Lost your job recently? Tough luck… your first Solid Waste Tax payment is due at the end of June

Margaret Sivers Barbados Vampire

New tax heaps insult upon injury

About to be unleashed on tens of thousands of Barbados Property owners is a new Tax that over time will cost thousands of dollars per household. Slipped into Parliament, approved and now to be implemented by month end, the first Solid Waste Tax installment is due by the end of June.

Please correct me, but were we not already paying taxes that the government said supported waste collection?

Where are people going to get the money to pay this new onerous tax?

Madness… this is what people in other countries take to the streets for! Help!

BLP Senator Wilfred Abrahams sees the harm coming…

“There are people in Barbados who do not have $215 to pay to keep on the electricity, to keep on the water… I do not believe that legislation aimed at raising revenue should catch people like pensioners. There is a reason they were excluded from Land Tax, there is a reason that concessions are usually being given in respect of pensioners. Why are we dragging them into this catch all?”

Senator Wilfred Abrahams talks to the Barbados Advocate

Meanwhile, Government Senator Maxine McClean says another tax is no problem so shut up.

First Solid Waste Tax Installment Due Month End
Dated June 11, 2014

Property owners are advised that the first installment of the new Municipal Solid Waste Tax should be paid by month-end.

Revenue Commissioner of the Barbados Revenue Authority, Margaret Sivers, said property owners would be allowed to pay the new tax in two equal installments.

“The tax is due and payable on or before Monday, June 30, while the final installment should be paid on or before Wednesday, December 31,” she disclosed.

Ms. Sivers said the tax bills would be issued during the week commencing June 15. She explained that the tax has been calculated at a rate of 0.3 per cent of the site value of all properties on which a structure is erected, as shown on the 2014-2015 land tax notices.

“Failure to pay the tax by the specified dates will result in a penalty of 5 per cent of the tax demanded and unpaid. In addition to the penalty imposed, interest at the rate of one per cent for each month on the penalty and the unpaid tax at the prescribed time will be charged,” she said.

The Municipal Solid Waste Tax was initially announced in the 2012 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals to assist in meeting the extensive costs associated with the treatment of the volumes of garbage produced on a daily basis.


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17 responses to “Lost your job recently? Tough luck… your first Solid Waste Tax payment is due at the end of June



  2. rastaman

    I think all owners should refuse to pay the tax and see what the Government will do. Time to stand up .

  3. Party Animal

    Has Government not realize that putting all these taxes on people means less money in the Treasury, take motor Vehicle road taxes, they are close to forty thousand unlicensed and uninsured Vehicles on the road, and what does Government do ?? add on more money, I maybe a little backward, but I would lower the rates so more people would pay their road taxes, this would put more money in the Treasury if all the Vehicles on the road were Licensed.
    I may be a dumb #@@, I can’t compete with the big brains that running the Country.

  4. Party Animal

    RASTAMAN I cannot agree with you more. We should have stood up since the August Budget Speech. too late now. It is time for a change.

  5. Buun

    Failing to plan is planning to fail! The only plan the DLP have is to “SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF THE PROPLE” with taxes, no jobs, no free education and higher cost of living. One thing for sure, they will always point the blame at the people for their failures. Just listen to them when they speak, ALWAYS someone else to blame to justified sucking the life out of you some more.

  6. Chris begs for kickback

    More money for crooked politicians

  7. Anonymous

    I wonder if the Government clowns even anticipate the severity of the tax that they passed in Parliament? For example, I purchased a property( house and land ) back in 2005 for $610000. The “site value” at that time was shown on the land tax bill as $225000. However, this new Solid WasteTax is based on the 2013/2014 Land tax statement. Guess what, my “improved value” is now $1000000, and my “site value ” is shown as $675000! This means I will now suddenly have to come up with an Additional annual tax on my property of over $2000 … Where the hell do these clowns think people, especially someone on a pension like myself will find the money ?
    It is not explained how the site value of a person,s property has any bearing on the waste generated by that household , so it is an unfair tax as well , targeting middle and upper income folks who thought they were doing the wise thing by buying a piece of the rock so as to have a place to live in their older years without Government digging out their eyes!
    Enough is Enough! This Government has gone too far now!

  8. Adrian Loveridge

    As a business we do not get ANY waste (solid or not) collected by any Government agency ‘free of charge’ despite paying 100 per cent land taxes, income, corporate, VAT and NIS. We pay for all garbage disposal other than the wonderful service B’s Recycling provides. It seems daft now we are expected to pay yet another tax when we cannot after years of waiting get the VAT and NIS approved refunds due to us, paid by the same Government.

  9. We all knew this recession was coming. The wave of misfortune could have been avoided had the DLP seen the wave coming towards us. The recession hit Barbados late in 2010 and the Gov just stood by and watched the rescession wave hit the island. There were plenty of clues in 2008 and 2009 – Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Portugal. In 2010 there was no precautionary plan, protecting first time homeowners, protecting small businesses…..nothing….just higher taxes. I have a lost a lot of wealth since the DLP got into power. 11years of paying for crazy mortgage at 11.75% at FCIB, who literally with Government eviscerated me and my business. FCIB should no support to me, they were criminal. The DLP wants entrepreneurs and yet I am one and the taxes that I have had to endure are ridiculous. The DLP are useless, they say they want entrepreneurs but they are just words, they can’t create the action needed. If you want to freeze the business then raise taxes. The DLP clearly has no clue what its doing. Very sad what they (DLP) have let happen to Bim. So much damage. We need an economist to get us out of this economic mess and not a legal mediator. Its not a law issue, its an economic issue.

  10. Anonymous

    June 17-2014
    This waste tax government come up with at this time is outrageous on poor people at this time where people just lost their jobs and they are saying it is to be pay at the end of June.
    How can people raise this money at such a short time and on the back of it they must pay a penalty if they don,t pay on the 30th June
    This government is sick and they need god help to turn around this country
    How can they lash out on poor people even the pensioners who get little money that can bearely buy food now to pay this extra taxes
    People of this country are already paying all kind of bill /land tax/house insurance/mortgage/roadtax/car insurance/liquor licence/light/water/and a whole lot more are you going to drown us in taxes and bills
    This government already take us out in the ocean lord help us we can,t swim back this country is sinking and if the people get up and fight back we will lose this country beyond our inmagination.

  11. Marvin Bareback

    Time for everyone to appeal the assessed value on their property. Virtually all property values in Barbados have fallen by about 25-40% from 2007. Particularly beachfront properties. Yet the government is continually reassessing property values as increasing every year. They are so out of touch you have to believe they are verging on malicious.

  12. distant voice

    the word “Extortion” comes to mind.
    A real blow to the middle class…the backbone of this country.
    What about the owners of small agricultural lots…2 to 4 acres with a small wooden house and a meager income.?
    According to the above text the tax will be 0.3% of site value as stated in the 2014 to 2015 land tax notices. I hope that was a typing error. If not then it is an INSULT to all of us !!!!!!
    The land tax assessment is not due for another couple of months, and we are being told to pay up now.
    We have been told that this new tax can be paid in 2 equal installments.
    So as not to break the law, the first installment should be paid.
    If the land tax assessment for 2014/15 turns out to be the slightest bit higher than last year, then everyone affected should file an objection. Instructions are on the back of the tax demand. The land tax however still has to be paid, but the second installment of the new tax should not be paid until the objections to the site value assessments have been dealt with.
    We all know that land values have gone down, so if this happens, it will be clear that the present government is callous and quite content to cause real suffering. This is a dangerous practice and will destabilize the country from within.

  13. Anonymous

    Rumor has it that they can’t send out the new waste tax bills since the law says it has to be based on ” current site value” . This means that they can not use last year’s values, but will have to wait for this year’s land tax evaluations to be sent out to property owners. Owners then have 30 days to object to that valuation. Every single property owner should file an objection. However the .3% number seems to be Law, and it is simply a very desperate and onerous Tax that should be vigorously objected to . We need to hear from the 10000 or so BARP members, as well as from all civic associations that we will not pay this tax! Back to the drawing board Mr Prime Minister, you have bumbled enough! Get out of the kitchen…. You obviously do not know what you are doing !

  14. distant voice

    Well this is interesting.
    I certainly agree with Loveridge, B’s Recycling is doing a great job and I find that after sorting the garbage, I am left with only putrid waste which can be composted and a few styrofoam trays (which B wont take) Almost no need for the SSA truck to come.
    I strongly believe in the power of boycot. It worked in South Africa against racism. In Barbados, we can all help by avoiding products and services which are detrimental. Dont buy anything with a styrofoam package, buy local veg (no VAT) shop at the markets for fish and veg. Avoid imported products wherever possible. Soon the price of imports will rise dramatically due to cost of oil and the weakness of our currency. The Bds dollar doesnt have to be “devalued”. It is weak already and soon (just like Trinidad in the 80’s) overseas suppliers will not accept it…nor will the overseas banks.

  15. Janet Ifill

    Wayne Forde explained on The People’s Business that the Government owed $32 million dollars to a private company for handling our waste. They cannot find the money to pay them hence the introduction of the solid waste tax. The jackass bajans will foot this bill as they have done everything else.
    Our children don’t need secondary or tertiary education any longer, soon they won’t even need primary education as we will be sending them to work as soon as they can walk. This will be the only way we could afford to stay alive.

    We have allowed all the ministers over the years to rob us blind but this lot is by far the most vicious and avaricious.

    It would seem as if most of them ate sparsely before being elected since most of them resemble bullfrogs now

  16. Anonymous

    bajans are way to passive. they need a week long general strike. To hell with the government! Shut everything down, and throw out the government

  17. Anonymous

    this government is broke, and like every other government continue to borrow money from the IMF at an alarming rate. Wanna know who’s paying the bill?