Graves Of Barbados – Respect and Love For Our Families, Our Friends and Our History… Or NOT!

Barbados Cemetery History

More discarded human bones, coffins at Barbados Cemetery

Updated June 18, 2014

Once again it’s time to report on the latest indignities to buried friends and relatives. Every six months we read of another ‘find’ in this churchyard or that: human skulls, coffin parts, bones of the dead still dressed in their burial clothing. The latest is in The Nation: Relative jolted by scene at cemetery.

We’ve destroyed all the historical buildings we can on this rock. Practically nothing remains of our slave history.

Practically nothing remains of the military forts and bases that ringed this island right up to the cold war. Now we destroy our generational history and disrespect our friends and family members. Every person for themselves! Full speed ahead with that new iPhone or Samsung big screen handset! Fancy trucks! Party Party Party!

And cast the bones of the dead on a heap of garbage.

That’s our modern Bajan culture.

Here are BFP’s prior reports on this phenomena…

Barbados Free Press

UPDATED: October 11, 2012

Six skulls, bones, body parts found in open graveyard pit

With Monday’s discovery of an open pit containing burned skulls, bones and other body parts at the Christ Church Parish Church, our thoughts immediately turned to a previous article by our own Robert.

Sad. So sad. And what does it say about us?

Somebody should lose their job over this, but you know that’s never going to happen.

Here is the current story from the Nation, and then BFP’s original story…

Shocker in Christ Church graveyard

Mourners attending a burial in the Christ Church Parish Church’s cemetery on Monday evening were mortified when they stumbled upon a hole containing burnt skeletal remains.

An upset woman told the MIDWEEK NATION that they were disgusted by the sight in the graveyard.

“I counted at least six skulls and I could see teeth, hair and bones and what appeared to be…

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4 responses to “Graves Of Barbados – Respect and Love For Our Families, Our Friends and Our History… Or NOT!

  1. robert ross

    Was the parish priest aware of it and, if so, what was his response?

    The ‘bone hole’ is a well known feature of grave life. In many places graves are reused. I suppose it doesn’t do any harm for people to see signs of our mortality. Maybe it will make us kinder to each other. In other words, is the shock and horror about the dead or about US?

  2. Nair

    This is nothing new… I vividly recall my parents and several friends returning from the funeral and burial of David Outcalt In the St. James Church grave yard. Must be in the late 60’s, 70’s, Their cars had barely stopped in our yard when both men and women dashed inside and mixed a stiff whiskey drink, and had a few more later. Apparently the grave used for DO had been used before and may have been prematurely opened as while BARE BONES were there, there were patches of hair on a skull and the SMELL was appallng. My father who had a very weak stomach apparently almost puked at the graveside but managed to move out of range of the smell, only to see a dog moving away from the opened grave with one of the skeleton’s bones.

  3. anonymous

    The answer is cremation. A small Island nation with limited available land cannot indefinitely give us the 3x6x6 at the end of our days.
    Ashes to ashes is the sensible and hygienic route.

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