very tough questions about their conduct and possibly will never work in law again.

    Ya made ya bed now ‘lie’ in it. LOL

    More on this later…..