Time for the Barbados Revegetation and Restoration Act

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by Born B’badian

Bajans used to have big mouths, and gossip would spread faster than lightning.  It worked to help keep people straight, cause nobody wanted to be known as a crook or a thief. But reputations dont matter anymore in Bim. Furthermore, Bajans so busy buying and building bigass houses they can’t afford to furnish properly, and bussing their behinds to pay for, that they do not pay attention to what is going on in the country.

Bajans were never victims like I see now. They were always quick to open they mouth and cuss you out or land somebody a blow longside their head for doing them wrong. But now, the process has changed where people putting well known fall down drunks to run the country and crooked lawyers to handle the money matters of the country. The old people who sweat in the canefields to make Barbados a good place to live must be ready to jump out the grave with a fresh tamarind rod to beat everybody behind.

The people in Bim who still living sweet, are the ones who fix their little house good, and still have money in their pocket. They still planting a little kitchen garden and some fruit trees, instead of wasting precious land with front lawn. It is a sin to be importing vegetables and fruit, even seasonings from other islands while only grass growing on a big patch of land, taking up water, and keeping the place hotter than the devil’s hell.

Bajan’s got to stop letting foreigners buy their land, its the only thing we really own. People can’t go to Singapore and do this. Errol Barrow, God rest his soul, tried to base Barbados off of Singapore, but the current corrupt in power let toutmebackIlah samcouche and the duppy, get citizenship, buy land and do whatever they want on the island. Of course, bajan’s vote them in like loyal beggars blinded by cornbeef politics.  Ain’t no community spirit anymore, cause everybody lockup in their big house hiding that they eating saltfish and breadfruit and can’t pay the bills, or thiefing and whoring to pay them bills.

I say, bajans should rally to make government pass laws that no person who is not born in B’dos of Bajan heritage for at least three generations can actually own property in Barbados. They can have long term leases, but not own. That is the first step.  Second step is to make it mandatory that landowners MUST PLANT TREES and we talking FOOD trees indigenous to the island at so many per sq foot of land owned or leased. Every thousand or 1500 sq ft of land must have at least two trees.

All these damn developments where people can’t keep two hens is pure crap. Long as people keep the place clean, a goat, sheep and a couple hens should be allowed based on sq feet owned and not necessarily on development covenants. There is coming a major world food shortage ( already arrived in many parts of the world), and a water shortage. The trees help keep moisture in the air and bring rain to the land with micro-climatology. Lawns should be outlawed except for very small patches. It is a blasted luxury to have non-food bearing grass all over the island when the place dry and common vegetables so damn expensive.

Lowering cancer rates and diabetes depends on people eating fresh vegetables and fresh food, and since Bajans ain’t cows or goats, we all need food.  In 3-5 years, I guarantee that the temperature of the island will drop significantly once vegetation is put back in place.

Put a stop to all the damn building. If people insist on building bigadocious houses, then they will be forced to install green roofs, and plant even more trees to compensate. So all them people who want to take up every square inch of land with bigass house will have to scale back.

Use all them lawless people in the land tax department to go out in the field to insure that homeowners are complying with vegetation requirements.  Call it the Barbados Revegetation and Restoration Act.

Finally, people who are on this island illegally got to go! The Bajans who stayed on the island through thick and thin, working their fingers to the bone and still can’t make ends meet will once again begin to have hope, and jobs and a quality of life. Singapore and other small countries did it successfully to protect their heritage and culture, and Bajans have got to start thinking the same way.


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5 responses to “Time for the Barbados Revegetation and Restoration Act

  1. Anonymous

    well said, may it be exactly as you said!!! don’t let Barbados turn into a desert.

  2. frank

    I agree with you and use this article, read out youtube an give Barbados Free press the credit

  3. Anonymous

    I agree illegals must , I say go .we need to take control of our island .you are on point with everything you said .

  4. Eutychus

    Same Errol Barrow who allegedly said the he couldn’t wait for the day when there wasn’t a single stalk of sugar cane growing in Barbados? Be careful what you wish for…

  5. Time we step up to the plate and start with what worked before, taking back our island, one voice at a time.