CL Financial Directors tell Afra Raymond (and you) “Don’t worry. Relax. Have a rum.”

Leroy Parris and good friend Finance Minister Chris Sinckler share champagne

Leroy Parris and good friend Finance Minister Chris Sinckler share champagne

The contempt of the elites for the rule of law continues in the CL Financial scandal.

‘We’ the people sometimes forget the primary rules of island life:

  1. In any large scale fraud upon the public, initial Profits are privately owned by the elites who did the fraud. Later Losses are publicly owned.
  2. There will be zero accountability or transparency by the elites charged with “getting to the bottom of things”.
  3. No elite is ever charged with any crime, except if it is really necessary. In that event, the police are given marching orders and not enough time and resources to complete the task. The accused will be found ‘not guilty’ in a fair trial before a carefully selected judge.

“I’m sure there’s some good legal reason why High Court Justice Kaye Goodridge ordered the Barbados Police to put the CLICO criminal charges on hold. Always is some good legal reason for doing what is done.

It’s just that we predicted this months ago. Futures destroyed, pensions gone, lifetimes of work and savings stolen… and nobody will ever pay.

Nothing changes ’bout hey. Nothing. Ever. Changes.”

… from BFP’s Barbados court orders CLICO criminal charges stayed against Terrence Thornhill, Leroy Parris

And like we’ve said at BFP before, it’s a good thing that Prime Minister Thompson died before the public knew of his role in money laundering millions of CLICO dollars for his close friend Leroy Parris.

But still, there are those good citizens who keep pounding away at a corrupt system ruled by corrupt elites…

Afra Raymond is one of those good citizens looking for justice for us all.

See his email exchange showing how the caretaker CL Financial Directors duck, dodge and slide…

Afra Raymond: Compliance of CL Financial Directors with the Integrity in Public Life Act


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6 responses to “CL Financial Directors tell Afra Raymond (and you) “Don’t worry. Relax. Have a rum.”

  1. Party Animal

    I wonder if CLICO Bdos was run by a white man , where would he be ???? I believe somewhere in St. Philip

  2. just asking

    We in Barbados have such short memories. Does anyone remember when this scandal broke the present PM said on public TV that Leroy Parris was his friend, & there was nothing he could do, so wise up some people have gone to the great beyond without getting their money, while Parris, his wife, Mara Thompson, & all their off springs living a life of plenty. We will all go to our greaves without anything being done about this.



  4. Dr Love

    I believe that there is and old adage which roughly goes
    “show me a mans friends and then I see the man”

    Took “Slippery Stuart” one term to “get the hang of things”
    and A Second term on how to “Milk the cow dry”
    Look at this man now.
    BLATENT in his disregard for the public or of anyone come to that!.
    Cant be got RID OF . Wont be got RID OF.
    AND He knows it 100% .

    ROME Gonna BURN!!

  5. @ Dr Love.
    Seems you traverse both from the BU to this site trying to garner some attention.
    What, are you not in Mr Kings buddies club..?
    The latest “spin” is still about his inferiority complex, the man needs locking up.

  6. Dr Love

    @life changer007
    Ap pol
    2 U.
    Isnt that what its about.??
    Or you just like to “show your Knickers”
    WHO??Is this guy who needs locking up??
    In the land of the blind the one eyed man is KING.!
    Should that also mean he is only able to read one site with his one eye.?