Liars in our Caribbean leadership

by Peter Binose

Some people lie to get attention. Some lie because they are mentally ill, some lie for narcissistic reason. Some lie because they are pure evil. Others lie to make others think that they are worthy, while some lie to mislead, confuse and deceive. Another group lies to avoid the expected punishment.   

I believe that several of our Caribbean leaders are serial liars, and they lie for all the above reasons.

Those who speak lies often write lies and should not be trusted in law courts to give truthful evidence. They should not be trusted to draw wills, contracts or agreements of any kind. In fact their profession should never be in a position of trust.

This might sound strange but in fact a large percentage of people that lie, they lie initially to themselves, even believe the lies just because they are too afraid to face the truth.

Many psychological researchers have proven that people who lie to themselves tend to believe the lies later on, and then convince others that the lie is the truth. 

In order to stop lying to yourself you must first realize that you are lying to yourself, then you must learn how to be brave enough to face the truth instead of hiding it from yourself.

You will note in my very first sentence I referred to narcissism.  Well just so as we understand a little better the link between narcissism and being a liar, I will try and lay out for you how to identify a narcissist. Of course not every liar is a narcissist,  but every narcissist is a liar.

Narcissism is a personality disorder in which the person falls in love with himself. The narcissist has an inflated sense of self worth. He needs to convince himself and others that he is better than most, if not everyone else, that he is a superior person and that he is invulnerable. If someone you know is a narcissist you can easily identify him by his continuous talk about his marvelous achievements, or his outstanding intelligence. How he speaks for others, and trusts no one to speak for him.

I believe most narcissists become so as children. Information from my clinical friend, told me there is prominence among children born out of wedlock to become narcissistic. When a child is abused or when he experiences some kind of a trauma his mind tries to find a method to help him forget about his wounds and to prevent this abuse from happening again, and as a method of defence, narcissism is developed.

Feeling that he is weak, insecure and vulnerable he escapes to a new identity, an identity of a superior person who can’t be harmed. This is the story of most narcissists – a deep sense of inferiority that is masked by what appears to be a solid shell.

The following are the common symptoms…

The Narcissist Liar: The narcissist often has the deeply hidden feeling that he is weak, insecure and vulnerable, so through his lies he escapes to a new identity, an identity of a superior person who cant be harmed. This is the story of most narcissists, a deep sense of inferiority that is masked by a solid shell.

Striving for Attention: Narcissists Fuel their self confidence by the complements they receive, by being in the centre of attention and by knowing that people are talking about their superior talents. Without these sources of supply [called the narcissistic supply sources] the narcissist feels worthless, and often is worthless, and may even become depressed.

Exaggerating their Worth: Narcissists think that they are omnipotent, invincible and superior.   Often by telling lies and exaggerating they constantly try to transfer this belief to those surrounding them in order to get their reward which is the narcissistic supply. The narcissist always talks about how good he is and how brilliant he is compared to others.

Pretense in the Media:  Several narcissists leaders have been known to write articles in the public media, using  false names and identities – articles and letters which falsely show them as shining stars of political and public life. When others fail to praise them, they praise themselves by using this method of public deceit.

Lacking Empathy: I hate to overstate my beliefs, but most narcissists care only about their own feelings. By telling lies they can take advantage of others or use them just to secure a source of narcissistic supply. They only care about their own emotions and they lack empathy when it comes to dealing with others. Although such lack of empathy is sometimes hidden by a demonstration of extreme empathy, albeit false.

Obsessed With Fantasies of Unlimited Success: The Narcissist’s mind is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, superiority, ultimate achievements, tremendous strength and everlasting fame, often all are self generated and self believed lies.

A Demon at Home: Narcissists often like to publicly hug-up [fondly embrace] people to convince those watching he is a nice loving guy, yet at home he is most often a bully and a demon.

Calling of Names:  Narcissists often resort to calling other people nasty names in the hope that others will see them as inferior to himself.  The descriptions that he applies to people are of course untrue, they are more than often spiteful and malicious and damaging  lies.

Expects Others to Glorify him: The narcissist considers himself above the law and he expects others to deal with him according to his exaggerated valuation of his self worth.  He expects others to lie favourably about him.

Why should we think the narcissist wants to be feared? Why would he think that by administering fear, spite, hate and pure evil, we will see him as strong?  Why should we think he wants to be ultimately strong? Why should we think he wants to have tremendous achievements?

The answer is because he is afraid, because he is very weak and because he thinks that he is worthless, and probably rightly so.  

It’s a game of compensation, people always strive to get what they lack. If they are after ultimate power then they are dramatically weak and if they are after excessive admiration then they are feeling worthless.  If they are seeking the love of the people, they do not deserve it.

The narcissist liar should be rejected by all, as a leader, or in a leadership position he is a definite threat to society at large.


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10 responses to “Liars in our Caribbean leadership

  1. Fix bayonets

    Why does Ames lie?


    Crooks ,Liars and Scumbags BFP you all are now getting the point.

  3. Anonymous

    I think that Mr Binose just laid out the reasons that Ames lies brilliantly.
    Funny though I don’t think he had Ames in mind, instead several
    pathetic Caribbean pols.

  4. Anonymous

    English is so imprecise…I should have written – I think that
    Mr Binose just laid out brilliantly the reasons that Ames lies –


    All you have to do is listen the the Barbados PM and AG back up by the DPP and the pimp title holders cover up and Ponzi ,

  6. just asking

    They can’t pay the severed workers from the transport bus service, but they can travel to Samoa & New Zealand, with all the yard fowls following, & the unions that these people paid in union dues all their working lives not doing anything about it. Barbadians just snarl at an ant & swallow a camel, just so unjust. How now are they going to tell private sector bosses not to do the same thing, Just want to make one LOL, if it wasn’t so sad.

  7. Eutychus

    The biggest liar, narcissist-in-chief, and reality-denier, is the current occupant of the white house, aided and abetted by his Barbados-descended AG.

  8. Client who lost money to a lawyer

    Speaking of liars word is the law students from Barbados at Wooding Law School in Trinidad are having a hard time paying fees because government cant afford it. This is good news simply because they are too many lawyers in Barbados many of whom are crooks. Its time government stop paying law school fees at least for three years. If someone is hooked on law during those years let them fund themselves. With nearly 1000 lawyers the competition is causing many of them to steal clients money to fund their high living lifestyles.

  9. Eutychus

    You’re in an elevator with Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler and a lawyer. You have a gun with only 2 bullets. Who do you shoot? You shoot the lawyer…twice!

  10. Real ting

    The adage crime doesn’t pay is patently true in Barbados particularly high profile crimes like armed robberies and homicides. One must ask if the perpetrators of these crimes know that their freedom after the crime is usually a couple days . Look at the three idiots who went to all that trouble to rob the Paynes Bay gas station. Within hours the rascals were behind bars. Did they even have time to spend the money they stole. It happens all the time. All the recent murderers are in Dodds most likely for life. It begs the question do these jackasses who have benefited from billions of dollars of free education supplied by the tax payers have even basic common sense. What a waste of youth, education, money and everything else.