St. Vincent’s Argyle Airport runway test procedures raise serious doubts

argyle-international-airport problems

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Terminal is 30 feet below runway level

by Peter Binose

I have visited the airport three times every week during the last two months.  Recently I watched with my new ‘Sunagor 30- 160X70 binoculars’ from the base of the control tower site, a man I know as a Cuban engineer assisted by a Vincentian labourer testing the runway compaction.

Instead of making a grid in the process of analysing the runway compaction test scientifically it was more of a willy-nilly kind of testing regime.

We were told by PM Gonsalves that the test was carried out in our new laboratory.  He told us how the contractors could get away with nothing. What he didn’t tell us was that we have no contractors. We are building an airport ‘self build style‘. We are our own contractors. In fact it started out as a ULP project, they were the contractors, all the trucks still carry stickers “we are ULP” and “we are labour”,  but when financial difficulties arose, it became a state contract.

When Prime Minister Gonsalves told us the compaction test was carried out in the laboratory I assumed that the test was called the Proctor test. The Proctor compaction test is a laboratory method of experimentally determining the optimal moisture content at which a given soil type will become most dense and achieve its maximum dry density. The term Proctor is in honour of R. R. Proctor, who in 1933 showed that the dry density of a soil for a given compactive effort depends on the amount of water the soil contains during soil compaction. His original test is most commonly referred to as the standard Proctor compaction test; later on, his test was updated to create the modified Proctor compaction test.

What I believe I saw during my recent visits was a Cuban engineer testing the compaction by a method which appeared to be the Troxler gauge testing system. There are several types of Troxler Gauges – some work with a nuclear gauge and some with a non nuclear gauge. Both are used for testing in the field and not in the laboratory. The test and the results is done right there at the runway. The engineers assistant drives in a spike to make a hole, then the gauge rod is lowered into the hole in measured depths. A reading is taken and noted and written into a log. So there is no laboratory test – the test takes place right there in the field.

No independent technician… just ‘our’ Cuban worker

But what we need to consider is that the test is not carried out by an independent test expert, but by one of our own employed Cuban workers. So one asks the question “So what if we are doing our own testing and can write anything we want in the log book?” This procedure is most unreliable and we rely on one man, who is our man, who can write whatever he wants, even what he is instructed,  in the log and submit it as fact.

So when we got all that spiel from the PM about “the contractor can get away with nothing” he was untruthful. Because in carrying out a self test relying only on one man’s honesty and credibility, we/they can get away with everything.

Remember – I previously wrote that I expect a new report that says compaction is OK and for the cement to be then laid. The runway must read 100% compaction and everywhere else grass areas etc, must be compacted to at least 92%. I do not believe for a nano second that the whole site will ever reach the criteria that is required by the FAA and other air licensing agencies.

According to my Cuban informant, they have been using a brand new concrete pump mounted on a truck, operated by Cuban workers. Last week they left cement in it overnight – which then dried and set in the machine. The whole machine is now scrap. That’s what you call Cuban expertise.

Runway and airport terminal building apron water and chemicals will still be drained into the nearby stream, and then into the sea.  No provision for removing the chemicals or even for future testing of the effluent.   This could well mean death of fishing in the area between Argyle and Kingstown, perhaps affecting even the Leeward coast.

The terminal is still 30 feet below the runway. 

Nothing can be done about that now.

We are still paying the Cubans wages and the Venezuelans still are not reimbursing us as they promised?

They have filled a small but deep valley that fronts at the Rawacou road right next to the resort. The way it has been filled is an absolute certainty for a massive land slip during some heavy rain period. There have already been some small slippages. To make matters worse they have stored many thousands of tons of crushed stone on top of the unstable land fill.

We still have no coalition of the willing. That has turned out to be the biggest untruth in the whole history of the SVG. I will not say a lie, because it may just be ignorant stupidity on the part of he that negotiated such a deal without written contracts. But, after thinking about it, I don’t think it was stupidity.

What peeves me is why must we be lied to about everything, including compaction testing? Why?

Peter Binose

Photo courtesy of Caribbean360


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55 responses to “St. Vincent’s Argyle Airport runway test procedures raise serious doubts

  1. Party Animal

    True Politics ……….. Caribbean Politicians at their best.

  2. Konkieman

    What do you expect from a old time socialist like Gonsalves. Tom Adams kicked his ass out of Barbados in the 1970s and he still screwing up economies.

  3. Earl Richardson

    This Peter Binose has to be the most vile irritant that steps on Vincy soil! I might be wrong but I believe he writes like a woman scorned!

    He never seems to have a positive contribution in any of the dire tripe he pens.

    He is not an engineer yet puts across conflicting views on matters engineering, the airport is looking fine in my opinion, and as a small nation with no natural resources I think the PM is showing courage, guts, leadership and a willingness to lead Vincentians out of the gutter that most islands wrongly think we belong, namely Barbados who for years has been treating Vincentian travellers with disrespect and utter contempt. They delay you without cause they search your luggage and seize your strong rum, despite travelling en-transit.

    This airport will pay for itself in a few decades time, we as a people want things now but these things are in the long term interest of the country as a whole our grandchildren would be the benefactors!
    Tourism would not be the only reward from this- for me is the FREEDOM of not having a Bajan immigration officer belittle my national identity!!!!
    Then you have the engineering maintenance carried out by trained Vincys aircraft engineering logistics and all the other benefits that allows Vincentians to be part of. Since Ralph has taken power we see a stop to the dumbing down of the nation, schools and teachers and indeed ordinary citizens have benefitted immensely, and this has rattled the BACKWARD looking opposition with their typical brand of scare mongering tactics of which Mr Binose is a graduate!

    He mentioned that there are no contractors and no contract- well good for him to expose his true intelligence with such public display of rank and utter ignorance!!

    What expertise of Airport construction engineering has St Vincent has to undertake such an ambitious but realistic task? Are there not an international body that is responsible for the compliance and of such undertakings?
    This person knows no bounds for his brazen and frankly bare face lies!!!

    I truly hope upon completion of this splendid representation of an airport is this most picturesque of an island, that Mr Binose be subjected to the most vigorous of interrogation upon every time he passes through the airport as I believe him to be the single most threat to SVG with his constant undermining of all things SVG this to me is tantamount to terrorism as it is exactly what he is doing to Vincentians!

    God bless SVG……….

  4. From behind a tree close to you

    “Looking through my Sunagor 30-160×70 binoculars” heaven help us if he gets some night vision goggles or a small drone with a camera.

  5. Anonymous

    @Earl Richardson .. Can you name the Contractor for the Argyle Airport Project? If you can not , Perhaps Binose is right and you are the ignorant one.

  6. Little Legs

    Wonderful news, I will blame them for the failing of BB and of course fatchips.

  7. Skeck

    I have to agree that most SVG nationals want to avoid passing through Barbados, but that’s no reason for us to be saddled with this debt for generations. You are right about the airport paying for itself in a few decades time. Meanwhile the strain on the citizen will be there for a few decades time also.
    Politicians never make the right decision period. They all screw-up and Ralph is no exception. This is his baby and that’s why he kept Vincentians in the dark about financing. The money could have been spent promoting the Grenadines. People know about the Grenadines, but not mainland SVG. There are no infrastructures to encourage and attract tourist to the main land. No big hotel chains are rushing to build hotels to accommodate the hundreds of visitors it will take for the airport to be profitable. Building an airport to appease you and me, because we don’t want to go through Barbados is crazy.
    Ralph is doing nothing to help SVG nationals travelling through Barbados. Has he ever taken up the issue with the government of Barbados, or even with CARICOM? It serves his purpose to have disgruntled Vincentians bitching about the issue. What you and most people forget; we are pastime visitors – once or twice a year. That cannot support tourism and the money it will take to maintain a large airport.
    Don’t get me wrong, the airport idea is great, but we should have been partners from day one. Instead it was Kaddafi, Chavez and Ahmadinejad. Today we are paying for the lies Ralph have been crapping to Vincentians for years.
    The educational revolution you and many others like to talk about has done very little for the majority of Vincentians. There are hundreds of lawyers a few Vincentian doctors, but very few farmers and garbage folks. In other words the entire revolution didn’t cover the needs of the nation. It should have encompassed the entire SVG nation and create jobs for a majority of the population. Instead half of these graduates have no jobs and are retired at 55, unless they carry a ULP card.

  8. Edna Kumi

    Wake up Vincentians Peter Binose is right.Firstly when a government take your lands for a project they must be honest and pay the landowners.By not doing so they have destroyed the live hood of many honest poor families.The government has brought shame and disgrace upon themselves.All they have in their empty greedy brains is how to make money at these poor peoples expense.Well it’s not going to happen, NO AIRPORT.The goal post keeps on moving.The Tears, Pain, Hurt, Hunger and distress. of these people who are afraid of the bully boys to ask for what is rightfully there’s is in itself a bad omen for this project.So when we are jumping up and down about the Government and his Baby Project,Think about Fairness,Honesty,Dignity and Self-Respect.

  9. Earl Richardson

    @Edna Kumi- Fairness,Honesty,Dignity and Self-Respect. These very words are yours, which you so obviously lack!
    Firstly as an expat having followed this project from overseas I must say the government of SVG have shown leadership courage and a determination to forward SVG in the region. Put aside petty political differences and acknowledge the fact that like it or not the airport is here to stay, you only have to follow it on FB or indeed visit it yourself!
    One of the biggest nonsense written here is that the terminal is 30 feet below the runway? Are you people sure of what you red? Get a hold of yourself and let the country go forward!

  10. Earl Richardson

    This is an open comment to all the naysayers here- Please emigrate to Barbados along with Peter Binose if you so hate the government of SVG and the PM! He was voted in my a democratic process of which the people of SVG exercise such right, and for all the ignorami who donot wish to learn, the government of any country is mandated to act on behalf of the people and if the people are not happy with the government they vote them out- Simple!

    Stop display the ignorance you demonstrate so publicly!

    And as a reply to the nameless imbecile who responded to my original post, who goes by the name anonymous you are either clueless or Mr Binose in disguise, either way you are desperately clueless!! A contractor is someone or company that does paid work for or on behalf of someone. I know that the airport is real I also know that the technology for building such a large scale airport is not in SVG, so how is it possible that the airport is near completion if there are no contractors? Do you think it is possible for an airport to be build without the relevant supervision from the responsible international bodies?

    Some of you are so dumb you are believing every factless utterance from someone who obviously has an axe to grind!
    Go for yourselves see for yourselves! Donnot depend on someone who is clearly a peeping tom! Why does he need binoculars when could visit himself?

    All the bile spilled by Mr Binose is so detached from reality- Its laden with someone told me, I heard, etc the man is a fantasist and you are like sheep reading such bile and reacting to imaginary situations!

    Wake up sheep! The airport is real and it will finish in due time!

  11. Edna Kumi

    Earl Richardson you haven’t got a brain.Now I can clearly see that.Fairness Honesty Dignity and Self Respect.How can I lack those when I haven’t stolen anything from anyone to make myself the Big Chief?.Take a look at your sentence I am sure of what I red or is it read?You are not waking up the sheep,you are waking up the ass.Tell me in the last three years when was the due time for this Airport to be completed.A big project like this,I would like you to tell me which government in this world is begging to build an international Airport?How much have you contributed to this project?Did you help him with the planning?If you did now I can why the Due Time is never here.

  12. Earl Richardson

    @Edna- I honestly don’t want to engage in an insulting tug of war with you! I prefer open debate based on facts and objectivity, however as I can see from your response these are virtues that are not in your capacity!

    Firstly honesty and fair-play is not in your post which you used to rant against a government that is clearly doing something for SVG!

    Secondly I donot have to prove to you that I contributed to the project. As a Vincentian living in the diaspora I am sure SVG has benefitted in more ways from sons and daughters of the soil like myself! The difference is we dont boast about something that all patriots of any country should be willing and able to do, and that is to come to the aid of their beloved country, this does not apply to SVG alone! So I hope that answers your question.

    Thirdly your feeble attempt at insulting me is rather pathetic! It itself in trying to correct my typo you made a blatant grammatical error in doing so, which is no typo!
    Fourthly your feeble attempt at dismissing the great efforts by the people of SVG by labelling their proactive vision to seek help wherever it is available in order for ingrates like you to boast about our airport when it is built and functional! Is rather unpatriotic, begging to build an airport is a rather derogatory slander on the PM, whose vision has enable the advancement of SVG in the region! Shame on you!

    SVG is no natural resources state, we are solely dependant on outside influence for our growth as the Banana and livestock industry is not sufficient.
    So it is rather brave of the PM to undertake such a thankless task and yet he did.
    As JFK once said “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”
    You claimed that the airport is 3 years behind completion, yes it might be so but remember some of the pledged assistance from friendly nations never materialised the biggest factor also is the death of Chavez.

    Any weak in heart leader would have thrown in the towel by now but the PM is resurgent and resilient and determined to see it through.
    Without doubt there would be a thriving tourist industry in SVG on the back of this.

    I am appealing to all in the diaspora to also see this as an opportunity to start a business from this, organise tourist trips in your country of residence take people down every carnival time like me I am looking into people who are interested in diving golf hiking sailing whale watching and history etc to take to SVG when this is done so in some way a collective of us could ensure that SVG boast a diverse tourist industry!!!!!! Shame shame shame on you and people with your mentality!

    P.S. I have a couple of immigration friends down there I hope your name is real as I would like them to keep a look out for you and Mr Binose coming through that airport and give you a special welcome! I suggest you take the banana boat when travelling to SVG its suits you well……..

  13. Anonymous

    Hi need to threaten people who don’t share your opinion, with your “friends in immigration! ” Whats that, the SVG Mafia? Shame on you, you are now a Cyber bully..or perhaps I spelt the last word incorrectly.

  14. Earl Richardson

    Anonymous- Indeed someone who is too afraid or ashamed to be named on a public stage while hiding behind a presumed name to harang and libel the PM and his entire cabinet who are working tirelessly to see the completion of the biggest project undertaken by SVG is accusing me of cyber bullying.. ( cough cough! ) mind you choke on such big words for someone of your limited capacity!

    I was merely stating a fact that people such as yourself and the many unpatriotic critics of this project should be made ashamed if they are brazen enough to partake in its success. What is wrong with that? After all according to all of you the airport is a lie and it will never be completed so why be afraid of something that would not be there?
    Finally it is a known trait of bullies that they are the first to cry foul when the tables are turned! Keep crying foul…….

  15. Anonymous

    @Earl the ignoramus..Nowhere in my comment, (which was about you threatening people with your friends at Immigration when arriving to SVG) did I “harang and libel the PM and his entire Cabinet.”..blah blah blah
    Are you mad, stupid, or unable to read and understand a very straightforward and short statement?

  16. Anonymous

    @Earl I am not a Vincentian, far less an “unpatriotic critic”.

  17. I think this man Earl is too ignorant and stupid in his understanding of anything that is written here.He selects what he wants to chew on.The P.M.reading his treats regarding immigration should sack him regarding his support for him.

  18. Anonymous

    I will ignore any more comments from ignorant Earl, and suggest everyone of like mind does the same .

  19. Earl Richardson

    It doesn’t take a genius to denote that this anonymous could be the author of the original post. You seemed to be very highly strung and a bit aggressive.

    I am not an ignoramus but coming from you I would not be so worried as you have demonstrated so publicly your lack of vocabulary and intelligence!
    I also notice from a previous post you claimed not to be Vincentian- Then what the hell have you got to do with matters Vincy? I don’t believe you, when people like you are cornered you use the only tool in a dunce’s toolbox- Lie!

    I repeat I did not threaten anyone as my posts are there for all to see!
    I merely stated a fact that it would be good to note some of the vile posters’ and anti airport brigade’s names so as to remind them that the airport is the same one which they were against, in order to embarrass them! As I’m sure you and the others would be clamouring to enjoy its benefits.
    I repeat, Shame Shame Shame on you!

  20. Anonymous

    I did not threaten anyone as my posts are there for all to see:

    P.S. I have a couple of immigration friends down there I hope your name is real as I would like them to keep a look out for you and Mr Binose coming through that airport and give you a special welcome! I suggest you take the banana boat when travelling to SVG its suits you well……..

  21. Whatsthefuss

    Just build it then you will get more punters going to Buccament Bay. Bone idle the lot of you, need a kick up the arse.

  22. Earl Richardson

    @Anonymous- I usually don’t bend to such low regions but you are special so here goes- Moron tell me in that post where there is a threat!
    I do know a few immigration officers and it is only fair that nincumpoops such as yourself and others who are using this public forum to lambast the PM ( in so doing SVG too ) Be given a special welcome if you are BRAZEN enough to use the very thing ( airport ) you were so against!
    My suggestion for taking the banana boat still stands as it would be the only alternative to not using the so hated airport- I must say that it suits you.

    Go get a life and let SVG move forward! You need help, which is not available on these threads! I suggest going to Barbados they have some very good psychiatrists there!

  23. whatsthefuss

    Get it built you feckless lazy buggers, it affecting my investment.

  24. Anonymous

    Better not come to Barbados Earl, I have a few friends at immigration who will give you a “special welcome” for your nice comments about Barbados.
    Is this a threat? No , of course not. Just replaying your words.

  25. Earl Richardson

    @Anonymous- Talking of Barbados I have no desire to visit it as it is not my home! That is the very reason for my post! Not having to go to Barbados to be robbed and cheated, hence my support for the airport! By the way have Barbados paid back Trinidad and Tobago for the loan to build its airport? Sssssh! people might realise you are a hypocrite!

  26. Anonymous

    I am a tourist who just visited St Vincent.Not everything was up to standard.Reading the threatning comments Earl made to people who do not share his opinions scares me.If I have to make any comments/complaints I would be afraid to enter my name for fear of his friends in immigration or being kidnapped.This is bad for tourism,the PM.needs to put a stop to this aggressive person who states he is supporting the P.M.I was just about organising a trip for 40 of us family/friends to visit St.V.but with this Mafia,Communist.person on the loose I think I have to go elsewhere.

  27. Earl Richardson

    @Anonymous- You are a pathological and shameful LIAR! You seem to have a lot of free time posting your single agenda bile on these threads, to be a tourist visiting St Vincent, at no point in your rantings did you mention anything a tourist would ie The scenery or experience with the locals attractions etc, you are nothing but a anti-PM/Vincy propagandist and should be exposed for just that!

    Maybe you think that all the readers/Posters here are fools but as my grandmother used to say- When a fool is talking it is not a fool who is listening!

    You are so senseless you are making an appeal to the PM ( who is not reading ) to stop me? Doing what? Sharing my views and opinions just like you but not lying and make things up like you? All my posts are there and so yours, at no point had I make a threat however I was merely pointing out a fact that anti-PM/SVG ingrates like you should be shamed if you ventured through the airport you are calling unsafe and for its stoppage. That does not constitute a threat it is called naming and shaming! By the way for all the schooling I am giving you I should charge you but I would be stealing because you are too dunce to learn, so go to the back of the class!!!!
    You have 40 people planning a trip but will go elsewhere ? What’s your name Lion the Liar? It is you Nelson sang about many years ago!

    But I now know who you really are! I will contact the relevant authorities and inform them to look out for you!
    It is quite easy I will ask them to look for Alibaba and his 40 thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I live in the diaspora and is actively getting friends abroad interested in visiting SVG and if all Vincys abroad do this you and you 40 imaginary friends ( thieves ) should give Barbados your imaginary custom as they deserve it more than SVG!

    Shazam! Close Seseme! see you later Alibaba!

  28. Anonymous

    Where is Earl/owl the ignoramus.Cyber Bully/St Vincent Mafia.You should go to Russia to live or North Korea.

  29. Earl Richardson

    This so called anonymous idiot is rather pathetic! Just name calling would not do- Have a look at all of my posts, there were specific questions and references NONE of which this moronic charlatan has addressed, and yet it keeps on?

    Go back to my posts and answer the many accusations I levelled against you, all of your snidy avoidance manoeuvres are rather obvious to tell me exactly who you are! No public person would engage in this sort of behaviour without addressing specifics. I believe as I stated in one of my earlier posts this is an inhouse piece of bile! I expect no better- Desperation is the calling card of a rumour monger- Shameful indeed!

  30. Anonymous

    Earl the Russian Mafia is off must answer the many accusations I levelled against you.Thats all you do,Bile Bag.Shame on you.

  31. Earl Richardson

    This so called anonymous should consider the name anony-idiot!

    I see you are learning, I give you a new word and straight away you use it, very good village idiot. But reusing someones words does not say much for your vocabulary bank, as you have never used such words in the past which tells me that your vocabulary bank is either robbed or bankrupt!

    Carry on using the basic words you have as sophisticated words don’t match your depraved profile. As the saying goes- Corbeaux don’t eat sponge cake!

    Have a nice day Corbeaux- P.S. duncy pronounce it, COBO……

  32. Anonymous

    A bag of bile just burst on the airport.Is it yours Earl?no planes can land until
    2015.Can you tell us when is the due date.Cyber Bully,

  33. Anonymous

    Hello Town Boy.No wonder you are a bile bag Earl.Kingstown is the most filth place in St V.

  34. Earl Richardson

    As I said above anony-idiot you are not well learned, its not about town or country it is about educational status and I must say you lack it in abundance.

    Your post above proves my point exactly. Most is an extreme adjective so it should be filthy and not filth. As I said you are a regular dunce and takes pride in it so good on you oh unlearned one.

  35. Anonymous

    I just would like to know the due date for the opening of the Airport?.Matthias mentioned it could be as early as July.

  36. king

    GOD bless ST VINCENT

  37. Anonymous

    It is nearly the end of 2014,I am just wondering if Earl Richardson can tell me when would the airport be

  38. Earl Richardson

    To idiot who even in anonymous mode is able to make an arse of himself? (herself ) I am not the airport contractor nor am I in anyway connected to airport development but as a Vincentian in the diaspora I am optimistic that SVG would indeed have an airport of international standards!
    SVG is not a rich nation but we are a proud determined and hardworking people, so I among others are quite willing to wait for the completion of this gigantuous project. While the morons like Anonymous sit in wait to tear down every block our hardworking tradesmen put up!
    The imbecile is failing to realise that he/she is in the minority.
    I truly hope you live in Barbados as it would befit an ignoramus and envious nonentity such as yourself! I would now take this time to reach out to my fellow expats to start lobbying your various travel agents out in the diaspora to start organising chartered flights to this most beautiful of Caribbean islands! Shame on the idiot who hides behind the name” Anonymous”- I have nothing to hide I am a proud Vincy- Beware of idiots without a name, they could be the next paedophile in your town!!

    God bless SVG and the PM………..

    P.S. In the future when you have the audacity to contact me- Please use correct grammar!

    This is a copy and paste of your poor grammar-” It is nearly the end of 2014,I am just wondering if Earl Richardson can tell me when would the airport be”

    This is how I would have written it- It’s almost the end of the year, and I am wondering whether Earl Richardson could inform me of when the airport would be completed…..
    Back of the class with you! Change your name to Dunce, it suits you!

  39. Earl Richardson

    @Anonymous- I refer you to my last post- You are well and truly back of the class material! Your grammar is getting worse with every post! As the old saying goes mind you bite your tongue trying to pronounce words you don’t know. The word is ” Gob ” Oi dunce! Did I hurt your feelings?
    My post was not about Bajans it was about some anonymous idiot who is slandering SVG in a Bajan news paper- But you gave yourself away when you said fellow Bajans? I am not afraid to say that there are a few jealous ones there- Live and let live I say, SVG is developing and nothing Barbados or the other islands say or do will change that!
    And about your idiotic rant about me dying from chikungunya well I’d rather that than to die of ignorance and stupidity- Which you seems to have in abundance!
    You must be very ugly too as a little birdie told me that when you were born the doctor slapped your face and your mum used to put you in a corner and feed you with a slingshot! 🙂
    You sure would not die from Chikungunya- you would ugly away!!!!

  40. Anonymous

    Earl,I have noticed that Skeck posted a comment 14/06/2014,you did not reply to that.Edna Kumi posted a comment re lands taken and not being paid for by the Govt.Your reply to her was disgraceful.Since then I have followed your comments which is highly distasteful.We/Everyone is entitled to our own opinion.Why the anger my brother?.Self-Respect and Dignity is more valuable than this behaviour of yours.I just wondered if you are a child or an adult.An educated or uneducated.From your postings I think you need Anger Management.Act as a Professional.I can speculate your reply.
    God Help the people who lives with you.GROW UP my FRIEND.GOD BLESS.

  41. Earl Richardson

    Do you what a little home truths can achieve? Here you are trying to be pragmatic after been exposed for the charlatan you are! I am not an angry person but a proud patriot who will stand up and be counted when, Judases such as you denigrate the PM and SVG for daring to want to lift the people.
    Take a hard look at the bile you posted/wrote and come back with the nonsense you just did. The people you mentioned are part of the minority who, no matter what good is done will always find fault, it is the way life is.
    I also noticed that since I called out this fictitious Peter Binose these anonymous replies has suddenly appeared- Could be coincidence I suppose?
    Finally I would like to say that writing a critique should be done with the utmost clarity and fair play but most of all keep out the lies!!
    The original article was based on lies hearsays and blatant fabrication of the facts- That my friend is what I find reprehensible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Anonymous

    Hi earl you are so hyped.I did not understand what u wanted to say.”Do you what a little home truths can achieve”?.Someone called u a bile bag before now u are using the same words.You are a very bad politician,just reply to what is written.Smile my brother.Where is your Sense of Humour?Goodbye.

  43. Earl Richardson

    Hahaha! A liar really has no memory- You are truly an intellectual lightweight! If you go back to my post on July 24th, you would find that I called the nonsensical posts, in house ” bile ” You then unashamedly used it in your weak reply on July 25th, so tell me how I am learning from your incoherent posts? Your type of low ranked critique is what is wrong with technology today- It shows any idiot with access to a keyboard and computer could contaminate the world through cyberspace from the little village where you belong. If you are so privileged to be given access the the wider world out here- Use it wisely, for everyone remembers the fool!

  44. Anonymous

    Earl our airport is to be completed in another year.Who keeps on moving the goal post?.

  45. Earl Richardson

    Clear off you irritant! It does not matter, the main thing is it is getting closer to reality- Something you are not capable of achieving when it comes to reality. And it should choke you to say “our airport ” As with your bitter posts which were against so it certainly not your airport- Also loser, the origin of your rant was about the airport being substandard and does bound to fail inspection etc, it seems it is you indeed who is shifting the goal post!

    Go get a life!!

  46. Anonymous

    Earl u are truly an idiot.How can I keep on shifting the goalpost?. Goodbye.

  47. Earl Richardson

    Irritant by the name of anonymous you shifted the goal post when you conveniently changed from declaring the airport unfit after seeing the massive strides taken to get us a first class airport- You suddenly found yourself without merit and as a total fool, seeing that your prediction is looking more desperate, so as if by stealth you slither away like the snake you are into another direction- And thus moving the goal post from unsafe to late? As the old saying goes Better Late Than Never! Which is what you had in mind but the only never you would see is you would never see the failure of this magnificent gem in the Caribbean! Now scuttle away and go cry in your cookoo!!

  48. Anonymous

    Happy New Year Earl.Another year for the completion of your Airport.

  49. Anonymous

    Better late than never Earl.It looks like Never Never.What have you got to say now.We are on Track.

  50. Anonymous

    Why do people only have interest in adverse situations? Shows a depraved mind and fickle mentality. Surely life is more than just sitting around and being bitter…

  51. Anonymous

    So when will the airport open? What airlines have confirmed that they will be flying there when it is open? Venezuela is broke , Cuban workers won’t be paid…. 2015 will see little progress ….perhaps 2016? 2017? 2018? . What a huge waste of money on an airport in a very unsafe (windswept) area of the island? People who had their land taken by SVG Government to build it have not yet been compensated . Bunch of communists !

  52. Anonymous

    I do hope all the Airlines who would be landing here?are aware the land stolen from the rightful land owners are not paid for.Watch this space.

  53. Earl

    I posted the wrong video at the end so here it is- ….

  54. Anonymous

    It is time the honest,respectable,government of St Vincent pay us for our lands.Earl what have u got to say ,it is another year.

  55. Anonymous

    It’s Sept 2015 when is the completion of this airport?Are we still on track?