Harlequin’s Merricks Resort “a rotting garbage dump – a liability not an asset”

Merricks Barbados Harlequin Bankruptcy 14Merricks Barbados Harlequin Bankruptcy 12

Why didn’t Barbados obtain completion guarantees backed with performance deposits and bonds?

Our political class, along with Harlequin and other developers, left Bajans holding the bag!

by Old Cutter

What a mess we have with abandoned and “on hold” construction sites and failed projects throughout this country. There is a reason for this and it is not “economic slowdowns” or “unforeseen circumstances”.

“We have these numerous failed project disasters littering our coasts because our DLP and BLP governments allowed unfettered development of our beautiful island by almost anyone that showed up.”

Politicians’ offshore accounts are fat and happy

Our elected representatives stuffed bags of cash into offshore accounts of their “consulting” companies but never acted to protect Barbados from shaky developers.

Our political class never imposed standard contract conditions like performance guarantees and deposits. The big developers hired DLP and BLP friends and family as ‘consultants’ in exchange for building permissions.

“Everybody knows how this place works, and why the political class never voted for Integrity Legislation or assets declarations since Bajan independence almost 50 years ago.”

Harlequin Resorts is just one more failed developer, but they fell in a big way and are worth looking at closely…

As the broader Harlequin Resorts debacle carries on in the courts we see Harlequin suing accountants Wilkins Kennedy and WK countering with accusations of their own, and many other court battles in various stages.

Somewhere in all of that there is a book figure for the value of Harlequin’s assets, including the abandoned Merricks Resort site in Barbados.

Whatever that book figure is for Merricks Resort, a visit to the abandoned construction site reveals a rotting garbage dump that is undoubtedly far less of an asset due to the demolition and environmental cleanup that would be necessary prior to any new activity. Barbados Free Press covered this story a year and a half ago, and the deterioration is easy to see when we compare the photos then and now.

In the Caribbean like any other tropical / sea-salt air environment, it doesn’t take long for an abandoned structure to come to ruin. Exposed rebar wicks corrosive salt into foundations. Rot and insects make quick work of any exposed wood. Sewer and water pipes soon fill with dirt and become homes to all kinds of creatures. Leave a construction site unprotected and sitting idle in Barbados for a short three or four months in the rainy season and you’ll find that it is probably beyond economic salvage.

That’s what we have at Merricks and many other abandoned developments throughout Barbados – dangerous weakened structures that are now good for nothing.

You know that some accountant’s report probably values the Merricks as ‘partially completed’ or ‘initial starting’ but that is incorrect: it is a falling down, rotting eyesore that detracts from the value of the island.

So let us talk the truth about two issues as this island tries to recover economically…

#1: The political class and elected and appointed government officials must stop thinking of themselves, and have as their only consideration the good of Barbados and Bajans.

#2: The endemic corruption in Bajan politics and government administration will never be overcome without Freedom of Information and Integrity Legislation. Successive DLP and BLP governments continually promise these laws and fail to deliver. They tantalize the populace with draft legislation and then postpone it until election time, then after being re-elected do the same thing again.

The DLP and BLP politicians and political class are beyond hope, beyond redemption.

Merricks is just one more illustration that the rot goes deep, and has been there for a long time.

Thanks to St George’s Dragon for the photos!

Taken September 2014…

(click on photo for large size)

Have a look at the large size photos. See the rot and deterioration!

Merricks Barbados Harlequin Investment 7Merricks Barbados Harlequin Investment 6Merricks Barbados Harlequin Fraud 5Merricks Barbados Harlequin Fraud 4Merricks Barbados Harlequin Disaster 3Merricks Barbados Harlequin Disaster 2Merricks Barbados Harlequin Disaster 1Merricks Barbados Harlequin Corruption 9Merricks Barbados Harlequin Corruption 8Merricks Barbados Harlequin Bankruptcy 14Merricks Barbados Harlequin Bankruptcy 10


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1,481 responses to “Harlequin’s Merricks Resort “a rotting garbage dump – a liability not an asset”

  1. Anonymous

    Amazing..considering that Harlequin is reported to have take at least 40 million BBP from investors in this project over the past 8 years, and delivered….well the photos tell it all.

  2. Nair

    Merricks is just one small part of the Harlequin debacle which on a $ for $ basis is probably bigger the one at Bats Rock as Harlequin operated in several countries. And if what reads is true, some of its Directors may do time.

  3. Sue

    Where in the island is this eyesore? Thanks

  4. Anonymous

    Sue its north of Bottom Bay in St Philip.

  5. Breadfruit

    Sue, it’s north of Bottom Bay, next bay along I think.

  6. Anonymous

    This is not Dave Ames’ fault, it’s the builder

  7. compton de castro

    Not informed in Bajan Politricks….but it smells of dead
    flying fish and corruption.
    Barbados may now be a ‘little Switzerland’ money launderers for drug barons….with salvadorian visas et al !
    Corruption a la carte…..touche !

  8. H

    How is that other Bajan eyesore known as ‘H’ faring these days?

  9. Anonymous

    H Hotel is just an eyesore..containers and site also looted of anything of value as Harlequin did not provide security at the site..it is just an abandoned building project . Redefining Luxury Bullshit in the Caribbean.

  10. Anonymous

    They might think of removing the sign on the fence saying that they are opening in 2013….it sort of looks stupid, and may lead people to believe that the developers have run out of money.

  11. And let us not forget the conversion of Foul Bay to Pure BEACH

    Promoters started sell in 2008/2009

    Groundbreaking 2012

    Still beautiful peaceful beach in 2014

    What happened to investor/purchaser money?

  12. Green Monkey

    They might think of removing the sign on the fence saying that they are opening in 2013….it sort of looks stupid, and may lead people to believe that the developers have run out of money…..Or that Barbados has unwittingly entered a warp in the space-time continuum such that time now runs backwards for us, if not for everyone else.

  13. Wily Coyote

    SHIT FLOWS DOWNHILL ——————— and whose downhill ? ——- me thinks it’s the unfortunate poor/middle class Bajans that will have to endure the wrath of these FAILURES well into the future, that is if Barbados has a future. The atmosphere for tourists, investors, honest developers, honest bankers(no CLICO’s) etc. has all but vanished and me think the country is dooooomed to the suck well out back.

  14. Anonymous

    Wily Coyote..
    Don’t agree with your view..the folks who have suffered with the Harlequin/Merricks development are the (mostly) UK investors who put more than 40 million GBP into that project, and have absolutely nothing to show for it. The poor/middle class Bajans have not suffered , and will not suffer because of this failed project. The land is still there and will always be there. The Government will be able to take it over because of non payment of land taxes..and that will probably happen.
    The investment atmosphere is actually improving in Barbados, with the Sandals multimillion $ redevelopment of the old Casuraina/Almond resort, then the Heywoods resort in St Peter…there is the multimillion dollar Port Ferdinand project, which is ongoing, The Amaryllis Hotel which will be redeveloped by the owner of the successful Bougainvillea Resort..(not Harlequin, thank God)
    Our Banking system is extremely strong with the top three Canadian Banks investing and improving their locations all over the Island.
    Lime , Flow and Digicel are pouring millions into fibre optic upgrades to bring Barbados to the peak of IT and Communications Technology. Hundreds of people are investing in Solar Power systems, provided by a rising number of local companies.
    Lets stop being so negative..Barbados is still a relatively safe and wonderful place to vacation, retire, spend months during the cold northern winter, etc.There are great sporting and cultural events, Music Festivals, and some of the best restaurants in the entire Caribbean.
    Of course we have problems, but the negative attitudes and bad mouthing does absolutely no good, and should be rejected by anyone who loves Bim.
    Lets think and act positive, and stop being a bunch of complaining, whining old ladies.
    We can do better.

  15. Anonymous

    Mr. Andy Townsend has cut ties with Harlequin Property in the UK, with HMSSE now entering into liquidation the overseas companies look to follow suit shortly.

    A complaint has also been filed with the UK authorities against a Mr. Garreth Fatchett and his firm Regulatory Legal, it follows on from an affidavit received by a very prominent Lower Antilles law firm and a number of prominent Caribbean QC’s from Sam Commissiong alleging serious wrong doing on the part of Mr. Fatchett towards a large number of his UK clients. Mr. Fatchett and Regulatory Legal are currently the focus of an ongoing probe by the UK’s Solicitors oversight body, the SRA.

    Carol Ames was interviewed by appointment recently , it is however unclear whether she was arrested.

  16. Anonymous

    @anon, HMSSE is not entering liquidation. You have no idea what will happen until the end of the month. Even if it does it will not necessarily mean overseas properties will follow suit.
    And again more unsubstantiated claims regarding CA. If you have nothing of interest to say stop making up lies. Pathetic.
    Perhaps of more interest would be a comment regarding the costs that Croziers clients will have to find.

  17. Anon

    @ Anonymous , I’m confused, you state that HMSSE is not entering into Liquidation, then in the same breath you state that even if it were to go into Liquidation it will not necessarily affect the overseas companies.

    So is it going into liquidation or is it not?

  18. Anonymous

    I don’t know, nobody but DA does. My point is IF it goes into liquidation then the comment by Anon 10.59 about the overseas companies is innacurate.

  19. An Investor. Why?

    @ Anonymous why is it of any interest where a group of litigants will find the costs to fund an action?

    Surely if a group of litigants are taking an action they will find the funding to do so.

    RL have clearly indicated in updates and on Twitter that HMSSE is about to enter liquidation. Shipleys have confirmed they are not applying for an extension and that they have received no CVA proposal.

    It might also be remotely possible that any liquidator will not seek to recover monies owed to HMSSE, anything is possible in the World of Ames, I do suppose he will try now to redefine debt and liquidation, let’s hope he does a better job then redefining luxury.

    And you are wrong about Carol. Carol Dave, Dan and a few others have been interviewed by the SFO and Police, I gave a statement to the SFO and was informed that they indeed were interviewed, I’d have been absolutely amazed had they not given the SFO investigation into the case.

  20. Anonymous

    Lots of people have been interviewed by the SFO so the comment regarding CA being interviewed “by appointment” is if no significance. Everybody is interviewed by the SFO by appointment. Where has a comment been made about people being interviewed by the SFO and the police that is so wrong?
    The comment regarding the litigants finding the additional costs to fund an action will become clear in the near future. Just a little taster for some to think about.
    Regarding RL comments about HMSSE about to enter liquidation, and you would believe their ramblings? It’s not the end of October yet. Plenty of time yet.

  21. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 11.43, sadly you are wholly incorrect, the decision to put HMSSE into liquidation lies solely with the administrators and NOT with Dave Ames as per the UK insolvency laws, and even if Dave Ames were to present a CVA in the 11th hour there is absolutely NO guarantee that Shipleys would accept it as a viable plan.

    Furthermore, some £30 Million is owed to HMSSE by the overseas RDC’s and a liquidator would be obliged under UK insolvency law to pursue this debt, any creditors owed monies by HMSSE would be unsecured and this includes any RDC’s owed money by HMSSE.

    So any monies obtained by the liquidator would be distributed to the unsecured creditors after the liquidators fees and costs are covered.
    Therefore the comment by Anon 10.59 is not inaccurate.

  22. Confused

    Anonymous 11.06, 11.43, 12.02, you are loosing me. At 11.06 you state that the claim that Carol Ames was interviewed by appointment is unsubstantiated then at 12.02 you say that the comment that Carol Ames was interviewed by the SFO is insignificant, I think the fact that the SFO is investigating Harlequin is hugely significant. And so do many others.
    Your comments regarding the litigants finding additional costs to fund litigation is rather disgusting. Dave Ames failed contractually to provide his investors what he was contracted to do, even worse when investors eventually took the decision to pursue Ames in the courts for the contractual breaches by Ames and Harlequin with what little money they had left, given that they all had given Ames huge amounts of their cash, Ames has the audacity to defend the claims using the investors funds.

    So if the litigants run out of money prior to a trial, Ames wins, sad really, given that it would have been because of Ames that the litigants find themselves in the unenviable position.

    Ames would win by default.

  23. Anonymous

    @confused, yes you are confused. Of course any investigation by the SFO is significant. By saying CA was interviewed by appointment means nothing, the original misleading comment did not mention the SFO, @an investor Why? Is the one who mixed in the SFO for some mysterious reason. The “of no significance” comment relates to SFO and appointment. So what? And I did not say that litigants finding additional costs to fund litigation. I said addition costs to fund an action. Perhaps this was an ill founded action that they were seduced into that is now a lost cause. Perhaps that court action has now been decided?

  24. Anonymous

    To those alleging that CA has been interviewed by the City of London Police and/or the SFO. It doesn’t really matter whether this was by appointment. Of more significance is whether CA was placed under caution before the interview and whether it was conducted in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE).

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

  25. Confused

    Can’t see how any action against Harlequin or Ames by an investor could in anyway be considered ill founded?

    What is a lost cause is ones investment in Harlequin, contracts have been breached, so to suggest that taking legal action to enforce the terms of your contract maybe ill founded seems bizarre, so anonymous what alternative solution would you offer investors, if legal action is ill founded.
    Could I trouble you to also explain why you appear to state that the court action has already been decided, was this by a judge?
    An explanation would be nice.
    Thank you in anticipation.

  26. Anonymous

    Perhaps it was the way the court action was constructed.

  27. anon

    I detect shill Storey in the mischievious posts on this thread

  28. Anonymous

    You couldn’t detect a finger up your own arse.

  29. Anonymous

    Well done Old Cutter. It is apparent that these are very recent photos
    when compared to those posted months ago. I hope that you are
    planning on posting photos of the H-Hotel. My sincere suggestion
    re: H-Hotel is that the government reclaims it in the name of all
    Bajans and turns it into a public beach pavilion. Tearing down some of
    the existing skeletal structure and opening vistas of the beach from
    the highway would be an excellent solution for what to do. Maybe
    before too long a government will be in place that is truly conceded with
    the natural beauty of the island. Restore some of the former glory!

  30. Anonymous

    If it looks like a burger flipper, smells like a burger flipper, and defends Harlequin and Ames to the bitter end, then it can only be BS Bob.

  31. Anonymouskins of 6.20 bless

  32. Anonymous

    Speaking of BS anon6:20 I have just read the latest trip advisor review
    of BB. Tripadvisor was founded 14 years ago in the year 2000. The review
    is by MJH802 who has been to 163 world cities in that time, which is
    one overseas trip per month for 14 years. No one can tell me this
    guy is legit. Since he mentions by name and job so many of the
    staff something tells me he must have had access to the work roster.
    What a crock !

  33. Wily Coyote


    You smokin that CHEAP T&T weed again, it’s effecting your judgement and blurring your vision.

    I agree the UK investors are out their $’s, however Bajans are going to SUFFER BIG TIME because allowing these SCAM operations Barbados is now known as a DO NOT INVEST location, the result tourism collapses, development stagnates and off shore investors vanish.

    “Government will be able to take it over” — man don’t you know country is BROKE, even PM is hiding out in CANADA, poor pensioners not being paid, wake up and try to smell the roses and see the forest for the trees.

    “The investment atmosphere is actually improving in Barbados”—- man what planet you livin on, Sandals will not bail BGI out, in fact their concessions are going to quicken the countries DEATH. You and Worrell from Central Bank must have attended the same school, next year or the year after, or by 2050 things will be better. The FOGGING has clouded your brain and vision.

    “Our Banking system is extremely strong with the top three Canadian Banks investing and improving their locations all over the Island.” Actually all the Canadian Banks are getting their cards in order to cut the entire Caribbean of their asset lists as things are performing so bad with their BAD DEBT Ratio’s skyrocketing. Go to anyone of these banks in Barbados and try and get a LOAN, Good Luck. Canadian banks are so strong that they know when to get out before collapse happens, not like Barbados CLICO’s.

    “Lets stop being so negative..Barbados is still a ‘relatively safe’ ” — It’s hard for some individuals to separate NEGATIVITY from REALITY. Just like your “relativity safe”. Well I personally want to be SAFE and not relatively safe. I’m sure a Somalian, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Haitian even a Jamaican would feel RELATIVELY SAFE in Barbados, however the first world individual that comes from a country where the murder rate is less than 1 per 100,000 then Barbados at a rate of 20 per 100,000 is very much not SAFE.

    You first have to recognize that Barbados has SERIOUS PROBLEMS before you can attempt to initiate corrective action. Individuals like yourself are obviously running around with BLINKERS on thinking that some devine oracle is going to appear and solve the problems.


  34. Confirmation

    Carol Ames was indeed questioned recently, I suspect this story will be carried by the usual journalist suspects soon.

    Carol Ames is also receiving physciatric treatment and looks like she may well be too unwell for any future litigation.

    HMSSE is due to be liquidated in the next 21 days and it appears that the liquidators will be appointed by the courts on behalf of CIB, Ames did not see that curve ball coming.

    Carol and Dan Ames face being banned as directors before the New Year.

    Carol Ames and Dave are no longer co- habitating.

  35. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 6.41 pm..Agree..what is even more obvious that it is not genuine..163 cities in 33 countries, and yet the only two reviews are for Buccament Bay Resort..and they are almost identical.

  36. Anonymous

    Andriakaz also has a great TA review..her 1st and only one, of course ,5 stars……but I just love this ending comment … “All in all I just can’t speak highly enough of buccament bay not only do I want to come back but I also want to try the other resorts under the harlequin brand having had such a good first time experience with them.”
    Who composes this stuff?
    Perhaps Andria would like to try The Marquis Estate and Pat Cash Hotel. or one of the two Harlequin resorts in the Dominican Republic…or better yet , Merricks Barbados,photos of which are seen at the top of this page.
    She can also look into the Harlequin H hotel in Barbados.
    Great ocean views, and you should see what they do with the towel animals!

  37. Anonymous

    God – I love this crap.

  38. Anonymous

    @confirmation, carried by the usual journalistic suspects soon? A bit like the transcripts of the conference calls? Yeah right, what did happen to them?

  39. Anon

    @ Confirmation

    Surely the Chairman should then be held legally responsible as it would be easy to demonstrate that he was a shadow director?

  40. Anonymous

    The Court could always remand CA to hospital under Section 47 of the Mental Health Act.

  41. Anonymous

    Is Effing Reees the QC for Ames in his upcoming criminal cases? And wot is happening with the contempt hearing?

  42. Anon

    Is it true Dave and Carol Ames are divorcing? Doesn’t Carol and her son own HMSSE not Dave Ames?

  43. Anonymous

    Yes it’s true, but Ames is completely distancing himself from HMSSE, he says it will not affect him, the collapse of HMSSE.

  44. Anon

    Bit of a coincidence the divorce. Almost like it has been planned.

  45. Anonymous

    What criminal cases are upcoming for DA? And which contempt hearing are you referring to? Croziers freezing order?

  46. Robert Storey.

    Crazier has not got a freezing order, because she is not a solicitor muppet.
    Ever wondered why 😉

  47. Robert Storey.

    This is just hearsay about HMSSE and Mr & Mrs Ames, only one person has been found guilty of fraud and he is Irish.

  48. Anonymous

    Excuse me Dave Ames has been found guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation in 14 cases in St. Vincent, therefore he too has been found guilty of fraud.

    The Canga Caldwell cases..

  49. anon

    The Ames’ personal assets were frozen in May 2013 in a Freezing Injunction issued in the High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division against Carol and David Ames

    This was served to them on 16th May 2013 at their Runwell residence in Essex.

    One does not have to be a solicitor to obtain a freezing order. Anyone can do it.

  50. anon

    type David Ames Contempt of Court into your search engine

  51. anon

    …to see a copy of the legal document

  52. Anonymous

    The comment was referring to upcoming criminal cases, not any past cases. So what upcoming cases are there?

  53. Robert Storey.

    I don’t think one can be a solicitor with…. how should we say a ‘history’

  54. Anonymous

    @Anon 2.56, was that a civil case or a criminal case?

  55. Guilty M'lord

    The Irish builder was found guilty by a judge that’s all you need to know. Try finding the same about DA.

  56. Anonymous

    This is getting us no where, for the record David Ames was found guilty ( for want of a better term), in some 14 cases in St. Vincent of Fraud. That is a fact. But David Ames is appealing these judgements as is the Builder.

    Both the Ames cases and the Builders were civil cases, not criminal, and neither Mr. Ames nor the Builder have been banned from being directors of companies anywhere.

    What is another fact is that the SFO and Essex Police are investigating the activities of the Harlequin companies.

    All this talk about Nikki Crozier is also pointless, some 23 clients have engaged the services of Carter Lemon Cameron in London, a firm of solicitors, those 23 clients are instructing CLC, it is CLC that obtained freezing orders on the Ames family personal assets. A freezing order that has been in place for in excess of 12 months now, a judge must have been satisfied that the 23 clients had a case when granting the freezing orders, and it must be noted that the Ames family legal team have not succeeded in having the freezing orders removed even though they have an “Expert” in freezing orders on their team, Mr. Hefin Rees QC.

  57. Anonymous

    So with your logic the Irish builder was guilty also. That is a fact.
    All the talk about Crazier is not pointless. Things might have moved on a little since your analysis above.
    It is also a fact that WK are being sued for professional negligence by HP.
    So you are right, your post above is getting us no where because it is completely biased.

  58. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 5.53, things might have moved on a little since??? Would that be a settlement in the CLC case, if so great news so for the CLC clients, the next date in this saga if there is no settlement, is Monday week, the contempt hearing date.

    Yes indeed Wilkins Kennedy are being sued by Harlequin Property SVG Ltd, and Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Ltd, this will be interesting as Kennedys are seeking to apply for security for costs, now how will that play out, especially with the imminent liquidation of HMSSE.

    And you make no reference to the ongoing SFO Essex Police investigation, odd that, because of all the legal issues surrounding Harlequin this is one where if I were Ames or Carol or Dan, my ass would be twitching now.

    What with the liquidation of HMSSE within weeks.

  59. Anonymous

    Security of costs has been resolved. And no it would not be a settlement in the CLC case. Why make a reference to the SFO investigation. Lots of investigations take place by the SFO and come to nothing. Especially since the two brothers are suing the SFO after the case against them collapsed.

  60. Anonymous

    Latest TA review of BB is very interesting . Bar not open toll 12. In the Caribbean? Madness !

  61. Insider in the Basildon Bunker

    @ Anonymous 6.24 pm Nope security for costs not resolved, Ames has a small problem with the after event insurance.

    SFO and a Essex Police making Dave and Carol very nervous,

  62. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 6.24pm How many companies do the SFO investigate, it’s not like that Ames was chosen out of a hat, no doubt the idiot would like to tell the world he is going to sue the SFO,

    I think as an investor it is very important that the Police and SFO are investigating Ames especially with the rumour that Carol was arrested recently.

  63. Anonymous

    I should think this would make the SFO very twitchy about HP case. Especially the reference to Grant Thornton. Shades of WK there perhaps.

  64. Anonymous

    There is no rumour that CA was arrested recently, only the one you are starting. Interviewed by appointment (not substantiated) is not arrested. And I suggest you read the link above. Suing the SFO is not uncommon.

  65. Time for the SFO to shut up shop

    So we are back to its not Ames fault, it is everyone else’s, so what the hell was Ames doing when all those around him appear to have been robbing him blind???

    And the Question of the liquidation of HMSSE and its affect on all the other companies has not been addressed.

    As for the SFO, the Harlequin mob would have us believe that they may as well shut up shop, are not our Prisons full of innocent inmates.?????

    I do suppose Dave is now redefining how we view crime in the UK.

    Wonder if Dave gave £200 Million to a guy called John on an island in the Caribbean, his son did in a forest in Sri Lanka.


    Harlequin trolls still managing to make themselves look indisputably stupid.

    There is still only one, isn’t there? Backward Bob.

    Anyway folks, according to the Harlequin Troll, it’s no big deal being under investigation by the police and the Serious Fraud Office.

    This is aside from the fact that Harlequin has pissed away all the money stolen from the people they sold properties to, have built close to nothing for years and years, only managed to build 100 out of 6000 to 9000 units sold, have sent their sales arm into administration, shortly to be liquidation, have blown millions and millions on litigation against investors and business associates, have been under investigation by a number of journalists, including BBC Panorama, and are currently under a freezing order and a potential contempt of court judgement.

    What an absolute monumental fraudulent failure that bunch of monkeys the Ames’ are.

    I’m happy as a clown that Mrs Ames is being driven mad by this. Did she ever give any thought to how many of the people who by some cruel turn of fate had managed to stumble into business with her and her family of crooks? People who soon became mindless with worry once it became obvious to them that Harlequin had no intention of delivering what they meant to and nor would they refund a penny of the money given to them. They would use investor funds to fight any investor request for a refund due to them contractually. And Mrs Ames knew exactly what was going on as she was right there in the “thick” of it. The stench of greed around the Ames family is becoming overwhelming for even themselves.

    Whilst Mrs Ames was ostentatiously wallowing in bourgeois materialism gained through Harlequin haven deceptively taken money off people and and then having done absolutely nothing to deliver what those people had paid for, the majority of investors were soon in mental and sorrowful crisis.

    I believe Mrs Ames is due to end her life very miserably and I am very satisfied about that. Rot fat lady.

  67. Anonymous

    JD- May I quote you……”ostentatiously wallowing in bourgeois
    materialism” I love it. Please post more often.

  68. Anonymous

    mañana para mañana should be most interesting…

  69. Robert Storey.

    funds were supposed to be used for the construction of the resort, but instead O’Halloran was found guilty in the Irish High Court of using funds intended for the procurement of materials and construction of the complex for lavish personal ends, including a wedding, a private jet and a racecourse.
    During that hearing, the court heard then-Wilkins Kennedy employee Jeremy Newman and current partner Martin MacDonald had allegedly aided and abetted O’Halloran in his deception of Harlequin.

  70. Robert Storey.

    And yet the Crazier clan think he is Mr. Wonderful.

  71. investor

    Mr. Storey why are you persisting on about the Irish case, a case that could well be overturned on appeal and a case that involves a quarter percent of deposits taken?

    Matt Ames was found guilty in a criminal court in the UK and jailed, how much did he take from Harlequin investors whilst working with Dave?

    The Judge in Ireland ordered that £ 1 Million be paid back so what happened the balance of the £440 Million taken from investors by Ames, yes approx £439 Million. what happened this Mr. Storey??

    Why do you never ask this question of David Ames? What happened the balance of the money..

    Why can’t Harlequin continue to pay the investor interest payments? Or continue with the work?

  72. Anon

    Odd the Irish judge awarded Harlequin £1 Million, well it can’t have been much of a private jet then, I suppose if you were Ames you would call your former piston engined airline assets “JETS”. So that probably accounts for that.

    Wonder where the “Race Course” was purchased? Barbados? St. Lucia? St. Vincent, I doubt that the balance of the £ 1 million after buying a jet would buy much of a “Race Course”,

    But after buying all the above, there was change to splash out on a Lavish Wedding, so where did this lavish wedding take place? Where are the photos?

  73. Even Odder

    @ Anon 11.14 am, you have forgotten the mansion allegedly bought by the builder in Ireland, the diamonds, the mansion in Barbados he was allegedly renting, all for £ 1 million,

    Me smells a rat here lol. Ames maybe able to redifine luxury in his little mind, Storey redefines Bullshit, and the builder, well maybe we should have given him the £ 440 Million, apparently he appears to have a canny eye for some smashing bargains. Jets, racecourses, weddings, mansions, diamonds and a lavish lifestyle all for £ 1 million Quid,
    Poor Dave had to fork out £ 1 million Quid plus just for Bluebell Wood alone in 2008, another £ 1 million Quid plus or minus for a pair of clapped out piston engine aircraft, at least the builder got a “JET”, Ames forked out God knows how many millions for a Gairy Player golf course, (yet to be built), maybe he should have purchased a “Racetrack”, I mean that appears to have already been built, if it can be located that is.

  74. Anonymous

    @Anon 11.14, keep up son. The amount misappropriated by Paddy was about £14m, only £1m was claimed by DA as damages. Why? That was the amount that an Irish court would have jurisdiction on. You really do spout crap. I suggest you read through the court documents and get a bit of education on this.

  75. Robert Storey.

    What’s funny is whenever I mention the Irish builder is the flurry of activity defending nicking over a million quid.

    Grow up Paddy.

  76. Even more confused.

    I have seen court documents on here in the past and newspaper articles and the amount alleged to have been taken is Thirteen Million USD, by my calculations that is about Seven and a half million Sterling, and I have no idea what you mean by “Jurisdiction” of the Irish Court, but if Ames knew all he could get was One Million Sterling in Ireland why spend Six Million to recover One Million or is Mr. Ames now redefining logic?

    And why if Mr. Ames claims that the builder took Thirteen Million dollars or fourteen million pounds is he suing Wilkins Kennedy for Seventy Million dollars?

    Cmon do you really think that we all came down in the last shower?

    Why can’t those who support Harlequin explain where the Four Hundred and Thirty Two and a half Million or Four Hundred and Twenty Six million is gone allowing for the Seven and a half Million pounds or fourteen million pounds that the Harlequin Trolls now state the builder stole.

    Posters are always asked by Harlequin trolls to prove facts and in the absence of proving facts posters are ridiculed by Harlequin Trolls, so please can you show proof that the builder stole fourteen million pounds now?

    A court judgement not a news paper article.

  77. Anon

    What’s funny Robert is you and your little buddies can never answer a simple question, the builder nicked a million quid, so where is the other 439 million Quid?

    Why not make a comment on this?

  78. Anonymous

    The Irish builder did not take £400 million from approx 6000 investors to build resorts in the Dominican Republic , St Lucia , Barbados , Brazil .we all know who did, don’t we Mr BS (Bob Storey).

  79. BBaywatch

    UK investors – especially SIPP investors might like to comment on this thread in today’s Guardian


  80. Anonymous

    What is really funny Robert is that every time you open your mouth you seem to open up a bigger can of worms, and you also appear to be some kind of mystic, you seem to know the identities of all those posting on here, why not tell Dave and save him all that money in the US chasing ghosts, lol.

    glad you think that the builder is behind all the anti Harlequin comments, hope it makes you sleep easier.

  81. Robert Storey

    I take it you are directing your comments to Robert Storey. and not me

  82. Anonymous

    Just for clarity. the amount claimed was misappropriated was $US 13.5m (£8.4m at todays rates.) The amount claimed by DA was US$2.283m which was diverted to Ireland, Hence the Irish jurisdiction. The amount awarded in damages amounted to US$1.918m (£1.19m) and EU 120k (£96K)
    And the reason he has spent £6m chasing £1.3m is simple. Winning the Irish case was a pre cursor to starting the WK case. The two are interlocked, anybody can see that. So to keep banging on spending £6m to get £1.2M is quite frankly, and ignorant argument.

  83. Robert Storey

    I am a Harlequin Troll, and when I make an ass of myself or when I’m asked an awkward question about Dave or Harlequin I pretend I’m not me. But what I fail to understand is that I am part of a collective we ( Harlequin Trolls) who’s only purpose is to divert attention away from Dave, Carol and Dan Ames and the other senior employees of the Harlequin debacle in the hope that investors will one day get so bored that they will just walk away.

  84. Robert Storey

    You see you are not capable of telling the difference between Robert Storey. and Robert Storey. You fall for it every time and now, poster of 12.35 you really do look stupid. What a waste of space and time you are. Ha Ha Ha lol

  85. Anonymous

    @Anon 12.16, The builder did not nick £1m. See the post at 12.34. If you are trying to make a serious point (unlikely) then try and get you basic facts right first!

  86. Anonymous

    Can I be Robert Storey too ?

  87. Robert Storey

    It would appear anyone can!

  88. Anonymous 1

    @ Anonymous 12.34 thank you for that, so it was not 14 Million Sterling,

    So Dave Ames spent £ 6 million in order to drag Wilkins Kennedy into the fray.

    So I have a couple of questions for you,
    (1). should the Irish Builder win the appeal then by virtue of the “interlocking”, the Wilkins Kennedy case falls away. Yes / No, ?

    (2). David Geddes Harlequin’s IT expert recently “accidently” deleted all of the Harlequin information from the Harlequin servers including all the information contained on the hard drives of Sarah Tricker at her home.

    Will this not pose a problem for Harlequin? Especially in the discovery process. ?

    (3). Wilkins Kennedy would be entitled under UK law to apply for security of costs in their case, how will Harlequin fund this?

    You could use what they call after the event insurance, have Harlequin obtained this and can you prove they have the cover in place?

    (4). Harlequin Property SVG Ltd is one of the claimants in the case against Wilkins Kennedy, in the likely event that HMSSE is put into liquidation in the next few weeks, and let’s for the sake of argument accept this as fact for now, the liquidators of HMSSE will pursue Harlequin Property SVG Ltd for the debt owing, will the liquidators then continue with the case against Wilkins Kennedy?

    (5). A number of witnesses for Harlequin in the Irish case have written to Kennedys in London, solicitors for Wilkins Kennedys insurers, stating that the information they provided the Irish court may not have been wholly correct. Will this have an adverse affect on the Harlequin Claim against Wilkins Kennedy?

    Can you finally explain why the monetary value of the claim against Wilkins Kennedy is so high? Some 60 Million USD.

  89. Robert Storey

    Maybe Dave spent the missing cash on very expensive lap dances?

  90. Anonymous

    @Anon 1, why do you persist in talking about the information a server being deleted? So now you are looking at hard drives in peoples houses? All your questions are purely conjecture. I.E question 5. How many? who? Why have they written to WK insurers? Why not wait for the Irish appeal. That would surely mean they have perjured themselves? Perhaps they were witnesses for Paddy not against him?

  91. Anon

    @ Anonymous 12.43 you are correct the Builder did not nick 1 million Quid, the only judgement against the builder is for £ 1,286,000 Quid. So what happened the other £ 438,714,000 Quid that Ames received in deposits?

    We know from the Caldwell / Canga judgements in St. Vincent and the Grenadines that the Judge in his judgement stated that David Ames had made Fraudulentl missrepresentations to his clients in the amount of c £ 2 million pounds, and given that the judge in St. Vincent and the Grenadines used the same terminology as the Irish Judge it would be safe to state that Ames nicked c £ 2 million quid.

    I’m only going by judgements handed down to date, I’m not speculating on the outcome of appeals or the Wilkins Kennedy case, the CLC case or the other 100 or so cases currently before the courts where Dave Ames and Harlequin are defendants, I’m just going by judgements handed down.

    So subtracting this additional £ 2 million pounds from the sub total above, where has the balance £ 436, 716,000.00 of investors deposits gone?

    A very simple question.

  92. Anonymous 1

    At anonymous 1.19 pm, I apologise I thought you were in the loop and that you were an employee of Harlequin, again I apologise because had you been an employee of Harlequin you would have known my questions whilst a little pointed (and I apologise for that too) are indeed not based on conjecture but on fact,

    I did believe that I was talking to someone in the know, apparently I’m not, so sorry for taking up your valuable time this Monday, I shall await a comment from someone who is in the know.

  93. Anonymous

    A very simple answer, the Irish builder did not nick £1.286m, he nicked a lot more than that. It was £8.4m Perhaps you would like to post the SVG judgements on here?

  94. Anonymous

    @anon 1, no im not an employee. Never make assumptions, its dangerous.

  95. Lost their bark.

    Yes post them….. £8.4 million that’s a chunk – where is the builder hiding now?

  96. Anonymous 1

    At anonymous 1.19 pm, as you are not in the loop you seem focused in on Question 5. The witnesses were for Mr. Ames,

    Samuel Commissiong (I hope I’ve spelt that correctly) was contacted by Kennedys on the back of differing statements he made in Ireland and the UK, a complaint was filed against Mr. Commissiong to his oversight body in St. Vincent prior to Kennedys making contact with Mr. Commissiong, Kennedys were merely trying to ascertain from Mr. Commissiong which evidence was correct the UK evidence or the Irish evidence, that’s all, by all accounts Mr. Commissiong is an old man and may well have been intimidated by the atmosphere within the court.

    A similar situation surrounds a Mr. Gareth Ronan, again information he gave in evidence in Ireland was not supported by emails which were subsequently discovered, so all Kennedys were looking to do is to see why Mr. Ronans version of events as described by him in the Irish courts differed from that contained in earlier emails from him.

    The same applies to Sean O Connor, etc Mark Coggle etc

    So Kennedys are not suggesting any wrong doing on the part of the witnesses, they understand the pressures on individuals especially when giving evidence in court for the first time ever, and they fully understand that people make mistakes all the time, they are certainly not suggesting that the witnesses deliberately lied, but the witnesses are only humans afterall and appear to have made a “FEW” mistakes.

  97. confused even more

    What effect, in simple terms will the liquidation of HMMSE have on investors – please no jargon I’m finding it hard enough to keep up as it is.

    Will this mean Ames goes bust too

  98. Anonymous 1

    The companies owing money to HMSSE are as follows :-

    Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited – the owner of the registered land in Buccament Bay / Merricks – £22.3m owing to HMSSE

    Harlequin Boutique Hotel Limited – the owner of the land at H Hotel – £0.9m owing to HMSSE

    Harlequin Boutique Hotel Limited (St Lucia) – the owner of the land Blu Hotel – £3.8m owing to HMSSE

    Harlequin Luxury Hotels Barbados Limited – the company which contracted to buy “The Harlequin Hotel” – £3.3m owing to HMSSE

    Source – Statement of Affairs – HMMSE

    These four companies will be asked to repay the monies to HMSSE by the Liquidators.

    If Ames cannot repay this money the liquidator will sell the assets of the four mentioned companies in the Caribbean in order to recoup the monies.

    The monies owed by HMMSE to Caribbean companies would become unsecured creditors within HMSSE. There are not any circumstances that HMSSE would not seek repayment via a liquidator.

    In a nutshell all investors become unsecured creditors,

    What does this mean? Investors will get pence in the pound, 2p if they are lucky.

  99. Anonymous 1

    @ Anonymous 1.29 pm, @ Lost Their Bark 1.35 pm, you both must be new to BFP, the Judgements were uploaded on this site previously via Anon Files, I’m sure they will get reposted. Sadly Lost Their Bark and Anonymous 1.29 pm, there is only one Judgement against the builder for £1,286,000.00 not £ 8.4 Million. But let’s say the builder is responsible for the £ 8.4 Million so where is the remaining £ 431, 600 , 000.00 quid, any idea?

  100. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 1.31 pm, take it from me son, there ain’t nothing dangerous about one Anonymous poster making assumptions about another Anonymous poster on here m8. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    What is dangerous is those who are reading these posts yet saying nothing.

    And it looks like it’s all dangerous for Ames,

  101. Anonymous

    @Anon 1 I think your assertions in point 5 are somewhat misleading. To say that “a number of witnesses in the Irish case had written to Kennedys”. No what they had done is answered some questions posed by Kennedys. I would suggest the statements made in the Irish case by Paul Jacobs and David Wallerson are more appropriate. Have they been challenged?

  102. Anonymous

    @Anon 1, no one has suggested the judgement was for £8.4m. What is clear is that he mis appropriated £8.4m. That fact forming part of the WK case. The list of items which made up the £8.4m is clearly documented and includes, jet aircraft,wedding costs which never took place, a quarry, car hire franchise, a house in Ireland etc etc.All which are essential to building a hotel. not.

  103. Anonymous

    @ anonymous 2.53 PM, you have made a statement of fact that the Builder mis appropriated £ 8.4 million. Yet no judge has adjudicated on the matter, yet you say it is clear that the builder mis appropriated £ 8.4 million and are now stating that as FACT. You state that it is CLEAR. Clear to whom may I ask?

    And this FACT as you call it forms part of the WK case? This would suggest to me that Ames maybe in very deep water here with the WK case.

    David Wallerson is a name that rings a bell, yes I believe he was also on the Kennedys list, again his evidence differed wildly from that obtained in subsequent emails. Who is Paul Jacobs? Who does he work for?

  104. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 2.45 pm I may stand corrected, I’ve seen a document where Mr. Wallerson through his lawyer is willing to cooperate with the SFO and Kennedys. So not sure if he has been approached or has willingly gone to the authorities, your guess is as good as mine.

  105. Bluebell Wood, Thailand and Dubai

    @ Anonymous 2.53 pm, is Bluebell Wood, properties in Dubai and Thailand, the purchase of ageing aircraft, are these all essential for the building of a hotel ?

    We’re investors told that half a million dollars a month of their money would be used to prop up the hotel operations, well another individual Mark Sawkins has been speaking with Kennedys, again I don’t know whether he approached them or they approached him.

    Just saying, sorry am I allowed to speak about Dubai and Thailand?

    My point is that you guys are refusing to answer my question, if the builder took £8.4 Million, what happened the remaining £ 431, 600, 000.00.

    And who the hell is Paul Jacobs?

  106. Anonymous

    So Anon, can you clarify why a builder of a hotel on SVG would need.
    1)a jet
    2)renting an expensive villa in Sandy Lane Barbados
    3)buying a racetrack in St Lucia
    4)purchasing a quarry in SVG
    5)Buying a house in Cork
    6)Weddings by Franc ltd
    Paul Jacobs was from Grant Thornton (head of Forensic and Investigation services unit) who carried out an “extensive review of the financial payments made by the plaintiff to the ICE Group in respect of the BB project”.
    The judge stated “I am satisfied that Mr Jacobs analysis of the books and records which he has examined and the conclusions which he has reached are fair and reasonable and I accept his evidence”
    No wonder you do not remember who he is. I bet Kennedys do though! LOL
    David Wallerson was the former FD of ICE! An ICE employee has changed his evidence! NO I think you are shooting from the hip on this mate. You need to check your script first.

  107. Anon

    Yes, could someone in the Harlequin Troll camp answer the following Questions,
    Where is the £ 430 million Quid that purchasers gave Ames and his family,

    Good point Anonymous 2.53pm

    “All which are essential to building a hotel, not”,

    so let’s include the huge commissions in this shall we, yes the c £220 Million in commissions paid to agents including Dave Ames’ wife’s company. Was this essential to building the hotel Anonymous, I think Not.

  108. Hold on folks

    But hold on folks.

    If I appoint a builder to, say build me a house, and we agree a price of £500k. It understood that this figure contains an element for materials, an element to pay for labour and an element for profit (putting it simply).

    If I am incompetent in my dealings with my builder and I fail to put in place a proper contract which schedules out the proportions of each of the above elements. And, without a contract I also have no opportunity to schedule out an agreed specification and standard for the house. Then frankly I have no control over exactly how much profit he decides to allocate himself. If he chooses to pull 50% profit from the project and only allocate the remaining 50% to his materials and labour costs then more fool me for not pinning it all down in a contract.

    This is less about theft and more about mis-management of the project. After all if this was theft then this would be a criminal offence and subject to criminal not civil law.

    Am I wrong?

  109. Hold on folks

    And clearly, once he has decided to pull out 50% profit then he is entitled to spend it on weddings, jets and anything else that takes his fancy.

  110. Anonymous

    Mark Sawkins? Jesus Kennedys must be desperate if they are trawling round the world speaking to people in the UAE. I would suggest Kennedys approached him.

  111. Anonymous

    David Wallerson, (remember him) admitted in court that the project taken by ICE was a loss leader. So no he was not entitled to spend “the profit” on what he wanted.

  112. confused even more

    Looks like the Irish builder had a dip because Ames was too stupid to notice?
    Who could blame him?

    Either way it looks like harlequin will be bust and the vultures will pick over the bones leaving little or nothing for investors.

    Does this mean that Ames will go bust too? It’s wrong to leave him a pot to piss in.

  113. Anonymous

    No he “had a dip” because Ames trusted man, MaCdonald who was supposed to be monitoring build costs etc, was screwing him over with Paddy.

  114. What about the building in Ch.Ch. by the Board Walk. A homeless man use it for his toilet, bath, etc. Don’t even know if it has running water & he sits & lie on the wall just as you cross over from Lanterns Mall, he even has his ass & scrotum exposed with young children all around. yes, complain about the building, but can’t the authorities do something about this person. He smells disgusting, & a lot of tourist & bajans use the board walk. Get him off there, it’s not good publicity, if any good samaritan try to help him the language that comes out his mouth is not pleasant to the ears.

  115. Anonymous

    just asking just asking. Is Ch.Ch. Christ Church and is the wall
    mentioned part of the HHotel build site. If not- what the hell are you
    talking about?

  116. Anonymous

    Bob Storey at 3.53 pm..give it a break Bob, you sound like such an old fool babbling crap over and over again. What kind of a businessman, developer, CEO of a multinational group of companies, would let someone build and receive tens of millions of dollars without a written contract? That person is either an idiot or a crook. So please stop blaming “the Irish Builder” and Mr MacDonald,for Harlequin`s problems and failures..no one buys that argument and you know it.

  117. Ha ha always a sign your argument has run out of steam. Been argued into the dust. You are obviously confusing me with someone else.

  118. In the Know

    Paul Jacobs was from Grant Thornton (head of Forensic and Investigation services unit) who carried out an “extensive review of the financial payments made by the plaintiff to the ICE Group in respect of the BB project”.



    The judge stated “I am satisfied that Mr Jacobs analysis of the books and records which he has examined and the conclusions which he has reached are fair and reasonable and I accept his evidence”


    No wonder you do not remember who he is. I bet Kennedys do though! LOL


    David Wallerson was the former FD of ICE! An ICE employee has changed his evidence! NO I think you are shooting from the hip on this mate. You need to check your script first.



  119. Anon

    Bob Storey will be on here for years to come. Even after court cases, custodial sentences, liquidations. Even after everyone else is satisfied that justice has been done Bob will be posting and nobody will be listening any more.

  120. Anonymous

    Is anyone listening now…

  121. Bob's special deal

    Bob, you forgot to change your name back again.

    While we’re at it, your two years of guaranteed 10% returns must be over by now, so how does the 50/50 room rate share compare? Would you care to put a positive spin on the sound investment Harlequin was for you, to alleviate the fear others have that they’ve lost everything?

  122. Dave Ames - business failure

    Proof of finance?

  123. Anonymous

    The builder along with a lot of other individuals realised what a total scam artist Ames is and saw the opportunity to have a piece of the pie, simples. One great thing about robbing thieves they can’t go to the police. Oh yeah it was civil case not criminal.
    Awful lot of conversation about £8.4, not a lot about the £200 million Ames and his cronies defrauded.
    I have to agree with the earlier poster, it sounds like we have got down to the singular HP troll.

  124. Anonymous

    Why are there 4 posts about someone you say you trying to ignor. You are a stupid lot. Now where has the expert in the Irish case gone? Still embarrassed about his knowledge of David Wallerson?

  125. Anonymous

    @Anon 5.40, another one who cannot tell the difference between Robert Storey. and Robert Storey. Bit sad really but gullible.

  126. In the Know

    In the Know on October 6, 2014 at 4:57 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Paul Jacobs was from Grant Thornton (head of Forensic and Investigation services unit) who carried out an “extensive review of the financial payments made by the plaintiff to the ICE Group in respect of the BB project”.



    The judge stated “I am satisfied that Mr Jacobs analysis of the books and records which he has examined and the conclusions which he has reached are fair and reasonable and I accept his evidence”


    No wonder you do not remember who he is. I bet Kennedys do though! LOL


    David Wallerson was the former FD of ICE! An ICE employee has changed his evidence! NO I think you are shooting from the hip on this mate. You need to check your script first.



  127. In the Know

    Paul Jacobs was from Grant Thornton (head of Forensic and Investigation services unit) who carried out an “extensive review of the financial payments made by the plaintiff to the ICE Group in respect of the BB project”.



    The judge stated “I am satisfied that Mr Jacobs analysis of the books and records which he has examined and the conclusions which he has reached are fair and reasonable and I accept his evidence”


    No wonder you do not remember who he is. I bet Kennedys do though! LOL


    David Wallerson was the former FD of ICE! An ICE employee has changed his evidence! NO I think you are shooting from the hip on this mate. You need to check your script first.



  128. Anonymous

    Can’t be that many retards in the whole world that can’t see a very very obvious fraud.

  129. Anonymous

    A new and disturbing TripAdvisor review has just been posted.

  130. Anonymous

    Has it been deleted, or have you missed the fact that it’s 2 days old and has already been discussed? (and Bob has already blamed O’Halloran for all of HP’s failings for the 1000th time and everyone can tell which posts are him, even though he keeps changing his ID?)

  131. Anonymous

    Proof of finance?

  132. anon

    Bob is such a prolific mass-debater. And so many IDs – I’m surprised he can keep up with himself.

  133. Robert Storey

    @anon 2.21 and you think Robert Storey. is me ha ha lol you muppet

  134. Dave Ames - business failure

    HMSSE liquidation…..

  135. Dave Ames - business failure

    Any news on finance Mr Ames??

  136. Dave Ames

    Yes all looking good thank you.

  137. Anonymous

    The two biggest lies…”The Cheque is in the mail”, and ‘I promise I won`t c… in your mouth”
    Third….”I have secured financing”

  138. Anonymous

    Anyone been to those legal surgeries held by RL? I was meant to go but didn’t get any invitation or anything?

  139. Anonymous

    Poor Buccament Bay Resort Website has really suffered lately..no PADi Indigo Dive, No Liverpool Academy Football..just ESPA and Pat Cash Tennis Club (not Academy) left really..rest is fluff from Harlequin itself (Kids Club and Harlequin Performing Arts Academy) and the wrongly placed ABTA logo, since a RESORT is not authorized to use a membership logo, which is to be used only by Travel agents…their international big name sponsorships have dried up…Wonder why…oh, its the Irish Builder`s fault.

  140. Lillian Byrd

    Indigo has relocated, but the resort still uses Indigos photos to advertise the diving. Why? I’m sure the cease and desist letter is in the post.

    Don’t forget the West Indies Cricket logo has gone too.

    I would speculate that the owner of ESPA has her lawyers prepping a letter to HHR / BBR as well.

    There’s a rumour floating around the the Blu Hotel in St. Lucia has closed its doors. Can anyone shed any light on that?

  141. Anonymous

    Dont know if they are open, but here is an interesting comment on TA…“HORRIBLE”
    1 of 5 stars Reviewed 2 weeks ago

    birthday plans completely ruined. we attempted to get ready at 5pm for dinner reservations and were completely pissed to find that the water was shut off, called front desk a million times and no answer. Finally went downstairs front desk guy having cocktails and chatting with friends on the street, complained about having no water in the room and was told it would be back in 10 minutes, an hour later still no water complained a second time and was told maintenance was working on it and that we would be provided with two buckets of water to shower with.8:30 still no water 10:30 still no water we lost our dinner reservation and had no choice but to sit by the bar returned to the room and 1 am to find the water just trickling in we spoke to the manager who did absolutely nothing to help we received zero refund and was told that there was nothing they could do….VACATION WASTED WILL NEVER RETURN!!!!!

    Stayed September 2014, traveled with friends

  142. The Harlequin Way

    I just love this from the Buccament Bay Resort website,

    “In addition to excellent local coaches who are trained at the Liverpool FC Academy in England so they can coach guests “The Harlequin Way”, each year the resort hosts special master class coaching with famous names and legends from the sport.”

    So local coaches are sent to LFC to train then come back and Coach guests the ” Harlequin Way” ?????????

    WTF is Ames smoking.

    All we need now is master classes by C Ponzi, no not Charles, Carol.

    No more Trader Vics either.

    But we have photos of staff members who have fallen in love, awwwwww, wonder will their love survive the demise of Buccament Bay, wonder do they plan on getting married on the “Black Pearl”, and wonder if they get flown to their Honeymoon on Harlequin Air?

    On Harlequin Air, anyone seen reference to this anywhere?

  143. Dave Ames - business failure

    The end is coming…….

  144. The family

    Will he end up going bust with the rest of his vile family?

  145. Question for Ames...

    Any sign of the guaranteed mortgages, Dave?

  146. Question for moaning minnie

    Did it say guaranteed mortgages in your contract?

  147. Response to Robert Storey

    Someone said it. Most other victims were suckered in for exactly the same reason.

  148. Anonymous

    Peter Binose has posted on i-witness-news svg that…”I have recently acquired a USAID report from the 1970’s and it has maps and plans
    showing all areas in SVG with soils such as those at Clare Valley”…
    Perhaps he could post on here what the soil conditions were for
    Buccament bay and its valley. It should prove interesting in the sense
    that if the soils are inappropriate for a resort there will NEVER be
    any re-financing.

  149. Anonymous

    Especially if it an Indian burial site also. Lol

  150. Dave Ames - business failure

    And it’s not insured 😉

  151. Shitty SVG

    Lets be honest Buccament Bay was never much to rave about unless you’re are an Essex chav, SVG is pretty grim at best – its just shit.

    Now, what exactly has BB got to offer? The performing arts run by a raving alcoholic and his ‘wife’

    Food and drink shortages galore, not to mention loosing his sponsers quicker than Mrs Ames pops her happy pills!!

    Bunch of twats the lot of them

  152. Daves days are numbered

    DAVE AMES, What have you and you’re inbred family and employees done with £400,000,000..!!!
    Thats FOUR HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS STERLING!!!! Quite a figure there eh!
    Where is the finance?? you know as well as I do that there is none!!!
    Where is the secret stash? even an inbred hair brained bunch would have certainly stashed away a few quid when the shit hits the fan.

  153. Anonymous

    RL getting down to business:

    SIPP Operator Claims
    We already have a significant number of claims which we are pursuing for clients relating to their pension transfer advice. These claims are in the main being run via the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
    Partial Settlement ?

    The parallel claim which needs to be brought is to the SIPP operators / trustees. This claim needed to deal with the in perpetuity annual charges which investors will face (if they do nothing). Our claim letter is going to be sent in the w/c 20th October 2014 and a copy of it will be posted on to http://www.harlequinredress.co.uk .

    The supporting schedule of clients will initially be a sample of our client base. We have done this to ensure all resorts are covered in the claim. It is the due diligence (or lack of it) which gives us cause for concern.

    Yellow Forms
    You will recall that we issued a Yellow Form to all SIPP investors. We have received a significant number of these forms and will be writing to those who responded shortly. Our key concern is that we have an accurate schedule of claimants to give to the SIPP operators / trustees. We need to make sure that all our clients are notified to the insurers of the SIPP operators / trustees.

    To do this, we will be sending all SIPP Investors a “Data Subject Access Request” form to complete and return to us. This form will obligate the SIPP operator / trustee to disclose all the data they hold about each investor.

    Our concern is where SIPP investors singularly pursue redress for the pension transfer advice, whilst ignoring the annual management charges issue. This does not deal with the matter in a complete form. Both elements have to be undertaken to ensure a global settlement.

    We understand and accept that other lawyers / claims management firms will be undertaking redress claims for clients. However, it would make sense to work collaboratively, as this will maximise the opportunity for a complete solution for investors.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors is authorised to undertake reserved legal activities and has experience in dealing with groups. Many of the promoted options such as Holkham are unable to undertake court work as they do not have the permission to do so. At present, Holkham are not authorised to make an application to the FSCS or a claim to FOS. We cannot understand how they can sign up clients to do something which they are not even legally entitled to do.
    A partial settlement is in real terms no settlement.

    Investors need to deal with their capital loss, whilst at the same time dealing with the annual management charges that will run on in perpetuity. The only way to achieve this is by a combined claim process.
    The claim letter to SIPP operators will be displayed on http://www.harlequinredress.co.uk in the w/c 20th October 2014.
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  154. Same old pigs at the trough!!


    We have received a copy of the attached updated which has been published by Powerscourt. There is a significant number of Harlequin investors with SCS Farmland investments.

    This letter seems to be distancing Powerscourt from any involvement in the due diligence or administration of the scheme. This appears to be a pre-cursor to the scheme having serious difficulties / failing.

    What is odd in the letter is that Powerscourt have accepted and administrated investor money, done due diligence and are now telling investors that they cannot rely on the due diligence.

    Powerscourt is run by the same people who run Holkham Redress / Compensation. Remember, Holkham are not authorised by the Ministry of Justice to run claims management services. If they approach you, invite you to a meeting, please proceed with caution. Offering services you are not legally entitled to undertake is simply wrong.

    We will be taking a closer look at the role of Powerscourt for our SCS Farmland clients.

  155. Same old pigs at the trough!!

    10 October 2014
    Dear Investor,
    Food Water and Energy SA – SCS Farmland and Greengold
    Following my last update I have received a number of questions. I shall seek to answer all of them to
    the best of my knowledge.
    Why is it proving so hard for Brown & Co to obtain confirmation of title?
    There appear to be three problems.
    First, their lawyer is exceedingly slow. This appears to be typical in Argentina. As I found in dealing
    with the lawyer in Santiago del Estero, weeks can pass without a reply to a simple email; and even
    then, it make several reminders, combined with threats not to pay fees, for a reply to come.
    Second, title to remote parcels of agricultural land can only be verified with reference to sale and
    purchase agreements going back into history; and these are often quite difficult to trace. Powerscourt
    has supplied Brown & Co with such documents as it obtained via its lawyer. But these do not cover the
    additional land that FW&E is offering as security.
    Third, Brown & Co wish to check these documents with such cadastral maps as exist; and this appears
    to be very difficult.
    An underlying point is that Brown & Co is a potential agent of the sale of some or all of the land, to
    repay investors. They will obviously only act as agents if they are entirely satisfied that title is secure.
    Why are satellite images of the land required, and why is it taking so long to obtain
    The estates of land sold through FW&E are huge; and they can only be reached by rough track. So
    the surveyor from Brown & Co was only able to see some; and even then he could not make a proper
    survey of the state of the land. Thus he decided that satellite images are needed.
    The surveyor informed me a few days ago that he is having the same problem with the satellite image
    specialists as with the lawyers: they are extremely slow in doing what you ask.
    Is the drought continuing?
    Powerscourt has not received report on this.
    What is Powerscourt relationship with FW&E?
    FW&E (Food Water and Energy) is the investment provider. It is entirely responsible for how your
    money is used, and thus for the performance of the investment. Powerscourt’s role is at arm’s length
    from FW&E: it administers the flow of funds between investors and FW&E, and it acted as legal
    consultant in drafting the contracts. It also has a specific role in the event of FW&E breaching its
    contract – which has now happened.2
    Whose interests does Powerscourt represent?
    Powerscourt represents the investors’ interests. Thus in the present circumstances of a breach,
    Powerscourt’s responsibilities, as laid out in the contract, are solely to you. This means, as your contract
    states, that you as investors have been paying Powerscourt’s fees; and the level of fees is clearly stated in
    your contract. Powerscourt has received no money whatever or reward of any kind from FW&E.
    Is Powersourt responsible to investors for ‘due diligence’
    No. FW&E has supplied to prospective investors such ‘due diligence’ material as it has wished. For its
    own reassurance Powerscourt obtained via a lawyer in Santiago del Estero documents that, according
    to the lawyer, confirmed title to the land. It also obtained a report from Thomson Reuters verifying
    the financial feasibility of the investment. But it is not responsible to investors for the quality of this
    Will investors receive any further income, or is their investment lost?
    I have no more idea of the state of the investment than the investors themselves have. An investment
    in a remote area of a poorly-governed country many thousands of miles away is impossible to monitor,
    and is thus open to mismanagement and even fraud. I hope and pray that FW&E has managed SCS
    Farmland efficiently and honestly. Brown & Co will, I believe, be able give us a more definitive answer.
    If the investment fails, what prospects are there for compensation?
    If – as I hope and pray will not happen – investors sustain losses from SCS Farmland, those investing
    through SIPPs, especially if they had a regulated Financial Advisor, have a good prospect of obtaining
    I am acutely aware that many people are now suffering, from having invested through SIPPs in various
    inappropriate ‘non-standard’ investments. I am chairman of a non-profit-making company, called
    Holkham Compensation, which represents such people in seeking compensation.
    The losses, for which there may be compensation, may arise from the investments themselves failing.
    They may also arise from investors having been wrongly advised to open a SIPP, transferring other
    pension pots into it, as they will have incurred very substantial additional fees.

  156. Anon

    nothing changes

  157. What goes around, comes around.

    Come on Guys, let’s have a game of ‘Guess the Ames update theme’

    What spin will Ames put on the liquidation of HMSSE?

    – The Irish builder done it?
    – He does not need it so he it cutting costs and looking after investors?
    – Concentrating on building resorts?
    – Bob Storey’s return on investment caused him cash flow issues?
    – Bob Ladel values BB at £50 billion so you have made money.
    – He will sue Shipleys because the are working with WK
    – He has another letter of intent from Wonga loans


  158. anon anon and on we go

    Bloody hell even bullshit Bob has nowt to say about the liquidation of HMSSE lol

  159. Keep up with the Jones.

    If HMMSE goes bust, does that mean the liquidator will enforce the judgement against the Irish builder

    What happens to the WK case? Will they continue with that? Or could that money end up in the Toxic Turds pocket?

    Could Ames sell the hotels, say next week and pocket the cash?

    How does this affect the freezing order if he goes bust himself?

    It does look like the end the road now.

    Cash investors will get nothing after the liquidators fees.

  160. Keep up with the Jones.

    Aye Dick, still think Ames will look after you? twat – your stuffed like the rest of us.

  161. Anonymous

    It’s not liquidated yet. Not to the end of the month, IF it is liquidated. You are like kids waiting for Christmas. All over excited and not able to sleep. Listen to Kevin Wilson and “Santa where’s me bloody bike” That might get you back into the world of reality.

  162. Bob Lidels and his backhander, forgive me I have sinned!

    SCS Farmland has been sold to many investors who hold Harlequin. It is bad news for investors that yet another product sold by the major Harlequin distributors is in a mess.

    “On the question of the current situation, SCS is undoubtedly already in serious difficulties, causing it this year not to make the payments due to investors.” Powerscourt 10th October 2014

    The investment is clearly in trouble on the admission of Powercourt (who are responsible for handling investor monies and administrating the scheme). In the brochure for SCS Farmland, Powerscourt state :-


    Powerscourt Powerscourt Services Ltd, a consultancy based in Cambridge, UK, created the original legal and financial structure for Greengold, the forerunner of SCS, and the structure for SCS. It also administers the investment: it holds the Investors’ Contributions in an Escrow Account in UK until the due diligence is complete; and it is the means through which Investors receive their Annual Payment and Repurchase Price.”

    The clear statement is that the investor monies would not be released until the due diligence is complete. We raised this issue in our update of the 10th October 2014. We received a copy of the response from Powerscourt on the 10th October 2014.

    “On the specific issue of due diligence, Powerscourt has always undertaken its own private due diligence on investments where it has provided consultancy and administrative services, to determine as best it can whether the investment is sound and honest. I am afraid to say that in many cases its due diligence has raised serious doubts, as a result of which Powerscourt withdrew its services, receiving no fee.

    However, as a matter of policy Powerscourt did not offer to undertake due diligence on behalf of investors, as this would create potential liabilities which Powerscourt could not meet. It is worth mentioning that Intelligent Partnership prepared a due diligence report on SCS Farmland, which it supplied to potential investors. Powerscourt had no part in this.

    On the question of the current situation, SCS is undoubtedly already in serious difficulties, causing it this year not to make the payments due to investors. Powerscourt has conveyed to clients the explanations given by the promoters of SCS for these difficulties. In this situation Powerscourt is acting to the letter of its contractual obligations to the investors.”

    The SCS Farmland brochure strongly represents that there are arrangements in place if SCS Farmland has difficulties.


    Powerscourt holds shares Powerscourt holds the shares in the Local Company as security for the Investor. If the Local Company fails fully to pay the returns, Powerscourt can cause the sale on the open market of land held by the Local Company to make up any shortfall.

    Surplus land

    As additional security the Local Company will only sell the Investors a maximum of 75% of its land. This means that 25% comprises surplus land. In the event of the Local Company failing to pay the returns, Powerscourt can sell the surplus land. Discounted price A third form of security is that the Local Company sells the land to Investors at a discount of approximately one-third of its value. This means that, in the event of major failure to pay returns, there is ample value in the Local Company to buy out the Investors entirely, giving them an immediate healthy profit. Due diligence While the Investor’s Contribution is held in Escrow, prior to it being remitted to the Local Company, the Investor will receive documents confirming the Local Company’s title to the Land, and also Powerscourt’s ownership of its shares”

    Powerscourt appear to be telling investors in their letter of the 10th October 2014 that the scheme is in serious difficulty,

    The letter also states that Powerscourt had serious due diligence concerns about the scheme. If this is the case, why were investor monies released from the escrow account ? Why were monies even accepted from investors / SIPPs ?

    Powerscourt represents that it owns shares in SCS and can force sale of the land. We can find no evidence that Powerscourt do actually have such arrangements in place. If they do, they need to carry out their promises to investors.

    It appears to us that investor monies has been released to SCS by Powerscourt when it was not in a position to satisfy due diligence concerns, land title etc. This is something Powerscourt promised they would not do in their brochure.

    SCS Farmland Investors

    We are going to write to Powerscourt for our clients and ask them for a detailed explanation of the use of their escrow account.

    Investors need to understand the basics of the account. Who was a signatory ? At what point did Powercourt obtain the shares in SCS Farmland ? Can this be evidenced ? Why do the recent letters suggest the land title is not perfected when the brochures represent that Powerscourt can enforce sale ?
    In the absence of a rational explanation, it appears that the protection offered to investors via the “escrow” account was either ineffective or not operated. The due diligence position is muddled. Exactly what due diligence needed to be reviewed before the escrow monies were released ?

    Powerscourt are unregulated and have no regulator. However, the operation of an escrow account where SIPP monies are involved would certainly interest the FCA, HMRC etc.

    If you are an SCS Farmland investor, please make yourself known to us, so we can include your name and investment details on our reports.

    We want Powercourt to act to protect your investment, rather than washing their hands, which appears in our mind to be their current stance.


    Holkham and Powerscourt are run by the same people. Rather than trying to recruit investors for redress claims, they should be concentrating on protecting SCS investors. It is a disgrace that Powerscourt are not focusing all their efforts on these poor investors who stand to lose their money. It is the morally right thing to do to try and protect SCS investors.

  163. Bob Lidels and his backhander, forgive me I have sinned!

    Sneaky Bob set this up, after the ‘Bob Trust flopped’. Some people never learn.

  164. anon

    Looks like HMSSE is not the only company that’s in decline, is it Bob 😉

  165. If you are going to slag someone off at least try and get their name right. Twat

  166. Robert Storey.

    Bob has only tried to do right by investors unlike the other twats, Fatshit, Walton Crazier, Broughton, all twats.
    All out to bring Harlequin down.

  167. Anonymous

    Finally seeing reality come to fruition. I want to see the “holkham” bunch squirm

  168. more scum

    This from Powerscourt’s website:

    ‘Powerscourt Services Ltd specializes in the administration of investments in property by [sic] pension schemes and private individuals.

    Powerscourt Services Ltd and its members do not offer personal legal and financial advice. They do not accept liability for the consequences of any action taken as a result of what they have written or said.’

    Doesn’t inspire confidence does it?

  169. The final count down toHMSSE liquadation

    19 days and counting 😉

  170. The final count down toHMSSE liquadation

  171. Führerbunker

    Daves is Daves biggest problem.

  172. Never-fail Investments Ltd

    “Bob has only tried to do right by investors…….”
    And there’s the problem BS Bob, it’s only you and Bee keeper Bob who think there was any “investing” going on.

    You never did answer the question posted earlier regarding your 50/50 share. Is your “investment” living up to your expectations?

  173. Robert Storey

    @n-fil You are an absolute twat. Now a simple question. Do you understand the difference between Robert Storey. And Robert Storey? Obviously a question too far for you. You are an idiot aren’t you.

  174. Anonymous

    @ Robert Storey……..Do you understand the difference between
    Robert Storey and Robert Storey? The permutations are infinite.
    Or that would that be so only in a manic diseased mind.

  175. Anonymous

    Forget the second “that” above.

  176. Robert Storey

    @Anon 8.06 no pea brain Robert Storey. is different to Robert Storey, something you are obviously unable to comprehend. Do I need to spell it out for you?

  177. Anonymous

    Well Robert Storey, Dave wrote “two or three” cheques, was yours one of them? With the low occupancy and significantly discounted room rates how is your investment performing?

  178. Robert Storey

    @Anon exactly as I expected.

  179. Anonymous

    That’s great to hear Robert, but to clarify, were you expecting it to provide you with a retirement income, or did you expect it to collapse owing investors millions?

  180. Rbert Storey.....

    I’m enjoying my rental returns to the max…just opened a new box of wine.Lol, Ha Ha,ha.

  181. Anonymous

    Actually I now realise that my question is both silly and non of my business. Please accept my apologies for being both crass and childish.

  182. Robert Storey

    I’d be drinking bottled wine on my exotic vacations by now if it wasn’t for that builder. Instead its box wine and wallpapering the “snug,”

    It was the builder’s fault I had to pay for my lunch too. I did like the plastic wine glasses though, that was a classy touch I wasn’t expecting. Bobena and I usually drink straight from the box.

  183. Katherine.

    I must admit Ames dropped a clanger with Powercourt, they are as daft as him.
    As for Bob Laddel, another bad call….. he just wants money.

  184. Katherine.

    I wonder, did Matt Ames work with them too?

    At a time when bank accounts are unlikely to offer more than a couple of percent interest, advertisements that offer far more are bound to attract attention.
    How much more? Well, one current promotion announces: ’66 per cent – 160 per cent Fixed Return!’
    The minimum investment is £12,000, and it is completely eligible for inclusion in a tax exempt SIPP pension plan.
    This is no pie-in-the-sky offshore scam. It is not an offer from some boiler room in Barcelona.
    However, the slight drawback is that it is not authorised by the Financial Services Authority. Investors cannot complain to the Financial Ombudsman if something goes wrong. And if the whole deal collapses they cannot claim from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
    Of course, this leads to a question every bit as big as the promised return on your money: is the scheme illegal? Or, unlikely as it sounds, has a church minister from Cambridge come up with a route map for steering his coach and horses right through a system of investor protection and regulation that has taken a quarter of a century to put together?
    The scheme being advertised is called SCS Farmland. Investors buy a slice of a farm in Argentina, and choose to sell it back over a period of either five years or ten years.
    For the five-year investment, they receive a fixed annual payment rising from 9 per cent to 15 per cent, ending with the return of their original capital and adding up to a 66 per cent profit. Over ten years, annual payments start at 10 per cent, rising to 40 per cent and adding up to a gain of 160 per cent in all.
    Behind this is an interlocking series of companies. At the top of the tree is the Food Water & Energy Company Limited, based at Ely in Cambridgeshire and headed by Hector Claudio Rois from Argentina.
    This company promises investors that its sister company in Argentina, which is also called Food Water & Energy, will buy back the farmland at prices that give the 66 – 160 per cent returns.
    Marketing of the scheme is in the hands of a number of agents, the most active of which is probably Worldwide Investments of Cambridge. It has used Essex-based internet advertising firm ADVFN to issue vast numbers of impressive emails, promoting SCS Farmland with such slogans as ‘Food still has to be consumed during a downturn.’
    This is true of course, but it does not necessarily mean that the value of farmland in Argentina or anywhere else will match the very precise advertised returns. So what safeguards are there?
    Well, investors pay for the land through yet another company, Powerscourt Services Limited, a Cambridge business run by the Reverend Robert Van de Weyer, who for many years was a university economics lecturer and has a very detailed knowledge of banking and investment law.
    The farmland is registered to a local company in Argentina, and when an investor sends money to Powercourt, shares in the Argentine company are transferred to Powerscourt, which in turn holds those shares on behalf of the investor. So, the investor never receives legal title to the land, and never receives the shares that are said to represent a stake in the land.
    The safeguard comes in the form of an agreement between Powerscourt and the Argentine company. If the payments due to investors fail to arrive, Powerscourt can demand that the company sell enough land to compensate the investors.
    All this means that investors are placing an awful lot of trust in a series of companies and individuals, some of whom are thousands of miles away, operating under a foreign system of law.
    Nonetheless, Robert Van de Weyer has no doubt that the scheme is lawful.
    Investors do not lend their money to anyone, he told me, so there are no deposits and no interest payments. Investors do not buy shares, he says, so there is no regulated investment product either.
    There is no joint arrangement which obliges investors to act together. In theory, they could move to Argentina and farm their slice of the land. So, this is not a collective investment scheme that would be caught by the FSA.
    And finally, nothing in the way SCS Farmland operates could be described as an invitation to the public to acquire a futures or options contract.
    In short, Van de Weyer says, the way the scheme is structured simply escapes any of the legal definitions of an investment under the Financial Services & Markets Act.
    And he adds: ‘This relates to an important principle of English law, that people can engage freely in any activity unless it is specifically prohibited or regulated by law’.
    However, with or without FSA regulation, not everything about SCS Farmland is running smoothly.
    When I first contacted Robert Van de Weyer he told me: ‘We would not involve ourselves with SCS Farmland unless we had reassured ourselves, as well as possible at this distance from the land itself, that the arrangements were sound, and that the information being provided to potential investors was accurate.’
    A day later, after being directed towards marketing claims made on behalf of SCS Farmland, there was a complete change of heart, and he explained: ‘I am somewhat aghast at the misinformation posted by organisations which I take to be agents appointed by the promoters.’
    Powerscourt had seen and approved the original marketing material for the Food Water & Energy Company, and its role as guardian of investors’ interests was conditional on no changes being made to this. Yet some sales agents had gone their own way.
    One sales firm was even telling investors that Powerscourt controlled the company that held legal title to the land; it does not. And it suggested Powerscourt confirmed land title details under Argentine law; it does not.
    Powerscourt told the Food Water & Energy Company in Ely that it was withdrawing from all involvement in the scheme unless and until it clamped down on rogue agents.
    One of those rogue agents was Worldwide Investments of Cambridge. In fact, this is just a trading name used by a company called Universal Marketing Limited, run by Luke Whitehouse.
    And since Whitehouse is also company secretary of the Food Water & Energy Company, he should in theory be ideally placed to honour the agreement with Powerscourt and not to give any false impressions to investors.
    According to Van de Weyer: ‘The real problem is that the Food Water & Energy Company has failed to exercise adequate control over any of the agents selling SCS Farmland. The problems with Worldwide Investments’ website are one symptom of this failure.’
    Van de Weyer’s intervention has certainly had an impact in Ely. Stefan Raywood, marketing manager at the Food Water & Energy Company, told me he had halted transactions involving agents who had used unauthorised sales claims, and he and Van de Weyer were contacting investors to explain the situation.
    All of which, in my personal view, just goes to show that if SCS Farmland really has found a detour around UK investor protection laws then those laws need to be changed because they are not sufficient.
    I invited the Financial Services Authority to comment on the SCS Farmland scheme and whether it had indeed successfully skirted around what ordinary investors might assume to be laws that protected them. The FSA failed to offer any comment

  185. Anonymous

    My God — I never thought that the English could be so daft !!!

  186. another anon

    …or as devious!

  187. Anonymous

    I’m not surprised the FSA failed to comment. Probably fell asleep half way through reading that lot.

  188. Scum attracts scum

    Same old pigs at the trough.
    Holkham, is Powerhouse, Tailormade promote Harlequin then Holkham for a commission split.

    Pure scum.

  189. Anonymous

    @ St George’s Dragon……a lot of us are still looking forward to the
    photos of HHotel.

  190. anon

    Any news on the contempt of court application for Ames? Was it even true?

  191. Anon

    Hefin Rees QC, some saw him as Ames pet poodle, has left the fold, question is did he leave or was he pushed??

    Hefin Rees QC will most certainly seek to remove all reference to Harlequin from his CV.

    If you are looking for a QC who’s ethics are most questionable, then Mr. Rees could be your man.

  192. St George's Dragon

    @ Anonymous
    I have been away but will try and do it this week. It’s a mess, though.

  193. Anonymous

    @SGD – Thanks…it’ll be appreciated.

  194. TS

    That’s not really true is it about Hefin, just lies.
    CLC wanted an excuse to pull out as their case collapsed and the constant infighting with Crazier and clients.

  195. Anon

    Welcome back TS, any views on the upcoming liquidation of Harlequin Management Services South East?

    TS Hefin Rees is gone, the question remains as to whether he left or was pushed.

  196. TS

    Lets just see what Mr Ames has up his sleeve shall we? Nice dodge on the contempt application – never seen that coming! 😉

    How much did that cost the muppets?

  197. Anonymous

    Craziers clients will be pulling their hair out. She is just in damage limitation mode now. Funny thing is that the original freezing order of the 14 may 2013 had 13 names and by the 10th March 2014 had increased to 25, although this included Erica who is now out on her ear. DA legal cost split amongst 24 people is going to hurt.

  198. Anonymous

    Crazier cocked it up, plain and simple. It was just a money making exercise.

  199. Sid

    So what’s the news on the Crozier 24?

  200. Anonymous

    I should think they are feeling very hacked off and worried. Perhaps they should have done some research on Crozier before surcomming to the Crozier media brliz on BFP and other trade papers. Aided by Erica of course.

  201. brliz media?

    come on BSBob please can you try harder than this

  202. Lol lol , if only you knew you don’t but lol lol .News avaliable soon very very soon

  203. Anonymous

    “Brliz” what sort of word is that? Bless. Haha lol

  204. Anon

    TS have you any opinion on the imminent liquidation of HMSSE and its affect on the RDC companies?

    As for the contempt hearing, I look forward to seeing an update from Mr. Ames and Mrs. Ames on this issue.

    See sadly Harlequin trolls are continuing in their attempts to intimidate the 23 claimants in the case.

    If Mr. and Mrs. Ames felt that they were in anyway victorious in the current CLC case, we would have them regaling the excellent news to us in an update.

    What is so very odd, and most disconcerting is the absolute disregard that the Harlequin Trolls have as to the affect that the liquidation of HMSSE will have on Harlequin as a group.

    Instead you have the Harlequin Trolls continuing to attack and snipe at those investors who have sought recourse.

    Investors would never have needed to seek recourse had Ames fullfilled his contractual obligations to his investors.

  205. Anonymous

    What ever happened to the phone transcripts that were going to be published by the Echo and i witness news?

  206. TS

    I’m sure if some of the recent communications from ELS were found on a train it would clear the matter up, wouldn’t it 😉😉😉😉😉😉

    Let’s see if the Craziers are brave enough to publish the recent communications, which will put the issue beyond doubt, is it Ames’ fault, ahhhh don’t think so, see the barrister for Mr. Ames has clearly pointed out that the legal advice Mr. Ames was given had its short comings, hence the reason why Hefin Rees was removed.

  207. Anonymous

    Would rather be a HP troll than a RL troll. Anon, have you any opinion on the WK case? How can there be an attempt to intimidate the “Crozier 23?” They have set their stall out, nothing can change the outcome of this. Would you not agree that calling someone a Harlequin Troll is a form of intimidation?

  208. Anonymous

    I gave the transcripts and recordings to the police, others have too so I’m told.

  209. Anonymous

    @Anon, perhaps you would like to explain why the number of claimants went down from 24 to 23? Is Erica still a claimant? If not why not?

  210. Anonymous

    No it was clearly stated the transcripts were given to the Echo and I witness news. Now why did they not publish them?

  211. Anon

    I have a view on the WK claim. Ames cannot prove he has after the event insurance so will end up facing a security for cost case, the case is being held over till HMSSE enters liquidation,

    I doubt very much that Ames has much on WK, given that Ames is approaching all and sundry for any dirt they might have on WK.

    Ames through Rees has made some fundamental mistakes in the WK case, I was approached and offered cash to make up stuff on WK, so any investor seeking to make a bit of cash, Ames is willing to do a deal with anyone who gives him dirt on WK,

    So of course there will be those who make it up, afterall that’s what Ames apparently does all the time. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  212. Anonymous

    I gave the transcripts to the police as I did the recordings, I did not give them to the papers, however I shall take you up on your excellent suggestion and get this done. Thank you, I had not thought to do this.

  213. Anonymous

    Funny I thought Mr Jacob Dean from 5RB was the QC on the WK case. Are you sure you know what you are on about?

  214. Sid

    Here’s a question….how was the figure of £50m arrived at for the WK case? I’m guessing there’s a tangible calculation behind it and that it’s not a finger in the air job!

  215. Anonymous

    @Anon 3.00 will you be removing the name of the poor girl from CLC from the transcripts this time? Or has she been fired for her indiscretion?

  216. Anonymous

    Ops CPC

  217. HMSSE in the liquidizer

    Harlequin Management Services (South East) Ltd, the UK sales are of the embattled overseas property development business which trades as Harlequin Property, is set to enter liquidation after it was put into administration 18 months ago.

    Harlequin Property was the primary UK sales agent for Harlequin’s Caribbean-based resort development companies. It is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    Harlequin filed a notice of intention to appoint an administrator at the High Court of Justice in April 2013. At the time, a spokesperson for the company said the administration “will not threaten” investments.

    The administration came after an alert from the Financial Conduct Authority, the first of several issued by the regulator, to advisers over clients which were invested in self-invested pensions weighted heavily to Harlequin property assets.

    According to FTAdviser sister publication Financial Adviser, in August the Serious Fraud Office confirmed it is still investigating the Harlequin Group.

    The Financial Services Compensation Scheme also recently stated that it cannot confirm if compensation can be paid in respect of recommendations by advisers to invest via Harlequin Property into Harlequin Hotels and Resorts, the overseas development arm.

    In a statement, issued this afternoon (14 October), Harlequin says its sales agent function is no longer required for Harlequin to achieve its restructuring goals because “we no longer sell nor intend to continue to sell off-plan overseas freehold investments (aside from completions of existing investments)”.

    It continues that Harlequin Property acted in a ‘trustee’ capacity, by sending client money to overseas development companies in accordance with the investor guidelines, minus commission given to advisers and used for promotion.

    FTAdviser previously revealed Harlequin paid financial advisers a commission rate of up to 9 per cent.

    The statement also reaffirms investments are “safe”, telling investors to check their contract which states in all cases that their investment is with an overseas development company and not Harlequin Property, which is a standalone entity.

    It says: “We are certain in the belief that the liquidation will not threaten Harlequin investments. Any third party redress services that attempt to cause alarm around this news do not have a full understanding of the situation and are likely acting in their own interests for financial gain.”

    Speaking exclusively to FTAdviser, a spokesperson told FTAdviser that once the Harlequin Investor Trust which is aiming to buy up unsold properties in its flagship Buccament Bay resort has been established, this will also provide an exit route for existing investors.

    He added work to establish the ‘trust’ is ongoing and that it should be launched by early next year.

  218. Oh Joy!!

    At fucking last!

  219. Sid

    Another question….if placing HMSSE into liquidation won’t have a negative impact on people’s investments, why take 18 months to do so?

  220. Anonymous

    Sid, the statute of limitations (or what ever it’s called in the UK). It’s all about buying (or wasting) time.

  221. Sid

    Exactly. But wasting time = wasting money.

  222. Anonymous

    Wasting time = keeping your money

  223. What goes around, comes around.

    Its the end of Buccament Bay, it’s the end for investors. Ames will be bankrupt a 3rd time.

  224. Anonymous

    In your dreams son, in your dreams.

  225. What goes around, comes around.

    Errrm message to Ames. What completions?

    In a statement, issued this afternoon (14 October), Harlequin says its sales agent function is no longer required for Harlequin to achieve its restructuring goals because “we no longer sell nor intend to continue to sell off-plan overseas freehold investments (aside from completions of existing investments)”

  226. whatsthefuss

    Does Ames still think the PM of a tin pot island will protect him when it all gets liquidated?

    what a laff.

  227. St George's Dragon

    How can the investments in the overseas companies be safe?
    The administrator of HMSSE – possibly shortly to become liquidator – has scheduled out in his report the huge amounts of money that the RDCs owe to HMSSE. It’s unlikely that they would have got that wrong.
    At any moment, they will demand repayment of the money which the RDCs are in no position to do. The liquidator will surely take action to recover the debts due, through the courts if necessary, and will end up owning the land and buildings as they are the only assets. They will then sell these to raise the funds to pay the creditors of HMSSE.

  228. Anonymous

    Can anyone explain to me why the RDC’s would owe anything
    to HMSSE. After all wasn’t the monies forwarded to them to build
    resorts…if anything it should be the other way round.

  229. Free speech

    October 14, 2014 at 2:55 pm
    No it was clearly stated the transcripts were given to the Echo and I witness news. Now why did they not publish them?

    Storey, you keep on banging on about this. As a news report it’s rather dull and I reckon their readers could not give a shit about the transcripts. However, once Harlequin goes belly up, I suspect there will be quite a lot more enlightening commentary from the local and national press.

  230. SIPP Investor

    Where does this leave SIPP investors?

    Does it become a simpler process to redress?

  231. Anonymous

    @free speech. Yes you are right, it’s dull and no one gives a shit about it. Except perhaps the transcripts were considered to be a poisoned challis by those publications. Ironic that your ID is “free speech” when you belittle it don’t you think?

  232. Free speech

    Storey, have you seen the latest news feed about Harlequins’ liquidation? Can you confirm if this is true?

  233. Anonymous

    Free speech, using the same ID for two posts in a row? Do you believe in free speech? Yes I can confirm I have seen the latest news feed on Harlequin liquidation, it’s higher up on this thread. Oh and I’m not “storey” You have no imagination at all do you.

  234. 'I would think that BB will be around for some time.'

    Looks like the scum at the Harlequin Basildon Bunker didn’t tell Sportsman !

    He’s made a right fool of himself on TA!

  235. whatsthefuss

    October 14, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    It’s in the Harlequin accounts numb nuts.

    Poor Bob, Dave never told him. Dave never looked after him poor little Bobbykins

  236. Robert Storey

    Ha ha whatsthefussykins you are just too thick to realise who is whom on here. Bless

  237. Wongo loans

    Bob still happy with your investment? lol 😉

  238. Robert Storey

    Dear All,

    Shipleys, the administrators of Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited, which traded as “Harlequin Property”, has confirmed its decision and Harlequin Property will now enter the liquidation process.

    Harlequin Property’s function as sales agent is not required for Harlequin to continue to achieve its restructuring goals because we no longer sell nor intend to continue to sell off-plan overseas freehold investments (aside from completions of existing investments); consequently, whilst Harlequin was hopeful that Harlequin Property would be brought out of administration, we accept the decision.

    Investments are safe

    As we have informed you previously, Harlequin is assured that the fate of Harlequin Property will not affect the overseas companies, operation of the hotels, and future development of our projects. Views to the contrary have only been presented by third parties with vested interests and/or a poor understanding of both the situation and the role of Harlequin Property as an agent, resulting in careless guesswork and dissemination of incorrect information.

    To remind you, Harlequin Property was a UK company that, as Harlequin Hotels & Resorts’ primary investment sales agent, acted as an intermediary for the resort developer companies to facilitate client investment in Harlequin’s overseas off-plan properties. Harlequin Property, acting in a trustee capacity, then sent the monies to the overseas development companies in accordance with the Investor Guidelines, minus commission (which was shared amongst any agents involved in the sale and Harlequin for its marketing purposes, such as travel industry events to promote the hotels). Investors need only check their contract to note that their investment is with an overseas development company, not Harlequin Property.

    Harlequin is moving forward

    The Harlequin business has moved on: our focus is on establishing the Trust, securing finance, managing successful hotels, and pushing ahead with development so we can provide the results desired by each type of investor, whether they are seeking completion and rental returns, cancellations or re-sales. As a consequence, Harlequin Property is therefore redundant for Harlequin’s future plans.

    In recent days, Harlequin received another Letter of Intent from a potential financier that we have not previously disclosed. Advanced discussions with other potential financiers continue, including a number of third parties who have officially stated their interest in investing in the Harlequin business.

    However, we believe that finance will only be forthcoming once the Harlequin Investment Trust is established to provide security to investors and give confidence to potential financiers.

    To that end, Harlequin has held constructive discussions with the main SIPP providers – who represent around half of investors – and technical details are expected to be resolved by early 2015. We have already received an ever-increasing four-figure sum of sign up forms from investors (precise figures will not be released to spare investors from negative tactics by third parties). A deadline for all investors to enter the Trust will be announced in the near future.

    Be mindful of your sources

    There are some who want investors to feel under pressure and anxious. Tell-tale signs of such motives include meaningless and arbitrary deadlines that pass without incident, constant speculations of doom that never transpire, serial warnings of impending “moments of truth” that do not materialise, and negative comments on matters with an undue sense of authority when they are in fact on the fringes and ignorant of the details.

    Any questions? Please get in touch

    Very soon we will announce more conference calls with Dave Ames for investors and agents to raise any questions they may have.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us direct via:

    01268 24 24 60



  239. Anonymous


    1. Finance? Letters of intent are nice. I get those all the time – too bad there are no cheques with them. Names, details. Term sheets? Nope? You’re getting letters from banks ready to give individual mortgages, which does nothing to further the “business”

    2. HMSSE has multi million £ debts which will have to be repaid. Not only investors, but third party creditors are owed substantial monies by Harlequin Management Services South East ltd. Good to play down the importance, but your previous “email war” with RL demonstrated you most certainly are not free and clear of HMSSE. Not to mention the money you took out to buy property in Dubai & Thailand.

    Money laundering is a bad thing.

    3. SIPP providers – how can they even consider offering support for a trust? They did not perform any checks previous to this mess, so why would they be absolved with new litigation-busting “trust”? Ames is full of shit. He has 350 maximum for his “trust”. “Ever Increasing four-figure numbers” – pure propaganda. Yet another time-waster.

    4. Returns on investments? Anyone got anything back from their BB investment yet? Wasn’t everyone meant to be receiving rental returns now, from the multiple resorts? No? What’s the problem? Can’t afford to run a single hotel properly, maintain it, and pay back your investors? Sounds like a great business model.

    Remember Dave, you took the £400,000,000. You are responsible for everything you did with it.

  240. Wongo loans

    Harlequin usual shite. It’s over.

  241. Anonymous

    Ole ole ole ole———–ole, now the SFO can walk in and go through all the HMSSE servers……….. Even the one in Sarah Trickers Apartment…………The one, David Geddes (Ames’ nephew) did not “Accidently” delete all the Information off.

    Now what was that about an extension, yes the extension Ames told us all about in his conference call, looks like the press might now have a story to run.

  242. Warthogs over Wickford

    It looks like Fatchops rather dropped a bollock for his poor old clients and Harlequin have rather run rings around him. http://www.bridgingandcommercialdistributor.co.uk/newsstory?id=1281&type=newsfeature&title=broker_dragged_into_1_7m_court_battle

    A major commercial property group and an intermediary firm has been targeted in a case which saw collective claims of over £1.7 million.

    The case heard on the 29th July 2014 contemplated whether the court should hear winding-up petitions based on “undisputed or largely undisputed debts” when both companies are not incorporated in England.

    The two companies in question, Buccament Bay Resort Limited (BLL) and Harlequin Property (SGV) Limited, are incorporated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and are owned and controlled by Mr David Ames within the Harlequin Group. The group develops luxury Caribbean resorts.

    Petitioners claimed a staggering £1,191,831.98 in regards to the non-return of outstanding deposit monies within the BBL case. In regards to the Harlequin Property case, £599,135.05 was claimed for funds due under “finance agreements” in respect of non-return of outstanding deposit monies.

    The alleged debts arise from a Harlequin Property development at Buccament Bay Resort. The petitioners are investors who paid 30 per cent deposits towards the purchase price of individual hotel rooms, which were sold as freehold investments.

    Investors were told they would receive 10 per cent of the purchase price for the first two years after completion, and then 50 per cent of the net rental income from the room afterwards.

    Earlier this year, the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA ) reported that the Serious Fraud Office announced they were looking into complaints related to the Harlequin Group with the Essex Police.

    The regulator also warned that “financial advisers considering recommending consumers paying monies or further monies over to any of the companies in the Harlequin group at this time to proceed with caution.”

    Six BBL petitioners have already gained a settlement with the company in a previous case.

    In May last year, the companies applied to restrain the publicising of the petitions until the 5th of June 2013, where the court ordered for the petitions to be transferred to the High Court in London.

    The petitions were restrained on the terms that the English court was not the appropriate place for the petitions.

    Then, on the 22nd May last year, Mr Fatchett- the petitioners’ solicitor, argued that there was practicality in using the English courts as all monies owed under the contracts went through HMSSE- another company in the group, which was based in the UK, and the sole Director lives in Essex and has other current proceedings in the UK High Court, amongst other reasons.

    On the 23rd May, Mr Regan, the respondent’s solicitor, stated in a witness statement that the debts arose from contracts relating to land in SVG, HMSSE was “merely” an intermediary that passed funds, both companies were incorporated and traded entirely in the Caribbean and decisions were not made in Essex.

    In a witness statement by Mr Ames, he stated that “the petitions should not be dealt with by the English courts since the activities of both companies were overwhelmingly in the Caribbean”.

    In regards to the Harlequin Property, he argued that senior team members are permanently based in the Caribbean overseeing the development, and Mr Ames had spent half of his time since 2009 overseas, totalling in about 60 per cent spent in the Caribbean. It was therefore argued that Mr Fatchett was incorrect to claim Mr Ames managed the company from the UK.

    It was also argued that if a liquidator was appointed under English courts, there would be “considerable practical difficulties” regarding the assets in SVG, especially relating to SVG data protection laws.

    After hearing the evidence in court, the judge concluded: “In this case, there is no justification at all for a winding up order here.

    “It is true that the respondents’ evidence is in certain respects unsatisfactory in relation to their activities in this country; notably, no explanation has been offered as to what the 30 employees in Basildon are doing.”

    However, the judge stated that it was “clear” that all the assets, except from the auditors claim, were in SVG.

    “…this is clearly a case in which SVG is by far the more appropriate forum. For both reasons, this is not a case in which the court should allow a petition to wind up these companies to go forward,” he added.

    “For these reasons, I hold that the court should not exercise its jurisdiction to entertain these petitions, which are dismissed.”

  243. Dave Ames - business failure

    At least RL had a go, Al least CLC had a go. In the end it will be the deluded dwarf that kills Harlequin – by being a serial failure.

  244. Anonymous

    In consideration of all the above WoW, should not the court strip
    Mr Ames of his UK citizenship, not allow him back in the country,
    and let him fight it out in SVG. THAT I WOULD LOVE TO SEE !

  245. Awwwww

    All Fatchops had to do was ask Ames to produce his Passport / Passports, this would have demonstrated what “LITTLE” time Ames spent in the Caribbean,

    Ah well Fatchops, it’s too late now.

    The only game in town eh lol,

  246. Anonymous

    @DA-BF My sentiments exactly.

    I’m sure Ames will receive his comeuppance, especially if any of the “financiers” he’s been colluding with actually start to work with him. Financial people are much less forgiving than “SIPP Operators”, especially when dealing with a man who, by his own admission in court, deals with a £30m project without a formally written contract.

    Unbelievable this shipwreck has been left to drift for so long.

  247. HMSSE in the liquidizer

    Has anything ever be achieved by this blog?
    Anyone with even a Bob Storeeeeey sized brain can see its game over.

    All the rest is window dressing.

    It’s over, plain and simple. That’s it, closure.

  248. Anon

    The latest little PR stunt by the dwarf will do nothing to assist him in the criminal case, Fatchett may not have access to the UK Border Force records but the SFO and Police sure as hell will.

    Now with HMSSE in liquidation, the SFO can swoop on Carol and Dan, now where have all those records gone lol, enter Dave Geddes the Harlequin IT expert, “Sorry me Lord, I ACCIDENTLY hit the delete button on the server when I was making Dave’s porridge, ”

    But it’s ok folks, cause we know who has copies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of everything😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

    So control of the overseas companies was controlled from the Caribbean??

    Wouldn’t you just love to have a peek at Dave Ames, Carol Ames, Dan Ames, Simon Terry, Daniel Abhrams, Andy Regans, Sara Tricker, Daniel Dalligan, Vincent Steening, Sonia Stenning Simon Taylor, David Geddes etc etc etc etc etc …………………. Emails. Now of the above, how many of them were in the Caribbean, some great work done by Fatchops alright

  249. Anonymous

    Ames recently convinced the court in St. Vincent that the claims against his Caribbean companies should be brought in the UK.

    So in light of today’s events, the Update from Ames, FT Article, and the Judgement in the Fatchett case, can anyone or even Brian Morrison explain the following ?


    Dear Client,

    This is a very important update. Please read carefully and immediately. Failing to do so may seriously prejudIce your claim against Harlequin.
    We have probably spoken over the last few weeks about the latest position with the court case against Harlequin Properties.
    I apologies if I am going over information previously discussed but we think it is important that you understand the situation and what we are now doing moving forward, as we will require further commitment from yourself.
    The last few months had been leading up to a month of mediation that involved some cases directly as tests and the others were proposed on the back of this.
    Those involved with the court proceedings did a sterling job for all of us and we thank them for their courage as this is not an easy process to go face to face with Mr Ames and his lawyers.
    The result of the mediation process was that on three attempts the Harlequin team did not show up, which led to a very strong admonishment by the court.
    This then created a face to face meeting last week with the other side. Needless to say, I think we can all appreciate the attitude and perpetual evasions that were made by the other side to confuse and divert attention to the court mediator.
    We understand that their antics did nothing to glorify them in the eyes of the court.
    However we have at least had the first dialogue with regards to the repayment of monies and offers from Harlequin which is a positive as we have not had this level of admission from them previously.
    Because of the tactics made by the other side, we remind you that the set up has now changed and the claims have now been separated out for each property you brought.
    The Court is now looking at each claim on a property by property basis not per owner.
    This means if you bought 2, 3 or 6 properties from Harlequin you will now have the same amount of Claims in court.
    All claims and now counter claims will be handled and processed by the team and the court individually, and all court fees have to now be paid per This has taken the form of either one or more of the following.
    AT the same time as the mediation process we have received and are receiving counter claims against you.
    Harlequin will be making a claim against you for in excess of £20,000 for each of your properties, for one of the following arguments
    • non completion of contracts
    • late payment of completion funds or deposits
    • Breach of contract
    • Payment of capital sums
    Secondly Harlequin have now made an application to have the following parties struck out of the claim
    • David Ames
    • Carol Ames
    • Buccament Bay Ltd
    • The Merricks Ltd
    • Two Rivers Ltd
    • Pataya ltd

    In fact all the overseas parties involved in the action.
    The underlying argument is that they believe that these parties should not be involved in any action and that all action should be set against the UK companies in particular Harlequin South East Services (In administration)
    I am sure you have already realised that no action can be taken against the UK company (In administration) without the permission of the Court. Even if successful, the status of the UK company may perhaps render a court order with no assets to recover your money.
    Thirdly, David Ames has used the “Murdoch Defence“ that he is a very important CEO of a large international company and therefore has no involvement in the day to day running of the company. His argument is that he did know what his sales staff promised you or what mis-selling if any took place.
    It is therefore our argument that the whole of this scheme relies on the charismatic approach Mr Ames has with his clientele. In fact we would argue that without him the scheme would not have been as successful to Harlequin as it was.

    However we now need to defend against these claims to demonstrate to the court and also to Harlequin that we have a robust challenge to this process.
    Therefore we now are looking to our team in the UK and yourself for the big push this month to finally put everything to bed and put Harlequin firmly in to a corner.
    Therefore the following now needs to take place.
    • We have instructed our UK Barrister team to now put together a complete defence to counter claim for you to prevent any further action from taking place in Harlequin’s suit against you.
    • We need a witness statement form you all telling us of the times you either spoke to, corresponded with, or met , heard or received any brochure or correspondence from David Ames. Please give as full details of dates, times, places and occasions of each of the above.
    • We will be putting in an applications to have each counter claim against you and freezing orders put in place
    • We are now also requesting the appointment of a receiver for the companies and assets overseas. This will put you as main creditors in front of the court.
    • To cover the additional applications and also instruction to UK Barristers we will require costs to support this additional work of £625 plus VAT, per claim/property
    • We have also been approached by another law firm that have asked us to work with them and their few clients in a concerted effort to hit Harlequin from all sides.
    • We will now be making a direct approach to continue with improving the settlement talks with Harlequin, using the Court and prevailing applications and orders made over the next few weeks as a back stop to push for a final settlement.
    We are confident that this big push by ourselves and partners and all the input from all the Harlequin clients will produce a final break in the Harlequin team that will either achieve a settlement or will result in a court order. Either way it looks like the last days of Rome in the Ames household.
    Therefore, what do you need to do immediately?
    1. Complete the enclosed questionnaire on your dealings with Ames and Harlequin
    2. Sign the. Questionnaire, date it and return it with fees of £625 + vat per property
    3. Support any claim made on this form with copies of correspondence
    I understand that this latest action is more personal as you are now being sued directly by Harlequin. This is fairly normal in litigation and it is important that you are confident that we will remove these charges against you.
    For that reason should you wish to discuss the claim against you please contact the team direct.
    I am optimistic about this next chapter and it is a credit to you all that your commitment is now attracting other firms to want to be part of this action and further support your case.
    So please come back to me if you do not understand but we need these questionnaires signed and completed by 15th September 2014
    Kind regards


  250. Why bother?

    Whatever you say has no impact on anything. You are nothing.

  251. This kills Ames

    Secondly Harlequin have now made an application to have the following parties struck out of the claim
    • David Ames
    • Carol Ames
    • Buccament Bay Ltd
    • The Merricks Ltd
    • Two Rivers Ltd
    • Pataya ltd

    In fact all the overseas parties involved in the action.
    The underlying argument is that they believe that these parties should not be involved in any action and that all action should be set against the UK companies in particular Harlequin South East Services (In administration)

    Maybe Fatchops should have appealed the UK court decision,

  252. Anonymous

    Who is Brian ???

  253. Anonymous

    Dear Client,
    please find enclosed the information on the work we have just started
    and the questions we need answered by 15th September.

    Please remember to sign the documents before returning as these are for court. Scanning and email is fine but please keep originals

    Any questions you have please contact me I will be available over the weekend to assist .

    kind regards


    Brian A Morrison BSc(Hon) Director Mulberry House Law (incorporating TSL Legal)
    Mulberry House

    62 Vistula Crescent
    Haydon End
    Swindon SN25 1QE
    http://www.tslconsultancy dot com

    07515 623 135

    0844 504 9793 brianmorrison@tslconsultancy dot com

  254. Anonymous

    As I read it Brian doesn’t seem to be at the top of his game…..

  255. Anonymous

    No he’s just after £ 625 + vat. Taken the business model from RL.

  256. Anonymous

    Still doesn’t answer the question —-who the heck is he?

  257. Anonymous

    Nice to see you’re still with us BS Bob. What about the guy who took £400 million? You still seem fixated on the small amounts being charged by the lawyers. Can you comment on the business model that took £400 million?

  258. Robert Storey.

    Brain he is another ‘non’ solicitor like Crazier, like Halkham.
    Should have a blue light on his head.

  259. BBaywatch

    For many observers it was always slightly unclear as to whether the HP business was a poorly planned and executed, over ambitious scheme lead by a naive man, or a larcenous fraud designed from the outset to evade legal challenges.

    Having read the reports of the court actions in the UK and in SVG I feel sure that such doubts are now satisfied.

  260. Anonymous

    @anon 11.04 do you think that £625 + vat is good value for money? Can you comment on this?

  261. fraud

    Why can’t you answer the question BobBS?
    What about the scum who took the investors’ £400 million?

  262. Slo-mo car crash

    @BBaywatch 7.47am

    Can you direct us to the Court reports in particular that put your doubts to rest on this issue please?

  263. Anonymous

    Ah fraudikins, why don’t you try and stick to one ID for a change. Bless

  264. Got to in it to win it!!


    HMSSE Liquidation Analysis

    We will be posting an analysis for interested investors on http://www.harlequinredress.co.uk . Please join our new site if you would like a copy of the update note. It will be posted on the website on 20th October 2014.

    SCS Farmland / Powerscourt

    We have formally written to Powercourt seeking an explanation of the operation of the escrow account / due diligence. We will create a SCS Farmland section in http://www.harlequinredress.co,.uk shortly.

    SIPP Operator Claim

    We will be posting the claim letters on http://www.harlequinredress.co.uk by the end of the month. We doubt any SIPP investor relishes the prospect of paying annual management charges ad infinitum. Our strategic plan to solve this issue is core to this claim.

    Our strategy note and claim letters will help SIPP investors understand how we are to proceed.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  265. Death by a thousand cuts.

    It’s going to be a slow death with Ames hanging on until the last moment!! He will end up the only person at BB like some deranged mad man talking to the sea.

  266. Death by a thousand cuts.

    Is it true Mr Ames has changed his name?

    Cnut the Great

  267. Anonymous

    An anagram of that at least

  268. Anonymous Bosch

    @ Anonymous 14 October 5.34pm

    The HMSSE Ltd accounts signed off by Carol Ames on 11 May 2012 (I think these were the last before the company went into administration) showed that the other Harlequin companies owed HMSSE about £15m. The lion’s share of this (around £10m) was owed to HMSSE by Buccament Bay Resort and I presume that this was for subsidy required to prop it up during the first few years of operation.

    The first duty of the liquidator will be to call this money in from the other companies and, unless it has already been repaid (doubtful), this could cause the companies to fall over. Frankly, even Harlequin admitted that the resort had only just started turning a profit and so it would be very strange if it was sitting on any reserves to pay this money back with.

  269. Rats leaving a stinking ship

    The end game is playing out now. Lets see if Bullshit Bob is still happy.

    What does Ames need staff for in the UK…

  270. Anonymous

    Anyone thinking of giving Brian Morrison £650 + vat should do a quick google search first. Mr Morrisons experience looks rather sketchy to me. Development Director for Network Rail? I think we have another ambulance chaser here.

  271. Robert Storey

    I’m happy thanks. Are you?

  272. Rats leaving a stinking ship

    Any twit that thinks a CMC that is not a qualified solicitor frankly deserve to loose their money. It’s just stupid.

    Would you go to an unqualified doctor?

  273. Anonymous

    From Brian Morrisons Linkedin site:
    Education: BScHons in estate management Surveying
    Mulberry House Law has morphed from TSL.
    Phase One is almost complete now and Mulberry House Professional Group is now established and moving at a great pace.
    We have now set up Mulberry House Law Ltd incorporating Mulberry House International Chambers
    We would love to invite new legally qualified members to join our International chambers where we will be working together to create business and set new high standards for Lawyers and Barristers throughout the globe
    Mulberry House Property has also started and I would invite any international sellers or buyers to get in touch with any requests for commercial, development or high end and exclusive residential property that they are looking to sell or buy in the UK or internationally.
    Mulberry House Finance now offers all forms or finacial advice, loans and mortgages, finance and taxation and accountancy solutions for any business in the UK or globally. We are also looking for partners to compliment this business
    contact me directly on brianmorrison@tslconsultancy.com to hear about this exciting opportunity (0044)844 504 9793
    Yep a few mugs at £650 + vat should get them going.

  274. Rats leaving a stinking ship

    Fresh fears for the safety of £400m of Harlequin investments have been raised following reports circulated by the company that its sales arm has entered liquidation.
    Harlequin Management Services (South East) filed for administration last April, after a series of warnings from the regulator, the Serious Fraud Office and Essex Police about the overseas property investments it was selling meant sales dried up.
    At the time, chairman of the Harlequin Property group David Ames said the sales arm “can be rescued” and that the company saw “no reason why these circumstances would threaten [investors’] investment in Harlequin”.
    Harlequin’s failure to secure a CVA could be because no viable finance was forthcoming to rescue the business
    Harlequin has continued to downplay the impact of the liquidation of Harlequin Management Services – which at the time of writing had not been confirmed by administrators Shipleys – but a conversion from administration to liquidation suggests a failure to secure a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).
    A CVA is used by a company to pay creditors over a fixed period. If creditors agree to it, the company can continue trading.
    Harlequin’s failure to secure a CVA could be because no viable finance was forthcoming to rescue the business.
    Another reason could be that Ames’s proposed trust – his attempt to rescue the Harlequin Property group by getting investors to sign away their rights to sue him or the company for five years – have not attracted enough investors.
    Thirdly, the “going forward” plan has either not been produced or is not viable.
    Harlequin said in a statement to investors that “Harlequin is assured that the fate of Harlequin Property [sales arm] will not affect the overseas companies, operation of the hotels, and future development of our projects”.
    However, Regulatory Legal, lawyers acting on behalf of hundreds of Harlequin investors, pointed out that Harlequin Management Services’ liquidation would mean it calling in money owed to it.
    This could have a negative impact on other Harlequin businesses investors have money tied up in – including the companies which own and run its flagship Buccament Bay resort in the Caribbean – because they owe Harlequin Management Services tens of millions of pounds.

    According to Harlequin’s own Statement of Affairs, prepared by the directors prior to its administration, the companies owing money to Harlequin Management Services are:

    • Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited – the owner of the registered land in Buccament Bay / Merricks – £22.3m owing
    • Harlequin Boutique Hotel Limited – the owner of the land at H Hotel – £0.9m owing
    • Harlequin Boutique Hotel Limited (St Lucia) – the owner of the land Blu Hotel – £3.8m owing
    • Harlequin Luxury Hotels Barbados Limited – the company which contracted to buy “The Harlequin Hotel” – £3.3m owing
    Any monies liquidators of Harlequin Management Services claw back for the firm are likely to go back in a circular motion to the other Harlequin firms, rather than investors, Regulatory Legal said, in a deal that is “far from safe for investors”.

  275. More lies?

    Hang on a moment Mr Ames assured investors that Shipley’s had granted an extension!!

    Where is his due diligence report to correct RL’s one strewn with errors!!

    The finance!!

  276. Anon

    If Ames spends over half his time in the Caribbean is he still a UK resident for tax purposes etc ? Retirement in the caribbean/Thailand etc with our cash sounds quite pleasant

  277. OAP poverty

    However, prison and personal bankruptcy as an OAP sucks!!

  278. Anonymous

    Or perhaps another reason is that liquidation will not mean a call on the money owed by overseas companies. Perhaps it cannot be touched?

  279. SVG

    It’s irrelevant it’s on its last legs SVG is not a tourist island, so BB will die of natural causes.

  280. Anon

    Who says Ames will spend his time in bb, he has enough of our cash to go wherever he wants 🙂

  281. What goes around, comes around.

    Tricky from jail LOL

  282. Anon

    He might be safer in jail soon the amount of people he’s ‘disappointed’ lol

  283. Nice One

    Dave Ames has done a sideline deal with a Bernard Purnette, Mr. Purnette is about to take over the Buccament Bay Resort, he claims he is owed substantial monies and a deal has been struck between Mr. Purnette, his solicitor Mr. Ronald Jack and Dave Ames.

    The action was taken to put the Buccament Bay Assets out of reach of the liquidator of HMSSE.

    However a liquidator should be well positioned to challenge this highly irregular transaction on the grounds of preferential creditor status.

    Whatever the outcome, its investors who will now suffer and continue to suffer.

    I also doubt that this action in cohoots with Ames will not go unnoticed with the authorities in the UK.

    In further updates Carol Ames and Dan Ames are facing 13 year bans respectively as a result of a report by Shipleys LLP to CIB, CIB are expected to announce these bans once liquidation formalities have been concluded.

    These bans are seen as the pre-cursor to criminal proceedings, an announcement on the issuing of formal criminal proceedings is expected to be announced shortly against the Ames family. This follows on from a 3 year investigation into the activities of the Ames family and others within the Harlequin organisation.

  284. Horses for courses.

    Many a true word said in jest!

    I suspect some of the ‘cash’ investors may not be the types who use ‘solicitors’ but have their own methods.

    Pure speculation of course.

    Horses heads in beds spring to mind.

  285. Harlequin

    The Ames family has been the subject of many threats over the last number of years.

    The Ames family have not engaged in any wrong doing. The collapse of HMSSE is as a result of the activities of a very small number of individuals who have engaged in a smear campaign against the Ames family and Harlequin over the last number of years.

    Carol Ames would like to point out that the activities of these individuals continued even though Harlequin and the Ames family had won numerous court actions against the individuals in question.
    It is these activities that have put unwarranted fear into the minds of current and future investors.

    However the Ames family is confidant that all existing investors will see their investments protected as a result of the trust that the Ames family have established.

    The Ames family would ask that all investors remain calm through the liquidation period of HMSSE but fully reassure all investors that their investments are totally safe.

    The Ames family wish to also point out that any threats to the Ames family, Harlequin employees and further threats to investors investments will no longer be tolerated.

    It is time that investors United with The Ames family and Harlequin in routing out all those who are seeking to destroy the good name of the Ames family and the investments of each and everyone of the Ames family investors.

  286. Anonymous

    Excuse me, but that last post must surely be a satirical comment because it can’t be taken seriously.

    The “small number of individuals” who have “sought to bring down Harlequin” have not taken in £400m and used it to partially build a resort containing 100-200 units. Nobody, despite repeated requests by all and sundry on here, has been able to demonstrate where this money has gone. Unless and until Harlequin can show that the bulk of these funds are intact and protected then it is just not possible to say that the investments are safe and that the family has not engaged in wrong doing. The various companies registered in the Caribbean have had ample opportunity to publish their accounts but, for whatever reason, they have not done so. It is hardly suprising that investors have been speculating about where the money has gone when the companies involved have not been willing to comply with this most basic element of their responsibilities.

  287. enjoy every day as if it is your last as one day it will be....as a free person that is

    @ Harlequin… not the Ames family fault. Time will see and as a non betting person, would very easily be persuaded to have a £10 on the Ames going to prison

  288. enjoy every day as if it is your last as one day it will be....as a free person that is

    the day ames and his family go to jail is gonna be like a national strike…coz there be so many peeps avin a sick day to get over the celebrations, there be nobody in work…ok the prison officers…lol

  289. In their Defence

    Buccament bay is worth $ 250 million USD or about £160 Million Sterling, Hotel Blu in St. Lucia is worth about £ 20 million, the land in Barbados and St Lucia is worth about £ 19 Million, H Hotel another £3-4 Million

    The land in the Dominican Republic is worth about £30 Million.

    All the assets are in encumbered £ 233 Million of assets, remember Dave Ames is owed another £ 30 million from investors who can’t complete on Buccament Bay and nearly £ 12 Million on Hotel BLU, that’s £ 275 Million add the £ 30 million the builder took and the £ 48 million WK took, that’s £ 353 million.

    Then take the money owed to the Marquis Estate and the Dominican Republic companies by HMSSE, another £ 30 odd million according to Shipleys LLP.

    That’s £383 Million.

    So not sure what all the sqwaking about £ 400 million missing is?

    Get a life people,

  290. Anonymous


    Buccament Bay worth $250mil? You been asking Bob Ladell for valuations again? That valuation is for a completed resort. It’s currently worth $35-45m tops.

    £233 million in assets? You mind telling this to Ames? Perhaps he’ll be able to liquidate it to pay back the victims?

    You’ve forgotten the £250m paid in commissions, lack of interest payments, lack of financing, lack of credible business plan moving forward, lack of credible management team (of which one is now in jail… a certain M Ames former general manager of BB), lack of robust rebuttal of RL’s DD (which may be BS, but how do we know unless Ames provides a response), immense web of lies told to numerous victims, continuous failure to deliver business orientated goals.

    The “missing” £400m is only “missing” in the sense that it’s been spent on everything other than building. That’s what people are pissed off about – their cash has been spent on properties in Dubai & Thailand, £1m “launch party”, Harlequin Air, tons of other BS, and they are left with fuck all.

  291. Anonymous

    Ah Anonymouskins, feel better after your little rant? Bless

  292. Anonymous

    BB ain’t worth 250mil if it can’t be insured….just saying

  293. Anonymous


    When you get down off your high-horse, let me remind you about why the Ames family is subject to the “anonymous defamatory” jest you seem so obliged to defend…

    1. The Ames family have happily taken £400m from investors, many of whom should not have invested. Not at one point did any member of this “illustrious” family ever mention the financial difficulties Harlequin is evidently facing, which is directly within their responsibility as directors of the company. Said financial difficulties are the underpin of all the “interest payment” problems, as well as the SIPP investments being valued at £1. This is the origin of the notion that the company is indeed a huge scam, and could have been averted with regular, statistical updates regarding the financial position of the company.

    2. The Ames family has at least one convicted fraudster amongst its ranks. Matthew Ames sold “investments” for products (land) which he didn’t have. He drew a salary of £150,000 off the £1.6m of his victims’ money, spending the rest on brochures, a barn & copious “business trips”. When the funds in his companies were depleted, he tried to set up more to convince new investors to join. All the hallmarks of a, probably unintentional, ponzi scheme. Simply the fact that he said under oath that his business model is based on that of his parents has some way to implicate the wider Ames family in such a crime.

    3. You seem to infer that the Ames family are acting in the interest of investors. The “trust” is not in interest of investors, as it contains a 5 year waiver. If investors sign up for this, it will prevent them from taking any legal action for 5 years, which will no doubt take Ames into “retirement” from Harlequin. In order to act out of interest of the investors, Ames Snr needs to put his shares into the trust, signing them all over to the investor base as a whole. At present, he owns all the land, through all the different RDC’s, and as such, is untouchable by victims. Neither David Ames nor Carol Ames have ever detailed the legal title of the land, nor the structure of the Harlequin web

    I just wasted 10 minutes of my life typing this, so I hope it enlightens you.

  294. Robert Storey.

    All the same poster. waffle.

  295. anonymous

    latest report from shipleys on their website.

  296. In their Defence

    The Anti Harlequin mob have no clue, a £ 100 million was spent on the construction of Buccament Bay it’s now worth at least £160 million, making a profit of £60 million straight off the bat.

    The other lands all have planning at various stages and given that these lands were bought nearly 8 years ago they have all doubled in value, and that’s without any construction.

    BCQS have valued all the properties and they are an International firm,

    If Harlecon, Mulberry Law, Crozier Wilkins Kennedy Fatchett and the Builder and a few Crazies in St Vincent had not gone out to destroy Harlequin, Mr. Ames would have continued selling and gone from strength to strength, no other developer was doing what Mr. Ames was doing and that was looking after investors, how many developers would pay your interest payments for you eh?

    Most investors could never find the money to invest the 100% so Mr. Ames was sorting this all out.

    Yet now everyone is looking for blood,

    Well investors should have a long hard think, it’s their greed that has caused this mess, how many investors can pay Dave Ames what they owe him right now, how many, yes none I suspect, yet you all want him to pay your interest payments get you mortgages and give you returns and for what,

    Grow up, stupid people.

  297. anonymous

    ITD. be serious. he hasn’t paid anything. all the monies have come from investors deposits and pensions. SHUT UP !!!

  298. Anonymous

    But that was always the business model……that HP would cover interest payments and provide completion mortgages. That’s what people signed up to and probably wouldn’t have done had they known this wasn’t going to happen!

    I think there’s a word that defines the act of selling something to someone based on false promises. Now what is it?………….

  299. Anon

    Think you are blinded by greed, not the investors .

  300. Anonymous

    The way I see it this new aggressive stance Harlequin have taken is a real sign that they feel cornered so have come out fighting. As they say the best form of defence is offence, though it doesn’t show confidence, quite the opposite in fact.

  301. Anonymous

    The Anti Harlequin mob have no clue, a £ 100 million was spent on the construction of Buccament Bay it’s now worth at least £160 million, making a profit of £60 million straight off the bat.

    – And who have you found who’s going to pay £160m for it?

    The other lands all have planning at various stages and given that these lands were bought nearly 8 years ago they have all doubled in value, and that’s without any construction.

    – Proof of value?

    BCQS have valued all the properties and they are an International firm

    – “Harlequin” is an international firm but that hasn’t stopped them failing utterly

    how many developers would pay your interest payments for you eh?

    – Evidently ones with piles of cash. Even Ames isn’t paying interest any more, unless they’re still fixing the “banking error”

    Well investors should have a long hard think, it’s their greed that has caused this mess, how many investors can pay Dave Ames what they owe him right now, how many, yes none I suspect, yet you all want him to pay your interest payments get you mortgages and give you returns and for what,

    – Yes! Exactly! Investors were very greedy – now hopefully their greed will Ames down too. Ames knew he was scamming innocents who had no way to pay for the remainder of the build – hence the “guaranteed mortgages” which are no-where to be seen now. Either you’re being satirical or disingenuous; either way, I find your stance repulsive and insulting.

  302. Hands In The Till

    From the report:

    The Joint Administrators had been made aware that this property had been sold prior
    to the Company entering into Administration and that it had completed following the
    Joint Administrators appointment. The Joint Administrators received £205,000.00 of
    the sale proceeds and there is currently £165,000.00 due to the Administration estate.
    The Joint Administrators have been attempting to obtain the remaining balance from
    this sale.

    With regards to the Director Loan Accounts, the Directors’, Mrs Carol Ames and Mr
    Daniel Ames, have informed my office that they are unable to settle their overdrawn
    Directors Loan Account, of £108,575.27 and £49,997.01 respectively, at present.

  303. More Hands In The Till

    In relation to the two Loan Accounts, please note that Mr Matthew Ames has been imprisoned, due to a non related issue, and I have been informed that he may enter into Bankruptcy so it appears that these funds , in the sum of £32,008.69, may prove unrecoverable .

    The remaining Loan Account of £44 ,795.23 is due from Ms Nicola Kelliher, however, Ms Kelliher now resides overseas, therefore, this outstanding debt is proving difficult to realise at present.

  304. Anonymous

    Well all the RDC’s are overseas also. What a tangled web of deceit.

  305. scam scam and even mores scams...very clever ones though

    Deffo some crime in all of this ames failed twice selling double glazing, now if ya cant make money out of that u deffo aint a business man

  306. Anonymous

    The latest pro-HP posts are like watching the last moments of a cornered rabid dog. Foaming at the mouth and completely mad.

    The value of the assets (questionable as they are) could only be realised if the whole lot was sold. The business model that was hailed as a miracle of genius clearly said that third party finance would not be required because the next phases could be bank-rolled by the profits of BB. So the absence of finance is not an excuse for the business grinding to a halt – which it did before the bulk of bad publicity.

    I’m sure that this collapse is not related to a mass campaign by ill-wishers. It may have been brought forward by people standing up to the company and, in doing so, possibly saved hundreds or even thousands more people being dragged into this sorry mess by the selling machine.

  307. Revenge

    I don’t care anymore about the money, I still have some. All I want now if for the Ames family and hangers on to suffer.

  308. BBaywatch

    @In their Defence

    “Mr. Ames would have continued selling and gone from strength to strength” – oh dear, this complete misunderstanding of the business that HP were involved in yet again. Selling and building would never have made the business a success if they could not get guests to buy the holidays at the hotels. To date there has been no demonstrable proof that a demand existed for these large scale resorts in the locations chosen to build them, and the examination of that fact is even absent from the DD carried out by RL. Without demand in place, or capable of being created, then there was never ever any possibility of generating the revenue required to carry the scheme forward.

    The Great Shill still keeps posting on TA, puffing BB at every opportunity (although of late his posts don’t last too long before the mods give him the bums rush) and clings desperately to the hope that the opening of Argyle airport next year (uh huh) will suddenly transform the future in to a rosy one but makes no attempt to explain where all this pent up demand will come from.

    WTM will be extremely interesting this year to see just how SVG are promoting their tourism and what/any part BB plays in it.

  309. Protection. Money

    SVG is not a tourist resort, frankly it just does not have anything to offer the well heeled tourists.

    Silly place to try to create a demand. Maybe it was because of the protection Ames was offred by the PM?

  310. BBaywatch

    “SVG is not a tourist resort, frankly it just does not have anything to offer the well heeled tourists.”

    Not entirely true, what it certainly does not have are the attractions for mass market tourism which seems to be where Harlequin are pitching their product. There is definitely very upscale tourism in SVG, don’t forget that Bequia, Mustique, Palm Island, Canouan and Petit St Vincent are all part of SVG as a nation. All figure regularly in top ten Caribbean destination lists and are priced at a level far above BB. However none of those destinations have the mass market sport/entertainment facilities that BB markets – and the guests to those destinations would not desire them. It is the ignorance of the market that marks this out as such a disaster of a business. Ironically if they had started in the Dom Rep and stuck to that kind of tourism they just might have stumbled on a product that worked – except of course that the business structure would still have sunk them.

  311. Anonymous

    @BBaywatch oh dear oh dear, for someone who sets himself up as the font of all knowledge on tourism in SVG what a pity to continue demean yourself with petty personal attacks in your posts. Did no one ever tell you that to personalize your message means you have lost the argument? Its a bit like swearing, usually a sign of limited vocabulary. What a pity you do not have intelligence/wit/knowledge to debate some of the points on TA. Perhaps it is because the posters from SVG on that site agree with me on many issues and you would get shouted down. Would not good for the ego that would it.

  312. Sid

    Odd how it says that Harlequin ‘was’ run by David Ames. Do they know something we don’t?

  313. Warthogs over Wickford

    Funny how Fatchett didn’t mention that the FOS decision on Berkeley Burke about SIPP operators’ responsibility for the suitability of investments is being appealed.


    The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is to reconsider its decision against a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) operator. In a decision published in August, the FOS upheld a complaint that the operator had failed to adequately consider the appropriateness of a SIPP investment. Following considerable comment from the SIPP community, and on an application for judicial review, the FOS will consider the complaint afresh.


    Mr A transferred the majority of his £29,000 SIPP fund with Berkeley Burke into Sustainable AgroEnergy, an unregulated collective investment scheme in biofuels. Sustainable AgroEnergy then went into administration and Mr A lost the whole of his investment. Mr A subsequently argued that Berkeley Burke had failed to advise him of the risks involved with the investment. Berkeley Burke contended that it was not authorised to advise Mr A and had no responsibility to advise on the suitability of an investment.

    In reaching its initial decision the FOS referred to the (then) Financial Service Authority’s July 2009 SIPP Thematic Review paper which referred, amongst other things, to identifying anomalous investments. The FOS said this would enable a firm to verify if an investment was appropriate for a pension. The FOS further stated that SIPP operators were obliged to take account of ‘good practice’ as mentioned in the 2009 paper, and that Berkley Burke had not done so. The FOS held that “Sustainable AgroEnergy was an unusual and esoteric investment. This was a relatively small value SIPP invested in an unusual and new investment. Mr A also waived his cancellation rights. These factors should all have alerted Berkeley Burke to the fact that this investment and the SIPP were potentially unsuitable for him. I consider that Berkeley Burke should have made further enquiries to establish whether the investment was suitable for Mr A.”

    The FOS held Berkeley Burke liable for Mr A’s loss. Commentators have stated that this FOS decision is out-of-kilter with decisions from the Pensions Ombudsman Service (POS) which, to date, has expected only limited duties of due diligence on operators. In particular, the POS has held in a line of cases that the 2009 paper does not require SIPP operators to advise on suitability of investments. The POS decisions suggest only limited duties of due diligence, principally related to establishing that an investment is capable of being held in a SIPP.

    Review of decision

    There are potentially hundreds of complaints by out-of-pocket investors to which the FOS’ decision could be applied. Investment in AgroEnergy alone is estimated at £2m. Unsurprisingly therefore, around 40 SIPP providers met to discuss a response to the decision. Following the meeting, Neil MacGillivray, the chairman of Association of Member-directed Pension Schemes, raised concerns that whilst SIPP providers check the investment, they do not advise on the risk profile. He also queried exactly how much due diligence was required of an investment. Thereafter, Berkeley Burke initiated judicial review proceedings in order to review the decision which have apparently led to the FOS removing the decision from its website and issuing the following statement “The ombudsman issued a decision in June. Following the decision, the business commenced the judicial review process. The outcome of that process was that the ombudsman will now consider the complaint afresh.”

    The FOS’s decision to review its own decision is a curious and unusual step. Without a full hearing on the application, any review would require the consent of both parties, so it is unclear why the consumer would agree to a review.


    The ramifications for SIPP operators if the FOS’ Berkley Burke decision remains the same are considerable. Pending the outcome of the FOS’s review, the uncertainty surrounding operators accepting what – in retrospect – may be considered non-standard investments in SIPPs lingers. Moreover, whilst many operators have now elected not to accept ‘non-standard investments’, they may have done so previously and are therefore likely to continue receiving complaints from members on the back of the Berkley Burke case. Given that SIPP Operators are not authorised to give advice, a line does need to be drawn as to what their duties really are when it comes to due diligence or ‘suitability.’ POS decisions seem to have struck the right balance by not seeking retrospectively to apply more recent FCA guidance from its thematic review. It is difficult to see how SIPP operators can assess suitability given their lack of access to their clients’ full financial history and we would hope that FOS provides some much needed clarification on this issue. Perhaps a sensible outcome is to recognise that if individuals decide to purchase investments to be held in a SIPP without advice (i.e. on an execution only basis) they should be in no better position than had they bought those investments on an execution only basis outside of a SIPP.

  314. Anonymous

    Perhaps Fatchett can see those millions slipping through his fingers?

  315. anon

    yeah BS bob whatever

  316. Anonymous

    “Whatever” it is. Bless

  317. Should Storey be sectioned?

    FullashitBob has gone all religious-like over the last week.
    He keeps blessing posters. What’s that all about? Does he believe he is the Pope?

  318. Robert Storey.

    It’s the ability to walk on water.

  319. Robert Storey.

    Fatchett can see the millions slipping into his fingers, that’s why he is so happy HMSSE has gone into liquidation.

  320. Its all in the SIPPs

    Not if the chance for the SIPP claims has gone tits up.

  321. Anon

    The problem is Ronald is not Bernards Solicitor, Sam is, mmmmmm the same Sam that represents Dave…….. sound like this is going to be a cosy arrangement

    “Dave Ames has done a sideline deal with a Bernard Purnette, Mr. Purnette is about to take over the Buccament Bay Resort, he claims he is owed substantial monies and a deal has been struck between Mr. Purnette, his solicitor Mr. Ronald Jack and Dave Ames. “

  322. Storey should deffo be sectioned

    Oh people,
    Bonkers BSStorey thinks he’s Jesus now!

    Robert Storey.
    October 16, 2014 at 2:08 pm
    It’s the ability to walk on water.

  323. Robert Storey

    You absolute twat. Now the question for you is, and read this carefully because I know your one brain cell is struggling, which Storey do you think should be sectioned? Tricky one for you now isn’t it. Haha lol

  324. Sid

    Forgive me if I’m being dumb…..but how many Robert Storeys are there on here? And are they all getting a rental return on their cabanas? ;o)

  325. whatsthefuss

    If Matt Ames is coinciding declaring himself bankrupt, you can bet a penny to the pound the rest of the Ames family are doing likewise.

    Is it true that would put the kibosh on the freezing order? Doesn’t bankruptcy top trumps a freezing order?

    Dave would do that rather than giving Crazier anything.

    I told you Dave was a sneaky fucker.

  326. Sala lady

    After reading the Shiply’s report if anyone thinks Harlequin or the Ames family will survive this, they need sectioning like bullshit Bob!

    It’s over simples.

  327. Anonymous

    Hello the Broughtons are out. Must be care in community time.

  328. Anonymous

    Grapevine in St Vincent reports that a UK lady visitor (guest of BB) was swimming in the sea off the resort when she realized she was swimming in shit! It is alleged that the resort is or was dumping their poop in the sea, hoping the tide would carry it out, but it did not. The lady was furious, and may sue the resort.

  329. Anonymous

    Folks..you just cant make this stuff up! It is almost hilarious, if it weren’t for the fact that so many people have been financially ruined.

    FROM THE CHAIRMAN (September 2012)
    “I have just returned from Buccament Bay Resort
    which has enjoyed the second anniversary of the
    date it opened, 13th August 2010. I was looking at
    photos of the land when I first bought it from the
    Government of St Vincent & The Grenadines all
    those years ago and it made me sit back and realise
    what an achievement it has been to turn this resort
    into, without question, one of the best hotels in the
    Caribbean. It is important to remember that many
    of our property investors bought into the dream
    of what we were hoping to create, trusting that
    we would fulfil our promises, and that is what we
    are doing.
    While at the resort, I met the Marshall family who
    purchased a Harlequin property in the early stages
    and were not only at the resort when it opened in
    2010 but returned for both the first anniversary last
    year and again on this second anniversary. They
    have kindly written about their experiences during
    each stay in this newsletter and we would sincerely
    like to thank them for their continued support. I am
    impressed by the number of investors who have
    visited Buccament Bay Resort as this shows how
    committed they are and it is important that
    everyone understands the seriousness, commitment
    and passion that has been put into creating what
    Harlequin Hotels & Resorts is today.
    Our second hotel, blu St Lucia, is now open to
    guests and we are expecting H, Barbados to open
    next year and a further Harlequin hotel in Barbados to open within the next twelve
    months. As you will see within this Newsletter, work continues apace and millions
    of dollars are being invested in moving our developments forward towards
    completion, even during these difficult times.
    As we head into Autumn 2012, work continues
    at a pace; not only at Buccament Bay Resort,
    but The Merricks Resort, H, Barbados, The
    Marquis Estate, and, we hope to make a major
    announcement soon regarding a speedy start of
    works in the Dominican Republic.
    It is worth remembering that thousands of
    people have lost money buying foreign
    properties in places like Bulgaria, Cyprus and
    Spain in the hope that their money would be
    well invested and make considerable returns. I
    believe that Harlequin has proved that it is
    committed to ensuring that our property investors’ money is used wisely in order
    to fulfil our commitments and deliver the returns that are expected.
    Despite the world economy and financial institutions being in meltdown, we have
    continued to build when even countries themselves are having difficulty raising
    funding. Of course, this has made it far more difficult for us to raise funding and
    has caused delays in completing our projects on time. However, at this time I am
    pleased to confirm that we have a Letter of Intent from one financial institution that
    is offering to fund the cost of building a new hotel for Harlequin to operate, and
    another lender that is on the verge of offering us finance to build in the Dominican
    Republic. The important thing to take away from this is the fact that it is recognised
    that Harlequin has proved it can both build luxury resorts to five star standards and
    also operate hotels to that standard. Going forward, I am confident that this will
    enable us to receive the average room rate and level of occupancy for the hotels
    required to fulfil our promises of paying the property investors and the banks the
    returns they expect for their investment with us. I am also confident that more
    financial institutions will continue to invest in our resorts and that we will come
    through this current economic crisis stronger and continue to offer high capital
    growth and returns for our property investors.
    Harlequin now has two types of property investment. Firstly, there are longer term
    investments where properties are bought off plan at below market value, such as
    in projects like The Merricks Resort and Buccament Bay Resort, which are already
    worth considerably more than the original selling price. The second type of
    property investment is the opportunity to purchase a unit which will be provide
    a faster rental return, which I will elaborate on below.
    During the last two years it has become apparent that Harlequin’s brand
    associations with Liverpool Football Club, Pat Cash, Trader Vic’s, ESPA, etc. have
    had a tremendous impact in both attracting holidaymakers to Buccament Bay
    Resort and also adding value to this and the other resorts that are yet to open.
    This enables us to charge higher room rates, which benefits everyone. Adding
    these facilities and buying additional land obviously contributed to the delay in opening Buccament Bay Resort, but we considered this to be a small price to pay
    for the considerable increase in value of both its properties and the resort itself,
    which is something that will not have escaped the notice of those looking for long
    term capital growth.
    It is important to remember when investing in a property that it is the income on
    that room that ultimately covers the return on investment. The success of
    Buccament Bay Resort, for example, is due to the high average room rate we are
    achieving due to the quality of the resort and the facilities on offer. One only
    needs to compare Buccament Bay Resort with other resorts in the brochures to
    realise how much more is on offer, which translates into the returns that
    purchasers will receive. The room rates in some other resorts are far lower than
    those at Buccament Bay Resort, which means that the total income generated will
    be lower.
    I feel it is important to detail our second type of investment as it is new to some
    people. Now we have proved that we can build and manage five star resorts, we
    are being offered distressed hotels at knock down prices that enable us to invest
    in refurbishing them, which means that we can open these hotels much quicker
    and offer investors a quicker return on their money. These properties are
    obviously sold to purchasers at a higher price than those that are bought off plan,
    as people buying off plan are buying future capital growth, which offers a much
    higher return, whereas our refurbished hotels, like blu and H, etc., although
    offering a lower capital growth, can give returns much quicker.
    Another important point is that we have invested in Harlequin Developments
    (now hdstudio), headed by David Campion, and rebranded it as HD Studio. It
    now has its own team of architects, engineers, project managers and designers
    based in Barbados, and this will save us millions of dollars by giving us the
    capability to do all the design and architectural drawings in-house, enabling us to
    build more cost effectively and continue to offer such great value.
    We have been working for almost two years to establish Harlequin Air, the first
    new airline in the Caribbean for over 30 years. This has not been an easy process,
    however, we are nearly there and only waiting for the official licence. We already
    have our own hangar in Antigua and two planes ready to fly, our own
    maintenance and engineering department and our own pilots. Once we have the
    licence we will be able to fly guests between our resorts in the Caribbean, so,
    although it has taken longer than anticipated,
    we are confident that Harlequin Air will be
    flying guests soon.
    We are still intending to open a resort in
    Brazil which is a notoriously difficult country
    to work in. In order to make things run
    smoothly we are looking to buy distressed
    hotels which do not require planning
    permission, environmental studies etc. which
    can take up a great deal of time. This will be
    refurbished so that we can meet our intended
    opening date of 2014 when the World Cup
    comes to Brazil.
    In the early days of selling property in the Caribbean, some people said that this
    was all too good to be true and that it wouldn’t happen. I feel that we have proved
    them wrong as we are now in the process of handing over legal title to the
    properties at Buccament Bay Resort, which is a significant step and completes the
    cycle that we promised all those years ago.
    We look forward to a great future for all our investors and I thank you for your
    continued support.
    Kind regards
    Dave Ames

  330. Anonymous

    Was wondering where the pro-Harlequin commenter came from yesterday. They always appear when Harlequin issues another load of BS.

    It’s all boring. It’s all been said before. None of it helps victims who are struggling because of Ames’ greed.

    “extremely strong credit rating” – they’ll need it. Don’t expect their “luxury global brand” to remain so for long.

    Name the financier Dave? Where are the mortgages Dave? If you can instruct US lawyers, why not pay back the £350k+ your wife & sons owe in directors’ loans & property sales in Dubai? The “extension” from Shipleys? The interest payments? The SFO?

    BFP needs to keep posting more about Ames’ activities. The man needs to be stopped. Pictures of H Hotel will be a start…

  331. Sala lady

    Paddy no one cares, it’s over.

  332. Anonymous

    @more waffle 8.34, I hope you don’t think this is “more waffle” because it is not. HP are coming after the anonymous posters who have hidden behind IDs to post their lies and bile. Be very afraid.

  333. Anonymous

    I can hardly wait for a slew of US tourists to visit BB. What will a bunch
    of “New York types” do when their expectations are not met. Oh My
    God!….the Real Housewives of Manhattan (or rhwoj/rhowoc). Ames
    you have met your match.

  334. St George's Dragon

    So land values have doubled in 8 years. Not according to Terra, the professional valuers / realtors in Barbados, they haven’t. An extract from their 2014 Red Book. which you can find if you Google it:
    “We track data on residential land development. There is more land today by area that has been approved for development but has not yet been built on than at any time in our past. The inventory of land lots is growing and supply .. is increasing at a higher rate than demand ….
    There is an oversupply of residential land (excluding beachfront) on the market which has caused a reduction in price at the retail level. The reduction in retail price for land has flowed through to a reduction in the value of undeveloped land by as much as 40% in the last 5 years.”

  335. Anonymous

    Heh SGD where are the photos of H Hotel, got a problem with it mate, you full of shit.

    And SGD your on the U.S. hit list lol, hope you got deep pockets mate, might teach you a big lesson fucking with Ames. Toddle off like a good little boy, and bore someone else.

  336. St George's Dragon

    Here are the promised photos of the H Hotel in Barbados. I posted them to BFP a few days ago but they have not yet put them up on the website.
    The site has suffered less than Merricks, presumably as it is in a more populated area, so is less susceptible to vandalism and thieving. When I went round the other day there was still some plant and materials on site, although nothing of any great value. The door in the hoarding leading off the boardwalk had been pulled off its hinges, so you can now – presumably courtesy of some homeless gentleman – walk straight in to the site. I hope I was not trespassing but I did not see any signs telling me that I could not enter the site. The exposed steel reinforcement is rusting as it so close to the sea; the building is disappearing under bush and I don’t believe there is much if any value in what is built on site.
    Such a shame that so many people have lost so much money just to produce another eyesore in Barbados.

  337. scam scam and even mores scams...very clever ones though

    @ anon there nothing at H Hotel but a rotting shell it worth nothing, nothing worth talking a photo off ..so maybe you better toddle off like a good little boy, start saving ya pocket money coz your rainy day gonna be here very soon. I am also not SGD, but was in bim for a month in September so have seen the roting shell.

  338. scam scam and even mores scams...very clever ones though

    @ more waffle going after peeps…for telling the truth…you produce the accounts to disprove the posts and you may win, but you aint gonna do that are you coz,, the truth is this is a scam

    will now await the arrival of the police to carry me away lol

  339. Sala lady

    Dave instead of trying to stop people saying the truth about you on BFP how about some truth from you?

    -The Shiplys extension? 😉
    – Get the Mrs and son to pay back the directors loans
    – Finance? 🙂
    – The corrected DD report?
    – Numbers on your crack pot trust?
    – How about the £10 million quid for property you decided to buy with investors money?

    Dave, it’s over and YOU are the problem, you silly deluded little man.

  340. Aye Dave where is the money coming from?

    Scare tactics,do you really think Harlequin can:-

    A)Afford it?
    B) Be around to see it through?

  341. Pay it back.

    Could Shipleys stat demand the money back from the Ames family? Regarding the director loans?

  342. Sid

    The thing I don’t get about the yet to be named ‘financier’ is that they are not prepared to commit or even be revealed until the trust is established, yet the vast majority of investors won’t sign up to the trust until they know who the financier is, which the financier must be aware of yet they continue to remain anonymous until the trust is established. This will just go round and round forever and a day. How can this situation ever come to fruition? Surely if a financier was genuinely serious they would be happy to named just to raise confidence with investors and get things moving, wouldn’t they?

  343. Anonymous

    @Sid, if you read between the lines of the latest “update”, it’s quite evident that “finance” is no-where to be seen. Ames is now placing his hopes on the “global luxury hotel management company”, which he claims will then open the door to “finance”.

    In short, it’s a lie – Harlequin has no financiers, and is stringing all the victims along to give him more time to find an escape route. If people want to see justice, they should just ignore the trust & let the authorities deal with the whole family

  344. Sid

    I think justice is the only ROI we can hope for now. Let’s hope we get value for money!

  345. Pay it back.

    Yes Sid, that’s all we have unless you are a SIPP investor. I strongly suspect the Ames downfall will be very quick.

    When a ‘proper’ IP is appointed it will be curtains – the bank does not like. Follow the money – Ames can’t delete bank records!!

  346. Anonymous

    Sala(d) lady’s back. Don’t forget that “Worriedinvestor” is one of the names on the DA hit list. No point in swapping your ID Erica the games up.

  347. Sala lady V2

    Ok Bob, I’m sure you have really scared them 😉 but yes the game is up for Ames I totally agree.

  348. Worried investor Bob

    Bob, Ames won’t have a pot to piss in soon. He is totally irrelevant.

  349. Sid

    It seems to me that Ames has had made too many easy escapes in the past when his other businesses have gone tits and doesn’t think he has to be held accountable. Hopefully this time will be different.

  350. Worried investor Bob

    The other times the SFO etc were not involved. He is in trouble.

  351. Sid

    I can’t imagine for a minute that the outcome will be anything other than bleak for anyone involved….especially the Ames family and HP management team. The difference being of course that they haven’t lost any money (of their own)!

  352. Damaged goods

    The in house solicitors will be tainted for life after working for Harlequin.The rest of the staff won’t be able to work again for the same reasons.

    They will be guilty by association.

  353. Mirror report - will Ames sue them too!!

    Getting a miserable interest rate on your savings? Fancy earning 12% instead?

    That’s the promise made by Colonial Capital Group PLC, which says you can get that juicy return if you invest £10,000 in their US property bonds.

    The idea is that they buy repossessed houses in Chicago, refurbish them, and get rent paid by the US government which lets the properties out to people in need.

    Posing as a potential investor, I went to the Property Investor and Homebuyer Show at Excel in London, where I found the Colonial Capital stand and asked if they were regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This would give some protection if the investment goes pear-shaped.

    “It’s what’s called an alternative investment,” said account manager Jonathan Parslow.

    “If we went regulated then the problem is that the minimum investment would jump significantly.

    “Don’t ask me for the exact amount. You’d probably need a minimum of £60,000, £70,000, £80,000 to be regulated.”

    This is rubbish. There is no minimum payment that an investment scheme needs before it can be regulated.

    According to his LinkedIn account, Parslow formerly worked at unregulated £300million investment disaster Harlequin Property which promised income from properties in the Caribbean. Only a fraction have been built and the Serious Fraud Office is investigating.

    Harlequin was run by a former bankrupt from Basildon, Essex, David Ames.

    In March this year Matthew Ames, his 38-year-old son, was jailed for 40 months for a fraud called Forestry for Life that cheated ethical investors out of £1.6million.

    One of his colleagues was 52-year-old Kevin Neil of Chelmsford, Essex. Back in 2010, Neil’s property investment firms Agri Ventura PLC and Farm Venture Ltd were shut down in the High Court in the public interest.

    Which brings us full circle, because Kevin Neil is now Parslow’s boss, being a director of Colonial Capital.

    He wouldn’t talk to me, so I asked an independent expert to evaluate its investment scheme.

    Apart from pointing out the danger of an unregulated scheme, Tom McPhail of investment giant Hargreaves Lansdown warned: “Anyone offering a 12% net return should be viewed with suspicion. The higher the promised return, the higher the risk.

    “The scheme is built on US government spending on social housing, does that strike you as a reliable income stream?”

    In short: “I don’t have a barge pole long enough.”

  354. Another Anon

    It’s all quite possible that lots of investor money got passed through any number of “businesses” all for some kind of “services” offered. No doubt these businesses would all be scattered all around the world and have all manner of phantom workers on their payroll – all paid in cash probably. There could well me briefcase after briefcase of cash hidden in some Swiss bank vault right now. I’m not saying this did happen, just that it could have happened.

    How depressing.

  355. The IP waiting in the wings

    If the money went all via Barclays bank in Wickford ( it did) then that’s a good place to start…. the server at Barclays can’t be deleted 😉

    Follow the money…….

  356. All the Presidents men

    Follow the money is a catchphrase popularized by the 1976 drama-documentary motion picture All The President’s Men, which suggests a money trail or corruption scheme

  357. Clutching At Straws?


    The following is a bullshit comment posted by a Harlequin/Dave Ames supporter.

    It is totally untrue, but we are leaving it here to show the desperation of a bankrupt (financially and morally) Harlequin Resorts and management who destroyed lives with their pyramid scheme.

    Here it is as originally posted:


    Dear All,

    It goes without saying that Harlequin manages a range of interests at any one time, with priority generally afforded to matters such as running the resorts to a high standard, restructuring the business, establishing the Trust, and acquiring finance.

    As you may be aware, one matter that has been pursued in the background is the subpoena against Automattic Inc., owners of popular blogging platform WordPress, which hosts the anonymous Barbados Free Press website. This legal action has been undertaken in order to reveal the IP addresses of commenters who have posted libellous comments and shared confidential documents in an attempt to harm the business and therefore damage your investments.

    Freedom of expression

    We have stated before and wish to repeat that Harlequin has no problem with constructive discussions; however, we will stand up for Harlequin’s and investors’ rights when comments are factually inaccurate or defamatory, which is frequently the case with this website. Additionally, there are often racist, homophobic and sexist posts that would disgust all right-minded investors. It is the legal responsibility of the website host to ensure it appropriately monitors and edits its own website, especially when contributions are illegal.

    Subpoena success

    In light of this, we are pleased to confirm that the subpoena has been successful and Barbados Free Press has provided the IP addresses behind dozens of comments. Some also include email addresses.

    We can confirm that the details in our possession are extremely revealing with only two commenters using fake IP addresses. In fact, our suspicions regarding the identities of some commenters have been confirmed by the geolocations of their IP addresses and we have already identified two companies that have posted defamatory comments.

    All options are open

    Harlequin is considering its options and reserves the right to take action against those responsible for infringing the legal rights of Harlequin, its staff or investors. Indeed, we have already started proceedings in one case.

    Additionally, we will notify the professional association of any of the posters as appropriate. We also won’t hesitate to notify the police regarding any criminal behaviour by those using the site.

    Protecting your interests

    Now that we know the process is straightforward, cost-effective and successful, we are proceeding with obtaining a further order from the court for details of all posts made by the identified commenters and we will also consider identifying other defamatory commenters.

    After witnessing the damage caused by Harlecon and others with a vested interest in Harlequin’s failure, we are sure you agree that it is essential to take action in order to protect your interests. It would be misguided and remiss of us to allow these attacks to continue without taking appropriate action to protect the business.



  358. Anonymous

    “Additionally, there are often racist, homophobic and sexist posts that would disgust all right-minded investors” – hahaha so what if someone posts homophobic comments? It might gauged as deplorable by some, but doesn’t concern Harlequin one iota.

  359. Anonymous

    -Clutching at Straws……..what a total and useless exercise in futility !
    I would believe a comment by BFP before anything you say.

  360. Free Speech.

    “Harlequin manages a range of interests at any one time” –

    Wonder why they’re able to post such a celebratory email but no DD rebuttal? What about the accounts Dave, they’ll be in “investors interests”?
    What about the “extension” on administration? The SFO? How about the land title Dave? Returns? Interest payments? Director’s Loans? Dubai? Thailand? Harlequin Air?

    Sounds like the rantings of a man on the run. Someone with not much time to think about anything else other than who “brought him down”

  361. Clutching At Straws?

    @Anonymous I copied that from an email sent out by Harlequin.

  362. Their Words...

    “£300million investment disaster Harlequin Property”:


  363. All the Presidents men

    Somehow I doubt that was from Harlequin.

  364. Anonymous

    -CAS- My apology !

  365. anon

    @Clutching At Straws?
    I get all the Harlequin updates, this is not genuine.

  366. Anonymous

    Rumor in svg is that Amerijet may stop servicing the island until
    Argyle opens. That sort of means that BB would not be supplied
    with anything fresh (except local – which a good chef should do anyway).
    I know that Tropical Shipping ships green goods but svg just
    may be too far down the supply chain.

  367. anon

    Some sick people and Clutching At Straws is one.

  368. Anonymous Coward

    Hey BFP – have you been a bunch of gutless chickens and handed over IP addresses? You promised anonymity. Was that a lie?

  369. Clutching At Straws?


    There’s my screenshot.
    Take it or leave it. It’s a real email. It’s Ames’ writing style

  370. Anonymous

    Probably posted by RL. They like to use fake IDs on here.
    Anyway it is a FACT. DA has the IP addresses. Keep looking over your shoulders.

  371. Robert Storey.

    Wrong style, what a poor attempt at a fake, lol Harlequin never address as dear all, no date have you been on the wine!!!

    I choose to leave it lol

  372. Anonymous

    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about, Dave Ames is claiming he never lied, so therefore if it can’t be proven that he lied, then he wins. If it can he looses.

    Dave Ames is claiming that he has operated his businesses in a proper and efficient manner, that being said then others should find it difficult to prove otherwise, let’s take the example of his obligations as the director of his Caribbean Companies to file Audited Accounts, is it obligatory to file audited accounts in St. Vincent, well if it’s not then what’s the problem, if it is, is it an offence ? Is it illegal and if so how come no action has been taken to sanction Mr. Ames and or his companies?

    Has Mr. Ames engaged in any type of Fraudulent activity ? Some will claim he has, but how do you prove this, has he ever made false or untrue claims in order to entice purchasers to make a decision on an issue pertaining to Harlequin ?

    Can we prove this, do his recent comments in his conference call ref HMSSE fall into this category?

    Has he ever stated that he owns more land in St. Vincent then actually does ?

    What constitutes confidential information, is the due diligence produced on the RL forum confidential ? Confidential to whom ?

    Is the accounting information produced on BFP confidential ? Or should it have been audited ?

    Are all his investors happy ? All 9000 of them, maybe the majority are, we just don’t know,

    What are the SFO doing ? Are they doing anything ? Who knows ?

  373. A little something about 100 acres , or 60, acres or 30 acres ……
    Or maybe just 19 acres . Whichever way is a ball ache for Ames .

    Maybe he will come good in some sort of parallel universe who knows ? Who cares ?

    The truth and please feel free to challenge me on this is , you didn’t build my bloody apartment and you’ve had my 30% since 2009 .
    Please feel free to call this defamatory , I call it bloody robbery……..

  374. Anonymous

    Harlequins-Merricks Resort A Rotting Garbage Dump A Liability Not An Asset.

    Given the “Update” from Ames or indeed someone called Harlequin which apparently has only been sent to a chosen few, one has to assume that the title of this particular forum is not or has not been challenged by Mr. Ames.

    So are we to take it that Mr. Ames and Harlequin concur with the sentiments of BFP with respect to Merricks.

    Folks let us await confirmation from BFP on the latest update from Mr. Ames or Harlequin.

    Ames will deny the content of the letter, given that it is not signed off as Chairman Dave Ames.

    There is nothing illegal in having an anonymous poster post a document on an anonymous file sharing site. The document properties are most interesting though, have a look folks.

    I have no doubt that the document comes from Harlequin, however I would seriously question the veracity of the content, could it be that the timing of this release could be a pre cursor to a number of actions against Ames in the coming days perhaps.

  375. Anonymous

    I have just received an e mail from HP timed at 18.01. It contains the document which includes the text by the poster at 8 .38 above. It is not fake and DA will be coming after those named in the thread of some months ago. Is it significant that the links to the offensive posts have been removed on BFP?

  376. Anonymous

    “And we will notify the regulatory authorities ………” Is that RL that have been nailed by some of the comments on here being traced back to them?

  377. Robert Storey

    @Robert Storey. They do address correspondence as ” dear all” and previous correspondence is not dated either. It’s genuine.

  378. Anonymous

    Dear All,

    It goes without saying that Investors Purchasers have few interests at any one time, with priority generally afforded to matters such as attempting to get their deposits refunded as per their contracts.

    As you may be aware, one matter that has been pursued in the background is the refund of various purchasers refunds. In many of these legal actions Ames and his legal team have allegedly engaged in deceit and lies, actions are being undertaken in order to reveal the Gravity and extent of the alleged deceit and lies, Harlequin are attempting to claim that there are many confidential documents that cannot be released as to do so would harm the business and therefore damage your investments. Do these include the accounts, the Audited Accounts?

    Freedom of expression

    We have stated before and wish to repeat that Harlequin has a massive problem with constructive discussions; however, we will stand up for Harlequin’s investors’ rights when comments made by Mr. Ames and Harlequin staff and Trolls are factually inaccurate or defamatory, which is frequently the case with Harlequin. For example the conference call and the attacks by Harlequin Trolls on the Broughtons.

    Additionally, there are often racist, homophobic and sexist posts that have disgusted all right-minded forum users, the bulk of these are coming from apparently pro Harlequin Trolls. It is the legal responsibility of the website host to ensure it appropriately monitors and edits its own website, especially when contributions are illegal. And hopefully they will now identify these particular posters and report them to the UK Police.

    Little success to date

    In light of this, we are not very pleased to confirm that the legal actions against Mr. Ames are delayed and dragged out on an almost constant basis by Harlequin and the Ames family with Mr. Ames apparently suffering from very regular bouts of memory loss along with members of his legal team.

    We can confirm that the details in our possession are extremely revealing as to certain aspects of Harlequin’s operations. Though we fully expect Mr. Ames to deny any and all culpability in this matter.

    In fact, our suspicions regarding the identities of some of those involved in the more unorthodox methods used by Harlequin have been confirmed by the abundance of their (Harlequin) emails and we have already identified one company that has not acted in a professional manner.

    All options are open

    Harlequin is considering its options in the knowledge that there is some very damaging information out there and those who are threatened by Harlequin and or Ames reserve the right to take action against those responsible for infringing the legal rights of Investors and indeed others. Indeed, we have been gathering a huge amount of valuable evidence against Harlequin and Mr. Ames for quite some time and have passed our findings onto to the SFO and Authorities.

    Additionally, we will notify the professional association of any of the posters as appropriate. We also won’t hesitate to notify the police regarding any criminal behaviour by those using the site.

    Protecting your interests

    Now that we know that Ames and Harlequin is claiming that the process is straightforward, cost-effective and successful, we are proceeding with investigating where the Ames family is finding the cash to fund this legal action on light of the recent Shipleys Report, and the inability of the directors to repay their loans and the fact that all of the assets of Mr. And Mrs. Ames are the subject of freezing orders.

    After witnessing the damage caused by Harlequin and others with a vested interest in keeping Harlequin’s grubby little secrets hidden we are sure you agree that it is essential to take action in order to protect your interests. It would be misguided and remiss of us to allow Harlequin to continue under the stewardship of the Ames family without taking appropriate action to protect the creditors.


    Those who seek justice and the truth for all Creditors.

  379. Weird

    We can confirm that the details in our possession are extremely revealing with only two commenters using fake IP addresses. In fact, our suspicions regarding the identities of some commenters have been confirmed by the geolocations of their IP addresses and we have already identified two companies that have posted defamatory comments.

    All options are open

    Harlequin is considering its options and reserves the right to take action against those responsible for infringing the legal rights of Harlequin, its staff or investors. Indeed, we have already started proceedings in one case.

    Additionally, we will notify the professional association of any of the posters as appropriate.

    OK This is all very weird, Ames is claiming that he has been defamed and that he has identified a number of the posters who have defamed him and Harlequin, So why not identify these horrid individuals? You have always done so in the past. So why not name and shame them now, Cmon at least name the culprits behind the defamation where you have already commenced actions, Cmon Mr.Ames, surely this is not the subject of an NDA.

    Is something going on which you need to keep under wraps? Now what could that be?

  380. Anonymous

    Having been a faithful (daily) reader of BFP for the past two years
    I can honestly say that I don’t know what anything posted is about
    anymore. It just keeps getting weirder and weirder. !!!

  381. BFP

    Hello faithful daily reader from, well, you know where.

    Yes, we have always been eclectic, but the real weirdness is that the Barbados government, or rather persons in the Barbados government, allowed Ames and his clan to do what they did to our island with no performance guarantees, no deposits and no oversight regarding finances. Ames didn’t file financial statements as required by law, but the law didn’t care.

    We think that Ames bribed, paid off, gave money to various Barbados government officials (elected and appointed) who enabled him.

    Do you have a better explanation for what happened?

  382. BFP

    “Hey BFP – have you been a bunch of gutless chickens and handed over IP addresses? You promised anonymity. Was that a lie?”

    Nope. Did not.

    If WordPress did it without our knowledge… well that is unlikely. They would have sent us an email advising.

    So it appears that this is all bullshit. Really. Otherwise, show us a court order etc. Never happened.

  383. BFP

    Ha! A totally bullshit post by “Clutching At Straws?”

    Their IP is which comes back as an ‘anonymouse’ hidden address from anonymouse.org – a secure surfing website.

    If they were legitimate, they would have provided the court order etc etc etc.

    Just mischief makers supporting Dave Ames. Perhaps Ames himself? Ha!

  384. Anonymous

    It’s the post of a cornered rabid dog, foaming at the mouth, completely out of its mind and about to die.

  385. Robert Storey.

    There’s only one person who writes long windy post like that, my old mate Ralph, or is it Henry Ware? You must forget your real name Paddy!

    Not even a good attempt, Harlequins legal team are much more elegant and intelligent that you,after all they did win and sell your assets – you convictedbing rob twat!

  386. Anonymous

    Spelling Robert! LOL

  387. Robert Storey

    @BFP, interesting you have published an IP address. I have a couple I would like. Are you handing them out now to anyone who makes a request?

  388. Clutching At Straws?

    BFP, thanks for the reply. I love your blog, and would not want to cause any unnecessary problems.

    I just copy & pasted the email I received. It seems others received the email too (Anon 10:42pm), so I don’t doubt its authenticity. The contents of the email I cannot vouch for – the last throw of the dice from a man heading to a lengthy jail sentence perhaps?

    I am an victim, and although Ames would class me in the “anonymous group” of “defamatory posters”, the reality is that he has ruined 1000’s of people, and showing absolutely no remorse. His wife & son owe investors at least £350k from the liquidation of HMSSE, and the rest of the “creditors” (victims) are left with an IOU.

    I would not make up something as serious as this vile creature having “IP Addresses” of the posters on here. However, you must be aware that unless you’re part of a large organization (who will own IP addresses for their network), you would have to go to the ISP of the poster to get their direct details. This would then fall under the data protection act, and Ames will have to act in the UK courts. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable of the law will have a better breakdown of how to defend such an issue. If you feel your IP has been compromised, you can either request to have it changed by your ISP, or change ISP.

    The ambiguity of the “threats” in the email suggest he is not at liberty to act on much of the data he has. That is why he mentioned two companies (probably RL and another), and has yet to identify any individual. You know that if he had information about individuals, he’d write a concise “report” to “denounce” their “activity”, such as a bully would.

    The short of it is that Ames has identified commenters, not BFP itself, as the people trying to “bring Harlequin down” (as if it needed help). BFP need to keep up the good fight & post pictures of H Hotel, as well as the transcripts from the Ames phone call. Anyone who posts will be best using one of these proxy services (to mask your IP):

    http://www.publicproxyservers.com/proxy/list1.html (big list)

    Proxies allow you to browse the Internet through another system, thus making your browsing appear anonymous.

  389. Anonymous

    FFS Bob give it a rest lol, yeah we know it’s all the builders fault, even the bullshit letter, yawn yawn.

    Get a life Bob.

  390. Poor little Dave

    The update from Harlequin is actually the real deal – I actually got it.

    However, the content is just to stop people talking about the truth.

    Thankfully BFP won’t be threatened by the toxic turd.

    If you are worried use a proxy server but PLEASE DON’T GIVE IN TO THE LITTLE SHIT.

    How about these resent lies from Ames:

    – FSCS back his trust?
    – Shipley’s extention!
    – Finance!
    – Banking error – OK not recent but its not been fixed 🙂

    I could go on but what’s the point, it’s over, only the demented dwarf thinks he can make it work.

    Why would anyone believe anything he says? lying little runt.

  391. Kiss of death


    Harris Knights & Co Limited

    The major two IFA firms who distributed Harlequin (Tailormade and 1 Stop) have already gone. We understand that Harris Knights & Co Limited will shortly be declared in default. For investors with this firm, this means that their only recourse will now be the FSCS.

    Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited

    We have posted the Progress Report on http://www.harlequinredress.co.uk. Any investor not reading this document will be at a disadvantage in understanding the actual position of Harlequin.

  392. More Money Wasted

    Ames paid for a property (with investors’ money) and never got it:

    Golden Mile, Dubai 8406:
    The Joint Administrators had been informed by the Directors’ that only approximately 90% of the sale price for this property had been paid. The Directors’ had stated that the seller had claimed that a notice had been forwarded to the purchaser stating that the remaining balance was due but the purchaser claims that that the notice had not in fact been received. It was discovered that the seller had resold the property to a third party, due to a Breach of Contract, as the remaining purchase price had not
    been met by the purchaser.

    The Directors’ state that they entered into substantial negotiations, during late 2012, with the seller in order to recover this property but as a result of the Company entering into Administration the Directors’ had not taken the decision at that time to obtain legal representation.

    Upon the Company entering into Administration, and after a review of this matter, the Joint Administrators took the decision that they were unable to commence a legal action against the property seller in Dubai due to the costs involved in this and the Joint Administrators were unsure if this course of action would be successful

  393. How Many Victims Will £800k Support?

    More (investors’) money spent on property in Dubai. This could be worth £800k – how many victims would that help this Christmas?

    The Villa , Dubai R1040 :
    This property required a final settlement payment of approximately £35,000.00 before this could be released for sale. The Joint Administrators are trying to ascertain whether there any further charges that have not been disclosed, which currently remain outstanding.

    The Joint Administrators have been informed by a Dubai property agent that this potential asset could realise in excess of £800,000.00…

  394. FO 2 HP scum bandits

    ok folks
    best not to follow that link to Harlequin redress if you want to protect your ID

  395. More Wasted Money

    Ames bought land in Thailand, and never built houses. Now the owner of the land re-sold it, wasting yet more of (investors’) money:

    Various plots of land at Kacha Island , Thailand:
    A number of plots of land were purchased in Thailand, in which the Company held a beneficial interest. With the assistance of an independent agent, I have been informed that the land owner had proceeded to re-sell the plots of land by way of claiming Breach of Contract, as the purchaser had not built a house on each of the plots of land within one year following the purchase, in order to comply with the contents of the relevant Sale & Purchase Agreement.

  396. £300k Administration Fees

    I further attach at Append i x 2 a schedule analysing the time costs for the
    Administration as a whole . Time costs totalling £364,531.15 have been incurred which represents a total of 1,283 hours and 36 minutes at an average charge out rate of £284.00 per hour.

  397. Anonymous

    As I stated last night the email from Harlequin is genuine all though it must be noted that Ames the LIAR has not signed it off, yes AMES the LIAR, yes AMES, DAVID EDWARD AMES, LIAR and CHAIRMAN OF HARLEQUIN HOTELS AND RESORTS, FATHER of the CRIMINAL MATT AMES, the CONVICTED CRIMINAL, currently in PRISON.

    So what is about to happen that bothers DAVID EDWARD AMES the consummate LIAR so much ?

  398. Clutching At Straws?

    You can follow the link if you want – it’s doesn’t look like it’s tracked.

    The only way that Ames can get your IP if you submit things through this comment form from a “pure” Internet session. A way to get around this is to use one of the “proxy” servers out there (anonymouse.org is the best). This will allow you to browse this site through another computer, thus masking your real IP with theirs.

    By the way, all the people who had their IPs tracked, you need to appreciate that Ames doesn’t have a crystal ball – only IPs which are part of a large organization can be directly identified (that’s why he has only explained that he has identified “two companies”, one of which I presume to be RL). Individual IPs will show your approximate location, but to identify their owner, you have to get the ISP to reveal details. This will breach data protection, and so the courts will have to be involved.

  399. Clutching At Straws?

    Interesting read for those with tracked IPs:

    “It’s critically important that you realize that you will not, on your own, be able to get the [IP] information you want. The name, location, phone number, email address or any other specific information are simply not available to just any given IP address. Not only can an IP address change or be shared among many computers (and hence people), but the information that you’re seeking is considered private and is protected by the ISP who owns that IP address.”

    “To get that information, you’ll need a legal reason to require it and that typically means a court order of some sort.”

  400. How do you think DA tracked down the Harlecon site. It started with an IP address. There will be no hiding.

  401. Kiss of death

    Bobit, an IP address it that, so imagine if you tracked an IP address to Starbucks how to you prove who actually wrote something horrible about Mr Ames?

    Does he sue all Starbucks customers?

  402. Sala lady

    I think investors would have perhaps appreciated an update regarding finance or how they will get a return or a resort built!

    Not a sob story about people saying nasty things about poor old little Mr Ames.

  403. Sala lady

    Another one bites the dust!!!


    Harris Knights & Co Limited

    The major two IFA firms who distributed Harlequin (Tailormade and 1 Stop) have already gone. We understand that Harris Knights & Co Limited will shortly be declared in default. For investors with this firm, this means that their only recourse will now be the FSCS.

    Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited

    We have posted the Progress Report on http://www.harlequinredress.co.uk. Any investor not reading this document will be at a disadvantage in understanding the actual position of Harlequin.

  404. Anonymous

    Kis of Deathikins. Why do think Newman ran Harlecon from Starbucks? Do you think RL post from Starbucks? Do you think there is a Starbucks in Jordan?

  405. Kiss of death

    Bobitkins all I’m saying is it’s not worth worrying your little cotton socks about.

    Starbucks is actually the HO of the anti Harlequin brigade – please keep up.

    Please read this it’s very informative.


  406. Taken out of contextgate

    It would be very interesting if the latest document regarding from Harlequin was sent to the other sides legal team.

    I suspect they know nothing about it.

    Just the same as the FSCS and Shiply’s knew nothing about Mr. Ames outrageous claims made, that of course were taken out of context. 😉

  407. HMSSE in the liquidizer
  408. It's all falling apart at last

    I have emailed them the document.

  409. Anonymous

    It’s very simple, has Dave Ames lied?

    Was what he stated in the conference call ref HMSSE a lie, well it turned out not to be true, so is that a lie?

    Was the construction of the marina a lie? The IT problem which caused the stalling of the interest payments did not come from Ames himself and no doubt he will deny that he authorised this to be said.

    If Dave Ames has lied then to call him a liar cannot be construed as defamation. But Dave Ames will claim ref HMSSE that it was his honest opinion at the time that HMSSE could be saved.

    The problem as I see it is that Dave Ames was addressing purchasers or investors as he refers to them as and was attempting to convince them that the trust was a viable option, if he lied in order to entice purchasers to join a trust this could be construed as Fraudulent Mis-representation, if he lied about the amount of land he owned this too could be construed as Fraudulent Mis-Representation, and I stress could be,

    If he was judged to have committed Fraudulent Mis-Representation in a Caribbean Court is it right to call him a Fraudster ?

    Ames would state that if individuals were to have been judged to have engaged in Fraudulent Mis-Representation then they could be called Fraudsters, so one must assume that Mr. Ames would in the event of having a finding of Fraudulent Mis-Representation against him would have to accept that he too is a fraudster, yes no?

    Is Mr. Ames a fraud suspect? Does the fact that the SFO are looking into his activities mean he is a suspect ? This is a grey area, he has not been charged yet well not that we are aware of. So is he a fraud suspect, the SFO might think so, or otherwise why would they be looking at him and his companies activities.

    Dave Ames may well be annoyed by those who have no knowledge of his activities yet who post what Mr. Ames considers to be defamatory statements, but there are those who are very well acquainted with Mr. Ames and his past, would they be in a position to prove that defamation has not occurred.

    Surely Dave Ames understands that the Harlecon case never reached court and there seems to be a fair degree of inconsistency in the events surrounding the settlement of the Harlecon action, originally Dave Ames was quite categoric in his belief that Mr. Newman apologised for his actions, however in the faithful conference call Dave Ames was somewhat miffed by the fact that as he claims Mr. Newman had not apologised.

    Now whilst the issues surrounding the settlement of the Harlecon case are the subject of an NDA, there is nothing to preclude new defendants in the new round of potential cases issuing witness summonses to the parties involved in the Harlecon settlement, thus getting over the hurdle of the NDA,

    What is also strange is that Dave Ames has always stated that BFP is a fringe website with few if any followers, I fear his latest actions and claims of how he managed to expose anonymous posters will have massive ramifications world wide on the issue of freedom of speech and exposing Dave Ames and the allegations against him and his companies to a far larger audience.

    There are huge issues here, little of them to do with the matter which is the subject of Dave Ames grievances, his grievances being that he is NOT a liar or a dis-honest person.

    This may become a huge story and once again Dave Ames has no understanding of the Streissand Affect.

    Odd to that in his latest update he decides not to name and shame any individuals or entities, this would lead me to believe that the information contained in his latest update may not be completely accurate, indeed I need to clarify a point, Dave Ames did not issue the update, I should not have inferred that, it was issued by a company wholly owned by Dave Ames that being Harlequin Hotels and Resorts and signed by “Harlequin” and not Dave Ames so again he can always deny knowledge of its contents in the future.

    Some interesting times ahead, Indeed.

  410. domino effect - not the pizza

    It does not have the writing style of Dan Abrams, the in house solicitor.

    Maybe, that communications ‘manager’ can’t remember his name, he would take the fall for the great visionary.

  411. Robert Storey.

    October 18, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Applying that logic to the Irish builder he must be a fraudster too? 😉

  412. Anonymous

    Yes Robert exactly, Dave Ames claims the Builder is a Fraudster because the Judge said the Builder engaged in Fraudulent Mis-representation, these are Dave’s very own words along with his reasoning as to why the Builder must be a fraudster, so therefore if Dave Ames was found to have engaged in Fraudulent Mis-Representation then Dave Ames by his own admission would be a Fraudster too, making it rather difficult for Dave Ames to then try and convince a judge in a defamation case that he was not a Fraudster, bit of an own goal really.

  413. Anon

    Excellent post Bob, finally you are adding something of substance to the current debate, yes Anonymous I do recall a judge in SVG stating that Mr. Ames had engaged in Fraudulent Mis-Representation but I believe that particular judgement is the subject of an appeal, so I suppose pending the outcome of the appeal we cannot compare like with like.

    If Mr. Ames wins the appeal then of course he cannot be called a fraudster. So we need to await the outcome of the appeal.

  414. Why oh Why ?

    Bob why do you really bother. Oh lord you do open up cans of worms every time you post.

  415. Ames has scored an own goal.....

    Looks like its not really working Dave me old mate, we are still saying nasty things about you…. Come on Dave, can we talk about the FSCS saying they support your trust? Or how Shipleys are granting you an extension?

    Ok, change the subject, how about when the Mrs is made bankrupt? Or when the SFO arrest her?

    Or about her pill popping? Poor old meek and mild Dan Ames, is he still not taking things very well?

    Matt following in your foot steps – going bust 😉

    Can we make some homophobic comments?

    Even racist comments? ….. Please.

    Lets just setting for the fact you are little short arsed lying bastard?

    Come on Dave the banking error must be fixed now?

    A copy of that document has been sent to WordPress, that will be interesting, just like when Shipleys and the FSCS said they had no idea what you were talking about.

    You have fucked up, you stupid old fool.

  416. The Tax Man Cometh

    Setting aside the fact that I, Mr. “the taxman cometh” thinks that Ames is a lying conman, let’s just pretend that what he is trying to prove by spending investor money is how it is.

    Let’s just imagine that Dave Ames is not a fraudster, but actually an abject failure at every single business that he has ever tried to pull off. He is an unsuccessful, uneducated common bully who cannot organise a piss up in a brewery. He is a master disaster, who managed to lose £400m of other peoples’ money in an unbelievably short amount of time by spending it on a builder who realised he was dealing with a gullible, wannabe, fly-by-night berk from Essex; on salesmen who kissed arse and happily took enormous commissions lavished on them by a pillock of a “businessman” who’d used all the skill he’d learned from going bankrupt selling double glazing to convince thousands of niaive dreamers to invest in his hair brained scam. Sorry! Scheme. He spent millions and millions on lawyers who’d advocate for the devil if he paid them well enough (why, he is even spending money earned through investor deposits to sue investors who are unable to raise mortgages to complete their investment. Even the master disaster Ames can’t raise money to finance the completion of his scam!).

    And when I look at it that way, putting aside the obvious conclusion, I’m fearful Ames will have no trouble whatsoever convincing people that he is simply a major, incompetent fuck-up rather than a devious, manipulative, criminal who came up with a ponzi scheme which multiple jurisdictions would be unable to bust.

  417. Robert Storey

    Twatikins of 1.08 how do you think DA tracked down the owner of the Harlecon site? Do you think he just managed to pull a name out of the air. You really don’t have a clue do you? Now don’t worry your surgical stockings about it. The IP address was available on Google, the proxy server was in San Fransisco, the rest was easy. Try and keep up with technology.

  418. Failed finance

    I do like that name ‘Master of disaster’ or maybe ‘Buffoon of Buccament’

  419. Harlot of Harlequin

    The witch of Wickford perhaps?

  420. play skool for bob

    Now Bobitkins, what have I told you about poor spelling? Try to keep up with your homework.

    Write a 100 times:
    San Francisco

  421. The blame game 101

    How long before the Great Visionary starts to blame Shipleys?

  422. Anon 1

    Bob we all know how Ames and Harlequin tracked down Harlecon, Ames/Harlequin posed as a distressed investor, in desperate need of assistance with issues pertaining to Harlequin, they contacted Harlecon and Mr. Newman responded thinking that the investor was genuine, that’s how Ames / Harlequin eventually tracked down Harlecon.

    Furthermore Mr. Newman never apologised for Harlecon, a fact that Mr. Ames now concedes.

    Now you might think that Ames is some sort of a hero, I personally think that posing as a distressed investor given the distress real investors have been facing and continue to face is disgusting, and Id also like to add that if Mr. Ames finds this post defamatory please proceed against me, I will issue witness summons to all those involved in the Harlecon arbitration thus negating any NDA so that we can finally get to the bottom of everything.

  423. Robert Storey

    Anon 1, may I call you Ralph?

    What’s next then? You seem to know all the answers LOL

  424. 10 Years? 15 Years? How Long Will Ames Get?

    @Robert Storey, you have to remember several important differences between the situation with “Harlecon” and the “anonymous commenters”, both from a legal and technical perspective.

    Firstly, technically, it’s a different challenge. Harlecon was an asset which has to have a legal name attached to it somewhere. Of course, there are ways to even circumvent this, but the fact is that there is so much of a footprint from a website that someone, somewhere will be accountable for it. And since there’ll be a paper trail (bills paid), the likelihood is that the owner would be eventually tracked down.

    The issue with the anonymous comments on BFP is that they could be completely anonymous if done correctly. With no footprint other than an “IP” address in the database (IE no paper trail), Ames does not have as much to work with, hence making it a different situation. This is not to say that posting things on here anonymously makes you safe, but it will certainly be less conspicuous than running an entire website on the matter.

    Secondly, legally, Ames has a different kettle of fish to fry. If I understand correctly, Harlecon (I never saw the site) had both documents and written prose which were highly defamatory (IE explicitly outlined why “Harlequin” is a scam). Opinions aside, doing this will certainly damage the reputation of a brand, if posed in such a way as to give it an air of authenticity. This means that legal action against such a publication would have been relatively straightforward (hence the owner wanting to cover tracks).

    In terms of the “anonymous commenters” on here, although much of their ranting wouldn’t even register in legal proceedings, some of what has been posted has been damaging to the “brand” (if you could call it that). This is where the legal matter arises – I doubt Ames minds being called a liar; I believe the problem he has is when people try and undermine the business model, and “brand”. Indeed, all of the times I’ve seen his legal threats, it’s been because people have been trying to “prove” a scam exists, either with documents or hearsay.

    Notice he keeps referring to the “same small group” who “keep posting confidential documents”? This is because in his “dealings” with “financiers” (cough Wonga Loans), he needs to retain the idea that he’s operating a legitimate business, and not a scam. Thus, if one of the anonymous commenters is indeed prosecuted, it would have to be for their talk of Harlequin’s “scam”.

    Proving this is the case will be something for the courts (I am no lawyer). But the difference is that Harlecon was explicit in its attempted proving of Harlequin’s activity; the anonymous comments on here have been more about discerning the truth

  425. Legal Funds

    Ok Carol and Dan Ames have told Shipleys LLP, that they are unable to pay back the directors loans, furthermore a property worth some £ 800,000 in Dubai needed about £34,000 to complete on, yet even though Dave and Carol are the subject of freezing orders on their assets and Dan can’t afford to pay back Shippleys either the original court documents in California show Carol, Dan and Dave Ames as plaintiffs in that case, so please tell me where the hell they are getting all the money to instigate legal action after legal action whilst at the same time claiming they have no money.

  426. 10 Years? 15 Years? 155 Years? How Long Will Ames Get?

    @Anon 1 you will have my full & unwavering support. I would even contribute to a defence fund for anyone sued by the GV, including BFP. Harlequin’s methods are disgusting & basically bully tactics. They need to be stopped for good

  427. Robert Storey

    Jesus Anon 1 so now you are portraying Newman as a victim. Of course it is easy to make grand gesture statements while hiding behind an anonymous ID. Perhaps you could enlighten us to who DA should take action against eh Jezza. Of course if you, sorry Harlecon, had nothing to apologise for who paid your, ops sorry again, Harlecons legal fees?

  428. Robert Storey

    Some freezing order eh? Great job.

  429. Sala lady

    Nikki and Chris ride off into the sunset.
    The End.

  430. @twatikins 6.09 if you have nothing better to contribute than checking spelling then you are a sad sad individual. Now go back to marking your books. Saturday night is not very exciting for you is it.

  431. Paddle Ames

    So, a Notice of the liquidation of a company called Administration Services Overseas Ltd.

    The name of that company up until 22 September 2014?

    Harlequin Hotels & Resorts.

    You’re right up shit creek, aren’t you Mr. Ames.

  432. oh beautiful , Ames changes the names of his companies and liquidates them ….

    Smacked bottom time david …..

  433. Gotcha Mate

    Isn’t this the company that Ames had people pay completion monies into, ah yes it is, I think the Jew boy is sweating now, time for the plods to move, Dave mate your making this too easy.

  434. Slammer Time

    You mean Ames was trading insolvently?

    Isn’t that … illegal?

  435. Ouch

    Well well, it looks like it really is game over. I’ve heard a rumour that in excess of £800,000 was paid into a previous dormant company and within 3 months the company gets a name change and then disappears, I heard on the Grapevine that a Gareth Fatchett represents a number of clients who sought their money back from this company, I have yet to substantiate this, but if it’s true maybe Mr. Fatchett should turn up at the creditors meeting or notify the police, I mean what did the company actually do ? I mean how can a dormant company take in approx £800,000 (more importantly for what purpose) and then within a few months change name and within a week enter liquidation, if I was a betting man the name change could be to hide the fact that the company was being liquidated,
    And if a number of individuals represented by a Birmingham solicitor were seeking refunds, well looks like they now will have to deal with a liquidator.

  436. Redefining Laundrettes

    One word LAUNDRY

  437. Anon 1

    Robert, Firstly you can call me Ralph or Jezza or anything else for that matter, it does not bother me since I intend to remain anonymous, for now. I am glad you keep bringing up Harlecon and I would like the opportunity to address some of the issues you keep raising.

    Let me first apologise to Dave Ames, the following comments are I don’t believe defamatory on the contrary they are just a response to Mr. Storey’s questions on the matter of Harlecon,

    Dave Ames has stated that Wilkins Kennedy paid the Harlecon costs, or so he claims, but Robert, Dave began proceedings against Mr. Newman not Harlecon, so I assume Mr. Newman paid his own legal fees, he did not have an option as it was Mr. Ames who commenced proceedings against him, but it is worth noting that Mr. Newman was defending the stance taken by Harlecon, and given that it has never gone to court and the fact that Mr. Ames now acknowledges the fact that Mr. Newman never did apologise well that leaves many unanswered questions, there is also a rumour that it was Mr. Ames who along with Wilkins Kennedy who wanted mediation in the case, but regardless it looks like that the true facts surrounding the mediation will be brought to the fore soon enough,

    I’ve heard rumours, and I stress that these are just rumours at the moment, but I have heard that should Dave wish to proceed with his latest round of defamation cases, which by the way he is fully entitled to do, not necessarily justified but entitled yes, then witness summonses would be issued to all parties so that the truth about the Harlecon mediation can be cleared up once and for all.

    On the issue you raise about Mr. Newman being a victim, Mr. Newman was looking to help investors ( some would call them victims) but I will stick to the word investors for now. So Ames / Harlequin or someone in their employment wrote to Harlecon pretending to be a very stressed out investor looking for assistance with Harlequin, Robert even you will have to admit there are dozens of individuals out there who are looking for assistance on the Harlequin matter, you would have seen this as a very active member of the original Regulatory Legal Forum.

    Just a quick reference to your comment in respect of the freezing order, in light of tonight’s revelations on the liquidation of yet another Harlequin company, I’m sure Mr. Richard Specter of ELS would have abided by the freezing order and kept Carter Lemon Cameron upto date on not only the name change but of the Liquidation as well. It would be what is expected of him.

    Sorry back to Mr. Newman, I would consider this to be very admirable of Mr. Newman. Is he a victim, well if Dave eventually faces prosecution and it is successful then Mr. Newmans stance will have been vindicated and in that case YES he could be considered a victim of the bully boy and underhanded tactics of Harlequin and Ames and indeed a victim of the online and unjustified attacks by your good self. However I doubt no matter what the outcome, that you will never apologise for the support you have shown Harlequin and the Ames family through out this saga.

  438. Robert Storey

    @anon 1 you really have wasted your time with your analysis above. Unfortunately you too cannot differentiate between the various Robert Storeys on this forum. There are so many holes in the above, but if you believe it so be it.

  439. Anonymous

    Note to Dave – Ivar Kreuger (the original king of swindlers) at the
    end did the honorable thing………

  440. Anon 1

    I have merely responded to a number of questions by a Robert Storey on this forum, if there is more than one Robert Storey then I hope I’ve addressed all their issues,

    To the Robert Storey of 10.02 PM you state the following, “There are so many holes in the above, but if you believe it so be it.” I wonder could I be kind enough to ask you to point out the holes in my post above, and would you be willing to set out the facts as you see them, in Mr. Ames update of yesterday evening he seemed quite happy that there be reasonable debate on the issues raised aslong as they did not extend to alleged defamatory remarks by the parties.

    Would it not be good to have a reasoned discussion on the very important issues you raise on a regular basis, you seem well informed of the ” facts” so all I’m asking is if you would be willing to share those “facts” as have been relayed to you with the rest of us.

    I’ve been quite willing to do so and I do so quite freely, I’m sure Mr. Ames would have no issue with us debating in a reasonable manner of course the points you raise.

  441. King Herod

    Hey who paid the Jew?

  442. Anonymous

    -KH- Qatar seems to be funding and underwriting Semites of every
    persuasion possible.

  443. Anonymous

    Creditors Meeting Notice – see link


    When Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited (“HMSSE”) went into administration, a new company was set up to run the UK operation.

    This company Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited (“HHR”) took over the staff, premises etc at the Basildon office.

    On the 22nd September 2014 HHR changed name to Administrative Services Overseas Limited (“ASOL”).
    On the 1st October 2014, David Ames acting as director of ASOL called a creditors meeting on the 20th October 2014 to place the company in liquidation. The London Gazette Notice confirming this is enclosed on the link above.
    Liquidation Update

    We are going to amend our update in the light of this new development. Please go to http://www.harlequinredress.co.uk for the update.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Visit Harlequin Investor Group at: http://harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

  444. Anonymous

    Creditors Meeting Notice – see link


    When Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited (“HMSSE”) went into administration, a new company was set up to run the UK operation.

    This company Harlequin Hotels & Resorts (UK) Limited (“HHR”) took over the staff, premises etc at the Basildon office.

    On the 22nd September 2014 HHR changed name to Administrative Services Overseas Limited (“ASOL”).
    On the 1st October 2014, David Ames acting as director of ASOL called a creditors meeting on the 20th October 2014 to place the company in liquidation. The London Gazette Notice confirming this is enclosed on the link above.
    Liquidation Update

    We are going to amend our update in the light of this new development. Please go to for the update.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Visit Harlequin Investor Group at:

  445. Apologies, I'm so so so sorry

    Carter Lemon Cameron kept this very quiet, given that they would have been informed of this by ELS and Richard Specter, given the freezing orders that Carter Lemon Cameron have over the Ames’s assets.

    But why the name change 8 days before the liquidation, that is very odd.

    On reflection ………………………………………,…………..

    Or am I speaking out of turn here, apologies to Mr. Richard Specter of ELS if news of this liquidation is covered by an NDA, I promise you, the first I saw of this was when reading my weekly copy of the Gazette this evening over a cup of tea, I thought because it was in the Gazette that everyone knew about it. I forgot that the Gazette is now a confidential document, please Richard please accept my humblest of apologies if I have caused you or indeed the Ames family any grief as a result of publicising this fact on BFP, I’m sure I have not defamed anyone by doing so, but if I have I throw myself at your mercy Richard, please for the love of God show me some mercy, please Richard, I swear I did not know it would cause you problems, I’m so sorry, please tell Dave and Carol that I am so so sorry, please tell them to forgive me,

    Oh what have I done, the pain of it. The agony, what have I done. Oh what have I done to that good of good family the Ames’s. Please I beg of you, show me mercy, I will do anything, I will give you all the dirt on Wilkins Kennedy, I will, give me a piece of paper, I will sign anything, anything to make up for what I’ve done, just ask, I’m at your service for ever more.

  446. Anonymous

    -AIssss Good grief man – get a grip !!!

  447. Anonymous

    St Georges Dragon – if you are still in BIM, why n to after church
    in the morning drive be the HHotel site and post some photos. I
    have a lot a man hours and money wasted in that forsaken effort.

  448. Anonymous

    Dear Little Legs, have you learned nothing, for every action there is always a reaction, not necessarily equal though.

    We have a suggestion, a compromise perhaps, you stop telling lies and we might, just might desist from exposing the truth about you and your activities.

    How does that sound?

    And before you say another word or pick up that phone to Richard, we have done nothing wrong by bringing everyone’s attention to the liquidation of your most recent company.

    All we are asking you to do is to practice what you preach, you have stated that you will be transparent and open, well you can’t really say that about your latest liquidation now can you ?

  449. Anonymous

    St George’s Dragon on October 17, 2014 at 12:14 am
    Here are the promised photos of the H Hotel in Barbados. I posted them to BFP a few days ago but they have not yet put them up on the website.
    The site has suffered less than Merricks, presumably as it is in a more populated area, so is less susceptible to vandalism and thieving. When I went round the other day there was still some plant and materials on site, although nothing of any great value. The door in the hoarding leading off the boardwalk had been pulled off its hinges, so you can now – presumably courtesy of some homeless gentleman – walk straight in to the site. I hope I was not trespassing but I did not see any signs telling me that I could not enter the site. The exposed steel reinforcement is rusting as it so close to the sea; the building is disappearing under bush and I don’t believe there is much if any value in what is built on site.
    Such a shame that so many people have lost so much money just to produce another eyesore in Barbados.

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/62401808a09ebb662d11f12424702015

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/62401808a09ebb662d11f12424702015

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/6f6318e6bfb98875da177e02d08c112c

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/2d970dc64d462baac84179631364ea16

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/ee6e01bc4971ba00614516852d9b41b8

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/cda5ec6844145f1af1188512eba83343

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/ff609901289ac6dde12c959a67d2d12d

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/419c90a1c7e9f8c0b6c6223631868193

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/4c5277fad2dadb579a39a7fcce594272

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/95374b3401c111e60a3a1b5c5684c39d

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/319fdc9544c33d2e52b5bbe9774021c4

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/2de90fcdc6dd1792cab12b6d39ef8564

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/858506a73a5e7732ac189d0ea5abe7fb

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/f78515943156cf42f42e92a3a16e2bc0

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/2b496f8667b27bc199c1533573994afd

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/d109fa7b6444b7e98637c33b0186801b

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/7a060c8b9d798bde1565dc35de1aa402

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/5610ecda90c0ed440ca0006e69cd5693

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/92f02ee5a2aea387f20fe1bd7ae8c2c2

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/ebe94286b206850422cc3e622bf37e85

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/1f84a924f2568bd1895b820034d44171

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/afae711363a462ed3c3aa58ce767beeb

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/2f0663f7930c8a1e489e4d9473024f3c

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/d56689384882292d0358a6d7ef4303b0

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/ef0daa61cf02f05f8158b813649def00

    https://anonfiles dot com/file/078e6729408d3e0e9542f18ad5e4f10c

  450. Arse


    Did anyone else think ‘arsehole’ when reading this ?

  451. St George's Dragon

    I posted the photos here a few days ago. They are in a comment above timed at October 17, 2014 at 12:14 am. They got stuck in moderation and I am not sure if anyone saw them. Check the thread above.

  452. Anonymous

    -SGD – Cutty Sark is taking its revenge. My spelling was atrocious.
    However for some reason I don’t think the photos got posted.

  453. Anonymous

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/62401808a09ebb662d11f12424702015

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/62401808a09ebb662d11f12424702015

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/6f6318e6bfb98875da177e02d08c112c

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/2d970dc64d462baac84179631364ea16

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/ee6e01bc4971ba00614516852d9b41b8

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/cda5ec6844145f1af1188512eba83343

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/ff609901289ac6dde12c959a67d2d12d

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/419c90a1c7e9f8c0b6c6223631868193

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/4c5277fad2dadb579a39a7fcce594272

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/95374b3401c111e60a3a1b5c5684c39d

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/319fdc9544c33d2e52b5bbe9774021c4

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/2de90fcdc6dd1792cab12b6d39ef8564

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/858506a73a5e7732ac189d0ea5abe7fb

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/f78515943156cf42f42e92a3a16e2bc0

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/2b496f8667b27bc199c1533573994afd

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/d109fa7b6444b7e98637c33b0186801b

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/7a060c8b9d798bde1565dc35de1aa402

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/5610ecda90c0ed440ca0006e69cd5693

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/92f02ee5a2aea387f20fe1bd7ae8c2c2

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/ebe94286b206850422cc3e622bf37e85

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/1f84a924f2568bd1895b820034d44171

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/afae711363a462ed3c3aa58ce767beeb

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/2f0663f7930c8a1e489e4d9473024f3c

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/d56689384882292d0358a6d7ef4303b0

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/ef0daa61cf02f05f8158b813649def00

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/078e6729408d3e0e9542f18ad5e4f10c

  454. Anonymous

    I’ve just reposted the photos that SGD posted. I’ve put a space between http and the ://anonfiles so the space will need to be closed, also replace the word dot with . Thanks a million for this SGD they are excellent.

    Dear Mr. Ames, I hope you don’t mind me reposting SGD’s photos, I doubt very much I’ve broken any laws by doing so, if you believe I have please tell me, cheers mate.

  455. Anonymous

    SGD/Anonymous Jeez, I just updated to Apple OS/Yosemite
    and I still can’t download them. I’m beginning to think that I should
    go back to my 10yr old VIAO.

  456. Ooooops – should read Vaio…

  457. Anonymous

    Looks like Mr. Ames is shutting down his UK operations, the manner in which its being done is odd, I do hope his legal team are checking the law on this. I include ELS in this.

  458. Anonymous

    Let’s not forget Mr. Campions role in all this, he too will be brought to Justice.

  459. Los Alamo

    Now that’s one arrogant prick that deserves to go down with Ames, Campion will go down, sadly he is too arrogant to understand just yet, remember PID Campion? Well they is talking matey, and they is saying lots. 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  460. Dave Ames - business failure, Matt Ames business failure, Carol Ames bussiness failure...

    How does this latest new affect the freezing order and the liquadation of HMMSE?

    Apart the Harlequin scum losing their jobs what difference does it make?

  461. Crazy UK system

    It’s odd, if I don’t pay my council tax I get hounded and could end up in jail. When you consider this whole bloody Harlequin mess – I have one question – how can it be?

  462. Should I stay or should I go?

    So, the Ames family have no means of income in the UK?

    Mr & Mrs have a very ineffective freezing order; they seem to be able to spend what they like on all sorts of new legal cases.

    I’m just playing devils advocate here…..

    Is there anything stopping Ames & family having a fire sale and selling all the assets in the Caribbean. Stuff the freezing order it’s pennies by comparison.

    It’s my understanding it’s all in his name.

    Why would they stay in England?

    I would be off to some country with suitcases of cash and live happily ever after.

  463. Daves Disco

    Sorry i couldn’t help it!!

  464. Daves Disco

    And another….

  465. Defamation

    Dave Ames is going to sue people for Defamation where exactly?

    If you are an investor and try sue Ames in the UK you will be given short thrift.

    However if your an “alleged” Defamer, allegedly defaming a company or companies based in the Caribbean and on an anonymous website based in the Caribbean and against Dave Ames who according to a recent judgement spends over 60% of his time away from the UK and has done so since 2009 according to depositions from both he and one of his lawyers Andy Regan and who is also a citizen of St. Vincent. And who denies purchasers the right of recourse in the UK, having challenged an action brought by RL, denies having many or any material links left with the UK, but however for the purposes of his defamation action, even he now seeks the assistance and protection of the UK Justice System.

  466. Wot no escrow account ?

    A little bird told me HH&R informed investors their money was being held in Escrow for ‘completions’, if I was a betting man I would say that was untrue.

    If that happened to me, I would consider myself a victim of crime and report this as a matter of urgency to the police and SFO.

  467. Anonymous

    Gareth Fatchett told me that some of his clients paid some £ 800,000 to this company for completions and that he reported the matter to the authorities some time ago.

    So with all this now going on why the hell don’t the authorities step in, and why the hell did Gareth Fatchett hold himself out as the “ONLY GAME IN TOWN” for nearly two years giving David EDWARD Ames a lifeline to allow him to continue to wreak chaos and misery on people.

  468. Anonymous

    Possibly because he is? Who would you recommend Holkham? CLC? or some other ambulance chaser?

    Still waters run deep.

  469. confused even more

    I’m not too knowledgeable about about company law.

    However, it looks like, to me, Ames took the money for completions via Harlequin Hotels and resorts, then changed the name ( to hide something?) Then attempted to shut it down on the QT……. under it’s new name?

    Is that about the top and bottom of it?

  470. Oh Bobby, poor Bobby…it looks like Daddy Ames hung you out with
    the laundry to slowly twist and turn in the wind…

  471. Wot no completions!

    I hope someone asks where the ‘completion funds’ have vanished to?

  472. Fraud, ran off with deposits?

    This must be fraud?

  473. Taking money, dormant company????

    Accounting Reference Date: 31/03
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/03/2013 (DORMANT)
    Next Accounts Due: 31/12/2014
    Last Return Made Up To: 13/05/2014
    Next Return Due: 10/06/2015
    Mortgage: Number of charges: ( 0 outstanding / 0 satisfied / 0 part satisfied )
    Last Members List: 13/05/2014
    Previous Names:
    Date of change Previous Name

  474. anon

    Does anyone know where Ames is? Will he be at creditors meeting?

  475. more scum

    I wonder if he’s off to Oz on his SVG passport?

  476. Fraud?

    Come on SFO, go round and pull em in !

  477. Where has the money gone?

    I would imagine if someone gave HHR some money for a ‘completion’ they could scupper this sham liquidation?

  478. Wot a mess

    @ Scum
    Who Andy Regan?Or Ameless

  479. Shushhhhhhhhh

    The Ames update has really made an impact, never been so busy on BFP

  480. Anonymous

    It’s all been taken out of context this name changing.

  481. Anonymous

    Can’t be Regan he is out of work 😉

  482. Party in my pants!!

    This looks very bad for Mrs Ames, could she be joining Matt?

  483. Warthogs over Wickford


    Why is the bad for Mrs A? HH&R(UK) as was has only one director, David Edward Ames. He’s also the sole shareholder. If as has been said it took “completion money” and there haven’t been completions, I’d think even the indolent goons at the Serious Farce Office might just be able to make something stick.

  484. Party in my pants!!

    I actually think she will go to jail for her (alleged) malfeasance regarding HMMSE – too many eyes on that now.

    This latest stunt will, as you say bring the whole thing tumbling down. I think Mr.A is a flight risk.

    It will also involve the timid Dan Ames too. 😉 He will be shaking like a jelly.

  485. Phoenix ????

    On the 8th of October 2014 Mr. Ames incorporated a new company called Support Services Essex Ltd. The (SSE) Company. Reg No. 09253459 as per UK Companies House. I hope ELS and Richard Specter have notified all the relevant parties of this. 😉

  486. Robert Storey

    So what? What does this prove? moron get a life.

  487. Anon 1

    Ah welcome back Mr. Storey, last night at 10.19 pm I suggested that you and or the other Robert Stories on here engage in some intelligent debate on the Harlequin issues, you and or the other Robert Stories appear to have a good insight on matters pertaining to Harlequin and I was hoping you would give us all a little insight into how you and or the other Robert Stories perceive things as they stand with Harlequin and indeed to be prepared to engage in intelligent debate on the matters being discussed.

  488. Bernie Ames = 150 Years In Jail?

    @Robert Storey – that’s defamation! He ALREADY has a life, so your post insinuates the commenter does not have one. Defamatory in the EXTREME – your papers are in the post.

  489. Anonymous

    I thought a twice bankrupt could not hold the position of Director in any UK company?

  490. It's all falling apart at last

    No, it’s only for a year each time. Ames is arrogant this will be his downfall.
    It was the same for Matt Ames.

  491. Robert Storey

    @Anon 1 how would you realistically expect anyone to engage in any sort of debate with someone who is too afraid to post in their true name. Come on now man up. By all means try and engage in the Robert Storey of 6.19.

  492. Anon 1

    Are you the real Robert Storey who begs for petrol money from RL?

  493. Robert Storey

    You obviously don’t understand the concept of a deal. You gives me something and I give you something back. Simple concept which is obviously too difficult for you to comprehend. Now go back to your anonymous life with your anonymous ID. Twat.

  494. Chris Sutton aka Anon 1

    Hi Robert my name is Chris Sutton, are you now prepared to engage in a healthy debate on the issues surrounding Harlequin, I’m interested in your opinions on Harlequin and would like to explore the opportunity to have a healthy non defamatory debate on the issues with you.

  495. Anonymous


    On the 8th October 2014, Support Services Essex Limited was incorporated. This looks like the new company set up to pick up the assets of Administration Services Overseas Limited (“ASOL”).

    It will be interesting to understand why ASOL (formerly Harlequin Hotel Resorts (UK) Limited) is thought to be insolvent. The Statement of Affairs should assist investors in their understanding.

    Anyone who handed over money for completions with HHR should check the position carefully. It would be wise to speak to the proposed liquidator to register an interest.

    We will update you when we have more information.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  496. Robert Storey

    Nah, I beg for money from RL for petrol don’t forget. Send me an e mail and I will think about it.

  497. Something definetly does not smell right

    So apparently investors have given over completion money to a company that now has entered liquidation, and a brand new company has been created to take its place, in the past this was known as a Phoenix Operation, but those I had thought were a thing of the past, apparently not. But with the GV anything is possible I suppose.

  498. Chris Sutton

    Robert I have no problem with sending you an email, could you please give me your email address to allow me to do this.

  499. Robert Storey

    Mr Sutton, it is on this blog, failing being able to find it ask either RL, who you seem to know well, or ask Erica Broughton who published it on this blog.

  500. Lying Bastard

    AHA!! Now the reason for the “Subpoena” email is realized. Ames has been playing dirty and absolving himself of any legal responsibility. It will be very interesting to see how he explains this latest scheme.

    Face it Ames, you’re going down. Make sure you pack lube

  501. Dave "Pension Destroyer" Ames

    Chris sutton, there is more chance of the Ames family setting up a legitimate business than there is of you engaging in a healthy debate about harlequin with Robert Storey.

  502. Anonymous

    It would seem a Phoenix operation is not illegal then. If indeed this is what it is.

  503. Anonymous

    The following could pose some serious problems for Mr. Dave Ames. Why have Harlequin Hotels and Resorts UK Ltd gone into liquidation, was its only purpose to handle completion monies ? What is the purpose of the new company? HMSSE is similar in name to SSE, HMSSE is also entering liquidation. And what about all the individuals who have handed over completion monies, have they received title to their properties, if not are they not creditors of Harlequin Hotels and Resorts UK Ltd or whatever it’s called now.

    If you are a creditor to a business which is undergoing insolvency, it is essential that you help the Official Receiver / Insolvency Practitioner to understand the causes of failure. They have a duty to investigate the affairs of companies in compulsory liquidation and report evidence of criminal offences to a prosecuting agency. If you believe that the company is withholding information about its assets, or if you have information about the conduct of the company, you should write to the Official Receiver / Insolvency Practitioner giving the relevant facts.

  504. scam scam and even mores scams...very clever ones though

    Ames has lived it large…now he is going to cop it large…I hope he goes down for the rest of his life (and that the remainder is a long and miserable suffering life). The guy deserves all he gets…oh and I am not an investor

  505. Some people never learn

    Dave Ames does have the IP adresses, yet posters continue to defame him. What illegal acts has he committed ? Have the authorities moved in to close him down ? No.

    Can anyone point to one criminal act Dave has comitted ?

    Can anyone point to one deliberate lie told by Dave ? And please the reference to HMSSE in his conference call was his heart felt belief, he believed that HMSSE would exit administration and to prove he did not believe this will in itself prove virtually difficult if not impossible.

    So on that note, can anyone here prove one lie he told ? One simple lie ? You can all say he did but can you prove it, because in UK defamation law you will need to prove conclusively that Dave lied, and I believe that no one out there can do this.

    So rather then attack my post, provide unequivocal evidence that Mr. Ames lied.

  506. Anonymous


    1. “Interest Payments” are stopped by a “banking error”
    2. “The Builder” case is why construction has stopped. Not the fact he has no money left
    3. “We will endeavour to help investors fund the rest of the build” – with what finance? Underwriters?
    4. Deadlines on all contracts, and corresponding refunds
    5. Brochures – “If not yielding return, will buy it back”
    6. “The SFO” are “not investigating any more”
    7. Is in “Detailed Discussions” with the SIPP companies (who’ll presumably back his 5 year no-litigation trust? When he’ll be 66… no)
    8. FSCS “backs his trust”. Explicitly denied
    9. 100 acres? 50 Acres?
    10. Director’s Loans?
    11. Escrow accounts for “completion” monies
    12. “10% Guaranteed Returns”
    13. “Never Taken A Salary” (apart from huge dividends and director’s loans)
    14. Brazil
    15. Planning Permission for all resorts?

  507. Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter if Ames is defamed. It’s not him whom the litigation was filed under. It was “Harlequin”. He will have to use other means to defend himself (not Harlequin…. I mean victim’s…. money)

  508. Anonymous

    @ Some people never learn, has it not dawned on you or anyone else that the most recent absolutely defamatory and threatening posts could be generated by Harlequin themselves in order to add credibility to the claims they are making.

    I find it amazing that individuals would be stupid enough to engage in such derogatory posts unless they knew they were safe from prosecution.

    I would not put it past Ames and Harlequin to try a stunt like this, I have no proof that this is going on, but I find it absolutely bizarre, but would make for great justification in front of a judge.

    And given that Ames is the plaintiff in the US disclosure case, we will never discover the true identities of any of the posters, Ames and his legal team will have full reign to cherry pick there way through this.

    So I’d caution anyone who wishes to follow the derogatory stance being taken by some recent posters, Ames may well be setting a trap to get others to follow suit.

    Be careful is all I’m saying.

  509. Robert Storey

    @Chris Sutton, I’m still waiting for my e mail. I think that will be last we hear from you on the matter. Perhaps I could send it to you for a few quid? What do you think? Go on put your e mail on here, if you have the balls. Lol

  510. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 10.10, yes numbers 1-10 have been stated but in most cases by “Harlequin” not Ames directly, remember he apparently is using the Murdoch defence in the Mulberry Law case, that being his companies are so large that he cannot police every statement made by his employees and therefore cannot be held responsible for every claim made by them through Harlequin.

    Again what is required is absolute proof that Ames is lying, not a statement from Harlequin, for example has Ames ever stated that Guranteed Mortgages were available, ( non status mortgages) has Ames ever said this and was it recorded, did he, not Harlequin, reduce this claim in writing ?

    See without this under UK defamation law Ames’ legal team will demand proof that Ames said these things.

    The law might not be right, but it is UK law.

  511. Anonymous

    10% guaranteed returns is working.

  512. Chris Sutton

    Robert I was genuinely hoping to engage you in reasoned debate, you asked me to send you an email and all I did is ask you for an address to which I could send you an email, now you seek to ridicule me, to what end I have no idea. I’m not sure what you mean by saying have I the “balls” to do something, I’m sure you mean by this do I have the courage?, there is nothing courageous about asking anyone to enter into a reasoned debate on issues, you are on here all the time and appear to support Harlequin and appear to be a content investor and all I was hoping to do was to engage with you in a sensible and reasoned debate on the issues.
    I see no reason why you wish to attack me in such a manner.

  513. Anon 666


    On the 8th October 2014, Support Services Essex Limited was incorporated. This looks like the new company set up to pick up the assets of Administration Services Overseas Limited (“ASOL”).

    It will be interesting to understand why ASOL (formerly Harlequin Hotel Resorts (UK) Limited) is thought to be insolvent. The Statement of Affairs should assist investors in their understanding.

    Anyone who handed over money for completions with HHR should check the position carefully. It would be wise to speak to the proposed liquidator to register an interest.

    We will update you when we have more information.

  514. Anonymous

    @ anonymous 10.28 pm sadly UK defamation law as it stands means that the plaintiff does not have to prove what he said is correct, we may doubt very much that Ames is providing a 10% Guranteed Return but in the absence of any proof, ie having an investor who has legal title to a unit having paid the full monies due Harlequin and stating that they are not getting their Guranteed 10% Return then under UK Defamation law you are at nothing. Under the UK laws we cannot compel Ames to prove that he has or has not made such payments.

  515. Anonymous

    I am an anonymous and I am an American and I have done business
    with Harlequin and I can state that they are crooks (this is my opinion
    and I don’t have to prove it (although it is true) What can Ames sue me for. The answer is NOTHING.

  516. Robert Storey

    @Chris Sutton, “are you the real Robert Storey who begs money from RL” Now that to me is not entering into serious debate. That is a cheap shot from an ignorant person. If you want to enter into serious debate then put your e mail address on here and I will send you an e mail. My e mail address has been published on here by Erica Broughton so it is available if you want to do the research.

  517. Bully Beef

    Bob you’re so unimportant in this whole debate; I just like teasing you.

  518. Anonymous

    Dave Ames is furious his company name change was discovered.We were all told to keep strum about it, if we wanted a position in the ‘new co’

    I’ve left anyway, couldn’t put up with the calls day in day out having to lie to investors, not for minimum wage, no way.

    That old hag Sonia is nearly as bad as Mrs depressed, just like a loyal dog to Ames.

    I get the impression they are planning to leave the UK, lots of talks with ‘the family’ behind closed doors.

    Dan Ames has turned into a puddle, he was the one pushing the sales team to get the completion monies in ‘to pay the wages’

  519. Anonymous

    The office gossip was all about Dan and Carol Ames know they are are on borrowed time, only Dave thinks it’s all going great.

    Dan spends all his time sat in his office door shut, the only plan they have is damage limitation, i.e server problems.

  520. Anonymous

    @Anonymous, if indeed you have left “the bunker”, my hat goes off to you. I fully appreciate the poisonous environment you must have faced, and I hope this does not impede your future employment prospects.

    We all know who’s at the root of this problem.

  521. Robert Storey

    That unimportant I made a £100 for doing nothing. Had a good night out on that thanks.

  522. Fibber

    You said you spent it on tires Bobit. £100 that’s a hell of a cheap night buddy.

  523. Anonymous

    @RS Dave Ames made £400m for doing nothing.

  524. Fibber

    But Dave Ames and his family may end up bankrupted and in prison!

  525. Robert Storey

    Your American English let’s you down lol. Suggest you reset your spell check to “proper” English. Tires, oh please. “Buddy?” Haha lol.

  526. A debate with Robert - such a challenge

    Robert, can we debate the demise of HHR? What do you think happened to the completion monies? Especially as HHR is insolvent and unless I’m mistaken only one completion and that was Pat Cashes manager.

    What are your views on this?

  527. fuckin' ignoramus

    lets not let’s

  528. A debate with Robert - such a challenge

    I would also like to debate why Mr Ames said Shipleys HAD granted him an extension – clearly untrue.

  529. A debate with Robert - such a challenge

    Robert, why would someone change the name of a company then start insolvency procedures? Looks very fish to me.

  530. Dan Ames Butthole Must Be Twitching

    The appointed Joint Liquidators will continue to chase these debts and may take the necessary steps in order to recover these funds. Creditors should note that the Directors’ Statement of Affairs stated that Mr Daniel Ames’ Directors Loan Account was in the sum of £49,997.01, however, according to the Company’s Trial Balance as at 30th April 2013, this indebtedness was shown in the sum of £57,086.26.

  531. Robert Storey

    @the poster of 10.55, stop asking stupid questions using a made up ID. Absolute muppet.

  532. A debate with Robert - such a challenge

    Please Robert these are all very important points as an investor and a cash one at that, don’t you agree with me?

  533. Bankrupt him and his mother

    Robert, do you think Dan Ames should be made to pay his debts or be forced to follow his fathers footsteps and become a dirty bankrupt?

  534. Anonymous

    KPMG will be the joint liquidator. CLC the legal firm.

  535. Anonymous

    Who is CLC?

  536. Anon

    So what does this mean for the overseas businesses? Can Buccament and Blu survive with no support from the UK. I appreciate that bookings may be ‘up 20% on last year’, however I doubt very much that the guests are paying anything anywhere near the original rack rates. Also the majority of tour operators will hold the payments to the resort for up to 2 months after the guests have left to ensure that they are not out of pocket should there be any compensation due to complaints.

    I doubt that there will be enough to cover outstanding debts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines / St. Lucia AND continue to operate a solvent business.

    Lets see how long the Ames family can continue the masquerade…

  537. David Copperfied (of deposits)

    Up 20 % on an empty resort, is still not much! pure fantasy. Looks like HHR prime reason was to collect ‘completion’ fund, good question where did they disappear to?

  538. Poster of 11.14 who is “me” that you think I should agree with. Crawl out from under your rock and show yourself. Wouldn’t you agree with me that faceless posters have no guts

  539. Chris Sutton

    Mr. Storey I have never made mention of you or an RL. I have asked you for a sensible debate on the issues surrounding Harlequin that’s all. My offer still stands,

  540. @chris sutton. Put your e mail on here then if this is so important to you

  541. Anonymous

    Chris, here’s a better way – why don’t you get a free Yahoo email. Then post the email on here. You’ll get about 5 people sending you bullshit messages, but after that no-one will give a shit. Bob Storey can then send you an email to that address, to which you’ll be able to reply with your real email. Then the debate can ensue

  542. Steph

    Whenever Robert is asked to debate a topic that shows his leader in a bad light he simply will not engage. Poor, sad, lonely, little old man, who in return for defending Harlequin will be rewarded by Ames.

    I actually feel a little bit sorry for him, because Ames will not see you right Robert – you are past your sell by date.

  543. Aw Steph, is that your best effort. You don’t have much do you.

  544. Steph

    Robert, what do you think Ames has done with the deposits? You know the ones that were paid to HH&R.

  545. As Ol


    On the 8th October 2014, Support Services Essex Limited was incorporated. This looks like the new company set up to pick up the assets of Administration Services Overseas Limited (“AS OL”).

    It will be interesting to understand why AS OL (formerly Harlequin Hotel Resorts (UK) Limited) is thought to be insolvent. The Statement of Affairs should assist investors in their understanding.

    Anyone who handed over money for completions with HHR should check the position carefully. It would be wise to speak to the proposed liquidator to register an interest.

    We will update you when we have more information.

  546. Have we shut Bob up?

    Bob, come on join in the debate or are you still insisting on email addresses pretty weak excuse, buddy.

  547. Robert Storey

    You are just getting tyresome now “buddy”

  548. Have we shut Bob up?

    I caught it from you Bud. Anyhow about this debate?

  549. Anonymous

    Tiresome Bob not tyresome

  550. Robert Storey

    Anon 2.18 you moronic prat. Try and keep up with the past posts. Is it tyres or tires. Try not to take yourself so seriously. Twat.

  551. Robert Storey

    Would have thought more of you Sid. You really just as silly as the rest of them.

  552. Sid

    Why, because I find the post of 2.14 amusing? I’m not saying for a minute that I believe it, but it did tickle me.

  553. Chris Sutton

    It looks like you have found me out Mr Storey. I don’t really want a debate, just to try and score points. Trying to send an e mail to you is beyond my technical abilities so you will not be hearing from me.

  554. Bob Shill

    you can always tell when BobbieBS posts with another ID

  555. Chris Sutton

    Dear Mr. Storey is spelt email as opposed to e mail as you have spelt in your numerous posts, so if you wish to post in my name could you at least use the correct spelling. Thank you.

  556. Chris Sutton

    Dear Mr. St is spelt email as opposed to e mail as you have spelt in your numerous posts, so if you wish to post in my name could you at least use the correct spelling. Thank you.

  557. Have we shut Bob up?

    Poor old Bob, this debating is just too much for his old brain cells to keep up.

    Come on buddykins engage, its good for someone of your age.

  558. Is Bob Dick Ingham?

    Buddy Bobitkins spelling is nearly at bad as ‘dyslectic’ Ingham could they be the same person?

  559. Robin Arsehole

    Interesting choice of names for the new overseas company Administration Services Overseas Limited (ASOL).
    Can I confirm the pronunciation of ASOL?
    Presumably its “arsehole”?

  560. Is Bob Dick Ingham?

    Yes, you indeed have the correct pronunciation – the director is one of the biggest A holes you could ever meet. (*)

  561. Anonymous

    which Chris Sutton posted at 3.19?

  562. Anonymous

    I have just spoken with someone from the bunker. This recent trick by Ames has got them off of a dither because it looks like a deliberate attempt to deceive and run off with the deposits.

    Dan Ames looks physically sick and keeps running to his mum for comfort.

    Mrs Ames just keeps popping pills and comfort eating, Mr.Ames is still trying to convince what little staff he has left that all is well!!!

  563. Anonymous

    You leave Sid alone, he is not a twat like you Storee

  564. Sid

    Thank you Anon, though there are many that would disagree with you :o)

  565. Chris Sutton

    I the real Chris Sutton posted at 15.19 not 14.54. Apologies for the way my posts came out at 15.19, I now see that this Robert Storey is only interested in being an antagonist as opposed to an intrested party willing to debate the issues in an open, transparent and adult manner.

  566. Robert Storey

    No Mr Sutton, give me your email address and I will contact you. You don’t seem to be prepared to do that, so I can only assume your offer is false. Did you not say as Anon 1,that “I begged petrol money from RL?” Is that you being antagonistic or serious? Adult or childish?

  567. Anonymous Bosch

    Oh Bob, I am almost feeling sad that this whole escapade may be drawing to a close and I won’t have my daily fix of your hilariously knob-like comments. Do you have any other investments that look likely to go disastrously badly so we can carry on enjoying you? Please tell me that you have invested in carbon credits, sustainable teak trees, Argentinian farmland or some other ‘exotic’ investment.

  568. Anonymous

    Bob – may I suggest factored Caribbean reparation bonds.

  569. Party in my pants!!

    stupid old fool Bob, Ames had what £150k of your cash – yet you still kiss butt.

    You deserve each other, old loser.

  570. Robert Storey

    Perhaps someone could suggest a builder in Jordan, or an accountant in Walton on Thames. Have they got any investment tips?

  571. Chris Sutton

    If you are referring to this post, “Anon 1 on October 19, 2014 at 8:16 pm
    Are you the real Robert Storey who begs for petrol money from RL?” No I did not write this post.

  572. Robert Storey

    Well well Mr Sutton, are you suggesting that someone impersonated you by using your ID? Heaven forbid, does this happen? But you think I impersonated you earlier today. Who impersonated you at 8.16 then? Just send an email address if you are as serious as you suggest you are.

  573. Anonymous

    Chris Sutton – why not email RL which has Bob Story’s email or
    maybe Erica or Steph could repost it here anonymously.

  574. Party in my pants!!

    Robert, I would love your input on why you think Mr Ames changed the name of his company and liquidated it, after taking investors completion monies….. but never completed save for Pat Cash’s manager!!

    It’s a point i’m sure the SFO would like the Ames family to comment on this odd way of running a company.

  575. Every one have a price.

    Imagine if ‘someone’ who worked at HH&R tipped off people in the know about this naughty little swerve Dave attempted.

    Deary me Dave, who can you trust when those close to you let you down?

  576. Anonymous

    Don’t know what the problem is Richard Specter of ELS Law has all the bases covered with the liquidation of the companies and forming of new companies etc, so if Richard Specter is ok with it then there ain’t a problem.

  577. Every one have a price.

    Maybe Richard Spector has not been told the whole truth, maybe that sort of information comes from within.

  578. Robert Storey

    Unfortunately Anon 7.56 you have just broken the data protection act. You see contrary to your post I did not post my own email address on here, Erica Broughton did. This fact was reported to the police along with the details if the person who made anonymous phone call. You see Anon, I knew my email address was on here and if Chris had any semblance of wanting to find it he could have. As you have now republished it all sorts of people could be sending me emails. In view of this I will be discontinuing this email address. So rather than assisting Mr Sutton, you have just stopped him in his tracks. Not as clever as you think you are eh.

  579. Anonymous

    Jeez Bob you are such a jerk.

  580. Anon

    Smoke and mirrors!!

  581. Anonymous

    To sundry and all. Bob Storey has such an ego and thirst to see his
    name mentioned (possibly greater than Donald Trump) he would never
    closed his email address. Gosh he might miss something.

  582. Pack of cards

    Dear Bobikins whatever makes you think anyone would wish to email you…. best laugh I had all night.:) 🙂

    Now, about those deposits and liquidation… what happened?

    Why did Ames say the FCSC backed his Trust?

    Why change the company of HH&R then close it?

    Why not file accounts?

    All begging to be debated Bobitkins.

  583. A few Bob, down the bog.

    Bobless Bobit how much money have you lost £150k ouch, no wonder you’re so angry!

  584. Anonymous

    For Christ sake Bob, give it a rest will you, you told everyone on here to go find your email address, so they did and now you are complaining, it was you who alerted everyone to the fact that your email address could be found on BFP, and now you are going to discontinue using it, why bother Bob, no one is going to bother engaging with you.
    And why is it a breach of the data protection act, and which act Bob, which country ? Why is your email subject to the data protection act? And if it was so sensitive why tell everyone where it could be found ?

  585. Anonymous

    For those who have not seen it yet, BFP started a new thread this
    morning by SGD showing the HHotel photos.

  586. Escrow account?

    The poor blighters who trusted Ames with completion monies must be very upset, where has that money gone? What has Harlequin / Ames done with it?

    Maybe I’m wrong and its all sat safely in an escrow account?

  587. Sid

    I wonder how may people are hoping to complete?

  588. Dave disco ( not in liquidation)

    Time for some soothing music in a time of financial mayhem.

  589. Dave disco ( not in liquidation)

    This sad ballad is dedicated to someone who fell blindly in love with a dream, that failed.

  590. Fatchett's failures

    http://www.citywire .co.uk/new-model- adviser/news/judge-rules-against-harlequin-investors-in-1-8m- court-case/a776127

    I bet Gary’s clients are right pleased with paying Harlequin’s expenses for that retarded Fatchett tactic!!

    When did Gary last have a win? Nothing is showing up on the FOS decisions page.

  591. Dave disco ( not in liquidation)

    Hello Sid,
    Hope your’re enjoying the music.

    I would suspect it would run into millions, whatever happened to the money is the burning question.

    These people could be described as ‘pro Harlequin’ and yet on the surface they have handed over more money for what?

  592. Daft Dave and his laughable trust

    Harlequin and the Ames family are such a success!

  593. Anonymous

    Like Antigua does SVG hand out knighthoods?

  594. Robert Storey

    To all the “anonymous” posters above. You wonder why I have deleted my email address? Consider the following which have been posted on here.
    My home address
    My home telephone number
    My email address.
    A photograph of my house (but the muppet got the wrong house) lol
    Derogatory comments about,
    My wife
    My mother
    My mother in law.
    A silent telephone call from the Bequia mafia.
    You see I don’t think I’m important but obviously some others do.
    Anyway I’m still waiting for Mr Suttons e mail address to be posted on here. Obviously not really interested in any debate at all. Or perhaps the posts from Mr Sutton, aka Anon 1, were not from him at all.

  595. Chris Sutton

    Robert, it’s csutton1976@yahoo.com, if you email I’ll send you my real email and we can talk.

  596. Anonymous

    Still doesn’t explain why you invited someone to find your email address which you advised could be found on BFP. Bob, you really are a twat.

  597. Robert Storey

    @anon 11.43 no you wouldn’t would you. That’s why you hide behind an anonymous ID. Got something to hide twatikins.

  598. Anonymous

    @Fatchetts failures. That was kept very quiet. So anyone wanting to reclaim a cash refund will have to go through the Caribbean courts. Wonder if RL made that clear as part of their £1500 + vat as regards their claim process. It seems some got fed up with it and pulled out. Lol Wonder how much the RL disciples are out of pocket?

  599. Anonymous

    You hid behind an anonymous id for several years too didn’t you 36? So why attack those who wish to remain anonymous when you would rather be anonymous yourself?

    Did you have something to hide 36? Maybe that cosy little deal that got you your 10% while everyone else got nothing, is that why you’re so angry that your details were revealed?

  600. Anonymous

    FDNRM,36, Sportingman, had something to hide Bobby bunkins?

  601. Anonymous

    This is starting to get very interesting…shows Dave is on the ball.

  602. To the Anonymous twins, funny how you keep following each others in posting. I have absolutely nothing to hide. Why should I, everything I post is true. There again everything you post is ……..? Anonymous.

  603. Anonymous Bosch


    You say everything you have posted is true. For years you have been spinning positive stories on Harlequin and quite probably some people who were in doubt about investing in the projects might have plunged in on the back of your unwavering confidence.

    If those people have lost their retirement savings because of your one-man-band charm offensive, how does that make you feel?

  604. @AB wow was I really that important, such a deciding factor in people investing? Give it up, I have never heard such rubbish. I doubt that anyone has invested in HP since I started posting on here.

  605. Anonymous Bosch

    @ BS

    You have been posting your butt off for years on here and TripAdvisor with the aim of raising the credibility of Harelquin. I can well imagine someone invested off the back of the confidence you have generated. And frankly that stinks and I hope you can live with the feeling that someone might have a miserable retirement.

  606. Robert Storey

    @AB 5thJan 2014 was the first time I posted on TA. If you are going to sling mud at least get your facts right. But there again in your world that would years. The great majority of investors over the past few years would be SIPP investors who would had no influence where their investment went. Your assumption that any comment of mine might have influenced them is very tenuous at best, at worst just moronic.
    What would you think about poor retires being ripped off by a dishonest builder and corrupt accountant.

  607. Anonymous

    Could the reasl Robert Storey possibly have a “ghost writer”. The
    grammar was far too good on the above.

  608. Robert Storey

    What is a “reals” person? Haha lol

  609. Or even a “reasl” person?

  610. Thomas Levy

    “The great majority of investors over the past few years would be SIPP investors who would had (sic) no influence where their investment went. ”

    What part of Self-Invested Personal Pension do you not understand, Mr Storey?

  611. Robert Storey

    About as much as the SIPP investors obviously. That’s why when they wanted low risk they were encouraged, and followed the advice, and invested in a far higher risk.

  612. Sid

    I think a lot of people were lured into investing in HP as it was sold to them as being low risk. The selling points I refer to are guaranteed mortgages, 10% guaranteed rentals, healthy equity, easy exit etc. I’m sure 99% of investors don’t consider themselves to be experienced so trusted their IFA’s and were steered towards HP (I wonder why?). I expect that had people not being given these assurances they wouldn’t have risked a dime and if HP could only rely on ‘high risk’ investors they probably wouldn’t have raised enough capital to even print the brochures.

  613. Daft Dave and his laughable trust

    The 8-10% of purchase price maybe was a motivator!!

  614. Anonymous

    BS Bob, if everything you’ve said is true is that why you won’t be drawn on the Visionary’s latest act?

    Could it be that even you, the king of positive spin, can’t think of a single legitimate reason to change the company’s name and liquidate it on the qt? Did the Great Visionary not tell you about his little scheme? Has he hung you out to dry too? Have you now realised that your 10% return was just your own money given back to you and you’ll never see the other 90% ever again?

  615. Robert Storey

    You sure they were not influenced by a few postings on TA Sid?

  616. SIPP Investor #6012

    @Sid described perfectly. It was sold to us by the fact it was “protected” by a SIPP. It was quite telling on the original RL forum, of the number of people who literally didn’t know what they had signed up for (we all presumed mortgages were available, and that HP would be footing the bill). You don’t get that level of congruence without a concious system / scheme behind the scenes.

    @Robert Storey I really hope you’re happy with your investment Sir. You are the most vocal of all the investors, and perhaps you see something others don’t. I’m yet to see any return from Harlequin (my “room” is part of H Hotel. And…. well… the pictures on here aren’t too promising are they?). As a SIPP investor, am hoping on RL to provide an exit route. I am not greedy, didn’t want to invest into anything other than “regulated” products, and simply feel that the Ames family is a group of criminals for allowing this to happen, and being completely disrespectful to their victims.

  617. Redefining escrow accounts in the Carrebean.

    Bobitkins won’t debate something that’s remotely negative about his hero, no, he simply won’t have it.

    He holds out for the GV to keep to his word, sad really.

    Ames just tried to do a swerve on the muppets who paid him their (cough) completion money into an escrow account.

    Bumbling Bobitkins what did he do with all that money?

  618. Redefining company name changes in Essex

    Where did the £900,000 to kick start HH&R come from?

  619. SIPP Investor #6012

    Robert, are you this “vocal” in real life? Maybe I just got suckered into a scheme for bigots? Maybe you’re trying to hide something. Maybe insulting people is just your way of gaining pleasure? I wish you a happy life, as it evidently seems you’re lacking it right now.

  620. Anonymous

    Is that your final response BS Bob? “it’s irrelevant ” and “It was high risk, stop moaning?”

    I must have missed the clause that said: The owner of the company may or may not take your money and liquidate the company (changing the name first so you won’t notice).

    Or the one that said: it’s irrelevant where the money comes from, or where it goes.

    Maybe your contract was different

  621. Robert Storey

    Anonymouskins well at least that is a new spin. “Have you realised your 10% return was just your own money given back to you and you will never see the other 90% again” So I have not been getting other investors money? Well well that’s different. It also seems that math is not your strongest point is it? Sit down, get your fingers and toes out, is that 6 digits on each hand and foot, and work this out. Example, £100,000 paid, 5 years at 10% = £50,000. Now please explain where the 90% comes from. This should be a laff. Haha lol bless.

  622. Robert Storey

    Anonymous twatikins, you are so stupid you cannot differentiate between my postings and some one who impersonates me can you. You are a thick little boy.. If you thought more about the content and less time thinking up childish names you might be worth answering.

  623. Robert Storey

    @SIPP investor 6012, I hope RL can get you some redress. You should get a lot of attention from RL as they will see you as a cash cow. But if you get some of your money back then good luck.

  624. St George's Dragon

    The meeting of the ASOL creditors was yesterday. Did anyone go? What did the statement of affairs say?

  625. Anonymous

    So redress is required Bob? Are you saying the investment has failed?

  626. Anonymous

    Bob is right, his 50K came from other investors`money, not from the Operating profit of any resort. No scam here of course, according to Mr Bobkins (sit on toilet with I pad fame.)

  627. Harlequin Ponzi Scheme

    Wow Bob, going by your figures, Example, £100,000 paid, 5 years at 10% = £50,000.you have an interest free loan from harlequin, is this why you are prepared to spend so much of your life writing drivel on this forum.

    And you expect to receive 10% over 5 years, how optimistic, hopefully you realise your payout is being subsidised by other investors money, the investors you regularly put down . ( look up ponzi scheme )

    With thousands of investors losing homes , pensions etc, I thought any normal person making a profit out of harlequin would have the decency and sense to keep quiet about it, not continually antagonize and goad victims of this fraud.

    but goading victims of this crime seems to be a bit of fun for you, why is that robert ?, what do you hope to achieve ?

  628. Anonymous

    Well Ames will be laffing when he makes the CLC bunch pay his costs twat.

  629. Robert Storey

    Now sit in the corner and repeat after me 100 times, it’s iPad, got that iPad.!!! Thick twat.. Now now stop twisting words, I don’t know where the returns come from, neither than you. And the £50k is a hyperthetical figure, or is that word a bit long for you.. Oh and operating does not have a capital O. Not having a good day are you. Haha lol.

  630. Anon

    Have heard through the grapevine of one sipp investor who made a claim earlier this year getting their investment money back plus interest this week.

  631. Robert Storey

    Interest free loan? Another one who is a bit thick at math.

  632. Anonymous

    We do know that your returns aren’t coming from operating profit though don’t we Robert? So what does that make this?

  633. Robert Storey

    Are you a HP accountant Anonymous? If the answer is no then you know absolutely nowt.

  634. Short Legs

    Bob what about the debate on what Harlequin have done with the completion money?
    why did they try and Gazette the company, sneaky eh?

    Ames is a twat.

  635. Sabrina Haque

    What actually have Shiplys done in this liquidation?

    Why have they not forced the Ames family to pay the outstanding directors loans?

    Why have they not sold (and received) the assets from Dubai ?

    They have been soft with Ames and hopefully get investigated for lack of professional conduct.

  636. Anon

    How many staff still work at the basildon bunker ? Anyone know?

  637. Anonymous

    Does HP have accountants BS Bob? They must have been busy on Facebook for the last 7 or 8 years, because one thing is fairly obvious, they weren’t busy filing accounts

  638. Anonymous

    We know that one Harlequin Accountant thought something wasn’t right though don’t we bob? The one who went to the SFO. You remember him don’t you?

  639. Yes discredited Jezza. Now he will be a good upstanding witness for the prosecution. Did he go to the SFO before or after he was forced out of WK.

  640. Anonymous

    Discredited? Well, the SFO are still investigating several years later. It doesn’t take too great a leap to reach the conclusion that something isn’t right.

    It’s all about that return on investment isn’t it? If there wasn’t a return it’s just a failed investment, but you got a return, and that suggests something else.

  641. Does it? I think you need to go to bed. The drink is beginning to kick in.

  642. Anonymous

    Are the SFO still investigating?

  643. anon

    Yes they are
    and the Police and the press.

  644. Anonymous

    I’m not English, but could someone explain what Robert Storey means by saying “neither than you”. Ignorant twat!

  645. Anonymous Bosch

    @ BS 21 October 3.47pm

    If in doubt blame the builder and the accountant – that’s what the script says and you follow it faithfully.

    Nobody on here would defend any form of corruption but this is a blind alley and you know it. The sums involved are minute compared to the big picture. When the latest revelations show overdrawn directors accounts and multiple properties in Dubai it simply won’t do to brush this aside as though it is all ok. But you can’t bring yourself to call it what it is.

  646. Sid

    It would be interesting to know what the true definition is of a Ponzi scheme in the eyes of the UK law.

  647. Sabrina Haque

    In my humble opinion I would imagine the SFO are taking their time just to ensure they don’t get it wrong…. then swoop.

    Or maybe, just maybe, when BB runs out of money, and it will. They will act on a very, very punch drunk individual…… with no money to fight them off?

  648. Robert Storey

    @Anon 2.19. If you are asking a question then you finish the sentence with a question mark. That’s one of these ? And you call me an ignorant twat. Thick twat!!!

  649. Chris Green

    I’m actually of the opinion that it would be beneficial for HH&R to shut the company down, off the radar so to speak, for a couple of reasons:

    1. If it’s approved they don’t have to show accounts ( very good if maybe you took millions for ‘completions’) but never completed.

    2. Very good if maybe you even made a profit, no tax to pay.

    3. It would be perfect if you maybe did not want ‘investors’ or the authorities to be able to look where the money has been spent or sent to.

    I have reported my concerns to anyone who will listen – that could be a rather large list.

  650. Chris Green

    Robert who took £400 million of investors? And yet you defend him – who is the thick one?

  651. Holkham - hilarious

    Practically speaking what choice do investors have? I went along to the Holkham Compensation farce, what a bunch of shysters. Ames recommending them should have set off alarm bells.

    Tailormade, who got me in this godforsaken mess, teamed up with a bunch of wannabe solicitors ( no doubt for a split of the ‘non profit’)

    Anyhow, it turns out they are not regulated!

    Have no winning cases, and the very same people are in the shit for recommending…….. wait for it SCS farmland that’s gone tits up.

    Who sold it….. yep Tailormade.

    Little wonder they spent a good portion rubbishing Gareth Fatchett, he is after them too.

    Bottom feeding scum

  652. Sid

    Bottom feeding is putting them way above their station!

  653. Chris Green

    Who exposed this Holkham nonsense? Really you could not make this up how can these people be allowed to do this? I’m sat here shaking my head in disbelief.

    Sewer Rats.

  654. Robert Storey

    @Chris Green, the thick one is one who does not know the difference between of and off. I guess that would be you then.

  655. Anonymous

    Jeeeeeez !!! Robert give it a rest…

  656. Robert Storey

    Jeeeeeeeeez!!! Anonymous, tell prats like Chris Green to stop making comments about me, rather childish ones at that.

  657. Anon

    Best let “Robert Storey” stew in his own juice. He is obviously illiterate, and probably lives under the impression that his unwavering loyalty to the Ames will be rewarded.

    He is unaware that he will eventually be cast aside once he no longer proves to be useful, or he asks for reward and recognition of his support of the Harlequin scheme.

  658. Robert Storey

    If someone like Chris Green decides to call me a bit thick then he can expect to get some back. It’s called free speech. How you can construe that as being “loyalty to Ames” is beyond me. How pointing out a grammatical error to an offensive poster can be described as being illiterate is beyond baffling. Perhaps you can explain how you come to the concussion that I am “obviously illiterate?”

  659. Anonymous

    That’s one of these ?
    Bobby booby, you just broke some sort of rule by putting a question mark after a sentence that is not a question. Dumbest twat on the BFP.

  660. Anonymous

    Because it’s obvious.

  661. Robert Storey

    Jeeeeeeeeez!!! Have you been drinking? What are you on about?

  662. Chris Green

    Well, Robert sorry to have missed off an ‘f’ maybe you should ‘f’ off yourself. 😉

    How about debating how Mr Ames managed to fail in all his businesses ventures so badly?

    How he will secure finance? Pay 10% returns? Refund investors? Has he fixed the banking error? The IP address from wordpress?

    Could these all be fibs?

    Your’re a very nasty individual indeed, and will feel rather silly when Mr Ames stiffs you.

  663. Chris Green

    Maybe the land ownership debate Robert?

  664. Robert Storey

    Debate with someone who likes to tell people to “f” off? When you can conduct yourself in an adult way then I might consider it. Until then I don’t think so.

  665. Anonymous

    @Bobby Booboo 11.57AM ..see if you can follow this….

    Perhaps you can explain how you come to the concussion that I am “obviously illiterate?”

    Because it`s obvious.

  666. Robert Storey

    @anon 2.10pm, what a pity you cannot tell the time. No I cannot follow anything from 11.57AM. Anonymouskins. You are obviously not numerate are you.

  667. Anonymous

    Robert Storey
    October 22, 2014 at 11:57 am
    Jeeeeeeeeez!!! Have you been drinking? What are you on about?

    Looks like I got the time right Bobby Booby.

  668. Robert Storey

    @anon prat. You are getting boring now. Your quotes against times are nonsensical. If you think you have something right then good for you. Can anyone else follow this? Who cares. Not me that’s for sure.

  669. Anonymous

    You never care when you are proven wrong Bobby…we all understand that.

  670. Powercourt about to get smashed?


    SCS Farmland / Powerscourt Services Limited

    If you hold an investment in SCS Farmland we would like to hear from you.

    1. We have queried the operation of the “escrow” accounts purportedly run by Powerscourt Services Limited.

    2. We have asked for evidence that Powerscourt Services Limited hold the security they set out in their brochures.

    The response we have received does not deal with the points, but merely asks for more time.

    If you an investor in SCS Farmland, you need to know that the escrow / security has been operated properly.

    If you email us – laura.Hawkins@regulatorylegal.co.uk we will disclose the letter to Powerscourt and the communications flow thereafter. Please confirm in your email that you are an SCS Farmland investor.

    There is a limit time for investors to protect themselves.

  671. Chris Green

    Robert, you assume you bring something of value to a debate!!!

    Unless someone can convince me differently, this name changing malarkey in order to avoid submitting accounts looks fishy….what has happened with the completion money?

    What happened to the due diligence Ames promised?

    The letter of intent, from some secretive investment company; just doesn’t cut the mustard with me.

  672. Robert Storey

    When the Irish builder and WK monies come through this will resolve the temporary cash flow issues caused by Fatchett.

  673. Robert Storey

    Where is my old mate Ralph, or should I say Henry O’ Ware. worriedinvestor?

    We have not had any Harlequin will be over tomorrow, or any documents found on the train.

    Looks like you have given up Paddykins xx

  674. Robert Storey

    It was me can’t you tell the diferance? twat. That fat Paddy potatoe face started all the trouble with the greedy immoral accountants.

  675. Robert Storey

    WK will lose that is a fact. Paddy Potato face lost.
    Crime does not pay, unless you work for an estate agents in Spain lol

  676. Anonymous

    Crime does not pay, you are so right Bob, such prophetic words. Yes Bob someone else caused all of Harlequins woes, now what has you in such a tizzy today, do you have some good news to impart perhaps,

  677. Robert Storey

    Anon 6.48, last time was when I gave your misses one up the arse mate.

  678. Anonymous

    Which estate agent in Spain are you reffering to Bob?

  679. Robert Storey

    Yes, I know of the news I watch it BBC is my preference.

  680. Bobs tea stain

    What’s upset Bobit tonight? Maybe his carer has took it off him when he pissed his pants.

  681. Robert Storey

    The anti HP trolls are disarray now.
    Chris Green 4.12 you assume you bring something of value to the debate.
    Chris Sutton wants to exchange emails so we can have a debate.
    Difficult Chris as you don’t have a Yahoo email lol
    This really is a laff now.

  682. “Has took it of him” hahaha lol TAKEN you absolute moronic twat.

  683. Anonymous

    That F again, let it not go to waist Fuck off Bob.

  684. Salsa dressing

    What happened to cause such bile?

  685. Ask Anon 6.48, you reap what you sow

  686. Anonymous

    It’s okay guys, Bob’s just taking out his sexual repression on here. It’s okay, once he gets his 10% returns (from what origin?) he’ll be able to travel to Amsterdam where all the hottest hookers work more regularly 🙂

  687. Robert Storey

    The hookers in Amsterdam are dogs. But in your world they would be real crackers. Not set the bar very high have you.

  688. Anonymous

    Bob what has an Audrey Dixon got to do with Harlequin?

  689. Anonymous

    We know where you found your wife then Nob rot Bob.

  690. Anon

    Bob yes why post a 9 year old link about someone apparently unconnected to Harlequin?

    You seem to be getting a bit excited today.

  691. Robert Storey

    Haha. I don’t know, why would I? This is sooooo funny

  692. Anonymous

    A rumour is gathering steam that the SFO are no longer looking into the activities of Harlequin, is this what has Bob so excited. Bob your not the only one in the know, way ahead of you on this news, lol. Sorry for robbing the glory from you on this piece of news.

  693. Anon

    Cat got your Tongue Bob, or Ames had a very quick word lol, I doubt you will mention the name Audrey Dixon again, or CPC, or CLC, Niki Crozier, freezing order, contempt etc etc etc etc etc etc again. Now do as your told like the good little boy that you are for the Great Visionary.

  694. Robert Storey

    I will let you into a little secret. I’ve been at the pictures today. I did not post the Dixon link so no one has “warned me off” You have been reading too many fiction books. Nice language by the way. Proves you are a big boy. Not. Haha hook line and sinker yet again.

  695. Anon

    Good boy Robert lol. So you have nothing further to say about Audrey Dixin eh, nice to see you towing the party line. Who were you at the pictures with ? Dave ? Hope he paid for the tickets 😉

  696. Robert Storey

    Audrey DixOn not DixIn aka Nikki Crozier, I will post what I want, always have done and always will. CPC are ambulance chasers who taped DA conference call and posted the transcript on here. That would be the same transcript that the Echo and anyone else would not touch with a barge pole. Anything else you think I will not post about? How about court costs?

  697. Chris Sutton ( The Genuine Chris)

    Mr. Storey I sent an email to your robert-storey@btconnect.com email address three days ago. I obtained a read receipt from you but alas no response, I therefore take it that you have no wish to debate any of the issues with me,

    Regards Chris.

    Btw the email address posted on here in my name was not my email address, nor was I the poster, as you have my email address now there is little point in asking me for it on this forum.

  698. Anon

    My my Bob, you have toned down your attacks on Ms. Crozier, Ambulance Chaser now, wow, is that a criminal offence ? and yes please enlighten us on Court Costs, next you will tell us she is a woman lol, be careful though that you don’t contravine Dave’s orders to you, that might not bode well for you.

  699. Robert Storey

    Chris Sutton, give me the time/date when it was sent. You could not have received a read receipt at all. So let’s try again shall we. Put your email address on here and I will send you one back. Simple request, either send it or drop this charade.

  700. Anonymous

    Bob what proof have you that CPC posted the transcripts on here ? What proof have you that CPC taped or recorded the call ? Some say it was Paul Walton others say it was the woman who’s voice could be heard on the call, was that the voice of CPC ? Does COC sound like that ? Is CPC a woman or a man ? Please explain how you have come to know such facts, maybe BFP could back up your claims that you know the identity of posters on here, you seem so well connected. So please humour us and explain how you know as a “FACT” that CPC recorded the call and posted the transcript on here.

  701. Robert Storey

    If fact cut/paste the read receipt on here if you say you have one.

  702. Teabag

    Looks like Paddy has pissed his pamper over the latest news.

  703. Chris Sutton

    Bob I could and did receive a read receipt from you, that’s how my email is set up, so do not understand how you state I couldn’t. Now as to the date and time it was sent,

    10/19/2014 at 11.43 EST

  704. Robert Storey

    In fact Mr Sutton, my supposed email address was posted on here 2 days ago so you would have struggled to send one three days ago. You are full of shit.

  705. Anon

    What’s the latest news? The news people are pissing their pampers over?

  706. Robert Storey

    Haha, because the poor sop who did the transcript left her name on the bottom.

  707. Nil Nil

    Those pesky NDA’s can’t say.

  708. Storey, the illiterate illegitimate.

    Please can I suggest that Storey is completely ignored?

    He has never and will never contribute to any intelligent debate about Harlequin, its failure, and the loss of investors’ money. He has merely (somewhat adeptly) managed to turn every single thread into a pathetic, playground tit for tat, hence steering the topic away from the perilous issues as far as Harlequin and its investors are concerned. Perilous for Harlequin as it has acted illegally (eventually this will be proven legally) and for its investors as most of them have lost all their money as far as things stand currently.

    I believe Storey has been paid to act like a complete twat here. He certainly never was getting a rental return in the truest sense.

    Please, he is just an irritating diversion, and people really must stop making it so easy for him to divert. It’s not about him. It’s about Ames and his fraud, the Harlequin ponzi scheme, and the thousands of investors trying to get their money back which was stolen from them via misrepresentation and deception by Harlequin and its agents under direction from Carol, Dave and Dan Ames.

  709. Robert Storey

    The poster above, speak to GF about rental returns. You will then look like a complete twat.

  710. Storey, the illiterate illegitimate.

    GF has seen proof that you were being paid by Harlequin.

  711. Robert Storey

    Don’t you see the irony that you put up a post about me, telling people not to post about me. GF has seen a copy of everything to confirm what any payments are related to. You will get the hang of this one day.

  712. Robert Storey

    Hey Sutton, how do you explain that you have a read receipt for the 19th but my (supposed) email address was posted here on the 20th. Go back to Anon 1 makes you more credible to be anonymous!

  713. Anon

    Mr. Storey at 8.50 /3.50 EST or using the 24 HR click 15.50 EST on the 10/19/2014 you asked me to locate your email address on here, I did using some software and a basic word search, it did not take me long so I then emailed you at 11.43 EST on the 10/19/2014 or using the 24 HR clock 23.43 which was probably 4.43 or 04.43 your time on 10/20/2014.
    I received a read receipt from you at 2.03 EST 14.03 using the 24 HR Clock on 10/20/2014 or 7.03 19.03 using the 24 HR Clock your time in the UK. Given that I did no receive a response from you I was unsure if the email robert-storey@btconnect.com was indeed yours, however Mr. Storey I can assure you that I received a Read receipt. Now please can you refrain from calling me “full of shit” until you check your facts.

    All I did was as you suggested and that was to do a search on here for your email address.


    Chris Sutton.

  714. Anon

    Nil Nil on October 22, 2014 at 9:17 pm
    Those pesky NDA’s can’t say.

    Well that’s an easy problem to overcome, all Mr. Ames has to do is commence a defamation action and the defendants can issue witness summonses, that will negate all NDA’s. 😉 So the NDA’s will only buy a little time 😉

  715. Anon 1

    Apologies Mr. Storey I meant to title my post Anon 1 instead of Anon in order to give me the credibility you so desire.


    Chris Sutton

  716. Bob the Puppet

    So Bob tell us more about the court costs, cmon mate, seems Dave has got you to wind your neck in mate, lol.

    Go on Bob, tell us all about properties in Spain, or the agents, or about ambulance chasers like CPC lol, jeez Bob you really are Dave’s puppet. Lol

  717. Sid

    Is Ames not embarrassed by how farcical this whole situation is? I’m embarrassed for him.

  718. Facts

    Sid I’m sure Mr. Ames is a little embarrassed by the antics of the poster/posters known as Bob Storey, all they do is constantly open cans of worms for the Great Visionary, but one fact remains, the SFO are STILL investigating Mr. Ames and his companies, and now with the liquidation of two of those companies, this is like mana from Heaven for the boys in suits.

    We always get an increase in rhetoric from the Pro Harlequin mob especially when the news surrounding the Great Visionary is bad.

    So expect some more bad news soon about Harlequin, the ridiculous attempt by Harlequin last week to announce to the world that they had the IP adresses of all the posters on here was soon followed by news of the failure of another Harlequin business, and the daily Mirror article only added fuel to the fire. Sure Harlequin again came out fighting with news this time of their “Victory” over Gareth Fatchett in the UK courts, but even here the Judge acknowledged that the investors had a valid and potentially winning claim.

    This I consider to be awful news for Ames, only Ames could spin this otherwise.

  719. Finance

    Finance what finance, the reality is we now have two associated Harlequin companies in Liquidation, a potential claim from one company for 10’s of Millions of dollars against a number of other Harlequin companies, outstanding litigation amounting to 10’s of millions of dollars, and now a UK judge acknowledging that investors have valid claims if taken in the Caribbean, these claims could be in excess of £ 400 million, and to top it all off, criminal investigations ongoing into the activities of the Harlequin companies,

    So please what underwriter in their right mind would sanction a loan to Harlequin.

  720. Chris Sutton

    Some will respond in the Morning after their bowl of porridge by stating that its all the builders fault or the fault of the Accountants Wilkins Kennedy or Harlecon, Gareth Fatchett or Indigo Dive, CPC, CLC, the Weather, Liat, The Airport etc etc etc.

    But one fact remains, Harlequin continued to promote and sell resorts including Brazil and even added Jamaica and their boutique hotels after the builder and Wilkins Kennedy had left the scene of the crime, so to blame them for the demise of Harlequin is a little rich even coming from Ames himself.

    And to add to the previous post, the lack of audited accounts for the previous seven years for any of the Caribbean companies even though they are required to be filed as a matter of law would be enough to throw talk of finance onto the trash can.

    I have it on very good authority that Wilkins Kennedy and their insurers have no hesitation in bringing their current situation all the way to the courts. Even though Mr. Ames has perversely sought an early settlement of the case in exchange for a few million U.S. Dollars, despite assuring investors that his case has merit and will be successful. Mr. Ames apparently is relying on Wilkins Kennedys aversion to negative publicity in order to drag them to table to strike a deal, for a few million dollars, yet Mr. Ames by his own admission has spent in excess of $10 Million dollars to bring the case thus far, so any deal struck with Wilkins Kennedy which would benefit investors would have to be greatly in excess of the $USD 10 Million spent thus far.

    Then we have the “Letter” from Harlequin Hotels and Resorts, claiming victory in the US courts and subtly threatening all and sundry with action of an unspecified nature only to be pooh poohed by BFP themselves and followed by two new negative threads on BFP relating to Harlequin and the Ames family, we even had the Daily Mirror in the UK join the act.

    Yet tomorrow morning we will have this and the other posts rubbished by Harlequin supporters, yet they will as always fail to provide nothing more then a blanket denial of what has been said tonight.

  721. Anonymous

    -Chris Sutton, you sir, are a breath of fresh air…

  722. St George's Dragon

    Where is the Statement of Affairs for ASOL?
    Who do they owe money to?

  723. Robert Storey

    Chris O’ Sutton lol

  724. Anonymous

    I did not realise sending an email was so difficult

  725. Clip Clop, Clip Clop,Clip Clop,Clip Clop,Clip Clop,Clip Clop,Clip Clop,

    Would anyone like to discuss CPC & CLC riding off into the sunset?

  726. Legal mind

    Have CLC done a runner?

  727. Robert Storey

    Well do e BFP for taking down emails which publish private data which has been posted by a 3rd party. Perhaps the Data protection laws are being taken seriously now.

  728. At a loss

    When an individual issues an open invitation to followers of this thread to search and locate their personal email which had been previously posted on BFP, albeit quite sometime ago, and when some on here have done as suggested, what grounds does the poster then have to moan about the fact that their email has been reposted?

    In addition why bother acknowledging that your email had ever been posted in the first place. Surely any intelligent human being would have ignored this.

    And why after the passage of so much time since the original publication of their email address, and if the poster was so concerned about having his/her email published on BFP, why didn’t the poster take steps to change their email when the same email was first published.

  729. Liquidation

    Has anyone ever seen fit to enquire of Mr. Ames what his plan “B”, might be in the event that not all “Investors” sign up to his trust, I say this in light of the Judges comments in the Regulatory Legal failed action in the UK where the Judge pointed out that it seemed obvious to the Judge and furthermore could not be disputed that the investors had a reasonable cause for action or indeed a rock solid claim.,

    Given the rumours now circulating that Carter Lemon Cameron obtained a successful settlement for their clients in their freezing order action, would it not be prudent for others to commence a similar strategy in order to recover funds for their clients.

  730. Sid

    All the side topics that are discussed on here are incredibly trivial when compared to the real issue of where our money is. I think all any of us care about is how we can pull our money out of this shambles…..which anyone with any sense knows is never going to happen. The whole thing is a farce and has been for years. I take my hat off to you Bob for your constant defence of all things Ames (even though we all know you can’t really believe any of it) but in reality I don’t think you’ve ever given anyone any real hope or anything positive to cling to. If you really do believe that Ames will pull HP out of the fire you should speak up and say so. Maybe say something like “I know things have been bad for a while and you are all worried, but I know Mr Ames will turn things around and that investors will eventually see a return on their investment”. Can you at least do that?

  731. Robert Storey

    Suggesting someone could find it by searching for it, therefor putting in a bit of effort, is entirely different to a third party posting it on here. Why should a 3rd party post it unless they had it stored somewhere? Would a 3rd party go to the trouble of going back through 18 months of BFP posts, which must be in the 1000s. It was not an open invitation to followers (plural) but to one person. That one person has still not furnished an email address of his own so the whole exercise has been pointless and a complete waste of time and effort. Perhaps you should ask yourself what the motives for that were.

  732. Anonymous

    More like the 10’s of thousands…

  733. Loose lips sink ships

    If you consider spending hundreds of thousands on legal fees to recover SFA………………in addition both sides can’t mention anything a success.

    Then yeah, knock yourself out.

    Then of course how would I know 😉

  734. Loose Tits sink ships

    If I was a betting man,and I am, I would conclude it was a drop of hands and both side walked away.

  735. Robert Storey

    Hi Sid, of course things are not good, but the average investor, perhaps such as yourself, will stand no chance of getting anything while there is a concerted effort from some who WANT Harlequin to fail. Contrary to what you say Sid, I don’t come on here defending everything DA. I only try to balance up the sometimes lies on here with a more truthful position. I have been asked to comment on the liquidations. How the f**k should I know about what is the thought process behind this. I do not have a clue. I have not spoken to DA for about 5 months so for some to suggest I have been warned off is total fantasy. Chris Sutton wants to debate issues but cannot even give his email. That is incredibly trivial and just clogs this thread up. The only thing I do know is that DA wants BB to succeed which is good for all investors.

  736. Ok so Bob

    Bob you say Dave does wants BB to succeed which is good for all investors, but what about the investors in Merricks, the Marquis Estate, the Dominican Republic, the H Hotel, Hotel Blu and Brazil ? And how about the remaining 1100 investors at Buccament Bay who’s units have not been built.

    When, Bob have you shown a truthful position with respect to Harlequin ?

    Has Dave Ames lied Bob ?

    How much land does Dave Ames own at Buccament Bay ?

    Was it right to pay in excess of £ 200 million out in commissions out of some £ 400 million in deposits taken ?

    Are the SFO still investigating Harlequin ?

    Is the SFO investigation into Harlequin wrong ?

    Was there really a technical glitch which prevented Harlequin from paying the interest payments ?

    Have you completed on your property ?

    Do you have title to your property ?

    How many units has Mr. Ames completed ?

    Did Dave Ames receive a full and frank apology from Mr. Newman with respect to Harlecon ?

    Is Dave Ames or are any of his companies in breach of contract with any investors ?

    Is Dave Ames and or his companies in breach of any laws with respect to the filing of audited accounts ?

    Was that Dave Ames’ voice on the conference call recording ?

    Was the recording tampered with ?

    Did Dave Ames lie in the recording ?

    How tall is Dave Ames ?

    Was Matt Ames ever employed by Harlequin ?

    How much in Commissions did Matt Ames take from Harlequin ?

    Is Matt Ames now in Prison ?

    Did a UK judge ever suggest that investors had a very good case ?

    Did Dave Ames sell his successful business prior to selling property in the Caribbean ?

    Does Carol Ames owe HMSSE money ?

    Does Dan Ames owe HMSSE money ?

    Does Nicola Kelliher owe HMSSE money ?

    Does Matt Ames owe HMSSE money ?

    Does HMSSE owe any money to the resort companies ?

    Did investors give permission to Cariol Dan Matt and Nicola to allow them borrow what was in essence investors money ?

    So many more questions, but can you answer any of the above ?

  737. Robert Storey

    So you see Sid from the post above the jerk thinks i am a font of all knowledge. That’s why it is pointless asking a reasonable question, which you did, without getting a silly abusive post. Funny though no mention above about any effect WK, Paddy, Newman, Harlecon might have had on your investment. So many questions, can OSB answer any of these?

  738. Anonymous

    But Bob you can’t have it both ways.

    When it comes to promoting HP you command the most in depth knowledge and certainty. Then when asked to comment on something slightly negative you feign complete ignorance.

    If you are telling us that you know nothing then that’s just fine. We will know to ignore everything you post from now on.

  739. Robert Storey

    Please do Anon. Any posting from me on here is an opinion, some based on fact. Why would OSB above think I am going to reply to his questions, have I completed, have I got title? What’s it got to do with him?

  740. Ok so Bob

    Bob I’m no jerk, I asked you to answer some basic questions but instead of answering them you come back with a question, ok I will answer the questions, to date a judge in Ireland has awarded Harlequin about £ 1.3 Million pounds, this is fact, it is also