Report: China foremost country in blood ivory trade. Involved at every level.

China blood ivory

“Chinese traffickers are present in every range state and operate at nearly every point along the ivory supply chain.”

“Many conservationists believe that there is covert approval from the top levels of the Chinese administration, that ivory processing and possession is their cultural right, a right which cost tens of thousands of elephant their lives in recent years.”

eTurbo News: China involved in almost every ivory bust



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7 responses to “Report: China foremost country in blood ivory trade. Involved at every level.

  1. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Any one involved in the ivory trade is a despicable moron


    Never buy from China until they clean up their Act,

    Too many short cuts and lack of standards, They have a lot of waste that they put in to their products to export and add chemicals to give a better reading that is not good for your health . They can tamper with milk and babies can not talk until they are dead, Housing Board gives off gasses to make you run for your life and health,

    Crooks , Liars and Scumbags will always be with us. The must be pointed out ,,, Barbados is no Different ,

  3. I often find it difficult to understand the thoughts of some people on matters such as this Ivory Trade and China. Business is Business!. It is the AFRICANS who are destroying Elephant kind to satisfy their selfish ambitions. Someone in an African village must know of these evil individuals. Don’t you think that at the right price China would supply weapons to get rid of such evil individuals?
    Which country around the world today can tell their population not to buy something Chinese?
    China dictates their Terms – The Capitalist revolution is here!

  4. We'll find a chink in their armour

    From a businessman business isn’t always business. Slave trafficking anyone? No- how about trapping gorillas for pets? Selling hard drugs to children? !! ad infinitum,
    Think on.

  5. just asking

    I try not to buy anything made in China, but it is getting really getting difficult, they are flooding our market with the help of our government cheap poorly made cheap things, they are not really good, & just don’t last any length of time. See what they are doing in Hong Kong now, no freedom of elections, this is what our administration want to do with us, follow suit

  6. Does the Barbados Government inspect the quality of Talapia coming into the island and also the origin? Check out this link and be cautious when shopping at the supermarket or super stores.–tilapia-raised-on-feces-hits-us-tables

  7. We'll find a chink in their armour

    Is that Ivory then?