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Barbados Taxes

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, opposition to the new Solid Waste Tax is turning into a national cause – uniting taxpayers across party lines. It may well be the proverbial ‘straw’.

The sight of Opposition Leader Mia Mottley cursing the government for introducing the tax is laughable though – considering that it was Mottley and Arthur and their BLP who robbed de place bare when they were the government. Had the BLP government acted properly when in power, Barbados would be in much better shape today.

We’re broke. Something has to give and both parties are responsible.

But this tax is not going to fly. People haven’t got it, and they can’t pay what they don’t have and won’t ever have.

Freundel Stuart should read some books on what happened 1937.

Different situation, I know, but this kettle is already boiling and the Municipal Solid Waste Tax just turned up the heat.

Thanks to talented artist Connie O’Neill for allowing us to steal her drawing.


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10 responses to “A camel named Barbados

  1. Wily Coyote

    Pay up you lackies, Political pension plan is out of money, not to mention NCIS, QEH, BWA, Port Authority, Post Office and don’t forget the Consolidated Fund.


  2. just asking

    Are Barbadians forgetting that it was Dr. David Eswick that it was the DLP that got us in this mess, by spending, spending, spending when they came into power. Short memories, & I agree with wily coyote MIS- MANAGEMENT.

  3. If there MUST be a Solid Waste Tax (and I think NOT) would it not be fairer to raise a “head” tax – using the electoral resister?…….I can’t think of any other way! After all, it is people who create waste!
    Would the government be paying the proposed tax to itself based on property it owns? I bet not!

  4. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    The tax raises too much questions and when to much questions are raised doubts and insecurities come running in. If this tax, which is suppose to be base on garbage did not derived amounts pay on land it would not be a problem. The tax has a sinister twist to it and bajans are not stupid of the devices of this government and the amount of mistruths they have spewed from their lying lips. There is no transparency in this tax because the question of how much the big shots will pay for their many properties have a lot wondering if some secret deal will exempt them from the jaws of this tax. The government is the worse to ever fill the seats of parliament

  5. robert ross

    Some stray comments………

    I don’t see the need to knock the BLP. My recollection is that in those days we rode high.

    It wonder if it’s mis-management or simply stupidity and an inability to use the pre-frontal lobe together with a sort of meanness of spirit.

    On the last I think of Myrie and Garcia where, in both cases, it was clear what ‘doing the right thing’ entailed.

    On stupidity I think of something which largely went under the radar – the Government’s perception of what it had enacted with the Occupational Pensions Benefits Act (lifted from Canada) which, according to the Government initially, deprived retirees of 75% of their lump sum payments and forced them to apply that amount to annuities. It was largely through the efforts of one man quite independently working through the Financial Services Commission that the wording and intent of the Act was finally understood by Government – but a good few had bought their annuities before the position was finally made known.

    Yet, there is a sense in which the DLP is bringing us up to date. The idea of UWI students paying fees mirrors the global reality – though it’s not clear to me that that was the intention as distinct from UWI servicing the debt which it had willfully created by grandiose schemes to serve one man’s ego.

    Of the SWTax…I think of the UK and the Council Tax determined by property values area by area. Eg – a two bedroomed terraced cottage in a remote part declared to be Band B (on a scale from A upwards) with the upshot that the occupier must pay over 100 pounds sterling MONTHLY though subject to relief, eg for single occupancy. By that yardstick we are doing over-all quite well.

    BFP has not mentioned the ‘Bobby Clarke marches’. At the second march an elderly man heckled marchers by saying that Bajans don’t wont to pay for anything. Well, who does? And sure this applies to the payment of taxes. .And yet the fella had a point. We scream loudest when our pockets are affected and what we are now required to do is scrutinize ourselves to try to conceptualize precisely what it is we expect government to do in face of trousers which have very shallow pockets.

  6. BLP "riding high"?

    Maybe you meant to say “spending high”

    They raised the VAT and then proceeded to borrow high and then to squander high with nothing to show for it except for a select few.

  7. just asking

    When the BLP was voted out of Parliament they left 2.8 billion dollars in The Central Bank, what & where has that money gone in 5 years?

  8. A Smart Individual

    The person that wrote this article is obviously FULL OF SHIT! and should pay his/her solid waste tax. BLP did introduce the VAT and then these morons in power raised the VAT and Spend tons of money on housing developments that were not needed and community development that you can not actually see. (All ways to frundel… sorry i mean funnel money to their accounts). A certain minister started the first DLP term with one property and NOW all of a sudden had upwards of 9 properties… G T F O H! Stop bad talking the BLP cause they were not nearly as bad as the Demolition Labor Party. They had flaws but these fools are just wrecking the island in hopes that the dollar devalues so that we can compete with other islands as our money will no longer have its power in the Caribbean.(While they change their money to USD) I hope my people don’t continue to be blinded fools and protest against this govt and their non sense!

  9. just asking

    I am a bajan, & I am living here, so whatever is dished out I have to take, but I have no sympathy for a single bajan, they preferred to believe a lie, not one but many, & put these fools back in office as a government, so tek what they get. Any one see the picture on the beginning of this post, what a LOL, M of F full of –it, translating to his boss LOL!!!!!!!!