Muslim-only housing development in Barbados. No Christians or Jews allowed to purchase homes in new community.

Muslim Barbados housing

Muslim Association says “Barbadians have nothing to fear.” (What a statement!)

Is this what we want for our Barbados?

It's not a real sign, but it might as well be!

It’s not a real sign, but it might as well be!

One can only imagine the howls of outrage if a construction company announced that only Christians would be allowed to purchase new homes in a brand new Bajan subdivision… and rightly so. Can you imagine on a sign “No Muslim Buyers Allowed” ???

Yet this is exactly what our political class has agreed to in relation to Bajan Christians and Jews when it issued building permissions to the Muslim organisations involved in building Barbados’ newest housing development.

After hundreds of years of slavery, and then another hundred years of colonisation, exclusion and segregation based upon race, skin colour and class, ordinary Barbadians do not take kindly to being told they are not eligible to purchase a home because they are not of the proper religion. Bajans do not like being told that they are second class citizens in their own country.

The message from the Muslim spokespersons that “Barbadians have nothing to fear” is a statement that these people consider themselves to be outside of the wide and inclusive Barbados citizenship and community. Is this what we want for our Barbados?

Muslims wish to self-enclave, to not be part of the wider Bajan community

Muslim schools in Barbados teach our young people that “Hijab is compulsory… hide woman’s beauty as protection from rape” and “Beheading, chopping off your hands, severe beatings are Islamic rules, nothing wrong in it” (See BFP’s article about the Muslim Girls School.)

There can be no debate that these Islamic values and teachings are anti-Bajan, and destructive to our national character. They are against everything that this country stands for. Muslim teaching about the value of women is stuck somewhere before the dark-ages, but for some reason liberals excuse the fact that the Koran not only allows, but instructs, husbands to physically discipline their wives.

Yet, our so-called political leadership has agreed to allow the establishment of a community that excludes ordinary Bajans and upholds values that are foreign and destructive to our nation.

This is a dangerous precedent that weakens Barbados and undermines everything we have struggled for in the past 150 years. By all means, let people believe what they want to believe no matter how vile or outrageous. Freedom and democracy demands tolerance. But we draw the line when our government gives approval and support to an exclusionary enclave based upon religion and values that are in total opposition to the Bajan culture and national character.

I wonder: what would Bussa think of this?

From The Nation newspaper. We have to reprint it all because that newspaper has a habit of revising history:


A new community exclusively for Muslims has been started at Clermont, St James. 

But Barbadians have nothing to fear, said members of the An-Noor Muslim Association, the body behind the housing development that will include a mosque and community centre.

Authorities have denied the group one of its featured facilities, the call to prayer when speakers attached to the mosque publicly announce the times of prayer.

Responding to queries about the project, located opposite Queen’s College on more than five acres of land that already has the roads laid out, Abdulsamad Pandor said construction was being governed by the same convenant that applied to those living in nearby residential districts even though a mosque will be part of the community.

“The call to prayer was not allowed . . . We are not going to do the call to prayer . . . The neighbours around here know of our plans and so far there’s been no objection to them,” Pandor told the WEEKEND NATION at the site of the 37 lots.

Read the original story at the Nation News


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409 responses to “Muslim-only housing development in Barbados. No Christians or Jews allowed to purchase homes in new community.

  1. Hell NO!!!!!!!!!!This is my country not thers I cannot go and do it in their country,i cannot even dress as I want.Do not start something you will regret this is only 166 sq miles its our rock.When in Rome do as thery do.

  2. Nair

    BLOODY REDICULOUS. Europe is now facing major problems with the ever increasing hoards of Muslims who will not assimilate. They remain dressed differently. Children go to separate schools and the list goes on. AUSTRALIA appears to be taking a hard line – assimilate or go back where you came from. I just spent 5 days in London, in the Queensway, Baywater area. English is no longer spoken on Queensway. Everything is foreign from the Indian, Lebanese, Italian, restaurants to the one and only steak house. Several “coffee shops” with men and women sucking through hoses connected to large brass containers, burning God knows what! I first saw the area in 1953 as a child where it was so safe I could go to Bertorelli’s Restaurant and have a meal by myself… I was 12. By the mid 60’s the changes had started but today the place is unrecognizeable.

    THE SAME SHIT WILL HAPPEN HERE UNLESS IT IS NIPPED IN THE BUD NOW. Deny them freedom to dress differently. Deny them the facility of hiding their faces. Deny special schools. They assimilate and if they want and apply for a BARBADOS PASSPORT must meet the requirements of being a BARBADIAN.

  3. Sue

    As I said in an earlier post but different story here today. We have seen changes in Barbados over the years we have been visiting. Some for the better, some not. This certainly does not fall into “better” category

  4. not all expats are

    I object to this. Parliament must address this issue, reprimand the person who issued zoning approval and revoke the approval. No zoning that discriminates based on religion, sex, and a long list of things we fought 50 years for should be permitted in a democracy.


    These Persons who want to behave as white and also wanted a Pvt beach on the water with cages and fence and not one allow to pass,

    Well if the white can not do it then neither can these Muslim either,
    Now first we love to know what land they think they may own by way of fraud,
    We know of some Guyana Muslims in Barbados building o land for crooked lawyers and hire Guyana workers to keep the Bajan from knowing what is going on ,
    If they feel such then they need to Move to TNT and enjoy,
    They may need to go find there own State like Israel looking to take over another country ,
    Freedum of their thinking does not make all other slaves, They will need to stop driving on to other people places of work and home selling and only selling to their own or type,
    Bajan then will them a back lash faster then they give the BLP or DLP fraud Government of Barbados,






    this is what you need as a leader in barbados.

  9. This is very degrading and that the government would allow contractors to build homes for only the muslims, Barbadians should band together and put a stop to this before it gets started, there is no need for this kind of development in this little Island, any and every religion should be able to purchase a home in any community as long you are credible and can pay your rent/mortgage every month on time.

  10. NOT a good idea. Do the Government not realize that the Muslims are all about world domination ? They are putting their tentacles out EVERYEWHERE, now even in Barbados, my island also. On top of it they are making demands by insisting that a particular area be allocated ONLY for them. What a damned cheek. When in Rome, do as the Romans. If they wish to live anywhere that is not their land then they. MUST toe the line and accept the customs of the people who very generously allow them to make roots. Never better said. You could not go to their countries and do what you liked. That is a certainty. Next thing you know they will be in Government positions, calling the shots . And having us all reading the Koran , one step behind the men, and dressing in their mediaeval attire, women covered from head to toe, with no rights whatever. No freeedom. They may smile now to your faces, but just give it time. This is simply UNTHINKABLE.
    What about all the Westerners that have recently beheaded ? Stop to give that deep thought. This is only the beginning, if you bend to their demands. They are all the same. Next thing you can be sure of that crucifixes won’t be allowed in the classrooms and they will insist that their children attend school with their heads veiled. . Their religion does not allow them to tolerate the infidels… US. Anyone who does not follow their Sharia.
    What a desperate MISTAKE. They should either fit in with what there is or simply GO BACK to whence they came.
    Barbados is a very Christian community. Let it stay that way. M.S M.


    We want to see the Deed , title of the Land, With the Massive Land Fraud , buy off and pay offs , he better think twice,
    None then can use the pvt roads, It will be a good jail for them and need special permits to travel,,, Or go join those who think like you , No more VISA for you kind of thinking family and friends, The must want to be like the KKK and now call self MMM , feeling that they are better than Bajans , Then move to where you feel happy and not soak your way of thinking ,,,

    Want to see the money that past hands and the Lawyers to take them to court .

  12. Earnest

    “Barbarians have nothing to fear.” Quite yet. Islam is the religion of peace of course. You can tell that by all the Muslim terrorists quoting the Koran as the justification for their behavior. Barbados has enough problems without having to cater to a dangerous ideology. We’ll soon see if the island can learn from the misfortune of Europe and the U.S. If the spread of cheap guns is any indication this problem will only become more acute as well.

  13. thin edge of the wedge

    You gotta stop this NOW….they will slowly weasel their way into positions of power and very soon it will be bajans who will have to live the muslim way…they may appear moderate now, but the extremists will follow, this is just the softening up stage

    Be afraid, be VERY AFRAID, be VERY VERY AFRAID

    They will destroy Bim much quicker and effectively than a few corrupt politicians

    don’t say nobody told

  14. robert ross

    We are all agreed then. Now: what to do. March?? BFP?

  15. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Stop this Barbadians. The social problems we have in the UK from the Muslim community are huge and growing. Many fine people of course but if they don’t integrate my advise- boot them out, out your problems will only escalate.

  16. mistablack

    What an amazingly vitriolic hate filled article. Barbadians will not be goaded into taking on a character that is alien to them, that of hate. It is absolutely irrational to be concerned about barely over 1% of the population. In mentioning the history of Barbados and the ancestry of the Afro-Barbadians, many were Muslims who were forced to accept Christianity. Slavery in Barbados was conducted by Christians who had no qualms about enslaving their newly converted Black Christian brothers and sisters under the most grotesque threats.

  17. Anonymous

    who agreed to this plan, are you guys kidding me? are you serious, are you for real? this is how it starts, Barbadians should not cannot allow this or stand for this, the person who approved this should be fired

  18. Sue

    mistablack, NO religion should have special privileges anywhere in the world. Today, you can be sure of it, organized religion is the number one root cause of most, if not all of the world’s ills. In my country(U.S.) this action would be illegal and there would be an uproar if something like this was attempted. My country is just a little bit bigger than yours.Your beautiful, tiny country cannot go down this road. We love Barbados and have been visiting for years. We have dear friends we spend time with at each visit. I was shocked to learn of this plan for a muslim only community. You must not let this happen. You talk about “barely 1 percent of the population”. Don’t let the foot in the door or you will very quickly learn that 1 percent no longer applies.

  19. Dompey

    Now, it is a classic class of housing discrimination on the part of government, to allow a specfic race or religious group etc, exclusive righht to a housing area. but, if these group of Muslims buy this piece of land and decide to allow muslims exclusively to build on the property they’re within they rights to do so.

  20. just asking

    This is a ridiculous venture that no Christian or Jews can buy a house there if they can afford it, not right, and who ever decided to give credence to this need firing. Now if a white man had done this what a hue & cry it will create, & Barbadians are going to allow this to happen? Disgraceful!!!!!, get out of your slumber bajans & do something.

  21. Anonymous

    this is not right, what the heck is wrong with you folks(BARBADIANS)? all you see is money sign. they pulled down the gates to Belleville, and here you come putting up another gate. STOP, this is not about hate. one word (ISISL) (ALQUEDA) (BOKO RAKHAM) STOP, folks where is the outrage, all folks should live in peace without separations, segregation! WHY am sometimes not surprised with Barbadians, this must be the generation prior to 1966 that agrees to this plan. NO!NO!NO!NO!

  22. yatinkiteasy

    Did anyone else see the video of the ISIS guy playing around with the head of one of their poor victims? The running commentary is clearly made by a Trinidadian…yes, our next door neighbors…who knows what plots can be hatched in those secretive Mosques? We should be cautious how much rein we allow Muslims in Barbados..Remember the Trinidad attempt to take over the Government? Several people killed….don’t ever say or think “it cant happen here”…IT CAN.

  23. yatinkiteasy

    From Wikipedia..
    .On Friday 27 July 1990, 114 members of the Jamaat al Muslimeen attempted to stage a coup against the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Forty-two insurgents stormed the Red House, the seat of Parliament, and took Robinson and most of his cabinet hostage, while seventy-two of their accomplices attacked the offices of Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT), the only television station in the country at that time, and the Trinidad Broadcasting Company, then one of only two radio stations in the country. At 6:00 pm, Yasin Abu Bakr appeared on television and announced that the government had been overthrown and that he was negotiating with the army. He called for calm and said that there should be no looting.

    Robinson was beaten and shot when he tried to order the army to attack the militants. The army and the police responded by sealing off the area around the Red House. Widespread looting and arson took place in Port of Spain and other parts of the East-West Corridor, but the remainder of the country was calm. American Airlines and British Airways cancelled all flights to the capital city.[1] A state of emergency was declared by acting president Emmanuel Carter and martial law was imposed. Several cabinet members who had not been present in the Red House at the time of the attack set up office in the Trinidad Hilton. On the night of 27 July, the army took control of the TTT transmitter on Cumberland Hill, thus taking TTT off the air. After six days of negotiation, the Muslimeen surrendered on 1 August and were taken into custody. They were tried for treason, but the Court of Appeal upheld the amnesty offered to secure their surrender, and they were released. The Privy Council later invalidated the amnesty, but the Muslimeen members were not re-arrested.[3]

    About twenty-four people died during the coup attempt, with millions in property losses. Among the dead was member of parliament for Diego Martin Central, Leo Des Vignes. Many people saw the coup attempt as the end of the power of the National Alliance for Reconstruction government.[3]

  24. Dompey


    What’s wrong with a Muslim only community, if the land is bought and owned by the group exclusively to build on? In the state of Utah, the Mormons live in isolated/exclusive communities, and in the state of Pennsylvania, the Amish also live in isolated/exclusive communities. But no one makes a stink of this practice which have been taken place for many years.

  25. Glynn

    No one religious group should be allowed to dictate to Barbadians where they can live. Why do these people want to segregate themselves anyway? What do they want to hide?

  26. robert ross

    Again…what to do? BFP?

  27. Dompey


    Yes, the federal as well as state laws, prevents housing discrimination, but how long did it take the United States government to implemented such legislation? The United States of America, is well over three- hundred years old as a nation; Barbados is only forty-nine and a work in progress. So with that being said: there is no real comparison between the two countries with respect to they political systems.

  28. The Muslim

    It is a mosque & community center being built with the lad being divided into subplots so as to pay for the construction of the mosque; the community is NOT gated & any1 can enter so please do away with your scare mongering, racist & Islamophobic comments

  29. The Muslim

    All of u “Westernised” Bajans with your scaremongering tactics, racist & Islamophobic remarks must be watching too much BBC, CNN & Fox with your constant caricatures of Islam & Islamic law; Try and learn Islam from the correct sources (i.e the Quran & Prophetic traditions & sayings of Muhammad pbuh). You cannot teeach what you don’t understand so do away with your ignorant comments which shames Barbados more than anything else

  30. Dompey


    You spoke about the fact that Housing- Discrimination is illegal in the United States of America and you’re quite correct. But what about the geographical discrimination/racism which is still widespread throughout the country?

  31. Sue

    Dompey, You are right that my country has communities with very particular religious doctrines that tend to stay amongst themselves. When is the last time you heard about Amish or Mennonite communities spreading themselves around the world and demanding to have their way in all aspects of life? Also, when the United States struggled to become an independent country the MOST important part of the Founding Fathers philosophy was to keep organized religion out of government. What this proposed community will do is set a precedent for Muslims to dictate what your country can and cannot do with regard to freedom for women, children and “non-believers” Do NOT let this happen.

  32. yatinkiteasy

    @The Muslim…what does the Quran and sayings of Mohammed (peace be unto you) say about slicing off peoples` heads and making a video of it for the family and the World to see? And don’t say they are are not muslims…they are. What is Jihad?
    Perhaps what occurred in Trinidad in 1990 would not have happened if the Trinis were not so naive as to think that only harmless Muslims were in their communities.
    @Dompey..True, but neither the Amish or Mormons have tried to blow up planes and buildings in the name of their religion.

  33. mistablack

    The author of this article added the, ” No Christian or Jews Allowed” in order to inflame the reader. Are we so gullible? Ok I plan to purchase 5 acres, and intend to sell only to family members with the last name Foster. How would this be any different from what this community is doing? This is absolute hyperbole and xenophobia.

  34. Anonymous

    Kick backs for our so called political and judicial system is all about self gratification to further place themselves on top of the food chain (money and prestige)

  35. Dompey

    Muslim, you know as well as I do, that the construction of the Mosque, underlied the larger problem Pro-Western- Governments and their supporters have with Islam. The West arguably, has done a great job since 9/11 to defaced the image of Islam and the Third-World governments particularly, in the Western -Hemisphere eats it up like hot cakes. So, in essence, you’re questioning the thinking of a people who is being influenced by Pro-Western-Ideals and propaganda.

  36. No Way!

    Obviously if it is “A new community exclusively for Muslims” then Jews and Christians are excluded. That’s a pretty simple deduction.

    The author asks if this is the Barbados we want. I say “NO”

  37. mistablack

    It is so shameful that Bajans would pick up this foreign mantle of hate and Islam-phobia. We are so much better than that. Brooklyn, NY USA have many communities that are exclusively Jewish. Eastern Parkway, Williamsburg, Boro Park, are just a few examples. The Mormons, Hitites, Amish, and Mennonites all have exclusive communities. What do they all have in common? They are all minorities. This sociologically typifies most minorities attempts to preserve culture and customs in an environment that is overwhelmingly different in both culture and customs. Here we have a few Islamophobes trying to use the same type of vilification and propaganda that was perfectly executed by Josef Goebbels to alienate Jews which allowed for their slaughter to be more palatable. It’s so sad and shameful. A whole lot of Bajans are descended from Muslims.

  38. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Mr Muslim- what are you afraid of? Reverse propaganda wont work. Either integrate or go way. The west is not your world and Muslims aren’t happy people. So lets have world equality and you stop peddling your rather immature stuff eh! NO segregation here OR in your country’s? No you don’t like that do you? What next? Barbaric female circumcision on the state!

  39. Dompey

    Great point Mistablack. It seems as though you and I are of the same mindset with respect to the topic? We have to encourage people to think critically, about issues before their allow their inflame emotions to guide their thinking.

  40. yatinkiteasy

    Have a nice “peace be unto you” time reading these reported stories of Muslim activities around the world.

  41. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Yup Yatin- lets see them beat that without going back 200 years. Stop segregation now- because now is now and the radicals on all fronts are dangerous

  42. Dompey


    Who are you to advance a universal standard of morality, which fits every race, religion, culture and ethnicity? You need not concern yourself with what a man does in his household. Focus on your own household because I am sure you’re also guilty of wrongdoing. Are you some kind of an universal moralist, bent on setting the world on the correct moral course?

  43. mistablack

    Is male circumcision NOT barbaric? Is female circumcision exclusive to Muslims? The so called West wouldn’t have much to brag about today if it wasn’t for Muslims. ALGORITHMS, that affords you and I the interface in which we communicate right now came from the Muslims. The numbers you so happily use are called ARABIC numbers. I was never a fan of Roman numerals. And when my “dearest” grandmother would tell me she’s going to, “knock me back to Timbuktu”, that was an Islamic University in Mali, Africa. Stop the hate and vitriol because in this case that is an imported characteristic of a Euro-mindset.

  44. Dompey


    You’re certainly, in no position to pontificate on the application of morality, as it relates to the religious practices of Islam or any other religion for that matter.

  45. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Yes all circumcision barbaric- but male circ doesn’t stop basic functions- for life, female circumcision has no use at all except to subjugate females and stop a natural pleasure. Stone age mind set. Get real Mista. As for the rest of your bollocks (tecknical term)- your all about segregation in this mail above. All nations contribute something- don’t get all moral cuz you invented the abacus sonny.

  46. mistablack

    These Muslim minorities are creating a community just the same as so many minorities have done in your country. And it is fear-mongering to say that a population of barely 1% endangers Barbados. A statement like that came out of the mouth of Josef Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist. We may visit Barbados all you like but please leave the hate in the “good ole USA”.

  47. mistablack

    I’m far from being your sonny, and I suspect your not a Bajan because we don’t use British cockney terms like “bollocks”. Keep the hate that I suspect is not limited to Muslims in Britain where it belongs, in Britain. I’m a Bajan of African decent, and I’m not lapping up the hate. I’ve had great relations with Muslims and that’s my anecdotal experience.

  48. Yup

    Actually, the Nazis and the Muslims were partners during WWII with several SS units raised in the Middle East with the assistance of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Jew hatred is in the Koran. Nothing new there.

  49. Dompey


    When the Constitution of United States of America was first written women and children had limited rights under this doctrine. It took the sweat and tears of women like Cady Stanton and Lucretia Motts, to fought for the most fundamental of all rights and that was the right to vote. Which the American woman received in 1920 and after the ex-slave who was emancipated with the implementation of Civil War Amendments….. 13, 14, and 15.

  50. mistablack

    How absolutely silly. The Axis centrally consisted of Italy, Japan, Germany. We all now drive Alfa Romeo, Lexus and Volks Wagen without a single thought of who were a part of or supported Nazi Germany. Why is the standard so different for the Arabs/Muslims who were attempting to choose the possible lesser of the then Euro-Colonialists?

    Zionists are everywhere churning up the hate! Grand Mufti!
    How about the Muslims who saved Jews from the Inquisition, the Crusades, to WWII? Care to mention them?

  51. mistablack

    I am in complete agreement with your rational analysis. I suspect that this xenophobic mindset is NOT originating from Bajans. It is a pleasure and informative to read your comments. Thanks for your efforts.

  52. Yup

    The results of Islam are visible throughout the world now. Christians virtually eradicated from the Middle East, and being slaughtered by Muslims throughout North and Central Africa. Islam is a violent religion that inspires violence and oppression. No words or wishing will change that.

    Mistablack is stuck in some fantasy but the majority of Bajans don’t buy that wishful thinking any longer. The fruits of Islam are plain to see.

  53. Mr Coco

    today muslim only housing project, tomorrow sharia law, the next day beheadings. Enjoy.

  54. Passin thru

    I have to agree with Yup. If Muslims would put half as much effort into reforming their religion as they do defending the indefensible, they might start to make some progress and cut down on the bloodshed and their bloody borders. Islam has bloody borders everywhere.

  55. Mr Coco

    I saw a bunch of bagheads on Crane beach a year ago. F ing gross.

  56. Not anti-Muslim just pro tolerance for all

    @The Muslim September 21, 2014 at 11:29 pm
    I am not anti Muslim my motto is live and let live as it pertains to all religions from Christians to Jews and Closed Brethren, Muslim to Hindus, Rasta to Mormon and everything in between. The Muslim way of enforcing law like the cutting off of hands and stoning rape victims however is abhorrent and barbaric. Can the Koran law makers and Muslim clerics change these violent rules and methods? Jihadists scare the hell out of the rest of the world the ISIS/ Al Queada people are murderous and intolerant. Cant the Muslim clerics and Islam opinion shapers preach tolerance of other people’s religions just as how Bajans tolerate the Muslim religion. A Muslim spokesman said the community is not exclusively for Muslim and one hopes that’s true. Although whites tend to live in comminutes like the one the Muslims are building their way of life is similar to the majority so they can be tolerated. Muslim our request is simple– cant we all get along.

  57. mistablack

    Mr Coco:
    “I saw a bunch of bagheads on Crane beach a year ago. F ing gross.”
    What a racist repugnant slur! …that exits the contaminated mind of a racists. I bet you are not beyond using the “n-word” in reference to Black people.

  58. mistablack

    Not anti-Muslim just pro tolerance for all

    Take a look at the racist comments of Mr Coco. I believe this all about misdirection from the fact that swaths of the best areas of Barbados is being gobbled up and segregated by Whites.

    As it relates to Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL now IS one must not ignore long standing Western policies in supporting some of the most non-democratic brutal regimes in the Middle East. It is overly self-serving to ignore the fact that the whole Jihadi spirit was harness by the USA and Saudi Arabia in the war against the USSR in Afghanistan. Where those same Jihadis were encouraged to forgo international borders and enter the fight against the ungodly soviets in Afghanistan.

  59. MistaBlack

    The Lord’s Resistance Army has been reaping havoc in Africa for more than 20 years, raping, torturing, maiming, kidnapping and killing thousands. They are Christians; therefore, Christianity is a blood thirsty religion?

    In the 100 days of genocide that ravaged the small Central African nation of Rwanda from April until July 1994, about one million Tutsi and Hutu people were killed, and an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 women and girls were raped. They were both Christian; therefore, Christianity is a blood thirsty religion?
    And by the way, Muslims homes and Masjids were the only place of rescue for Tutsis while churches were a death trap for them.

    The Serbs ethnically cleansed Bosnians ad Kosovans by carryout some of the worse atrocities seen on European soil since WWII. They were Christian who rape and killed Muslims; therefore, Christianity is a blood thirsty religion?

    The Rohingya Muslims are being push into the sea literally and being slaughtered by Buddhists in Burma; therefore, Buddhism is a blood thirsty religion?

    In the last 15 years over 1.5 million Muslims have been killed most weren’t combatants due to a war of choice in Iraq by the West and the general whac-A-mole war on terrorism; therefore, the West is waging a crusade against Muslims?

  60. robert ross

    So now mblack defends IS. The fellow is a deflectionist. Until the Moslem world in the name of the Koran rejects terrorism totally and demonstrates that it is not about conversion to Islam by whatever means, the rest of us remain under threat.

    Disappointed in you Dompey. The reference to Mormons is a little dumb don’t you think? And really, don’t be so patronizing. Critical thinking is not your sole prerogative and this topic is too fundamental to our way of life to warrant silly debating points. Save that for wind-up time in the other place.

  61. Dompey


    I am sorry that you’re disappointed, but I have stated by position and believe it to be true.
    In any event, I have a few questions for you though: now why is it that prior to 9/11, the majority of Americans who happens to believing in the principle of religious antonomy, had little or no problem with the spread of Islam in America? But, if you notice, after the September 11th Attacks, the religion was viewed as barbaric and uncivilized in its treatment of women and it was also accused of exporting a violent ideology around the world.
    Ross, I know you to be a critical thinker but it seem as though you have allowed yourself to fooled by the emotionism associated with Islam responsed to the West aggression.

    In conclusion: the struggle against what critics have called the Islamic exportation of its violent ideology, is nothing more than a struggle between two Ancient civilizations trying to impose they will upon world culture.

    Now, Ross, as far as Mormonism is concern, its record with respect to the treatment of women and children matches that of Islam. But I am not here to decide upon the morality associated with neither of these religions, I am merely here to give history account of mormonism within the gates of America Ross. From the 1800s to 1978, the Mormon Church had a policy which prevented most men of Black descent from being ordained in the priesthood. Does Islam has such a historical record? And what about the Church’s position on Polygamy, which critics in the West often accuses Islam of? And last but not least: have you seen the Mormon Church’s record on the mistreatment of women and its molestation and brutalization children as away of indoctrining them to the religion?

  62. Dompey

    Robert Ross

    What about the West, are we to surmised that the West/ America isn’t guilty of exporting its contemporary form of colonialism across the landscape of the Third-World? And why is it that you think that Islam exclusively, is bent on imposing its religious doctrine upon a hopeless humanity?

  63. Dompey

    Robert Ross

    You cannot claim to be an Atheist on one hand, while of the other hand, utilize the Morality that is associated with the Christian-Doctrine to condemn the religious practices of Islam. I am not saying that you’re an Atheist Ross, but I am just making a general to those persons who utilize religious morality, to accommodate their own particular worldview.


    @Not anti-Muslim
    Not all whites live in white enclaves. I know of some that have chosen to live in black majority areas.Integration is more than a skin colour.

  65. robert ross

    Sorry Dompey

    I’m not going there with you, It is HERE, NOW, that concerns me. So it’s a straight choice – yes or no. No in- betweens. No ostriches either. No US debaters mumbling about Mormons or morality, the world pre 9/11, personal responsibility. No world within a world. No private airspace. No law within a law. No religion above religion. Simply NO.

    (But I will say this with no wish for any reply from anyone. Recently I passed through Birmingham UK. Behind the Bus Station -no less – I stood with a cup of coffee waiting. Of the women who passed me 7 of 10 were Moslem. I’m sure British readers will have similar stories about numbers, birth rates, grooming, the practice of sharia and the rest. Doubtless they will also recall the prospect of “rivers of blood”, wanton killing in London, the activities and language of some Moslem clerics. They will also look at the world and see where Moslem fundamentalism is responsible for the deaths of thousands across the globe in the name of the Koran and Allah.)

  66. Dompey

    When Communism was the single most important threat to the stability of the West, where was the moral -outcry against Radical- Islamism? First there was this irrational fear in the West, that the Soviet Union was exporting the Communist ideology around the world, in an effort to undermined Western democracy.

  67. Not anti-Muslim just pro tolerance for all

    September 22, 2014 at 4:22 am
    Not anti-Muslim just pro tolerance for all

    Take a look at the racist comments of Mr Coco. I believe this all about misdirection from the fact that swaths of the best areas of Barbados is being gobbled up and segregated by Whites.
    Thinking blacks understand and experience white racism which thrives in Barbados up to this day as it does in North America, South America, Europe, UK and the rest of the world. Blacks are the target of worse racism and discrimination than Arabs, Indian, Chinese etc. fact is those races practice racism against blacks too. The exploitation and attacks on Islam and Muslims by the West through the centuries is well documented from the Crusades to Israel’s shocking treatment of Palestinians to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The Western world are the biggest culprits in the persecution of Islam. This sordid history does not give Muslims the right to destroy everyone else’s religion and culture and violently pursue dominance for Islam.

    Blacks have forgiven their enslavers and thoughtfully deal with present day racism. Blacks generally practice tolerance for all. Muslims and Islam should do the same. By all means practice your religion but don’t crucify and massacre the rest of the world because of past grievances. That philosophy must be adjusted you are not going to convert or win over the non Muslim world that way. Indeed you will meet continued resistance. The primitive, barbaric and illogical carrying out of punishment like stoning rape victims, beheading people,must be completely abolished . Forced child brides is another deplorable ritual that must be stopped completely . These acts are inhumane under any spiritual guise and have no place in the mosaic of a serious religion.

  68. yatinkiteasy

    The following article gives a good perspective as to the spread of Radical Islam, and what can be done about it. Yes , Mistablack may consider that it is fear mongering to say that “barley 1% of the population endangers Barbados”…yet “barley”.01% of the population (all Muslims) of Trinidad staged a bloody coup in Trinidad in 1990, resulting in the deaths of 24 people.

  69. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Mistablack, I never said I was Bajan- you surmised- you do a lot of that, its prejudicial ! Bollocks is NOT a cockney term- wrong again, more prejudice! You are a very angry mixed up person with mental problems. So to all those with difficulties in being homo sapien. All religion is a fantasy, some of its support is good for the weak minded but the evil side with all its childish rituals whether Christian, Muslim or the great tea pot god (just as realistic as all the other stuff made up by religious radicals ) is BAD. Stoning to death, female mutilation, hanging, segregation (can a lady drive a car now in all Muslim states?) its frankly evil childish and bonkers (tecknical term) We should throw all this crap in the bin and learn to all live together for the good of us all and our planet and fellow creatures. Segregation of any community is a backward step. Barbados- don’t let the rot deepen.


    looking at this report i can only say this .this is ILLEGAL !
    this can not be done . any lawyer can put a end to this easily.
    you can not have a housing area where it is racially or religiously segregated from the rest of the country.
    it would be ILLEGAL.simple so.this would be against all laws
    world wide.get a lawyer to slap these idiots cross the head with this nonsense. also if this were to be possible it would be a huge target for others to vent on with violence and molotov cocktails or bombs.or drive by shootings.
    they are bluffing.get the law on their stupid asses.
    stupssssssssss. think this is Iraq or something?foolish people.

  71. Dompey


    The laundary list of human rights violations you have accused Islam of practicing, stands in absolute comparison to the egregious and atrocious acts the military governments in Africa are accused of committing against their people.

  72. Sue

    Mistablack, I am not hate-mongering. I have nothing against any religious community but when you purposefully allow 1 religious sect to EXCLUDE others from housing then, you have a problem. Plain and simple. And whether or not folks want to face facts, fact is this particular religious community has essentially bullied the world into having their way. As recently as this past week there was an incident in a New York borough that is predominately Hassidic Jews. They had posted signs stating on which side of the street women could walk as to not come into contact with males. These signs were/are blatantly illegal and were taken down in a heartbeat. You don’t overcome discrimination by engaging in further discrimination.

  73. Dompey


    This is only illegal if the government gives its stamp of approval, but if the religion group buys the land and decides to allow Muslims to live there exclusively, how is that illegal?

  74. 166 square miles = 106,240 acres

    5 acres = 0.00004707% of 106,240 acres

    DD would not be in favour of restricting ownership in any community on religious or other grounds (other than ability to pay); and does not understand the uproar over this project when government is selling out the whole 166 square miles to China

  75. Dompey


    There are certain private clubs in Barbados that allow a certain shade of people to become its members. Should we then consider this discrimination based on skin color which is illegal according to the laws of Barbados? I am talking about some of the cricket as well as some boating clubs in Barbados.

  76. Common sense

    Finally….. I was wondering when BFP would take this up……..
    I don’t see what is the problem here….ahhh maybe in because nobody aint get a cut back from this venture that is why people keeping noise.
    To all you people that live in the heights and terraces please check to see where you came from…. You might now be living in Fort George,St,Philip or St.George..but wunna either grew up in town or somewhere in the country in a house wid nuff family. Naturally as you moved on anf got “Educated” you decided to move out.
    There isn’t much land bout where you grew up so you have to look elsewhere and you end up moving to these developments which charge you an arm and a leg and maybe even more to accuire.Mean while the developer mek nuff money and some body get a cutback.
    Now fast forward…….2014, Muslims, mostly Indians came here in the 1920’s and settled mostly in the Bridgetown area. Worked and contributed to the economy and assisted the discriminated people of this country to acquire goods on non-interest based terms that the so called elite of Broad Street did not want to sell them.
    Their families grew and in their Indian tradition they all stuck close to home. Now with the influx of negative cultures that are affecting the Barbadian society be they be Christians ,Muslims ,Jews, Jehovah Witnesses or Seven Day Adventist or of the many one door churches that are popping up all over the country. Don’t be looking through your rose colored widows in the heights, take a drive in the country and see for yourself.

    Naturally the Muslim children in this day and age felt the need to live their lives separately. Where do they go St.Philip,St.George maybe St.Lucy?

    To better understand this we now need to understand the Muslim way of life on a daily basis. Trust me FOX and CNN won’t tell you this. Maybe you are under the impression that all Muslims do is sit and talk about Jihad.
    As Muslims prayer (preferably in Congregation) 5 times a day is compulsory. So naturally you would find that a place of worship is centered around where most of them live, just like any church or school would be near to the community that they serve.
    The second priority is Religious education and Muslims throughout the world recognize that this must be and ongoing process and not merely a few hours once a week. (Just look at the sad moral state of our beloved country and this also affects the Muslims of Barbados as well).
    Does anyone know that Muslim children here in Barbados go to school 9 to 3 and then attend religious classes from 4-7 on evenings Mon-Fri for the age of 4 years?

    For the record Religious classes teach the children to read Arabic and learn the various rules for prayer, belief and building character. Anyone can come and see for themselves including BFP …… if the wish to remove their Burkha….ooops I meant Veil.

    Naturally as a parent I would love for the either the school or the place of worship to be nearby…. just like all of us Bajans who are tired of fighting the daily traffic.
    Since there is no land available around the Bridgetown area there was a need to move out of town.
    The land was purchased simply by a group of indidvuals who pooled their money together based on the cost of the size of land they wanted to buy.
    No developer was involved to jack up the cost and no one needed any cut backs. Just like all of us Bajans we want things cheap too!!!
    It would have been totally unrealistic for a couple of Muslims to move in to Fort George heights and want to establish a place of worship. I would be more practical to establish it in an area around where Muslims live.
    We Bajans need to be thankful for one of the best thing the Late Hon. Errol Walton Barrow did for this country and that is FREE Education. I helped us develop in to a society of understanding people and differentiate us from countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia where it takes only one ignurunt person to stand up and talk sweet and everybody does run behind them.
    Bajans if you need information come and ask and don’t always depend on foreign media to educate you.

  77. Anonymous

    town planning would have to allow this and the barbados
    government.what we going to do.only blacks here! only whites here! only brown skin here ! only Catholics here !
    only rich people here ! only poor people here ! huh
    only assholes here ! jokers.

  78. just asking

    Barbados has become more of social racism than colour. If you have money you can go to any club or place, I have seen this happen, so don’t put this problem here in the same category. All kind of racism is bad, why what these muslim people are doing is not for Barbados & Barbadians , so let them go back to their own countries. I cannot go to any middle Eastern country & buy land to build a church or houses just for Christians or any other religion, except if I am a muslim, so why are we allowing this in our 144 squire land? Can’t even have a bible or religious paraphernalia !!! It just boggles the mind regarding our leaders.


    you can not refuse the sale of a house because of religious
    or racial preferences.the first person who looks to buy one of these houses or land and is turned down on the basis of religious belief can sue for bias,religious determent and so on .you see.lawyers would know the correct wording.
    so only one person got to do this and it done.
    sue for defamation of religious beliefs.
    sue for 10 million.create a case.
    simple so.


    yes like the Australian prime minister said to all in Australia
    we let you in to help you from your living in garbage.
    if you do not want to speak English and you do not like the Australian way of life .please leave and go back from whence you came.we will even help you to piss off. lol


  82. Anonymous

    Unbelievable, this is precisely where trouble starts. In someone else’s land you intergrate or become isoloated and indeed persecuted. The Muslim society should think long and hard about this unwise proposition. AS we have found in the Uk by far the majority of Muslims are hard working and feel part (proudly) of the UK culture.

  83. Anonymous

    Has anyone attempted to purchase land here and were refused? Is it accurate to say that no Christians or Jews are allowed to purchase?
    I passed and saw a “For Sale” sign on one of the lots. Here is an opportunity to buy. If you are refused, then there is a problem. If you aren’t, then I don’t see the issue.


    The Muslim
    September 21, 2014 at 11:23 pm @ If this heading is not true , please get the right information and post .

    Barbados. No Christians or Jews allowed to purchase homes in new community.? True or Not No long talk , for you seem to agree or support.,
    We talking Barbados leave the rest of the World out of this,

    Show us also a clear title for land for we know crooks with money in Barbados can find a crook,liar and scumbag lawyer to write what ever you want,
    If you dealing with the ALL Mighty then Let see , Be clear and not no DLP or BLP paid off person , Like Mark Cumming , Who may approve your PLANS but can not give Permission to Build. That Permission must come from the True Land Owner, Better check you deed for clear title for them When done , The same Bajans and others you dont want there will be moving in ,

  85. MistaBlack

    I appreciate the salient and balance approach in your comments. I just want to say that Blacks are not only tolerant of Muslims, but a significant number are Muslims themselves. In the US the largest ethnic group of Muslims are indeed Black. The largest tribe in Africa, the Fulani are 100% Muslims. Many of us are descendents of these Peoples, like Soninkae, Mandinka, Bambarah just to mention a few.
    My point is that up until 20 years ago no one heard of this “Jihadi” phenomena. It is a new occurrence which is not supported in the history of Islam. I purpose to those who are willing to delve deeper beyond catchy headlines that this bloodletting has a trail back to our own promotion of this ideology that suited our then stratagem against the USSR. We continue to the most brutal regimes in the region proving that these people are not deserving of democracy.

  86. MistaBlack

    @robert ross
    How could my attempt to elucidate the origins of this tragic conflict be construed are defending IS? What we have here is the poorly disguised use of ad hominem to disrupt healthy debate.

  87. MistaBlack

    @robert ross
    (But I will say this with no wish for any reply from anyone. Recently I passed through Birmingham UK. Behind the Bus Station -no less – I stood with a cup of coffee waiting. Of the women who passed me 7 of 10 were Moslem. I’m sure British readers will have similar stories about numbers, birth rates, grooming, the practice of sharia and the rest….)
    Let’s substitute Muslims for Blacks and your statement perfectly fits into the mouth of a typical British racist.

  88. MistaBlack

    I do suspect that this coup was a culmination of several socio-economic issues that emerged in 1980s during severe social and economic crisis, and tensions between Afro-Trinidadians and Indo-Trinidadians over disparities in wealth distribution and political control. This was more of a contributing factor than religion.

  89. MistaBlack

    We’ll find a chink in their armour
    (You are a very angry mixed up person with mental problems.)
    Yup nothing new here. When a Black men is firm in his position, devilish people label us “angry” and mixed up with “mental problems”. The sad fact is that Barbados is already quite segregated by race and wealth. And I’m less threaten by Bajan Muslims who live amongst the people than those permanent tourists who are determined through gentrification to alter all that I love about Barbados.
    Are you aware that Britain and the USA’s ally Saudi Arabia is the only country to forbade women from driving? Take that up with your country of Britain don’t worry about Bajans, we have this!

  90. MistaBlack

    Fix that problem in your own backyard, but you can’t touch those Hassidim in Williamsburg because of their political clout. The fact is that they have the overwhelming support of nonreligious Jews who dominate NYC. That’s power for ya!

  91. MistaBlack

    Well said, these haters are all up in a tiff about 5 acres for a Mosque and some houses but they couldn’t care less about the rampant segregation all over Barbados based on skin color. They are hypocrites. Bashar Assad, the butcher of Syria, killed 100 of thousands and displaced millions of his people because 3 boys dared to write, “we want freedom!” on their school walls. They were mutilated before being their slaughter. He has use barrel bombs, chemical weapons on his people and we hear nothing. In 4 weeks Israel killed 620 children and babies and we hear nothing. But you kill 2 western reporters and it’s going to be WWIII.
    And BTW, Assad the USA was his best client for the use of his dungeons of torture. Hypocrisy!!!
    All the fear-mongering and castigation of Muslims and Islam emulates a well established tradition of racism in the West.

  92. thin edge of the wedge

    The muslim faiths say you should convert other people to the muslim faith…if you can not be converted you shall be killed…now if the muslim faith were to adopt the option of choice as if don’t want to be a muslim then fine, but I will again fine.

    It is the extremists that give muslims a bad name and they do not seem to be able to reign in the extremists.

    Based on the uk a small community will grow and grow and Barbados will then become a muslim country and all your churches will be destroyed

    The west is tolerant of religion and the muslim faith hijack it
    STOP this now, otherwise you will be overun

  93. MistaBlack

    Common sense….
    Well said!!! coz “common these days ain too common”

  94. Ha! Oh how my heart bleeds. What has happened to weaken the Nations of Barbados.

    Yes it is a given fact a Nation is only as strong as its leader. I would hate to cherish the thought that the leaders of this Nation has succumb to the foreigners and is now selling the island’s birth rite for less than a bowl of pottage. As a born Barbadian, who became a foreigner in another mans land, only to work for betterment of family and myself, I have learned to tow the line and not make waves in order to be accepted and live among the citizens of that land. When did native Barbadians become the second class citizens to these people whose fore fathers came to Barbados as foreigners, .

    This reminds me so much of the time when some Arrogant European decided he would stand up and privatize the beaches of Barbados. This is an insult, and downright outrageous that the Government of Barbados would even fathom the thought to allow such a request from the muslin community to reach outside of close doors furthermore to reach the nation. Is this because Barbadians are born a peaceful, loving, and giving people. Who accepts all individuals wherever they might come from and welcome them with open arms?

    This is where we as Native Barbadians MUST draw the line in the sand; standing up and saying enough is enough, if our elected government can’t support the Freedom of the Native Barbadians, then it is up to the Native Citizen to maintain their freedom. Since Barbadians open their hearts to welcome foreigners, then the foreigners should respect them and not look down at them as second class citizens. Any one who think my thoughts have any merit whatsoever and would like to make a difference please share your ideas.

  95. MistaBlack

    If as you stated that the Muslim faith says, “convert or you will be killed” then why is Egypt 9% Christian after 1400 years? Lies you tell and your NOT a Bajan. What you are is a hatemonger, no better than the people you castigate..

  96. yatinkiteasy

    @Mistablack…nice try, but we did not see the Hindu Indians in Trinidad involved in the bloody coup…no, it was the Muslims. There was no justification for their actions, which has been recorded as the first Government in the Western Hemisphere to have been overthrown by radical Muslims.

  97. Anonymous

    Barbadostripadvisor, where was it stated that they refused to sell land to anyone based on religion? Has anyone reported such. Seems like some are just stirring up trouble…..

  98. The Muslim

    @MistaBlack Thank you for showing true Bajan spirit of tolerance for all & rebutting the constant ignorance from these “Westernised” Bajans. I deeply appreciate it & I am happy that some know that IS & all the other terrorist groups have nothing to do with Islam.

  99. The Muslim

    Islamic Sharia (Law): Barbaric or Misunderstood – By Abdullah Al Andalusi (+Q&A and Discussion)

  100. MistaBlack

    I’m not trying or justifying anything that expanding the discussion beyond Muslim vilification. And coups have been taking place the world over, what percentage were so called radical Muslims. Or is it that you don’t have a problem with coups as long as there aren’t Muslims involved? Do you see how devout of reason hate-mongering is?

  101. The Muslim
    The BBC won’t tell you this about the Caliphate (not ISIS’ version of it)

  102. Spanky

    MistaBlack: DOn’t bother telling me that the Muslim religion isn’t violent. Tell your co-religionists that chop off heads and murder 6 year olds for the offence of being Christian. STFU for God’s sake, wake up and get some reality.

    Thank you.

  103. MistaBlack

    If I choose to go down the rabbit hole of stupidity, it will be on my own accord. I despised being manipulated, and I get the strong sense that this is the intent of the author and those who are on here spreading vitriol. They want to galvanize Bajans into the hate fest. They don’t know us!!!

  104. Spanky

    MistaBlack’s argument seems to be “Muslims aren’t like that”.

    Well, yes they are! Peaceful Muslims do not define Islam: the violent ones do along with the silence of the rest.

  105. MistaBlack

    I don’t know about 6 years old being killed in Syria or Iraq for being Christian but I do know about 620 Gazan Christian and Muslim babies killed in 4 weeks to make space for Israel.

  106. Have to agree with Spanky. ‘peaceful’ muslims don’t count for much in the grand discussion because they are focused on convincing the west that everything be okay! Rather than trying to convince the violent muslims that they should stop killing. I don’t buy into the message of MistaBlack and I think most Bajans won’t either.

  107. thin edge of the wedge

    @mistablack 9% of Egypt is Christian…yeah and lives in fear
    I have no hatred for muslims, other than those that support extreme violence
    I am not Bajan, you are correct, I am also not someone who beheads people coz they don’t agreed with your ideologies….now reading your posts it is you who has the problem of hatemongering…you wanna live next door to me , no problem, you want to behead me or make live under muslim rules…then big problem, but then you wont see that

  108. The Muslim

    @Spanky If they would give peaceful Muslims a voice on mainstream media then maybe you would get to hear about what Islam actually is but hey that doesn’t ‘sell’ does it??
    This ‘silence’ nonsense is ridiculous; you won’t c us on mainstream media if that’s your “source” for Islam but on social media, youtube, blogs, etc ‘peaceful’ Muslims are trying to show every1 else the true face of Islam not the ‘Islam’ in the mainstream media

  109. i don’t buy into that from The Muslim. Where are the millions of muslims marching to take back their religion? Not gonna happen. If even 10% of muslims support violence to advance their religion, that’s 100 million muslims who side with the terrorist Jihadists to advance their religion.

    Doan bother talking to me, The Muslim. Talk to those who you say are misunderstanding Islam. That’s not me. I understand Islam very well by reading the verses in the Koran that sanction beating of wives, and the killing of infidels like me. Talk to your ISIS friends who read that stuff in the Koran and implement it.

  110. The Muslim

    @thinedgeofthewedge People like you who have no knowledge about Islam will keep ranting on about how bad the Muslim world is yet u fail to realise that these “Muslim” countries are nothing but secular dictatorships & monarchies backed by the West
    Egypt – Hosni Mubarak was a dictator & supported by Israel & America; America then helped to do a coup of the democratically elected Morsi
    Syria – the Assad family was put into power by France
    Saudi Arabia – a monarchy (the house of Saud) created by the British
    Jordan – another monarchy backed by the West
    Iraq – Saddam Hussein was a secular dictator backed by America 7 the West for many years
    Libya – Gaddafi was another dictator who was backed by the West to a certain extent

    I can go on and on and on; there has been no such thing as an Islamic state since 1914 when the Ottoman Empire was destroyed but if you did some actual research you would see that from the time of the first Islamic state in Medina until the Ottomans non Muslims under Islamic rule were treated well (there were exceptions but that was a minority).

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that whosoever treats a non Muslim living under Muslim rule unjustly it’s as if he harmed the Prophet himself.


  111. The Muslim

    A Note on Understanding Islam:Liberalism’s Origins & the Superimposition of a Specific European Experience

  112. The Muslim

    Hamza Tzortzis on “The Link” – Press TV (2010)

    International lecturer and public speaker Hamza Andreas Tzortzis discussed ‘Burn a Koran Day’, freedom of speech, Islamic and the Western values on “The Link”, Press TV (2010)

  113. thin edge of the wedge

    the muslim, yeah I don’t understand islam, but I see the terrible things some muslims do, I se how you want the world to be a muslim world ….no tolerance about there…

    whatever the West is and the morals it has, then let those that want to live like that do so and if you want to live as muslims them you can…but that don’t cut it with you does it, you want the world to be muslim….I know lots of muslims, yeah they all want sex with the “white western trash”…they all drink vodka oh yes coz it done smell of alcohol on your breath and then they go denounce the western way, having filled your boots…oh yes in the uk you despise our way of living, but take the benefits that the state provides…so you pick out the bits you like and do it in secret and hate our culture…. so you are right I don’t understand islam, what I do understand is the dual standards you have…The uk is a Western society, so you wanna live in a Western society that’s fine, build your mosques, thats fine, but accept the Western way and either live it of go live where your ideals and what you want are the way of lif, don’t have dual standards

  114. This is to “BARBADOSTRIPADVISOR” You made many valid points in a number of your post, I agree with you the issue here is not with the religion of any one, but to the violation of the rights of Christian, Jews, etc. I wish the leaders of Barbados can adopt the policy of Australia. My one fear is how strong are the political leaders of Barbados, can they ignore the temptations of draw backs.

  115. Dompey


    I think it’s time to take note of the principles, values, and convictions, which governs your twisted thinking. Your intolerance conflicts with the Better-Good of the Barbadian society, and open-minded Barbadians ought not entertain it.

  116. Merciful Servant

    This article depicts the ignorance of the writer with regards to the housing development. Firstly, any person can purchase the land, be it Jew or Christian. The writer’s perception of Islam is inaccurate and requires sound revision. Muslims in Barbados reside near mosques, the foremost contributing factor is due to the fact that prayer is compulsory five times a day and since the community is expanding the citizens endeavor to build a new community. I humbly request the writer to seek correct knowledge with regards to the situation and stop the fear mongering.

  117. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Mista Black. Great Britain does not ban women drivers as a right- that’s the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever heard, why my lady drove me home from a pub only the other week when we visited home UK (since 1953- so I know the law here!!!) from our home in Europe. This outburst of stupidity goes further to endorse the position you are ignorant of many things. Your hate ways are wrong. I can understand why you have got this way but your methods are not conducive to world harmony, not are the healthy for you. Start again- clear your mind of religion, race hate and misconceptions. You’ll be happier for it Old Bean.

  118. MistaBlack

    @thin edge of the wedge
    Yup, I know you’re not Bajan. And this more than enough to such a disjointed comment.

  119. We'll find a chink in their armour

    fighting many fronts Mr Black!- time to re think maybe?

  120. Dompey

    If you think this article has anything to do with this exclusively Muslim community, think again. This is just one more opportunity for these brain-dead bigots to spew their unfair and ineffective representation of others religious belief.

  121. MistaBlack

    Wow Dompey: Perfect elocution, I had to repost!
    (I think it’s time to take note of the principles, values, and convictions, which governs your twisted thinking. Your intolerance conflicts with the Better-Good of the Barbadian society, and open-minded Barbadians ought not entertain it.)
    These people don’t realize that the sunny humanistic deposition is genuine. They don’t know us.

  122. Joseph Harding

    I have been saying for the last ten years or so that some muslims want to doctrinate the entire world to their beliefs and customs.
    Imagine a non muslim living in a muslim country. Can’t be seen drinking alcohol openly, hell even can’t be seen with a Holy Bible.
    Their women dress in a manner that disobey our banking laws, yet nothing is said and or done to inhibit this.
    Do not let this cancer spread to the point that they are trying to tell us where we can and can’t buy homes. This is Barbados not the middle east. We are a tolerant people but this should not happen. I for one is totally against this.
    If they want to live in a non Muslim country let them conform to the laws and customs of that nation.

  123. MistaBlack

    @We’ll find a chink in their armour:
    (Your hate ways are wrong. I can understand why you have got this way but your methods are not conducive to world harmony, not are the healthy for you. Start again- clear your mind of religion, race hate and misconceptions. You’ll be happier for it Old Bean.)

    Your mouth is closest to your own ears, so take your own advice.

  124. MistaBlack

    We’ll find a chink in their armour:

    “fighting many fronts Mr Black!- time to re think maybe?”

    History has proven that the majority is usually wrong on most issues of the day. Loud mouth xenophobes and hatemongers don’t dissuaded me from elevating truth and rebutting the kind of vilification that the Nazis classically engaged against Jews.

  125. Human of the World

    Mental slavery… we black people are so gullible and easy to rile up. Respond as expected to change, to progression. Why don’t black people complain when white people build their own communities? Because you limit your thinking, you still see them as superior but want to oppress what you see as an inferior race (Indian etc) which is NOT the case. See people as people, with their views, opinions and beliefs. The Muslim religion is a complex one and because you don’t understand it its not your right to judge and attempt to oppress. So you deny housing to them? where will they live? Are they not entitled to be comfortable and safe as everyone else in society? The reason they build separate communities because they have people who share their beliefs and religion which is obviously different from Christianity and Judaism. You people quote words from people of the past, dead people, you know what, times have changed and i’m sure they did not want us to oppress other races and become what we strived hard to break away from.

    Wake up! Do not conform but work together and understand each other and stop falling for stereotypes.

  126. We'll find a chink in their armour

    bye mista b- enjoy life. toodle pip

  127. millertheanunnaki

    @ mistablack September 21, 2014 at 10:36 pm
    “It is absolutely irrational to be concerned about barely over 1% of the population. In mentioning the history of Barbados and the ancestry of the Afro-Barbadians, many were Muslims who were forced to accept Christianity.”

    What you have posited does have historical substance to it. But because of your one-sided view of the world the question could be asked is if it appeals to rational thought and basic commonsense.

    Do you support the bad treatment and even murder of homosexuals in Islamic communities? After all it is “absolutely irrational” to be concerned about such an insignificant population?

    For the sake of balance can you also tell us how the many Afro-Barbadians who were Muslims (before being forced into slavery and subsequent conversion to Christianity) became Muslims in the first instance? Weren’t the ancestors of these captured Muslims from West Africa (captured and sold by their own Muslim brothers) forced to accept Islam and to reject the many indigenous religions that prevailed before the “violent arrival of Islam?

  128. millertheanunnaki

    @ Mistablack September 21, 2014 at 11:50 pm
    “The author of this article added the, ” No Christian or Jews Allowed” in order to inflame the reader. Are we so gullible? Ok I plan to purchase 5 acres, and intend to sell only to family members with the last name Foster. How would this be any different from what this community is doing? This is absolute hyperbole and xenophobia.”

    Fair enough!
    All right then, would you be against a young Christian entrepreneur (given the harsh economic circumstances) “setting up” a mobile canteen on one of the streets in the same proposed community that is under discussion selling roasted pig tails and fried pork chops? After all, itinerant business persons of the Islamic faith peddle their wares across the length and breadth of Barbados.
    Would you be boldly objective enough as to support a group of Christian business people who want to establish a massive pig farm and pork processing plant in any Islamic dominated country because of cheap energy but the products destined for export to Western markets?

    You responses to the above questions would shed some light on your contention that Islam is a religion of peace and inclusivity.

  129. robert ross


    I am whatever you think I am as you are to me. I keep reading from you about the ‘west’, ‘racism’, Israel “making space for itself” at the expense of babies and a good deal of serpentine tongue twisting (what the Nazis did to Jews – that one from you is hilarious). I also read a level of ignorance which is astonishing

    .But since you like talking, tell you what… your best “sunny humanistic disposition” mode and without resort to scissors and paste

    Why don’t you give us a coherent account, rooted in the Koran, of why it is that the Jihadists have got it wrong. The Moslem can join you.

    If you can do that, why don’t you then issue a statement to the Blog that you utterly condemn the Jihadists and all they represent and why. Again the Moslem can join you.

    In both cases no ‘buts’.


    Yes, of course you’re right. It’s all about a clash of cultures…..and the day after tomorrow.


  130. gutley

    this is the real

  131. thin edge of the wedge

    Are you Bajan and do you live in Barbados?
    I am sure you can answer this simple question honestly.

  132. Victor

    The rant from the Austrian parliament was disturbing; one can recognise Hitler’s Austrian accent and all the horror which ensued from his ethnic cleansing, resulting in the extermination of 6million Jews.- and the death of SIXTY MILLION Allied soldiers and on top of it the ordinary people who died in the conflict of WW2.
    I have been saying for ages that if Muslims don’t watch it, they too will become targets.
    Throughout Europe people are getting fed up with Muslim extremists, their bombs, mistreatment of women etc. etc.
    Unlike the Jews, who had for centuries assimilated into European culture, giving so much to art, music and literature, even though they had been persecuted, militant Muslims are a new arrival. And, unlike the homeless Jewish tribe, Muslims have behind them a powerful Arabic consortium with oil, money and guns. Fiscal power. I haven’t even read through the blog yet, see you later

  133. Victor

    I’ve read through the blog now. One thing we have to be clear about is that a culture which recognises women as inferior could not work in Barbados, where 85% of university graduates are women. A country where women were treated abominably as slaves and yet endured horrible suffering to produce our small population, only three hundred thousand, a population of brainy, laid-back, musical, and SWEET people.
    As Miss Sylvie said to me 85 years old, “I know I sweet because everyone tells me I sweet”
    We do not want these people on our island.

  134. Dompey

    Robert Ross

    I love your sense of humour. I am laughting my butt off; dude you’re funny. lol Comedy Central is calling brother! Lol…..

  135. Thank you
    Blog fantastic
    Good luck

  136. Dompey

    Robert Ross

    Ross, feel free to correct me if for some unknown reason I appear to make an ass out of myself. But you have somehow misrepresended my position by saying that I have said that it was a clashed of cultures. When in fact, I said that it was a clashed of civilizations East and West in this case, trying to exercise they control. Now, I believe that radical-Islam response to the Bush Administration invasion of Iraq, which was evidently predicated upon the fault premise of Weapons of Mass Destruction, was a direct attempted to drive back the Western influential momentuum which was quickly gaining steam in the East at the time.

  137. robert ross


    You did indeed say ‘clash of civilizations’ and that is what I meant to say. It’s an age thing.

  138. cindy lou

    as Jon Stewart brilliantly said…………. RELIGION it’s given people hope in a world, torn apart by religion…….

  139. HC


    BY MARIA BRADSHAW | TUE, SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 – 12:07 AM

    Water meters were finally installed at the 28 condominiums located at a gated community at Mango Drive, Porters, St James, which have not been billed for water for the past ten years.

    When a NATION team visited the area yesterday, the new digital meters were spotted on the lawns of the complex, to which access can only be gained through an electronic gate.

    A source revealed that the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) installed the 28 meters earlier this month at each condominium located at the multimillion-dollar complex.

    This situation was highlighted by this newspaper in August shortly after the BWA discovered it through a tip-off. Officials were reportedly shocked to discover that no meters had ever been installed at the complex but water was being used.

    On investigation workmen from the water utility found that a connection had been made directly to the main and that the condominiums were getting water but not being billed. Further investigations revealed that the official who was responsible for the installation of pipes at the complex was no longer employed by the BWA.


  140. MistaBlack

    @Human of the World
    Perfectly said. Most of these bigots aren’t Bajan. They are a bunch of Zionists whose job is to inflame the narrative that Islam and Muslims is the problem of the world with the purpose of redirecting attention from the vile acts of the state of Israel.

    “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail,” said Rabbi Yaacov Perrin in his eulogy of Dr. Baruch Goldstein (news article, Feb. 28).

    …and these Zionists feel the same way about Black people.

  141. Not anti-Muslim just pro tolerance for all

    September 23, 2014 at 7:57 am
    The rant from the Austrian parliament was disturbing; one can recognise Hitler’s Austrian accent and all the horror which ensued from his ethnic cleansing, resulting in the extermination of 6million Jews.- and the death of SIXTY MILLION Allied soldiers
    That man’s voice is a carbon copy of Hitler its frightening the only difference between him and Adolf was that he is right. The Muslim world admittedly is complex but so too are the other religions even Rastafari. The Muslims have to move towards some level of tolerance for other faiths as other faiths do for Islam. If that doesn’t occur and the Jihadists represent Islam then we have a frozen conflict a never ending blood letting between the Caliphate promoters and the non Moslem world. I’m not interested in Islam nothing about it attracts me but I am willing to live peacefully with Moslems and respect their lifestyle once they respect mine.
    Victor you forgot the nearly 200 million Russians soldiers and civilians Hitler killed. Russia made the greatest sacrifice to defeat the monster from the wolf’s lair.

  142. millertheanunnaki

    @ MistaBlack September 23, 2014 at 12:32 pm
    “… and these Zionists feel the same way about Black people.”

    So too do the Muslims of Arabia.
    Black people- that is, people of ‘darker’ colour from sub-Sahara lands- were enslaved and exploited by Muslims from Arabia and other Islamic lands for hundreds of years.
    Check out the racial composition of many of those from North Eastern Africa especially those around the horn.
    Reminds you of the miscegenation that occurred and still occurs between the people of European and African decent in the Caribbean and the Americas?

    Don’t attack me. Just trying to bring a balance perspective to your historical biases.

  143. Bajan Muslim

    To Nair on
    What exactly are you saying to Barbadian We have to be half naked then we could be accepted

  144. Canadian Tourist


    Good to see Barbados has a resident Muslim Apologist. As Lenin said, everyone needs a “Useful Idiot”.

    P.S. Thanks for abstaining from Alcohol, leaves more for the rest of us.

  145. MistaBlack

    How could I have missed this post?
    (What you have posited does have historical substance to it. But because of your one-sided view of the world the question could be asked is if it appeals to rational thought and basic commonsense.)

    I don’t perceive myself as having a one-sided view of the world in fact I believe that the truth is never as simplistic as and one-sided as the dominant media portrays it. I believe in the pursuit of truth no matter where it takes me or how unpleasant it may be. I’m suspicious of the blanket vilification of Muslims, Islam, Arabs because it reminds me of the same vilification of Blacks, Native and Brown Peoples. And for that matter, Jews.

    (Do you support the bad treatment and even murder of homosexuals in Islamic communities? After all it is “absolutely irrational” to be concerned about such an insignificant population?)

    I don’t support the persecution of the vulnerable no matter where they are or who is doing the persecution. I must admit that as an Afro-Bajan, I have significant inertia to homosexuality.

    (For the sake of balance can you also tell us how the many Afro-Barbadians who were Muslims (before being forced into slavery and subsequent conversion to Christianity) became Muslims in the first instance? Weren’t the ancestors of these captured Muslims from West Africa (captured and sold by their own Muslim brothers) forced to accept Islam and to reject the many indigenous religions that prevailed before the “violent arrival of Islam?)

    Now this is the latest canard that has some prevalence intended to sever Black People’s connection with Islam. As it relates to the numbers or percentage of Afro-Barbadians who have Muslim ancestry, there is no detail account that would support an accurate accounting. British slavers were violently committed to disconnecting all ties to the slaves African fast. We still have much empirical sampling that supports that reality, in customs and documented stories in Barbados and the wider Caribbean community. The story of the Jamaican slave Edward Donlan who was kidnapped while on his way to the University of Timbuktu. His story written by his hand in Arabic:
    ” My name is Abu Bakr Sadika, born in Timbuctoo, and brought up in Geneh. I acquired the knowledge of the Al Quran in the country of Gounah, in which country there are many teachers for young people: they are not of one country, but come from different parts, and are brought there to dwell for their instruction. …..My father’s name is Kara-Mousa, Scheriffsay…..Some of Gounah’s people were obliged to fly to Cong, and on that very day they made me a captive. As soon as I was made prisoner, they stripped me, and tied me with a cord, and gave me a heavy load to carry, and led me into the country of Buntocoo,—from thence to the town of Cumasy, where the king of Shan tee reigned, whose name is Ashai,— and from thence to Assicuma,—and from thence to Agimaca, which is the country of the Fantees; from thence to the town of Dago, by the sea-side (all the way on foot, and well loaded there they sold me to the Christians in that town—there one of the ship’s captains purchased me, and delivered me over to one of his sailors: the boat immediately pushed off, and I was carried on board the ship. We were three months at sea before we arrived in Jamaica, which was the beginning of bondage.—I have none to thank but those that brought me here. But, praise be to God, who has every thing in his power to do as he thinks good, and no man can remove whatever burden he chooses to put on us. As he said, ‘Nothing shall fall on us except what he shall ordain; he is our Lord, and let all that believe in him put their trust in him.’ My parents’ religion is Islam: they are all circumcised, and their devotions are five times a day; they fast in the month Ramadan; they give tribute according to the law; they are married to four wives, but the fifth is an abomination to them. They fight for their religion, and they travel to the Hedjaz (those that are capable.) They don’t eat any meat except what they themselves kill. They do not drink wine nor spirits, as it is held an abomination so to do. .They do not associate with any that worship idols, or profane the Lord’s name, or do dishonour to their parents, or commit murder, or bear false witness, or wno are covetous, proud, or boastful; for such faults are an abomination unto my religion. They are particularly careful in the education of their children, and in their behaviour, but I am lost to all these advantages: since my bondage I am become corrupt; and I now conclude by begging the Almighty God to lead me into the path that is proper for me, for he alone knows the secrets of my heart and what I am in need of.
    ” Abon Becr Sadika.
    ” Kingston, Jamaica, Sept. 20, 1834.”

    And there was not any force conversion in Africa and Muslims never sold Muslims into slavery. Can let’s not conflated European chattel slavery to African slavery. There is NO comparison!

  146. Dompey

    Canadian Tourist

    As Moses Miamonides once said, ” We should never underestimate the power of stupidity.”

  147. MistaBlack

    (All right then, would you be against a young Christian entrepreneur (given the harsh economic circumstances) “setting up” a mobile canteen on one of the streets in the same proposed community that is under discussion selling roasted pig tails and fried pork chops? After all, itinerant business persons of the Islamic faith peddle their wares across the length and breadth of Barbados.)

    That would be a moronic entrepreneur selling pork products to a community who avoid anything having to do with the consumption of pork, or he would more likely be a provocateur.

    (Would you be boldly objective enough as to support a group of Christian business people who want to establish a massive pig farm and pork processing plant in any Islamic dominated country because of cheap energy but the products destined for export to Western markets?

    You responses to the above questions would shed some light on your contention that Islam is a religion of peace and inclusivity.)

    I see that as no different than any other non-starter that destroys the environment. The fact is that countries with majority Muslim populations are dominated by western companies creating products for consumption and export.

    Are there any pork processing plants in Israel? I doubt it so why the double standard?

  148. millertheanunnaki

    @ MistaBlack September 23, 2014 at 3:51 pm
    “That would be a moronic entrepreneur selling pork products to a community who avoid anything having to do with the consumption of pork, or he would more likely be a provocateur.”

    That entrepreneur could indeed be “moronic”. But let us assume he or she has chosen the Clermont location next to the proposed mosque because of the area is hygienically appealing, with paved roads and easy parking, street lighting and generally good security measures.
    In addition, let us further assume he or she also feels the proximity to a conurbation of middle and high-income residential areas can influence the attraction of a good following of domestically lazy ‘pork-lovers with disposable incomes for regular takeaways and with just as good potential as the business behind the Bank on University Hill.
    Now what then?
    Would you object to the presence of such a small business venture in the area?
    You ought to remember, though, that the Muslim itinerant salespersons referred to earlier interact on a daily basis with Non-Muslim people (infidels) who are consumers of not only pork but also those who imbibe copious amounts of alcohol.

    Now let us hear you “retort”.

  149. Anonymous


  150. David Salinger

    Somebody got a nice bribe.. Must have Trini politicians in in Barbados now.

  151. MistaBlack


    Such a lucid post threatens to eviscerate the nefarious purpose of the author and his hate-filled and some outright racist cohorts on here.

  152. Dompey

    That’s the problem with a great number of Barbadians and particularly the old generation of Barbadians, their have been taught how to think critically. And I can’t help but to attribute this problem to the academic system in Barbados.

  153. MistaBlack

    @thin edge of the wedge

    You don’t need to press me. Yes I’m a very proud Bajan whose economic endeavors requires me to travel.

  154. MistaBlack

    What a coy piece of crap… “We do not want these people on our island.” Not very convincing, Muslims have had a presence as a minority in Barbados for as long as I could remember. I vividly remember them selling reasonably priced textiles to my grandmother. Victor, the Bajan, really??? LOL

  155. MistaBlack

    “Ross, feel free to correct me if for some unknown reason I appear to make an ass out of myself. But you have somehow misrepresended my position by saying that I have said that it was a clashed of cultures. When in fact, I said that it was a clashed of civilizations East and West in this case, trying to exercise they control. Now, I believe that radical-Islam response to the Bush Administration invasion of Iraq, which was evidently predicated upon the fault premise of Weapons of Mass Destruction, was a direct attempted to drive back the Western influential momentuum which was quickly gaining steam in the East at the time.”

    Critical thinking is a rare-find these days. When one tries to encourage the audience to think a little more critically in assessing western complicity in the current crisis and their lack of introspection, the quickest way to dismiss and marginalize you is to label you a supporter of IS, a Muslim and a purveyor of hate.

  156. Charisse Otey

    What a hateful, ignorant excuse for an “article”. Publishing this piece full of fallacies about islamic beliefs, the planned project and about the group of Muslims trying to build a community in their own country is ridiculous. Perhaps you should investigate how many ‘oppressed’ Muslim women in Barbados are black and bajan to the bone, and were born into Christian families. Bussa? Your ancestors would roll in their graves because some of them surely practiced the faith which you have just attempted to disparage. For people who pray 5 times a day, why oh why would they want to live within walking distance of their place of worship? Absurd. Carry on ignorantly with your hate mongering…the boogeyman is under your bed not in Clairemont.

  157. Charisse Otey

    Further, I’d like yo know how many people of other faiths have attempted to purchase a lot in this development. Go buy a house there.

  158. MistaBlack

    Thanks HC for bringing to the forefront the real issue that regular Bajans are contending with. You brought the pin that burst this contrived issue.

  159. MistaBlack

    @Charisse Otey
    God Bless and guide you Charisse…

  160. MistaBlack


    So Bajans are a bunch of “domestically lazy ‘pork-lovers… …who are consumers of not only pork but also those who imbibe copious amounts of alcohol.”?
    You are not deserving of a retort.

  161. Pingback: When should you beat your wife? There’s an iPhone App for that! | Barbados Free Press

  162. Geegurl

    This is like a shop keeper who’s made enough money to build on a apartment to rent out and say i’m only renting to a Christian couple because i’m a christian but sell every day to the secular community. means i will take your money but i don’t want anything to do with you after that. Dont March or Strike. Stop buying from the “coolie man” when they come around. we buy their cars, car parts, food, even their clothing stores sell shorts and revealing clothing they dont wear but would sell to the idiots. Stop going to Haloute who is not only indian but Trinidadian and all his materials for chefete are purchased from Trinidad even down to the Straws. check Chefete straws and you will see the company that makes them. Money like Bush in Barbados to open 15 stores then we get vex!

  163. thin edge of the wedge

    @ mistablack

    OK so you are a bajan and a muslim…no probem whatsoever with that, but let me ask you that this, would you be happy if I purchased the land next to the proposed muslim community and say built houses that I would not sell to muslims, would think that reasonable (and don’t reply with that’s what is happening now coz that’s just a get out) answer honestly

    second question would you be happy to live next door to someone of another faith be neighbours with them friends as well, without wanting to show them the muslim way and not try to influence even a little bit that their religion is not the way?

    I ask with no hatered, just curiosity

  164. Anonymous

    @thin edge- no one has said that they attempted to buy house or lots in the neighbourhood and were refused.
    Also, there are hundreds of families who live next door to people of other religions all over Barbados and live like family without trying to impose their religion on anyone. Not even a bit.

  165. MistaBlack

    @thin edge of the wedge
    How ignorant! So let me get this straight, since I don’t go along with your bigoted views of Muslims, I must be one. Let me tell you something Bajans have historically prided themselves on their ability to think. You can’t pump us up with your nasty hate-filled propaganda. I want to cus you out lika rank Bajan, but I’m trying hard to restrain myself.

  166. MistaBlack

    “Coolie” fa Indians so is the N-word ok fa you? And White folks don’t associate with us neither so ya wun be able to buy nuttin

  167. MUAMMAR


  168. Muslins cause problems everywhere in the world, take a look at the middle east. I am sorry they can build where ever, but they cannot/or should not be allow to discriminate againssts Christians and Jews, how dare them. Barbados is a Christian society, and they should respect the culture of Barbadians. As a Christian I should be able to buy a house anywhere my money allow me to purchase. I hope Barbadians join together and stop this.

  169. Cow can build a lotta gated communities with this money

    A LOL to ease the fear of the Muslims>
    DESPITE CONSTRUCTION magnate Sir Charles Williams’ complaints of never having had it so rough and of being hurt by an uneven business playing field, his company has benefited from more than $100 million in Government contracts in recent years.

    Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler made this disclosure last night, as he urged the prominent businessman to give “the whole truth” when talking to the media.

    “I see my friend, Sir Charles Williams, ’pon the TV the other night [saying] he’s never seen it [business] like this, he’s never seen it so bad and he can’t get no work,” Sinckler said.

    “I say, without fear of contradiction, that C O Williams has gotten more contracts out of this Government in the last six years when we have been in Government than I can ever imagine – more than $100 million in work.”

  170. millertheanunnaki

    @MistaBlack September 23, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    Your position confirms what has been known all along. There is no difference in the type of god that Jews, Christians and Muslims worship and idolize. The god of money.
    Like Jews and Christians, Muslims would do anything to get rich and control others through power.

    Are you denying that Muslims interact at the business level with Christian and non-Christian Bajan residents who eat pork, drink rum and other alcoholic beverages just for the sake of the almighty dollar?

    Come on, Misty Black, who is providing the jihadists or ISIS with all the weaponry, communication devices, food and other vital supplies and war materiel to fight the battles in the name of Allah? These are fanatics who can’t even put together a bicycle from aluminum and other raw material far less sophisticated artillery and ground-to-air missiles.

  171. MistaBlack

    The Arab slave trade is more of a European construct in fallacy more than any reality of consequence. I find that European chattel slavery to have been utterly destructive to Africa. The latest scheme to obfuscate European chattel by vilifying Arabs is intended to drive a wedge between peoples who suffer the same kind of exploitation and derision from the same sources.

    Curious did Africans enslave Arabs? And how consequential was that? Finally my research doesn’t rely on European fallacies but individuals like:

    Cheikh Anta Diop was one of the premier and most respected and knowledgeable Afrocentric scholars, he was also a physicist and director of the Radiocarbon Laboratory in Dakar, Senegal, and a noted Egyptologist. His most famous work is, “The African Origin of Civilization” and his view differs totally from those promulgated by minority Afrocentric scholars:

    “The primary reason for the success of Islam in Black Africa, with one exception, consequently stems from the fact that it was promulgated peacefully, at first by solitary Arabo-Berber Travelers to certain Black kings and notables, who then spread it about them to those under their jurisdiction… What is to be emphasized here is the peaceful nature of this conversion, regardless of the legend surrounding it.” (Precolonial Black Africa, page 163.)

    Edward Wimot Blyden
    A man who, in some respects, looms larger than Cheikh Anta Diop in the world of Afrocentricity is Edward Wilmot Blyden. He lived in the 19th century and is called ‘The Father of Afrocentrism’ by Afrocentric scholars. This is what he said:
    “Islam found its Negro converts at home in a state of freedom and independence of the teachers who brought it to them. When it was offered to them they were at liberty to choose for themselves. The Arab missionaries, whom we have met in the interior, go about without ‘purse or script’, and disseminate their religion by quietly teaching the Qur’an. The native missionaries — Mandingoes and Foulahs — unite with the propagation of their faith active trading. Wherever they go, they produce the impression that they are not preachers only, but traders… And in this way, silently and unobtrusively, they are causing princes to become obedient disciples and zealous propagators of Islam. These converts, as a general thing, become Muslims from choice and conviction…” (Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race, by Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden)

    “Christianity, on the other hand, came to the Negro as a slave, or at least as a subject race in a foreign land. Along with the Christian teaching, he and his children received lessons of their utter and permanent inferiority and sub-ordination to their instructors, to whom they stood in the relations of chattels…owing to the physical, mental and social pressure under which the Africans received these influences of Christianity, their development was necessarily partial and one-sided, cramped and abnormal.” (Ibid, pages 12-13)

    One of the most important African-Americans in their history and in American history in general. His name is also known over the entire world as one of the greatest men of our age, and he was an influence to many men and woman of all races and countries all over the globe. His works are studied to this day in America and in the schools of Europe. Let us see what he has to say about Islam:

    In this whole story of the so-called ‘Arab slave trade’ the truth has been strangely twisted. (The World and Africa, page 68)

    Dubois further says,

    Gao, Timbuktu, and Jenne were intellectual centers, and at the University of Sankore gathered thousands of students of law, literature, grammar, geography and surgery…From this Africa a new cultural impulse entered Europe and became the Renaissance. (Ibid, pp. 211 & 223).

    Contrast the above praise of the religion of Islam with his observations on Church-Christianity:
    Modern slavery was created by Christians, it was continued by Christians, it was in some respects more barbarous than anything the world had yet seen, and its worst features were to be witnessed in countries that were most ostentatious in their parade of Christianity. (Ibid, page 44)

    They research I respect!

  172. Anonymous

    Im Muslim and 3rd generation Proud bajan! Dont tell me to go back where i came from cos i have no where to go LOL. Barbados uh come from! Cant speake the language of India or Mid east . My neighbors all around me are of different faiths (non are Muslim). I dont see why all this hype over an issue thats no big deal!

    Man all yuh welcome to visit , pass tru and live in the new development if you so wish ! Im sure your Muslim neighbors will look out for you , send ya some samoosas and biryani and the sweet delcacies they share around at their festivities !!

    What bajan dont love some free food man! Chill out people and let the people live in peace. Till today what have the Muslim community done to harm this country ? We love this place as much as you do, we contribute to this country . the amount of muslim tourists thats visits this island is a boost to our tourism . They continue to come here cos bajans are nice and friendly people. To enjoy the sand , sea and sun and warm atmosphere of BIM!

    Lets not turn our country into a fearful place to visit and live . Please dont let what you read on the news tarnish your views on all Muslims. They are bad apples everywhere. Do not judge Islam by the actions of all those who appear outwardly to be Muslim.
    Not every christian or jew or jehovah is true representation of their religion , sadly not every Muslim is a representation of what true Islam is .

    Dont judge and generalize. Educate , ask and have an open mind.

    We all want peace and safety wherever we are.

  173. Anonymous

    You tell us women we are oppressed !? Tell me why so many bajan black women born and raised in christian homes have converted and are converting to Islam. On their own free will ? Why so many women and men across the globe are converting to Islam? I personally know more converts to Islam than those born as Muslims.

  174. robert ross


    Since you have not responded to the two questions I put to you there is no choice for the blog to conclude other than either (a) you are an ignorant incompetent who is in fact simply attempting to show off and/or (b) that you are in fact a supporter of jihad.

    In either case the views you have expressed on this blog amount to a very thinly veiled attempt corruptly to manipulate the views of fellow bloggers about the proposed Moslem enclave in Barbados and you should immediately sail back to the place from whence you came.

  175. Bajan man

    Barbados free press has posted some very misleading information, and that image saying “no jewish or christian buyers allowed” is a fake photo created by barbados free press, lots are still available and anyone can buy and live in the area, its not a gated community, please wise
    People of barbados , do se research before believing the shite this website posts

  176. 45govt

    Islam is hatred, and Islamophobia is what they call it when people wake up to that fact.
    Anyone who follows the barbaric writings of the paedophile ‘prophet’, ordure be upon him, needs to get themselves to the doctor.

    Just look at the chaos these savages are causing all around the world, and if you think Barbados will escape, then let me tell you of this bridge I have for sale, going cheap, buyer collects….just look at this…

  177. Django

    Six Iranians arrested for appearing in a video dancing to Pharrell Williams’ song Happy have been sentenced to up to one year in prison and 91 lashes, their lawyer says.

    The sentences were suspended for three years, meaning they will not go to prison unless they reoffend, he adds.

    The video shows three men and three unveiled women dancing on the streets and rooftops of Tehran.

    In six months, it has been viewed by over one million people on YouTube.

    The majority of people involved in the video were sentenced to six months in prison, with one member of the group given one year, lawyer Farshid Rofugaran was quoted by Iran Wire as saying.

    The “Happy we are from Tehran” video was brought to the attention of the Iranian authorities in May, after receiving more than 150,000 views.

    Members of the group behind the video were subsequently arrested by Iranian police for violating Islamic laws of the country, which prohibit dancing with members of the opposite sex and women from appearing without a headscarf.

    They later appeared on state-run TV saying they were actors who had been tricked into make the Happy video for an audition.

    The arrests drew condemnation from international rights groups and sparked a social media campaign calling for their release.

    Williams, whose song was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year, also protested at the arrests.

    “It is beyond sad that these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness,” he wrote on Facebook.


  178. People,,, if you don’t stand up for yourselves NO ONE ELSE WILL !! Would this be allowed in their Muslim country,,, NO,,, don’t let it be allowed in Barbados. Pickett, Riot,, Fight for your countries rights.

  179. Laraine Barnes

    OMG how bloody ridiculous? Have they not noticed that the UK is being over run by the muslim community? They breed like f***ing rabbits, their rules are to have as many children as possible. In certain cities in UK you only have mosques, bloody sirens, very high crime rates and the rule that no church bells allowed to ring as they consider that to be against them. BUT to have in beautiful BB, a sign telling locals that they are not allowed to buy a home is an outrage. Thing is, the arsehole who allowed this to happen has now opened the flood gates to them expanding AND being allowed to do the sirens etc… what a massive, massive shame…people will want to leave and forget tourism… that will go down the pan. When in Barbados do as de Bajan do…otherwise go back to your own f**’ing country. So angry…. and I do not normally swear!!!!!!

  180. Laraine

    Mistablack.. you have absolutely no idea…. I lived in BB for a long time and now in UK near Bradford which has gone to pot – high crime, violence, wailing and sirens going off for prayer, no church allowed there any more. in London where i also lived areas have been totally taken over by Muslims who then enforce their rules… is awful and I am very upset that some big up clutching his wad of ‘under de table’ cash has sold Barbados down the bloody river. You cannot talk about something that you have not experienced….but I guess you either adore Allah or you are about to learn what the UK go through… and it happens very quickly. I am surprised that us Bajans did not have a chance to over rule this —-civil rights have been abused as the people have a right to oppose/agree to new plans. the person who put about buying 5 acres and will only sell to Foster’s have completely missed the point and need to understand how dangerous and destructible this religion and it’s rules are to a community.

  181. MisatBlack, I seriously think you should make an appointment with a psychiatrist before your condition gets much worse. Maybe a family member or friend can help you with this.

  182. Barbadians probably have forgotten ‘Trinidad Under Siege’ The Muslim Uprising, when much of Port Of Spain was burned down, and a number of people lost their lives during the Muslim storming of Parliament. Port of Spain hung with the smell of death. It was Friday 27th July 1990. The Prime Minister was shot in the leg. Nobody knows to this day how many people actually died in the attempted overthrow controlled in the end by the army and the police. The Trinidad Daily Express put out a 126 page magazine full of their coverage, photos and all,…. just so we would never forget about peaceful Islam. I myself, saw the ruins in Port Of Spain, just a few days later. Many people lost businesses and jobs. The siege triggered looting across much of the island, just as such disruptions tend to do. I Keep my Daily Express copy so I shall never forget. All it takes is the Critical Mass, and slackness on the part of Islanders who stop guarding their heritage.

  183. Terry R.

    I remember sand gets into everything in Barbados, but the Government seems to have it’s head buried UNDER the sand. They need to wake up and see the truth as people of the Caribbean are not dumb and backward as some may think

  184. Anonymous

    Well what next: an exclusive White-only area, then maybe an exclusive Chinese-only area and maybe a ghetto for any group who want one. This must NOT be allowed EVER!

  185. MistaBlack

    When you have nothing of consequence to say the resort to Ad hominem is the white flag of certain capitulation. It is not easy, but I’m will do my best to refrain from reciprocating in kind.

  186. anonymous

    I “love” how this article was created to cause hate and it has been clearly stated that it is not a gated community. If U Check kesiton new road most Muslims live true thier Bellville same thing it is just the close to the masjid. What we should be out raged at this and look how post has only like 50 comments .

  187. snaveyb

    The Barbados Government must be gone mad to allow this to happen, God please help the Island / Goverment of Barbados for they know not what they are doing

  188. MistaBlack

    Where is this plethora of bigots coming from? They are all alerting each other to come and rank on here. Zionists!

  189. MistaBlack

    The reason these bigots don’t care about the article your posted is because they aren’t Bajan. They are only interested in exporting bigoted hate.

  190. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Iran- Muslim ??
    A brother writes below marked #.

    To all reasonable and grown up people. Please GO TO and sign the petition. The Iranians who are responsible for and support these action whether a misunderstanding or not- are evil and suffer from a stone age mentality- in my view. Not the view of the brother who writes below, His sister and the family need your help. And in doing so you help the world.

    # Since June 2014 my younger sister is in solitary confinement in Tehran. She was arrested for going to a men’s volleyball match.

    Ghoncheh is a British Iranian dual citizen. She was there to watch a game. She was arrested because of a misunderstanding.

    Amnesty International has called for an Urgent Action for my sister. Amnesty believes Ghoncheh has been put under psychological pressure and been told she “would not walk out of prison alive.”

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has said it was “aware of reports” of her imprisonment but its diplomatic powers are limited in Iran. We know that the UK Government has the power to do more to help Ghoncheh. Past cases have shown us that when pressure is applied Government will take more action.

    Every signature and share will bring my sister closer to home. Will you help end this nightmare for my family?


    خواهر کوچکترم از نهم تیر در انفرادی به سر‌می‌برد. غنچه به خاطر رفتن به ورزشگاه والیبال دستگیر شد
    غنچه به آن جا رفته بود تا بازی را تماشا کند. دستگیری او یک سوتفاهم است

    با امضای این نامه به من کمک کنید تا خواهرم را دوباره به خانه برگردانم


    I’m a distressed brother who is fighting to bring her sister home. My sister is a law student in University of London. She should not have been arrested in the first place and does not deserve to be in solitary.

    Amnesty International has said that “Ghoncheh’s lawyer has not been allowed to meet in prison or even access her case file.”

    Ghoncheh was in Iran for a few months to work for a charity teaching literacy to street children and see our family. She thought women would be allowed to attend World League volleyball matches after Iran was warned about the matter by International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB).

    Her arrest is a truly tragic misunderstanding. Will you help bring her home?

    Please sign the petition

    The person (or organisation) who started this petition is not affiliated with did not create this petition and is not responsible for the petition content.

    This email was sent by to the poster here.
    We’d love to hear your feedback at

  191. Ayana

    Ignorant Muslims living in the dark ages attempting to take the world into your den of hatred. Those Muslim fools still kill women even when they are brutally raped! They should all go back to the dark ages and stay there. First…get the hell out of Barbaods, you are not welcomed!!!!!

  192. Billy Dee

    They should be monitored if this goes through. Remember the hijackers of 9/11 were all living in the USA amongst citizens, going to school etc. All operated in Al Qaeda’s sleeper cell until it was time to carry out the intended work. Terrorists in sleeper cells do not have a clue what will happen until that final day, except for the masterminds; these sleeper cells operate for many years. Not all muslims are terrorists, but can you identify which are?

  193. We'll find a chink in their armour

    So come on all of you- even mistablack- go to and sign the petition.

  194. Pingback: Muslim-Only Housing Development in Barbados -

  195. thin edge of the wedge

    @mistablack….see you think I the muslims…that’s where you wrong, I don’t hate muslims at or anybody else …we all breathe the same air…however I asked the question out of interest to understand the way of muslim life, but this what happens you have interpreted it as hate…well wrong I have no care who my fellow human beings worship or believe…with one condition that I am left to worship etc who I want without hindrance. I am interested to understand why some muslims seem hell bent on killing non believers in the muslim religion (and I am sure the % of those that do is very small, but non the less there are those that do)

    I think it is your hatred of the western life and culture that is showing through in your posts…for the record I state again, I do not hate muslims or others

  196. MistaBlack

    …adore Allah?
    Jesus like many Hebrew prophets spoke Aramaic and God is “Alah” in Aramaic. But I guess you didn’t know that.

  197. We'll find a chink in their armour

    And your point Mistablack? Ps- you cant guess / know in this context. Ignorant monkey. I guess you guessed Jesus spoke Aramaic then? You have no proof on many levels here old bean

  198. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Go to Mistablack- sign and help release a human being, prove you have humanity in you. What say you pontificating one ? Nothing- because you have no answers? Shallow hollow and dead are you?

  199. MistaBlack

    “It is generally agreed that Jesus and his disciples primarily spoke Aramaic, the common language of Judea in the first century AD, most likely a Galilean dialect distinguishable from that of Jerusalem.[1] The towns of Nazareth and Capernaum in Galilee, where Jesus spent most of his time, were Aramaic-speaking communities.”

    Dr Sebastian Brock, emeritus reader in Aramaic at Oxford University, but it was important for Netanyahu to clarify. Hebrew was the language of scholars and the scriptures. But Jesus’s “everyday” spoken language would have been Aramaic. And it is Aramaic that most biblical scholars say he spoke in the Bible.

    “The Language of Jesus: Introducing Aramaic” is a brief introduction to general facts about the Aramaic language. Bible scholars have determined that Aramaic was the language spoken by Jesus Christ. This book lists the evidence from the Bible, archeology and other ancient records that have led them to this conclusion. Examining the words of Jesus in his native language gives us a deeper understanding of the Messiah and his message. “The Language of Jesus: Introducing Aramaic” serves an important introduction to Aramaic biblical studies and to the last surviving native speakers of the Aramaic language, the Assyrian Christians of Mesopotamia.

    Hebrew Lexicon Entry Number:
    5928 (Find “alah (Aramaic)” in Bible [Old Testament])
    Word: עלה
    Transliterated: alah (Aramaic)
    Pronunciation: al-law’

    Allah (English pronunciation: /ˈælə/ or /ˈɑːlə/; Arabic: الله‎ Allāh, IPA: [ʔalˤˈlˤɑːh] ( listen)) is the Arabic word for God (al ilāh, iliterally “the God”).[1][2][3] The word has cognates in other Semitic languages, including Alah in Aramaic…

    If “ignorant monkey” is being used as a pejorative then it was obvious that it was used by you as a self-description. I bring FACTS not pontificating drivel.

  200. robert ross

    The man is a self-evident fool without the power of reason who has now, by his silence, admitted he is a Jihadist who knows nothing of Islam. He is best ignored.

  201. millertheanunnaki

    @ MistaBlack September 24, 2014 at 11:45 pm
    “Jesus like many Hebrew prophets spoke Aramaic and God is “Alah” in Aramaic. But I guess you didn’t know that.”

    So MistaBlack if you know that Prophet “JESUS” spoke Aramaic what then was his original name in Aramaic; or even Hebrew?

  202. just asking

    I think Mr. Black need to go somewhere else & live,if he doesn’t like the way Barbadians live, work & play. He is just a just a tired & bored person, get a life. Barbadians should not allow this to happen in our community. I am a Christian, & I don’t go on the streets half-naked or naked, I dress appropriately, so, if you don’t like the way we dress & live get with the rest of your muslim people & move out.

  203. MistaBlack

    just asking:
    I’m a born Bajan are you?

  204. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Your a born plonker- are you going to sign the petition and help get the Muslim lady out of jail!! Maybe save her from slow death? Or are you a hypocrite?

  205. 45govt

    MistaBlack may be a born Bajan, but then half the savages on jihad are born British. That does NOT make them compatible with the generally accepted idea of civilisation, and anyone supporting the lunatic ravings of the paedophile prophet, ordure be upon him, must be a savage too.

  206. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Right on 45- sign the petition mist baulk.

  207. We'll find a chink in their armour

    New Immigration Laws: PLEASE read to the bottom or you will miss

    the message…

    1 There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    2. All ballots will be in this nation’s language.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    3. All government business will be conducted in our language.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote

    no matter how long they are here.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    5. Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare,

    no food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programmes.

    Any burden will be deported.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount

    at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    8. If foreigners come here and buy land…. Options will be restricted.

    Certain parcels including waterfront property are reserved for citizens
    naturally born into this country.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    9. Foreigners may have no protests; no demonstrations, no waving of a
    foreign flag, no political organizing, no bad-mouthing our prime minister
    or his policies. These will lead to imprisonment and deportation.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    10. If you do come to this country illegally,

    you will be actively hunted &,

    when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged.
    All assets will be taken from you.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Too strict?……

    The above laws are the current immigrationlaws of the Muslim countries !

    These sound fine to me, NOW, how can we get these laws to be our laws??

    If you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone,

    When will The British People stop giving away

    We’ve gone so far the other way…
    Bent over backwards not to offend anyone.
    But it seems no one cares about the
    BRITISH or Bajan Citizen
    that’s being offended!

    WAKE UP BRITAIN & Barbados If you agree…. Pass this on.
    If you don’t agree.. Delete it!!

  208. Dean A Chandler

    The Muslim-only housing development in Barbados where No Christians or Jews or Atheist allowed to purchase homes in new community is UNLAWFUL!!!

    In England this is unlawful discrimination, Barbados laws allowing them to question those whose religeon or race/face doesn’t fit seems a step back.

    Signs reading “No Irish, no blacks, no dogs” were quite common in Britain before the Race Relations Act.

    When my grandmother first came to Britain from Barbados in the 50s, overt racism was just a normal part of her day-to-day experience.

    The Race Relations Act 1976 was suppose to put an end to all that, and the Equalities Act 2010 reinforced the message that discriminating against someone because of your religeon or the colour of their skin (or sex or sexual orientation or disability or age) was unacceptable.

    Among other measures, the act made it “unlawful for a person who has the authority to dispose of premises to discriminate against or victimise someone else … by not letting or selling the premises to them”.

  209. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Well said. I think Mr blacks seen the light. Sign the petition MrB

  210. Anonymous

    The Muslim agenda to control the world is full speed ahead. I cannot believe the Barbados government agreed to this and to be colonised again. This will certainly end tourism. Just what the muslims want. The churches will be destroyed and Bajan women will be subjugated and forced to wear black with only their eyes peeping out

  211. SHIRLEY E.Bonadie

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  212. Chris Rondon

    The officials who approved this development should visit South Africa and get first hand information on how Apartheid and Separate Development Laws divided communities. South Africa today is struggling to overcome this Apartheid legacy while Barbados which has a great history in rejecting racial, religious and social intolerance since its early days as a slave colony is now in the 21st century regressing towards that which its people struggled against for 150 years
    .I say to the government of Barbados SCRAP the DEVELOPMENT IN ITS PRESENT FORMAT!!!
    A question for the developers. Would a group of Christians be allowed to build a Christian only housing development and church in Saudi Arabia?
    Chris Rondon
    Johannesburg,South Africa

  213. Watcher

    Did any of u foolish people spewing hate take the time to find out if such a sign really existed.To all those morons,this sign is a fake, that is it never existed,it was created by bfp to spew hate against the muslims.

    On top of that its not a gated community.Anyone , i repeat anyone of any religion ,colour ,class is free to buy land there.It was never intended to be a muslim only community.

    Please stop with the hate.It never gets anyone anywhere.It creates a very unstable society.

  214. thin edge of the wedge

    @watcher Please stop with the hate. It never gets anyone anywhere.It creates a very unstable society. agree…. just need to get All the muslims booked in to idea as well….hmmm thought that may be a problem

  215. 45govt

    “Please stop with the hate. It never gets anyone anywhere. It creates a very unstable society.”

    Yeah, right – tell that to the savages, Watcher.

  216. millertheanunnaki

    @ Watcher September 26, 2014 at 5:54 am
    “On top of that its not a gated community.Anyone , i repeat anyone of any religion ,colour ,class is free to buy land there.It was never intended to be a muslim only community.”

    The question that must be answered by you is if the intended sale of the lots was advertised in the local newspaper and possibly other channels of the mass media? Why only in the mosques? Do Christians, Jews, atheists and other infidels attend Muslim places of worship?

  217. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Is it a Laager? Watcher no smoke and all that. But joke or not its raised a real and impending issue already happening in the UK- And so it follows. If the Muslims build their Lagger who else will live there?

  218. Anonymous

    This is absolutely crazy. Are barbadians again going to just sit back and let this happen? Goodbye to your peace loving country .Goodbye to tourism in a few years……Crazy that any government minister could allow this but maybe they know why they allowed it.

  219. Anti-Apartheid supporter

    To the “elected” “educated” officials–What the hell are/were you thinking?
    And, how does one (minor) detail of having no muezzin measure up in the overall concept of apartheid? Bajans, gather your facts and take your thoughts to actions.The government (to date) is elected i.e. expected to be representative. Vote with your feet and your voice(S). Do not silently acquiesce!

  220. Common sense

    Helloooo people………. This was never a real estate business deal……. it is a group of people pooling their money together and buying the plot of land and sharing the related cost of subdividing the lots so they can own a piece of land just like all Bajans( but then again how many of the people commenting are actually Bajans).

    To those who are not Bajans and those Bajans that live here go and visit any Mosque here or in your country ….trust me no one will bite you.

    What do you think goes on in the Mosque?? Come and see for yourself.
    but NO… lets follow BFP band wagon.

  221. We'll find a chink in their armour

    We will only move on when we – homo sapiens dump all religions

  222. MistaBlack

    @Common sense
    These people are not interested in the truth. The objective of these comments is to inflame and encourage a bigoted response from Barbadian public to Barbadian Muslims. If anything Bajans should be in uproar about the aggressive gentrification of their country by these same bigots in the last 30 years.

  223. Patricia Sutherland

    Barbados is a beautiful Island….I hope that the Government of Barbados do allow others to destroy this beautiful Island. I tears and prayers are with the Bajans, the people of Barbados…..This is an example of the words..”Money is the root of evil”.

  224. MistaBlack

    Yes keep us in your prayer and stay away from our beautiful island, amen!

  225. MistaBlack

    Morons, idiots!

  226. thin edge of the wedge

    @mistablack question do you support the jihad and the killing of other humans if they do not wish to subscribe to the muslim way. Simple yes or no answer…do you support/agree with the killing of people who will/do not want convert to islam

  227. Joe Court

    Barbados, must now approve a Black, White, Hindu etc. only housing project. I’m sure that there was some greasing to have this approved. Amen

  228. MistaBlack

    @Joe Court
    Barbados already has the one(Whites), working on the others, etc.

  229. MistaBlack

    According to your earlier post, I’m an “ignorant monkey” and a “born plonker” so what does that make you in your relentless effort to communicate with an “ignorant monkey” who is sadly a “born poinker”?

  230. thin edge of the wedge

    @mistablack Would you care to answer my question, the silence leads me to believe you do support the killing of humans who do not conform, to islam….. I am hoping you prove different

  231. Sarifa

    I converted from islam to Christianity simply because there is nothing in that religion I find to be of any interest that promotes harmony of life. One must remember that Islam is a religion born by the sword and will die by the sword. There is nothing about Muslims or their teachings that I am afraid of for all these things will come to an end. Israel is eternal, the mistake made was to give Palestine away against God’s will. Almost all my family are muslims I have no problem with them because much as I hate their teachings I do what God says to do, you love the sinner so to speak but hate the sin. Now let me correct something very important I live around the corner from the development and has never seen such a sign so to be fair and honest someone who dislikes muslims are out to make trouble and further more I blame the Nation Newspaper who always prints headlines that they know will create controversy simply to create problems for the government (without prejudice), As a matter of fact a Christian friend of mine only today told me his muslim neighbour who owns land there knows he is looking for land to buy offered to sell him one of his lots. I can agree that there are many questions need to be answered regarding their beliefs but always keep before you that God is the Blessed Controller and nothing happens without His knowledge. His way is Truth and if you know the Truth it will always set you free. Me chop my head I go to be with Jesus got to die someday anyway.

  232. just asking

    mr. Black from my Great Grand mother was bajan, so I have nowhere else to go, that’s why I want Barbados to remain a free & democratic state.

  233. We'll find a chink in their armour

    mrblack is on the run. Wont sigh a petition to free a fellow Muslim. Wont answer deep questions. Well Mr B, ISIS is getting its arse kicked by the free world coalition as I write. Do you support ISIS?

  234. MistaBlack

    @Just asking
    “mr. Black from my Great Grand mother was bajan, so I have nowhere else to go, that’s why I want Barbados to remain a free & democratic state.”

    …and my maternal Great-Grandmother was a Jew and I’m not a Zionist so what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

    Let’s go back to Nazi Germany, Jews created communities there that as a consequence of an attempt to satisfy their unique cultural and religious needs locally, were 100% Jewish.

    The nefarious Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels would use the existing of these Jewish Ghettos as fodder in a campaign to vilify Jews. Which, as we all know lead and contributed to the ambivalence and complicity of their neighbors to their slaughter.

    How is what you and your comrades doing in vilifying close to 2 billion people on the planet based on the actions of a few any different? You all parrot the same bigotry that emanated from the mouths of the Nazis.

    I refuse to be complicit or ambivalent to this hateful bigotry.

  235. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Sign the petition mrblack- free a fellow Muslim. Until you do htat you have NO credentials

  236. MistaBlack


    Your name and the story sounds like a cartoon skit.

    You actually meant to say that Christianity was spread by the sword, the conquistadors whose barbarism onto the bodies of the Native People “infidels” has yet to be emulated in history? Interestingly enough Caribbean Islands like Barbados were teaming withe naive welcoming Native Peoples and in 50 years their were completely exterminated.

    Or did you mean the Inquisition which slaughter Jews if their refused to convert to Christianity. It was the Muslims who rescued them on ships heading for the safety of Muslim lands like Turkey.

    Or did you mean the Crusades where Jews and Muslims were both slaughtered together and for weeks the streets of Jerusalem ran red with their blood past one’s ankles. It was Saladin’s returned that defeat those depraved uncivilized barbarians out of Europe and beckoned Jews back to Jerusalem.

  237. Sarifa

    MistaBlack They are no true muslims in the world today bar none the Koran teaches that they must obey all the words of all the prophets, they teach that Jesus was a prophet but yet refuse to follow His words “I am the way the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father except by me”. So he is either who he says he is or he is a liar you choose. MistaBlack when a Christian embraces Islam as they call it. other Christians do not torture or disown, beat. pee in their mouths etc. yet if a muslim convert to true Christianity guess what they muslim families want to do to them, take a guess and I leave it to your imagination. The prophet Mohammed created a religion based on fear and cowardice, they feel that killing others is the way to heaven etc. but it seems that you too live with fear as you are afraid to use your real name in your comments but remember that Fear is a real spirit. To correct you on a number of things they are two types of people living on the face of the earth some support evil others support good. As for the Jews Hitler along with the help of muslims, Roman Church exterminated over six million yet they are more jews on the face of the earth today because God says that they are an eternal nation. Bless them and God will bless you curse them and you will be cursed. To Abraham and his disobedience in siring Ishmael God told him he would bless him and will make of them a great nation but they will know no peace they will, they will war against others but will know no peace. Look at the islamic nations they war against not only outsiders but more against themselves than any other. By the way nothing u said in your reply is not something I don’t know me I can’t change the past but I can damn well do something about the present and the future how about you? Guess you don’t like change based on all your replies to the other comments.

  238. millertheanunnaki

    @ MistaBlack September 27, 2014 at 12:53 am
    “You actually meant to say that Christianity was spread by the sword, the conquistadors whose barbarism onto the bodies of the Native People “infidels” has yet to be emulated in history? Interestingly enough Caribbean Islands like Barbados were teaming withe naive welcoming Native Peoples and in 50 years their were completely exterminated.”

    What you have written about the role of Christianity as an instrument used by the European to commit genocide and exploit vulnerable indigenous peoples has sufficient historical accuracy as to be given a pass for being factual.

    However, neither Jew nor Muslim can claim absolution in this most heinous of crimes committed against human beings whose indigenous religions were not based on Abrahamic plagiarized falsehood of a desert god called Yahweh.

    Both the Jews in Europe and the Muslims in West Africa participated commercially in the capture and transportation of millions of people from Western Africa across the Atlantic to work as slaves on the crop plantations in the Americas to replace the indigenous people who succumbed to either imported diseases or were physically unaccustomed to forced labour in a sunrise-to-sunset everyday backbreaking work environment.

    It only goes to show how all you ‘nutters ‘of the Abrahamic religious tree have one idol at the centre of it all. The god of money or profit.
    You guys would sell your own brothers and sisters into slavery just to make a shekel or a buck through Zakat.

  239. millertheanunnaki

    @ MistaBlack September 27, 2014 at 12:53 am
    “You actually meant to say that Christianity was spread by the sword, the conquistadors whose barbarism onto the bodies of the Native People “infidels” has yet to be emulated in history? Interestingly enough Caribbean Islands like Barbados were teaming withe naive welcoming Native Peoples and in 50 years their were completely exterminated.”

    What you have written about the role of Christianity as an instrument used by the European to commit genocide and exploit vulnerable indigenous peoples has sufficient historical accuracy as to be given a pass for being factual.
    However, neither Jew nor Muslim can claim absolution in this most heinous of crimes committed against human beings whose indigenous religions were not based on Abrahamic plagiarized falsehood of a desert god called Yahweh.

    Both the Jews in Europe and the Muslims in West Africa participated commercially in the capture and transportation of millions of people from Western Africa across the Atlantic to work as slaves on the crop plantations in the Americas to replace the indigenous people who succumbed to either imported diseases or were physically unaccustomed to forced labour in a sunrise-to-sunset everyday backbreaking work environment.

    It only goes to show how all you ‘nutters ‘of the Abrahamic religious tree have one idol at the centre of it all. The god of money or profit.
    You guys would sell your own brothers and sisters into slavery just to make a shekel or a buck through Zakat.

  240. Miss Nosy Rosy


  241. Anonymous

    this is ridiculous. if there was an area in Barbados where only white ppl were allowed to live there’d be serious protest. i hope their job-site is plundered on a daily basis

  242. 45govt

    “Aggressive gentrification”, MistaBlack? WTF are you on about, or on? I suppose what you are hoping for is aggressive islamification. Over our dead bodies will we allow your savagery to take hold here.

  243. Laraine

    This is happening in France…. do Barbadians want this to happen too?

  244. MistaBlack

    You may have noticed that I have ignored you until now. It not that you are any different than the plethora of Nazis-like Muslim haters on here, but your .45 avatar indicating your inability to construct a cogent thought was the primary reason. You come off as another far-right, nut job who is planning an attack on a federal bldg. I bet you support that other Obama hating radical who’s now wondering the mountains of the Poconos after killing that officer. Savagery? It’s not far from you, look in the mirror.

  245. MistaBlack

    On (September 24, 2014 at 4:57 am) I posted and earlier response to @MUAMMAR that I think suffices your comment in to the slave trade. Also the annihilation of the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean was not only due to European diseases and inhumane labour, but absolute premeditated slaughter in the most gruesome manner. I’ve read Bartolome De las Casas first hand account in “A short Account of the destruction of the Indies” and Bernal Diaz, The conquest of New Spain”, devilishly barbaric!

  246. MistaBlack

    Run for the hills the moooslims are coming! An absolute character. Reminds me of the response to the 7th century Muslims arrival in Spain… which ultimately brought France and the rest of Europe out of he “Dark Ages”. If it wasn’t for that invasion you Europeans would still be taking one bath a year. PEW!!!!

  247. Anonymous

    Looks like UK is finally realizing that they have to do something about the Islamic radicals living in the UK.

  248. MistaBlack

    You still sound like a cartoon! You remind me of those people that just knocked on my door with that mind blown look in their eyes telling me about Jehovah. I’m curious, when you lied about being a Christian convert was that based in your scripture?

    Romans 3:7, “If my lie God’s truthfulness increases his glory, why am I still condemned as a sinner?”

    Paul felt that the ends justify the means. Are you of the same opinion?

  249. Festie

    I lived in Barbados back in the 1990’s and it was a pretty nice place back then. Everyone lived in peace and tolerance. If this story is true and if the sign is for real, this is a very disturbing development. If the authorities have in fact approved this development for Muslims only, then it’s a possible breach of the constitution, which guarantees equal treatment for all citizens. This is the thin edge of the wedge. I urge all Barbadians to uphold your constitution and democratic way of life. Those who cannot conform to democracy are free to go elsewhere where such principles are not followed.

  250. We'll find a chink in their armour

    One bath a year was enough for hut dwellers that don’t wipe their bottom with their bare hands mistblack. Many muslims are still in those stone age huts and still wiping. Its about education and tolerance for all Mr B

  251. MistaBlack

    The author used it to inflame.

  252. Anonymous

    We have nothing to worry about? Right next door at least 50 of our Trini Muslims have gone to Syria to train with ISIS..apparently the pay is good if you don’t mind eating sand and US bombs now and again.

  253. lance

    If the people of Barbados allow this you will open the flood gate for the rest of their sick teaching. Are you not learning anything from the middle east where they are killing anyone that is not muslim. Stand up and protest. and replace the government next election.

  254. Lady W

    Islam demands that Muslims respect and embrace the cultures/ laws of non-Islamic countries they CHOSE to reside and refrain from being a disruptive element. The proposed establishment of an insular Muslim community blatantly defies Allah’s commandment, displaying nothing but total disrespect for Barbados, its predominant Christian heritage and population. If Muslims have a problem integrating with a democratic Christian society…..leave!

  255. MistaBlack

    @We’ll find a chink in their armour

    “One bath a year was enough for hut dwellers that don’t wipe their bottom with their bare hands mistblack. Many muslims are still in those stone age huts and still wiping…”
    Sounds pretty green to me, saving the trees. How about this I bet you use tissue alone after defecating. They use water to wash their rectum. Now which is a more thorough cleansing? If fecal matter was on your forearm would you feel it complete just to wipe with tissue? You see you’re trying to be insulting and it fell on you.

  256. Anonymous

    I have some questions for those uninformed of the political ideology called Islam.
    1. Would a group of Christians be allowed to build a Christian community and CHURCH in Saudi Arabia?
    2.Are non Muslims be allowed to practice their religions in Saudi Arabia?
    3. Are symbols of religions other than those of Islam allowed in Saudi Arabia?
    4.Would non Muslims be allowed to establish exclusive schools to teach other religious doctrines in Saudi Arabia?
    5.Are women in Saudi Arabia allowed to walk the streets unaccompanied by a male relative?
    6.Are women in Saudi Arabia allowed to be in public without being covered from head to toe?
    7. Is the production of alcohol and alcohol related products allowed in Saudi Arabia?
    8. Is the production of pork and pork products allowed in Saudi Arabia?
    9. Can a young woman make an independent choice of her future husband?
    10.Is a woman the PROPERTY of her husband?
    11. Can a person be stoned to death or beheaded for expressing a different viewpoint than that of the Koran?
    12. Does Islam condone the enslavement and killing of non believers(infidels).

    Chris Rondon,Johannesburg, South Africa.

  257. David Tudor

    It is not too late to revoke the building permit for this Muslim Only Community. No Jews or Christians allowed is like Apartheid in South Africa. Barbadians fought to end that practice in South Africa, now some misguided person (I assume a Barbadian) has approved a form of Apartheid in Barbados. What if they stipulated “No Bajans allowed?”
    Barbados prides itself to be a truly democratic country, but this deal certainly is not democratic.
    The Muslims can feel free to dress as they please, worship as they please, be schooled as they please, shop where ever they want, speak what ever language they please,and have their own traditions. This not only applies to Muslims but to everyone in a Democratic society. No one in a Democratic society should be allowed to segregate, and banning Jews and Christians is segregation… period.

    This is a major step backward. Here in the USA, we not too long ago won the bloody fight to end segregation. There were signs posted stating NO BLACKS ALLOWED. Now In Barbados the sign will state ,NO JEWS OR CHRISTIANS ALLOWED. Major step backward.

    If the government allows this to go through, the minister in charge should be voted out of office. An investigation should be conducted to determine not if but how much was paid in bribes. There should be mass public protest right now. When the world sees what is going on in Barbados, pressure will be brought to enact a change in policy.
    This makes me ashamed to be called a Barbadian. I should cancel my citizenship.

  258. 45govt

    Well said Mr Tudor. The bribes will be at the root of it, as usual. Saudi and Qatari money will cause any of our corrupt politicians to sign up to anything, once their offshore accounts are stuffed with sufficient blood money.
    Barbados needs no group of savages dragging them back to the dark ages – never forget, it was the Arabs who started the slave trade.

  259. 45govt

    MistaBlack, you are a moron, and one must presume a self-hating one. The first refuge of an enemy of the state is to call all those who oppose him/her a Nazi, or fascist, when in fact that title almost always describes the enemy.

    I like it when savages ignore me, so carry on.

  260. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Wet wipes MrB then a good wash. Nit that I have the same material you have on my hands anyway. Sign the petition Me B

  261. Anonymous

    Mr Tudor,I too think that bribes are at the back of this misguided act,where are the educated Barbadians?do you or anyone think that some thing like this could happen in Australia? or even in liberal England?,I was a proud Barbadian,now that my country’s politicians can allow this to happen I think its time for me to stay away.
    This could not happen if the likes of Mr Barrow was alive.

  262. wajang

    Islam is satanic and from satan. By their fruits you shall know them. Who said that?

  263. wajang

    Now , if you feel like killing me for repeating the above statement, then the statement is true.

  264. MistaBlack

    By their fruits you shall know them. Who said that?
    Well considering what Christians from Europe did to Africa, what their routinely did to Jews, slavery, the New World assault on and extermination of indigenous populations(conquistadors and the like), the inquisition, WW I & II.
    Muslims got a long way to go to catch up.
    Now considering that the current assault is being conducted by a infinitesimal percentage of Muslims and all those Christian human atrocities where supported by the majority, there is absolutely no comparison.

  265. MistaBlack

    @David Tudor
    (No Jews or Christians allowed is like Apartheid in South Africa.)
    Are you like the rest of the idiots on here whose intend is to inflame while ignoring the fact that, THERE IS NO SUCH SIGN!

    (This is a major step backward. Here in the USA, we not too long ago won the bloody fight to end segregation. There were signs posted stating NO BLACKS ALLOWED.)
    Stats shoe that the USA is as segregated 50 years ago. The overt signs, “No BLACKS ALLOWED” are just missing.

    Based on your premise, you must be outraged at the Mormons, the Hittites, the Hasidim/Haredi Jews, the Amish, the Mennonites and all the cult movements in the USA with their fences and signs stating, “KEEP OUT!”
    I just would like to see some consistency or is your concerns only for Muslim communities?

  266. Anonymous

    The big difference Mistablack is that Christianity has grown up…the Muslims are still instructed to believe everything taught by Mohammed in the still valid Today….teachings such as follows..

  267. MistaBlack

    (1. Would a group of Christians be allowed to build a Christian community and CHURCH in Saudi Arabia?
    2.Are non Muslims be allowed to practice their religions in Saudi Arabia?
    3. Are symbols of religions other than those of Islam allowed in Saudi Arabia?
    4.Would non Muslims be allowed to establish exclusive schools to teach other religious doctrines in Saudi Arabia?)

    Let’s substitute Saudi Arabia for the Vatican would the answers be the same? YES!

    Pork products? Ask kosher Israel.

    Woman being property of this husbands? As a student of comparative religion there is NO substantiation for that in Islam.

    As per slavery, no theology surpasses Christianity in a unique kind of slavery, “chattel” slavery which lead to force conversions, torture and rape with fathers selling their own children to Black mothers back into the hell that was chattel slavery in the “New World”.

    As it relates to stoning, refer to your bible.

    Given the fact that 17 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabian.
    Why does the USA and Britain maintain such a strong relationship with and support for this totalitarian regime? Particularly with all the gripes that you have with it?

    Why were those Saudi Arabians ushered out of the country after 9/11?

    And why is the USA gov’t from baby GW to Obama not declassifying 28 pages of a report referencing possible Saudi Arabian gov’t complicity in 9/11?

    You idiots on here have been bamboozled by forces of misdirection. They have your complete focus directed on Muslims and Islam while ignoring the fact that powerful nefarious forces using misdirection to maintain control of RESOURCES.

    In the height of the war on terror, btw a silly concept, do you all remember Baby Bush holding hands with the Saudi Price as they entered crawford, TX?

  268. MistaBlack

    (MistaBlack, you are a moron, and one must presume a self-hating one. The first refuge of an enemy of the state is to call all those who oppose him/her a Nazi, or fascist, when in fact that title almost always describes the enemy.

    I like it when savages ignore me, so carry on.)

    Self-hating moron, I’m trying to determine in what that I have posted would be considered moronic. I’m wondering based on what criteria? I just resist flying down the rabbit hole the rest of the analytically challenged lot on here. And you all are not unique since your position is a popular one.

    Yes it is Nazi-like to castigate a group of people without historical reference past and contemporary.

    You sensed and I might be incorrect that you would have been down on the Clive Bundy range pointing a weapon at those Federal agents with a Gadsden flag flying next to you.

  269. MistaBlack

    @We’ll find a chink in their armour:

    Yes they wash their asses with their hands, WASH is the optimum word while you wipe you ass with dry tissue. Point is that they use tissue when available but they take it one step further than you with water. I bet there have been countless times that you even passed up on washing your hands after a call to nature.

    And finally, stop trolling with the juvenile BS about signing a petition to show that i’m concern about “The Moooslim Woman”. I don’t give a rat’s ass about proving anything to bigots.

  270. Anonymous

    Can one of the muslim posters address these three issues? Thanks

  271. We'll find a chink in their armour

    No mr black- what you mean is you don’t give a rats arse (an ass is a beast- OH I see what you mean! ) about a woman. Second class to you isn’t she! Not a real human. Yes mr black I have passed on washing my hands- when I was about 2 and had the same mental age in terms of humanity and the understanding of science as you. Not a happy chappy are poor you.

  272. MistaBlack

    (The big difference Mistablack is that Christianity has grown up…the Muslims are still instructed to believe everything taught by Mohammed in the still valid Today….teachings such as follows..)

    Christianity has grown up? lol, that’s pathetic stretch. Ok Christians as per the bible, no longer believe that, women can’t teach men, that they should be silent when men speak, that should cover their heads,
    that they should revere their husband like their would Christ,
    that slaves should obey their masters in fear and trembling as to Christ even if they are beaten unjustifiably?

    (Can one of the muslim posters address these three issues? Thanks)

    I was trying to be a good sport and watch that video. I hold YOU responsible to wasting 10 mins of my life that will never return. If you want know what is or isn’t Islam, you can’t solely go to anti-Islam websites. That only shows that you don’t really want to educate yourself in truth but in argumentative combat. As a person who received some education in comparative religion, a novice like myself can easily refute all the simplistic arguments that were all far from substantive.

  273. sarifa

    To Mistablack for your information I am a born again Christians washed in the blood of Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Saviour I am a member of one of the largest evangelical churches in the island of Barbados and I would never lie about whom I believe in. We know that 99% of indian people live by lies etc. its not me that lying but we do know who you are but you ain’t got the guts to come out and give your real. M\y having a muslim name don’t make me a muslim that was the name my father gave me and being a convert its not the name that will get me to heaven because my faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ and His forgiveness not the idealogy of anyone and I do not have religion I have a personal relation with my God. Religion like yours send men and women to hell and’s a factt

  274. Rov

    Barbados need to take a look at what is happening in the Mideast. It is only time before Barbadians become second class citizen. You are selling your birthright a piece at a time.

  275. Roger

    Is this not a form of apartheid?

  276. Anonymous

    Rov, good observation. Take a look at the history of Lebanon ,Britain, .France, Canada, Germany, Belgium. The national character of these countries have changed and continue to change as a result of islamification due to higher birth rate among Muslims( a Muslim man can have four wives),IMMIGRATION and sharia law .Don’t be fooled . Islam is apolitical ideology cloaked as religion and, its ultimate aim is world dominance.

  277. CJB

    As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and films, stereotyped for their colorful uniqueness:

    United States — Muslim 1.0%
    Australia — Muslim 1.5%
    Canada — Muslim 1.9%
    China — Muslim 1%-2%
    Italy — Muslim 1.5%
    Norway — Muslim 1.8%

    At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:

    Denmark — Muslim 2%
    Germany — Muslim 3.7%
    United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%
    Spain — Muslim 4%
    Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

    From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.

    They will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. ( United States ).

    France — Muslim 8%
    Philippines — Muslim 5%
    Sweden — Muslim 5%
    Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
    The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
    Trinidad &Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

    At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

    When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions ( Paris –car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats ( Amsterdam – Mohammed cartoons).

    Guyana — Muslim 10%
    India — Muslim 13.4%
    Israel — Muslim 16%
    Kenya — Muslim 10%
    Russia — Muslim 10-15%

    After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning:
    Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

    At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare:

    Bosnia — Muslim 40%
    Chad — Muslim 53.1%
    Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

    From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

    Albania — Muslim 70%
    Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
    Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
    Sudan — Muslim 70%

    After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:

    Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
    Egypt — Muslim 90%
    Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
    Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
    Iran — Muslim 98%
    Iraq — Muslim 97%
    Jordan — Muslim 92%
    Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
    Pakistan — Muslim 97%
    Palestine — Muslim 99%
    Syria — Muslim 90%
    Tajikistan — Muslim 90%
    Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
    United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

    100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace — there’s supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim:

    Afghanistan — Muslim 100%
    Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%
    Somalia — Muslim 100%
    Yemen — Muslim 99.9%

    Of course, that’s not the case. To satisfy their blood lust, Muslims then start killing each other for a variety of reasons.

    ‘Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world and all of us against the infidel. – Leon Uris, ‘The Haj’

    It is good to remember that in many, many countries, such as France, the Muslim populations are centered around ghettos based on their ethnicity. Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. Therefore, they exercise more power than their national average would indicate.

  278. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Good grief- GROW UP all you religious people. There is NO god. Until you all get some real education you’ll continue to bicker over these trivial and childish matters that cause so much trouble. The great tea pot god has as much kudos and truth as all this rubbish you Muslims, Christians and all the other nutty religions put out. Jeezzz what chance have we got as a species with you crazies running around peddling this self centred me me me oh I’m so humble and poor crap!!!! Your all right…aren’t you? and then you warp the minds of your innocent children ARRGGGHHHHHH….grow UP.

  279. Anonymous

    The level of hate and vitriol expressed in both the article and the comments make me ashamed to call myself Bajan.

  280. Omar S. Gill

    Sorry, I did not mean for that to be anonymous, so I’ll say it again –
    The level of hate and vitriol expressed in both the article and the comments make me ashamed to call myself Bajan.

  281. Anonymous


    “(Can one of the muslim posters address these three issues? Thanks)

    I was trying to be a good sport and watch that video. I hold YOU responsible to wasting 10 mins of my life that will never return. If you want know what is or isn’t Islam, you can’t solely go to anti-Islam websites. That only shows that you don’t really want to educate yourself in truth but in argumentative combat. As a person who received some education in comparative religion, a novice like myself can easily refute all the simplistic arguments that were all far from substantive.”

    Seeing that that was my first post I wasn’t trying to be argumentative. Having seen the video I really wanted to hear your point of view. See that you say that you can easily refute the simplistic arguments etc, could you please do so? Thanks.

  282. Sarifa, congratulations for your comment. I wish more christians will come forward, & put mr/ black in his place, or any one else for that matter. Older Barbadians were predominantly christians, helping each other through thick & thin, which I am sure most of them still do & are, what has taken over is the greed of our politicians, selling their souls for the almighty dollar, & wrecking our Bajan society.The ross & Blood of Jesus are the only things that we have our faith. This is not a Jewess thing because the jews rejected Him, but to all who believe in Him will have eternal life. WONDERFUL SAVIOUR, FORGIVENESS & LOVE FOR MANKIND. Mr. Black should accept Jesus as his Saviour & Lord, & pray for his jihadist people, then I am sure he will have better things to say &do, & look forward to.

  283. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Really !! well read the old testament old bean and see how loving the original god yelwah was. Religious people- GROW UP aLl of you

  284. Roger

    Please read the book The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew G. Bostom, M.D. it tells of how Turkey spread Islam in Europe and the pattern is being continued today with the mass immigration.

  285. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Sound a good book- maybe a tad unfortunate the word Turkey and Islam are used in the same sentence! Turkey wants to become a member of Europe- very dangerous. Shows though that some Islamic states want to progress!

  286. MistaBlack

    I apologize for the snark I have acclimated to the impermeable hatred directed toward Muslims and Islam from the majority of the comments on here.
    I’m not responding as a Muslim but as someone who called several Muslims friends and colleagues, and have studied some comparative religion in college.

    Firstly, later verses in the Qur’an that reference war come about after 12 years of passive proselytizing a monotheistic theology in Mecca under severe persecution. They fled to Medina and created a constitution and finally verses came down that allowed them to defend themselves. They ultimately return to Mecca victorious and carried out no reprisals.
    Taqqiya is uniquely a Shi’ite(representing are 7 to 11% of Muslim population) concept of deception that served them well historically whilst among predominantly Sunni communities.

    Yes proselytizing is as much a part of Islam as in Christianity. An the narrative that Islam’s growth was base primary upon force conversion and the sword isn’t borne out by history, as per Historian De Lacy O’Leary,

    “History makes it clear however, that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of the sword upon conquered races is one of the most fantastically absurd myths that historians have ever repeated.”
    “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clearly from falsehood: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.” [Quran, Chapter: Baqarah 2:257]

    The largest Muslim population is in Malaysia and Indonesia. How and why did they accept Islam wasn’t as the tip of a sword of an army but the tip of speech and conduct by Muslim merchants.

  287. MistaBlack

    @Just asking
    (Mr. Black should accept Jesus as his Saviour & Lord, & pray for his jihadist people, then I am sure he will have better things to say &do, & look forward to.)

    What exactly did I say that lead you to believe that “jihadist” are my “people”?

  288. Simple Simon

    But Barbados Free Press how come you are defending the rights of Jews, but completely ignoring the rights of Rastafarians, the most marginalized religious minority in Barbados.

    Don’t Rasta’s matter to you?

  289. Simple Simon

    And for all of you who want to abolish the 11+ just because your duncy children can’t pass for Harrison College or Queen’s College. Shortly after the 11+ is abolished Queen’s College will become a Muslim majority school.

    And then you can send your duncy children to St.Elsewhere.

  290. Simple Simon

    1. “These people” cant’ go back to the place from whence they came..because most of “them” came from (were born ) in Barbados.

    2. A whole lot of Muslim parents in Barbados and elsewhere can’t sleep at nights…because they very much fear that their sons and daughters will run off to the ISIS wars, and that these sons and these daughters will be killed.

    No parent looks forward to burying their child.

    Even Osama bin Laden kept his own flesh and blood children away from the war front…although other people’s idiotic children volunteered to fight.

  291. compton de castro

    Judging by the response/comments….this is how
    mainstream media increases its ‘circulation’ ‘profits’….
    Nationalism sells/sucks the good bad and ugly in society.
    My spill

  292. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Have to say Simple S , I do have sympathy for “these people” but they could try converting to humanism, as could the Christians et al. Lessens the chance of the children being indoctrinated. Its a sorry state though

  293. Anonymous

    Such a racist and hypocritical website.

  294. I am Canadian from a belgian origin, living in Barbados…and in parts of town in Brussels where I used toplay…you just CANNOT go any more if you are not muslim….TRUE!!!!!!
    PLEASE do not let them start this in Barbados!!!!

  295. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Normand- same in UK and France. Kick any that wont integrate OUT. The good ones just fine- even though they’re wacky.

  296. BFP

    “Such a racist and hypocritical website.”

    And what race is “Muslim” ???

  297. When COW build his gated communities, any one who can afford to buy CAN!!! whether white, yellow, black or blue. No one is segregated, even in our communities we put wall fences or wire fences to protect our little places. Even Mr Black can buy one if he can afford it. Isn’t cow’s brother married to a black woman?

  298. Earnest

    This mistablack character would be hilarious If he wasn’t so dedicated to trying to convince us all not to believe our lying eyes and ears. Let’s make him minister of jihadi propaganda if he’s not already lol.

  299. MistaBlack

    “Such a racist and hypocritical website.”
    “And what race is “Muslim” ???”

    Semantically gymnastics doesn’t change the intent of the statement. He or she questions the promulgation of hate, be it a race, a religion and its followers, antisemitism…etc, HATE!

    How does exacerbating contentious conflicts contribute to their resolution?

    To simplify it, it’s as if two parties are arguing and the third party is doing their best to ensure that it escalates to violence, lasting violence. We would call that 3rd party a “nefarious” instigator.

  300. MistaBlack

    Excellent hate-filled propaganda, you would make the Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbel’s blush. In the 1930’s you could substitute Jews for Muslims and there wouldn’t be much notable difference in what you wrote. Absolutely sad!

  301. MistaBlack

    (This mistablack character would be hilarious If he wasn’t so dedicated to trying to convince us all not to believe our lying eyes and ears. Let’s make him minister of jihadi propaganda if he’s not already lol.)

    Your are obviously have some difficulty refuting what I have posted so you regress to juvenile labels and ad hominem.

    Make an “earnest” attempt to point out my jihadi propaganda. I’m going to make it easier, just one statement in which I support jihadis. Please! And if you’re unable to then you are a liar and a deceiver. And I’m NOT lol. FIND ONE STATEMENT, because I wrote plenty.

  302. BFP

    So, what race is “Muslim” ???

  303. We'll find a chink in their armour

    The race to oblivion.

  304. MistaBlack

    I thought I was clear, it’s obvious that Muslim isn’t a race. Is bigotry and xenophobia limited to race?

  305. We'll find a chink in their armour

    MistaBlack you have no sense of humour, irony or intellect….. chuckle.

  306. MistaBlack

    I don’t find vilification humorous. It wasn’t humorous when the Nazis did it, and 75 years later it still isn’t. Intellect??? It is certainly possible that you may possess more intellect than many, but it didn’t seem to translate in you being a moral “humanist”. Hitler and his goons were quite intelligent, one has nothing to do with morality and compassion.

  307. compton de castro

    Absolute hilarious laughter at some of the exchanges…
    Some entertaining some factual some nonsensical !
    When religion is used to divide it is evil
    When used to unite its Politricks
    When politicians use nationalism to win votes it is cheap
    and nasty.
    Policy is more important than politics.

    My spin

  308. compton de castro

    Hitler certainly was an example of how to Not use nationalism in Politricks. He was evil to his end.
    Que sera sera

  309. cooliegal

    This is outrageous, what a bloody dumb thing for the government of Barbados to do, these people who only think for themselves, they are just evil, just want to keep the black nation down all the time. You cannot go in the Middle East and claim community and then say no Muslims allowed to buy houses in that community. What the hell, if you cannot live between black people, then get the hell out.

  310. compton de castro

    Not all we read is truthful…..there is a lot more skeletons in the cupboard….Smells of dead flying fish ‘corruption’
    money laundering…visa for Salvadoran drug barons et al
    Lot more substance to be revealed ..dust under carpet !
    My animal instinct !

  311. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Naw- you don’t get it Mr B, clouded and blinkered. Castro-some nice points and word spin- like it heh.

  312. compton de castro

    Of course….in discussions I learn more from disagreements than sheepishness or bla bla yes men.
    We all have opinions but seldom solutions.
    Bajans enjoy more freedom than most others
    and may add a free press….am sure we will soon
    read of the ‘motive’ for both visas and kuslim only
    communes….remember Guyana s Jones town….
    Kool aid et al !

  313. Pingback: Muslim-only housing development in Barbados. No Christians or Jews allowed to purchase homes in new community. | Living in Anglo-America

  314. Anonymous

    My question to you is, Would a black bajan association be alllowed to go into a muslim country and “claim” a community for black christian people? Are we then going to allow ISIS in Barbados now too? . Our government needs to re-evaluate this situation. We need Gabby in on this issue, seriously! God Bless our Christian country.

  315. Anonymous

    In the end you say “God bless our Christian country: What Christian country. This and more is bound to happen; God’s wrath for bringing inHis sanctury “Sodomy” and Same Sex marraige; and murdering all unborn humans by the millions. Today’s news (3rd Oct) Sweden recogineses Palistine as a souverien State. All the Western heads of States literrally lick the back sides of the Arabs; did you see how George Bush was licking the Kings.. and did you see Obama when he bowed (or was it worshipping the King). Its the last days for the West. They have long since abandoned and thrown God out, Cannot take the name of Jesus in schools; are building a megga mosque at Ground Zeero where the buthers hacked over 3000, Imagine a tiny weenie bit of Chapel to be built at Mecca. They would burn America. West is now plum shameless; and gutless. This same thing soon will happen in Canada, they openly say; we will take over the West; and have our flag over the White House./ Suppose Hussain Obama will do the opening ceromony! Edgar.

  316. We'll find a chink in their armour

    And what does the Great Tea Pot God in the sky have to say on all this eh! Well he has as valid an opinion of ALL you crazy religious people and your “brass£ gods. Grow up- get educated, begone oh evil silly ones. Gods are a fiction and a crutch- unless being used by clever people too fleece and control you. Enid Blyton rule….OK?

  317. compton de castro

    Isn’t religion the opium of the church or mosque ?
    One does not have to go to church or mosque to talk
    to God….and if he isn’t listening try talking to his
    evil buddy Satan. If neither are listening talk to the
    animals trees or humans. Nature is my God…good bad and
    ugly ! Sorry no time for fanatics or lunatics obsessed
    with religion.!!
    Que sera sera

  318. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Very good Compton de Castro. Common sense here.

  319. compton de castro

    Ha ha no chink in your armour….
    Are you ‘the knight in shining armour’?
    If I am paid a complement I like to know who is the
    Knight…..or how knighthood was bestowed upon him/her/it ?
    Anyway thanks for kind comments Sir ?

  320. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Naw CdC, I’m just a smuck trying to turn metaphorical night- to daylight- ignorance to enlightenment. Just another human – but one not blighted by dogma, fairy tales and ignorance. Good luck.

  321. compton de castro

    Salud brother..we all need some luck in this crazy world !

  322. BlackGenghis

    I question the writer’s statement, “The Koran not only allows, but instructs husbands to physically discipline their wives.” I didn’t know that Chris Brown, who beat the crap out of Bajan girl Rihanna, was a Muslim!

    Please present facts and not small minded negative views of a religion. A five acre purchase by Muslims would not be the down fall of Barbados.

    The following is a list of more important issues:

    • Poor customer service – Barbados heavily depends on tourism yet customer service on the island greatly needs improvement.
    • Lack of opportunity for young males on the island
    • Corruption
    • “BET (Black Entertainment TV) Mentality” – influence of Black American thug culture on Barbados youth
    • Lack of farming – meats and dairy imported from New Zealand and other countries increase the cost of groceries
    • Prejudice

  323. We'll find a chink in their armour

    B Genghis- telling name or are you not quite up to speed on the Genghis Khan? You do make some good v points especially BET and cust service. But that’s doesn’t detract from the fact that segregated communities are bad- and all religion, not just Muslim is bad and just childish.

  324. compton de castro

    Not a follower…was Chris Brown her lover or husband.
    Whitney Houston comes to mind !
    Why women tolerate such men begs belief.
    Men and women can become control freaks in love.
    Jealousy the motive. Teenage love.
    One would hope that adults understand the meaning
    of the words they sing so much about….rihanna no exception.
    Que sera sera

  325. BlackGenghis

    Thanks, fully up to speed. Allow me to make sure you’re fully up to speed. Khan’s real name was Chingis Khan pronounced Genghis by the Persians. The Mongols were not Muslims or religious. They believed more with being in tune with Nature, but did conquer religious cities.
    I agree that segregation is not a good thing but that is not the case here. Five acres of land is a back yard and if someone wants to build a Budda Temple in their yard which they have purchased, that’s their business. This article offers negative opinion rather than facts about the individuals who purchased the land. If the writer had interviewed the purchasers with real questions and their answers were not fitting, then I can understand the fear and negative responses.

  326. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Quite- and do please remember his relationship with his brother. Sentiment relating to nature noted and respected. As for rest, just be sure your not witnessing the proverbial “thin end of wedge” Nice to talk to someone (along with a few others) that has a brain here! Best CD

  327. MistaBlack

    @compton de castro
    Was religion the opium of the greatest mass murderers: Pol pot, Hitler, Stalin and Mao?

  328. MistaBlack


    Well said!

  329. compton de castro

    Doubt it…do know Hitler was teetotaler….no alcohol.
    Pol pot not sure ganja/opium..Stalin vodkaholic.
    Churchill tobacco….Eisenhower whisky….de Gaul wine..
    myself 10 yo rum….what about yourself !
    Religion is the ‘fix’… feed the addiction.
    Am addicted to love….but no love addict.
    Not addicted to religion…but no religious addict.

    Get it !


  330. Robert Storey.

    I find boxed wine works for me.

  331. compton de castro

    Black Genghis
    Interesting about Persian empire….was that before or after ottoman ….Romans were clever conquerors….used religion
    to devide and conquer then to unite and rule.
    Romans had many gods adopting the God of their new
    Guess that makes me a mogul in my belief !
    Never read bible or Quran….will sometime in future….
    To get to know the ‘foe or friend’ …or both….ha ha !
    The enemy of my friend is my informer !
    El presidents George w thought it was his ‘enemy’ !
    How smart ?

  332. Armour chink

    Blimey Tall Storey’s back and talking sense. Bonjour Roberto. Churchill- add whisky (not whiskey)+ Champagne and lots of it. Nearly killed Eisenhower when he stayed with him in White House (WW2). Had a heart attack himself did Churchill, but just kept going. That’s belief heh.

  333. "A peaceful Christian"

    This is almost unbelievable. Even in TnT Muslims who came here as indentured slaves, along with Hindus, many years ago practice their religion with tolerance towards all of the other religious faiths that they found here. There’s a well respected inter-faith body called the Inter Religious Organization (the IRO) comprising representatives of all the faiths with a President being elected from among them on an annual basis and each religion has had the honour to lead the group at various times. They practice tolerance and respect. At many official Gov’t functions the Head of that Org is often asked to “say the opening prayer” to demonstrate our country’s commitment to religious tolerance – whether the office holder is Muslim, Hindu or Christian. Devout Muslims have lived among the general population and have practiced their faith without hindrance. In fact as a young devout Christian I used to be invited by a Muslim friend to dinner at a mosque for the evening break-fast during the month of Ramadan. Since the 1990 “uprising” in T&T however we have seen a more aggressive approach from a “different” kind of Muslim fanatic that’s more aligned to the militant groups that are terrorizing the world today. In fact, while the traditional Muslim organizations have condemned ISIS, those new Muslims have remained totally silent. What is happening in Barbados should not be permitted. I venture to ask – would Barbados permit a “Whites Only” housing development?

  334. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Nice sentiment and I’m sure your a nice person, but you are part of the problem, you have a religion.

  335. compton de castro

    Religion is but a belief…..not unlike the God thing.
    If we believe in ourselves then we may believe in
    God…believe me its true.!! The choice is ours.
    Que sera sera

  336. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Believe me its not. I can’t make a choice about a fable(s) in terms of belief, I – as a rational person can only believe in truth and facts. I can just enjoy the stories- or not.

  337. compton de castro

    Point taken..How do you ‘rationalise’ truth !
    Logic commonsense or ‘it must be so ‘ my instinct tells me so….my mind tells me so.I believe its so.
    Difficult call !

  338. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Proof- test, re test. Not so difficult. I do like your challenge though.

  339. compton de castro

    Proof in the pudding is tasting.
    Testing can give conflicting results.
    Re testing even more confusion.
    Couldn’t we just believe even if we are wrong.
    We are only humans !
    Picture ….now colour it with words.que sera sera

  340. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Not so- E=MC2- Tested. Tyres on your car tested. The route from my house to fav restaurant- tested. .I might have believed these things at first because I had evidence, but I found proof by testing. Belief in some ethereal fable constructed to control now and explain existence when homo sapiens were ignorant is a waste of time. I’ve met religious people that are on a par with the flat earth bunch. Not even a basic understanding of the universe or even our own solar system. They’ve been brainwashed by “teachers” in the faith schools and other dodgy places. Its incredible. in this day and age. Akin to the Catholics locking up Galileo.

  341. compton de castro

    Catholics locking up Galileo….ha ha ..nice one.
    Religion v science !

    Both believable ! Trust neither….that makes be a non-believer…AKA Thomas ! Must admit entertaining stories.

    Science certainly more believable !

  342. MoneyBrain

    It was wrong to force Christianity on Africans JUST AS IT was WRONG for Muslim Slavers to force Islam on Africans!

    How do you think the Africans of West and East Africa became Muslims?

  343. compton de castro

    Nice one ! by adoption !
    Romans adopted the ‘gods’ of their conquered to rule them.
    Its that simple ! Too simple for the common people to understand…..thats why the pop song was so popular.

    Living the life of the common people….not sure writer or performer.!!

  344. compton de castro

    Think it was Paul Young …artist….its on Google u tube to download…

  345. Proof needed

    Patronizing but makes more sense than having Yahweh (Lord, Jehovah) type Gods and Allah whom “you” have no proof of deed or existence, in my humble view. This is Dawkins description of the fictional God of old testament. Dawkins says: “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” Is the Muslim God who as I understand it is one and the same depicted the same way through writings in the Koran? I just ask.

  346. Lyric Larry

    Uh!! do you mean living the LOVE of the common people? Paul Young? Nowt to do with Roman Gods

  347. Robert Storey.

    Listen, them bloody lot have caused so much trouble in England you will be next mark my words; you will end up with all their bloody families and relations over – them type breed like rabbits.

  348. compton de castro

    Proof needed
    In absolutely hilarious laughter….
    Never seen so many adjectives to describe the God
    Never read koran or bible so don’t know the answer.
    My God is nature ‘good bad and ugly’ ..
    On my retirement to south Spain Alpujaras mountains
    In my semireclusive lifestyle I sometime talk to the
    trees birds insects of the forrest ….natural gods.
    Adore nature but worship not.
    Guess that makes me religiously a mogul….
    Ha ha…

  349. compton de castro

    Lyric Larry
    Correct Paul young ….googled it…
    Romans treated their ‘common people’ as slaves
    was what I was thinking…..superiority complex.!!
    Romans also had many gods of their own.

    That was the connection.

  350. compton de castro

    Rabbits are a cheap source of protein…..they can breed
    or in-breed as much as they wish. As long as they work
    and pay their taxes all welcomed to treasure island.
    UKPLC was built by immigrants and so was USA.
    Nothing to fear … break the law you get turfed out…
    thats fair and just. Thats what makes a country great.!!
    Que sera sera

  351. MistaBlack

    It was wrong to force Christianity on Africans JUST AS IT was WRONG for Muslim Slavers to force Islam on Africans!

    How do you think the Africans of West and East Africa became Muslims?
    Everyone presumes that Islam mimicked Christianity in Africa which is NOT the case. If you scroll up, you would see my response to that claim using the voices of W.E.B. Dubois, Cheikh Anta Diop and the great Caribbean Pan-Africanist, Edward Wimot Blyden who refute the baseless claim that Islam was forced upon Africa.

  352. compton de castro

    Don’t think religion was forced on anyone or any state or country. Romans adopted gods as their own. They also
    had many gods of their own. Beliefs existed long before
    religion which was but an endorsement of those beliefs.

    The ways I see religion.

  353. Roger

    Egypt is in Africa and the Copts will not take kindly to you saying Christianity was forced on them.

  354. We'll find a chink in their armour

    are mista b- de crazies are back in

  355. army geddon

    Its a Copt out

  356. MistaBlack

    @compton de castro
    “…Science certainly more believable !”
    Historically Islam encouraged study of math and the sciences. How do you think we got mathematical concepts like, “algorithms”?

  357. army geddon

    Jeezzz Mista B how can you possibly be so confused? We were actually having a decent debate here until you came back !! Things progress old bean. A religious person of any- yes any faith isn’t debarred from rational, logical or inventive thought. It just means they are irrational for a reason unconnected with day to day reasoning. One wonders where one received one’s education old bean?

  358. MistaBlack

    @army geddon
    I choose not to pontificate with an abundance of nonsensical pedantic diarrhea. “Its a Copt out”, REALLY? a sad ass attempt at levity. I’m on topic in reference to the article and as it expanded to religion and science. I simply pointed out for the ignorant that Islam and science is not historically an oxymoron. I don’t engage in a lot of intellectual masturbation; I leave that to you. If what I wrote is inaccurate point it out or just freeze your fingers and learn. Columbia University is one of my “old bean schools.” Don’t be a presumptuous imp!

  359. compton de castro

    Some of the best brains are of afroarabiaindia origins. It is also scientific fact that people of mixed blood are more intelligent than dual blood mixes. As a matter of fact Royals of Euroland intermarriage created some ‘imberciles’….Google imbercile ! QED

  360. army geddon

    Jeezz George had a chemical imbalance brought on by ingestion, but take your point. So mongrels brighter that thoroughbreds- way hay your almost defeating your own argument by making the statement. Think about it eh! By the way Mr Black an Oxy moron (sic) is clearly not what you think- common misconception. In your case just delete oxy.

  361. compton de castro

    Absolve hilarious laughter….as one of royal blood
    I could easily take offence to your ‘name calling ‘
    if I did not like your name Army geddon…are you a member
    of which armed forces US or BAJAN ? POXY MORON !

  362. compton de castro

    And yes mongrels are brighter….unless you are some thoroughbred geneticly modified for some specific purpose….horse dogs plants et al. Check out your DNA
    surprise surprise !
    Friends …..hand extended !

  363. MoneyBrain

    It is a total misconception that the Arabs were the original developers of Math concepts!
    INDIA!——most Indians are Hindu NOT muslims.

  364. MoneyBrain

    So the Muslims have been aggressive to conquer Europe for over a thousand years in order to perpetuate Islam BUT they waited for Africans to come to their enlightened conception?????? PLEEEEEZ!

    Do you appreciate that even today the ISIS/ Jihadist are PISSSEED that Europe beat the crap out The Muslim Ottoman / Turkish Empire (400 hundred years duration) in 1682 at the gates of Vienna.

    One of the points that you NEVER hear from Africans/ Mid Easterners is that they have attacked Europe with some success over the last thousand years and are really upset that Europeans finally WON!!!

  365. compton de castro

    Just bad losers…
    ‘It is better to be a good looser than a bad winner’

    No one likes to loose but one can loose in dignity.

    The pride and ego gets hurt but the spirit to fight on remains…BULL DOG CHURCHILL.!!

  366. compton de castro

    Not to mention
    It was the Brits that devided India and Pakistan to rule them. Muslims v Hindu ….following in the footsteps of the
    Romans whole ruled them from 55BC.
    Britain before that was still tribal …Romans civilised the south but built a wall to keep out the barbaric North….
    decendants of Vikings…Scots Al.
    No more English history lessons now….
    Que sera sera

  367. Robert Storey.

    kick em out, nowt but trouble mark my words.

  368. MoneyBrain

    The Romans were clever enough to be SCARED SHITLESS of my VIKING ancestors! Yes the Vikings that crossed the North Atlantic to the future USA/ Canada before 914 AD nearly 500 yrs before the “civilised” Southern European Moorish trained Spanish/ Italian from Genoa, Chris Colon/ Colombus, made his misinformed adventure to hit a very large landmass standing in his way to Cipangu and the Spice Islands.

  369. army geddon

    Yes de Castro no problem. Mr Castro, hands over the water- the moron jibe was aimed at Mrblack who asks for it. OK history lessons are very VERY useful, indeed essential, but if we want to boil it down to where we are now, there isn’t a great case for SOME Muslims Blacks Arabs etc. One could even argue the mongrel element is most successful in the mixing of the white and olive races across Europe and the new- new world, as is America, N Zealand, Australia! Look how some cultures are damaging a lot Africa, crushing it people, running the economies into the ground – yes the white man took advantage of places like say South Africa but they ran it economically well, its farms and industry functioned. The argument here is about brains after all!!! Where does most of the real power lie now? what countries have the strongest economies and where do people generally enjoy the best standards of living? Believe you me the upstarts will not win out in the long term. If not for the huge PC movement in the west these days, some factions across the world would have already found themselves well and truly crushed. I don’t state this so stir up matters of race or culture- I am have more than “one blood” in my veins, four that I know off and probably some I don’t- I travel a lot and have friends who we stay with and vice versa all over the world. I’m away now and live in two countries (who’s politician war but we have many friends in our “foreign” village, real people get on just fine! never trust a politician) I make my statements merely as observations and to illustrate some realities. Then was then and now is now. Re name, I have never been in the Armed forces. We need them – unfortunately but I don’t think I’d fit in too well, me Dad said so 45 years ago!. He fought in Suez- hated it but no real choice- his father fought in the WW1 trenches and never fully recovered ending up blind and deaf. Just thought the handle slightly amusing. Finally I see Mr Alli’s health has taken a turn for the worst. Sad- what a man. If I was religious I’d say a prayer, as I’m not I can only offer my good wishes. Mr Storey’s right by the way regarding the cultural problems in the UK , France et al SOME Muslims are causing. I’ve even had Muslims warn me about the Muslim fanatics. The ordinary man doesn’t want trouble. Have to go now- we have an American woman staying at our house in Europe, she moaning about no tumble dryer, no micro wave and doesn’t understand using re-usable bags for shopping or the concept of recycling. I’m about to give her a blast.

  370. compton de castro

    If she is not teetotaler or not on medication ..just top up
    her coffee or tea with some Napoleon brandy….see how ‘speed’ works…but be careful you may have to harness her.
    It worked for my mother and grandmother both exited in
    their early nineties…never loosing their marbles…only
    their handbags !

  371. army geddon

    Ha- excellent, your a wise man indeed Mr Castro- assuming your a man of course. She’s being all nice now I’ve given her an email lecture on how real cooks DON’T use microwaves. Yanks- love (most of) em but why they want to nuke everything heh

  372. compton de castro

    No problem !
    Last time checked ‘marbles’ intact !
    Problem with America everything is so big….heads,ego
    culture but must not stereo type ! Probably least informed
    or misinformed on the planet
    Que sera sera ! In UK at mom but off to Catalonia true
    Spain few days time need the sunshine.

  373. army geddon

    May your Ramblas go with you. Say hello to Angelina Feran Ruby for me. Met her in 1973 when Franco still in power.

  374. compton de castro

    Sorry not Spanish …am guyanese but hubs in UK Spain and Brazil.
    Angelina Feran Ruby …who is she….one of Franco s many
    concubines ? Or some high class hooker !
    Will now Google it…ha ha

  375. army geddon

    Neither- a beautiful gymnast I met and befriended. Had to hide ourselves as her parents wouldn’t’ let her go out with a young man un-chaperoned. . Especially as I’m not a Catholic. Franco’s Spain was a heavy place.

  376. compton de castro

    Still is…..Catholicism !

  377. MistaBlack

    It is a total misconception that the Arabs were the original developers of Math concepts!
    INDIA!——most Indians are Hindu NOT muslims.

    Why would you allow your disdain for Muslims to cloud your ability to be historically honest about the contribution to the advancement of science and math?
    Let’s learn from the then CEO of HP, Carly Carly Fiorina :
    “There was once a civilization that was the GREATEST in the world…

    It was able to create a continental super-state that stretched from ocean to
    ocean… Within its dominion lived hundreds of millions of people, of different
    creeds and ethnic origins. …this
    civilization’s commerce extended from Latin America to China, and everywhere in

    …this civilization was driven more than anything, by
    INVENTION. Its architects designed buildings that defied gravity. Its
    mathematicians created the ALGEBRA and ALGORITHMS that would enable the
    building of COMPUTERS, and the creation of ENCRYPTION. Its DOCTORS examined the
    human body, and found NEW CURES for disease. Its ASTRONOMERS looked into the
    heavens, NAMED THE STARS, and paved the way for SPACE TRAVEL and EXPLORATION.

    When censors threatened to wipe out knowledge from past
    civilizations, this civilization KEPT KNOWLEDGE ALIVE, AND PASSED IT ON to

    …the civilization I’m talking about was the ISLAMIC WORLD
    from the year 800 to 1600…

    Although we are often unaware of our indebtedness to
    this other civilization, its gifts are very much a part of our heritage. The
    technology industry would not exist without the contributions of Arab(MUSLIM)

  378. army geddon

    Yeah…. til 1600….jeezz we’ve done the history lesson, move on….and on and on. Muslims don’t rule the world- we leaned and nicked. Its cyclical – so please, shut up and grow up. Its getting boring. ALL religion is false- ask Bruno of Italy.

  379. MoneyBrain

    I have nothing against Muslims, I merely stated the fact that they were not the original developers of the key concepts of Math.I know the Arabs were advanced in many spheres, the critical question is,”what set them into such significant retrogression?”

    What Carly believes is one aspect but who is she in terms of Historical knowledge and accuracy? We have had other independently innovate and very successful societies from all over the globe eg Angkor Wat, Mayans.
    I see no mention of the Persians just Arabs. May I suggest that the Persians were way ahead of the Arabs. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and of course at the very start Sumeria and the Sumierians. Those of Arabia were backward for sometime too.

    This Tech society would not exist without the Indian Math is more accurate but the reality is there were others developing in parallel. Angkor was originally inspired by the Hindus and called for very serious Math and Engineering concepts. Uniquely they even carved into the bed of a river for a very long stretch which survives even today, the purpose being to celebrate the rice fields which were the base to the Khymer Empire in what became Indochina.

    The Muslims are not a problem once they are lucidly informed that Sharia Law will never see the light of day anywhere in Bim or the Western World.
    If they are so pleased with Sharia and life where they come from GO BACK!
    Most Muslims would want to stay on this basis of understanding.

  380. MoneyBrain

    Regarding religion—it was the Catholic church that set Europe back with their nonsense “beliefs” for centuries eg the Earth is flat; the Earth is the centre of the Solar system etc And BTW if you dont agree then we will have to burn you at the stake!

  381. compton de castro

    Ha ha…witch !
    All those mathematicians and scientists yet we still kill in
    the name of God ! Maybe if we did not believe in God
    We wouldn’t have to kill in his name.
    Que sera sera

  382. MoneyBrain

    Humans would find another justification for killing!

    How about OVERPOPULATION and the need to CULL!

  383. MistaBlack

    @army geddon
    It amazes me that people like yourself consider themselves intellectually “enlighten” simply by the fact that they were deceived by the church which lead to proclaiming themselves atheists. If you were stupid before embracing atheism, you’re now just a stupid atheist. Stupidity is excusable but ignorance isn’t.
    I wanted to expand a viable discussion beyond group castigation and racist slurs with thoughtful people. I guest you and others like yourself aren’t interested in that so I may seem redundant, since the topic I feel is absolutely pertinent to our ability to coexist on this shrinking planet.

  384. army geddon

    Well MoneyBrain you may jest but over population is a huge and growing problem. Studies suggest circ 3 billion is the sustainable number for our ape, were at circa 7 billion now forecast to go to 9. Why nine I don’t know but something will pop. What might the answer be then? !!

  385. army geddon

    MistaB you ad no value. And you lie re your agenda. Begone oh stone-age one.

  386. MistaBlack

    Try your hand at constructing a complete sentence/thought, this isn’t twitter! As per my agenda, it has been pretty overt. We need to learn to live together or we will die together. Racist pejoratives and castigation while ascribing complete blame to 2 billion of the world’s population only contributes to the escalation. It doesn’t help in solving a challenge that has lead to the military industrial complex gorging itself from 5-7 trillion dollars in the last 13 years and growing without end. With a simultaneous and substantial under-performance in the global economy.

  387. MistaBlack

    It is a completely inaccurate analysis to state that Muslims were merely a vehicle of knowledge from India. Only a prejudice eye lacking objectivity or short in research could conclude that. There is overwhelming evidence that eviscerates that thoroughly false premise.

    My initial point is that the theology wasn’t antithetical to science. In fact it was a crucial spark in Europe’s journey to now.

    (I know the Arabs were advanced in many spheres, the critical question is,”what set them into such significant retrogression?”)

    One must first take note that Arabs claim less than 12% of the world’s Muslim population. And finally the question you posed is a excellent one. I would say ostentatious unchecked greed of those in leadership position, colonialism and neo-colonialism and brutal modern totalitarian regimes that have been favored by western government while ignoring the aspirations of the people are a few to start with. Yes there has been a disconnect to what gave them their initial rise.

  388. army geddon

    I wouldn’t know about twitter- Is it something for twits? You appear well versed. Good point re the military but that wont cure a growing 7 billion pop- WILL IT! ??

  389. MistaBlack

    Then if your primary concern is population growth then this conflict is your answer. It so happens that the outrage is in the west bur the people who are dying is in the east. Which is who and where we want it, right?

  390. MoneyBrain

    I think there is a group of “Leaders” who are rich and powerful and could well be making preparations for serious culling of the population. Why would they need so many human “workers” with the advent of Robots who dont strike and cost $3.25/ hr? Why keep so many when the new Graphene chip could be 10,000 X faster than silicon? If you dont need them as workers they become “excess” costs! Those not needed cost society $$$$$ and taxes would have to be much higher.

    These leader types are heartless and may use methods of culling like
    1 vaccines???
    2 War
    3 other diabolical concepts

  391. compton de castro

    Bit far fetched….Not impossible.!
    Culling in nature unless measured accurately screws up
    the ecosystem. However allowing nature to take its course can be catastrophic also. One must get the balance right.
    The dilemma….devil you do devil you don’t.
    Some say wars are a form of ‘culling’…others like me
    think its barbaric. Hitler comes to mind.
    He started by enslaving them… ended up exterminating them.Don’t wish to go down that road again ….thanks !

  392. army geddon

    A cull will come- inevitable given the pure number of human apes the planet is struggling to support. How, who or when is not something I have the answer to. But it will come because we cannot manage ourselves….. so far. Religion wont help, indeed its religious pseudo intellectuals that help escalate the problems. Catholic church and its bonkers teaching on conception, barmy bishops in UK like Barry of Llandaff, Muslim imams teaching the illiterate falsehoods. No chance of avoiding a cull whether natural or manmade.

  393. compton de castro

    Sorry beg to differ. Not a ‘doom and gloomer’ ….more a ‘doom and boomer’…boom to bust merchant. As per
    economic cycles….no need for culling on our planet
    just all bury our heads in sand and let a few millions
    die of malnutrition or starvation….which you prefer
    DIe or hunger or be killed in war….? We have moved
    on from tribal warfare to AKA7 s …..nature will do
    the culling…..naturally helped by mankind….
    The end is nigh ! Sarcastically.

  394. Army Geddon

    A cull is a cull- choose your handle. A few million!!! It will take billions if the population is to be reduced to a sustainable number. As I said- I don’t know how, who or when. But I think we agree- its just semantics. Mr B will know though- he knoweth everything.

  395. Anonymous

    hmmm. Ever seen those ads in the newpaper renting apartments that say “Christian minded people only” ?

  396. Armour chink

    No- cant do in the Europe I would think. Thats bizzare, must be a shortage of rentals Barbados. I have job lot of prayer mats with compasses in them, restickted market but Mecca always findable.

  397. compton de castro

    Mr B may have the B*** but his party have the bolts and nuts…and the vice to squeeze it with….ha ha
    Loved his campaign song….
    O B A M A Obamah !
    Am sure he cannot wait to ‘hand over’ to lady H
    Although would much prefer to see first black gay
    president….you know who ! Always first from almighty
    America…..UK in tow….ha ha !
    Que sera sera

  398. MoneyBrain

    Mohammad entered his classroom on the first day of school.

    “What’s your name?” asked the teacher.
    “Mohammad,” he replied.
    “You’re in Ireland now,” replied the teacher, “So from now on you will be known as Frank.”
    Mohammad returned home after school.

    “How was your day, Mohammad?” his mother asked.
    “My name is not Mohammad. I’m in Ireland and now my name is Frank.”

    “Are you ashamed of your name? Are you trying to dishonour your parents, your heritage, your religion? Shame on you!”

    And his mother beat him. Then she called his father, who beat him again.

    The next day Mohammad returned to school. The teacher saw all of his bruises. “What happened to you, Frank?” she asked.

    “Well miss, shortly after becoming an Irishman, I was attacked by two fúcken Arabs.”

  399. compton de castro

    An interesting development of how our worlds attitudes will change… on ….

  400. army geddon

    Funny story- not sure yet what the message is – laughing too much to think.

  401. compton de castro

    Don’t fucken wid dem Irish !

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