Origins of the Barbados Solid Waste Tax

Barbados Solid Waste Tax (click photo for large)

Hey Boss! I just got a great idea for a new tax!

Our thanks to Bajan Poppets!


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6 responses to “Origins of the Barbados Solid Waste Tax

  1. MoneyBrain

    He is FULL of S WASTE never went pun the throne ever!

  2. Maybe this is why Central Bank won’t have a Press Conference when the Second Quarter Rvw of 2014. Is due later on today?

  3. John

    Poor fellow.

    All of Barbados reckon his new tax is ….. well …….s**t …..

    Even the wife taking photos of him in his private place and publishing them for all to see

  4. rastaman

    @John : Would have to be photoshopped. In reality he is much larger. Full of S….

  5. Sunshine Gal

    Oh! Look! Fine ants on de po’!


    Oh well done Poppets.
    Deriding, making mock sport and fun of these political simpletons, and petty bureaucrats who it appears wishes to transform Barbados into a cringing/political/ and economic basket case these past years is a refreshing response.
    Funny as hell too. Made my day, more power to your satire.
    Thank you