Was a bribe paid to Town and Country Development Planning Office?

Barbados Historical Building

Were promises made?

by passin thru

bribery.jpgWe know how it is on this rock. How many examples do we have of historical buildings rezoned and torn down before anyone knows? How many examples do we have of land-use changes that are pushed through on a Friday afternoon with no notice, and often in opposition to common sense? One of those ‘unexplained’ land use changes murdered a family, or have we forgotten?

This time another historical was building torn down without notification and in the middle of controversy.

Was someone in the Town and Country Development Planning Office paid off? Was a promise made?

We know how it is on this rock, and my stomach turns every time I see another ‘mistake’ by which somebody profits.

To HELL with them all. My anger is righteous because the rule of law is nothing in this place. If I could only get a green card I would be gone.

Landmark torn down

“We were working with a number of Government agencies to secure this building,”

“The only difficulty we were aware of, in terms of its safety, was its balcony that was overhanging the road. The fact that we got to this stage – that an historic building was demolished without any notification being given to either the National Trust or anyone else – it shows a huge failing in the system,”

The fact the building was delisted by the Town and Country Development Planning Office “for no viable reason for which a building should be delisted” was worrying, but delisting was still of no merit since it was in the World Heritage Site.

“It should have come under consideration. It is a serious matter to demolish one of these buildings,”

… Peter Stevens, Vice President of the Barbados Historical Garrison Consortium Inc. quoted in The Nation


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8 responses to “Was a bribe paid to Town and Country Development Planning Office?

  1. Edward G.

    “If I could only get a green card I would be gone.”

    The brother says the truth! Me too.

  2. kentusmaximus

    well it is barbados the land of the rich and famous and dreadful poverty.bribe is a normal thing in barbados the gem of the Caribbean sea.is it on the beach side?
    if it is then well more condos to use to money launder.
    barbados want invading by a big country and put all these
    criminals to justice.
    never know could happen.!


    we have been tell you all, No joke just facts, If you have to ask the question the answer is yes. more fraud to come as the people sleep and chicken to make a move on their own,
    MIA and OWEN need to be in jail, study the land deeds and who and what was built, Mark Cummings need to be in jail with his female ass-sis-tance

  4. CJB

    Stop corruption at high levels = crime stops at lower levels. A country that destroys its heritage also destroys its culture. Why else should tourists visit a country – certainly not for the walls around its never ending condos along the beach front – that’s for sure? Just look at Holetown FGS!! No heritage sites to visit = no tourists. What brains has anyone got to destroy a listed building for no other reason than to build yet more sub-standard accommodation for a dwindling number of tourists? Brainless, crass, big time stupid. Who are the property developers this time? Bet they’re not locals.


    CJB @, We feel your words ,we see your words , we know your words first hand ,
    “unexplained’ land use changes murdered a family”@
    We have been saying on Barbados Underground that the family is not forgotten , We Own the PLANTATION DEED for the land in Question , We sold nothing to MIA , Mark Cummings at TOWN and COUNTRY gave permission to Build on Land with not clear title or proof of lawful sale, MIA need to be in jail on fraud and 5 counts of murder of this family.There is a lot more to this , We will hold till time is right,
    As you can see the COP , DPP did nothing and those who knew and did nothing need to be removed from office , Owen seem also to play a role in this , Was he not head of T&W or control it at that time with Mark Cummings?

  6. Party Animal

    There is a lot of land on the beach front, ( in a drain ), a natural water course in Cattlewash which has been marked out for a house to be put on. Looks like construction will soon start.
    How on earth has this person got permission to build on this site. $$$ ?
    When it starts to rain, where is the water to go, will it run under the proposed house ? have the plans included an under house river bed, will it be build on stilts ? or maybe a floating foundation with proper anchors.
    I have seen a house in the same area almost go out to sea some years ago.
    My parents were to move in the same house the same day it rained, their Vacation was spoilt as the house was almost knocked down by the rain waters.
    I thought NO BUILDING on the sea side on the East Coast should be permitted. Maybe this order has not yet reached T&CP.

  7. rastaman

    @party animal: Didn,t you know that Mr Mark Cummins is a law unto himself.

  8. Nostradamus

    What I find amazing is that as far as I can see the Nation (well not really amazing for that rag) does not report that they made any attempt to contact Town Planning for a comment/response or the Natural Heritage. Department