Kathy and Henderson Nicholls – still happy and working hard

Barbados Mixed Marriage

A little over four years ago, Marcus did a story about Kathy Rockel, a white girl from Colorado USA who came to Barbados as part of a medical-transcription business. The business eventually went bust because Barbados just couldn’t compete competitively in the world market against places like India where people work for money that wouldn’t even buy food here.

Kathy and Henderson in 2010

Kathy and Henderson in 2010

But the focus of BFP’s story about Kathy is that while in Barbados she met and fell in love with Henderson Nicholls – a Bajan who follows the Rastafarian faith. They married and off they went to the USA.

I wondered how they were doing these years later. After all, about 50% of marriages fail anyway, nevermind the different races, religions and cultures between Kathy and Henderson.

So how are they doing?

Fine. Ever so fine!

Good for them. There is hope in the world.


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30 responses to “Kathy and Henderson Nicholls – still happy and working hard

  1. MistaBlack

    The purpose of this article is for pure buffoonery and ridicule. This handsome Black Man with a large white refrigerator. Something no white man in his right mind would be seen in public with.

  2. Dompey

    Let’s hope this couple has beat the odd but how does it help anything? Facebook should have been your first choice before you made the decision to inquire as to how this couple is doing. I know for a fact that Henderson Nicholls, has gotten a reality check as far as race is concern; the moment his feet hit the American soil.

  3. Dompey

    I have noticed since I have been in this country, that whenever a White Woman chooses a Black man for a mate, she often chooses a very handsome Black man even though she may look like something out of a horror movie. While on the other hand, the gruesome looking White guys always choose the beautiful Black sisters as they mates. Now this is not meant to be a racist statement, but a mere fact of life in this part of the world. This has been my personal experience and I am quite sure others have seen it quite differently.

  4. Dompey

    An interracial relationship has its share of unique challenges far less one which society deems quote, unquote normal. I have never had the desire to be in an interracial- relationship since the three decades I have been in this country. But, I have noticed that the majority of the Black kids from the 1990s and beyond seems to prefer the interracial-relationships over that of their kind. But this trend is more prevalent among Black males in America, which unfortunately forces a lot of the sisters who prefer to stay within they race to look elsewhere for a mate. Additional factors which contribute to the shortage of Black males in America are due to primature death by gun violence, imprisonment, death relared to military and drug addiction etc.

  5. MistaBlack

    Dompey you are are just calling it like you see it, as it is. Secretly, this phenomena is a lastly source of levity in among whites. It is a consequence of a worldwide pseudo caste system that establishes the white man at its pinnacle. He has his pick of all the races and we(Brown and Black People) reciprocate with his most aesthetically unattractive as well as those who at of the lower economic class. As long as this criteria is met, that they’re pale skin with thinnest of straight hair, felicity is attained. I have no problem with interracial relationships, but what we have here is an overwhelming social psychosis steeped in an inferior/superiority complex. That is not the foundation of a healthy relationship.

  6. rob

    I wish this couple success in the on-going years as they will always encounter people who will find a reason to question there personal reasons to be a couple. Thankfully their true friends will support them and they can ignore some of the comments here.
    It is not our relationship , it is theirs and there will be enough jerks they might encounter as they go about ones business but more of the sane ones will diminish that , A person’s outward appearance is not the ultimate as time will change one. At least our young people overall do not see colour as they work and mix with each other. All to the best … I agree that a marriage vs. a relationship might encounter problems due to the extended family but the couple will choose the path that works for them. Thankfully
    This article I found informative.. / my view / cheers

  7. True love has many faces

    How shallow are mistablack and his friends. Kathy and Henderson are strong, one for the other. Mistablack is so concerned on other threads about prejudice etc and then he says what he says here.

    It just shows you.

    Kathy and Henderson are so strong, so best friends. Those who know them admire what they have together.

    negative people are everywhere when they see happiness and success. Not worth talking about.

  8. MistaBlack

    True love has many faces:
    I am not specifically opposed to the union of these two people. I just brought to the forefront what is usually only whispered about.

  9. Neither of them are ‘ picks of the litter’

  10. robert ross


    You are a thoroughly nasty piece of work, a jihadist with a mouth as large as Asia filled with rotten teeth. Bugger off with your race hate. It has NO place on this blog. Or are you an ambassador for the other place?


    For God’s sake you know very well that it takes two to make a couple and beauty is in the eye of……..

    Remember also that you never ask a question unless you first know the answer.

  11. MistaBlack

    @robert ross
    You keep crossing the line into libel.

  12. robert ross


    Go for it.

  13. robert ross

    I just wonder what, these days, are the problems associated with mixed marriages different from any other. There are some obvious ones – the oafish and superficial sniping of people like Black about incompatibility of looks but who clearly think the black race is threatened, the issue of motivation which clearly works both ways and which in reality can be impressed on any relationship, the simple distaste of others for whom the woman, based on stereotyping, becomes a kind of prostitute. But people in love really couldn’t give a shit about this kind of thing – and rightly so. And their true friends – how many ever are there? – likewise.

    I know this is a subject dear to BFP’s heart. I also understand the link – still close – with Marcus. Anything other than a ‘well done – we send our love and blessing’ to Kathy and Henderson and a pat on the back for the human race would be inappropriate.

  14. Hamilton Hill

    @ mister black…Nothing obscures beauty like abject ignorance. I too am just calling it as I see it.

  15. MistaBlack

    @robert ross
    You should cease and desist such baseless accusations i.e: calling me a Jihadist. I generally don’t recoiled at passionate and at times vituperative discussions, but McCarthy-like accusations without any basis is beyond the pale.

    Finally, I believe it is a sign that the individual has exhausted their ability to defend their position.

  16. MistaBlack

    Hamilton Hill
    Please stop the self-righteous shite! Let’s not focus on this couple and have the intellectual honesty to broach the larger issue. Stop the fake ass manufactured outrage when you all know that you too have observed what I have. Yes that White men in interracial relationships tend to have partners that are usually aesthetically more attractive. The opposite is also true that Black, Brown and Asian males proudly strut with lesser attractive white females. Stop obfuscating the issue by targeting me, but you know what I’m saying to have validity. You all are just being completely disingenuous. And I suspect that BTF posted this with a huge snicker.

  17. Hamilton Hill

    @ mistablack…true love knows no bounds, and like abject ignorance is not confined to a specific race.

  18. Hamilton Hill

    @ mistablack….”Let’s not focus on this couple.”Exactly where was your initial focus? Let me go unwind from a hard day’s work witha strong vodka and tonic and not waste time with one who clearly shows that common sense to education is like a television or monitor is to a DVD player. One complements the other.You my friend, ain’t got no tv.

  19. robert ross


    You were given every opportunity in the earlier post (a) to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the Koran which you allegedly defended and when, to you, the rest of us were :Zionists”, and (b) declare openly for all the world to see that you were not a jihadist. You could have gone for the latter without the former. In fact you did neither but continued, as on this blog, to act the ignorant, hate peddling oaf. Ergo….now sue me.

  20. D

    Rodney Wilkinson is charged with millions of $ in fraud but no mention that he was (don’t know if he still is) a good friend of Owen Arthur. When scummy Leroy Green Verbs Parris was taken to the cleaners by the media, the public and the courts his good friend David Thompson’s name was always linked with Dupree’s boy Green Verbs Parris. How come the difference?

  21. just asking

    I am from a mixed marriage, what colour has to do with loving each other? Each of us should to learn to love one another & the world would be such a happy place, we won’t have people like Mr, Black in it LOL!!!!

  22. So what’s going to happen now to L.P, is he going to be arrested now that Wilkinson has been arrested? It is only just Mr. P. M & Mr. Finance Minister. Justice must be seen in our little island of Barbados.

  23. Dompey

    Jusk Asking

    It is not my place to defend Mr. Black’s position because he has shown here that he is more than capable of do so. But, I must say this much: I do agree with your argument to some extent, yes Love is color blinded but only in the subjective-world. In the object-world there are people who seriously have a problem with interracial-union, and no matter how much God resides in them, their cannot seem to overcome this psychological ill which feeds their thinking. And finally, your concept of this ideal world, is obviously predicated upon your desire for social acceptance and valuation as a human.

  24. Dompey

    Just asking

    I want make this final point crystal clear, but I am afraid that those who are skilled in the art of misconstruction are going to twist my words to fuel their self-serving-agenda. Now, as a younster growing in the Barbadian society and presently in America: I have always felt that Miscegenation was wrong and especially, between White and Black races. And maybe, being a Black man in the Western-Hemephere has fueled my worldview on race. Who knows? All I know is that my view on race mixing has been with me from the day I understood the dynamics of race. And if I fixed the conventional definition of a racist, well so be it. I know that I am not because I do believe that every race, culture and ethnicity bring some positive to the table of humanity. But, more importantly, my religious convictions have little or no bearing on my position regarding race.

  25. MistaBlack

    I must say Dompey brings passionate, honest points of view that demands an equally thoughtful retort.

    Yes as a Black man, I well aware of the fatal price we paid at the hands of white men for cohabiting with “his” woman. Just our eyes in the direction of a woman could mean death after public castration. The tragic torture and murder of 14 year old Emmett Till sadly supports this. The deepest fear of white men we the thought of us “ravaging” white women, smirk:-). This is an ongoing phallic fear of the Black man. Look at the national outrage 6 months ago at a Cheerios commercial portraying a Black man with a white wife and a interracial child. Typically, Black people were welcoming of the commercial but the venom from white society particularly white men was like a tsunami of hate. Another indication that we haven’t come as far as we may think and that bigotry is just closeted.

    The fact is, that I have witness those conversations of ridicule at the mismatch of Black man with unattractive white women from both white men and women. So am I now made to believe that my anecdotal experience is unique to me…? Yeah ok! All I will say is that this union wont elicit the same visceral bigotry if she wasn’t obese. Just saying!

  26. MistaBlack

    Mr. Ross
    I have no problem with ad hominem, that may depict me as an ignorant hate peddling oaf… What I don’t take kind to is labels that have detrimental legal consequence. In addition it is counter-intuitive and McCarthy like to prove a negative. I would hope that we all would have learned a lesson from that painful American history where the commooonists were everywhere. Now it is the Mooooslims are coming!

    Now I realize that my position against what is currently a popular trend of the day which is to vilify and castigate a whole group of the human family because of the actions of a few makes me a minority. I just appreciate thoughtful analysis of any crisis or conundrum even if it requires painful introspection that may expose some complicity to the problem.

    I beg everyone’s forbearance as I diverted from the topic of this lovely couple?

  27. robert ross

    “Lovely couple”

    Black you are a very sick wanker…SUE ME

  28. ac

    err ..i love the dog..

  29. kathynicholls

    Well those are some interesting comments. It’s too bad when people have to look for things to be nasty about. We are indeed doing just fine in the US and life is good. Facebook sure won’t give you updates as Henderson is rarely on there, just because of things like this.

    When you base a relationship on looks and not what’s in the heart, it can so easily fail. Looks fade, the heart doesn’t.

    Henderson hasn’t experienced the things you referenced living in the US. In fact, I experienced more racism while living in Barbados than I had ever seen in my life. Sad, but true. Fortunately, just like anywhere, I know that not all Bajans are that way and we have some wonderful friends and family there.

    Thanks for those who actually made some positive comments. We appreciate it.

  30. Rob

    Takes a brave woman Kathy with balls to read a lot of crap about one’s relationship and some good comments within. You are right in some people still exhibit racism or bring it to the front when feeling entitlement has passed them by. Just like many other countries , always some people will complain about ones who have got on with life and succeed. Find a reason is the motto. I think the message is getting through to Barbadians that we are all in this together regardless of race, colour ,, religion. Help thy neighbour., it might be us next time. Reality is if one married or has a relationship in order to walk with a trophy male or female , it will vapourize down the road as life changes happen. A relationship that grows as time moves on normally stays… All the best