A real Barbadian international business success story: Automotive Art promotes training in Barbados to attract new USA business!

Automotive Art Barbados training

Need an automotive paint system in the USA? Come to Barbados for training… in January.

Our own Bajan automotive paint supplier is leveraging their Barbados training centre to sell product throughout the USA. I love it!

by Robert

Please pardon me while I reminisce for a bit…

A long time ago my father advised that if I wanted to become a professional pilot as he was, I should first become a certified aircraft mechanic. (Certain folks will cringe at the word “mechanic” and want the word changed to “technician” or “maintenance engineer” depending if they live in America or Europe. Noted, but I’m old school and will continue to say “mechanic”. I also hold DC-3 & 727 type-ratings – master certifying mechanic and command pilot -, so put that in your tonic and gin too.)

My father knew that pilots come and go according to the ups and downs of the airline industry, and that a medical down-check can leave a professional pilot begging in the streets. He wanted me to have a valuable skill to fall back on, and I’m grateful I listened to him. My career as a professional pilot lasted only 7 years, and I made little money compared with my 20 years crawling on my back underneath aircraft with rivet gun or wrench in hand.

My father also told me that there was nothing quicker and easier than a new coat of paint to increase the value of a used aircraft, boat or car.

Young men should pay careful attention to that statement because it is true: There is nothing quicker and easier than a new coat of paint to increase the value of a used aircraft, boat or car.  

I’ve proven that true time after time. When I’m between jobs the first thing I do is to look for cars that have a clean interior and a rough outside. I buy them cheaply, and then mask and paint outside with the best of them. My driveway is a profit centre. I hesitate to really say how much I’ve made over the years, but it is considerable.

Which brings us to Automotive Art… the business not the art.

I can’t tell you how much money I’ve made thanks to Automotive Art, their paints, their advice and the quality/value of their paints – which are always changing with new technologies for at least 20 years that I can say personally.

Now I see that they are expanding in the USA and as an incentive/marketing strategy they are operating training courses here in Barbados for their paint customers.

Ha! Think about a body and fender shop in New York City looking for a new supplier for their automotive finishes. The boss has a choice of some big expensive US company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or he can choose Automotive Art (cheaper) and attend a training session in Barbados in January.

No contest!

Automotive Art website


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7 responses to “A real Barbadian international business success story: Automotive Art promotes training in Barbados to attract new USA business!

  1. Mac10

    Not to mention their training programme for maintaining the Nissan Leaf electric vehicles in Barbados. Kudos to you guys!!!!

  2. Learn skills that make money

    Good advice from Robert. Nevermind a university/college education: get training that will make money! How many philosophy majors can one island take?

    Learn to paint cars. Make money. Buy a house. Get a wife.

    Don’t fall for the higher education trap!

  3. D Oracle.

    Higher education can be a major con and guarantee you cannot make much money compared to learning a skill and using that money to invest in other ventures.

  4. dem bones

    Barbados has the best educated shop clerks and petrol station attendants in the world, the natural result of ‘free’ education for everyone way beyond this societies needs and ability to absorb graduates into careers they were told they were being educated for. We educate the young people and they are forced to leave the country forever, or forever work as hotel and shop clerks way below their level of education.

    Free UWI education was a plan for failure from the start.


    do you really believe barbados could be possibly ahead in this
    process that was invented elsewhere. really.body work shops and paint to do with cars are a million times in north america, is this a joke? gouge high price automotive art.right.

  6. Enquiring Minds Want to Know

    Lose the white collar. Learn a trade – electrician, plumber – or computer programming. Bajans too false proud for that, however, rather sit in an air-conditioned office in pretty clothes, earning peanuts.


    yea i believe this nonsense.we going to train Americans on body work when they invented it, hahah boy wunna does really meck me laugh