What to do in Barbados? New Totally Barbados app has the answers!

Totally Barbados Events

Whether you’re a tourist or have your navel string buried on this rock, the new mobile app and website from Totally Barbados lists all the events and details to make it easy to have some fun.

We love it.

Check out the Barbados Events and Things to Do online calendar here, or download the mobile app from Google Play Store or iTunes Store.

Our old friend Brett Callaghan has created a real winner of an app that everyone finds indispensable once you use it. Spread the word!


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8 responses to “What to do in Barbados? New Totally Barbados app has the answers!

  1. robert ross

    Yes, it’s first rate.

  2. fred

    Garish and commercial. I’ll pass thanks.

  3. Anonymous


  4. BigMossie

    I liked it. I’ll use it while we’re here as one more resource during our vacation.
    To my co-workers back home in Winnipeg, “Having a wonderful vacation. Happy you’re not here”

  5. i do not have a iphone or android i use my cell phone for talking if necessary when i am not home.otherwise cell phones are just what they are called .sell phones to all the fools.so no is my answer.

  6. Surprised

    It looks like they put a lot of work into this app and into getting information listed. Let’s hope the work continues as I find it very useful. There are many events listed that I had no idea they were happening. I like it!