Bizzy Williams SHOCKED that people don’t pay invoices, taxes!

Bizzy Williams Barbados Development

In the Nation, Ralph “Bizzy” Williams is shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU, that some businesses and people order products and services from his businesses and then fail to pay. He’s also shocked that people don’t pay the government either. (Nation: Pay shame)

Welcome to reality, Bizzy.

Maybe folks were only following your example…

Maybe people were afraid to not pay you before because you and your brother carry a lot of weight ’bout this place. Maybe they were afraid that you could make a phone call and the police would pay some ‘special attention’ to your reports.

It could be though that people have developed a culture of law-breaking here in Barbados. This is learned behaviour. After watching the government, political and business classes break the law for years, after seeing the government ruin people and businesses by not paying debts, court judgements or VAT refunds, ordinary people are emulating the behaviour of our leaders, including Bizzy and COW Williams.  

For two decades we’ve been watching Ministers of Government expropriate private lands for “public” purposes, but then some magic happens and the land ends up in private hands – sometimes even with a home where a government minister lays down his weary head to sleep every night. (Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes on Expropriated Land)

And then you have to love the stories about government expropriating private lands and not paying the owners! If that isn’t outright theft by the political class, then what is? Or the lovely story of how the Barbados government expropriated land from one business owner to give it to his competitor!

For two decades we’ve been watching business people, including yourself, defy or skirt laws when it was profitable to do so. We’ve seen how farmers are denied development permissions for agricultural lands for years and years, and we’ve seen how quickly development permissions were granted after a friend of a politician bought the land cheaply from shareholders or the farmer. (Barbados Auditor General: Arthur – Mottley Government stole land and profits from the people of Barbados.)

Bizzy, how do you think the ordinary citizen feels when they see this abuse? How do you think ordinary folk felt when you closed off your ‘private’ beach at Port St. Charles to prevent ordinary Bajans from accessing the beach? How do you think ordinary folk felt when you encouraged the developers of the Vaucluse Raceway to piss on the law and build without development permissions?

You and the Bajan government elites might want to consider who taught this behaviour to the citizens before you complain too much about people not paying taxes and debts.

And one final thing Bizzy… how much have you contributed to politicians over the years? Why did you do it?

In a truly transparent, democratic and accountable society we’d be able to see the campaign finance records for every political party and candidate.

Not a chance of that ‘pon de rock, my friends. Not a chance.


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20 responses to “Bizzy Williams SHOCKED that people don’t pay invoices, taxes!

  1. FearPlay

    Cheese-dawn-bread, you real hard BFP, you real hard!

  2. Nairbsenra

    I have no axe to grind for or against COW or Bizzy Williams. If the truth be known I have a great deal of admiration when it comes their willingness to work. I had my own business but never for one minute did I put in the hours they did. COW has told me many times I started life with more than he did and thus I never had the need nor drive. So be it.

    The difference between the Williams bros is they think not in weeks or months forward, it’s often years. They are acquiring properties that will quadruple in value in a few years and most of us have forgotten who strung themselves thin to make the acquisitions. Perhaps some were made with the help of a forward thinking Government which had no way of doing it by itself. COW was an excellent vehicle. How come DaCosta and the Big 6 never built a desalinization plant it ever experimented with wind power. The bloody list goes on and on

    I don’t have any shares in a Williams business and don’t really associate as all I know about horses is that they are usually brown and have 4 legs. I have never seen polo played since it was moved from the Garrison and I as a child knew all the Deane brothers

    Be as that may I genuinely feel that whichever Government has failed to pay the Williams, they need to be dealt with. It is unfortunate that in construction you really can’t stop working so the mill stone grows heavier and heavier . It is however a major farce when the government is crucifying local businesses but depends on them for employment.

    I understand the Government owe millions to CO Williams. COW actually hold a judgement against Government, similar to Barrack. But it can’t be spent, nor banked.

    There’s too much bloody envy alive and well today. Look back at how many businesses were started. I can name a few that were almost parented by A. BARNES & CO. LTD but I have no recollection of my father spending his time being bitter. He was totally occupied looking for other avenues to pursue.

    Good luck Bizzy and COW. You have broad backs and can take the undeserved licks.

  3. Transparency Time for Political Donations

    “And one final thing Bizzy… how much have you contributed to politicians over the years? Why did you do it?”

    THERE IT IS. The big question that is never answered. Nothing is free and Bizzy’s election contributions were given with the intent of getting something back in return.


    here is the thing ,barbados free press is exactly correct.
    Mr borne has indeed his finger on the real pulse of is something Ian i was thinking.
    who could ,or who has the resources, or can it be done by computer a census, a form signed by bajans online or on the street to show the number of bajans that do not want
    hotels blocking all the beaches,high prices,certain people getting things by bribes, all these problems !
    i am sure you can word it better than i can but a result of
    over half of the barbados population should be a considerable tool . even the causes app on face book or other
    free similar apps could perhaps used to be shown to the barbados government to show how the people actually think of all this
    immigration,bribes,pollution, monopolies,and so on and so forth.
    i am sure this would be worth a try but bajans need to
    participate . regards

  5. Party Animal

    I hope the Business Sector realize what they have done by giving loads of money to both parties to run their election campaigns.
    I hope they realize they are the ones that have us in the mess we are in today. Yes the Private Sector.
    I hope they will let the next election run on its own merit, do not give either Party one cent.
    We cannot trust any Politician, unless you believe in broken promises.

  6. St George's Dragon

    This general broadside against abuse of the laws in Barbados may be deserved but I don’t believe you have made out the case – indeed any case – against Bizzy. Most of your tirade is generalization and on the one significant point about Port St Charles you have accused the wrong person. There is a clue in the name – it’s not Bizzy, it’s his brother.
    I think it is generally accepted that it is private enterprise that is going to make jobs and help Barbados recover. We should be supporting Bizzy, not trying to pull him down.


  8. Prophetess

    What you expect? Refused to pay the workers for “Bank Holiday,” Workman Compensation and fired employees every six months. Do you expect to be paid? All in the same circle of family and if you think your family is next under the Prime Minister to run this country. YOU are wrong.

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  10. rastaman

    The caption is wrong. It is not Mallalieu either

  11. rastaman

    Bizzy is also shocked that when he goes to a function in Barbados either he is the only white person or his wife is the only black person.He must be more naïve than I thought.

  12. D Oracle.

    Bernie Weatherhead and Chris Towner are two lying, unrelenting thieves who will steal from anyone they can. And they do, just ask Towner’s ex-wife he won’t settle with or anyone in the business community, especially real estate, who has dealt with either, especially Bernie Weatherhead. A pair of scumbags.

  13. Sharks All About

    Did the folkes/emoloyees/creditors from RedJet ever get their money?
    Bizzy was quick to resign as a director so he would not be saddled with the debts. Did Bizzy step up and pay the money RedJet owed GAIA?

  14. rastaman

    Questions and more questions.Who has the answers?

  15. rastaman

    @ Sharks all about. : By the way resigning as a Director does not absolve you from debts incurred during the period while you were a Director.


    The DLP and BLP take the lead, if they dont pay , they can not make you pay, Williams never paid Violet Beckles for all he has in his name is not his , The Williams Family also do not pay , so no one pays for nothing , No taxes, who care what they pass nothing will work until they get back to law and Justice, Never pay a crook , liar nor a scumbag,

  17. Anonymous

    @Nairbsenra. Starting your diatribe in the manner you did gives the game away. You are either one one the williams brothers bought and paid for house niggers or you are part (real or imagined) of the white or social elites. I find it funny that nothing can be said against these people without them being staunchly defended by other people. They never have to do it themselves. That my friends reflects the bubble in which barbados resides in. Its transparent to most people who are born, socialized and “edumacated” here.

  18. rastaman

    @:kentusmaximus; Wow that was an epiphany !!!

  19. dem bones

    There is a culture of law breaking in Bim and it is learned behaviour from the top down. The elites do it, so we do it too.

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