Will Barbados allow this crooked thief to continue as a lawyer?

Therold_Fields Barbados lawyer

Six years ago, foreign national Patricia Simpson complained that her Barbados attorney, Therold Fields, had stolen over half a million dollars from her in a real estate deal. Simpson reported that she gave the money to Fields to pay for real estate and that he simply stole the funds.

This is a common enough scam in Barbados where we have way too many lawyers scrambling for their piece of a very small pie.

Six years ago, and in the typical Bajan legal fashion no conclusion has been reached. Fields is still free to practice law and theft. One would think that good Bajan lawyers would be embarrassed by Mr. Fields’ conduct and moreso by the total lack of progress in righting the wrong.

One would think.

Will Barbados allow this crooked thief to continue as a lawyer?

The odds and past history say “Yes”.

Nation: Lawyer’s fate up to court

BFP: Crooked Barbados Lawyers: Only one arrested, many others allowed to walk free… Why?

Photo of crooked lawyer Therold Fields courtesy of The Nation



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21 responses to “Will Barbados allow this crooked thief to continue as a lawyer?

  1. Party Aminal

    Nothing can embarrass a Lawyer, they are all the same.

  2. 45govt

    This new generation of lawyers are simply sharks, and they are protected by the school of sharks that is the Barbados criminal, sorry, legal fraternity. Just as it is hard to get one doctor to help in a case against an incompetent colleague, so it is but far more so in trying to get any of the other crooks in the criminal, sorry, legal profession to assist in bringing any of their fellow crooks to justice. Good heavens, that kind of thing even catch on, and where would they all be then? They might have to work for a living instead of stealing, and that would be hard for scum like that.

  3. Bajan Abroad

    Many Bajan attorneys-at-law are a disgrace and an embarrassment and would be disbarred elsewhere. Beneath that thin veneer of being erudite, articulate and professional they do not respect, guard or enforce the rule of law. Rather they use it for their own devices.

    Although the current president of the Bar Association is well meaning he cannot possibly discipline all of its offenders, even the worst ones. Rather change is needed from higher up (like the politicians who are also lawyers – LOL) since this dishonesty is endemic to the practice and only getting worse. But since it’s unlikely to come reporting their misdeeds, promoting discourse and trying them in the court of public opinion might work equally well. Good work BFP now I know who to avoid.

  4. drumbeat

    Reminds me of D Oracle’s recent comment on lead

  5. D Oracle.

    Yes, the inclusion of lead to the diet of errant lawyers will cause them to mend their ways and the administrators of lead to sleep soundly with a smile.

  6. Nostradamus

    Did Patricia Simpson report this matter to the Police. Theft is a criminal matter so if he really did steal it he should be convicted and lock up all like now. I believe that if he was convicted then he can no longer practise law so at least that problem is solved. Why waste time going to the pathetic Bar Association.

  7. Jimmy Hoffa

    Hey. Why do we vote for the politicians that are lawyers and doctors? Can’t we field candidates from elsewhere… That’s the only way the legal system will change in Barbados. They have an interest in keeping the status quo going and they have the means to do so when they enter politics. And like Pavlovian dogs we vote for them because they appear slightly better educated than the masses and heaven knows we need bright people (rolls eyes). Like so many other things it’s our collective low self esteem and aversion to change. Can I get an amen?

  8. Nair

    He ain’t the first and surely won’t be the last. In by gone days lawyers and solicitors were generally men of stature. There were a few bad eggs but that’s human nature. Today a while at the UWI and you have a law degree with which you expect to earn lots and lots of money quickly. Probably the only way to stamp out the incompetents and crooks is for potential clients to avoid going to them for anything. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!

  9. The Governor General is a LAWYER.The Prime Minister is a LAWYER.The Leader of the Opposition is a LAWYER. 23 out of 30 present MPs are LAWYERS (who will never pass ‘Integrity,Transparency,Accountability and Freedom of Information Legislation”).The President of the Bar Association is a LAWYER.Some of the Commissioners of Police have been LAWYERS. Even though bajans are supposedly “an educated people”, they are brainwashed into believing that LAWYERS are as necessary as an American Express card …”Don’t leave home without it !”… with the resultant effect that LAWYERS..an “educated group of thieves”… control almost every aspect of bajan society. Bajans will continue to be robbed by lawyers until “people start taking the law into their own hands”.What a pity,in a supposedly God-fearing society !

  10. Bajan Abroad

    @ Jimmy Hoffa: “Amen.” And well said John Jickum.

    It’s not a case of one bad apple anymore, but a whole rotten bushel. You don’t want to paint everyone with the same brush but perception is everything – and we can’t all be wrong.

  11. Jimmy Hoffa

    People, it’s loads of fun to come to these sites and declare all this stuff but the truth is that even this is just our vanity and our belief that one obscure post will make a difference. People in history stared down the barrels of guns and we stand on their shoulders today. We are little more than cowards if we are honest. None of us will stand up, we looking around for the next man to do it and even when that man does we stay silent and mumble or post on bfp. Worse than that we succumb to the bullshit the interested parties put out when they try to cut him / her down. The Indians stick together and lobby for their interests, the whites do it, but we na, don’t rock the boat, I got a house and car I got to pay the bank for.. Good luck next generation, we screwed you over. Years ago a guy told me that edumacation, edumacation was the worst thing to happen to black barbadians. I was incensed, now after a few more Sundays I tend to agree.


  12. The basic problem stems from the fact that most people think of Attorneys as Honest Upright Citizens. The problem starts from the Qualifying body after the degree stage. They are not taught Proper Rules of Professional Conduct and Accounting Practice. As a London trained person in Legal Practice, I was taught from Day 1, Client monies are always kept in a Client Account. I am often horrified at some of the mitigation, if at all, put forward by Attorneys.on behalf of their clients even in simple bail applications. In the Magistrates Court. In a District A court, one Magistrate in my opinion,, even teaches some of them Rules and Procedure as they trip up in their pompous attempt to impress..
    When selecting an Attorney in Barbados it is crucial that you do the due diligence.as you would in a conveyance matter. Get a qualified legal consultant to investigate before selecting an Attorney especially where large sums of money are involved. White Collar Criminals will always be with us. Wm. Gittens M A., LLB (Hons) Legal Consultant.

  13. D Oracle.

    Mark Goodridge is a lousy lawyer who screwed up a matter by telling me I had no case…I took it to another lawyer who won the case and got all of my money. While he did not steal my money, MG is a certified cnut from that experience.

  14. Mark

    Bdos lawyers are the most unprofessional, ineffective bunch I’ve ever dealt with. And I’m including the supposedly elite QC’s in that. The judicial system itself appears to be badly broken. And the legal framework, which would otherwise be solid since it’s based on countries like the UK and Canada, is poorly enforced. Then people wonder why Barbados can’t attract more businesses and entrepreneurs…

  15. 45govt

    D Oracle, you are right about Mark Goodridge, he is a lying idle oxygen thief who cares more for his horses than his clients, and nothing for his non-existent reputation – and fools still hire the scumbag.

  16. Mark

    @ D Oracle
    “I took it to another lawyer who won the case and got all of my money.”

    Would you be prepared to share the name?

  17. cool runnings

    There are 12 lawyers out of the 30 MPs in our Parliament now. Not 23

  18. D Oracle.

    Mark….Garth Patterson. That said, I’m sure there are those who will volunteer unfortunate experiences at his hands…can’t win, can only cite one’s own case. Mine was excellent.

  19. Sandrene

    It doesn’t really matter if the attorney is one of the so called “elites”. They’re all the same. They drag their feet and take years to settle matters that could be done in a matter of months. I think they do this on purpose. Meanwhile, they have taken the money upfront. They lack follow-up, and are behind the times when it come to technology. They are incredibly lazy, and only care about money to buy their infinity swimming pool, or send their children to private school in Florida.

    They also try to act like people are stupid and beneath them, because the person did not go to law school. I think many people feed into the lie that you need to file anything “legal” with an attorney. Nope, you can do many civil matters without them. Yes, it will take time, and you will have to deal with the archaic legal system, but you will come out of it with your money and sanity intact.

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