This week in Devout Muslim news…

They scream Allah Akbar three times as they poured acid on my face.

June 21, 2014 – Nigeria: Devout Muslims murder 10 more infidels, to enforce Islamic standards.

June 21, 2014 – Afghanistan: Devout Muslim family seeks to kill Christian son, for violating Islamic standards.

June 21, 2014 – Iraq: Devout Muslims begin imposing jizya tax upon Christians, to enforce Islamic standards.

June 21, 2014 – Pakistan: Devout Muslims murder popular singer, for violating Islamic standards.

June 20, 2014 – China: Devout Muslims attack police with car bombs, guns, for violating Islamic standards.

June 20, 2014 – Sweden: 30 Devout Muslim families cut of daughters’ clitoris, labia and sew genitals closed, to enforce Islamic standards.

June 20, 2014 – Egypt: Devout Muslim court sentences Christian convert to 5 years in jail, for violating Islamic standards.

June 19, 2014 – United Kingdom: Devout Muslim gang beat infidel stranger in planned attack while handing out Islamic leaflets, to enforce Islamic standards.   

June 18, 2014 – China: Devout Muslims attack Mahjong players with axes, for violating Islamic standards.

June 18, 2014 – Iraq: Devout Muslims destroy all remaining Christian churches in Mosul, to enforce Islamic standards.

June 12, 2014 – France: Devout Muslims attack man on tram for eating ham sandwich, for violating Islamic standards.

June 11, 2014 – France: Devout Muslims taser attack Jew in central Paris, to enforce Islamic standards.

June 10, 2014 – France: Devout Muslims attack Jewish teens on street, to enforce Islamic standards.

June 10, 2014 – France: Devout Muslim attacks Jewish teens with axe on street, to enforce Islamic standards.




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30 responses to “This week in Devout Muslim news…

  1. robert ross

    “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad……It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.”

    Purveyors of hate and evil in the name of god. And we have condoned it, even supported it and welcomed it.

  2. Islam = Nazis

    You missed about 20 other terror and Islamic supremacy and Islamic cultural violence articles in the last week, but this is a good start! The shame of it all is that the apologists keep insisting this behaviour is not Islam, as those who do the behaviours use the Koran to justify their violence against infidels and women. Go figure!

  3. 45govt

    Islam is hatred. Islamophobia is what they say when ordinary people begin to realize it.

    This evil doctrine, which idolises a murderous paedophile prophet, ordure be upon him, is a cancer of the worst kind, and drastic surgery is required. Barbados is still small enough to do it – repatriation is required of all imported followers of this dangerous cult, followed by re-education or internment of the rest. There is NO OTHER WAY if we want to survive. It is already too late for Europe, as they lack the balls to stand firm in the face of accusations of racism from this determined enemy, aided by their libtard useful idiots.

    This is truly the last chance saloon for Western civilisation.

  4. Anonymous

    If you insist on your baby Jesus they have every right to their alah. It’s really that simple. Hopefully this makes sense to over educated bajans.. Probably not…

  5. robert ross


    Nothing is ever “that simple” – except, apparently, the state of your mind.

  6. Anonymous

    Yes robert. its my fault. Obviously my reference to the pseudo intellectual over educated barbadians has pricked you in the wrong spot. Ok i am off watch cat videos on youtube – simple but highly entertaining.

  7. robert ross

    Res ipsa

  8. Not an expert, only awake.

    The followers of Baby Jesus and the followers of Allah have different behaviours and different outcomes for non-believers. Muslims kill non-believers just as they are instructed to in their Quaran. Christians pray for non-believers. Big difference. Only a crazy person would look at the world today and see any kind of equivelence between the two religions.

  9. 45govt

    Anonymous – perhaps you can list some instances of mass murder, ‘honour’ killings, stonings, beheadings, female genital mutilation or other acts of barbarism carried out in the last decade or so in Jesus’ name, or that of Buddha, or Ganesh, or any of their followers.

    Take your time sonny, I am educated enough to wait while you play with your X-box, or yourself.

  10. Anonymous

    good one, why did you limit it to the last decade ? every heard of the inquisition and the witch hunts? Its just the muslims turn now. All religions misbehave when they have the power. The real issue is human irrationality in the form of religious belief. Maybe you are not as educated as you think – or you would be a glock lover.

    @not an expert. Dont be lonely i am not an expert either, none of us are. read the above.

    Had to look up what that meant. Didnt go to HC.. Yes your comment does speak for itself. So does you mode or argument. Next time play the ball and not the man… It reflects poorly on your intellect

    Thanks for reading.

  11. 45govt

    @ Anonymous.

    I limited it to the last decade because I am not interested in early history, neither the rantings of mad mullahs and their crazed disciples, not the slavery industry, nor the professional compensation lawyers. What I want is national security, peace and freedom, none of which is compatible with the goat-shagging camel-jockeys and assorted raving ragheads of the stone-age cult of barbarism.

    You keep making the mistake of assuming you have a superior intellect – you don’t. You cannot even construct grammatical sentences, and if you think a Glock, the plastic gun made for fools to use is superior, than you know even less than you think.

  12. robert ross


    “Playing the ball” – that is precisely what I did. Nothing is “that simple” – and to use the expression IS a very dopey Bajan thing to say. To say “it’s their turn now” does not take us very far in the modern world and so is neither here nor there. You sound like those fellas who say ‘Oh discrimination black on white is fine. It’s tit-for-tat for slavery.’ Sorry don’t buy it. And IF you have a devotion to the Child Jesus (your ‘baby Jesus’), as I do, and actually believe that a ‘little child shall lead them’ the difference between those satanic devils and the innocence and wonder of the child would be self-evident to the meanest intelligence.
    Oh and do get off the home-grown thing. You’ll be telling me I went from HC to UWI next.

    Mind it’s nice to liven things up here don’t you agree?

  13. Anonymous

    Ok guys this is my last response to this so here goes:


    Never did i state or imply that i have a superior intellect… perhaps you have an inferiority complex.

    I will illustrate the logic of your constraint on my response as folls:

    Me: Honey i cheated on you last year
    Wife: That horrible i want a divorce
    Me: But dont be unreasonable honey i have not cheated on you this year. Why are you so uptight about what i did last year?

    As for the grammar… sigh. who cares about grammar when you tryping this on an ipad or a cellphone… Did you get what i was trying to communicate – Even if you didnt agree ? Good, thats what communication is about.. glad thats settled…

    As for the glock… I am just going to take that as a joke to be honest… again who cares… toyota vs nissan vs honda

    govt check out this article when you get a chance, its interesting… dont be turned off by the title. I saw some of your comments on another thread and your comment today about the “slavery industry”… give this a gander when you can if you are interested.

    @robert ross

    Well thanks for declaring you hand as a child of jesus.. I dont share your devotion unfortunately. And i understand how your views will be limited as a result. More importantly than that, i understand that you yourself would not be able to see that your views are limited… Which means that for me its time to sign off on this particluar thread… But i do enjoy a scrap from time to time so we have common ground, however slight.

    Well i am off this thread until the next instalment of “nutty things the religious do” Bye for now guys/gals

  14. Oh dear!

    to anonymous: there is none so blind as he who will not see.

    Everyone sees that you cannot answer at all the factual accounts of ongoing Muslim violence, as justified by the Muslims themselves.

  15. robert ross


    Though you say you’ve gone I have a suspicion you’ll come back. So here, listen

    It was YOU who brought up “baby Jesus” not me. Now my devotion to the ‘child Jesus’ has NOTHING to do with my responses to Islam. For me, the Book(s) of the people of the book are man made shackles to secure power over – and, in the case of the practice of Islam, tyranny.

    If I say I have a devotion to the child Jesus what that means is that for me the religiousness of innocence, wonder, gratitude, awe, compassion and love without expectation override everything else and most especially any so-called religion which preaches hate, discrimination and death.

    In other words, I am not at all speaking as a Christian as you suppose – indeed, all that is left far behind – but as someone who espouses something which goes far beyond religion as we have sadly learned to know it and which, for the most part, is rooted in greed and fear – the promise of good things to come conditioned by orders backed by threats..

  16. Just yesterday

    Add to the list in the last day:

    Nigeria: Boko Haram kidnaps another 60 girls, 31 boys in Nigeria:

    Iraq: Islamic jihadists demand jizya from Christian family, rape mother and daughter when they cannot pay.

    California: Muslim gets life sentence for killing wife in murder initially blamed on “Islamophobia”

    Australia: Sydney Opera House Hosts Event ‘Honour killings are morally justified’

    And on and on and on and on and so forth.

  17. Tudor

    i am amazed that we are so tolerant of such an intolerant religion. Subway in North America, certain areas, have stopped selling ham sandwiches, so as not to offend the Muslims. In Norway in the children’s Hospital children’s paintings are no longer displayed in the children’s ward for fear that a christian child may draw a picture of a pig and so offend a Muslim child.
    I watched a Youtube clip sometime ago where British born Muslims were marching in the street and chanting “Britain go to hell”
    I strongly recommend reading a book called “Letter to Lady Liberty – Europe in danger”. It is written by a Norwegian former MP who records the Muslim “takeover” of Europe.

    Here in Barbados the quiet “takeover” has begun, there are at least 3 Mosques in the Bridgetown area alone, including a house i lived in as a boy. Hallgrim Berg author of the book above makes a significant comment that the takeover of Europe and indeed the rest of the World will/is being done not by the sword as done before but by children. The Muslim birthrate is the highest in the world.

  18. Anonymous

    @ Tudor what quiet “takeover” you are talking about that is happening here in Barbados

  19. Tudor

    Drive thru Kensington New Road, drive thru Belleville and see the slum in the making. Pass thru Pine gardens and see the warehouse in among residential homes. Go to passage Road observe the school. Who owns the majority of mini buses on the road.Check the birth rate vs. bajans. next step will be a muslin candidate in the city.

    There is trouble to come in the future, i may be gone but it is coming as surely day follows night.

  20. Tudor

    Should be Muslim

  21. Anonymous

    what does owning mini buses gotta do with taking over. dem just making a living just like everyone else.I could bet if it was a white man owning mini buses you wouldnt be saying what u said.Whats wrong with increasing the population of barbados.Bajans could do de same

  22. 45govt

    Anonymous – are you a muslim? Mind you practice no taqiyya on us.

  23. Anonymous

    i don’t think it matters if im a muslim or not

  24. 45govt

    So we may take it you are. That explains your risible attempts to defend the indefensible.

  25. Anonymous

    you may take it however u want

  26. Watcher

    It amazes me the comments I’ve read here by some and truly it makes me laugh.Ppl on here commenting as doh we want to take over Bim.Yes I’m a born and bred bajan of Indian descent who is a muslim, 2nd generation.Like me there are lots of 2nd and even 3rd generations in Bim.Muslims have been around for the last 100 yrs.We didnt land here yesterday or 20 or 30 yrs ago.And no “every indian man bout here isnt from india or pakistan”.Likewise we were born here lived here our entire life and work hard and make a meaningful contribution to this country just like any other citizen of barbados.Ppl act as doh we are a threat.Threat to do what.All we’re interested in is living day to day like any other citizen and practising religion as is every persons right and existing in harmony with the other citizens of Bim.Islam is a religion of peace not what u see protrayed by the countless fanatics in other parts of the world.As one letter writer pointed out about mosques.Those mosques didnt go up yesterday or 15 – 20 yrs ago.Those mosques have been around the last 55 yrs or so.To those that have this perception about Muslims and their religion,dont take a certain perception of what u see in the media and elsewhere in the world.Get to know what Islam is about and what muslims are about.

  27. 45govt

    “Get to know what Islam is about and what muslims are about.”

    We have Watcher, and what we have seen is a religion of death, hate, violence, misogyny, female genital mutilation, mass murder, stonings, beheadings and a refusal to integrate, or condemn atrocities carried out in their name.
    I am delighted that you claim to be the exception that may prove the rule, but the very fact you parrot that ‘religion of peace’ BS makes me doubt you were downcast by 9/11.

  28. Watcher

    To 45govt:-

    You cannot stereotype everyone in a group based on what some ppl in a group are doing.The world is made up of the good and the bad.Just because a religion has fanatics doesnt mean the religion is filled with everyone with the same mindset and idealogy.As with every group Islam has the good and then the bad who are out to protray the religion in a negative light.Muslims in Bim do not adopt that negative mindset and idealogy like u see being protrayed in the rest of the world.

  29. MistaBlack

    In a shocking round of violence, angry Christians brutally murdered a Muslim passerby and desecrated his corpse. One of the murderous rioters, Ouandja Magloire, ate the victim’s leg, and even saved a portion of the flesh for later, as if it were restaurant leftovers.
    The BBC’s Paul Wood has heard a graphic first-person account, which some might find upsetting.

    The buses throwing up clouds of red clay dust had yet to rub out the ugly bloodstain in the dirt. A Muslim man had been murdered here a few days ago, by Christians. His limbs were hacked off. Then one of the crowd ate the flesh in a public demonstration of cannibalism.

    We were filming nearby when a young man in a yellow T-shirt came up to talk to me.

    “I am the naughty one,” he said in broken French. Puzzled, I shook his hand and was trying to ease past him when I noticed the machete tucked into his skinny jeans. “I am the naughty one,” he repeated.

    I ate his leg, the whole thing right down to the bone – with bread. That’s why people call me Mad Dog. ~Ouandja Magloire

    With a sickening feeling, I realised I was talking to the cannibal.

    Camera phones had captured the crime. The pictures show a charred and dismembered body being dragged through the street by a screaming mob. A man held a severed leg and bit down into it.