Angry Bajan rants about corruption with taxpayers’ monies


No contractor General, No Public Prosecutor, No Freedom Of Information, No Integrity or  Transparency Legislation. Below are some recent suspicious happening in Barbados involving taxpayers monies.

  • Carsicot. ( Warwick Franklin )
  • St Joseph Hospital  ( Branford Taitt )
  • 3S Highway Project. ( Glyne Clarke )
  • Greenland (  Liz Thompson )
  • QEH $18M Power Plant ( Everson Elcock)
  • GEMS ( Rodney Wilkinson )
  • Veco Dodds ( Dale Marshall)
  • Cahill Waste To Energy Plant ( Denis Lowe/Chris Sinckler/ Darcy Boyce )
  • Sanitation Workshop ( Denis Lowe )
  • NHC $150 Yearly Lease to Coverley  ( Michael Lashley )
  • CLICO Money Laundering ( David Thompson Associates, Garth Patterson, Freundel Stuart, Leslie Haynes, Chris Sinckler )

The above clearly shows the two political parties are comprised of deceitful spin doctors who use innuendos and theatrical distractions to protect each other which amuses the duncy Bajans.

Is the DPP asleep?

Ministry of Agriculture: David Estwick driving a Q5
Ministry of Environment: Denis Lowe driving a X5
Ministry of Transport: Michael Lashley driving a X5

Imagine workers from the above ministries gone home to help stabilize the country’s finances. Where is the empathy? The DLP is truly behaving like they no longer interested in politics after their term expire my 78 year old granny thinks.

Angry Bajan


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21 responses to “Angry Bajan rants about corruption with taxpayers’ monies

  1. Fed Up Country Kid

    No body aint get a day

  2. Nair

    We used to be leaders today and we are still almost leaders but in corruption and lack of ethics. The Trinidadians have suddenly come to the end of their rope with tough integrity Legislation and investigative processes in place to deal with all Government purchases and resale of lands etc. This what we need here but the exposure would be so phenomenal that both parties are determined not to let it happen.

  3. Party Animal

    We need to take Lawyers out of Politics and take Politics out of the hands of Crooks and Liars, neither of them know anything about integrity or have any conscience at all. I believe they don’t have or not thinking of their family’s future, who will have to pay for what they are doing today.
    We will have to depend on their great great grandchildren to pull us out of the debt and other problems they are creating today.

  4. Nostradamus

    Anyone have proof that Lowe and Lashley really driving a X5. Like a photo of them driving it or getting in or out?


    Why Why every time someone look to tell the Truth is used and title a RANT?
    Their need to be more than an Angry Bajan need to Bajans.

  6. Veritas Et Aequitas

    Right now, SSA trucks (the few left to pick up over 1000 tonnes per day) are fixed not at workshop but Trans Tech; waste 2 energy involves Bizzy Williams and if the plant recycles 70% of waste received then how does energy plant process remaining 30% for powering this island? What scrubbers does the plant use to verify the incinerators do not poison Sandy Lane and the rest of Barbados? Did the EPD give its seal of approval? Look up Singapore and similar plants, see how stringent their demands are so the population does not choke on its own filth!

  7. Morlock

    Most of the media here turns a blind eye, but not all – I see my fave TV man is at it with Pornville again? Plus he thinks Banks may be in cahoots?

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  9. D Oracle.

    Personal NOT national enrichment has been Ministers’ agenda since 2008 simply because they know they are untouchable.

  10. John

    “Japanese experts believe Barbados stands to earn between $24.6 million and $365 million annually if it uses an ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) system to generate electricity, make “fresh” water and increase fish production.

    But based on GEC Company Limited’s tabulations, the main drawback and likely obstacle is the $461.2 million to $2.4 billion in “total initial construction cost” required for such a facility.”

    Translated into English this means that in its construction phase which should cost $461.2 million it is necessary to allow for $2.4 billion to meet the current politicians “requirements” for kick backs and graft ……. and when fully in operation, the revenue expectations of $365 million per year needs to scaled back to allow for future politicians to get their cuts!!

    The Country could thus expect to invest $2.4 billion in the technology (current politicians) while only expecting to earn $24.6 million out of a possible $365 million per year ….. (future generations of politicians have to eat)

  11. John

    ….. but it is a good idea …. Martinique a department of France is planning to do it without the graft.

    This should ensure their sovereignty and not make them have to depend on the Natural Gas pipeline from Trinidad which is expected to cost $300 million.

  12. Nostradamus

    @ D Oracle. August 7, 2014 at 4:24 pm
    “Personal NOT national enrichment has been Ministers’ agenda since 2008 simply because they know they are untouchable.”

    And only since 2008? Stupse!

  13. goldteet

    A whole article about corruption and not a word about Glyne Bannister the man who brought us Dodds, The Bridgetown Harbour and many other sweet deals.

  14. D Oracle.

    Nostradamus, prior to 2008 there WAS national enrichment accompanying the personal enrichment of Ministers. Fact.


    Reblogged this on BARBADOS.TRIPADVISOR.

  16. D Oracle.

    And, the DPP lives far above his means, I wonder how he can afford to?

  17. cool runnings

    I wonder what is so personal and bitter between Ian Bourne and Donville Inniss. Merrick who is also Ian Bourne has been spending the last 7 years attacking Inniss over spurious unfounded nasty allegations. Perhaps Inniss was brighter than Bourne whilst they were at HC together.

    I have watched Bourne deliberately insert himself in press briefings with Inniss to ask silly and personal questions. to his credit Inniss has always ignored Ian’s foolishness. It is time to be more mature Ian Bourne

  18. D Oracle.

    cool runnings, the corporate documents proving DI’s porn ownership have been published here at BFP. What “nasty allegations” are you referring to?

  19. Anonymous

    Who burn-down Sam Lord’s Castle?
    Who collected the insurance settlement?

  20. just asking

    Anonymous-that is what most Barbadians would like to know!!!!!!