Visa waiver for El Salvador a foolish decision by Barbados Government


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“In El Salvador, Sanchez found an environment where gang culture was thriving. Just two years earlier, the Chapultepec Peace Accords had ended more than a decade of civil war, but the country remained violent. The homicide rate stood at 139 per 100,000 in 1995 — far higher than any country in the world today. El Salvador’s public institutions were hobbled and its families broken up by both war and migration.”

… Huffington Post: How the U.S. sparked a refugee crisis on the Border

What possible benefit is there to Barbados?

Riddle me this…

  • Barbados has just signed a visa waiver agreement with El Salvador. El Salvadorian citizens can now come to Barbados without a visa and without the pre-approval process that part of the visa application.
  • El Salvador is one of the most violent countries in Central America – struggling to recover from decades of civil war, death squads, revenge and criminal gangs.
  • There is a documented steady flow of illegal migrants / refugees / child soldiers from El Salvador to the USA and other countries in the region. People are desperate to leave El Salvador, and any cursory google search shows why.
  • Due to government corruption, societal violence and hostile policies against business, El Salvador has the lowest level of foreign investment in any Central American country. Homicides, kidnappings and extortions increased over 30% in 2009.

So what are we gaining? Does the upside justify the risk?

Welcome to the rule of the Bajan political class… Shut up. Sit down and don’t ask any of these damning and inconvenient questions!

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14 responses to “Visa waiver for El Salvador a foolish decision by Barbados Government

  1. Maddox

    This is, by far, one of the stupidest things, I’ve read in the media today. Is the Barbados government insane? There are absolutely no benefits to Barbados, whatsoever and a whole lot of liabilities. El Salvador is a poor country and genuine tourists from that country would be almost nil. Barbados will be used as a “jumping off” point by Salvadorians wanting to get to the U.S. and in the mean time, until they can find the money and a way to get to the U.S., will wreck havoc on Barbados. I can only shake my head. Absolute madness!

  2. compton de castro

    Think drug barons are involved here….is Barbados now
    little Switzerland money laundered ?


    Now you have really done it.expect much blood if a gang comes to town. These people shoot people to see if the gun is working. ! brilliant idea.well done.!!!!!!!!!! bravo and possibly bye bye to barbados as we know it now. as bad as it is already.dont worry a boat will smuggle in the ak47 and rocket launchers.Wise men tread easy where fools rush in i hear tell.!!!!!!!! well at least they are Catholic.praise Mary!!
    and all other false gods.

  4. compton de castro

    Am sure there is a lot more below the surface not exposed
    as yet….I smell dead flying fish ! Corruption !
    Why not offer visas to Isis religious fanatics
    to come to ‘paradise’ before their martyrdom…
    with 100 virgin angels….
    We will read a lot more on the subject as investigative
    journalists search for the ‘truth’ !
    Que sera sera

  5. compton de castro

    Pop paradise…registered 185.000.
    Tourists per year.??
    Non Bajans living there ?
    Economic migrants ?
    These are questions that main stream media should be asking publishing.
    Why check passports on arrival/departure if no records
    are available for public scrutiny.
    My conspiracy theory becomes credible until we have all
    the facts.



    Latinos hate blacks so i hear,
    am i mistaken? i stand corrected.



    OK it is to launder the drug money through barbados.a high risk undertaking for a the love of money.———–reason revealed————


  11. robert ross

    Pity the news item comes from the ‘shanghaidaily’. Who is Maxine Ometa…the El S Foreign Minister’s “opposite number”?

    Does El S have a consulate here? If so, I don’t get the reference to diplomatic staff being now exempt from visas – personnel would be on the diplomatic list. If not, and there’s to be no diplomatic exchange then El S ‘diplomats’ would be in the same position as John Citizen.

    Is there a ‘China element’ in this?

  12. Does this surprise anyone. They collected all the Guyanese, sent them back to Guyana, some after being here for years. Check the bank accounts, this wasn’t done for free, what are we as bajans going to do about this? What are the opposition going to do about this? It get worse daily no Pension, now this, what next?

  13. compton de castro

    El Salvador population over 6 million
    Barbados 185.000 Only one looser !
    Who will defend ‘paradise’….Bajans ?
    Its not a military take over….but an economic buy out by
    drug barons….certainly not planning a trip to paradise
    in near future…Trinidad is also run by drug barons.
    Who is next ‘guyana’ ?
    What’s going on !
    Craziness !
    More like a ‘war zone’ !
    Kamtan 14.48,

  14. Spababy

    OMG!!!!!!! I have never seen or experience such an insane, corrupt, violently stupid, assault on basic commonsense ever!!!! I had the liberty of visiting El Salvador I stayed at holiday Inn in the city close to US embassy. There were 5 guards with M16s guarding the small hotel even around the pool. Those who signed off this am thinking is the same person who perhaps signed off on the Muslim ONLY community. There must be prosecuted and challenged on such decisions. Someone is trying to destroy Barbados via killing tourism and setting ugly precedents for homogeneous groups to create a divided Barbados…….SUKU I hope you are not apart of this muslim fiasco?