Feelgood start to your day: Bajan teacher meets American guy walking on beach…

Katy Gash Barbados

Katy and Eric Gash live in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Every morning Google Alerts sends us the latest news having anything to do with Barbados, and today the first story just made me smile. A good start to the day, so I thought I’d share it with you…

I was born and raised in the beautiful eastern Caribbean island of Barbados, where instead of having winter, spring, summer and fall, we have just two seasons ā€” hurricane season and dry season. My island is a mere 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, so everyone lives right by the sea. Growing up, we would walk to the beach every weekend, and along the way pick local fruits such as ackees and dunks and tamarinds. I had an amazing childhood!

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5 responses to “Feelgood start to your day: Bajan teacher meets American guy walking on beach…

  1. gail


    That is a nice story BFP. How do I find me a man too? been walking beaches for years.!

  2. rob

    Gail… it will happen… God works in mysterious ways. šŸ™‚
    Yes BFP,, that is such a lovely story , told from the heart.
    In my case I met my Bajan wife at her roommates place who had invited us to a Bible Study but I did not clue in., too busy liming and puffing on pipe. . Anyhow after nine months we were married and after 45 years still inplace with family in Barbados and other parts of world.

    Again BFP,, thank you , a great way to start my day.. SMILING

  3. compton de castro

    Eric and Katy
    Barbados seems to be heading ‘downhill’…sad coming from a guyanese residing in euroland.
    Just started following their economic dilemma which
    is not encouraging…..unfinished projects suspected corruption bankruptcies et al. And haven’t even checked
    their exchange rates yet. Think good people like yourselves
    are in short supply on island Paradise …please help them if
    its not too late.
    Just love the Bajans laid back passive style. Its cool !
    Kamtan ukplc

  4. This is a beautiful story. Congratulations to the couple & their family, to help them continue in their Christian walk. We need more beautiful things like this in Barbados. God continue to bless them.

  5. Vex

    Didn’t read the whole story but the crap about 2 seasons “hurricane season and dry season” is an outrage. In school and now we learned there is a wet/rainy season and dry season. Its frightening to a visitor to tell them we have a hurricane season and it is also inaccurate. We do get hurricanes because we are(barely) in the belt. This year Barbados experienced no hurricanes at all. All she doing is scaring people from coming to the island. She needs to go back to school if she is a teacher.