Benjamin Moore Paints used racially offensive colour names – Is ‘Nazi Red’ okay?

Benjamin Moore Paints Lawsuit

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An interesting story is breaking in New Jersey where Clinton Tucker, a black employee of Benjamin Moore Paints, has launched a lawsuit claiming that the company apparently named various paint colours after him – allegedly just to disparage his race – and then fired him when he complained.

Mr. Tucker also took exception to the company’s naming of ‘Confederate Red’. While Mr. Tucker found the paint names ‘Tucker Chocolate’ and ‘Clinton Brown’ repulsive (he had worked on these colours before they were named), his white supervisors laughed at him – so Mr. Tucker says in his lawsuit.

Benjamin Moore’s website states that the colours were named after Mr. St. George Tucker in 1798 “for his home facing Courthouse Green” in Williamsburg.

Hmmmmm…. I wonder when that was added to Benjamin Moore’s website.

And to top it off, Benjamin Moore’s ‘Confederate Red’ page says:

Benjamin Moore Flag

Benjamin Moore’s Confederate Red

This rich, refined red is a timeless and enduring classic. A great accent wall color, it is not too bold and won’t overpower a room.

Hmmmmmm. To some folks, myself included, Confederate Red invokes the same thoughts as if the colour was named ‘National Socialist Red’ and said “This rich, refined red is a timeless and enduring classic…”  

Obviously I’m not alone as someone left a comment on the Confederate Red page saying,

“Is Benjamin Moore trying to appeal to a certain clientele who longs for the “good ol’ days” of the confederate south? Or perhaps this is a way for the company to let the world know where their loyalties lie without having to ride around in white sheets and hoods or burn crosses.”

My thoughts precisely.

And don’t forget – when it’s time to buy that new sofa, let’s order it in Nigger Brown.

And in the ‘pluck the log from your own eye first’ department, in Barbados it works the other way around if you are of Indian heritage, a Jew or your skin is too white.

Who will cast the first stone?


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8 responses to “Benjamin Moore Paints used racially offensive colour names – Is ‘Nazi Red’ okay?

  1. robert ross

    Frankly, I think you’re all nuts.

  2. BFP Robert not signed in

    The continuing use and popularity of the Confederate flag is contentious to african americans because it was the flag of slavery and the Old South under which the slaves were held. Times change and so do social conventions.

    One of the largest private collections of World War II aircraft belongs to the CAF, started in Texas in 1958.

    The CAF used to be called “The Confederate Air Force” but they changed their name to the “Commemorative Air Force” in 2002 because society had changed and the name was getting in the way of the the real mission, that was to preserve WWII combat aircraft.

    Who changed the name? The good ‘ol boys membership, who respect the past, but want the future for the next generation.

  3. BFP Robert not signed in

    Benjamin Moore needs a little reminder that it is time to look to the future.

  4. robert ross


    Rationality or political correctness? Which way do you go? Cf the Moslem problem.

  5. Whocares

    I used to work at there and with him. His suit is baseless. The colors were named before he started “working” there. I use the word working loosely. He would show up late to meetings (one time a half hour late) or just walk around. It got to the point people were asking, What does Clinton actually do? BM has plenty of people of different races working for them and many homosexuals, all of whom are not viewed upon or treated differently from what I saw in my 5 1/2 years there. Clinton and this lawsuit is an absolute joke. I hope the judge throws this case out, it is a total reach by this lazy person looking or a pay day.
    As an aside, I too was let go in a round of layoffs from BM and despite that, I do not really have anything bad to say about this company. It is by far one of the best paints on the market – hands down. Not to mention the free lunch every day, and 3 weeks vacation time starting out (not as good as Europe, but decent for US standards).

  6. robert ross

    Well, LOL, that seems to settle that.

  7. bajantouring


  8. Written By : Katie McGuire
    July 5, 2014

    More PC sensitivity. Just what we need. America is a melting pot, and we are proud of it. However most people are not ‘offended’ by a football team having the name Redskins that has been around since the 30′s. If I were native American, I would be more offended that the Redskins were a crummy team for so many years VS them being called the Redskins.

    The NFL season hasn’t started yet, but one Democratic congresswoman is already trying to score her first sack of an upcoming game.

    Next season, the Minnesota Vikings will use the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium as a temporary home while their new stadium is built. But Betty McCollum of the state’s fourth congressional district is calling for the university administrators to bar the November 2 game against the Washington Redskins from taking place because she says the team’s name violates the school’s Board of Regents’ Equity, Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Affirmative Action Policy.

    McCollum, who co-chairs the Congressional Native American Caucus and has been vocal about her opposition to the name, recently penned a letter to Vikings owner Zygi Wilf to notify him of the supposed violation of the policy, which states that the university will help create an environment “free from racism . . . and other forms of prejudice, intolerance or harassment.” She encouraged Wilf to take a stand against the team, including suggesting opting out of the NFL’s revenue-sharing system since some profits come from the “hateful slur” that is the mascot.
    what a load of nonsense.!
    will it never end?