Why ‘the peaceful majority of Muslims’ are irrelevant: The majority allows 300 million violent Radicals to define Islam



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  1. robert ross

    She was good wasn’t she…and spot on?

  2. zapper fully

    Very truthful statements by Ms. Gabriel. As she says, most Germans, Japanese and Russians were decent peaceful people who just wanted to live their lives. That didn’t stop the Nazis, the Japanese war machine or 20 million deaths at the hands of the Stalinist communists. It’s the same with Islam: the radicals are many (300 million plus) while the ‘silent peaceful majority’ of muslims aren’t relevant.

  3. Victor

    Meanwhile the “peaceful majority” of Muslims cry “Islamophobia!”.
    In 20th century China, Japan and Russia when the peaceful people were irrelevant, there was not a modern Western democracy where everyone had a vote and a chance to overthrow those who were in charge unlike in Germany which was a democracy. Hitler could have been prevented had the peaceful people stood up to be counted.
    Today in the West where many of these peaceful Muslims now live, thanks be to their generous hosts, many jihadists are born, bred and radicalised, to go on and blow people up.
    We cannot expect to change radical Islam in the Middle East but we can do something about it in our own countries. “Peaceful” Muslims must stop trying to wear two hats; the one that supports radical Islam and the other one that claims they are peace-loving members of our society.
    There must be zero tolerance of radical Islam in Western society and an end to mealy-mouthed acceptance of things like gender discrimination sharia law, FGM etc.
    If you choose to live in a Western democracy you should stop insulting the very principles on which that democracy is based.

  4. fred

    Its simple folks. Islam is a virulent and violent ideology masquerading as a religion in whose name over 20,000 acts of terrorism have been committed since 9/11, so called “moderate” muslims notwithstanding. Where is the universal condemnation in the mosques of the mistreatment of women, the killing of unbelievers and those who have renounced islam? There is pitfully little because its all in the Koran muslim holy book as the inspired word of god. For more info visit jihadwatch.org

  5. Tudor

    Spot on Victor.

  6. robert ross

    Is there, can there be, such a person as a ‘moderate’ muslem? Can there be wherever Sharia is practiced or advocated. What of those who were the burqa here?

  7. D Oracle.

    And don’t forget, to make omelet eggs must be broken…collateral damage is unavoidable and entirely necessary to stave off a terminal threat.

  8. kentusmaximus


  9. D Oracle.


  10. Bodies of kidnapped Israeli teens discovered

    JERUSALEM (CBSNewYork/AP) — Israeli TV stations say the bodies of three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped earlier this month in the West Bank have been found.

    Israeli TV stations showed pictures of Israeli forces searching through rubble and military vehicles moving through the village of Halhul on Monday.

    The village is north of the city of Hebron, the place where Gilad Shaar, 16, Naftali Frankel, 16, and Eyal Yifrach, 19, were abducted on June 12.

    The Jewish seminary students were kidnapped while hitchhiking at a bus stop. They have not been heard from since.

    Frankel is an American citizen whose family is originally from Brooklyn. The other two boys also have ties to the borough.

    Israeli troops have been involved in a massive search for the teens. The three were on their way home — two to towns in Israel and the third to a West Bank settlement.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blamed the kidnappings on the decision by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to form a government with Hamas.

    Netanyahu has said he will hold Abbas responsible for the disappearance.

    “Israel will act against the kidnappers and their terrorist sponsors and comrades,” Netanyahu said earlier this month. “We will do whatever needs to be done to protect our people.”

    Vigils were held for the teens at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights and outside the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan earlier this month.


  11. Tudor

    As I have stated elsewhere ‘we are too tolerant of a most intolerant religion”. after seeing these 2 clips can anyone doubt that the Muslim aim is to eliminate Christians and rule the world.
    That Lady is spot and its time that we stop this nonsense of “this political correctness” crap, can’t say happy Christmas might offend someone what a load of crap.

  12. Anonymous

    Exactly. By the way how is my friend Christopher Atherley?

  13. Mr Coco

    Bingo, bango, bongo.

  14. Anonymous

    Its ironic how you come to a conclusion on ” How muslim women are treated ” based on what you see on the media and the negative mentality .
    Your comments are very one sided .
    Why not ask a Muslim woman how she is treated ? I’m a Muslim woman ! educated , working and wear the face veil. Im happy and not oppressed .
    I choose the lifestyle I have , no man forced me to be who I am . I choose to cover myself without asking or informing any male relative of mines.I have a voice and Im not abused . I’m not cheated on , I’m respected and cared for. I’m not used for sex and left to raise my kids as a single mum as the majority of barbadian women are. You called that freedom ? You bajan men need to know HOW to treat you women.

    Huge percentage of kids are raised in this country without a father figure, no child support and women who working their backs off to support a home. Where is the moral values that your grandmothers tried to instill and family structure and your christian values ? You treat your women like crap , and you have the audacity to judge how Muslim women are treated ?

    We dont tell you how to treat your women but we ask you to educate yourself on how a muslim woman is to be treated in Islam.

    Don’t judge an entire community based on fabricated lies you read and see on tv. Where have the muslim community done or said anything to make any bajan living here feel threatened ? We all work hard and contribute to this country we call home. Im a 3rd generation bajan living here , from bajan parents. I vote , i contribute to this country and as a Muslim living here would never impose my beliefs or lifestyle on anyone.

    Rather than sit behind a screen and type away ignorantly . Get in contact with the muslims , speak to them and learn what true islam is . We do not promote volience nor do we support the killng of innocent people.

    Seriously your hatred for Muslims and Islam is so visible that you choose to continuously search and highlight negatives. Why not look for some positives ?

    Ayatolla is a shia and all Muslims here are sunni Muslims , we do not follow or practice the shia religion.

    Get your facts straight before being judgemental and hateful!

  15. 45govt

    I see the usual apologists for muslim barbarity have arrived in the shape of the frankly moronic Muslim4Ever who must be a brain-dead follower of the nasty murderous old paedophile mohammed, ordure be upon him, and doubtless was one of those cheering on 9/11.

    At least anonymous, another misogynist stone-ager has something to say, even if it is rank drivel..

  16. Brigette Gabriel is living proof that politicians are out of touch and have no idea about the ‘real world’. Muslims annex capitalist democracies by cultivating wealth whilst threatening the very democracy they are so keen to bludgeon.

    My view is simple – ANYONE who advocates death to innocent people based on an ideology or political view is an enemy of the state. If it were me I would at the very least deport every last one of them. No benefits and healthcare tourism, no direct benefit of our country’s successful economical wealth.

    If they want Sharia Law, Allah & Muhammed instead of God then that’s fine by me. Ply this evil vitriol in a Muslim country and leave us well alone.

    The Muslim community should count themselves very lucky indeed that the West does not adopt a similar policy since we have the capability to crush them and that does not involve wearing a veil to hide our identities or to use terror tactics on the innocent.

    The Muslim peaceful majority is irrelevant. If Muslim society cannot stand up to their own then as far as I am concerned they are just one thing – GUILTY. Just like the German villagers in 1945 who were made to march into the concentration camps and bury the dead. They knew what was going on and did nothing. Like the rise of Facism and oppression in Communist states, if the West leave this threat unattended and pay lip service to these fanatics, we could face a Global holocaust which will make WW 2 look like a minor scuffle in the playground.

    The answer is simple – our law, our rules. No Mosques, no religious symbolism, no sharia. If you want to live in the West you live as we do. If you don’t then you are not admitted. If you live here and don’t you are deported. And that goes for speaking the language too.

    Ironic that Muslims regularly play the racism card when in reality, they are one of the most racist, offensive and bigoted cultures on earth, And cowards too.

    Musims are so keen to protect their hateful values. It is time for Governments to make a stand. If you are in the UK, stop wasting your vote on the same old same old who havenlt got the balls to change anything. A UKIP vote is the only alternative. To protect our countries values, our history and truly British citizens regardless of faith or ethnic origin.

    One last point. At Wooton Bassett, our dead soldiers were flown home with a memorial march through the town before a funeral with their loved ones. Our Government ALLOWED hateful Muslims to protest at this ceremony with vile placards advocating death to infidels. I would have seized their assets and deported them instantly (and their families). Our country our rules.

    Cameron – Clegg. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Out of touch and not representative in the slightest of British people. Just championing the hateful minority as per usual. Time to go.

  17. 45govt

    Well said Vinnie!