Headlines: Mottley says ‘no rampant crime’. British national stabbed to death at Gap tourist area. Pregnant mother shot.

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On Saturday night, Opposition Leader Mia Mottley told a Brooklyn, New York town hall meeting that although there have been publicised isolated incidents, crime is not running rampant in Barbados.

Folks in Grape Hall might have a different opinion because you can’t leave a shirt hanging out to dry without keeping an eye out for it, and it’s not wise to walk in the evening unless you are in a group or sure of yourself. Five years ago things were different. Tell me if I’m wrong! While a few Brit tourists have said very public goodbyes to Bim, most don’t write letters when they make that decision.

Looking at some of the headlines from the 24 hours after Mia’s message, and knowing how things are – you have to ask yourself if Mia and some of her fellow political class really believe what they say publicly. Or, do they think they can ‘solve’ the crime problem by denial?

Nation News: Mottley: No rampant crime.

Telegraph UK: Briton fatally stabbed in Barbados

Nation News: Guns Ablaze


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19 responses to “Headlines: Mottley says ‘no rampant crime’. British national stabbed to death at Gap tourist area. Pregnant mother shot.

  1. CJB

    The Barbados Government and its rich investors need to abandon its condoning of widespread corruption, rampant and unrestricted property development, and other unsavoury practices. They and the authorities especially the police need to focus on controlling the recent rise in violent crime. If they don’t – and there are every signs that they will not – then the tourists will leave, and they will not come back. The Barbadian hotel owners, resort owners, and all of the promoters of tourist activities need to unite and tell the Government that enough is enough – NOW its time to act. We for two will NOT be back – there are safer places to go to spend our hard-earn tourist dollars in.

  2. Websters from Sarnia Ontario

    The character of a vacation in Barbados has changed incredibly in the 15 years we’ve been visiting. The people are still friendly but the place is run down and dirty. And expensive compared to other places. I’ve read about an increase in crime but have not personally experienced any. Unlikely to come again. Not special enough anymore. Sorry, but there it is.

  3. Party Animal

    I was wondering why Mia so quiet, typical Politician running the Country from over in away. I wonder how much of New York is owned by Bajans ?seems like all the Politicians live in New York after they have been elected

  4. Jack Bowman

    Very sad but not new.

    We must all of us, always, remember the words of the “Barbados Underground Family” in relation to another murdered tourist in Barbados.

    Those words are: “Yes I said murdered Canadian tourist Mr Schwarzfeld is white trash.I make no apologies for calling her that.”


    Hey, Adrian Loveridge: what do you think about that? It’s still there, still on the blog on which you choose to publish, regularly, inducements to tourists. What do you think about that? Will it affect “airlift” or “rack rates”? What do you think? Guess.

  5. Charlotte Browning

    I have been to Barbados three times and it was OK.

    I will never again in my life visit a country where a murdered tourist is referred to as “white trash”. Shame on you Loveridge. I will tell all my friends and family about this. Might write a blog.

  6. Mike Purcell

    I checked the link.

    I will never go back to Barbados.

  7. CJB

    We were there in February and noticed consistently more aggression from many locals, in shops, at tourist sites and attractions, from bus drivers, from the ZR van drivers, from the police, and especially from a cab driver who ripped us off big time when we departed, We got the impression that the ‘white trash’ attitude was becoming quite prevalent. Sadly scum Loveridge is but one of an increasing number who resent white and coloured tourists spending their hard-earned dollars in the country. But there is a simple solution for tourists – and that is to go somewhere else. And tourists are abandoning the Caribbean in droves

  8. robert ross

    NO…this won’t do. Jack B was NOT saying that Adrian Loveridge used the offending words. He did not. He was criticizing him for bothering to contribute to a blog which is not known for its even handedness when it comes to issues of race. He, Jack, also contributes to it occasionally as also do I more frequently. According to a number of contributors to that blog “white trash” is not a racist term. Yeah right. We do what we can. Adrian publishes his stuff there, and here, because he has a special interest in tourism – and really can’t be blamed for that.

    Actually I think the Websters from Ontario said it all – BIM is simply not “special enough” any more.

  9. CJB

    Try Malta – that is a very special Island with locals who genuinely like the Brits. Also is quicker and cheaper to get to, has equally warm weather, beautiful beaches, clean hotels, and friendly locals who appreciate visiting tourists. Oh – and there are no racist scum with ‘white trash’ attitudes.

  10. Wondering

    Adrian Loveridge is white. He did not say that tourists were white trash. He would rebel against that. I do wonder though if he sends his articles to Barbados Underground or do they pick them up from other blogs?

  11. Jack Bowman


    I missed the full stop after “I hope we’re clear on this.”

    And after that I forgot to address Mr. ROK as a motherfucking pussy.

  12. BFP

    Jack… settle down man. We’ve loosened up since Marcus passed on, but you can’t be like that here and expect not to be blocked. Do we have an understanding?



  14. St George's Dragon

    @ Mike Purcell
    Every country has its extremists. Barbados has a few people (very few) who have a chip on their shoulder. Some of those have posted extreme stuff on BU. You should not judge everything in Barbados by their standards.
    I don’t know where you are from but as an example, someone from outside the UK could be fooled into thinking that Lee Rigby’s murderers were representative of mainstream UK thought. That, of course, would be a mistake.
    There are outliers in every society. I live in Barbados and I can assure you that it is, on the whole, a good place to live or holiday.

  15. robert ross

    St George

    Of Lee Rigby…no, not mainstream British thought – but in light of events in Kenya, Nigeria et al…mainstream jihad thought.

  16. robert ross


    I’m not speaking for Jack. He doesn’t need me for that. But I thought your admonition very gentlemanly. Such a change from the other place.

  17. robert ross

    What a nice change it is to see more contributors to this blog. I hope it will carry on. Now we need to talk to each other.

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