Barbados Attorney Philip Vernon Nicholls arrested for Money Laundering, Theft of $675,000 from client real estate deal

The last anyone saw of this case in the Bajan news outlets was when Lawyer Philip Vernon Nicholls was freed on bail for Money Laundering and Theft of $675,000 from a client. Nicholls was due back in court on February 25, 2014, but the news media didn’t cover that appearance. Can anyone advise what happened?

Or… is this yet another case of charges being dropped for no reason?

Here’s BFP’s original November 2, 2013 article when he was released on bail…

Barbados Free Press

Philip vernon nicholls attorney

Prominent Barbados attorney-at-law Philip Vernon Nicholls is free on $200,000 bail and will return to court on February 25, 2014 to face charges of money laundering and theft of $674,172.

The offenses are said to involve a foreign real estate client – a method of stealing money that seems all too prevalent amongst Bajan lawyers. (Check out some of BFP’s past stories on this topic: here, here, here, here, here, here and here – get the picture?)

In the past many Bajan lawyers bought their way out of similar theft charges. Until recently most of these complaints were dealt with internally by the Barbados Bar Association until the volume of thieving lawyers walking free so undermined the reputation of Bajan lawyers that the association and the police were forced to really do something. Still though, most lawyers end up buying their way out in a…

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4 responses to “Barbados Attorney Philip Vernon Nicholls arrested for Money Laundering, Theft of $675,000 from client real estate deal


    The only money to be made in Barbados is Land , None of them own what they are selling , He need not be alone in this crime of fraud ,
    The DLP , BLP and the DBLP is the focus of the crimes against the STATE.

    We are Short another 599 lawyers to be arrested for the same crimes along with MIA , Owen , Sir Ham and Sir Cow , support by Sir Forde and Sir Beckles at UWI , National Trust with Sir Henry and Et Alii.

  2. 45govt

    Hey, steal $675,000, get bail from your pals for $200,000 – who says crime doesn’t pay?

  3. D Oracle.

    Gone between the cracks in our floorboards to join the accumulated mountains and legions of the same there.

  4. John

    I heard the allegation that he was in jail a couple of weeks ago but could not get it confirmed.

    Lord Have Mercy!!