re-Discover Barbados dinner promotion takes off!

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Adrian Loveridge - tourism expert, hotel owner

Adrian Loveridge – tourism expert, hotel owner

This last week has been what can only be described as an adventure in learning or how to maximise the results of a microscopic marketing budget while transforming a concept into a revenue generating tool.

Hopefully it will play at least a small role in maintaining viability and employment in our tourism sector. (See the re-Discover Barbados website for a list of the great restaurants participating in this promotion.)

The very first lesson learnt is that you cannot expect to achieve this by yourself, but need ‘likeminded’ people who are willing to donate their time and often incredible skills to take the initiative to a higher level.

Another prerequisite is having a cluster of interested players who can see beyond normal existing boundaries or to rely upon a rather over used term, ‘think outside the box’.

It is then also absolutely critical that the initiative is supported at a national level rather than ruling out ideas that may appear to be emanating from personalities or messengers who may not garner universal approval. Using the social media, I have frankly been amazed at the reach it is possible to achieve, at no or very low cost. By targeting specific areas and special interest groups, a higher take-up level is clearly attainable.

re-discover barbadosThe Barbados Tourism Authority have given their full support by compiling superbly written full page features in both local newspapers and have already, or are about to issue media releases throughout all major markets. Ideally these will be used by travel publications and trade press to spread the word to a massive potential audience. 

Ultimately though, it will be the consumer who makes the final judgment as to the value-for-money the product and/or service on offer is determined.

Programmes like re-DISCOVER also give an amazing opportunity for local businesses to become more involved, especially as an emphasis has been placed to source as many possible ingredients on-island or regionally.

Certainly hotel and restaurant suppliers should be knocking on the participants doors to see how they could help and capitalise on the collective efforts. Already one local bank has been invited to jointly promote a competition that will offer a monthly dinner-for-two prize when paying by any one of their issued credit cards.

Some of the affinity cards also offer air miles, so it will offer the added bonus to reaching redemption awards requirement quicker.

Corporate entities that support the concept will assist in prolonging the project and help dissipate any benefits throughout the economy.

We are trying to monitor the results as closely as possible and if the predicted target meets expectations it should generate another $2 million in turnover across the various partners.

I firmly believe that every marketing project should be carefully evaluated with a proven analysis of its return on investment. Only then will ‘we’ be able to truly state that precious promotional dollars are being spent in the most productive and cost-effective way.


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3 responses to “re-Discover Barbados dinner promotion takes off!

  1. CJB

    The Barbados Government and its rich investors need to abandon its condoning of widespread corruption, rampant and unrestricted property development, and other unsavoury practices. They and the authorities especially the police need to focus on controlling the recent rise in violent crime. If they don’t – and there are every signs that they will not – then the tourists will leave, and they will not come back. The Barbadian hotel owners, resort owners, and all of the promoters of tourist activities need to unite and tell the Government that enough is enough – NOW its time to act. We for two will NOT be back – there are safer places to go to spend our hard-earn tourist dollars in.

  2. Party Animal

    How can you tell this Government enough is enough, they would not have a clue of what your are talking about.

  3. Adrian Loveridge

    Delighted to report the latest restaurant to join the programme is the Yacht Club at Port St. Charles,