Cubana Flight 455 – How the USA excused, ignored and covered up the terrorist bombing of an airliner

Cubana bomb Kissinger

It has been 38 years since the CIA terror bombing of Cubana Flight 455 on October 6, 2975 just a few minutes after takeoff from Barbados Seawell Airport. The ex-Air Canada Douglas DC8 was crippled and set on fire by the first bomb, but the second bomb in one of the washrooms brought it down in the Atlantic – killing all 78 people on board.

What did the CIA and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger know about it? Lots, according to recently released documents.

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Barbados Today: Remembering victims of Cubana Airline crash



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8 responses to “Cubana Flight 455 – How the USA excused, ignored and covered up the terrorist bombing of an airliner

  1. Party Animal

    What bothers me most of all, that a nice new Monument and a lot of flair is held at this Monument over the years and up to just a few days ago.
    However, the shabby state of another Monument not far away gets absolutely no attention other than the Taxi and Bus tour Guides who stop at this deplorable Structure and tell Tourist this is where the first settlers landed.
    I take it we are waiting for those settlers to come back and clean it up.
    I wonder who pays for the upkeep of this pristine Cubana Monument.

  2. compton de castro

    Taxpayers ! You and I.
    Most villages in UK have ‘memorials of war’……
    ‘memorials of peace’ but a Nobel prize !
    Sad world ! On my exit …hopefully peacefully in my
    blissful dreams ….a smile on my face !
    Que sera sera

  3. CJB

    You need to get the date right – 1975 not 2975!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    OK typographical error….u r stating the obvious !

  5. Earnest

    So the Barbados Free Press is reprinting old communist disinformation now?

  6. Green Monkey

    Station KZNU Fox News radio host says “heads are exploding” when an on air guest on her show explains to her audience how the USA gets a free pass from mainstream media when the US uses and manipulates terrorists behind the scenes to accomplish its own geo strategic goals.

    Audio only:

  7. BFP

    Nope, not old communist disinformation: Information from the files of Kissinger.

    The USA knew about the plot to blow up a Cuban airliner full of ordinary folks going to a fencing contest. Then they hid the terrorists.

    A terrible thing. Terrorism approved by the USA

  8. Mark

    Getting a lead about the potential perpetrators after the fact != approving it or – even stupider – referring to is as “the CIA terror bombing”.