The politics of Ebola

Barbados ebola

“There is no need for the pharmaceutical companies to covertly engage in genocide in Africa. The Africans are doing an excellent job of genocide on themselves.”

The Editor
Barbados Free Press
Grape Hall, Barbados
West Indies

Dear Sir/Madam,

There was a letter in the Daily Nation of September 30, 2014, entitled: “Ebola a weapon of mass destruction?” written by Mr. Leonard St.Hill. The gist of what he had to say is as follows: he advises that the absence of speculation (presumably its origins) over Ebola virus raises some suspicion.

He goes on to state “that too many epidemics in Africa seem to have the effect of weapons of mass destruction which can result in genocide.” He concludes that Africa is serving as a laboratory where the pharmaceutical (western) industry, use native Africans as test subjects to ascertain the efficacy of the pathogen and antidote, whilst making a financial killing.

In the past in your newspapers, I have stated that persons should always stick to their areas of technical expertise and that the majority of Barbadians are scientific illiterates. Mr. St. Hill falls under both headings. He displays gross ignorance of microbiology and biotechnology and is guilty of disseminating false innuendos to an uninitiated public.

The major pharmaceutical companies have little interest in doing research into little known tropical diseases. The returns on their investment are not worth it. The people of Africa are too poor and cannot afford the cost of a complete regimen of treatment.

Fallacy of Profit in Africa

The return on investment is also one of the reasons that there have been few new antibiotics on the market. You are infected, you pop a few pills and the infection goes away. Then there is the regimen of vaccinations, which means that most life-threatening diseases are held at bay. The companies make their money from chronic diseases such as certain forms of cancer, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. They want repeat clients – this where they make their money.

Africa has the greatest diversity of fauna in the world. One would also expect that the microbial world in Africa would also be diverse. When the Spanish first came to the Caribbean, they found flora which they had never seen before (cocoa, pineapple, avocado etc.). Similarly in Africa, increases in population density have meant the encroachment by man of pristine jungle areas, resulting in exposure to new pathogens. Some of these pathogens over the years acquire the ability to cross the species barrier.

In nature, micro-organisms are constantly exchanging DNA fragments between themselves. The exchange of DNA can be intra-species or inter-species. This process is called either transformation or transduction depending on whether bacteria or viruses are involved. This constant exchange of DNA can give rise to new strains which are either more pathogenic and virulent or less so than their progenitors.

What about Asian Flu strains?

It is a documented fact that most new strains of the influenza virus originate in Asia, especially in China – a country with the larges porcine population in the world. When animals and humans live cheek by jowl, human-animal interactions must occur. In other words, interaction at the microbial level can and does occur. When this happens there is a new strain of the influenza virus. Are the pharmaceutical firms also causing genocide in Asia?

In Africa, there are myriads of known and unknown microbes. For example: Lassa fever, Marburg virus and Ebola, all of which are hemorrhagic viruses whose vector is the fruit bat. Then there are River blindness, Sleeping sickness and Nodding disease of the Sudan where children constantly nod their heads and waste away.

There is no need for the pharmaceutical companies to covertly engage in genocide in Africa. The Africans are doing an excellent job of genocide on themselves. The question St. Hill should be addressing, is why are not the African countries doing their own research and solving their own problems instead of depending on western countries? He should also be addressing the high illiteracy rate, which is resulting in Ebola running amok among the West African countries.

Finally, yesterday the Journal Science published an article by Professor Pybus of Oxford University and Dr. Faria who used computational analysis and phylogenetic reconstruction (roughly means tracing family history) to traced back the origins of HIV-1 to the 1920’s in the Congo. One can do so by looking at the rates of mutation of some genetic markers. Whenever one mutates a micro-organism, one must check for the revertant rates (i.e. the number of mutants which change back to the original state), to ascertain the stability of the new construct.


Robert D. Lucas, PH.D and CFS.
Food biotechnologist & Certified Food Scientist

PS: I have included a copy of my CFS diploma (PDF download). There are many persons in this country who claimed to be qualified in areas that they are not.


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23 responses to “The politics of Ebola

  1. compton de castro

    Interesting indeed…
    Subject that interest me tremendously is stem cells research and DNA profiling.
    My understanding on genetics is that female offerings
    inherit more DNA of father than mother….and visa versa in
    male offspring. Is this correct ?

  2. SB

    It has been evidenced that Ebola and HIV were brought to the human race by those killing and eating bush meat very many years ago. Both have come from such a chimpanzees or other monkey species who have similar diseases. Now-a-days this illegal stuff is brought into Western countries via unsearched diplomatic bags by corrupt diplomats from African states through airports such as Heathrow. This muck is then sold for high prices at open street markets – illegally – but then who cares of the dangers for a quick buck? Once again the greed of the human race will see its downfall.

  3. compton de castro

    Protocol…..if the evidence is there prosecute…or alternatively refuse the diplomat or diplomats this
    reciprocal arrangement.

    Not rocket science !
    Am sure spot checks are made….unless ‘lazy stupid
    security officers are naive.

  4. Jack Bowman

    Dear Dr. Rob and Dear BFP Folks,

    No need for so many words. You quote Lennie but not his last sentence: “Is it possible that many people are thinking what they dare not believe to be true?”

    Irrefutably, the answer to this question is yes. It is entirely possible that many people are thinking what they dare not believe to be true.

    Importantly, the fact that many people believe a thing to be true does not make it true. More than half of Americans, for example, believe that that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife.

    Most people, by statistical definition, are of about average intelligence.

    There is no point at all, ever, in engaging in a debate with conspiracy theorists. The reason for this is simple: you will never convince them. You will never convince them for the simple reason that they are immune to the presentation of contrary data. Their theory can always expand to absorb the contrary data. You could get together a million of the world’s greatest specialists in civil engineering and architecture, proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the reason why the Twin Towers fell in 2001 was because some Arabs flew some planes into buildings. And there will still be a million assholes arguing on creepy little websites that the Jews, in league with the asshole Bush, wiped out almost 2,000 people in a controlled demolition.

    It is a symptom of the intellectually insecure and, occasionally, of those who are mentally ill.

    There is absolutely no point in arguing with them. They are best left to fester in their little garrets and basements, among the empty bottles and the semen-stained sheets and the appalling sadness of their personal failures.

    On a lighter note, I did want to mention my man Randy Newman. Randy’s the kind of internationally famous songwriter who doesn’t write “gdang, gdang, gdang” for “Is this Crap Over Yet?” He tends to write songs about equity and discrimination. Believe he might have won an Oscar.

    In his great song “The Great Nations of Europe”, perhaps with some prescience and certainly with a vast amount of admirable sarcasm, he makes a point in his last verse:

    “From where you and I are standing
    At the end of a century
    Europes have sprung up everyone as even I can see
    But there on the horizon, as a possiblity
    Some bug from out of Africa might come for you and me
    Destroying everything in its path
    From sea to shining sea,
    Like the great nations of Europe
    In the sixteenth century.”

    Love me some Randy Newman. You can probably find the song on YouTube.

  5. XXXX

    who cares about your CFS DIPLOMA ? people are in title to they opinions. BOTTOM LINE

  6. Anonymous

    Can the holder of the CFS Diploma justify the fact that the American doctors were sent back home to be cured? Does this situation not tell you that a cure is out there but not for the Africans? Why? Their land is on the minds of others. If you want to take over a strong man you first have to bind him up! Let us not forget that the law of compensation IS ALWAYS IN OPERATION!

  7. compton de castro

    A bit far fetched on the ‘ebola for African land’….
    Think its more a case of ‘one treatment for rich one or none
    for poor.’…..sad world ! When people suffer while rich get richer… must admire those medics who risk their
    lives to save lives….they are the hero’s !

  8. Green Monkey

    “We’re Screwed”: MSM Caught on Hot Mic at White House Ebola Press Briefing

    For a little insight into what our mainstream media really thinks (but will never say), check out what CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett and two of his colleagues said when Garrett apparently forgot his mic was still on after the White House’s October 3rd press briefing on the government’s Ebola response ended.

    Now, Aaron and I are in no way saying “we’re screwed.” We’re just trying to show you these mainstream reporters obviously don’t believe the government’s b.s. any more than we do…yet they go on prime time TV and tell everyone exactly what the government wants us all to hear night after night. It really is all just a big fat dog and pony show, and this clip is just one more (obvious) proof of that.

  9. compton de castro

    Thats why main stream media is bull !
    Our critical factually tells us not to take them seriously.
    ‘Power abuse by media moguls’ best ignored !
    Isn’t the crime that matters most its the motive.

    We must remain sceptics but not cynics.
    My spill

  10. Dompey


    Whose fault is it that the rich get richer at the expense of the poor? ( The People’s) So therefore, the masses must act upon an uncommon courage in an effort to bring about the much needed change to the existing state of affair.

  11. Spababy

    These are all false flags!!!! The correlation is ISIS and Ebola, When the congress pass the bill that will allow US to invade any country where ISIS is allege to be hanging out. The same for any country in Africa where there is a discovery of new resources i.e Oil. The objective here is to kick out CHINA from profiting from the huge deals they were making with the African countries, The formula is simple, problem reaction, solution. Create the problem manage the reaction and implement their solution. US is behind them alllllll!!!!

  12. compton de castro

    Romans used religion !
    Divide and conquer
    Unite and rule
    Adopted the gods of their conquest.
    Nothing has changed ! just dates.

  13. Dompey


    That’s bull and your shortsightedness of history only plays into your willful ignorance regarding the the U.S. interest in Africa. There is mentality out there which speaks to America’s interest in the wider world and it is predicated upon the notion that the America government always has an ulterior motive when extending its help to the world’s poor. But if such is the case: what has America to gain from Barbados? America has extended its help to Barbados throughout the years of it independence and to the present. And I cannot see what motive America would have had with a country which lacks the natural resources and could hardly care for its population. Now here is a historical fact: America had already had its feet firmly grounded in Africa from as far back as the Reagan Administration.

  14. compton de castro

    A spoke in wheels of fortune hunters…
    Barbados as a tourist destination for American tourist
    offers great opportunities for their tourist industry.
    Cuba is not…Jamaica is dangerous Puerto Rico corrupt,
    Trinidad also dangerous ..Republicadominicana ideal also.

    Economics is not all about politics or visa versa.
    Its about investments and leaderships.

    The ways I see it.
    Que sera sera
    Kamtan free world traveller.

  15. Dompey

    I just heard on the CNN news a few minutes ago that Dunkin’s family as well as, church and community leaders are questioning why its took the hospital five days to give Duncan the experimental drug. The argument is that because he lied and as a result of his actions which perhaps potentially endangered so many lives, the hospital withhold the drug intentionally.

  16. compton de castro

    Surprise surprise….money or life !

    In highway robberies in centuries past the highway robber
    pointed his pistol to coach driver and travellers requesting ‘money or life’….nothing has changed.
    Cynically yours

  17. Green Monkey

    What They’re Not Telling You: 4 Natural Ways to Fight Ebola

    Amid the mainstream media hype surrounding Ebola, it may come as major shock to discover that for quite some time there have been major scientific breakthroughs regarding the numerous ways in which we may be able to diminish or even halt the virus at a base level.

    What’s even more powerful and of note, however, is the substances by which scientists were able to exhibit these effects. Numerous plant compounds, which also come with a host of additional medicinal benefits outside of their role in the fight against the Ebola virus, have been documented to have extreme promise in the deterrence of yet another virus epidemic.

    But as the world waits for Bill & Melinda Gates to unveil their latest Ebola vaccine news to the world, there is simply no mention of these powerful substances that may hold promise (and be extremely inexpensive to get a hold of international) in the fight for our immunity.

  18. Jack Bowman

    I don’t want a link. I am not susceptible to link-bait. Just TELL me, Green Monkey, what ARE the four natural substances that will kill ebola?

    This wilful anti-intellectualism is just too fucking depressing. Know what I heard on Facebook? If you’ve got ebola, it’s always helpful if a man in a grass skirt dances around you with a stick chanting “ugga buga, ugga buga”. FB says it helps and if there are drums you’re totally safe.

    There is no such thing as “alternative medicine”. There is only medicine. If it works, it’s not “alternative”. It’s just medicine. If it doesn’t work, it’s just quackery.

    You might have penile cancer and someone says: “man, you should eat more cumin.”

    You can eat all the cumin you want, and your dick is still going to drop off.

    Quacks are some of the worst people in the world, along with rapists and paedophiles and human traffickers.

    If someone I know gets dick cancer, or ovarian cancer, the last person in the universe they should consult is some sad, dangerous, unlettered quack who spends his time on conspiracy websites with the other dull of mind.

  19. compton de castro

    If my Dick was rotting I would certainly have it removed
    surgically…..same with ovary.
    However if was a ‘dick head’ would wait for it to drop off.

    Ha ha !
    Ovary brain !

  20. Jack Bowman

    Thank your god, if you have one, for people who spend their lives trying to find drugs that will kill your cancer or slow down your HIV. Thank your god for dialysis, or at least thank the people who devoted their professional lives to inventing it.

    Green Monkey and the use of vitamin C to cure ebola?

    FUCK THAT. A shameless, shameful idiot full of nothing but wind and shite websites populated by the dull of mind.


    Er, heah???????? Greeny, ya got ma bawlin????????????? Heah!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jack Bowman

    An de Joos did 9/11 heah!!!!!!


    For Christ’s sake, Greeny, if you’re going to say “snip” so much on the internet, have the fucking grace to learn what it means on the internet, shithead. Heah??????!!!!! Greeny got ma bawlin!!!!!!!

  22. Jack Bowman

    XXXX says, on October 6, 2014 at 7:20

    “people are in title to they opinions.”

    Troo dat.

    All people are fully entitled to their opinions. Importantly, though, not all opinions are equal. If you are a semi-literate mason in Castries, you might have very strong opinions about the best surgical interventions to deal with pancreatic cancer. Sadly, however strong your opinion is, no sane person gives a shit about it.

    So if you’re the kind of person who writes “people are in title to they opinions”, everybody immediately understands the worth of your opinion. You are fully entitled to it. Wholly entitled. You can take it to bed and cuddle it. People are entitled to their opinion, but nobody should give a shit about your opinion on matters of public policy.

    If you can’t write properly, you can’t think properly.

    Sad, that, but proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

  23. compton de castro

    Gentlemen ladies..
    Although some comments had me in hilarious laughter…
    the expressive language ..PLEASE !
    Still in chuckle chuckles modus operandi !
    F for Freddie will do
    S for Samson
    And so on…….no need to waste time spelling it out…..
    BUll**** or just bull would do….balloons for balls
    even marbles…and if you loose your m you lost your mind !
    Enjoyed the bantering ….giggle giggles !