The Bajan way? Set the house on fire – shoot the intended victim when they try to put out the fire

Neipaul Trotman beach murder Barbados

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Or should I say “Dear Lord, OH LORD!”

Is there something I’m missing about living on this rock? Have you ever seen and heard of so much violence?

Neipaul Trotman (above) is shot and murdered at Fitts Beach in broad daylight at 11am while playing with his infant son. A dozen tourists witness his execution. Then a day or two later Cyprian Payne was sleeping when somebody firebombed the home. The man comes out to fight the fire and is shot numerous times, and is hanging onto his life by a thread at the hospital.

We built a pedestrian overpass at The Pine so that folks could safely cross the ABC highway and now thugs are throwing concrete building blocks onto the vehicles below. There have been several serious incidents and injured motorists.

A week ago Dwayne Johnson was traveling in a ZR van when he had words with another man. Only words. That man shot him in the back right in the ZR van!

Am I going crazy, or is this island going crazy? It never used to be like this.

Yours truly,

Mr. Meters.


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12 responses to “The Bajan way? Set the house on fire – shoot the intended victim when they try to put out the fire

  1. Earnest

    How sad. Welcome to the brave new bajan standard of cheap guns and violence. What is a bit surprising is that there is no political will to effectively police the situation because this is now a dangerous reality. Whats baffling is that an island like barbados should be easier to control. But I guess its like the frog not realizing that he is in the water rising towards boiling until it is too late.

  2. Dr Love

    What you missing is the fact Barbados IS TOTALLY under control ,ever since.
    You figure that Stuart and his MOB, NOT in CONTROL??
    Think again.
    The Governing of Barbados is NOTHING to do with Law and Order, Public Rights or a GLIMMER of honesty.
    ITS ABOUT, continuing Echelons of Slime bags, able to GET RICH on YOUR BACK.
    Believe me , you controlled.

  3. Anonymous

    The politicians blocking it out and the police behaving like good civil servants, they get paid at the end of the month.

  4. A disgraceful time for Bim

    It’s true. The political class have their offshore accounts in new york and miami. The economy has been destroyed by decades of thieving and government trying to squeeze and squeeze out the private sector. Government owning hotels? Who ever heard of foolishness like this ever succeeding? Government cannot do well in business except by killing off private business.

  5. Government has not been paying attention to the fundamentals of running a safe and flourishing society.

    This may not be the end times yet, but it sure is the end times for tourism.

  6. Sue

    This tourist will be making yet another holiday trek to Barbados in December. Have been visiting since 1989 and certainly have seen changes, a lot of them for good (like the ABC Highway, the boardwalk) and some not so good. This business of throwing concrete blocks of the pedestrian overpass is a bit troubling. When did that start? I have noticed how much more violent gun crime is being reported in the news and that is very troubling. Whussup Bim?

  7. Layoffs, drugs and hopelessness = A DEADLY COMBINATION

  8. Anonymous

    It has nothing to do with the government or layoffs, What about drugs? An educational system that is geared towards producing 80% of unskilled and illiterate citizens? What about those of us who adopted the false philosophy that is you go to school and learn well – that is: make sure you are well educated, or that later on in life it gine be real hell?

    Some of us who were born and raised in 18×10 houses, joined the work force, tried to raise our standard of living by expanding the said 18×10 houses and went on the educate ourselves to the Masters degree level and have all along be committed, meticulous workaholics. Guess what, seems that we will never be promoted to a supervisory level because we are not from the right “class” because our parents were poor tailors and conductresses who had not one dollar in their purse or any financial institution at the time that they went into transition. Instead, persons have made it their business to assassinate your character while others try to lure you into private prostitution because you have fallen on hard times. To God be the Glory, great things will be done.

    Let us begin to see if we can erase some of the mental poison from the minds of our youth who have been deceived by many of us “prim and proper persons”. Let us first have a look at our educational curricula with a view to having a shift in paradigm from the nursery through to the secondary schools.

    Let us make the Youth Service mandatory for those who have been dismissed from school for numerous counts of ill-discipline and are unable to read.

    Equip the Youth Service with personnel who would instill discipline in our youth and those who would help them to understand that we are there to assist them. Assure them that we will design a programme that will allow them to learn academics and trade skills at their pace instead of requiring them to learn at the pace of the “high flyers”.

    Let us desist from the practice of preparing our children to enter the workforce as low-skilled employers of the status quo who view them as lazy, thieving and ignorant.

    Let us pay more attention to those whose APGAR scores at birth reflected numbers between 1 and 7. They are the one who usually go on to naturally “give trouble” in the homes, schools, and societies.

    Let us hold parents accountable for their children’s behaviour up to age 12.

    Let all teenage parents be exposed to a parenting programme from a behavioural perspective in conjunction with that which would sensitize them on how to care for their child. Many of them are children also and are very ill-disciplined.

    These are just a few of the points that ought to be considered for implementation by the right persons.

  9. Dompey

    @ Anonymous

    It has little to do with the economic meld down?

    “Stop blaming the young people for the failures of the adults”

    You would have to be guided by false logic to believe such a ridiculous narrative. Yes, the current economic crisis in Barbados is in some way contributory to behavior of the youth The problems that the island of Barbados faces are multifactorial in nature because they obviously originates from the ACADEMIC- SYSTEM which educated the mind of the youth, the PENAL -SYSTEM which addresses their wrongdoings, and the institutions within government which takecares of their SOCIAL-NEEDS.

  10. just asking

    Wasn’t it one of our politicians who said sometime ago, if some one kill a prominent citizen, or a politician that some one should be hanged, but if for an ordinary citizen that person will just spend some time in jail? So don’t expect any dramatic changes to the status quo.

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    This is very sad! What are the people looking for, what do they want as a nation?