Our Caribbean is One Nation


As close as we came: Flag of the West Indies Federation

by Mahogany Coconut

The peoples of the Caribbean especially those in their 60’s and older must be baffled by what they see daily emerging in their individual islands. It is not all negative, but the shootings, muggings and the many wayward youth must be a great source of pain for them. The islands now lack seriously progressive thinkers and the few that still advocate radical change are privately admitting that the task is harder than it was in the sixties. The mental baggage from slavery and colonialism persists.

Political independence and mental independence are not easily disentangled.

We have the physical trappings that we are told are provided by free education. That means that we are apparently educated to be nothing more than consumers since we are measuring progress by conspicuous consumption. We are no longer using the wholesomeness of communities and the ability to display our creative talents because, they for the most part, are being driven into oblivion and our young citizens cannot even participate in a football game unless gunshots climax the evening.

So Carnival in its various reincarnations is nothing more than simulated sex in the streets and we are already exporting vulgarity as culture if we take a very candid look at what passes for culture on Eastern Parkway in New York! Half naked women and men in the streets with all their goods exposed…

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8 responses to “Our Caribbean is One Nation

  1. compton de castro

    Unfortunately or fortunately how people behave publicly
    will always be frowned on….by their critics.
    An open mind should be adopted as long as its fun…
    it becomes distasteful when ‘violence’ erupts.
    Overall it is a pleasure to see people out in the streets
    dancing and enjoying themselves.
    Notting Hill London carnival is a success story for
    bringing peoples of all cultures and background together.

    Que sera sera

  2. D Oracle.

    The reality is One Nation my brass bowl.

  3. Anonymous

    Why are we fooling ourselves that we are one nation? If we were truly, would we be using our spirituality to destroy homes and families? Would be transport illegal drugs to the lands of our brothers and sisters in the name of making money? Would we seek to tie up someone in marriage and within a three-year period as soon as our “immigration papers” are in our hands our partner dies from from mysterious illness or we leave that partner and bring in the one that we left back in our homeland? Would we enter the job market and undermine the Barbadian worker because we want to secure our job or make a place for another of our natives? Would be enter homes and try to eliminate the children of our partners in order that they cannot become the rightful owners of our property? Just asking …..! Are they gods our God? Do we have the same idea of the Supreme Being? What “One Nation” are we talking about? Please enlighten me!

  4. How can I edit my article after I have posted and there was yet another mistake? In my contribution, to “ONE NATION”. please use the possessive article “their” instead of “they”. This happens when you begin to write and change your train of thought mid-stream. Thanks.

    Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2014 23:49:14 +0000 To: maxjustina@hotmail.com

  5. compton de castro

    It is human to err..and humane to apologise !
    Sometimes we have to read between the lines….
    Differences between written/spoken word.
    Forgiven but not forgotten….only fools forget !
    Friends forgive.

  6. Dompey


    I am glad you have acknowledge this fact because it is also a common error of mine.

  7. Ethan

    I could never understand why this festival vulgarity and unclean foods such as salted ham, Pudding and Souse made from pig intestines etc could be allowed to be practiced all through the generations without a critical look at the impact on health and culture. The masses passing it along and label it as part of the culture. Wake up Bajans!!!!!! This crop over dancing stuff is pure vulgarity and its worst and the food viciously unhealthy the residue from colonialism…..

  8. compton de castro

    Oh come on….
    Whats wrong if once in a while you let your hair down and
    ‘slum it’ with ordinary people….have you some ‘superiority
    complex’….this is 2014 not 0014 and even then it was in
    arenas where humans battled to death or fed to hungry
    Wild animals…entertainment.
    We have come a far way !
    Sorry beg to differ.