Paying the Price

When the state buys, builds or buys and re-sells private lands, all kinds of warning flags and conditions should come to the fore. That kind of accountability and transparency doesn’t often happen in the Caribbean

Our old friend Afra Raymond keeps sounding the clarion about the abuses by those elites who misuse their public authority and power to direct profits to themselves, their friends and families.

Did independence from mother Britain empower the abusers? Or… was it all happening in the past – the only difference being a different group of elites?

Whatever the case, Barbados is effectively bankrupt.

Enjoy the decline!


On Wednesday 11 June 2014, the Senate unanimously approved the Public Procurement & Disposal of Public Property Bill 2014 and that Bill is soon to go to the House of Representatives for their deliberation. I was present to witness the collective efforts made by Senators on Tuesday 10 June and it was a really thought-provoking experience for me.  I started to wonder just how much we could achieve if the banal point-scoring and ritual picong was to become a thing of the past.  The basis of decision-making on public issues would have to shift to a fact-based one, which would be a huge, healthy step away from the sad formula of ‘might is right’.

What a day that would be for us all, just imagine.

But we have to exist in this place, as it is, with all its imperfections.  Which leads me to discuss the constant questions put by people who…

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3 responses to “Paying the Price


    Ian Thank you !

    Please see the last newsletter from the Barbados China Friendship Association. I am resigning as president. I want to focus more on the ANNU Institute and HOPE For Children’s self development programmes for youth.

    Kind Regards


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  2. kentusmaximus

    if you are a free country and are have control of your own small,tiny island .
    how hard can it be to govern such a small place?
    compare that to Australia or canada perhaps.huge places in comparison to barbados. yet we can not even handle such a small place.
    why is this??the reason is GREED ! think for yourself if you can understand what i am saying.!!!
    question———–do we really need all these politicians?
    how many people and ministries do you need to handle a 22x 14 mile island.?
    does barbados employ and pay lavish salaries to too many government workers .i think they do.imagine the savings if there were only the basic amount needed to run barbados.
    millions per year i am sure.
    yet we have 10 people doing a government job that could be done by a one handed person that actually did work and not just pretend to work and leave at lunch and go home and call that a days work.
    paid by the poor and down trodden of barbados.
    think about what the barbados delegates that spend millions traveling around the world to meetings where they would be better at home actually doing some work………………….?????going to these world meetings for what?
    they have no say in any world affairs. a waste of money as usual.
    what does barbados have to say on world affairs????????????
    nothing what so ever.
    going to beg for more money to build your big office where you actually do is a joke. a huge joke.i would say about 10 ministers could run barbados many do we have????????? and what exactly do they do?
    anyone know???????