Daily Buzz features re-Discover Barbados menus

The Daily Buzz is a syndicated morning news program that airs in over 175 US television markets. I have no idea if the Barbados Tourism Authority paid for this, or if the show put it together without payment – but it’s not bad!

Are we allowed to know whether we paid for this and how much? Why not?

If you want to enjoy some wonderful Bajan cuisine for very little money at our finest restaurants, check out re-Discover Barbados.



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  2. yes 2 skanks with pretty shots of crop over,i can see the 2 women would love it. i can see what they are. soca and calypso are not the same .that is the only large mistake i can see.
    i been to crop over 1 time in my 54 years and do not relate to the ass grinding drunken displays of fat bottom women.one grind on my girlfriend by a stranger would end me in jail for life .so i avoid.
    not interested in drunken fools.pity it was not calypso as soca is not
    nearly as good. any way each to their own.i dont actually see the crop pickers band though.just office workers and i can not find the word for the rest.exhibitionist perhaps.

  3. Truth is hard for fools

    Its good to have Barbados most WANTED and UNWANTED

  4. kent taylor

    it is good to know when a person is a fool .
    as we hide our coward faces and write on these blogsit is good to be real and not a fool.
    also it is good not to fornicate and be drunken
    and hide your face and talk while hiding like a coward.

  5. i am sorry to put the carbon issue on the top of this column about crop over. the administrator or Mr bourne could remove and check into that information and use it else where.sometimes i try to post on this site and it ends up in the wrong spot.
    i have no idea if barbados government paid for that spot or possibly one of the people that work there comes to barbados for the crop over thing, who knows.
    also if you are referring to me in any comment please call me by name so i know you are talking to me.other wise it is just
    like making a statement that means nothing.
    i am referring to the only other comment on here stating that
    IT IS GOOD TO HAVE BARBADOS MOST WANTED AND UNWANTED………what is that supposed to mean?
    tell some one who gives a funk if you referring to me as i have no criminal record in any part of the world and my family been in barbados since 1627. so i is more bajan than most of you.!
    let me know.

  6. Anonymous

    Well it says ‘sponsored’ by the BTA they seem to loathe actually paying for anything.