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Reason #275 why doing business with the Barbados Government like having a pet viper!

“Beware when you do business with the government of Barbados, because the court is the government and the government is the court.”

by Nevermind Kurt

by Nevermind Kurt

Remember Al Barrack? The Barbados government owes him BDS$77 million dollars plus for almost ten years, but won’t pay him.

Sure, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart promised to pay Al Barrack in November 2012, but Stuart lied pure and simple. The DLP government is really just waiting until Al Barrack dies. That’s the usual strategy of Bajan governments both DLP and BLP when the court orders the government to pay big damages or do something about a court judgement: just ignore the court order and wait until the poor bastard dies. Government squelches any effective news coverage through the expedient tactic of providing government advertising funds to local news media.

Hell, it’s worked since 1900 as a legal tactic to delay the court and to keep the press in line… so why shouldn’t the same tactic continue to work? It’s worked fine to handle Al Barrack so far!

Former PM Owen Arthur awarded "no tender" contract to Barrack.

PM Owen Arthur awarded “no tender” contract to Barrack.

You see, the BLP Owen Arthur government granted a $100 million dollar contract to Al Barrack to build a government office building – nevermind that Barrack had never done much more as a builder than to renovate some washrooms. (Okay, okay, that’s an exaggeration, but Al Barrack had never built anything remotely as large as the office building the BLP government contracted him for.)

Al Barrack reduced to this to try and have the government obey the court.

Al Barrack reduced to this to try and have the government obey the court. That’s Al dressed in white-face and carrying a placard sign. Poor bastard!

Oh… Did we mention that there was no tender?

That’s right folks, Barrack was simply awarded a 100 million dollar contract on the basis of his… what? His smile? His ability to sing? His reverse Al Jolson talents? (I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles…) His Barbados Labour Party membership? (I choose #4… BLP membership!)

So for whatever reason Owen Arthur’s BLP government awarded the 100 million dollar contract to good old Al, but then the building project went crazy when it was found that the ground under the building was riddled with caves! When delays happened, the government kicked Barrack off the project, but he sued and won against the government. The Barbados Court ordered the government to pay Al Barrack damages plus interest.

What did the Barbados government do about that? Nothing… that’s what! The Government ignored the court order and still ignores the court order. Al Barrack has been reduced to a shadow of a man, dressing up in white-face to try and gather some attention. Poor bastard.

So endeth the lesson: There is corruption in Barbados, and the government can award you a fine, fine contract – 100 million dollars with no tender issued! No doubt there were understandings that Barrack had to hire “consultants” to “advise” him – probably through Switzerland or Miami.

But when it all went to pieces due to unforeseen caves, Al Barrack found himself a patsy of the first order.

He’ll die of old age before the Government of Barbados pays him one dollar.

That’s my prediction, and so far for 9 years I’ve been correct.

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    Barbados, Corruption, Ethics, Offshore government’s will: Tells Al Barrack he’s screwedIn “Barbados”

    Why Al Barrack will never win against the Barbados Government: The Fix is In. long time before the building was ever built.

    Is was all over when he use the Main Crook for his lawyer Sir Chelentham for a lawyer,,This same lawyer is at the head of the down fall of Barbados , Working with CJ SImmons,
    Al need to check the land and the deed, He did not do his home work and trust crooks,liars and scumbags,
    maybe by now some one told him to google or who ever else invested with him, better check Violet Beckles and see what going on , He refuse to even call her name as he look for what i not his,

    Land Fraud is coming in the Light for the blind

  2. D

    Al Barrack is a buffoon its an outrage we are saddled with $100 million debt to pay this idiot. What is he going to do with all this money anyway. They say a politician from the east who can pass for his twin in height and bugliness is a possible beneficiary. Who is advising this foreigner ? Wasn’t he offered $40 million before the economic crisis hit and refused it? Pray tell what crime has the Barbadian populace committed to be saddled with this life sore.

  3. Nostradamus

    He is a pretty smart “buffoon” because he got a contract to construct the building so whatever government or politician awarded him that contract would have to have been a real “buffoon” then he went to arbitration and got a judgement against our “buffoon” government and said same “buffoon” government decided to appeal the arbitration in court and duly lost that too. Real “buffoonery” . The sad reality is that it is the poor taxpayers who will suffer meanwhile some of the same “buffoon” politicians are drawing parliamentary pensions.