Barbados prisoner John Lepp on hunger strike – held for 3 years without trial. Has lost 70 pounds since arrest.

Barbados Free Press received the following from a relative of John Lepp. We researched online and found a Barbados court docket from 2011 for Mr. Lepp. That’s all we know.

Here is the message as we received it…


Mr John Lepp has been imprisoned wrongfully within Barbados’ HM Dodds Prison for three and a half years, held on remand without a fair trial. He has now sanctioned a hunger strike, drinking only water until his case is heard fairly and he is released from the hell he was so wrongfully endured.

The conditions he has been living in are appalling, so much so that Mr John Lepp relates it to ‘living like dogs’. These conditions are described as being worse than the convicted criminals who are actually serving time. Whilst held on remand he has been fed a malnourished diet of bread and water everyday for three and a half years. The results of this underfeeding can be seen in the 70lbs he has lost since being taken into custody in 2011. This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

Mr John Lepp is serious and vowing on all grounds that he will see the hunger strike through until the end in a fight for his human rights with the hope of achieving a fair trial. Much like the Raul Garcia case, John Lepp will not stop and will put his life on the line in order to bring his awful, appalling and utterly inhumane treatment to an end.

It seems that those who are left on remand are stripped entirely of their human rights and merely forgotten about. Thus it is now clear that Mr John Lepp’s voice may only be heard through the extremity of a hunger strike.



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11 responses to “Barbados prisoner John Lepp on hunger strike – held for 3 years without trial. Has lost 70 pounds since arrest.

  1. robert ross

    The document is remarkable both for what it says and what it doesn’t say.

    On what it says……..from what the writer says he is allegedly privy to inside information about the prison conditions of the man….yet

    On what it doesn’t say…….it makes no reference to his charge, or who his lawyer was, to his nationality or any other relevant matter about him.

    Now doubtless his relatives will be reading this – and so it might be expected to provide the information under ‘what it doesn’t say’. If it doesn’t, BFP, I would counsel proceeding with extreme caution.

  2. What I found at Google


    News of the Sagicor matter has come at a time the Fraud Squad is also probing an even larger suspected scam, on which British national John Ditchfield Lepp has been charged and remanded. He was arrested and charged last week.

    That involved Lepp’s company FXMAX, which marketed itself as a foreign exchange trading entity attracting investors here, who are believed to have lost as much as $2 million.

  3. robert ross

    Good work ‘What I’.

    Now let’s hear whether the family have approached the British High Commission and who the representing attorney is.

  4. Anonymous

    This joker has been inside a prison before. He came to Barbados to tief money.–vt60649.html

  5. robert ross

    Now that the family knows there is nothing to hide and that we all know key things about this man, the time has come for them to come clean. He was presumably refused bail because considered a flight risk. The root of it is inordinate delay and we all understand about that whatever this man has been charged with. So family it’s down to you. Do you want to help this man or not?

  6. Anonymous

    The Barbados judicial system is so broken it cannot be fixed. Cocktail Gibson and cronies allow the world to see the Garcia saga, the 2 women WHO WERE RAPED going public in an attempt to free an unjustly accused man, and now guilty or not, we see a man on remand for 42 months without a trial. Calling the soon-to-be bankrupt Barbados a Banana Republic is being too kind.

  7. Anonymous

    He is an inherently dishonest individual with a long criminal track record. He has been imprisoned in UK before and attempted to defraud honest Bajans of their hard earned money. Zero sympathy for his plight. He is a pathological liar and we all know prisoners here do not get fed only bread and water. Even so…..that’s more than this character deserves.

  8. Regardless of his past and crime, does not everyone deserve quick justice? If he was charged, had a trial and convicted by a jury, we would not be having this conversation.

  9. robert ross


    ‘Prisoners don’t get fed bread and water’.



    In principle you are right; and THAT is what we are supposed to do, ie have this conversation but without reference to the facts. We all reject delay whatever its cause but THIS post is not (I think) the medium for that discussion UNTIL the family comes clean. Otherwise we are being manipulated. Ditto BFP – time to hear from you I think.

  10. Hermione Laycock

    A group of us have had very bad financial experiences at the hands of John Ditchfield Lepp here in the UK and we have heard from others abroad. While I don’t think he should be kept this long without a trial, I hope he has
    Ihad a good chance to think on all the pain and worry he has inflicted on so many people

  11. Faroutman

    This man is getting the comeuppance he deserves. He wasn’t complaining about being in Barbados, living the life of a Lord (which he also alleged he was) on Royal Westmoreland. And how was this funded – you guessed it, through defrauding honest individuals of their hard earned money.
    Do the crime – Do the time.