Prince of Wales who later betrayed his duty, disliked Barbados, found ‘coloured population revolting’. That’s okay, we didn’t care much for racist Edward VIII either!

HMS Renown Barbados

(HMS Renown, Barbados 1919 – click photo for large)

‘There are over 170,000 of them the white population is very small and they aren’t much to look at all too deadly dull and of course depressingly primitive.’

Local scenery ‘ugly’, ‘coloured population revolting’, Barbados a ‘bum place’

… Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, talks about Barbados and Bajans in letters to his friend’s wife in the Mail Online

Royal adulterer wrote to his mistress – who was someone else’s wife

Edward VIII with Mistress, MRS Freda Dudley-Ward and friend, William Dudley-Ward (click for large)

Edward VIII with Mistress, MRS Freda Dudley-Ward and friend, William Dudley-Ward (click for large)

It takes a special kind of man to be photographed with a friend – knowing that you are secretly banging his adulterous wife.

Apparently the spoiled royal brat Edward VIII was that kind of man.

Edward was also a vile racist, according to recently offered letters written by the then Prince of Wales on a goodwill tour to Barbados in 1920.

Concern for his fellow man? Empathy? Ha! When a man was lost at sea on the HMS Renown (history link), Edward wrote to his friend’s wife: “Of course one man’s death means nothing.”

The little shit later went on to abdicate his throne and duty to Britain and the Empire for another piece of quiff – American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

When I think of all the good he could have done in his life, or at least could have tried to do, and how self-centered his choices were – Edward VIII seems nothing but a pathetic excuse for a man.

Reading his letters, as a proud Bajan I can say that Edward VIII wasn’t fit to clean Bajan toilets, let alone be our monarch.

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7 responses to “Prince of Wales who later betrayed his duty, disliked Barbados, found ‘coloured population revolting’. That’s okay, we didn’t care much for racist Edward VIII either!

  1. Victor

    This just goes to show what a little creep he was at age 25 and in fact he only got worse, his subsequent behaviour causing shame and misery to his family, the Government and the people. Luckily he abdicated before he could do more harm and was ostracised by everyone apart from the Americans who seemed to love him.
    This also sheds new light on the character of Mountbatten, a man revered for his supposed wisdom and probity, a mentor and adviser to Prince Charles; and we all saw how Charles turned out, distressing everyone by his disgraceful treatment of his own wife, Princess Diana.
    These people need to realise that the future of the Royal Family hangs by a thread. True, they are only human, but at least have the sense to realise that whatever they write down WILL resurface, the damage will NOT be limited to the few years they are alive. That includes Prince Charles and his hacked phone calls to Camilla when he said he wished he could be her tampon. How can they expect respect?
    There’s no excuse for anyone in public office, be they elected or hereditary, not to watch their own behaviour if they want to keep their privileges.
    Obviously the role of a royal is not just a bed of roses and not all of them are cut out, like the present Queen and her parents, to set an example and knuckle under to the job.
    I pity William and Kate, in this media age, now scrutinised like bugs under a microscope in every tiny detail of their lives. Pleasing everyone all of the time must be a nerve-wracking life, the financial rewards of which cannot possibly be enjoyed in the way any ordinary rich person can enjoy them.
    If you think about the way Rhianna is pursued and expected to be perfect, she at least can do whatever she likes, with only her career and future earnings to worry about. In the case of the royals they must also consider a huger picture where responsibility to the State and national stability has to be taken into account.
    “Who needs the royals anyway?” cry the Republicans of the Commonwealth and Britain. The answer to that is NOBODY, except those who wish them to remain in place, as of now, a large majority of their subjects. It’s a symbiotic relationship that could dissolve overnight. It would take an Act of Parliament and public approval to remove the Queen as Head of State but it could be done.
    Much of the Royal Family’s wealth, like the fantastic Art Collection, is now in the public domain and though they own lots of land which is a big earner, they are not that much better off than other aristocrats like the Duke of Westminster and certainly much less well off than businessmen like Bill Gates or the Saudi Royal family.
    They could pursue their landed gentry role without ever having to worry again about mass media attention. Must be tempting sometimes!
    Well, even we humble little fleas need to realise that it is not a good idea to write down things which you might be ashamed for others to see eh? Many a mutt has been caught out by a text!

  2. Anonymous

    Wow victor you seriously need to get a life. Honestly, no one cares about this. We should be more concerned about our contemporary racists here in this dreadful little island. Yes the “job creators” and the “foreign exchange earners”…

  3. Rich Hughes

    Why make comments under the cowardly veil of anonymity? Does anyone doing this truly stand up for what they are writing?

  4. D Oracle.

    Well sir, unlike the shite you read here my utterings are the soul of factual integrity…and since I call names and give dates and places in the absence of court clothes, I must needs avail myself of anonymity. There you have it, now phuq off.

  5. Green Monkey

    Well one good thing you can say on Ed’s behalf, at least there is no record (so far as I know) of him interfering with underage children or consorting on a regular basis with those who did

    The David Icke Newsletter, January 20th, 2013:
    The British Establishment … Paedophiles Everywhere

    It is starting to get silly now and the arrest for questioning of major figures must take place in at least the next few weeks if the police investigation is to retain any public confidence.

    The evidence for a massive paedophile ring infesting the royal palaces, Downing Street and the Westminster Parliament is overwhelming and mounting by the week. The implications of the full truth being revealed can hardly be overstated – the devastating discrediting of the major political parties and the end of the monarchy.

    It would bring about a total public re-evaluation of everything they have believed about the country they live in and the forces that dictate its laws, direction and methods of operation. The knock-on effect would be the same for much of the rest of the world because what I am about to describe is happening in every country to a larger or lesser extent – not least in the United States.


    Lest we forget: Disc jockey Jimmy Savile was a close friend of the royal family including Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Philip and Prince Charles from the 1960s until he died aged 84 in 2011. Savile was also a close friend of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who ran one of the most paedophile-infiltrated administrations of modern times – yes and with all the competition, too.

  6. William Gates III

    Yes anon, Rich has a point why don’t you post with your name like a real man would. It would give weight to your arguments, and would make it less likely for the airheads to completely ignore the content of your post and instead make inane comments about your choice of moniker.

    Unless your name is Anonymous….hmmm, could be, but that would make you a foreigner.

    Anyway, if your name isn’t Anonymous, give Rich’s comments some thought. He is a real man, and you could be just like him if you had the courage of your convictions. Don’t be a girl Anonymous, man up.


  7. robert ross

    I think the command ‘’ was unnecessary but we all understand the practice of monikers.

    Victor…I’m very sorry…..if Charlie really did say he wanted to be her tampon I wish I had thought of it. Mind, I never quite accepted the deification of Di. You obviously did. So there we are.