Psssst… Want to buy Barbados residency status? Got US$2 million?


I must have missed the changes to the law last year when the government decided to start openly selling Bajan residency, but we’ve been seeing a lot more rough men with Eastern European / Russian accents lately, haven’t we? Maybe this is something to do with it?

Wealthy Barbados Investors ‘Seek Special Permit Property’

Royal Westmoreland estate introduces special entry permit service to carry out paperwork for NHWIs buying property worth more than US$2million to qualify for the scheme.

There has been such a demand for special entry Barbados property-for-residency permits for wealthy investors that a top development has launched a special service to handle the paperwork for clients.

High-net-worth-individuals are seeking special entry permits that were introduced last year that allow buyers of properties worth US$2million or more to obtain residency status that includes their spouse and children.

The Royal Westmoreland estate, which has just announced another 200 luxury villas and a nine-hole golf course on the adjacent 210 acres of land, plus some larger plots, has seen rising demand for luxury homes from High-Net-Worth Individuals (NHWIs).

Additional planned private jet flights from Heathrow to Barbados by Royal Jet, owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi, is adding to the island’s appeal to wealthy investors, says Westmoreland.

A company spokesperson says, “There has been take up of the special entry permit and Royal Westmoreland has been introduced to a new business consultant service to carry out all the paperwork for the clients if they do not have the time themselves.”

… read the rest at OPP-Connect’s Wealthy Barbados Investors ‘Seek Special Permit Property’


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7 responses to “Psssst… Want to buy Barbados residency status? Got US$2 million?

  1. Party Animal

    Who is the Two Million paid to ??????

  2. St George's Dragon

    Normally these economic citizenship programmes mean you can get a local passport if you can prove you have invested over a certain amount in property (or possibly shares etc) in the country. I haven’t checked the details of our programme but I would be surprised if it was any different.
    The success of the programme depends on the adequacy of the checks the country makes and whether they end up letting any undesirables through the vetting process.
    St Kitts had a bit of a problem with their programme recently when they gave passports to some Iranians who the US took a dislike to; also (cough) a diplomatic passport issued to someone who was in no way entitled to one who was caught going into Canada.
    One of the worst things that could happen is if the UK etc., saw so many undesirables travelling on Barbados passports that they removed the automatic visa entitlement for Bajans. That would mean applying for a visa every time you travel.
    Hope the checks are in place!

  3. robert ross

    This won’t do. The path to citizenship for most worthy applicants who have seriously contributed to this country is a long one. I know of one British ‘local’ who works for a well-known company, and has done so for many years, obtaining it in 10 months which is pretty well “like lightening”. I know another who has resided and contributed for 20 years being told that he must first seek ‘Immigration Status’. 28 MONTHS on he has not yet been told that he has it and, yes, he must ‘buy’ it if and when it comes. The prospect of ‘status with purchase’, as in the post and set against this background, is barely short, if at all, of the corrupt.

  4. just asking

    A friend of mine said anything & anyone can be bought in Barbados for the right price LOL, so nothing about this comes as a surprise.


    if you look on Facebook and look at Barbadians they are so many names that are not from barbados at all,even LinkedIn so many 1st generation or just have become bajans like the click of your finger.soon they may out number you fools that are selling out barbados.crooks and criminals and nasty people allowed also.
    come on down.enjoy.

  6. bajantouring

    I think Barbados has to sTOP selling out itself and Police have to round up the Murderers of Tourists or Barbados IS DONE!

  7. Seems to be a growing trend. In the past year alone, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, Spain, the Netherlands and many other nations have introduced citizenship programs for wealthy investors. Comparatively speaking, Barbados has set a high financial threshold of $2 MM. In Dominica, for example, an investment of approximately $100,000 is all it takes for a foreign national to obtain citizenship.

    St Kitts & Nevis have the longest running citizenship-by-investment program in the world, instituted back in 1984. St. Kitts has a minimum financial investment threshold of $400,000 to gain citizenship.