Secret Harlequin Resort legal documents ‘found on London train’ – here they are!

Harlequin Fraud Office

Dear Barbados Free Press,

We were just coming of a train just outside London and we found a box of documents relating to “Due Diligence” of a company or companies called Harlequin, they appear to be developing resorts in the Caribbean so we feel this is probably a good place to show what we found, especially for anyone out there who might be interested in investing in Harlequin.

There are many files to upload so please bear with us.

This is a 70 page redacted interim intelligence report from Regulatory Legal Solicitors, it makes for pretty grim reading, we did not redact it, the documents are exactly as we found them on the train.

This is an interesting witness statement from Jim Baker contained in the due diligence documents apparently left on the train, by a guy who resembled Simon Terry, but it was dark so we could not be sure.

Seems to be a lot of people suing Dave and Carol Ames in the Courts in the UK, wonder why this was in the Due Diligence, Seems like Jim is saying that Harlequin are worth nothing.

Yours very truly,


Editor’s Note

Okay, okay… we’re a little behind on things. Might have had a couple of lost nights in the tradition of Dick Van Dyke. (Loved him in Mary Poppins, nevermind the worst phony cockney accent in film history!) The “found on London train” comments and documents were all sent using one of those anonymous proxies, so we really have no way to tell who sent them to us or from what country.

We’ll upload the documents when we can below. We’ll do a few now and get to the rest in the morning right here…

Found on a Train

May 21, 2014 at 10:51 pm
The following are six of many claims against Harlequin companies and Mr. Dave Ames personally, part of the claim is for misrepresentation, to the simple folk out there, that means lying. Now Ames in his claim in California denies he lied, well folks tomorrow we shall show six judgments which go with these claims which kinda suggest that the Judge also believed that Ames had engaged in misrepresentation, or the act of lying. Lets hope the folks at wordpress and Barbados free press pass these claims and judgments to their legal teams if required.

Judgments and Encumbrances tomorrow.
2011-05 SVGHCV2011-0248.PDF
2012-03-09 SVGHCV2012-0082.PDF (702kB)
2012-03-09 SVGHCV2012-0083.PDF (668kB)
2012-03-09 SVGHCV2012-0084.PDF (886kB)
2012-03-09 SVGHCV2012-0085.PDF (587kB)
2012-03-23 SVGHCV2012-0104.PDF (1MB)

UPDATE 22 / MAY / 2014

JUDGMENTS AND INCUMBERANCES BFP, WORDPRESS, AUTOMATIC INC please feel free to use these documents as evidence in the hearing in California tomorrow.

See link below for PDF’s of some of the judgments obtained. (4MB)

Now see link below for PDF’s of some of the Incumberances obtained.
Ray 1.rar (5MB)

We have been informed by reliable sources in St. Vincent that Mr. Ames has taken issue with the Incumberances, sources state that he feels they have not been registered or some such nonsense

The Incumberances are clearly marked with an official stamp, stating : ORIGINAL DOCUMENT LODGED AT THE REGISTRY HIGH COURT ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES.

However we have taken some extra precautions on the matter and will be able to update all with the good news for those with Incumberances later tonight or tomorrow morning.

I think the judgments alone tell the story, we fail to see how Ames can have any justification in his statements that he has not lied or engaged in mis-representations in light of these and other judgments.

May 22, 2014 at 3:10 pm
Publication of Due Diligence / Executive Summary


https ://app.icontact DOT com/icp/sub/survey/start?

token=c1c640682ce5d3b7c6c6c289d47685d0&sid=303388&cid=152652 – SURVEY LINK

May 23, 2014 at 10:22 pm
We were just coming of a train just outside London and we found a box of documents relating to ” Due Diligence” of a company or companies called Harlequin, they appear to be developing resorts in the Caribbean so we feel this is probably a good place to show what we found, especially for anyone out there who might be interested in investing in Harlequin.

There are many files to upload so please bear with us.
InterimExecutiveSummary230514final.pdf (244kB)

May 23, 2014 at 10:34 pm
This is an interesting witness statement from Jim Baker contained in the due diligence documents apparently left on the train, by a guy who resembled Simon Terry, but it was dark so we could not be sure.

Seems to be a lot of people suing Dave and Carol Ames in the Courts in the UK, wonder why this was in the Due Diligence, Seems like Jim is saying that Harlequin are worth nothing.

Loads more to come. Will not have it all up tonight. But from now on we will put a title on each post.

May 23, 2014 at 10:48 pm
We found this in the document properties, of the site plan, how bizarre, wonder if RL have these documents, maybe they can have a look at the document properties, The path name says it all.

I:\BACKTOFUCKUP1-SITE\Site Survey\LOT PLAN_29 03 2011_REV14_Management ROAD MAP (1)
SitePlan.pdf (3MB)

May 23, 2014 at 10:54 pm
It gets better and better and we have hundreds of documents to go. jeez

This one is from Ames telling a company called Regulatory Legal how any judgments are against his RDC’s??????

Anyway look at the disclaimer in the letter from Ames, lol Jesus you cant make this shit up.
LetterfromHarlequinJudgements.pdf (434kB)

May 23, 2014 at 11:09 pm
This is a 70 page redacted interim intelligence report from Regulatory Legal Solicitors, it makes for pretty grim reading, we did not redact it, the documents are exactly as we found them on the train.

May 23, 2014 at 11:22 pm
These are questions Regulatory Legal asked Harlequin about the title to the land, we just LOOOOOVE some of the answers.
Freeholdduediligence13.03.14 (1).pdf (184kB)
FreeholdDueDiligenceQuestionnaireResponses.pdf (213kB)

May 24, 2014 at 12:19 am
This forms part of what they call the due diligence left on the train,
The following link is to the list of agents and the commissions they obtained.

AgentsCommissionsPaid.pdf (335kB)

May 24, 2014 at 1:02 am
Ames, I’ve got banks lining up to give me money mate,

doc30518820140305105346 Default.pdf (115kB)
doc30518920140305105402 Default.pdf (134kB)
doc30519020140305105414 Default.pdf (112kB)
doc30519120140305105441 Default.pdf (111kB)
doc30519220140305105507 Default.pdf (122kB)
HarlequinAirLtd Default.pdf (273kB)
HarlequinBoutiqueHotelLtd Default.pdf (288kB)
HarlequinResortsStLuciaLtd Default.pdf (238kB)
NightJarLimited Default.pdf (303kB)

May 24, 2014 at 1:28 am


duediligencereportBarbados2.pdf (103kB)

May 24, 2014 at 6:45 am
Big thank you for the details. The 70 page intelligence report is the nail in the coffin – insolvent companies, no building plan, no finance. Curtains

There’s a hole in my bucket dear Dave
May 24, 2014 at 7:41 am
Mr. Ames you have a leak. Rats leaving a sinking ship, as stated your legal team are not stupid 😉

Just imagine if they had a little chat with the boys in blue to cut a deal?

May 24, 2014 at 8:08 am
What about Page 46 and the injunction ?

What else is Ames hiding ?

May 25, 2014 at 1:06 pm
On the 24th day of February 2014 the Deputy Registrar of Companies in St. Vincent issued not one but two strike off notices for Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd.

See (A) and (B) below.

Both are still publicly available or were until the publication of this post.

doc30518820140305105346 Default.pdf (115kB)

doc30518920140305105402 Default.pdf (134kB)

The Strike off notice (A) states that Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd is in default of its obligations in respect of;

(1) The failure to file Certificates of Solvency / Financial Statements for the period April 30th 2011-2013.

The Strike of notice (B) states that Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd is in default of its obligations in respect of;

(1)    The failure to file annual Returns for the years 2006-2012.

(2)    The failure to file Certificates of Solvency / Financial Statements for the period 2006-2012.

Both Strike off notices appear to be inaccurate, but we do not believe this to be a mistake. We take a closer look.

On the 19th of December 2012 Mr. Sam Commissiong*** filed three annual returns for Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd for the years 2009,2010 and 2011.

See (C), (D) and (E) below.

These returns were Registered with the Commercial Intellectual Property Office in St. Vincent on the 29th of January 2013.



(C) HPSVG ANNUAL RETURN FOR DEC 31 2011.pdf (332kB)

*** (More on this guy later and the fact that the Hon Rene Baptiste, CMG, President St.Vincent and the Grenadines Bar Association has swept the allegations of perjury against Sam Commissiong under the carpet,)

At section (9) of the Annual Returns, under the heading “Financial Statements”, Sam Commissiong has stated the following,

That the assets of the company exceed $2,000,000.00
That “NO” Financial statements have been filed for the company in respect of the reporting period.

SVG Companies Act 1994, section 154 requires any company which has assets over EC$2m to have the accounts audited.


Click to access svg_co_act.pdf

for a copy of the Act. s 154 refers back to s 149, which is the section that deals with auditors.

On the 28th of December 2012 Harlequin filed “Unaudited” Financial Statements in St. Vincent for Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd. for the financial years ending 30th April 2009, 30th April 2010 and 30th April 2011,
see (F,G and H below),

These accounts were registered by the Commercial and Intellectual Property Office in St. Vincent on the 2nd of January 2013. It has to be noted that the “Unaudited” Accounts for 2008 for Harlequin Property SVG Ltd have “NOT” been filed or more importantly had not been filed as of the 2nd of January 2013.

2009 Accounts HPSVG.pdf (1MB)

2010 Accounts HPSVG.pdf (1MB)

2011 Accounts HPSVG.pdf (1MB)

The law in St. Vincent however requires that the Accounts to be filed are audited if the companies assets exceed EC $ 2,000,000.00 (Two Million Dollars) see Act sections 149-154 in the PDF above.

The accounts that Harlequin have filed are “not audited”, so a question has to be asked as to why the CIPO accepted the Harlequin Accounts.

The Accounts are also to be accompanied by Certificates of Solvency, the accounts that Harlequin filed do not have these.

The Law also states the accounts have to be filed chronologically, yet the 2008 “Unaudited” accounts were never filed.

Can Jim Baker the accountant for Harlequin explain this?

We have issues and we raise very serious questions as to the filing of the returns accounts and Certificates of Status.

Let us go back to the filing of the annual returns by Mr. Commissiong.

(1)    These were filed with the Commercial Intellectual Property Office in St. Vincent on the 19th of December 2012, stating as in above that the accounts had not been filed, yet nine days later the “Unaudited” accounts get filed.

Sam Commissiong can therefore state with conviction that he has done nothing wrong, by clearly stating that the accounts were not filed on the date that he filed the returns.

But what was the hurry to file the returns just nine days ahead of filing the “Unaudited” accounts, and over the Christmas Holiday period. Commissiong was late by 3,2 and 1 year respectively in filing the returns, so what was the rush?

Sam Commissiong knew that if he filed the annual returns after the filing of the “Unaudited accounts” he still would have had to state At section (9) of the Annual Returns, under the heading “Financial Statements”, section (d) That “NO” Financial statements have been filed for the company in respect of the reporting period.

Sam Commission understands the law in St. Vincent requires the Harlequin Property (SVG) Accounts to be audited. The filed accounts were not.
Had the date of the submittal of the Annual returns post dated the date of the submittal of the “Unaudited accounts” it would have put beyond doubt that the accounts filed by Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd, were not valid.

What is also interesting to note is that it took the Commercial and Intellectual Property Office in St. Vincent 40, forty days to register the annual returns, again they were filed on the 19th of December 2012 and registered on the 28th of January 2013.

Yet the “unaudited” accounts were filed with the Commercial and Intellectual Property Office on Friday the 28th of December 2012 and registered the following working day that being Tuesday the 2nd of January 2013.

Apparently the accounts were not checked against the annual returns, which had they been, would have clearly shown that the “unaudited” accounts should not have been filed.

Again refer to section (9) of the Annual Returns, under the heading “Financial Statements”, Sam Commissiong has stated the following,
“That the assets of the company exceed $2,000,000.00” meaning that under St. Vincent company law the accounts for the company need to be audited.

Of course the Commercial and Intellectual Property Office in St. Vincent will state that they did not have any registered Annual Returns for Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd on the date the “unaudited” accounts were filed and thus this they believe will exonerate them from any wrong doing.

But how can they explain that they registered accounts for 2009, 2010 and 2011 yet had not received any accounts for 2008, as is required under St. Vincent company law.

And then we have the very strange circumstances surrounding the issuing of the two “Certificates of status for Harlequin Property SVG issued on the 24th of February 2014. We wonder what phone calls were made that day?

If all the above happened in the UK or any other normal country there would be a major investigation into what appears to be massive incompetence or worse corruption on the part of organs of the state.

But we are talking about St. Vincent where the Government have stated that Buccament Bay is of “National Importance”.

But maybe Comrade Ralph should consider this as he enters his election months, Ames is being investigated for Fraudulent Activities in excess of EC$ 1,817,556,000.00 One Billion, Eight hundred and Seventeen Million, Five Hundred and Fifty Six Thousand EC Dollars, the amount that his so called “INVESTORS” have lost.

What kind of a legacy will this be for Comrade Ralph even more so that the integrity of organs of the State of St. Vincent are now being brought into question.

Will it really have been worth bending the laws of St. Vincent for a bent little conman from Essex. Will this instill confidence amongst future overseas investors and investment in St. Vincent, and will this not give the opposition and opponents of your regime huge ammunition against you in this your election year.

Unless you distance yourself from the little conman, you too Mr. Gosalves will become another victim of the Toxic Toad.


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2,679 responses to “Secret Harlequin Resort legal documents ‘found on London train’ – here they are!

  1. SB

    Might I respectfully suggest that the links to the documents be shortened using or similar. They could then be opened or downloaded far quicker than ‘copy and paste.’

  2. food for thought

    A bit quiet on this one then?

  3. In the Know

    The calm before the storm …………………

  4. Game set and match

    Ames will be dead man walking when this falls over.

  5. Rigged

    Funny RL have a secure forum for clients, yet when they asked for a vote on whether the Harlequin management should be retained or not they open the vote to all,

    They are seeking a mandate, question is a mandate amongst whom?

    Why not keep the vote to their clients?

    RL have tweeted that they are shocked at the level of support for Harlequin Management, well what do you expect when you allow an open vote,

  6. Little legs

    @ Rigged.
    You know little, but assume a lot.

  7. Rigged

    I am just stating fact and asking a question,

  8. Career damaging Harlequin.

    What a problem little legs has, sorry correction. What a problem the Ames family have along with the management of Harlequin.

    They are shitting bricks 😉

  9. Richard ingham

    Dave Ames has no need to shit bricks, he has done nothing wrong.

    If the working class ‘keep up with the Jones’s merchants’ paid their balances or were credit worthy we would not be in this mess.

    Go run along and buy some self help books, morons.

  10. Richard Ingham

    All like to slag off Ames, have any one of you lost your money?

  11. Your a C**t or is it You're a C**T

    Richard Ingham, just received a spelling lesson on the RL site.
    Dyslexic twat.

  12. pshycologist cant spel

    Richard its not speltted lik thiz

    It’s correct spelling is psychologist 🙂

  13. Sid

    @Richard Ingham, technically speaking I haven’ lost my money yet, but gave it up a long time ago.

  14. Anoun

    So what are you saying Richard? Out of the 6000 “investors” there is not one hundred cash buyers? Or are you skirting over the deception of promised mortgages by the man that has done nothing wrong. Maybe it’s nothing to do with credit worthiness maybe it’s to do with the fact that Ames is a liar and they don’t trust him to lose anymore of their money.

  15. You're a twat because your twat is all twated up.

    De DA DE DA. Spelling police alert. Nothing to say but my English is dam good!

  16. Washer Woman

    It’s a very sore point Mr. Ingham dyslexia. I’m not aware this illness makes people into the most objectionable person possible.

    When he wakes up to the fact Ames, his ‘mate’ has stiffed him we will all have the last laugh.

  17. Richard Ingham

    Just having fun with the greedy investors that saw a deal too good to be true then blame everyone else when they lose their cash.
    I could put my spell check on if it would make you happy,
    Put your trust in RL and Gareth will make it all better!

  18. Richard Ingham

    Slipper Wearing Spaz the Spell Checker Salesman – Pay up and complete on your Cabana and stop breaking your contract, maybe if you got of your arse instead of claiming benefits you may be able to pay the balance?

  19. anon

    before people start talking about breaking the terms of contracts isn’t it worth reminding ourselves of the contractual completion dates for these projects?

  20. Richard Ingham

    the great Mr Ames couldn’t complete projects as the greedy peasant investors did not cough up their balances so the cash was bound to run out

  21. Anonymous

    Does anyone know when the Crozier lawsuit picks up again. My
    money is still on them bringing the whole caboodle down…

  22. Anonymous

    According to i-witness-news svg water restrictions between evening and
    morning have been instituted between Buccament and Calliagua, (this
    includes all of Kingstown). I wonder if the “elite” clientele of BB
    will be included or if Dr. Gonsalves will give them dispensation even
    though they have not paid one red cent in reparation. Politics can
    lead to some really twisted logic.

  23. Anonymous

    Latest reports say Argyle Airport have failed important compression tests on the runway..It is felt that this will delay opening by several months..late 2015…perhaps 2016? Oh Oh..those darn Vincentians/Cubans/Venezuelans, have caused BB to suffer terrible losses, because by now direct jets should be filling the resort with guests!

  24. Daves Disco

    Time for some nice music to start the day, what do you think Dave?

  25. Da Man in Amman

    Latest update from Harlequin. Read, mark and inwardly digest as you will be tested on this later.

    Dear Investor,

    In light of recent events, we wish to assure all investors that the Trust will go ahead, although it has become clear that this will have to be pursued without Regulatory Legal’s (“R Legal”) involvement.

    As you may have noticed, relations between Harlequin and R legal have deteriorated in recent weeks. Previously our positions seemed to be aligned and the working relationship with them was productive, but unfortunately this is no longer the case.

    We have had a year to reorganise our business and work with R Legal in an effort to move matters forward. The business is the strongest it has been for some time and, as you know, we are in advanced discussions with financiers linked with a global hotel management company. I cannot go into it any further at present, but I will, of course, keep you updated as negotiations progress to the extent I am allowed.

    As you know, we worked closely with and supported R Legal with regards to the Trust and asked you in good faith to pay £200 plus VAT to them to set the Trust up. To quote from our January 2014 update that was approved by R Legal:

    “We strongly recommend that you pay your money to R Legal now to avoid further delay in the
    set-up of the Trust and as a show of solidarity……as all entrance fees are refundable if the Trust doesn’t go ahead.”
    Harlequin has no doubt whatsoever that R Legal’s latest scare tactic – that the security in St Vincent cannot be granted due to the threat of liquidation – is a purposeful misconstruing of the facts and nothing more than a weak attempt to frighten and manipulate investors. Harlequin has the respect of its advisors and the government in St Vincent and has been assured that the security can be granted and will be perfectly valid. Harlequin will repel any attempts by R Legal to liquidate any of the companies. Liquidation will not come to fruition if most investors join the Trust.

    Regrettably, it seems that all R Legal are now focused on is fees from Harlequin’s investors.

    Broadly speaking, there appear to be two choices. The first is to proceed with the Trust that R Legal has clearly lost interest in (whether they were interested in the first place is a moot point). If we decide to go down this route, we will cease to engage with R Legal and therefore will expect a barrage of hostility that we will fight with investor support.

    When the route transpires, I suggest you write to R Legal demanding the firm returns the £200 plus VAT payments collected from you, as they would have clearly obtained this money under false pretences. An investor has informed us that R Legal has committed to considering refunds. You should also be asking them for confirmation that they are not using the money you have paid for their own ends or to fight redress claims for a few investors.

    Harlequin has been in a position for a number of months to proceed with the Trust and it is our intention to shortly send out a fully executed Trust Document and Waiver for you to sign up and join the Trust. We will not be charging for this, as most of the work has been carried out already by us and other lawyers. All we will be charging is the yearly fee of £50 that R Legal was going to charge for the administration and general operation of the Trust. The sum will be paid into a separate Trustee bank account if possible.

    With regards to the due diligence, we will supply a truthful, accurate response over the next few weeks, as we have always been prepared to do, and I repeat this was never a condition of the Trust. I am happy to be open with everyone as to the position of the business. The most important aspect to remember is that all of the assets I offered at investor meetings last year will go into the Trust; I have never varied from this or sought to change Harlequin’s position and I view this as key.

    Let’s be very clear regarding the two options you have:

    Option 1

    Sign up to the Trust. We have a hotel management company ready to move forward. We have a number of financial institutions we are working with to develop Harlequin’s projects, which includes the possibility of 70% mortgages to investors. Let’s be extremely clear here, the success of Buccament Bay and blu, St Lucia with the travel companies and holidaymakers is a major attraction for financial institutions to invest in Harlequin.

    Trust documents can go out once amended to take account of R Legal’s lack of involvement.

    Option 2

    This is R Legal’s option but what does this mean for the investor? What R Legal may be looking to do is place Harlequin companies into liquidation as this is the only way they will make money out of their continued involvement. This will mean that every investor is likely to lose virtually everything.

    Their plan is to carry out redress claims. It is true that some investors were given bad advice by IFAs but Harlequin cannot be blamed for that. I believe that R Legal is looking for the vast majority of investors to lose everything so they can carry out redress claims for a few investors.

    Please don’t be drawn into such a poor choice. R Legal can’t run hotels, can’t build what Harlequin has built and certainly won’t be able to achieve what is necessary going forward. R Legal have come up with precisely no plans to take the business forward.

    The above two options are your only choices. You should not be taken in by R Legal because they don’t have the investors’ interests at heart if judged by their recent actions, but we do. Only SIPP investors would have possible redress claims under R Legal whereas cash investors would not. They seem to be looking to damage both the Harlequin business and investments principally for their own financial gain.

    Harlequin has tried its best to work in good faith with R Legal and find a way forward, but this spirit of openness is not reciprocated by R Legal at present. R Legal stated that Harlequin could take as long as it wanted to prepare the response to the due diligence; then they said it had to be next week despite acknowledging it will take time to receive information from abroad. R Legal said they would pay for third party solicitor firm Pitmans’ second opinion on the Trust document (this was stated in an R Legal update dated 16th December 2013); then, after the work was carried out, they said they would not. We could provide many more examples.

    In conclusion, may I remind you that the situation we are in today has been caused in part by R Legal. They took the now discredited Panorama team over to St Vincent and spread reports about the SFO investigating Harlequin before the investigation became public – this, we believe, forced the SFO’s hand. We tried to work with them for the greater good but sadly this seems to have failed. We are therefore happy to go it alone with our investors, not least as we are in a far stronger position now than we were a year ago.

    Best regards,

    Dave Ames


  26. Da Man in Amman

    And RL’s erudite response:

    Summarised as “all RL’s fault”.

    However :-

    We have not received the responses to our interim due diligence report.

    * We have not received permission to use James Bakers figures breaking down the spend per resorts.

    * We have not received evidence of any finance.

    * We have not received the future plan.

    * We have not received anything contradicting that Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited received £200m commission from the £400m invested.

    * We know that an investor handed over £100k+ to complete on land which Harlequin has not registered properly.

    * We know that other investors have handed money over to complete and as yet have received nothing in return.

    * We have not received the accounts for Buccament Bay. We feel that the only monies keeping the resort running is new investor monies (eg capital).

    * We have not found any evidence of a “guaranteed” mortgage, even though 90%+ of people cannot complete without one.

    * We have not received anything from Harlequin contradicting the statement from James Baker where he says (in the Davies & others case) that the assets of each Resort Development Company are exceeded by the liabilities. Eg balance sheet insolvent.

    We admit that Harlequin wanted this to go through with every investor waiving their rights for 5 years.

    However, this was to be done based on the security being as set out. It is not. For that reason, we are have sought a mandate to put a counter offer. This we are going to do if we get that mandate.

    Harlequin want you to become so desperate you will accept anything. We are here to prevent you from doing that. If we take flak, then so be it.

  27. Anonymous

    RL need to bring this to a close now (liquidate). There is just too much in the Ames drivel to spend time divulging it. It’s a mess.

    I what I *would* say is the trust was RL’s idea to get the company back in line, as without that, a CVA would not be possible. Without a CVA, the whole lot falls in. Harlequin did not propose the trust; RL did. The fact Harlequin are continuing with it is a bemusement to me – what benefit does a “trust” give investors over, say, creating a central Harlequin company which will have all the inter-company debt, and the investors hold a share depending on their contribution.

    I don’t think Ames appreciates the implications of people signing up for the trust. If people sign up, it means they cannot sue him for 5 years; and also say anything bad against Harlequin. Free speech? Build schedule?

    The facts, as RL have professionally pointed out:

    – Harlequin is insolvent (according to their expert witness)

    – The company is being investigated by the SFO, Essex Police & has been subject of several FCA updates recommending investors NOT invest any more money into the group of companies.

    – 1000’s of investors have received nothing (and likely will for several years if things continue like this)

    – Absolutely no transparency with financial information regarding the company. “Investors” need to know the health of the investment, so action can be taken to improve it.

    – Where is the letter of intent Ames had in October last year? Another lie?

    This pattern is starting to seem familiar. The “bad guys” are out to get Ames again. Out to give him grief. He’s just trying to run a business you know! Wouldn’t be surprised to see litigation against RL next – defamation, professional negligence etc etc.

    I won’t be visiting their hotels. Neither will my family. Or their friends. Or their friends.

  28. David Man

    The above posts are in very bad taste, Dave Man was in a very serious car accident about 4 hrs ago, and is in a critical condition.

  29. It's all in the SIPPs

    Let’s hope GF has put the £240 in an Escrow account. What will the Lemmings think of this? Of course GF could tell the cash investors how they were going to get redress. That is if he knew.

  30. Inghams Groupy

    Respected SVG lawyer say’s do not complete on Buccament Bay Posted by xxxxxx xxxxxx on June 4, 2014 at 9:13pm

    From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Date: 04/06/2014 18:28:49
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: Re: Buccament Bay :

    For the attention of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi XXXXX, Please refrain from investing in Buccament Bay. We have several judgments against them.

    Sent from my iPad On Jun 4, 2014, at 6:22 AM, “” wrote:

    Good Morning xxxxx, Do you have any news?

    Regards, xxx xxx

    ——-Original Message——-

    From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Date: 01/06/2014 21:28:01

    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Re: Buccament Bay : For the attention of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Dear Paul,I will advise on same tomorrow

    Sent from my iPad On Jun 1, 2014, at 2:34 PM,

    xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hello xxxxxxxxxx, I ‘invested’ in Cabana 105, Buccament Bay, it’s built and ready to complete. I need an independent opinion if this is a sensible choice. Apparently, one person has completed at Buccament Bay, I don’t actually believe that based on Mr. Ames history of telling not the truth.

    Based on my findings I find it unlikely that it’s a good idea to complete, no escrow account,questionable title, charges on the land etc. The problem is further compounded trying to find a legal firm who is not compromised or have no authority to advise in SVG.

    Williams and Williams seem too close to Harlequin The UK solicitor just act as a go between to Williams and Williams Regulatory Legal have released an interim Due Diligence report and frankly Harlequin, looks insolvent I don’t believe a word Mr. Ames says I hope you can understand my dilemma. Please let me know how much this would cost, I’m not looking for a huge piece of work just your thought and opinion.

    Kind regards, xxxxxx

  31. Anon

    Oooops Paul stirring it above , Paul Walton perhaps?,Fatchett’s legal secretary, very defamatory statements Paul,

  32. Heritage Pension Administrators in the UK, Stay well clear of Dr. Doolittle and his little mates lol

    We just love these letters, and we especially love the last one 🙂 🙂 😉

    So Heritage who ever they are aside from being “Pension Administrators” thieves more like, are basically stating that their client will get a refund once Ames is in funds to do so, listen to this, this is contingent on funds coming in from successful litigation and completions, lol what a fucking joke, successful litigation???????? lol What about all the litigation you have lost you fucking idiot Ames lol,

    So much for all the funds obtained through litigation being pumped back into business, oh yeah your business is litigation,

    Harlequin, Insolvent??? Absolutely, Heritage????, well they are just ass covering scum……..

    Love the address for Heritage, lol who would trust these clowns with their money eh?????

    6 Doolittle Mill, Froghall Road, ………………………………………

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/ed93937edfea8770e9986d8f01ae53c4

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/b782aea169848e586591c3870eba0a06

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/a3e1a0d27aa651b022527833c3b30657

  33. Sid

    Let’s take a vote. Who is surprised that HP and RL have reached a state of deadlock? I can’t imagine there isn’t one person out there that didn’t see this coming.

  34. It's all in the SIPPs

    Would that be the same Paul Walton who approached Panorama initially? The same Paul Walton who was giving a radio interview about HP to the local radio? The same Paul Walton who initially approached RL to get involved? Has Paul Walton been the tail wagging the RL dog? Has GF been played to satisfy a personal vendetta?

  35. Sid

    Well put AtC.

  36. Anonymous

    RL won’t come up with any solutions that benefit anybody but themselves.They are only interested in SIPPs and neglect the cash investors, .No one has any idea what Harlequin will do or not do next they are too slippery for RL and their lapdog Walton to handle.

    Walton is just like Broughton, another idiot……. 🙂

    I see RL are loosing control. 🙂

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/82ebdf80131d0f707926b9c3b94724ac

  37. It's all in the SIPPs

    Yes very eloquently put. Nice use of the F and C word. Says it all.

  38. Dave's Disco

    Time for some themed music…

  39. Brothers in arms.

    Fatchips has a Masonic obligation to Walton – He has no choice.

  40. Anoun

    Oooooohh so we have the HP trolls back. This time the target is, wait for it

  41. BBaywatch

    The Guardian has just implemented a Secure Drop system for whistle blowers to safely send them confidential documents.

    I wonder if they might like to conclude unfinished business?

  42. Dave's D D - Due dilligence

    Simon Terry is the leak.
    When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber – Winston Churchill

  43. Harlequins mantra

    “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so few to so many ‘

  44. anon

    Well everyone must make their minds up about whether the RL or the HP story has the ring of truth about it. Having copies of documents bearing official government seals does seem to swing it in my mind in favour of RL The counter argument seems to be based on ‘we’re about to do this, we have financiers in the wings…’ Does this really wash without documents to back the story up? It is true to say that we have heard many claims like this in the past and they have all amounted to a row of beans. Any one remember Caldora? What happened to Oasis who were the hoteliers that added so much to the brand?

    As I say it is up to everyone to look at the situation and make up their own minds. Would be good to hear the arguments and evidence in favour of both sides of the fence.

  45. Sid

    Hello anon. My vote is with RL and I am impressed by the hard stance they are now taking against HP. They’re a year too late IMO, but better late than never I suppose. It is time for definite action as things have dragged on for far too long now and if Ames has his way they will drag on further for years to come. His only alternative is to face the music and he won’t want to do that. I think RL will force his hand now and I get a definite sense that we will soon see real action being taken…..finally.

  46. Dave's Disco

    Dave’s new song, is that Bob Lidil singing?

  47. Anon

    Agreed. But the HP strategy is now to ask investors to jump into the Trust without the DD being complete and if enough people jump then this could keep spin things out longer.

    Interesting point about the trust waiver. I understand that this would prevent a trust member from seeking legal redress for a period of 5 years. Presumably this would not preclude an investor taking action against their SIPP adviser who then in turn (or their PI insurer) take action against HP.

  48. Dave's Disco

    Your investors don’t love you anymore Dave…..

  49. Sid

    Surely in order to join the trust you would need solid legal advice and due diligence? Isn’t that the role RL are trying to play? Are HP saying that the DD won’t be complete because RL are being too demanding and that investors should join the trust regardless? That sounds very irresponsible to me.

  50. Anonymous

    RL isn’t being too demanding – they’re asking for the information which investors want anyway.

    If the company were publicly traded, they would need to publish financial statements each quarter. They do this because it gives investors a clear indication of the company’s health, which will then reflect their decision to invest or not.

    Harlequin’s “smoke and mirrors” strategy is yet another smokescreen. If they had any morality, they’d publish their numbers for everyone to see. As yet, this has not been forthcoming.

    Do you really think Harlequin has a financier? David Ames said he had a letter of intent in the meetings in October. A lie. If he had one, he could have sent a scanned image of the letter with important (“confidential”) information blanked out – like how the US government does it.

    David Ames said he owned the land, but it’s now apparent there are a multitude of encumbrances on that land, which will make it very difficult to pass title to the people who Harlequin is now demanding money from. Only a fool would proceed without taking legal advice, or seeing the whole picture of Harlequin.

    I’m highly surprised Harlequin have not provided an alternative set of DD from Pitmans. This would at least quash any claims RL have that they have not been provided with the correct information.


  51. Anonymous

    Just found the following from last night June 5, 2014 at 6:54 pm, I thought that the RL site was secure so why are RL allowing members disclose posts? What game is really being played????

    https ://anonfiles dot com/file/82ebdf80131d0f707926b9c3b94724ac

  52. Its all in the SIPPs

    If the letter of intent was all lies, then why did GF say he had seen it? Are you implying GF tells lies? Heaven forbid.

  53. Its all in the SIPPs

    Why is the web page not available, I cut and paste it, closed the gap between the s and the :// but no joy. Any answers?

  54. Anon

    Fatchett has led his merry acolytes down a dead end. He is as bad as Ames, now the masses on the RL forum are calling for intervention by the SFO. Lol it’s really a bit late for that now.

  55. Anonymous

    You probably forgot to replace the word “dot” with”.”

  56. Anonymous

    Link works fine, looks like Mr. Ingham has been a naughty boy, he is stirring it up here and over on the RL forum, looks like he might be the leak, well well…..

  57. It's all in the SIPPs

    Perhaps the masses want the SFO to investigate GF?

  58. Its all in the SIPPs

    Regarding the supposed e-mails that went between someone called Paul and a solicitor in SVG.on June 5th. It mentions Cabana 105 and is addressed to Paul. According to the Deed of Assignments of Contracts released on here a while ago (the list of purchasers and their date of purchase) Paul does not own 105. 105 is owned by a couple of ladies. (are they that nice couple from Liverpool I wonder?) To me this proves the e-mail trail is fictitious. Just like a lot of the junk on here.

  59. Sid

    A couple of ladies eh. Sounds like 105 is the cabana to be in!

  60. Its all in the SIPPs

    I met them Sid, scared the shit out of me.
    Anyway on a more serious note. Taken from the RL blog.
    Jonathan Edward Payne June 4th 2014 at 7.12 pm
    Hi Joanne, if its any consolation my wife and I feel exactly the same about wanting everything back that we’ve invested as I’m sure so do a lot of others Not sure what your circumstances are – all I know is that I am paying back £24k over the next 7 years on a loan we took out to finance our deposit ………………………We are hoping there will be a redress option on this site this week that may help up.
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors>Jonathan Edward Payne – June 4th at 10.15pm.
    Jonathan there will be a redress option.

    Well RL you have a redress option for a cash buyer? When are you going to share this with your followers? Always info tomorrow. You sound just like Ralph did with his “all will be revealed tomorrow”
    I hope Jonathan is reading this and has his answer. But there again I am not a betting person.

  61. Anonymous

    @ Its all in the Sipps 3.25 pm…Could it be that cabana 105 was “sold” to more than one investor? And please do not say that the unit is “owned” by a couple of ladies..its owned by Harlequin (SVG)Ltd and David Ames.That is until the ladies complete the sale and get legal title…until then we shall just call them “possible owners”

  62. It's all in the SIPPs

    “Owned” as in they own the contract. Will that do you. Don’t start this project Orange shit again.

  63. A Harlequin Insider with a concience, we are not all bad.

    Mr. Ames is getting copies of the forum posts every day in the format below so he knows exactly whats going on,

    To its All in the SIPPs you said this “To me this proves the e-mail trail is fictitious. Just like a lot of the junk on here.”

    The page below is from the RL forum.

  64. It's all in the SIPPs

    Shear gold. Sums up the true position of GF and PW.

  65. Anonymous

    Does Paul Walton`s contract say he purchased cabana 105…if so, either the story about the two ladies is wrong, or the cabana was sold twice….which of course would be a fraudulent.act.

  66. It's all in the SIPPs

    Or the document could be false.

  67. Anonymous

    After reading the downloads I am convinced the only hope for
    St Vincent & the Grenadines is a full scale invasion by the
    Royal Marines. Man-oh-man that island needs to start all over
    from scratch.

  68. summing up

    Does anyone know how many other investors have bought cabana 105?

  69. Anonymous

    From St Vincent I witness news , June 4th.
    The Central Water & Sewerage Authority (CWSA) on Wednesday said it is expanding both the areas and hours of water rationing as the continuing drought conditions have reduced to about 30 per cent production at the Dalaway, Majorca and Montreal systems.
    The rationing will include all areas between Buccament and Calliaqua, including Kingstown and its environs, Arnos Vale, Belair, Gomea, Dauphine, the Marriaqua valley and some areas in the south-east of the island, the company said.

    I wonder if BB resort has back up water supply for guests…if not those plunge pools will come in handy!

  70. Anonymous

    5 star service at BB…not really!
    From Tripadvisor….”The expresso machines in all rooms weren’t useable as they have no coffee pods… you are expected to use nescafe instant coffee!! Disappointingly at breakfast, again it’s instant coffee”

  71. 5 star-shit review

    …”and watch out for some bloke from the drama school wandering around drunk and smoking in your face making comments about you and your family! Clearly unacceptable.”
    Not the first time this little problem has been mentioned on TA.

    Was there a travel agent/freeloaders trip over half term? Just wondering who’s writing all those glowing reviews.

  72. How does it feel to be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life

    Woah I’m up for that. Dave I’ve been working so hard for the last year, give me and the family a freebie and we will provide four glowing TA reviews spread out over a month. You don’t have to worry about the coffee we’ll bring our own. Contact me at

  73. Inhouse Revenue

    “Finally, not to miss the departure tax you pay to the hotel $20 a head!”

    Is that a bit odd? I thought it was $EC40 departure tax at the AIRPORT.

  74. Anon

    OMG a bad review on TA!. Quick quick get some positive ones to push it down.

  75. It's all in the SIPPs

    Perhaps Bequia P has finally visited the hotel?

  76. Anonymous

    Bob Storey is back as “it’s all in the SIPPS” …..same pro Harlequin , anti GF stories…thinks he knows everything about cabana ownership at BB….a pitiful character for sure.

  77. Anonymous

    Who the hell is Bequia P ?

  78. Anonymous

    Sportingman, or BobStorey over on TA forums has an ongoing battle with Bequia P about the disparate reviews of BB on TripAdvisor. His last salvo was that BB has just won an Award from Trip Advisor . This Award is the Award of Excellence which has been given to THOUSANDS of hotels and resorts in the Caribbean. They are only given to places with consistently high reviews. That’s why very investor , who benefits from a freebie trip to BB poster such glowing reviews, many of which are repetitive and seemingly written or scripted by the same PR agent. Did it make it to one of the top Resorts or Hotels in the Caribbean on TA this year. Of course not. But it “won an award”….what a joke!

  79. Anon

    And the award for business of the year for managing the fantastic sales figure of £400 million goes to the multitude number of complex organisations known as Harlequin Property. Roar and the crowd goes wild.
    They also managed a second award for the absolutely amazing achievement of producing £0 profit and £0 returns for investors from the £400 million. Roar and some of the crowd goes wild and wants to string the the little bastard up.

  80. Anonymous

    An example of what TA “Certificate of Excellence 2014 Award ” is all about.
    A tiny canteen beach shack called Cuzs in Barbados just got that same award ! All he serves are marlin fish sandwiches with or without cheese and egg, at a very low price . They are also delicious and many tourists and locals go there every day for lunch . So I am not saying anything bad about the place or food or service….I just want to put it out there that a TA Award of Excellence that Harlequin boasts about on their blog, and that Sportingman ( Bob Storey) boasts about is really no big thing! Literally thousands are awarded every year to Hotels and resorts in the Caribbean .
    Of all the outstanding quality restaurants in Barbados, Cuzs is also ranked number 7 on TA, according to the number of 5 star reviews it received . Another beach shack called Mr Delicious is also in the top rankings on TA restaurants in Barbados …this is a converted bus with basic drinks and eats such as hot dogs and rotis .
    TA reviews can be useful, but I for one take their Certificate of Excellence Awards with a big grain of salt, as I do when I read the over the top reviews for BB.

  81. Anon

    From trip Advisor forums. Apparently some investors are getting returns.

    93. Re: Why are reviews re Buccament Bay so disparate?
    02 June 2014, 21:40

    TracyLondon_UK (26 forum posts)
    London, UK
    Thank you for quoting me Bequia P. I am an investor with Harlequin who put everything on the line for this investment as did my partner. We are getting our returns and more incl owners holidays each yr so it would be best that if you are not an investor or have not been to BB that you cease to comment on what you seem to know so little about.

    As ivesaid before… Please go to BB to appreciate all that it has to offer, namely a fantastic hol resort that is great value for money.

  82. Anon

    Propaganda at work
    94. Re: Why are reviews re Buccament Bay so disparate?
    03 June 2014, 13:59

    SvgAlan (89 forum posts)
    Sheffield, United Kingdom
    As an x ifa I feel I should comment on bequia ps post.

    At the moment no one has lost there pensions .some investors feel that the monies they invested are at risk and may be worth less than they paid in.the type of investment they entered into is clearly of a higher risk and less liquid than normal fca regulated investments.the investors new this when they entered into the contract.if they didn’t know then they have an issue with the advisers not with harlequin.

    As and when the investigations into harlequin are completed if the investors if left out of pocket ,they potentially can get redress if they were wrongly advised.all financial advisers have to carry indemnity insurance against which the client can claim if the advice given was not suitable for a number of reasons.

    Having said this, all this is in know way related to the running of the resort .and trying to link the two is only likely to increase the risk of losses to persons that bequia p is so valiantly trying to protect.

    Perverse logic to say the least.

    Edited: Jun 03, 2014, 9:02 AM

  83. Anonymous

    Anon 1:25 What has any of what you just wrote to do with
    disparate TA reviews? Talk about “perverse logic”

  84. Try Sky sports to find some anti HP news.

    Looks like the anti HP trolls are skulking about any forum now to fill their day in. Common you lot, no new “revelations” to post. Nothing on a shopping blog to report on?


    The proof of completion from Ames, As usual all is not as it seems, here Ames is redefining property sales in the Caribbean.

    We just have to wonder “WHAT” independent lawyer would have allowed clause 3 and 4 on page 3 of the attached “Completion” document to remain,

    Just surprised that Fatchett has not picked up on this, yet again Fatchett fails to pick up on most things, The Devil is in the detail Garreth ; )

    In a nutshell, At 3 above, even if you complete on your “Freehold” property with Ames and Co. you can only resell your property through Ames and co at any time in the future, God only knows what kind of “Commission” Ames and Co. will charge for this…………

    At 4 it gets worse, You cannot sell your property for less then you paid for it….. even if the resort is worth a fart in a high wind and you want to cut your losses and run, well sorry mate, you cant.

  86. Anon

    @anon 2.20
    That was part of svgalans post on ta

  87. Anonymous

    @Anon 12.29…you mean this admitted Investor Tracy London`s fantastic review of her investment at BB? How honest can this be?

    Sitting in the airport waiting to fly back to London after another fantastic week at Buccament Bay.
    Everything was still as perfect as on our last few visits.
    The villas are incredible. You are surrounded by luxury good quality amenities in the bedroom and bathroom.
    The restaurants are superb. Loved Saffron, the boutique indian with the most exquisite dishes, nothing like the indian takeaway at home!
    Jacks restaurant is very classy and serves fabulous steaks and sides.
    More informal is the Beach Bay for lunches and dinner. Try the sushi at lunchtime especially the tempura shrimp!
    Must mention the excellent gym facilities that we both used at 6am daily and the fabulous HQ coffee shop where we ate muffins and macaroons and put all of our hard gym work to waste!!
    I think the thing that crowns it all is the staff that are employed there. They all share a passion and a personal pride of the resort and want so much for you to have that “special experience” there.
    I have to thank the following staff for being absolutely outstanding… Kirit and Shauna (front office) Brod and Chanelle (breakfast and Bay lunch), our wonderful maids for villa 2004, Creese and Carlisle (our drivers to and from the airpirt) and all the HQ staff for making the perfect Earl Grey tea!
    We are already planning our next trip.
    Sadly the one downside is the flight from Barbados to Saint Vincent. There were terrible delays (as is quite normal apparantly) and our luggage didnt arrive at the resort untill the next day.
    Thanks again everyone for making it another perfect week in paradise. X

    Stayed May 2013

  88. Anon

    @try sky
    “anti hp troll” is that a euphemism for pissed off ripped off fraud victim.

  89. Anonymous

    Sign seen in the Villas at BBay –
    Due to low water pressure please flush twice,
    its a long way to Jacks’.

  90. A blast from the past

    Here’s something interesting from way back in 2009……..

    47. Re: Harlequin Property – Buccament – A place in the sun
    08 December 2009, 19:15
    Hi. This is interesting reading for me as I visited Harlequin Head Offices today. Before today when i first found out about the Buccament Bay development and the others they are now proposing (St Lucia, 3 in Dominian Republic, Brazil etc) i was quite impressed and looking forward to my visit today. However, on seeing photos of the properties they have now started to build in Buccament Bay, they looked awful! I would be absolutely distraught if i had invested my money in one of these. They are right on top of a river – and i mean, literally 5 feet from the river. The materials look cheap and it looks like a glorified Butlins! I also was concerned about the fact they have now decided to split this development into 2 phases – to me, reeking of oh, we couldn’t get enough investors initially, so now split into 2 phases – i am a property investor in the UK and am happy to take risks but only calculated ones, and I’m afraid having done my research thoroughly, this does not seem a good one! The prices seem massively inflated so worries about remortgaging at the end, plus of course Mr Ames has to get the investors on board before he can put a spade in the mud – therefore, not enough investors, no buillding will start – hence i suspect why many early investors have seen “delays” for all sorts of reasons. I am not saying these are a dodgy company, but the idea will only work once there are the correct number of investors, and i thinkk in this current climate, Harlequin will struggle to get the investors to build the resorts, hence many people (as it seems already) will be left with invested money doing nothing for many years, with no prospect of getting it back……..

  91. Anonymous

    What a shame this talented guy was not allowed to join the BB management team for GBP 10,000 per month..He could have turned things around overnight.

  92. Robert Storey

    @anon 4.35 “pro HP troll” is that a euphemism for happy contented investor. Lol
    @Anon 11.47. Am I an owner now in BB now? Wow have you become mystic Meg?

  93. Anonymous

    All quiet,

  94. redefining shill

    Is robert Storey actually a real person ? I thought perhaps the harlequin team just write drivel under the name of robert storey, in an attempt to drown out any real discussion.

  95. Anon

    Storey just took a beating on the TA forum.

  96. Realitychecks

    I now realise what I posted on TA was incorrect and wish to appologise. It is not against house rules for an investor to post about a visit.

  97. Anonymous

    Oh Bobby was that painful, you are too easy.
    Investor? Surely you mean purchaser, after all it was for freehold property in the contracts wasn’t it. Ergo part owners of the hotel they are posting reviews of. Tut tut

  98. Robert Storey

    Anon 7.54 if that was aimed at me I do not have a clue what you are prattling on about. Are you sure you are not dribbling on your keyboard?

  99. TA

    Who is impersonating Realitychecks here? That stunt has been pulled before when posters have stated facts HP trolls don’t like. On the last two occasions I saw it was BS Bob. Is it him again? Why doesn’t he post it on TA? Oh no he can’t can he because it’s against TA rules so he posts it here like the nasty bitchy little coward he is.

    June 8, 2014 at 7:28 pm
    I now realise what I posted on TA was incorrect and wish to appologise. It is not against house rules for an investor to post about a visit.

  100. Anonymous

    Part owners of a Hotel or Resort have no right to post reviews of their property on TA. Of course TA would not know which of their reviewers are also owners..How many are there. Anyone’s guess.

  101. Double selling ?

    Cabana 105 was listed in letters Walton sent to Harlequin, they are on the RL blog – looks like Ames has sold it more than once?

  102. Double selling ?

    Lets be clear, if the units never complete how do you prove double selling?
    Of course………… we have had 1 completion and it;s in the name of Richard Ingham or is it Bob?

  103. Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner

    Or maybe it could be Tracey London, ‘who put everything on the line for this investment as did my partner. We are getting our returns and more incl owners holidays each yr.’

    Or maybe all three of them own Cabana 105. Mind you, for all they know 105 investors could own the same cabana.

  104. Read the TA rules.

    @Anon 10.58, Tracy said quite clearly she was an investor and getting a return. TA would have seen this and have allowed her posts to remain. I think TA will know their house rules better that others on here.

  105. Anonymous

    Baseldon needs to fact check the TA posts a bit better. Read in the
    last two posts that (a) dive facilities were closed due to an insurance
    issue and (b) enjoyed reef diving with Indigo. Both guests stayed at
    the same time. Its gotta be one or the other……..

  106. Anonymous

    @Read the TA rules..The rules are clear….The Tracy, the owner of a cabana, did not say she was an investor when she made her review of BB,otherwise TA might not have published it…that was revealed several months later only on a TA Forum on BB, where she said she was an investor.Understand the difference between a forum and a review?

  107. Anonymous

    At Anonymous 7.10 pm…Who said both guests stayed at the same time?..their posts only say that they stayed May 2014.One guest was lucky and the place was open, the other reported that the place was closed when they were at the resort..why would they say so if it were not so? Why the big defense?It wouldn’t be the first time Indigo has closed for a few days, for whatever reason.

  108. Anon

    TA don’t do anything until it is reported

  109. Anonymous

    Anon 7:21 I have nothing to be defensive about. On the other hand
    H-trolls just might

  110. Anonymous


  111. Read the TA rules.

    @Anon 7.10. I suggest you look at the title at the top of the post. She was giving an honest opinion to the continual biased posts from Beguia P. The lady from Indigo Dive posted an updated and factual response to the report about the injured diver. Are you saying that isn’t allowed because she owns it? Of course she can in the same way that Tracy can give her opinion.

  112. non anon TA

    @Read the TA rules. Anonymous 6:33 and 7:10pm
    It’s bullshit Robot Story Sportingman posting again innit?
    Shill on Bob, everyone is having a right good laugh at your witless posts.

    Why don’t you post on TA? Go on you scardy-cat.

  113. David Ames

    BB is the best resort I have ever visited. 6 star pure luxury, It is brilliant best service ever. Honest

  114. Robert Storey

    @ non Anon no other Anon, not even Anon. TA Not even close, no cigar.

  115. Anonymous

    @ Read the TA rules 7 44 pm…Bequia P is not reviewing BB…A review of a property on TA is totally different to comments made on a BB Forum.For example, you can contribute to a discussion on a forum, without ever having stayed at the property being discussed. However, you are not allowed to make a review of a property that you did not visit. Have a cup of tea and relax Bob.

  116. Anonymous

    Sportingman, AKA ..FDNRM, AKA… Robert Storey continues to spout crap on TripAdvisor Forum about the disparate reviews of BB on TA..A good and humble servant .

  117. It's all in the SIPPs

    How desperate are RL to get their trust up and running. Now they are claiming that HP are, due to some info from an insurance broker, being refused insurance cover. No proof, no evidence or confirmation from HP. Of course if this is the case then this proves that HP have had insurance all along. Funny how you didn’t post that bit of info Fatchett isn’t it. But now you have confirmed it.

  118. Thomas Levy

    @ It’s all in the SIPPs

    Er, no. That’s not what RL said at all. Their update actually reads as follows:


    Our market intelligence is very good. We have many IFA firms who assist us. Today, one of our good contacts, told us that the leading financial services network Sesame Bankhall Group ( ) have excluded Harlequin Property investments from their professional insurance at this renewal.

    SBG are a leading firm with 11,000 advisers. That is a large slug of the market. What we do know is that insurance underwriters follow each other. This leads to only one conclusion eg advice in relation to Harlequin will soon be in the main uninsured. No cover.

    * We have written to all SIPP investors last Friday / this Monday. We will be publishing our redress options for direct investors / re-mortgage investors on the 13th June 2014.

    We need investors to focus on redress and the time constraints this news presents. The trust process will be on going with negotiations and more twists and turns. Do not be distracted by the trust and allow your redress claim to be prejudiced. After all, our contact with investors tell us that a significant number simply want their money back.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    What they are talking about is NOT whether or not Harlequin itself carries insurance but whether insurance is/will be available to IFAs and the like. Not the same thing at all. Do try to keep up!

  119. Anonymous

    Thomas Levy, does this mean their professional indemnity won’t cover any redress claims? What’s the deal with it in terms of redress?

  120. It's all in the SIPPs

    Yes you are quite right, I thought it was referring to HP insurance directly. Thank you for correcting me.

  121. Anonymous

    If an insurance policy is active at the time the activity for which a claim
    is made then the insurance is in effect.

  122. Thomas Levy

    @ Anonymous 17:16 & 17:39

    The ABI states that PI cover works on a claims made basis – i.e. if a claim is made while cover is in effect, it’s insured. If it’s made after, tough. See at the “Conditions of your cover” section.

    Assuming this is right, any claims regarding duff advice need to be lodged urgently so that they are made when the relevant products are covered. Leave it a few months, and the risk won’t be covered, so any claim will fail.

  123. anon

    @ Thomas Levy

    You are quite correct. I used to have PI insurance and when I decided I didn’t need it any more because I had ceased to practice, I was told that I had to continue to pay a premium to protect the work that had already been undertaken and completed. Any claim made for previous advice would not be protected by the PI insurance simply because the policy had been in place at the time the advice was given.

  124. you ar never "too old to go to prison"

    Kinda looks like..IFA are gonna be stuffed….continue to pay for insurance, so as covered for HP claims even if they not practising as an ifa…..assuming cover will be offered that is…..or take a chance and lose yr house etc as no insurance
    don’t look to good do it, shame for few good ones, and good riddance for the greedy majority who jumped on the gravy train.

  125. Anonymous

    Thanks Thomas.

    In terms of the SIPP clients, what does this development mean? Basically get your claim in quick? I thought the FSCS was there to provide a fallback if the insurer cops out?

    How can the insurer just drop the Harlequin coverage?

  126. Thomas Levy

    @ Anonymous 20:15

    It means claims need to be lodged as soon as possible – before the IFA has to renew PI cover. It’s at that point that there is a risk their policy will exclude Harlequin. If Harlequin products are excluded then there will be no insurer to pay out any compensation.

    The FSCS is, in effect, cover of the last resort. They’ll step in (up to £85,000 per person) once there is no other avenue left. This means that potential claimants will have had to go after the IFA personally first, I think, before being able to ask the FSCS to pay out. Still, if the IFA has gone bust already, then the FSCS should stump up.

    As to what insurers can and can’t do, they are in business to make a profit. No one wants to insure a risk where it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll have to pay out many, many times the premium taken. That’s just not commercial.

    There is one other fly in the ointment, as it were. If I recall correctly, the insurers who covered TailorMade recently declined to admit any Harlequin-related claims. I’m guessing that TM acted outside the areas they were covered for or omitted a material fact when filling in the proposal form. I’d expect more insurers to try to duck claims if at all possible seeing as they’ll be facing perhaps £200 million in potential payouts.

  127. Anonymous

    Thomas – the FSCS cover for IFAs in default would be £50k (£85k is for deposits).

  128. Thomas Levy

    @ Anonymous 21.00

    Many thanks for that. I stand corrected.

  129. PJ

    Thomas- Will the indemnity insurance cover cash investors who have used an unregulated financial adviser?

  130. Thomas Levy

    @ PJ

    If the advisor carries suitable insurance cover, I presume that a claim could be made. But I’d be very surprised if they did. So the only recourse would be to sue them directly.

  131. Anonymous

    Thanks again Thomas!

    I’m eager to see how RL play this. I’m waiting to get my SIPP claim sorted out (they’re taking forever). I sincerely hope they get it sorted out

  132. Thomas Levy

    @ Anonymous 06.55

    Glad to have helped. Good luck with your claim. I guess the upside is that, having instructed RL, if they’ve missed the boat for lodging the claim. you can always sue them…

  133. Dust Up

    @Thomas Levy

    RL are right to point this out. Maybe it will finally stop people waiting for Ames to rescue things.

    Make a claim.

  134. Sid

    Have I missed something. Is there talk of a possible redress option for cash buyers?

  135. Project Gavel

    People have no idea the ‘dark forces’ that are working behind the scenes to bring Harlequin and the Ames family down.

    This is a coordinated, international operation, special skills, and contacts are required.

    We find it amusing Aimless has no idea what’s going on, and who is pulling the strings.

  136. It's all in the SIPPs

    Sid, don’t hold your breath on that one. It will be too much like hard work for RL. A nice easy £30m for chasing SIPP redress. Yes that will do nicely. Now the other lemmings, sorry cash investors, who gave GF £240 who think they stand a chance of getting a refund, no chance.of course if GF does not have a viable plan for them has £240 been taken by misrepresentation? Perhaps Birmingham plod need to speak to Essex plod?

  137. Thomas Levy

    @ It’s all in the SIPPs

    I reckon you’re right. The SIPP redress (and claims against any regulated introducer) is all that RL have ever really wanted. There’s no cash left to pay back anyone – and even if there were, it’s needed as working capital to keep the business going. Unless, that is, everyone wants Blu & BB to close down and kill off the only active hotels.

    RL are promising all will be revealed tomorrow (Friday 13th). The noises that RL have made in the past make me suspect what they will “offer” to Harlequin is that a trust takes all the shares in the RDCs (or alternatively some form of golden share) and Dave is told to take a hike.

    How could Dave possibly turn down such a reasonable offer?


    There’s not a lot that can be offered to cash/direct purchasers. At best, they might be able to sue the agent/adviser who sold the product to them, but they are almost guaranteed not to have insurance so all that’s left is whatever assets they have. And there’s a potential claim against the relevant RDC if there’s a liquidation. So maybe 5% recovery in 5-10 years’ time. And that’s on a good day. Don’t forget that there are lots of non-investor claims, such as those from suppliers and other third parties.

    Even if the original trust idea went ahead, just what was going to be in the trust? A formal security (i.e. a contractual mortgage/charge that would be unregistered) over some bits of land – the common parts at BB, land in St Lucia, Barbados & Dom Rep plus, in a year or so, H Hotel & Hotel Blu. How much would that actually be worth? All it would do is to prevent the assets being sold, but the trust documents anticipated the trustees merrily subordinating their security to a bank or other financier. The reality would be that the “security” was pretty much useless.

    Add to that the question of whether or not it would be valid in the event of a liquidation or challenge by another creditor and you have what our American chums call a “clusterfuck”.

    All in all, it’s not a good place to be.

  138. It's all in the SIPPs

    @TL just one thing to consider, HP will not be sitting back waiting for something to happen. You might find that HP will come out with an alternative “trust” plan. This might be for cash investors only as SIPP investors will be off the books, so to speak. Do you think that GF might have taken the £240 off the cash investors under false promises?

  139. Anonymous

    Come on folks , if you have given over £30000 or more to this investment, several years ago ,and the chance of recovery of something , however little is even 5%, what’s a piddly £240 more ? Small change….

  140. Thomas Levy

    @ It’s all in the SIPPs

    I’d not be at all surprised if Harlequin had something else to counter whatever RL put up. Or, indeed, that the apparent antipathy between RL & HP is simply a staged spat for public consumption.

    As to the ethics of RL, if a particular client or group of clients think they have a genuine grievance, there is always the SRA. At the moment I think it’s too early to judge whether RL have oversold things.

  141. Fluttercup

    You miss the point. RL do not need to do anymore now.

    Have you read their terms of business ? 99.9% of clients ticked the non-refundable box.

    Stupid Harlequin investors, failing to read again.

  142. It's all in the SIPPs

    @fluttercup, obviously you are the stupid one. It’s not a question of a refund, it’s a question of if the £240 was taken under the premis of a solution for cash investors, but no solution is proposed. RL have said all along when asked the question about possible redress for cash investors that, a solution will be forthcoming. Well that day is nearly upon us. Yes RL do need to do something by tomorrow.

  143. Anonymous

    Premice ?

  144. It's all in the SIPPs

    Nope premise lol

  145. Frankie Usher

    Last year Bob Storey was posting as ‘Fatchett does not represent me.’ aka FDNRM and accusing Gareth Fatchett of being an ambulance chaser.

    Recently, he’s posting as ‘It’s all in the SIPPs’.
    He is a propagandist and stooge for Harlequin and been here for years under different names.


  146. It's all in the SIPPs

    Wonder who Frankie Usher is? Mystic Meg perhaps? Not even close. However if GF has no redress option for the cash buyers, if he is just interested in the SIPPs redress at £30m, then guess what? That makes him an Ambulance Chaser, pure and simple. Thanks for reminding us.

  147. Anonymous

    IaitS – Using your logic that would make DA a lot of things……
    pure and simple.

  148. Anoun

    Big deal. Worst case scenario for GF he charges the victims/purchasers for the redress claims. Refunds the £240 to cash claimants. He still in the money. As for ambulance chaser who else was stepping up and coming up with choices for the victims?

  149. Anon

    Anybody know what happened to the WordPress case. Do I need to run and hide for calling Ames a liar and thief.

  150. BFP

    We at BFP have heard nothing more. Never received any documents from wordpress or any lawyers.

  151. Anon

    Thanks BFP. Didn’t think the Toxic toad would get anywhere.

  152. Pink, Blue & Yellow Arrows

    the Russians have a saying, ‘you can’t lie and go forward, you must always come back to the lie’.


  153. Anonymous

    @pink blue yellow. You need to reduce the dose of your medication.

  154. Project Orange (Gavel)


    Investors now have a decision to make. Are you going to accept the Harlequin Trust and Security Offer ?

    The issue is not the trust, but the assets being offered as security. The due diligence tells you Harlequin will struggle to implement the offer. One of the fundamental changes is that the investors in the trust pay for the cost of implementing the trust (Schedule 1 – Security). No sign of any finance offer, no accounts, no trading accounts at Buccament Bay & no building plan.

    This is an offer which investors will be pressured to accept. Investors deserve better.

  155. Project Bob Lidel and his completion.


    Those who have read due diligence understand the problems with the security offer. Those who have not read the due diligence have no idea.

    Harlequin have decided to push on with the security offer and the trust.

    No Accounts
    No Financing
    No Guaranteed Mortgages
    No Development Plan
    You are being asked to trust David Ames until 2019.

    Interesting Times ..

  156. Thomas Levy

    Latest missive from RL:


    Those who have read due diligence understand the problems with the security offer. Those who have not read the due diligence have no idea.

    Harlequin have decided to push on with the security offer and the trust.

    No Accounts
    No Financing
    No Guaranteed Mortgages
    No Development Plan

    You are being asked to trust David Ames until 2019.

    Interesting Times ..

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors


    Is that just posturing? An agreed/staged “fight”? Or is it real?

  157. Project Bob Lidel and his £150,000 Trust salary

    And the little legs never thought that little nugget would get out 🙂
    It is however only paid on converting the RL bunch to ‘Trust shorty’

  158. Anonymous

    The End Times, they are a coming…Apocalypse Now !!!

  159. It's all in the SIPPs

    No financing? GF tells us he has seen evidence of potential financing. Has this now evaporated or selective memory?

  160. Monopoly

    £150k? This get out of jail free card is getting expensive

  161. Anoun

    @sipps. So what. When are you going to post something that is worth reading. DA comes up with documents that prove to be bullshit later. We’ll I never, that has never happened before. You post exactly like BS aka 36 aka FDNRM AKA sportingman etc.
    Always Sidetrack, sidestep, muddy the water always trying to divert attention away from your master DA.

  162. Another Noun

    So you don’t think it’s important that RL said they had seen evidence of re finance but now they say there is no finance. I would call that a pretty important change.

  163. Bob, what a good trustee, Buccament Bay value = £500,000,000 because Dave told him to say it.

    Poor old Dave, up against dark forces.

  164. Anonymous

    GF said he’d seen the letter of intent, not financing. The difference is Harlequin has not put forward any concrete financing options (a letter of intent is a far cry from money in the account):
    ” Unlike wills, letters of intent are often not legal documents”

    Harlequin’s position is absurd:

    1. No accounts filed for any of the RDC’s in Caribbean
    2. No accounts put forward for “investors”
    3. No retortion on the Due Diligence document which was “strewn with errors”
    4. No mortgages
    5. No completions
    6. No plan moving forward
    7. No building work

    The list goes on.

    The choice for Harlequin is simple – liquidate or provide a way to make the thing work (demonstrate their commitment to do this)

    If Harlequin was a real company, their AGM would have been a riot. The BOD would be sacked & up on charges of professional negligence, and the vultures would be circling for when the house of cards collapses.

    If the “Ames family” (including son Dan) have any intention of making this work, they need to do the following:

    1. Publish EVERYTHING that has gone on to this point (accounts etc)
    2. Detail EVERY institution they’re working with for financing
    3. Share their budgets & plans for the new hotels
    4. Keep their investors updated with regular meetings

    Anything other than this will mean liquidation

  165. Anonymous

    What gives RL the right to send me their comments regarding the HP trust proposal? I am on their e mail list as registered for the original RL blog. As I have not paid £240 to see their DD what then gives them the right to try and influence my thoughts on the HP trust when I am not permitted to see their proposals? How desperate are RL?

  166. Thomas Levy

    @ Anonymous 11.19

    You can email RL and ask to be taken off the email list. No one is forcing you to read what they say. They have the RIGHT to express a view, and to send it to you as you’ve subscribed to their emails.

    And here’s their latest blurb:


    Harlequin Offer

    We have received the draft documents. The documents are very similar to those drafted by Pitmans.

    The “offer” should be considered in the context of the Due Diligence. Anyone considering the offer without understanding the position of Harlequin only has half the story. We have to accept that there are investors who only received the Harlequin output. These people only see one side which is stuffed full with Trip Advisor awards and other “good news”. The reality is very different.

    The “Free” Trust

    The “free” entry trust issued last night is not free at all. Clause 12 of the draft deed of waiver has the £50 p/a annual fee. Additionally, the clause states :-

    “12. The Investor hereby covenants to :

    (i) pay such sums as may be reasonably requested by the Trustees of the Deed of Trust in respect of charges incurred for services to or on behalf of the Deed of Trust. ”

    Under Schedule 1 of the Trust Deed, the set up of the Security is charged to the Trust Fund. The Trust Fund will need to raise significant funds to pay for the security to be implement.

    There is nothing free about this arrangement.


    James Baker – Harlequin accountant who is the author of the figures which Harlequin refuse to release to investors. As James Baker acts for Harlequin he owes his professional duty to Harlequin only.

    Bob Ladell – The Pro Harlequin Investor Group (PHIG) has its registered office at ELS Solicitors (the solicitors who act for the Ames’s in the Davies freezing order case and Harlequin Property in the Wilkins Kennedy).

    Nothing impartial with the trustees. These are “Harlequin” people through and through.

    Security – Schedule 1

    No H Hotel or Blu. These two elements of security have been removed. The remaining security is offered by companies which are arguably insolvent. This is not our suggestion, but based on statements made by James Baker in his affidavit to the court in the Davies case.

    The grants of security if even capable of being made will be challengeable by non joining investors and / or a subsequent liquidation. The costs of implementing the security fall to the Trust Fund (investors). We suspect that the cost of defending the security would also fall to the Trust Fund (investors).


    The Harlequin offer will not fly. It will get support from investors who have not seen the due diligence or want to defer dealing with the current issues by pushing matters 5 years into the future. This charade will go until David Ames realises that he cannot get the required level of support for his trust.

    At that point, he can either engage with us and our investors sensibly or appoint a liquidator.

    Most clients simply want their money back. The proposed trust will not and cannot do this. Why any investor would accept this (other than in desperation) is beyond us.

    Our advice is simple. Do not sign up for the Harlequin Trust offer.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  167. Anonymous

    You are missing the point Thomas. The HP proposal is not a document sent to selective people who have paid £240 as is the RL proposal. Sending me information and sending me their opinion is entirey different.

  168. Thomas Levy

    @ Anonymous 11.38

    I’m not missing any point. You posited a question. I gave you an answer which is factual. If you don’t want to listen to RL, don’t.

    They have sent their views to everyone registered with them. You’re free to act on or ignore that as you see fit, as is everyone else.

    RL have their agenda and clearly are angling for whatever support they can get for it. It’s up to you, and anyone else they contact, to take a view as to whether they support RL, HP or see some other route.

  169. Anon

    @anonymous 11.38 the RL dd information is posted here on BFP? Probably the best thing for you to do is to join the HP Trust and give Ames a chance of taking some more of your money before liquidation, which is inevitable.

  170. Anonymous

    Thomas Levy speaks truth – if you don’t like what RL put out, don’t read it.

    They have just as much as you or I to express an opinion, and they have. If you want to express your opinion, you should make a website with your name on it, write your opinion of the situation & publish for the world to see. That’s what RL have done, to their credit

  171. Anonymous

    Ehm I seem to remember some time ago when there were some comments about GF within 24 hrs he had got a court injunction and extracted an amount of money for his local church choir. And you think I should start a web site under my own name to publish my thoughts? Nah GF has form regarding opinions.

  172. Thomas Levy

    RL’s counter-offer & redress options.


    Current Position

    We received an overwhelming mandate to make a counter offer to Harlequin. On 12 June 2014 Harlequin issued their draft trust documents. These documents do not fundamentally change the offer originally made by Harlequin. The security package is still the same and the problems remain.

    It is inevitable that Harlequin will paint their offer as the only alternative to liquidation. Pressure will be applied to investors to sign up without understanding the current position of Harlequin. Those that have not read the due diligence will have no idea as to what they are been asked to do. Some do not want to know, preferring the sunshine updates to the harsh reality. There are no finance proposals, no business plan, no accounts & no building schedule. Investors are being asked to trust Harlequin until 2019.

    Counter Offer

    Before we present our counter offer, we feel it correct to set out our argument why Harlequin has failed. Put to one side all the emotion, from a pure investment perspective Harlequin have lost you your money.

    Why has Harlequin failed?

    In 2008 Wilkins Kennedy reported in a letter that a Colliers valuation of Buccament Bay had a $200m fire sale value. See Wilkins Kennedy letter.

    In 2011 BCQS valued Buccament Bay at $240m. This figure was based on Phase 1 being fully open and trading. We know that Blocks 1, 2, & 3 in Phase 1 are not completed. The BCQS valuation of these blocks is £55m. The conversion of £55m to dollars equates to $93m. By deducting the $93m from the $240m you have a net figure of $147m. One other factor is that the BCQS valuation is based on 42 acres, not 19.05 acres registered. This would reduce the valuation.

    The Cost of Building

    The cost of building Buccament Bay is £111m (BBC Panorama figures). To raise £111m, Harlequin has taken approx. £222m. The 50% commission paid to Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited means that for every £1 spent on land and building, £1 was paid in commission to HMSSE. £222m is $376m.

    Therefore, having spent $376m to pay for Buccament Bay (including HMSSE commission), the value of Buccament Bay based on the 2011 BCQS (less Blocks 1-3) being $147m, a loss of $229m has been made on the project.

    This is investment failure on a massive scale. On that basis alone, Mr Ames and his Harlequin team should stand aside.

    Land Representations – please review Grid

    The enclosed grid sets out the various property representations from 2008 – 2011. Harlequin only have 19.05 acres of registered land at Buccament Bay. This was registered in January 2009. Before that time Harlequin registered no land in St Vincent.

    Look at the representations on the acreage. We have 40 acres, 72 acres and between 80-100 acres in 2009 alone. All wrong and all designed to give the impression of greater land holding. Look at our grid and the supporting documents.

    The 72 acres of land was confirmed by Harlequin’s own lawyers in July 2009. December 2009 Mr Ames on a You Tube update states that “we now have almost 100 acres”. Harlequin owned and registered 19.05 acres at that point.

    In 2011 BCQS (valuers) did another valuation based on an inventory of the Harlequin land (some 42 acres). Once again the whole valuation was based on incorrect land acreage.

    The disclosure to us from Harlequin in 2014 totalled 34.54 acres. The supplemental disclosure from Harlequin stated a further 24.3 acres existed (of which 21.73 acres has not been paid in full). A total of approx. 59 acres was disclosed of which only 19.05 acres is registered properly.

    Our view is that the land holdings have always been opaque. All the valuations have been used to support the price increases and the general feeling that the investment was going well. The real picture is materially different. The last valuation in 2011 for Phase 1 Buccament Bay is $240,000,000.00. This valuation (based on the BCQS valuation of Phase 1 Buccament Bay in 2011) has been bandied about in all the investor meetings.

    What Mr Ames did not tell everyone is that this is a valuation of the whole of Phase 1 including Blocks 1, 2 & 3. It also assumes the whole of Phase 1 is trading normally. Factor this information in and Phase 1 would be valued at $147m ($240m – $93m). We enclose a copy of the valuations of the Block 1, 2 & 3.

    Our simple conclusion is that from outset the valuations have been based on incorrect assumptions. All these assumptions act to increase the valuation of the assets. Any investor seeing any of the top line figures in isolation would be re-assured and would believe that the investment was performing well. Looking at all the valuations, the assumptions, the claims on land and price increases together, we believe there is a clear pattern of misrepresentation.


    We enclose our Grid which details:-

    The date, source, representation, actual position, use of document and disclosure of the document. The supporting documents are displayed on Valuations & Land on

    Counter Offer

    We enclose a copy of the Investor Counter Offer made for our clients.

    We are not asking for a waiver.

    We are asking for a transfer of shares from the Ames family.

    The shares (eg ownership and control) will be held by an Investor Trust.

    Investors only will be trustees. Trustees would be elected.

    The first task of the Trustees would be to obtain the “missing” information to ascertain whether Harlequin is capable of being saved. This task would be undertaken in 3 months.

    The trading of Buccament Bay would continue. David Ames could easily assist in the handover process and we would invite him to do so.

    We have asked for Harlequin to return to us by the end of June 2014.

    We have advised all our clients to hold firm and not to sign up to the 5 year waiver offered by Harlequin. There is no doubt at all that Harlequin will continue to offer their trust. It is highly unlikely that they will not seek to follow this through.

    Our advice will not change one bit. If investors decide to join the Harlequin Trust against our advice, then so be it.

    Redress Options

    We have published the full options. Please read our redress options letter.


    From an investment perspective Harlequin have failed investors. Most investors want their money back. The redress options for all investors are published.

    We would urge all investors to hold firm against the inevitable pressure which will come from Harlequin.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  173. Thomas Levy

    The links referred to by RL:

    Harlequin Land & Valuation Grid

    Click to access HarlequinLandValuationGrid20082012.pdf

    Harlequin – Counter Offer – 13th June 2014

    Click to access HarlequinCounterOffer130614.pdf

    Redress Options

    Click to access RedressOptions.pdf

  174. Thomas Levy

    Harlequin – Counter Offer – 13th June 2014

    Click to access HarlequinCounterOffer130614.pdf

  175. Bob, what a good trustee, Buccament Bay value = £500,000,000 because Dave told him to say it.

    The master plan has started.

  176. The end game is now inplay

    Any nasty little deals DA has done with the likes of Lidell and StorEy will be overturned by the liquidator or the new investors Trustee’s

    They have been tipped off..

  177. It's all in the SIPPs

    Yes the redress options. ” it is unfortunate, but as a firm we cannot run a no win/no fee system with direct claims” So cough up another £1500 and we might get some money back for you.
    “Although this firm is prepared to undertake the SIPP claim on a no win/no fee basis, it cannot afford to be responsible for the costs of the first stage of direct claims”
    So that’s it, £1500 or you are on your own. I bet the lemmings, sorry investors who coughed up £240 are thrilled about that then.

  178. Anonymous

    When this whole sorry mess finally comes to resolution it will be
    fascinating to see the “claw back” schedule. Lidell, StorEy, Sean
    Ghent,David Campion, Commissiong, and one rather compromised
    Caribbean PM.

  179. Robert Storey

    @The end game etc. you really don’t have a clue what you are on about. Talking out of your arse.

  180. Anonymous

    Good to see something happening. Kudos to RL for being proactive (more than can be said for the “Ames Family”).

    As a SIPP investor, I’m waiting for my claim to go through. I’m glad to see RL offering this on no win / no fee, and am further pleased they have a method for direct investors to potentially achieve redress.

    Will be very interesting to see what “Harlequin” come back with.

  181. It's all in the SIPPs

    Goody for you Anon. Glad to see you are being looked after on your no win/no fee. Fancy chipping in to the £1500 your fellow cash investors will need to find? Think we know the answer to that then.

  182. Anon

    Sipps any other choices/options for purchasers? Come on surely you must have at least one, cos anything RL come up with is soooooo bad. Yes please enlighten us with your wisdom. Just one better option will do. Or you just chatting shit as usual.

  183. It's all in the SIPPs

    Anon, how would I have a solution for cash buyers? If RL cannot come up with something how could I? But there again I have not taken £240 off investors under the promise of a potential solution, there again if you want to give me £1500 extra then I could give you an answer to your problem of redress. Is that enough shit for you?

  184. Anonymous

    Meanwhile your puppet master has taken £30,000 off investors under a promise of fantastic returns, and delivered what exactly?

    Change your id back Bobby StorEy. You’re fooling no one.

  185. anon

    Now that the World Cup is underway in Brazil does anyone remember the publicity material for Harlequin Brazil? The marketing material explained that the resort would be operational in time to receive guests for the World Cup. Another resounding success brought to you by the TT. Would anyone like to count the marketing promises that they have failed to deliver?

  186. anon

    QUOTE:We have selected Bahia as the location for Harlequin Brazil Resort as there is a huge demand for tourist accommodation because it is already an established tourist destination and the favourite place for Brazilians to holiday with its year round climate, pristine beaches, ecological aspect and excellent infrastructure already in place. Brazil will become even more popular as a tourist destination over the next few years as it has been chosen to host the 2014 World Cup. We intend to open our Harlequin Brazil Resort in 2014:UNQUOTE

  187. Keep to the subject.

    Anon, instead of being an anti HP troll, what do you think about RL charging £1500 for a “consultation”?

  188. Anon

    Sipps so you are just chatting shit. You obviously have had no or very little experience when it comes to litigation. You talk about £240 and £1500 as though it is a lot of money. I spent three times that getting my last dodgy tenant evicted.

  189. Everyone loves Dave

    Harlequin have taken tens of thousands from people. They have no room to moan about £240.00 or £1500.00.

    Life is not free.

  190. Everyone loves Gareth.

    Fatchett never had a solution for cash investors. He wants to see the back of them, unless they are stupid enough to pay £1500 for a consultation.

  191. Anon

    How can it be anti-HP trolling to quote their own publicity material. They said it so why should that be an embarrassment?

  192. Anoun

    Why oh why doesn’t the hp supporter (note the singular) ever talk about David Ames, the one person that started all of this?
    Come on Sipps. I’ll start with an easy one. Do you consider DA an honest person with integrity? An easy yes or no answer will do.

  193. you ar never "too old to go to prison"

    why is it that the only HP ever talked about is BB….none of the other promised developments have anything to show for the investors money

  194. yatinkiteasy

    Its their “Flagship Resort”.

  195. yatinkiteasy

    From the latest 4 star TA review of BB…this sort of confirms a previous TA review that mentioned the temporary closure of the water sports activity for a few days…who can they get away with such consideration for guests who were sold a package including water sports?,,,

    “There were a few disappointments which we raised with the manager such as the water activities all closing down 5 days into our holiday with a poor explanation, and a lack of organisation generally around some activities and trips ( or lack of with no boat trips) which was a shame when so secluded.”

  196. Anonymous

    Selective Yatinkiteasy is back! After being away from this for sooooo long I would have thought you might have learnt a few lessons. Your comments above are taken from the review entitled “amazing family holiday” What a pity you don’t post the whole review rather than pick out the negative parts which suits your biased agenda. Don’t rush back.

  197. Anonymous

    As ever, concentating on the really salient info, Bob.

  198. unethical sales tactics

    You will never get Robert Storey into an intelligent conversation about the harlequin business model, like dave Ames, , they both struggle to understand business ethics, goals, contracts, KPI’s, credibility, timescale, these are alien concepts, they are completely out of their depth.

    if I have under estimated Dave Ames Business acumen, then he clearly had an agenda , I am wondering at what point it stopped being about giving investors a return on their money, and started being about building unprofitable resorts in the Caribbean.

  199. Anonymous

    Apparently his son was studying his marketing and management techniques, especially the “off plan” selling technique . See where that got sonny boy….Hope Tyrone is nice.

  200. Anonymous

    Bob is such an ass, as has been said by many, that he would not think that yatinkiteasy has been posting all along as one of the Anonymous crowd….just as he, Bob did @9.33pm …however, his sissy style of writing can be easily detected, as well as the content , or lack of sensible argument .
    Lol, haHa ha, yawn etc etc… He should stick to what he does best …nothing.

  201. Anonymous

    Apropos of the TA review. Having a reef in front of you at BB is
    like having a Ferrari with bald tyres. Only BB ain’t no Ferrari, it
    is more like a cinquecento. Truly five star and redefining luxury
    in the Caribbean –not !!!

  202. 36.

    You can’t see the reef, the marina is in the way.

  203. pirates of the caribbean not

    Can you see the pirate ship in the marina?

  204. Ames the failure, 3 time round

    5 months V’s 5 years

    If we go with the RL Trust at least we will be able to see what Ames has been doing for good or bad, and report the same.

    With the Ames option, he will be allowed to carry on living the pretence of being a international visionary,lying to investors and thinking he is successful.

    Tough choice!!!!

  205. Bob, the new breed of lapdog

    @It’s all in the SIPPs

    You tit Robert StorEy – AKA Ames lapdog – Your nasty little deal will be unearthed along with the others.

    Then what?.

  206. Anoun

    @unethical sales tactics.
    There was never a problem with business strategy, because it was never set up as a viable business. It is all smoke and mirrors for a very clever fraud. Ames had funds to employ the best professionals available. He did employ the best on a number of occasions. Ridgeway construction, of course they got sacked after trying to do a proper job, when in reality he just wanted a show piece. Hence the need to find a bit dodgier builder, we all know how that ended. Oasis hotels disappeared when they realised the above. The accountants until one decide to whistle blow. Let’s not forget Carter Ruck to keep it all quiet on the net which worked very well for many years, except on BFP so he employs the trolls to work on here. What has been purchased and built was bait in the fraud. DA also concentrated on the incompetent defence, it is the cover to keep Ames out of jail.
    To be blunt his plan is working very well. There are many millions unaccounted for and many investors still believe that the problems are down to Ames incompetence.

  207. Anonymous

    How has anyone not found out the TripAdvisor reviews are fake? Every 4 / 5 star review has exactly the same tone “Paradise found” etc.

    You can buy reviews on TA for about $20 / $50. You can tell which are fake because I’ve been involved with that world before (article writing). For every genuine post, you have 100 “generic” ones –

    The fake reviews will be highly generalized (I.E no specifics). They will write mainly about the general area (st Vincent), using references only garnered from the likes of Wikipedia & other resources.

    You’ll typically find the people writing fake reviews will have “real” accounts, and will charge higher fees depending on how “believable” their account is. For example, if someone has a lot of reviews, you’ll think they would be writing from experience, not money. Reviews on these accounts will be worth much more.

    Just looking at TripAdvisor’s Buccament Bay page screams FAKE REVIEWS. The only ones posted by genuine people all say the resort is tired & has operational difficulties. These are sadly lost in the sea of fakes – perhaps what DA referred to when he mentioned a “Tactical marketing campaign” to attract more visitors.

    RL need to bring this circus to a close.

  208. Anonymous

    How has anyone not found out the TripAdvisor reviews are fake? Every 4 / 5 star review has exactly the same tone “Paradise found” etc.

    You can buy reviews on TA for about $20 / $50 ( You can tell which are fake because I’ve been involved with that world before (article writing). For every genuine post, you have 100 “generic” ones

    Maybe DA doesn’t want investors to see the figures, as these fake reviews will be shown to the world? Obviously the least of his worries, but still a big lie

    The fake reviews will be highly generalized (I.E no specifics). They will write mainly about the general area (st Vincent), using references only garnered from the likes of Wikipedia & other resources.

    You’ll typically find the people writing fake reviews will have “real” accounts, and will charge higher fees depending on how “believable” their account is. For example, if someone has a lot of reviews, you’ll think they would be writing from experience, not money. Reviews on these accounts will be worth much more.

    Just looking at TripAdvisor’s Buccament Bay page screams FAKE REVIEWS. The only ones posted by genuine people all say the resort is tired & has operational difficulties. These are sadly lost in the sea of fakes – perhaps what DA referred to when he mentioned a “Tactical marketing campaign” to attract more visitors.

    RL need to bring this circus to a close.

  209. Anonymous

    And to think that the CEO of TripAdviser is one of the five highest
    paid executives in the world per the WSJ. Crime may not pay but
    moral laxity sure does…….

  210. Thomas Levy

    I wonder if RL have thought the share transfer idea through. Let’s pretend, for a moment, that Dave Ames will acquiesce. There are costs associated with share transfers as RL should know.

    For example, in St Vincent, stamp duty of 6% is due. If the shares are worthless, then there’s no stamp duty. There is though an Alien Landholders Licence fee. This wasn’t paid by Harlequin because Dave became a citizen. Any new owner who isn’t a Vincy national will have to pay it – and it’s roughly 4% of the value of the land as assessed by the government. If the land is worth, say, US$50m, that’s about $2m that will have to be paid by the trustees.

    I’m left wondering just where the funding for this is going to come from. Presumably not the impecunious “investors”, so who will stump it up?

  211. Poster @ 8.14 typical tedious post, more fiction than Harry Potter.

  212. Anon

    You have some cheek Storey. You lying Harlequin SCUM.

  213. Yep more than you know. Is that cheek or cheque. Ha ha ha lol

  214. Anonymous

    @RS No title to cabana yet? Lol Lol…Ha Ha Ha..what a twat!

  215. Anon

    Storey remember the first time I called you lying harlequin scum on here many years ago, when people were still putting their life savings and pensions into this scam. You were so indignant “I’m a real investor just trying to protect my investment”. Well laugh all you want because some of the people who lost everything in those years read this blog. Your full details including address are posted on this blog. In my experience desperate, pissed off people do crazy things. I’m sure your day will come. Toddle pip

  216. Ah bless, is that you Terry? Resurfaced from under your rock? I found the police were very helpful when I started receiving silly telephone calls. Your threats are pathetic especially from an anonymous poster. Keyboard warrior with no guts. Grow some.

  217. Anon

    Ah Storey you DO remember me. I never went away little man. Phone calls? Please you are small fry and not worth that much effort. Keyboard warrior? Isn’t that was you were before you was outed? If you remember I DID get a refund in ONE payment! Let’s just say Davey boy couldn’t sell anything after not too long. Think on this, there is a reason why Dave has the security that he has. Do you?

  218. Well your English hasn’t improved has it. I have all the security I need, but why are you still on here if you have had a refund. Once a troll always a troll with your “big man” threats.

  219. Anon

    1st goal. Get refund. Done
    2nd goal. Stop anybody else losing money to this fraud. Done
    3rd goal. See David Ames where his son is. To come.
    Why are you here?

  220. To wind up people like you. And you swallow it hook line and sinker. And no one has actually lost anythink yet, unless RL get their way and get liquidation and you have paid £240.

  221. 100% finance scam

    Robert Storey

    nobody has lost anything yet ? I gave over £130,000 in 2008 to Dave Ames, now tell me, what value would you now place on my investment ?,

    the hotel rooms are at buccament bay and st lucia, unfortunately , Dave Ames took 8 years and £400,000,000 to complete the first 100

  222. Anon

    Wound up lol. Mmmm do I. Back to my earlier post, I had you pegged years ago and I got a refund. Usual propaganda it’s somebody else’s fault. Still not mentioning your paymaster I notice.

  223. Yes I got refund also. That makes us sort of similar. Does that make harlequin scum also?

  224. Anon

    Here is a difference. I can say David Ames is a lying fraudster that has taken people’s savings and pensions. Can you? Come on try it.

  225. Anon

    I’ll make it easy for you. Say this, David Ames has made some mistakes and is pretty incompetent as a business man.

  226. And let me make it easy for you. “I am Harlequin scum” go on say it, you know you can.

  227. Anonymous

    You are a scared old man Bob, about to lose your life saving because you invested in Harlequin. What a silly old fool you are.

  228. Anon

    Oh and I thought you was at least going to make it a witty side step. Never mind at least you haven’t bad mouthed your boss. Got a party to go to, come on England. I’ll play with you some more when I have time. Fishy fishy

  229. Probably when Erica asked to be removed from the Crozier claim. Now how much did Crozier pay her back from her fee

  230. Wandering about...

    I do so wonder if Daddy’s Girl Nicola Kelliher nee Ames will be left well-provided for or penniless? What happened to her shareholding in the Harlequin Empire ? She lives in Wandering Australia (and took part in an extremely poor quality reality TV show and consequently married an Oz farmer). Gad you couldn’t make it up about this dreadful family could ya?

    Big Load of old-time bulloks Daily MAil shit here if you can be arsed to read it:

  231. story time

    why do bs 36 fdnrm bob IDs show up in blue today?????

  232. Frank Knight

    @ Loose Lips 7:58 to assist RL with the Due Diligence and share information on Ames, Mr. Fatchett was there too. Not sure what your point is, Garreth Fatchett spoke with the builder, CLC, CPC, Panorama, Shipleys, The SFO, Wilkins Kennedy, Jim Baker, the CIB, HMRC, Procure It Direct, Marcus James, former employees of Harlequin, Andrew Newman, Grant Thorntons Fraud Section, Agents, IFAs and dozens more people to assist him in his due diligence, Paul Walton was also there much of the time, Paul introduced Garreth as Garreth is a friend of his,

    I don’t believe any body is hiding anything here…..

    So again I ask what is your point???

    And before you ask, I know because he told me, and no I’m not an investor, I am a private investigator employed to trace the assets of Carol, Dave, Dan, Matthew Ames and Nicola Kelliher, amongst others, the family has substantial assets in Dubai, Thailand, Mainland Europe, Australia and the US, on addition to those in the Carubbean and the UK.

    The allegation is that these assets were purchased with investor funds, however I was only employed to trace the assets.

  233. Anonymous

    Frank Knight you appear to be a breath of fresh air in this never ending
    saga. I can only wish that your employers use the information that
    you provide wisely………

  234. And he spoke toe also. Like the blue type. Good eh.

  235. The Masonic Oaths?

    @ Frank, you missed the Masonic connection or can’t you mention that?

  236. Lots of silly stuff from Bob

    Bob StorEy, Masons like blue are you one?

  237. Thomas Levy

    Ooh look! There’s a squirrel.

    Latest missive from RL:


    Period of Reflection

    For the next few weeks, the entire focus will be on Harlequin seeking to persuade investors to allow them 5 more years.

    We cannot see any progress being made on anything else until this option has been exhausted. We can fully understand why investors do not like the “war of words” between ourselves and Harlequin. This has to stop as it clouds the issue.

    We are ready to negotiate with David Ames for a fairer settlement for investors. Being realistic, this cannot happen unless and until the 5 year waiver has been dealt with.

    We do not need to release any more information to investors, do any more surveys or provide any further explanation. The facts are all available for investors to make an informed choice. . Our position on the matter is clear.


    Redress is now the only real option for obtaining your money back. The options have all been set out to you. Please review your options carefully. Our team are on hand to help.

    We have won cases and we intend to win more. Our objective is to return as much of an investors money back as possible.


    We will allow Harlequin a period to put forward their trust and to persuade investors they should be allowed a further 5 years.

    We will not be responding to any future Harlequin update which involves RL. We owe no duty to Harlequin, only to our clients.


    We have to pull back from the squabbling as it does no good for anyone. Our only focus now is our clients.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  238. Oh Look

    By RL’s own words, Harlequin is insolvent, Fatchett’s only plan ?????? To try work with Harlequin who are insolvent.

    After 18 months of waiting, his solution ………….. Engage a lawyer, ………… Even better a lawyer he recommends …………

    No win no fee, just 20% + Vat,

    Just one question or is this too embarrassing for RL, is Ames looking to sell the Hotel Blu and the H Hotel?

    Maybe Fatchett could answer this question if posed by a client on the RL forum.

  239. Eyesore eyesore eyesore

    How many ‘squillions’ of dollars is the H hotel derelict building site worth? Has it turned a profit? Nah! Which harebrained-executive at Harlequin thought buying a tired hotel during a financial downturn only to then demolish it was a good idea? How much did the ‘investors’/HP lose on this particular project? The site is an eyesore and it’s embarrassing for Barbados. And who’s going to clear up the mess??? I bet it’s not HP!!!!!

  240. In the Know. Basildon insider

    Ames has a cash buyer for Blu and H and Fatchett knows who the buyer is. Ames is fire-selling these two assets.

    Over on the RL forum many are now considering joining the Ames trust and running their redress options in parallel, however the Ames trust document prevents them from doing this and Fatchett has failed to bring this to the attention of the masses.

  241. Wake Up SFO

    The harlequin business is a success, the Ames family have profited well, they increased their assets, swelled their bank accounts, and regularly holidayed in the caribbean, paid for by the pensioners, buyers and investors in the UK,

  242. Anonymous

    @Oh Look

    – It’s 15% + vat
    – Fatchett doesn’t say the companies are “insolvent”. He references James Baker, whose provided evidence essentially said David Ames’ shareholdings in the RDC’s were worth nothing. We all know this is not the case (BB is worth $30 – $50m), but documented evidence states it is.

    In my head, Ames cannot sell H or Blu – what happens to the people who “invested” into those resorts? I heard they have financing options for them, but I’m not sure.

    I think the term “blind leading the blind” is apt for Harlequin. Giving them 5 more years is perfect for Ames, not for their “investors”. RL are providing a very generous olive branch to those who want to forget the whole issue & move on with their lives.

    If people still believe in the Ames family to deliver the goods, it will be a good idea to join the Harlequin trust. However, the key word here is “trust”. The Ames family have proven time & time again to be not only inept, but morally corrupt (firstly by taking pensioners’ money, but also from a lack of progress).

    RL’s offer is fair & just. They have done a lot to iron out the problems with Harlequin, but have come up against amateurs. The way to fix the situation with RL, from Harlequin’s perspective, is to release a detailed set of accounts, to keep investors informed. If this is not forthcoming, how can RL recommend working with Harlequin?

    The current situation does not surprise. It’s yet another company trying to bring Harlequin down, right? If that’s the case, let the SIPPs jump ship and work with the “loyal investor base” Ames is apparently so passionate about…

  243. Anonymous

    @Oh Look

    Something else – RL sent a letter to all SIPP investors, inviting them to join the protected site “for free”.

    This, of course, would be paid out of the awarded monies (you owe them £200 + VAT if the case is won) – so if you’re an investor and wish to engage RL, you will get access to the site for “free”

  244. Anonymous

    @Oh Look

    – It’s 15% + vat
    – Fatchett doesn’t say the companies are “insolvent”. He references James Baker, whose provided evidence essentially said David Ames’ shareholdings in the RDC’s were worth nothing. We all know this is not the case (BB is worth $30 – $50m), but documented evidence states it is.


    In my head, Ames cannot sell H or Blu – what happens to the people who “invested” into those resorts? I heard they have financing options for them, but I’m not sure.


    I think the term “blind leading the blind” is apt for Harlequin. Giving them 5 more years is perfect for Ames, not for their “investors”. RL are providing a very generous olive branch to those who want to forget the whole issue & move on with their lives.


    If people still believe in the Ames family to deliver the goods, it will be a good idea to join the Harlequin trust. However, the key word here is “trust”. The Ames family have proven time & time again to be not only inept, but morally corrupt (firstly by taking pensioners’ money, but also from a lack of progress).


    RL’s offer is fair & just. They have done a lot to iron out the problems with Harlequin, but have come up against amateurs. The way to fix the situation with RL, from Harlequin’s perspective, is to release a detailed set of accounts, to keep investors informed. If this is not forthcoming, how can RL recommend working with Harlequin?


    The current situation does not surprise. It’s yet another company trying to bring Harlequin down, right? If that’s the case, let the SIPPs jump ship and work with the “loyal investor base” Ames is apparently so passionate about…


  245. Anonymous


    Probably the crux of the matter. I have a different opinion but will not post, as it’s not the issue

    I meant RL has provided some investors with hope. They’ve reversed nothing, but have contributed to progress with some important aspects (transparency of land ownership, showing the Ames family for who they really are etc)

    I don’t know Ames personally; neither did the IFA’s who sold his property apparently. I wouldn’t trust him, but that doesn’t stop others from doing so

  246. EddieLizzard2

    ‘Ames has a cash buyer for Blu and H and Fatchett knows who the buyer is.’
    No one’s going to buy any of this failed venture at the going rate. News of HP, RL et al and the specious valuation of the assets is derided all over the tourism and commercial property markets.

    With BB: None of you seems to have considered the political and economic state of affairs in SVG and how it affects the future of your involvement and investments. What will be the outcome of the SVG election? Is the Argyle airport going to be finished? Will airlines have confidence in landing and refuelling there?

    Indeed has anyone undertaken recent research to establish how current local politics and economics will affect any of the HP locations? Will the island governments have confidence in Harlequin? Is there really a market for the type of resort envisaged by HP and the RL clients anymore? Where is the infrastructure going to come from to support the developments? Perhaps one should also ask the question, ‘Was there ever a market for this type of resort in the region in the first place?

    This vital information has been omitted from the recent Due Diligence. Why is that?

  247. In the Know. Basildon insider

    Eddie, Ames is off loading Blu and H for less than he originally paid for them.

  248. EddieLizzard2

    Anonymous June 15, 2014 at 2:42 pm ‘I don’t know Ames personally; neither did the IFA’s who sold his property apparently. I wouldn’t trust him, but that doesn’t stop others from doing so.

    Sorry but you are mistaken there. The IFAs were ‘thick as thieves’ with Dave Ames & Co and regularly partied with him and the Harlequin sales teams. To big themselves up, they often posted photos of themselves posing with DA at Harlequin sales conventions on their websites and FB pages. It is unsurprising that many of their websites featuring those images have now been removed from the internet. All SCUM together, as has already been said before.

    Harlequin proudly proclaimed that they paid one million pounds for one of their parties.

    Click to access OPP_08.09_p14.pdf

    Whose money was spent on that jolly jovial piss up? ONE MILLION POUNDS ON A PARTY! FFS!

  249. EddieLizzard2

    Ta for the info, In The Know. Care to let us know for how much then? Do you know who gets to benefit from the assets? And do the Joint Administrators at Shipleys know about this?

  250. Anonymous

    H in Barbados is now worth less than when Ames bought it . He bought it as small, but functioning and popular Hotel with ocean frontage and a nice pool . . He partially knocked it down and there is now a monstrosity with steel bars sticking out of of empty rooms… An eyesore . Anyone buying it would be faced with the cost of knocking it down and starting from scratch, except for the shell of a prefab concrete structure by Inotech . I would say land value, plus value of Innotech structure, less demolishing cost of crap that H studio left is the value of that property. Lucky to get US $ 3 million for it now.

  251. Anonymous

    I stand corrected

    Oh how times have changed for Harlequin 🙂 I’m glad RL have offered redress options to investors

    The IFA’s who sold knowing the thing was shaky will be found out soon enough. Leopards don’t change their spots, they’ll turn up in solar panel, boilers or some other scam next

  252. In the Know. Basildon insider

    E Lizard could be 3 million US for H and 4 million US for Blu.

    When it gets out who the purchaser is, well my oh my, RL will have a little explaining to do……….

    Regulatory Legal are now also sending letters to Harlequin SIPP clients who have not paid the £200 + Vat letting them join their website for free as long as they give the SIPP Redress work to RL. Silly boys, desperate boys.

    Shipleys have no interest in the Caribbean co’s . HMSSE is a wholly separate business,

    It was Pre-Conco not Inotech.

  253. EddieLizzard2

    @ Anon 4:37pm
    The IFAs knew all along. They sold the properties for the high commissions they received. Many of them are now millionaires. However that doesn’t help those investors who have lost everything but…

    Here’s news of some of the SCUM BAGS, hopefully the first of many:

    ‘The Financial Conduct Authority has told two advisers banned and fined for inappropriate advice in relation to self-invested pension transfers involving esoteric assets including Harlequin Property, to hand close to £500,000 in penalties to the industry compensation scheme. In two final notices, published today (17 April),[2014] Andrew Rees and Timothy Hughes, partners at now defunct 1 Stop Financial Services, were banned by the FCA, but were told…’

    read more here

  254. EddieLizzard2

    ‘Shipleys have no interest in the Caribbean co’s . HMSSE is a wholly separate business…’

    Ah! you’re right there In the Know. Just wondered if they would follow any trails. I assume they don’t have the funds to do that.

  255. Thomas Levy

    @ EL2

    I’d have thought Shipleys would be very interested. Among the debtors of HMSSE, according to their report last year, were Harlequin Boutique Hotel (St Lucia) Ltd (presumably the owner of Blu) and Harlequin Boutique Hotd Ltd (Barbados) (which, I guess, owns H). The former owes HMSSE £3.8m and the latter nearly £1m.

    If the assets are being sold, then those companies will be in funds and I’d have thought the administrators would very much expect payment. If, on the other hand, the shares in the companies are being sold, Dave Ames gets to pocket the cash, but the debt will still be with the companies. I suspect any new owner would be less than happy with being saddled with that.

    There’s also the question of what happens to the poor mugs (sorry, “investors”) who bought units in these two delightful edifices. Around 75-80 units were sold in each, so that will leave a debt of maybe £2-£4m in each one (depending on the size of the deposits) for cash back to the purchasers.

    I’d be staggered if anyone else would want to take that on, and so I’d expect the assets to be sold rather than the shares in the companies.

    If Dave tries to pocket the cash rather than paying off the creditors of each company (the purchasers, HMSSE and any local suppliers, including Preconco, though I have no sympathy for Mark Maloney), that would be outright theft. Obviously, he’d never do anything that dastardly and will make sure the creditors are sorted out.

  256. Anonymous

    Who said he’s selling those hotels?

  257. ta twats

    dose anyone want to take a bet on when buccbay reviewers will post their next raving looney review. . and take it up to 530.? trip adviser is laughable. who believes it ????????????

  258. In the Know. Basildon insider

    Thomas, Eddy good points, yes if Ames had morals he would notify Shipleys of the sale, but I bet he won’t , again a poster asks how I know, Dave told me and I think Garreth Fatchett knows…………. 😉 I’ve been told the guys doing the deal were/are Fatchett’s clients. But heh wtf do I know, let’s just believe what we want to hear eh?

    Fatchett fucked up simple,

  259. Anonymous

    “Fatchett fucked up simple”

    I don’t think so – I love the work RL have done

    Ames has a strong record of telling the truth, and never over-exaggerating on any claim, so I’m eagerly awaiting the news of the sale

  260. The trains left the station

    So RL want the squabbling to stop. Does that mean they have no more documents to disclose that were “left on the train” Perhaps RL have overplayed their hand?

  261. Some confusion here

    ‘Shipleys have no interest in the Caribbean co’s . HMSSE is a wholly separate business…’

    On the contrary those Caribbean companies owe HMSSE £86 million pounds including £30m owed by Harlequin Developments and £22m owed by Harlequin Property SVG. That’s a lotta money. Let’s hope Shipleys have a closer eye on those assets than previously discussed.

  262. Sing for your supper....

    The senior management at Harlequin are singing like canaries, whatever will Ames think about that.

    When the money stops, so does the loyalty.

    Not long before he joins his son.

  263. Thicko's at Harlequin.

    @The trains left the station
    Tactics, all about tactics.

  264. Thomas Levy

    The alternative trust document from RL

    Harlequin Investor Trust – Counter Offer draft – click on link


    For your information, we enclose a copy of the Deed of Trust which would form part of the counter offer.

    1. The trust does not require any waiver from investors

    2. The trust would be created over the shares of the Harlequin Resort Development Companies.

    3. There would need to be an agreement with the investors who hold the £2m+ freezing order in the Davies case. This would only be pursued once the counter offer has been accepted. The current freezing order is against the personal assets of David & Carol Ames. It is in place until trial of the Davies matter.

    4. Clause 2 is radically different as it obligates David & Carol Ames to resign as directors of the relevant RDC’s etc.

    5. Trustees would be investor only.

    6. The trust would not need to involve the security of the land. The shares would give ownership and control of the Harlequin RDC’s. Therefore, by implication, the trust would own any land assets.


    * We expect the Harlequin version of the trust with 5 year waiver to be issued. Administratively, the paperwork would take at least until the end of July 2014 to be dealt with.

    * During this period, we find it highly unlikely that David & Carol Ames will accept the investor counter offer.

    * If the Harlequin version of the trust proceeds then, the counter offer will not happen.

    * If investors reject the Harlequin trust, then the counter offer will then come into play.


    Remember, the first role of the trust will be to understand what position Harlequin is actually in.

    We have posted the trust document on the Counter Offer page for record.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    One obvious oddity is that the list of RDCs is incomplete. It doesn’t include all of the Harlequin companies that sold properties (Brazil, for example, doesn’t feature). Perhaps the intention is simply to get any companies that might own real estate.

    Some of the companies listed owe large amounts to HMSSE. Without the acquiescence of Shipleys, there’s a huge chunk of debt owed from day 1. Who’d want to be a director of such a glorious can of worms, or even a trustee, eh?

    The non-development companies, such as HH&R (both the UK variant and the original one in Grand Cayman) are excluded. If these are owed money from any RDC, that debt will still be there and could give the Ames the whip hand, as it were.

    HP(SVG) is a litigant in several cases, either as claimant/plaintiff or as defendant. The trust will not alter this. The trustees and/or directors will need to deal with all the consequences of this.

    The operating company for BB doesn’t seem to be included. The purchasers will still, therefore, need to reach some agreement with the rump of Harlequin if they want to complete on a unit. The same holds for any other resort, if and when it’s actually built.

    From an initial reading, this looks like a FUBAR.

  265. Its all in the SIPPs

    Regarding the RL Harlequin Investor Trust document just received, Item 5, Power to Exclude Beneficiaries: “The trustees shall have the power in their absolute discretion to exclude any Beneficiary as a beneficiary of the trust that Beneficiary fails to pay all or any pary of the sums due under clause 9 of the Deed of Waiver” Where is clause 9 of the Deed of Waiver?

  266. The View from Mount Pleasant

    in no particular order, but as far as I know –

    Property Marketing companies
    CGI Modelers
    Water garden designers
    Regional Airlines
    Ship builders
    Hotel management companies
    Travel agents
    Property development management
    Mortgage brokers

    all professionals with whom Ames and HP have either fallen out, or thought that he and HP could do a better job in house. And now HP are setting up their own Trust…

  267. Anonymous

    5:13 – You forgot the weeping fisherman on Bequia…

  268. My trip to RL

    Went to RL this afternoon. They have a list of investors who will not join the trust. 3100 was the number the administrator told me.

    I went to find out my redress options and asked a few other questions. Nice office.

    They were clearly getting exasperated dealing with DA. My feeling is that they know they have the numbers to stop any Harlequin plan. They seemed relaxed about it all.

    Met GF wandering round. He had just been for a run ! Seemed friendly enough.

  269. Was it worth it?

    Dave Ames little Empire is crumbling, his marriage on the rocks, son in prison, daughter in law filing for divorce, Mrs. Ames health is suffering, freezing order on his personal assets, heading for bankruptcy for the third time.

    I suspect the whole family will end up in jail.

    What a horrible situation for a family to be in.

  270. you ar never "too old to go to prison"

    @was it worth it

    What a horrible situation for a family to be in.

    Sure that was not a consideration when they all embarked on the money making “we will never be caught” scam started

    Still sure Mrs A will receive good medical care inside….

  271. PHIG completion @ Buccament Bay

    Bob Ladell has the person who completed on Buccament Bay.
    At least you all know.

  272. PHIG completion @ Buccament Bay

    * Was Pah! iphone’s

  273. What goes around.........

    Richard Ingrham is have a hissy fit on the RL blog, has he actually realized Ames has shafted him. 😉

    Some people are so thick – he deserves it.

    I can’t think of a better person apart from Bob Story who I would laugh when they lose their money and whatever dignity they had.

  274. Thomas Levy

    PHIG (Bob Ladell’s Harlequin tribute band) have issued a missive to the mugs*nXgFNL9oLdLSQqr14ZqxTqQVG*zKbRfrf5TFCWNgtdirv/PHIGCounterOfferComment.pdf

    RL is clearly evil. BB is brilliant. So is Blu. Hooray. They are proof of £400 million being sagely spent. Warren Buffett has signed up to investment management lessons from Dave.

    Additional rooms are being made available in the local nuthouse for anyone dim enough to believe this drivel. Psst – I have a slightly used bridge I can do you a good deal on. Wink, wink.

  275. ...comes back at yer

    Surely you mean ‘integrity’. LOL

    I’m feelin’ just an incy wincy bit of Schadenfreude here too!

    Lovely day for it.

  276. Anonymous


    No substance at all.

    Removing a company’s owner does *not* mean it will go into liquidation “within hours”. You know what does? £86m of debt.

  277. Robert Storey

    @What goes around, and its going around very nicely at the moment thank you.

  278. Bob Shills for HP

    cos Dave Ames told me so
    therefore it must be all right

  279. Robert Storey (in black type)


  280. PHIG Report - funnier than the Dandy comic

    I have just read the phig report, it seems to be written by the harlequin propaganda machine and dave ames.
    Dave ames is not perfect, that is like saying harold shipman needed to work on his bedside manner.

  281. Shylock

    Do not worry my SIPP operator told me that before they will enter into any trust they will need to see finance.

    That’s Dave’s effort finished then.

  282. All that glitters is not gold.....

    I was told by my SIPP company once bitten an all that.

  283. AZ

    RL will get their pound of flesh – with interest.

  284. Bill S

    @ ATGING

    It’s glisters, not glitters.

    @ AZ

    Nice hat tip to the same play.

  285. Shylock

    I will letter of halve it with you….

  286. Anonymous

    Bill S – Unless you mean a possessive it is its without the apostrophe.

  287. Bill S

    @ Anonymous 8.15 pm

    I suggest you go back to school, you ignorant moron. “Its” is the possessive form. “It’s” is an abbreviation of “it is”. And so, the educated among us see that things are the exact opposite of what you say.

  288. Shylock

    RL have banked £1m + and Bob is jealous. God bless PHIG.

  289. Bob the nob

    Bob better stick to tree hugging.
    He has 39 followers.

  290. Bob the nob

    20 of them are Harlequin. 🙂

  291. Who completed and for how much???

    SVG land registry documents requested – palms have been greased.

  292. PHIG letter

    Just read Bob L and Colin F’s letter. Good God, it’s illiterate. How can anyone take it seriously?

    Is Bob L the one married to Dave’s sister?

  293. Sid

    @PHIG Report – funnier than the Dandy comic
    June 17, 2014 at 7:19 pm
    I have just read the phig report, it seems to be written by the harlequin propaganda machine and dave ames.
    Dave ames is not perfect, that is like saying harold shipman needed to work on his bedside manner.

    Very funny. Made me spew my coffee!

  294. Thomas Levy

    RL’s latest epistle


    Legal Surgeries

    We are going to announce how we intend to run these in the next few days. We have been told by Harlequin that they intend to offer their trust to investors. We see little merit in running Legal Surgeries unless and until the Harlequin offer is made. There is little point talking about what may or may not happen.

    Counter Offer

    There is no way we will get a response (other than “no”) unless and until the Ames / PHIG trust is rejected. We will wait until the final Harlequin offer is made before setting out the alternative offer in more detail. We reject the notion that voting “no” or removing Mr Ames guarantees liquidation. Our view is that liquidation is equally as likely if 5 more years is granted.

    Irrespective of the result, there are both investor creditors and non investor creditors who will use insolvency proceedings to get repaid. These people will not be appeased by the offer of 5 more years.

    SIPP Operators

    We have supplied the major SIPP operators with access to our due diligence. We do not act for the SIPP operators, but know from speaking to them that before they will even consider the trust, they will need to see :-

    (a) finance offered

    (b) accounts brought up to date

    (c) the unregistered land rectified

    3400 out of the 6000 (many of which we act for) need their SIPP operator to agree to the Ames / PHIG trust. Without the full support of SIPPs then the Ames / PHIG offer will fail.

    Remember, part of the redress claims against SIPP operators relates to their lack of due diligence in the outset. This time around, the SIPP operators have due diligence to consider which is both relevant and fresh. If they were to proceed blindly with the Ames / PHIG offer, we would be asking the question as to why they have disregarded material facts for the second time.

    All the major SIPPs are in “defence” mode with their insurers dictating their actions. As the insurers have the liability, we do not see them wanting to exacerbate matters. This is a massive hurdle for the Ames / PHIG offer to get across. Appealing to investors via SIPP is irrelevant. The decision is with the legal owner (the SIPP operator).

    The Counter Offer involves a change of control (share transfer) and does not need the SIPP providers to agree. Therefore, the counter offer does not have the same hurdle to go across.

    Ames / PHIG Offer & Redress Claims

    Our view is that the way the offer is put could damage an investors ability to claim redress. We say this because :-

    (a) investors are on notice that Harlequin has serious structural problems.

    (b) by signing a waiver investors are demonstrating that they are prepared to take the very high risk strategy the Ames / PHIG offer entails.

    (c) this overt demonstration of risk taking would act to defeat the argument that the investor was not a taker of high risk.

    (d) additionally, signing into an offer which defers right for 5 years could prevent a valid redress claim being calculated. At present Harlequin investments have a £1 value for redress calculations. The whole Ames / PHIG thrust is that they will deliver value across 5 years. How do you calculate redress if you have signed up ?


    This is not just about “Ames / PHIG v Counter Offer”. It is about the fundamental question as to whether you believe Harlequin can deliver you a return. The redress claims are delivering returns already.

    Proceed with caution.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  295. Its all in the SIPPs

    Well well, the “we are going to stop the squabbling” statement by RL didnt last long did it? They just cannot help themselves can they. Why not admit the inevitable and get on with trying to get redress for the SIPP investors and stop playing your stupid games RL. Its obvious that is where your interest is. Of course you may once have wanted to represent the cash investors but one little problem for you. You dont have the up front funding and cannot get any financial backing can you.

  296. Empire built on sand

    @Its all in the SIPPs

    Harlequin will fail as there is no earthly way in which the SIPP operators will go with Dave / Bob. None.

    Did you know RL have acted for most of the SIPP operators or their insurers in the past ?

    Wheels within wheels. Dave loses.

  297. BBaywatch

    “All the major SIPPs are in “defence” mode with their insurers dictating their actions.” – and have been since early March, as I posted at the time. And don’t think that the insurers won’t be very aggressive in pursuing their own interests above all else now that they know just what a mess this is!

  298. It's all in the SIPPs

    @Empire built on sand, perhaps DA is happy for RL to go for redress against the SIPP operators. That way 3000? Investors are not his responsibility any more.

  299. Anonymous

    Yes, maybe, BUT aggressive well-financed insurance companies will
    be seeking redress for 3000 policies. And don’t think for one second
    that they won’t.

  300. Shylock

    These are not policies. These are worthless contracts against companies in the middle of nowhere.

    It matters not to RL. They do not care and nor will the investors who get their money back.

  301. Anonymous

    Harlequin’s new update is a complete joke

    They think people are going to sign the waiver without any due diligence (esp finance)? Some will…. but Jesus Christ. Thank God for RL.

  302. Worried advisors

    The Brethern, Brethren all, have a pincer movement against Ames and Harlequin; it’s simply not possible to survive.

    Cash investors are knackered because they told lies on the finance agreement – home improvements .

    If I gave SIPP transfer advice I would worry.

    If I sold Harlequin I would worry – especially if I had assets.

  303. Thomas Levy

    Roll up, roll up! Join the Super Harlequin Investor Trust.

    From: Harlequin Hotels & Resorts <
    Date: 18 June 2014 ***** BST
    Subject: Investor Trust Registration Days next week
    Reply-To: <

    Investor Trust Registration Days

    Prefer to sign in person? Got questions? Come along next week and sign up for the Trust!

    Dear Investors,

    I am delighted to confirm that the Trust documentation will be signed by the Trustees this week. At that point the Harlequin Investor Trust will be operational and we will start the process of transferring assets into the Trust, which will provide valuable security for Harlequin investments – but only for investors who sign up.

    The Trust documentation, which includes the signed Deed of Trust and template Deed of Waiver, will be emailed to you soon, at which point we urge you to fill in the details required on the Deed of Waiver and either email or print and post it back to us as soon as possible. Once we have your signed Deed of Waiver, your entry into the Trust is confirmed.

    However, I understand that some investors may have questions or simply prefer to do things face-to-face, which is why we are holding Trust Registration Days in venues across England next week, where you can better understand the intention of the Trust, enter into a Deed of Waiver in person, and ask me and members of the team any questions you may have about the Trust.

    Each Trust Registration Day will run from 10am to 8pm. Investors are free to come along whenever they can between those hours.

    IMPORTANT: If you attend a Trust Registration Day, please ensure you fill in and bring the form provided at the link below and also bring a copy of your contract if possible to enable us to verify your Harlequin investment.

    Print and fill in this form if you attend a Trust Registration Day.

    The venues are as follows:

    London – Monday 23rd June

    Grange Holborn Hotel
    50 – 60 Southampton Row
    WC1B 4AR

    Room: Perseus B

    Manchester – Thursday 26th June

    Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel
    Hale Road
    Hale Barns
    WA15 8XW

    Room: Stable Room

    Birmingham – Friday 27th June

    Novotel Birmingham Airport
    West Midlands
    B26 3QL

    Room: Concorde Suite

    We look forward to seeing you next week.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dave Ames
    Chairman, Harlequin Hotels and Resorts

  304. Anonymous

    Is Vaseline supplied at the Trust Sign UP sessions?

  305. Anonymous

    Wow..another 5 star TA review of Buccament Bay by a First Time reviewer who claims this is his 5th trip there. The review is so general in comment that it could be applied to pretty much any place in the world,.wonder what the going rate is these days for 5 star reviews?

  306. AnonTA5

    @ Anon 7:27pm
    Yes yet another risible review. Report it to Trip Advisor.
    It’s about time TA did a cull of the fake reviews again.

  307. I

    Would that be the one by Clansman 337. 1st review only given BB 2 stars. Yes def a anti HP troll. What is the going rate for a2 star review these days?

  308. shilly old booby Bob

    dont know how much the going rate is for placing fake reviews on t advisor but Dave must know. i bet bob storey\spotman will change his I id and be back quick as a flash to tell us how it can or cant be done. or give us a lecture about spelling, or the plod, or hopefully he’ll just shill out in the garden with his lidl wine box and go zzzzzz

  309. Anonymous

    Reviews on TA go for anything between $20 – $50 (depending on account “believability”). Just Google “buy tripadvisor reviews” – here are some of the results:

    They’re just a variant of article writing – a popular type of “freelance” work where people in countries like the Philippines will write generic English articles for consumption by people in the US, UK etc.

    Tripadvisor reviews just need “believable” account All of the 5* reviews of BB are in this bracket – highly generalized & written under the same tone – “Family Holiday Destination” etc. It’s all fake

  310. trussst in me... Snake Oil

    I’m looking at Dave & Co’s ‘Investor Trust Registration Days’ document.

    How many times was the term ‘Deed of Waiver’ mentioned in that document? All muddled up with the term Deed of Trust. Just love this one:
    ‘Once we have your signed Deed of Waiver, your entry into the Trust is confirmed.’

    What rot.

  311. You Destroyed My Pension Dave

    “Deed of waiver” is a fraudulent, I mean freudian slip. You are waiving your pension, life savings and rights away.

  312. Robert Storey

    That has got to be one of the worst posts for spelling and grammar seen on here for a long time. And it’s Aldi not Lidl dick head.

  313. Anonymous

    Looks like the suspected fake review no 530 has been removed by TA …..perhaps they are beginning to see a trend that is obvious to others.

  314. Anonymous

    @Bob Storey, or as Think of him “BS” … Do you think “seen on here” is good grammar?

  315. Robert Storey

    Who is Bob Storey? It’s better grammar than “or as Think of him” What sort of stupid sentence is that? Get back to school.

  316. Anonymous

    Obviously the” I” was inadvertently omitted, whereas the statement”seen on here” was made deliberately, and is common gutter English.
    Bob the dick head!

  317. Robert Storey

    Now now Anon, getting a bit techy aren’t we. And was using a capital for Think in the middle of the sentence inadvertently added? Is that not just common gutter grammar? Lol. Two mistakes from someone who thinks that “seen on here” is incorrect. Perhaps it should have been saw on here? I’ll let you chose as you are so knowledgable about English. NOT

  318. Thomas Levy

    RL’s thoughts on different outcomes/scenarios

    1. Ames gets 90+ of investors to sign up.

    Chances – limited
    Why ? – SIPP operators will not sign up. On our records a significant number of direct or re-mortgage investors will not sign up either.

    2. Ames gets 50% of investors to sign up.

    Chances – good
    Why ?- No SIPP operators will sign up, but direct (and re-mortgage) investors will sign up as an alternative to liquidation.

    3. Ames gets less than 50% of investors to sign up

    Chances – high
    Why ? – No SIPP operators will sign up, nor will those in our client bank. The threat of the impending liquidation will not be enough to persuade people.

    In scenario (2) & (3) Ames’s trust will not work. He will not be able to obtain finance. The “no” faction includes investors who hold statutory demands who will seek to liquidate the company.

    In scenario (1) Ames’s trust will work. His threat is that some of those holding statutory demands go after him anyway. He will have to pay them off or liquidate.

    1. Remember – the majority of SIPP operators have already told us “no”. We do not see SIPP operators going it alone.

    2. Many re-mortgage investors are out of pocket due to missed finance payments. Why would they vote for 5 more years of the same ?

    3. Direct investors are Ames’s most fertile territory.

    4. PHIG – 50 investors max.

    Left of Field Issues

    1. SFO

    2. FCA

    3. Shipleys and the Insolvency Service – £86m HMSSE debt

    4. Davies & Co case

    5. Unknown creditors

    Mr Ames has an uphill battle. However, what he does have is the ability to scare people into doing anything to avoid liquidation.

    It will be interesting to see how many people turn up [to the Super Harlequin Investor Trust meetings next week]. We will send some people to keep an eye.

    A few items have been omitted from the “Left of Field” list. Inter alia:

    The ICE/O’Halloran litigation. The Irish case is under appeal. There’s been no movement on the cases in SVG or Barbados. O’Halloran has a substantial counterclaim against Harlequin. Ames stated publicly that he sold off ICE group plant & machinery in clear breach of court orders. Big if, but if O’Halloran wins against Harlequin, the damages could easily be enough to bring them down.

    Local creditors – unpaid staff, suppliers. There seem to be many of these, and some have filed suit against Harlequin.

    Decided cases, such as Caldwell. With judgement in their favour, all they need to do is to enforce this.

    US authorities – Harlequin sold properties in the US, claiming they were suitable for 401K plans. It wouldn’t take too many complaints to the DoJ or FBI for action to be taken. The UK/US extradition treaty could easily see some individuals being carted off to a supermax jail for a few years pending trial.

  319. It's all in the SIPPs

    Added to the above direct investors will not be ripped off for another £1500 for a consultation. HP trust would be the best way for them.

  320. Anonymous

    @It`s all in the SIPPs…thanks for that Bob!

  321. Anonymous

    “Seen here”…not “seen on here”..Dick head.

  322. It's all in the SIPPs

    Techy techy. Now how about the capital T in think? Think you are treading water now, don’t you. Your pathetic attempt at being a school teacher has resulted in a 2-1 win for me. RESULT! Get in!

  323. Robert Storey

    That was my result, not yours.

  324. Worried It's all in the SIPPs

    @It’s all in the SIPPs

    if you have sold harlequin you are * ucked
    if you DA will look after you , you are *ucked

    Either way you are a sad *unt

  325. Poor TA review again

    Meanwhile, over on TA it looks like Jase82 wasn’t at all impressed with the Harlequin experience at Buccament Bay.

    Money stolen from bank account”

    First I would just like to congratulate the team on the site. They done a fantastic job and me and my wife had an amazing first year anniversary. The facilities were second to none, the food was great and the resort was to die for.

    However, its with regret that all that has been tainted when you have stolen £91.97 by taking money out of our account without our permission. We are both let down by this, and cant believe this is the behaviour of a supposedly 5 star resort. We contacted them to find out what the money was taken out for as we had already settled the bill in advance and no damage was done to the villa. They informed us it was for a spa treatment that had already been paid and im still waiting for a response from them. I would have thought they would have contacted us in advance to clear the matter up in advance, but instead they took the funds out of our account without permission, which ultimately is theft. As a result ive had to pass this on to Associate of British Travel Agents

    Stayed June 2014, travelled as a couple

  326. Anonymous

    Tut tut tut, seems the real reports are surfacing on TA now

    When will RL bring this circus to a close?

  327. Thomas Levy

    RL want this to stumble along for another year or so. This gives them time to deal with redress claims against IFAs and SIPPs.

    Whether Shipleys will play ball come October remains to be seen.

  328. Thomas Levy

    More salvoes in the phoney war between RL and Harlequin

    Email 1

    Dear Agent,

    At 11am on Tuesday 24th June, Harlequin is hosting an Agents’ Meeting in central London and we sincerely hope you can attend.

    Dave Ames and members of the Harlequin team will be there to discuss the Trust, redress, and the business going forward, but please be aware that the meeting is strictly agents only.

    If you would like to attend, please email us ASAP at so we can determine the size of venue to book. We will be in touch again shortly to confirm the address.




    Email 2

    Dear Investor,

    We are pleased to see that R Legal has seen sense and swapped public and private threats – which Harlequin does not believe could be carried out – for contrition and a promise to adopt a more professional approach by ditching attempts to obstruct the Trust, such as giving the impression that attacking Harlequin will be of benefit to investors.

    We hope for the sake of investors it is genuine. Misinformation and scare tactics for marketing purposes are not in investors’ best interests and serve only to cause unnecessary distractions and distress. Alas, it only took a few days for R Legal to relapse into scare tactics (more on this below), but hopefully they will do better going forward.

    Please take a moment to read this important update.

    Response to the Trust documentation

    We have been delighted by the excellent response to the Deed of Trust document we circulated last week. The Trust will be signed this week and we hope to have the first few thousand entrants registered before the end of June. Please look out for the Trust documents in your inbox this weekend.

    It is clear that investors understand that standing together and supporting Harlequin’s future is in the best interests of all concerned – all, that is, except those with a vested interest in seeing Harlequin fail.

    Whilst the majority of investors seek returns on their investment, we also appreciate that certain investors are seeking refunds or resales. The best way to realise a refund or resale is for Harlequin to establish the Trust, acquire finance to accelerate development, and finalise more completions. When those circumstances are realised, and we are confident they will be, we will seek to facilitate the desired results of all types of investor.

    Key developments

    It is regrettable that investors have had to endure the “update war” of recent weeks, which is equally tiresome for the Harlequin team. It is also a shame that it distracts from positive and significant developments that continue behind the scenes. These include:
    * Leading Global 5 Star Hotel Management Company: The company has visited the projects, documents have been drawn up, and detailed positive discussions are ongoing this week regarding their interest in Buccament Bay Resort and other projects.

    * Finance: The success of Buccament Bay Resort as an established multi-award-winning hotel has had an extremely positive impact on financiers that is even beyond our expectations. We are working with an experienced team of fundraisers and now have a range of banks and private financiers also engaged in discussions with Harlequin.

    * $70m Professional Negligence Claim: Notably, Wilkins Kennedy has delayed the service of their defence, which is now expected at the end of June. The effect of a multi-million pound settlement on Harlequin’s projects and your investments has been completely overlooked by those trying to undermine Harlequin. The latest attacks we are experiencing are tantamount to the underhand Harlecon attack for which we achieved success through the courts. We will succeed here, too.

    The above are all matters that our detractors have no knowledge of. No doubt if they did, they would seek to interfere. It is for that reason and others – not least confidentiality – that we cannot disclose specific information, but, with investor support, the future certainly looks very positive.

    Offers and retractions

    Last weekend, after an investor backlash both inside and outside their group, R Legal withdrew its original counter offer.

    The unworkable and unrealistic proposal was insulting to Harlequin and investors not just due to its arrogance, naivety and clear lack of preparation and detail, but also because R Legal does not have a mandate to put forward a power-grabbing offer to Harlequin. It is estimated they “represent” less than 1/5th of the investor base and many of them are either disaffected or investors who only became classed as “clients” when they paid R Legal to enter the Trust. R Legal is currently in discussions with a number of investors regarding refunds.

    We are not surprised to hear that there has also been a furious reaction to R Legal asking for additional fees from investors. To remind you, the Harlequin Trust is FREE to enter and will only cost £50 + VAT per year for the period it exists, as set out in the Deed of Trust.

    Redress scare tactics

    Despite spending the last several months urging investors to join the Trust and submit redress claims side-by-side, R Legal has suddenly changed its stance to claim it must be redress alone. Redress, of course, provides R Legal with huge commission payments and the Trust no longer earns them a penny now that they have stopped receiving the £200 + VAT fees.

    Redress claims are separate to the Trust and it is not for Harlequin to push you in one direction or the other, but it is important for investors in this position to understand that there are options available. Harlequin has been presented with attractive alternative redress options that confirm our position that the Trust can easily co-exist alongside redress if an investor would also like to pursue that route. Therefore it is clear that redress can take place without seeking to make Harlequin and the Trust fail.

    We understand that a number of people have tried without success to obtain details on R Legal’s “successful” Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) test case – a matter that our external lawyers are also looking into. It is not known if the case even has any relevance to Harlequin, so we would ask that R Legal release the details of the case as soon as possible.

    The R Legal position regarding the Trust is a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. If investors seek to go against Harlequin and the Trust by following R Legal advice, the Trust will have difficulty in succeeding. One of the reasons for this is that financiers want unity amongst investors to give them the confidence to invest. If investors enter into the Trust and a majority is achieved, the Trust WILL succeed and we believe the Harlequin investment will have a bright future.

    Thank you for your support.

    Best regards,

    Dave Ames
    Chairman, Harlequin Hotels & Resorts

  329. In the Know. Basildon insider

    Looks like it’s 15 Love to Ames, but will it be Game Set and Match 😉 “On Completion” of this grudge match, Let’s “Stay Well” tuned folks, to see if Harlequin has 7 Million lives, or will it be a “Blu” day for investors, as it is for our galant but alas defeated heroes in Brazil.

    Wonder if Ames ever intended to build a Liverpool Soccer School in Uruguay ??????? Maybe Ames could employ Suarez as his ambassador.

  330. Anonymous

    Insider, I am pleased Mr Ames is happy. However I further applaud RL as without them, there would be no hope. I can’t wait to just leave this mess behind and get on with redress

  331. Advantage Ames?

    Looks like Ames has “cashed” in on the idea of a trust …. The man certainly has balls but will he be serving up another fault filled concept .

    I don’t believe it !!!!

  332. In the Know. Basildon insider

    Andy Townsend and Michael Miserables to “Complete” hat trick?????

    Safran to open in BLU? could it be that the “Owners” of BLU will be promoting the culinary delights from their native country, one may just need to Stay Well clear of those Seven deadly sins.

  333. Ball Boy

    Let’s not be shy and ”cash in” on a dirty little cabana deal.

  334. Game, set and match!

    I have a sudden uncontrollable urge to do something really dodgy.

  335. Shylock

    Beware Mr Ames, the Ides of MARCH !

  336. Anonymous

    RL have just been out played. Fatchett must be rueing the day he took the call from Paul Walton. Why not just disappear into the sunset with your list of SIPP investors and let the big boys sort out the rest.

  337. can you get anymore diluded ?

    “We are not surprised to hear that there has also been a furious reaction to R Legal asking for additional fees from investors. To remind you, the Harlequin Trust is FREE to enter and will only cost £50 + VAT per year for the period it exists, as set out in the Deed of Trust.”

    did I hear you correctly dave ames, I gave you £80,000 for a cabana that was to be completed in 2008 , with 100% finance, and 8 years later you are asking investors for the 70%, and my cabana is not even started. and you believe it is disgusting for RL to ask for more funds on top of their £250, and you want an extra £50. Do you not see, in 8 years, I have had nothing but false hope, false promises, and fairytales

    now shove it up your arse ( will have to remove dan dalligan, robert storey , sunny stenning or richard Ingham first )

  338. Anonymous

    Jealousy is not pretty to see.

  339. Shill on trolls

    @ 8:13
    What a spiteful remark.

  340. Anonymous

    Almost as spiteful as your ID, troll.

  341. Anonymous

    The majority of “investors ” in Harlequin never saw that the various projects were too good to be true. They were sold as “no risk”, high return investments with guaranteed this and that … And the investors fell for it , hook , line and sinker.
    Now , after some 8 years of unfulfilled promises, they are being promised by the same architect of the dream, to trust and follow him , in order to save their investment. This is one of the most incredible stories I have seen being played out in the Caribbean. It is only going to get worse.

  342. Anonymous

    Can someone explain why HP need a sign up of 90% yet RL only need “a majority”. Just give it up RL just get on with your SIPP redress and butt out of anything else. You know you cannot pursue the cash option because you don’t have the finance to do it so stop trying to influence something you have no further interest in.

  343. Bankrupt three times

    @6.11am the word is deluded you fecking dimwit .piss of Ames you deluded bankrupt . Perhaps I will adopt the stenning method of dealing with dissenters . A taser in the hand is worth two in the bush.

  344. Shylock


    Ames cannot get 90% as RL have approx. 3500 clients.

    SIPPs hold 3400 people.

    Redress is very alluring when you can get your money back. Why would you trust David Ames to return your funds ?

    RL will sit back now and wait. They know, Dave knows that finance is not going to happen while the war is on going.

  345. Thomas Levy

    @ Shylock

    What I find curious is that RL put an apparently arbitrary figure on the numbers needed; they have given no rationale for 90%. I wonder whether they accept that 90% would be needed for their own version to be successful?

    In any event, I really can’t see any external financier being willing to put cash into a business which (a) seems to be insolvent and (b) would fail even the most basic due diligence. Far more sensible, one would have thought, would be for any interested party simply to stand back, wait for this all to go pop, and then fund a pre-pack. That way, they get the assets they want with management of their choice and no awkward creditors hanging around.

  346. In the Know. Basildon insider

    RL have fewer than 1000 paid up clients.

  347. Peter RImmely

    In the Know –

    RL have just under 3500 investors. I know because I had a meeting with RL about my direct claim. There is a whiteboard with the numbers on in their Harlequin project team room.

    They have 2000 or so SIPP claims.

    The general view was “Ames is an idiot who will lose out whatever happens.”

    Oddly, GF (who I met for 5 minutes) was more generous about Ames.

  348. In the Know. Basildon insider

    He doesn’t but whatever, Would of course be interesting to see if RL would confirm how many investors paid them the £ 200 + Vat.

  349. Totally in the dark

    It would be even more interesting if DA would confirm what happened to £400 million.

  350. Carr

    RL do not need to disclose anything. They can tell each client what they paid, but the cumulative amount is not a matter for anyone other than RL.

  351. BS is orf his trolley

    Shilly Bob is so transparent.

    We love having a good laugh at you and your nasty chums at the Basildon bunker.

  352. Anonymous

    The Ames family are finished, but it will have nothing to do directly with his investors, they just indirectly provided the ammunition for the gun pointed directly at Dave’s head, the trigger man? Well Dave and Carol know well who that is. See when you lie, you need to be consistent, otherwise one day those lies will catch up with you, and depending on who you lie about will dictate the severity of the repercussion.

    The investors have no clout, a look at the RL forum just demonstrates how in affective they truly are.

    Dave Ames has stated that he is taking Wilkins Kennedy to court, Wilkins Kennedy have till the end of June to file a defence, then they will apply for security for costs in that case, which they will win in all probability, Ames will have to find the cash to put into court to cover this, if he fails, then his case collapses and Wilkins Kennedy will apply for a default judgement as to costs, they will then give Ames and his companies 21 days to pay up or they will apply to have his companies wound up.

    Even if Ames finds the cash to cover the security for costs, he then faces the discovery process, and that is the nail in his coffin, Wilkins Kennedy know exactly what to ask for, they have much of the damning information already.

    And this is just the start of Ames’s woes, there is far worse to come,

  353. you ar never "too old to go to prison"

    And this is just the start of Ames’s woes, there is far worse to come,

    the more the better

  354. Its all in the SIPPs

    @Anon 10.03 sheer fantasy.

  355. Anonymous

    We shall find out very shortly whether this is fantasy or not, the defence has to be filed next week. The fantasy however appears to be the Ames family claims for 70 million.

  356. The money men

    There are some overseas investors with deep pockets just waiting for this to fall over.
    Measures have been take to ensure it will.
    it’s really that simple. 😉

  357. RL can't shut up

    A week ago Gareth Fatchett said he’d leave Harlequin and the trust alone but he still won’t stop going on and on.

    How many more times can he say he has nothing more to say but still repeat the same crap anyway?

    It makes him look stupid and desperate.

  358. It's all Gareth's fault now.

    You seem to have misspelt Dave Ames’s name as Gareth Fatchett. It was definitely DA that I gave money to. You also forgot to mention for how many many many years he has been repeating the same crap.

  359. Anonymous

    @Rlcsu..AKA ..FDNRM, AKA Bob Storey,.you just can`t help having a go at GF, can you?

  360. Closer

    – more holes that a sieve !

    Odd how bending the truth is so natural to some.

  361. Thomas Levy

    Here’s the FAQ. It’s smellier than overripe Gorgonzola.

    From: Harlequin Hotels & Resorts <
    Date: 21 June 2014
    To: ***************
    Subject: Harlequin Trust: Frequently Asked Questions
    Reply-To: <

    Investors' Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Trust

    Dear Investors & Agents,

    In order to help clarify some matters pertaining to the Trust, we put together this FAQ based on the queries we hear most often from investors and agents.

    We hope you find the below helpful. Please do get in touch if there is anything we have not covered. You can call the office on 01268 24 24 60, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm.

    Does Harlequin own the land it is providing as security for the Trust?

    Yes, Harlequin owns all of the land that is set out in the Deed of Trust as security for the Trust.

    Can investors enter into the Trust AND pursue redress?

    Yes. Harlequin has been presented with attractive alternative redress options that confirm our position that the Trust can easily co-exist alongside redress if an investor would also like to pursue that route.

    R Legal agreed and publically stated numerous times that the Trust and redress can co-exist; it was only very recently when the firm ceased being involved in the Trust that they conveniently changed their opinion.

    If I want to pursue redress, do I have to use R Legal?

    No, there are other options available. Please contact the Pro-Harlequin Investors Group (PHIG) for more information on:

    The same results can be achieved by others without behaving in an unnecessarily destructive and threatening manner towards the business, investors and other parties.

    I only want a refund. Why should I care about joining the Trust?

    As well as securing your investment, the Trust is also designed to enable Harlequin to receive an injection of funding that would get the business where it wants to be in terms of opening more hotels and completing on properties.

    When Harlequin is in an improved financial position, which we are confident will happen following entry into the Trust, Harlequin hopes to satisfy all investor demands to the extent it is able, whether that be completion or exit from the investment.

    What happens after the five year waiver period if Harlequin hasn’t raised finance or achieved its Trust objectives?

    This is a matter for the Trustees to decide in the best interests of the beneficiaries. Depending on how the objectives of the Trust are proceeding, there is an option to extend the waiver period or cancel the Trust. The contract will remain in force for the period. Harlequin is confident it will be in an improved financial position at that time, which will give the investment a far better chance of success.

    What happens if I do not enter the Trust?

    Your investment will be unsecured, meanwhile thousands of others are expected to be secured at a minimal cost of an annual £50 administration fee. It will also assist our detractors in their aim to force Harlequin into liquidation for their own personal gain.

    What if I don’t trust Dave Ames anymore?

    If an investor is dubious for any reason, it is important that they remember that the Trust also prevents Dave Ames from any unsanctioned use of Harlequin’s assets. When the land assets are entered into the Trust, Dave Ames cannot sell, trade, mortgage or modify them without first receiving the independent Trustees’ approval.

    Why is the $70m professional negligence claim against Wilkins Kennedy so important?

    There are two key reasons: (1) it establishes that Harlequin was truthful and correct in its claims and assertions in how it has been wronged, which will do a great deal to rebuild the company’s reputation following negative PR campaigns; and (2) the injection of tens of millions in funds will have a hugely significant impact on Harlequin’s ability to deliver investments and strengthen the resort development companies for the future.

    Following the successes of the fraudulent misrepresentation case and defamation settlement, which were necessary prior to the issue of this claim, Harlequin is extremely confident of success. If our detractors are allowed to succeed and liquidation occurs, the case would not continue and investors would not benefit from the windfall.

    When will Dave Ames tell us who the hotel management company is?

    Negotiations with the company are confidential and sensitive, which is why it is not appropriate to reveal the company’s identity against their wishes. However, all will be revealed once contracts are in place. Disclosure of the identity of the hotel management company will sadly result in the company being bombarded by the usual suspects, so as a result they have requested their identity remain anonymous.

    Is there finance coming?

    We believe so. We are confident that funding will be available to Harlequin shortly after the Trust is entered into. Dave Ames is in talks with a number of finance providers, including banks, regarding a range of options for funding, but it will not be until the Trust is established and successful that these options can become a reality.

    If Harlequin opens more hotels, won’t it be too much for Dave Ames to run?

    Dave Ames has always stated that the plan is to involve a prominent luxury hotel management company to run most of its resorts.

    Why are H, Barbados and blu, St Lucia excluded from the Trust?

    Harlequin is in the process of negotiating with financiers to enable the completion of H, Barbados and blu, St Lucia. The combined property total of the two properties relates to around 2% of the total properties sold by Harlequin. Rather than enter the two properties into the Trust only for the assets to be removed once a finance package is agreed and incur costs in doing so, we think it is sensible to exclude the properties from the Trust at the outset.

  362. Cranwit Fergal

    You would have to be thicker than a thick plank to fall for that.

    Matters not, he won’t get the numbers on any front.

    The RL update about the tort of deceit will have the agents arse going “50p,20p,50p”. Serves them right.

  363. It's all Gareth's fault now.

    Same old same old. Especially tailored for the more deluded/desperate amongst the “investors”.

  364. Robert Storey

    @Anon 3.53 you poor deluded fool. Do you honestly think no one else on here could have negative opinions of GF? Nice try, but not even close.

  365. fraudulent misrepresentation

    fraudulent misrepesentation is a criminal act ?

    Do a search on google, you will see harlequin continued to sell buccament bay units through its network of agents with guaranteed buybacks and “defined exit strategies” in late 2012, just before going bankrupt..

    these types of deals were offered by multiple agents. Harlequin had regular training events for its agents, training them how to sell the harlequin product. Dave Ames was not only fully aware of what was going on, he was coordinating it, and his locked up for fraud son fully approved of these sales tactics

    Harlequin Property have just released this exciting new exit strategy of a Guaranteed 3 or 5 year BUY-BACK option for new investors from September 2012 …
    Excellent news for new investors, Harlequin are offering investors a 3 or 5 year buy-back guarantee, for property sales over £150,000 (from main list price)

    3 Year buy-back option – Example*

    Marquis Estate – one bedroom ground floor Hillside apartment …
    Current list price £210,000 (August 2012)

    ✔ 30% deposit – £63,000
    ✔ 3 years later HQ will buy back the apartment at (est.) £252,000
    ✔ Guaranteed buy back 30% = £75,600
    Profit over the 3 years = £12,600 circa. 6.6%

  366. Thomas Levy

    The Fraud Act 2006 is well worth reading. It’s not very long. The fun bit, as far as some people might be concerned, is section 2.

  367. fraudulent misrepresentation

    I wonder what sort of contract Investors received when investing in a property with a “guaranteed buyback”, I wonder if it offered the same amount of protection offered to investors all those years earlier, when investing in the “100% finance scheme”.

  368. Swallows

    Tort of deceit is going to be fun.

    RL will be attending the agents meeting by proxy. It will be recorded.

    Dave “after chucking you to RL , I am truly sorry. Please help me save me, er I mean Harlequin . That will deflect the claims …. honest”

    The attending agents are going to be targeted. Of course, Dave will stand shoulder to shoulder with you all….

  369. Anonymous

    WTF is “An Attractive” redress option??????? Could someone please put the Ames family out of our misery…………….. Please …………

    And WTF is this about contacting Bob Ladell about redress options, Bob I am Ames’s brother in law Ladell……….

  370. Slow mo train wreck

    What incredibly passes for sanity and reasonableness in the dodgy world of David Ames. He seems to think his ramblings make sense and that people will believe him. Only the desperate and deluded.

  371. Anonymous

    Will be interesting to see what happens in 12 / 24 months.

    Even if Ames pulls off getting “Harlequin” financed & building again, he’ll just open himself up to 1,000’s of lawsuits through misrepresentation etc, not to mention SFO. Seems like he’s done a good move on RL by setting up his own trust; but you can’t destroy the facts – he’s taken 1,000’s of people to the cleaners through false promises & dodgy dealings.

    The FAQ is “strewn with errors”:

    Is there finance coming?
    We believe so. We are confident that funding will be available to Harlequin shortly after the Trust is entered into

    I am saving this for future reference. As with everything Harlequin, this will likely either be an outright lie, or will be twisted so much that it will not represent reality one iota

    For the record, I don’t believe RL have been overly “confrontational”; they have been representing their clients, which is what solicitors are paid to do.

    Although I have no personal issues with the Ames family, if they succeed, I feel so much anger & resentment towards how they’ve handled this whole thing that I can’t imagine they’ll get away scott-free.

    The reason they constantly get all these “anonymous negative & defamatory” “PR campaigns” is because they make incredible promises up front, sucker people into buying their “investments” through appearing to be legitimate (mainly through paying celebrities & holding expensive “launch” parties), and consequently under-delivering. It’s the SAME STORY every fucking time – even their customers on TripAdvisor say the same; all sizzle, no steak.

    Even now, Harlequin are playing the same tricks. No specifics (like where the £400m has gone); just speculative & generalized promises to hook the desperate buyers. The reason Harlequin is a charade is because if you weigh up the FACTS, they’ve taken £400m; built 100 cabanas in Buccament Bay, bought Blu & that’s it. They haven’t even registered the land properly.

    Even Bob Storey has to see the light some day (respect Bob, I am not insulting you here). David Ames has spent the money so unwisely that Harlequin are unable to fulfil their obligations to 99% of their investors. Even if it’s true that 1 person has title in BB, that’s 1 person out of 6000+ who invested in good faith.

    So whether they get this trust going is actually just another smokescreen for what’s really happened – that David Ames has built his own assets with the money of “investors”. Even with the trust, if Ames sold Buccament Bay tomorrow, he’s the only shareholder of that RDC, so he’ll be the one who pockets the proceeds. The “trust” just puts security on the land – doesn’t stop the transfer of ownership to someone else. Think about that one.

    I’m especially interested to see what their “attractive” alternative redress option is. Redress is for the “investors” who were duped into handing money with the promise of deadlines & a hugely successful company; and who just want their money back.

    Unless it involves share allocation or PLC, I don’t see any reasonable way to achieve “redress” in the immediate future for investors, unless by suing an insurer / SIPP / IFA

  372. Joining Matt Soon ?

    I simply cannot understand how the SFO has not moved against Dave Ames yet. There has been clear misrepresentation from day 1. Dave Ames has tried to gloss over the 100% finance scam by blaming the economy and HIS choice of developers / accountants etc.
    But we can find no shortage of misrepresentation to the present day, even on video Dave Ames tried to convince invesors that external finance.
    was not needed. At the first investors meeting, he suggested that repayments of loans could resume…. really Dave ? … and with what money would they be paid.

    Robert Storey, what do you have to say on the matter of misrepresentation and legal care of duty ?

  373. Thomas Levy

    RL know where the “missing” £50m has gone. They are simply choosing not to say anything because it’s far more fun to keep the forumites in suspense.

    It would also show that the £400m taken by HP is a bit of an understatement.

    Perhaps they’re keeping that bit quiet to use as leverage with HP/Ames.

  374. Anonymous

    Which is worse —a forumite or a morphodite ??

  375. Robert Storey

    FFS I’m not a lawyer. I have no opinion because I don’t know the legal issues. Now if you asked me the merits of 442 vs 433 then that might be a reasonable question.

  376. Dont worry - It's Guaranteed.

    Forumites & morphodites are all equal in the eyes of Harlequin, as long as you have money to invest ( throw away ), they’ll find the right solution for you ( them )

  377. Joining Matt Soon ?

    Robert Storey,
    so as long as you are not a qualified expert within a field, you do not comment, For future reference, what fields are you actually qualified in and so are able to comment on ?.

  378. Robert Storey

    @joining Matt soon. What a ridiculous comment. I’m an investor which is good enough.

  379. anon


    I have no idea why the SFO think that this it is acceptable to let this shambles roll on. I suppose there are a few options;

    1. It takes a seriously long time to gather the evidence sufficient for them to decide whether a prosecution will stick (they have had their fingers burned before in this respect). I suppose the multi-jurisdictional nature of this case and the frankly shambolic record keeping makes it a tough job to follow the trail.

    2. They have gathered all the evidence and decided there is not case to answer. This is unlikely because they would take it down from their website if this was the case.

    3. They really don’t care about protecting the public and will finish this in their own good time. Possibly they are understaffed

    Any other suggestions?

  380. anon

    @ BS Bobby – Well being an investor seems to be good enough for you to be an expert in everything that supports the HP story and a complete dumbass in every other field of enquiry. How convenient for you to bleat your ignorance in matters that might actually cast some doubt on the claims being made by HP

  381. Fifteen two

    RL will use their statutory demand clients to take Ames out.

    They all waited for the trust and the due diligence. They have nothing to wait for now.

  382. Anonymous

    4. They may be waiting to see what happens RE finance. They may want to assure the “investors” whos investment is in real jeopardy; hence waiting for the dust to settle before launching their case.

    Remember, when / if the SFO acts, it will put Harlequin in the spotlight, which will generally have an adverse affect in the short term; relatively good effect in the long term. Once finance is in place, it will give the company breathing space to help the investors for the long term, whereas without it, the whole house of cards will collapse

  383. Robert Storey

    @Anon pathetic. I did not say I did not know about every other line of enquiry, only legal matters. Reading is obviously not your strong point is it.

  384. Anonymous

    “Ex. Law #265: “If a herdsman, to whose care cattle or sheep have been entrusted, be guilty of fraud and make false returns of the natural increase, or sell them for money, then shall he be convicted and pay the owner ten times the loss”

  385. Would you put your cash into HP today

    At a loss why the possibility of finance is still discussed as an option. It is patently ridiculous to consider for a millisecond that any institution would touch this with a very long barge pole. As stated before, any body who wants BB just wait for the liquidation and buy without any complications.

  386. Joining Matt Soon ?

    why should investors even care about financing ?
    their contracts are void, they have no legal claim over new hotel rooms
    that are built on the resort.

  387. BS's English make ya' wince

    ‘I did not say I did not know about every other line of enquiry, only legal matters. Reading is obviously not your strong point is it.’

    Writing is not your strong point Shilly Bob is it?

  388. BS's English makes me wanna


  389. Robert Storey

    If you are going to bore us all with your childish criticism then at least try and get your own comments correct. What a muppet. Troll. Hahaha lol

  390. Robert Storey

    And you may want to review your use of the apostrophe. Put down your Guardian newspaper, stop thinking about your prep school matron and concentrate on adding something to the thread. Perhaps being spanked as a child contributed to your life as a useless troll.

  391. Anonymous

    What’s your excuse Bob!

  392. Anonymous

    The world would be a far, far better place if RS heeded his own

  393. Robert Storey

    Don’t read the Guardian and never had dreams about a prep school matron. Mind you I am not that moronic to pick up people on grammar or spelling. I don’t consider myself to be that superior.

  394. Anonymous

    Can you find a hobby ? Jacking off comes to mind.

  395. Robert Storey

    That obviously comes to your mind. Guess you are sexually oppressed if that’s what you are thinking of.

  396. Anonymous

    Left hand, I Pad, right hand, old tommy.Trolling in between. You are a sad case Bob.

  397. Anonymous

    Funny that you thought the jacking off comment was directed to you Bob,,,you were not named in that post. Ha Ha Ha ..Lol Lol..

  398. OOh Matron

    Ooh Bob the fearless keyboard warrior has been to Lidl and necked a box of Lambrusco.

    Shilly boy.

  399. Robert Storey

    Yes spelling has improved. Well done.

  400. Robert Storey

    Oh dear Anon 6.52. No your moron it did not come to my mind, it was a comment aimed at the mind of the poster. A tad too subtle for you to comprehend. Hahaha lol lol.

  401. Anonymous

    This thread has once again become the “Bob and Everyone Else
    Against Me Show”. Seems nothing has changed much from last summer…
    I’m beginning to think that the UK authorities are a lot of sadistic teasers.

  402. Robert Storey

    Yep it was all sensible on here until Anon 3.53 decided to bring me into it. All the fault of the army of Anonymous posters on here.

  403. Whatever next

    Glad you agree that the posts about misrepresentation and the ridiculous notion of finance etc are sensible.

  404. Daves Dream, Our Nightmare.

    In business , the figures tell you how you are doing.

    The harlequin business model ( dave’s dream )
    9000 hotel rooms in 4 – 5 years,
    Investors enjoy 4 weeks vacation
    High capital appreciation
    guaranteed returns
    guaranteed buybacks.
    Investors deposits returned.
    thousands of jobs created
    loans paid by harlequin
    guaranteed finance

    the reality ( our nightmare )
    400 million spent
    100 hotel rooms built in 8 years
    Buccament Bay reportedly unprofitable
    multiple litigation cases
    Harlequin & Dave Ames reputation in tatters.
    No duty of care
    timescales proved to be unrealistic & not viable.
    reckless spending
    Total lack of due diligence
    Total lack of accountability
    finance accounts not up to date
    no proof of finance.
    Investors left with loans they cannot afford.
    Pensioners facing uncertain future.
    Some Investors losing homes
    Complete lack of transparency.
    Poor choice of developer, staff & accountants.
    Agents that sold investment, abandoned their clients.

    Harlequin asking for more money from investors, they
    want £50 from us, so we are entitled to own a fraction
    of the resort that we paid for.

    Robert , do you have anything to say, of any value ?

  405. Robert Storey

    As I said, but you chose to ignor, I had no involvement in this discussion until Anon 3.53, decided to confuse a poster with me. So you really could have saved your monologue above or directed it at someone who might be interested in your nightmare. I am not.

  406. Anonymous

    Spent the last 2 hours reading all posts on this thread and now have no idea what my name is or which side of the fence I sit……

  407. Robert Storey

    So long as your spelling and grammar are spot on then you should be ok. That’s all that interests some people.

  408. Anonymous

    Well Bob, you just wrote (9:43) you have no interest in the nightmare in which
    case begs the question — so what are you doing here?

  409. Robert Storey

    Well Anon try reading. How many more times do I have to refer you back to the post of 3.53!!!!! FFS

  410. Anonymous

    So what does GF have to do with the nightmare?
    Answer – Nothing
    Dave Ames and only Dave Ames is responsible.

  411. Daves Dream, Our Nightmare.

    So Robert,
    I am confused, you participate avidly in virtually every harlequin related forum , but don’t want to be drawn into discussions about the Harlequin investment. Why are you here ?

    Is it to fill a void in your life, is getting into petty squabbles the nearest thing you have to a relationship.

    Not since david Icke, have i seen someone make such a spectacle of themselves, You are spending hours participating in discussions about topics you openly admit you do not understand, are not qualified to talk about, and have absolutely no interest in.

    I have seen you on the RL Forum, with your pal ingham, jumping on people that talk negatively about harlequin, and constantly berating people for not adding value, while you spend hours, days, months writing drivel, that does nothing but get people’s backs up.

    you are then surprised when they do not respond positively do your pointless comments.

  412. Robert Storey

    Were you up early, off to do your paper round? No wonder you are confused. You have not “seen” me on the RL forum. You cannot “see” someone who participates in a forum. Again your monologue is both inaccurate and silly. Yes you certainly are confused, and it’s all of your own making.

  413. Demented old fool

    Poor old silly old Bob – he has lost the plot along with his money.

  414. Robert Storey

    Haha if only you knew the truth. I have lost exactly nothing. Lol

  415. Thomas Levy

    On the day of the first Super Harlequin Investor Trust sign-up meeting, RL remove digit and send out letters.


    We have written to both David Ames & Bob Ladell to seek clarifications, so we can advise our clients on the Harlequin trust proposal.

    If you require the “repayment” option, please email with the subject “Repayment”.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Links follow

  416. It's all in the SIPPs

    RL do have a nerve. Perhaps they would like to know the details of everyone’s completion details.

  417. Thomas Levy

    @ It’s all in the SIPPs

    RL aren’t asking for details, simply confirmation of whether the deal on offer to Bob Ladell is preferential/non-standard. That’s a very big difference.

    What RL say is:

    PHIG received monies from sales agents in late 2013 to find a “solution” for them. Effectively, PHIG acted for sales agents; and

    Bob Ladell is completing at Buccament Bay. In itself, there is nothing wrong with this. However, we understand that the completion terms offered by Harlequin are preferential.

    In this context, it does seem hard to understand how Bob Ladell from PHIG could act independently on behalf of investors. We have made these points to Mr Ames as the trust document gives the trustees wide powers over investors’ rights.

    That seems a reasonable position if Bob L’s position is to represent the investors. He needs to be whiter than white, with no conflict of interest.

  418. It's all in the SIPPs

    And what has this got to do with RL exactly?

  419. Bob BS don't you ever shut up?

    BS Bob,
    Why are you posting as It’s all in the SIPPs AND Robot Storey?

    ‘Haha if only you knew the truth. I have lost exactly nothing. Lol ‘
    So what ARE you doing here then?

  420. Robert Storey

    What’s it got to do with you. If fact what exactly is your point. Even when I don’t post anything you still post about me. What are YOU doing on here?

  421. Anonymous

    It has everything to do with RL – they are responsible for the people who want truthful answers from Harlequin, as to make an “informed decision” on what to do

    As confusing as RL’s position can seem, it’s my opinion they provide a proxy between investors & Harlequin. If Harlequin are going to promise all the outlandish claims, such as “repayments” (which I’ve not seen before), I’d certainly want as much information up front as possible before signing 5 years of my life away

    God save the investors who sign with Ames based on these promises. He’s not put forward ANY finance options, nor budgeted the £400m. Big promises always seem to wash away cold facts, so let’s see how it goes

  422. Anonymous

    No what they are trying to do is protect their client base. They cannot represent the cash investors, but cannot stand the thought to lose them to their opposition.

  423. Anon

    Answer the question Bobby Bullshit.

  424. Anoun

    “They cannot represent the cash investors, but cannot stand the thought to lose them to their opposition.” HP is not opposition to RL. One is allegedly a property company and the other is a solicitor. RL is in a no lose position and HP are in a no win position. It’s all irrelevant, liquidation is inevitable.

  425. Thomas Levy

    Roll on November. Or maybe October.

  426. Anon

    You’ve got a point there Anoun 1:28pm

    I wonder what Shipley’s have to say about these shenanigans?

  427. Bob gets a bung

    Bob Lidil is after money from whoever will pay him, why does anyone need a bee keeper anyway?

  428. Bob the bung. and his 1980's management speak.

    Bob can move trees and work with nature – worry not investors!!!!

    How much management talk can that man come out with, what a total load of utter bollocks. 😉

  429. Anonymous

    HP see no problem putting out updates that any idiot should be able to see through. They know that their investors have a proven track record of believing anything and everything they say.

  430. Anonymous

    It is that suckers list that RL have been desperate to acquire.

  431. Fifteen two

    Anonymous – RL have the SIPP list. They are not bothered about any other list.

  432. It's all in the SIPPs

    Looks like others are seeing the light now.

  433. I didn't take £400+ million off suckers

    YEAH YEAH YEAH RL are the bad people in this fiasco. At least somebody is going to recover some of their money from this FRAUD. Pretty much every cash investor was screwed the moment they handed over their cash.

  434. Anonymous

    YEAH YEAH YEAH, RL have not been totally up front about what they are able to achieve for their suckers, sorry clients. They were constantly asked what their plan was for the cash investors but constantly evaded the question. They had no plan except, give us another £1500 and we will give you a consultation. Naughty naughty.

  435. It's all in the SHITS

    @It’s all in the SIPPs

    Yes they have woken up to the fact Harlequin is going bust and Ames will meet his son.:)

  436. I didn't take £400+ million off suckers

    No plan? Who says you. Eg. non registered advisor. I can think of one now that lives in Belfast got property in Scotland. Got assets to go after. How would you find that out and go after them without paying for it? What would your advice and options be for cash investors?

  437. Gerard McLoughlin


    That’s not true. The updates on the RL site says people can come for a chat for free.

    RL are a business, much like any other. I would not want to pay anymore, but then again, by spending nothing, I do not expect anything.

  438. Anoun

    @anonymous 5.49
    Was that it? Your total solution for cash investors was to take a dig and run away. You don’t have to be too bright to figure out what the options available are for cash investors. The most obvious is for HP to deliver what they were contracted to do. Not possible, they simply don’t have the cash and even if they were successful with litigation it is a small fraction of what is required. External finance is pure fantasy, always was. Otherwise DA would have never needed “investors money”.
    What options does that leave?

  439. Agent Bashing

    No you got that wrong Anoun – the agents are going to get sued and get chucked out of their houses.

    I have started action against mine, he will feel the pain 😉

    He has assets – confirmed, I’m getting in first ho ho ho

  440. Agent Bashing

    I don’t care if he ends up on the street, I have money I will take him to the cleaners. He has assets not no cash to fight me.

    taking a leaf out of bully boys Ames’s book.

  441. Anoun

    I was just giving one option and replying to an HP troll. Torte deceit against the advisor(salesman) has the best chance of recovery providing they have some assets of course. Go get him and screw him! He wasn’t thinking of you when he was spending his commission. The unregistered “advisor” who moved to Belfast took 160k in commissions.

  442. Anonymous

    @AB – Congratulations for doing what should have been done
    several years ago. Good luck and God Bless.

  443. Anonymous

    Ames made a very big mistake some years ago, and will live to regret taking on the wrong people, 😉 has it dawned on anyone that Ames and his now semi functional wife will be going on 69-70 when the initial 5 year period is up in his proposed trust,

    So who will carry the torch, the idiot Dan Ames, the guy who is afraid of his own shadow, Matt Ames on his release from Prison or that rather simple daughter of the Ames’s, all the siblings being an example of what inbreeding does.

    Yeah sure banks are lining up to bail out this wholly dysfunctional inbred family,

  444. Anonymous

    DA is 61?

  445. Anonymous

    DA was born in 1951 he apparently was also 61 Two Years ago?

  446. Agent Bashing

    My agent is trying the old sympathy card, saying he relied on information Harlequin gave him – shame that will cost him his home.

    i wonder how long it will be before the toxic tool turns on the agents and claims he never sold it?

    My agent said Ames has already mentioned this albeit in jest.

    Ames and his family are a waste of skin.

  447. Anonymous

    Good luck to anyone thinking of suing using the tort of deceit avenue, you’ll need it; and deep pockets. It is one of the hardest type of case to win. It is not a breach of any specific law but a breach of common law and you will have to prove that the other party deliberately lied about a specific fact and will either have had to have been documented at the time or in front of independent witnesses.
    It is the “fact” aspect that is most difficult, anything that could be construed as an opinion doesn’t count so if an agent said things like “you can’t lose” or Dave Ames is a successful businessman or any other subjective statement it won’t count. It would have to be something like “Dave Ames has never been a bankrupt” i.e. something that is a matter of record.
    Anyone who thinks they have a good chance pursuing this avenue should ask RL to take on the case on a No Win No Fee basis. Lawyers never take difficult cases on NWNF so it’s one way to gauge your chances. Don’t misunderstand me, the agents need to be brought to book but spending loads of money to get nowhere isn’t the way to do it.

  448. Agent Bashing

    I have deep pockets. I will make my agent pay and suffer.

  449. Daves Dream, Our Nightmare.

    20 years on , how self regulation failed the maxwell pensioners

    and what about the harlequin pensioners ?

    It was noted that you could get compensation when your train was late, but nothing when a person lost their pension.

    Initial government response was summarised as “we cannot legislate to eliminate fraud or compensate the victims”. Our reaction could be summarised as “the system of pension protection you introduced gave the keys to the burglar”

    Dave Ames, is the modern day Robert Maxwell, I suggest If it was not for the late intervention of the financial authorities, many more pensioners would now be suffering.

  450. Anonymous

    Harlequin pensioners will fare better as many invested through SIPPs, and are also covered by the FSCS / FOS.

  451. Kraven

    Dave has to do a deal.

    My RL contact tells me they have £50m+ of repayment requests ready to go.

    Which financier would put money into an insolvent company with £50m being formally demanded ?

    That’s right…. no one.

  452. left foot

    @ Kraven.

    The only investment is the one when an offer is made to the liquidator.The plan is in motion.

  453. A spy in the camp

    I went along today, Ames got a right stuffing from the agents.

  454. KST

    Brethren All,

    The plan is moving along well.

    We have the pre-pack offer ready to go.

  455. Anonymous

    As every con artist knows, you can only con a dishonest or a greedy person. Just being naive isn’t enough.
    The dishonest target thinks he is “in on the game” the greedy person can see nothing but the rewards being offered.
    Don’t know why I am posting that on here after skimming through the posts on Harlequin over the last year or so; just seems apt somehow..

  456. Sunny Sten Gun


    I would be happy to meet, sorry to part, comrade.

  457. Investors get sold down the river?

    The Ames plan?

    Hi Angela… Paul (see other comments above here) is right, a pre-pack is where a company’s assets are pre-packaged and a deal agreed to sell the business/assets (and therefore shedding liabilities) prior to putting it into administration. This usually happens very quickly and saves the risks and costs of a trading administration. HMSSE have been in a trading administration for some time now though, so you couldn’t really call it a pre-pack. Doesn’t mean a deal wasn’t agreed beforehand, subject to certain things happening. which haven’t happened yet, but that’s hard to discover. My explanation above is more to do with developer loans and how they work, and a ‘heads up’ to anyone who thinks an outside investor and building the resorts is the answer to their problems. It could actually be the start of another, worse. nightmare!! So it’s not really anything to do with HMSSE directly. However, the RDC’s (Resort Development Companies), which own the land and contracts, could be pre-packed and their assets sold off quickly prior to administration/liquidation. I haven’t seen the posts on the other forum, but perhaps it’s the RDC’s they are referring to rather than HMSSE Ltd. Any buyer would want the 5yr waiver though to be able to build the properties and enforce the ‘developer loan’ compound interest per my post which would net many, many more millions from investors.
    My explanation isn’t just a possibility… it’s a fact, based on the contracts. The only question mark is what would be the interest rate for developer loans and how long would they take between laying the slab and completing on the property. Even at an interest rate of 2% that would add £20k to the cost over 8mths. Times that by 9000 contracts and there’s an extra £180m. At 5% it’s an extra £450m in ‘income’ – more than has been taken from investors already.
    Hope that helps! 🙂

  458. Plan Pre Pack

    You will all be mighty surprised when you know who and where pre-pack meetings have been taking place.

    Never in a million years could you guess.

    All I will say is that English is not their mother tongue.

  459. Plan Pre Pack

    Guinness will be on tap.

  460. Irish Builders Bay???

    Fcuk No way, the Irish builder is going after BB?

    Ames would drop dead if that happened.

  461. Slipshod

    Well, now the proverbial cat is out of the bag, are we saying Ames has done a pre-pack deal with the Irish builder?

  462. Bob the bung. and his 1980's management speak.

    It would seem that the time has come for a significant decision to be made, by all of us, the investors.
    For a long time (nearly a year), The Trust option has been publicly stated and promoted by all parties as the only option available to ‘protect’ our investment. And, indeed, to deliver it, albeit later than originally planned.
    This has not been done before in an unbiased manner and is your opportunity to make your views known, individually, rather than in a group meeting where you may or may not have time for your views to be stated.
    It now appears that Regulatory Legal are no longer of this same view – redress being stated as their only option (15/06/2014). Their ‘Counter Offer’ (13/06/2014) is no more than a re-statement of the Trust as presented by them and Harlequin and supported by PHIG in Q4 2013 – with the exception of the removal of Dave Ames. That removal can only have one outcome – the collapse of Harlequin and all our investments. This is a complete contradiction to their last statement prior to the release of the ‘Counter Offer’, that their offer was not liquidation. That statement can’t have been true.
    PHIG still believe that that the best way of securing our investment is to build the resorts. This is the best chance of delivering far more than any other option. We have discussed other options with various professionals including legal, accountants, builders / developers. All of them have stated that the only real way any developer makes money for itself and its investors is to build.
    PHIG has stated many times that \“There is just one source of funds to enable everyone to achieve their objectives, whether that is to obtain a refund and exit the projects or to achieve the income stream originally sought :- The successful completion and long term operation of all Harlequin resorts\”.
    We firmly believe this remains the case.
    Even if all the Caribbean assets were available right now to be placed in the Trust, they alone just cannot return all the monies invested, even if they were sold at a profitable market rate. By placing the assets that are available into the Trust, they will be ring fenced and protected from creditors for the benefit of those who choose to enter the Trust as beneficiaries. It offers a better total security than the zero any of us have now. By graciously accepting the available assets and then working WITH Harlequin we can gradually bring further assets into the Trust as they are registered and able to be settled.
    Taking any approach of “Alternative Options” that are in any way aggressive or damaging to the Company are directly causing damage to all investors, including those taking action. By working WITH Harlequin to enhance our investment, that value has a chance of steadily increasing to the full expected value.
    However, whilst offering some security, the purpose of the Trust is not to repay our investments. It is intended as a means of securing external funding to enable the development and completion of the resorts.
    So, we are seeking to obtain a clear understanding of the views of the majority of the investors, rather than making any assumptions at this critical time.
    Consequently, we are hosting an online questionnaire to establish this understanding. It is short and straightforward, but we do need ALL Harlequin Investors to respond. We also ask that you provide minimal details so that you can be validated as an investor, because we want an honest result from investors, that is not skewed by multiple responses from one or more investors, or from anyone that is not an investor.
    All responses from genuine Harlequin investors will be counted – not some subset only available to a select few – and the questionnaire will be held open until at least 06-07-2014.
    The primary aims of the the Pro Harlequin Investors’ Group are:
    Work with Harlequin companies worldwide to help, wherever possible, to ensure the project meets all published objectives
    Present a united response to all negative press and action by individuals and minority groups
    Take independent action to address / redress unfounded and inaccurate press reporting in all media, newspapers and TV
    Engage constructively with regulatory bodies, the SIPP companies and IFAs to regain their support
    You will be asked for your name, email address, post code and at least one location that you have invested in.
    If you share our aims above and wish to support Harlequin, you may join the PHIG membership at the same time by selecting yes below. If not, your details will only be used to validate you as a genuine investor.

  463. Bummberling Bob

    The special deal Bob, the independent Bob, brother in law Bob, Bob do anything for a ‘Bob’ Bob, Agents paying Bob, Bob the £500 million valuation Bob. Bob the nob Bob
    What a great bet ‘Bob’ is LOL

  464. Its all in the SIPPs

    ho ho ho to all the people, including RL, who questioned whether Bob Ladell could be a trustee of the HP trust, they conveniently forgot that GF was, or is, going to be a trustee of the RL trust!! some very short memories out there!

  465. Anonymous

    Its all a joke..there will be no Trust..none.

  466. Anon

    Here comes part 3 of the scam and Ames exit strategy as posted on here 2 years ago.

  467. Anonymous

    Anon, can you explain the strategy to us?

  468. I could be bloody dead in 5 years


    Stalemate / Negotiations / Settlement

    It is clear that the clash of words on the updates is no benefit to anyone. We are equally responsible as everyone else for this. It is causing confusion, which at such an important time is counter productive.

    Investors are split into two camps, those who are prepared to waive their rights for 5 years and those who are not. Those who are not, are in the main RL clients. RL clients are not “bad” because they want repayment or have been offered a refund and want to obtain it. The promised new finance will help these clients to be repaid and allow everyone else to move on with the next 5 year phase. That sounds equitable to us.

    We have asked investors who want repayment to email us on . We will be sending a factsheet next week to those who have emailed us.

    Join the trust

    If you want to join the next 5 year phase, please join the trust as soon as possible. This will leave the balance seeking repayment via the new finance. There needs to be a quantifiable sum for any financier to work with. The sooner we are at this figure, the better.


    July 2014 is the month which will make or break Harlequin. We are committed to negotiating for a fair solution for our clients. We will make ourselves available to investors, agents etc to explain our position. More importantly, our team will be ready to engage with Harlequin as soon as they reach the conclusion that compromise is the only way.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  469. Thomas Levy

    The latest in the game of wiff-waff.


    Stalemate / Negotiations / Settlement

    It is clear that the clash of words on the updates is no benefit to anyone. We are equally responsible as everyone else for this. It is causing confusion, which at such an important time is counter productive.

    Investors are split into two camps, those who are prepared to waive their rights for 5 years and those who are not. Those who are not, are in the main RL clients. RL clients are not “bad” because they want repayment or have been offered a refund and want to obtain it. The promised new finance will help these clients to be repaid and allow everyone else to move on with the next 5 year phase. That sounds equitable to us.

    We have asked investors who want repayment to email us on . We will be sending a factsheet next week to those who have emailed us.

    Join the trust

    If you want to join the next 5 year phase, please join the trust as soon as possible. This will leave the balance seeking repayment via the new finance. There needs to be a quantifiable sum for any financier to work with. The sooner we are at this figure, the better.


    July 2014 is the month which will make or break Harlequin. We are committed to negotiating for a fair solution for our clients. We will make ourselves available to investors, agents etc to explain our position. More importantly, our team will be ready to engage with Harlequin as soon as they reach the conclusion that compromise is the only way.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  470. Call in the liquadators


    Stalemate / Negotiations / Settlement

    It is clear that the clash of words on the updates is no benefit to anyone. We are equally responsible as everyone else for this. It is causing confusion, which at such an important time is counter productive.

    Investors are split into two camps, those who are prepared to waive their rights for 5 years and those who are not. Those who are not, are in the main RL clients. RL clients are not “bad” because they want repayment or have been offered a refund and want to obtain it. The promised new finance will help these clients to be repaid and allow everyone else to move on with the next 5 year phase. That sounds equitable to us.

    We have asked investors who want repayment to email us on . We will be sending a factsheet next week to those who have emailed us.

    Join the trust

    If you want to join the next 5 year phase, please join the trust as soon as possible. This will leave the balance seeking repayment via the new finance. There needs to be a quantifiable sum for any financier to work with. The sooner we are at this figure, the better.


    July 2014 is the month which will make or break Harlequin. We are committed to negotiating for a fair solution for our clients. We will make ourselves available to investors, agents etc to explain our position. More importantly, our team will be ready to engage with Harlequin as soon as they reach the conclusion that compromise is the only way.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  471. Daves disco

    Time for some nice music

  472. KST


    RL hold the cards. They have repayment demands (replace the word repayment for Statutory shortly) for a huge amount of people.

    When I spoke to their office, they told me that the harlequin@ inbox was so full it could not accept new mail. That’ll be thousands of people then.

    No financier can touch this. It is toxic. At some point, someone at Harlequin will have to tell Dave its time to compromise. Dave’s error is doing this after he has not got the numbers for his trust. RL will exploit this.

    After some of the updates, RL will look to take his trousers down.


    Bro Boaz

  473. Anonymous

    So we have 3 posters who post the same crap from RL. Any comment on the RL communication at all? How about, why are RL being so conciliatory now? Do RL now realise there is new finance coming?

  474. Ames the Bastard's Nemesis

    RL are now paying particular attention to the consequences of their advice to clients.

    Long gone are the days of the RL “Trust or Bust” campaign. They’re no longer quite so quick to ridicule those not choosing to join the trust as “choosing to do nothing and forcing Harlequin into liquidation”.

    Those of us who’ve been following this for years (myself since 2006, I’m happy to say) are fully aware of the mounting background evidence gathered by media and authorities. Actually, enough had been gathered years ago to shut this scam down and to have left a bigger pool of money to share out amongst investors.

    How come Ames the Bastard is allowed to carry on spending the investors money to keep the business afloat? Why aren’t investors assets now frozen?

  475. Anon

    RL believe there could be finance yes because Dave said it, furthermore Dave said that as soon as finance is available he will commence refunds, So RL have said fine, they have about £50-60 million worth of clients looking for refunds, and RL are currently compiling the list for Ames to give to his financiers so they can pay the clients back as promised. 🙂 😉

  476. Anonymous

    Good God….Stop the madness

  477. Anonymous

    Anon @ 10:25pm

    IMO RL have not made any concession to the “trust or bust” mantra. They’ve put forward their own “counter offer”, which is a trust; Harlequin have chosen to do their own.

    I see all their current rhetoric as sarcasm. Who in the right mind will use fresh investment money to pay off other investors? That’s a ponzi scheme. I think RL are being rather tongue-in-cheek about compiling an “orderly list”, as they are essentially saying:

    “Oh! You have finance? You sure? Oh! You can offer “repayments”? Okay – here’s our list of people who want a repayment. If you don’t got the goods, we’ll use “our” redress route, which will probably mean liquidation”

    The “tone” of their recent updates is very weighted towards being sarcastic in my opinion

  478. Oh Lord my God,is there no help for the widows son

    @Bro Boaz

    We are taking drastic steps. We have seen the light.


  479. KST

    The light is the only true way. You are to be commended.

    The revulsion felt by the brethren towards Ames, who is a Cowan to masonry is palpable. Please prepare the petard on which to hoist Mr Ames.

  480. Thomas Levy

    RL’s newest outpouring:


    Sometimes we have to spell things out thereby giving away our negotiation position. This happens to be one of these times.

    1. We want radical amendment to the existing trust to make it deal with those wanting repayment.

    2. We do not believe Harlequin can undo the land title / solvency issues unilaterally. They need an agreement from all investors to do this.

    3. If you are convinced at the PHIG / Harlequin stance, please join the trust. It would be against our advice, but so be it.

    4. If you want to be in the repayment category, then do not join the trust.

    5. If you are unsure, do nothing yet.

    There would be nothing to stop Harlequin (1) financier (2) and (3) repayment investors from reaching terms. If this happens then the number of investors joining the trust will increase substantially. We will change our advice to recommend all investors join if such a deal can be made.

    To do this, we have to deal with the “elephant in the room” eg those people wanting to exit. Harlequin’s current approach ignores these people. They have offered a “take it or leave it” deal. This has been done on the basis that agents and scared investors will sign up. This has not happened. Investors are a little more savvy than that.

    Harlequin have to deal with the people wanting repayment. Every update has made it clear that finance is nearly there. Well, if this is true, then bringing the financier to the table should not be an issue. If this is sales hype, then it will not happen.

    Those who sign up will soon realise they have waived their rights for 5 year, for nothing. Imagine the backlash then. Fortunately, we will avoid this backlash as we have told people not to do it.

    It is simply wrong to ignore people who have legitimate reason to be repaid. These people are not doing anything wrong at all. They are asking for the contract they signed to be honoured. Nothing more. Does anyone think Ames will not seek to enforce the 5 year waiver or the gagging clause ? Contracts have to be observed by all (or by no one).

    Harlequin have bodged settlements in the past. One client we met yesterday invested £60k approx and has received £2k back. Why should they write off £58k to keep PHIG, “we love Dave” investors happy ? No, they should seek to be repaid as they have acted in good faith.

    Harlequin will end up in liquidation is this is issue is not dealt with. At present, it is not. However, putting the slanging match to one side, those with the power are those who have not opted in to the Harlequin trust. It is now the time to use that power wisely or accept that the Harlequin story has finished.

    Have a good weekend.

  481. Double dealings...

    Chris Corney, Walton, and Fatcett are all senior Freemasons, this is fact.
    Chris Corney wears one of Masonic rings – I have seen it.

    They are working against investors, pulling strings to bring down Harlequin. I think the authorities could be involved too.

    Freemasons are greedy evil people.

    Sadly, the all stick together – I happen to know some of the above comments hide Masonic secret phrases.

    They want Harlequin to fail so other mason can buy it off fellow brothers.

  482. Anonymous

    After reading the DD report that RL have published, I don`t understand how they could entertain or suggest Investors have any dealings at all with Harlequin, even if their is a “radical amendment to the existing Trust”.

  483. Anonymous

    RL “it is clear the clash of words on the updates is helping no one” Then just shut the f**k up! Again another statement from RL. For gods sake Fatchett, is this coming from your muppets or you? Yes we have seen the video recording from your minions ands it’s embarresing.

  484. Anon

    It’s time that Ames was shut up, he stole 400 million from yes admittedly gullible stupid and in the most part greedy investors. But it’s time Ames was shut up. An illiterate ignorant thief, like his wife and son,

  485. Whatsthefuss

    Stop whining you bunch of thicko’s, sign the trust then shut the *uck up
    Give Ames a chance at leat he has the balls to face investors who should have paid the 70% balance in the first place.

  486. Whatsthefuss

    not one have you lost money yet have you?
    like old washerwomen, shut ya gob

  487. washerwomen

    this is the term used by my agent when myself and many other investors started to question the harlequin business model. Simply a bunch of washer women that don’t understand property investment !!!!!,

    nobody has lost their money, ?
    so, I paid £130,000, for 3 contracts,
    how much will you give me for the contracts whatthefuss. ?…

    do you a deal, you buy them for £100,000, and sell them for £130,000
    and you can keep the £30,000 profit. If I have not lost any money, they should actually be worth more than I paid all those years ago, taking inflation into account.

    even if I wanted to raise 70%, to give to the convicted fraudster’s father and his unstable wife.there is no property to raise a mortgage on…

    WTF, is the continuing problems with the airport going to have a negative impact, seem to remember Dave stating before the development could not be expanded before the opening of the airport.

  488. BBaywatch

    I see that the Punch and Judy show continues, can’t believe that it hasn’t reached some kind of conclusion yet. A contact in Bim who has worked as project manager and QS on a number of high profile residential and commercial contracts (all successfully completed I might add) tells me that there is no interest in financing new developments from overseas investors as the travel market remains depressed in the Caribbean.

    I’m amazed that no investors seem to have bothered to go out there and find out exactly what is happening in the business at the moment. The DD doesn’t seem to have much to offer on the state of the business that HP are trying to market too, as ever the stupidity of the ‘build it and they will come’ mentality is all pervasive.

    SIPP investors looking for redress through insurance claims may get a nasty shock once the loss adjusters examine the cases too.

  489. Anonymous


    Please can you explain where the Harlequin business will be in 5 years even if 100% join the trust?

    The facts remain that only a fraction of Buccament Bay has been constructed with £400m. To get the ball rolling again, Harlequin need a major injection of capital (£50m – £80m) to cover building alone. This is discounting the “guaranteed virtual mortgages” offered to every investor, the refunds / repayments & ongoing operating costs.

    Even if *you* think the investors are a “bunch of thickos”, they have entered into contracts which, in my opinion, have been mis sold & misrepresented. Case in point being the availability of the so-sought-after “guaranteed / virtual mortgage”. The reason you haven’t received your 70% is because Harlequin have not fulfilled their part of the bargain on two fronts – the majority of units have not been constructed & there is currently no finance available for investors to take ownership. If you didn’t promise virtual mortgages, you’d have never convinced any of the hard-working investors to put money into the company. That’s why some people have multiple contracts.

    I have yet to see *any* projections, budgets, forecasts; or ANY accounts for that matter. I have not seen any numbers for the operating assets, apart from the Tailormade numbers which appeared on here, and certainly have not seen any fact-based financial forecasting which you’d expect from any company looking to raise the type of money Harlequin is seeking.

    I highly doubt the existence of a “financier”. The hotel management company might be a PR win, but will provide minimal value to enhance the value of the investments in the long term, and there, as ever, is nothing being said by Harlequin itself.

    Bottom line – the management isn’t up to the job, and, it’s my opinion, that they misrepresented their offering, a criminal offence

    Now @whatthefuss, can you please enlighten us as to how “big balls” Ames plans to fix his mess? I’d like specific details please. Like how you plan to register the land properly?

  490. Anonymous

    Richard Ingham, you are a bigger cu*t than your bum chum Ames.

  491. Anonymous

    @BBaywatch, so now you have a QS mate who knows all about investment banking. What an asset he must be knowing all about the world of investment. And your statement about no investor has been to find out what is happening is beyond belief. As usual scatter gun statements with no thought.

  492. anon

    @ Anonymous 5:17pm

    Limb b of clause 2 is a surprisingly low hurdle. It doesn’t require that the person knows the representation to be false, only that they know it might be false. I am sure that this could be made to stick. So when a certain person standing in front of a camera at Buccament Bay on 26 January 2012 said words to the effect of “behind the cameraman the marina is coming along well” this could easily be shown to be misrepresentation because, in fact, it was not.

    It could be argued that the intent of that video was to encourage people to invest and the person making the statement could gain financially through them doing so.

  493. anon

    sorry 26 January 2010 not 2012

  494. Miss Representation?

    And how about this one?

    This was from 18 May 2009 where the Chairman clearly says that they now have almost 100 acres of land. can anyone confirm whether this statement was true then and whether it is true now?

  495. Davd Ames, you need to watch this video to remind yourself why people trusted you with their pensions, homes and life savings. Here’s a clue, it was not so you could spend 400 million and 8 years building an unprofitable resort. The best line is, people often forget, its not about how you put your money in, its how you get your money out, and how you get the incomes and the profits you are looking for

    people forget that do they dave, you certainly forgot

    ( try pressing the captions button, the translation is nearly as funny as Daves explaination of the business model)

  496. Dave ames certainly fooled a lot of people, and not just us ‘greedy investors’.

  497. Anonymous

    @Harlequin Business Model, which trust will you be joining. How about a bit of forward thinking advice rather than showing us your collection of old videos.

  498. BBaywatch

    June 28, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    do I detect the one handed iPad typist? – I think I do!

    With a reaction like that I think that I can be confident that I’m right yet again.

  499. There not my collection of videos,, they are harlequin’s. I will not be joining any trust., As far as forward thinking. , I honestly do not have a solution to solve the damage harlequin has done to it’s investors lives. Harlequin is a cancer, and I dont have the cure.
    What solutions do you have then anonymous ? With no budget, huge debts, zero credibility and questions over the profitability of the resorts, not an easy one is it.

  500. Anonymous

    BBaywatch, well you have not been right about anything else in the past so I would not be sure about that. Do you not think it is a bit odd that a QS should have an insight into the inner workings of investment banking?

  501. Anonymous Bosch

    @ BS Bob at 8.24pm

    I don’t agree at all. BBaywatch has added a rare element of sanity and calm business sense to these proceedings. Certainly so when compared to the ridiculous rubbish some spout in here.

  502. Anonymous

    Such as the statement “I am amazed no investors have been out to find out for themselves” Yes I’m sure that is absolutely true isn’t it.
    By the way who is BS Bob?

  503. Bausch + Lomb

    @ Anonymous Bosch……thanks, I can see clearly now

  504. Actually anonymous, I would question why we should be giving more money to harlequin. This business model has so far proved to be a complete disaster, there are far more viable investments out there

  505. Anonymous

    BS Bob is Sportingman on Trip Advisor, on BFP, He is , or has been FDNRM, 36, Bob Storey, and of course Anonymous…however his writing style and stupid comments give him away all the time.
    He usually ends his “comment” with a question. Usually a stupid one. Easy as hell to spot this sad loser.

  506. Anonymous

    @Harlequin Business Model….thanks for this reminder…what a salesman! Give him credit , Davie can freaking sell…Trader Vics VP , Oasis VP, Pat Cash (can you call two tennis courts an Academy, really?. The wife of the PM of St Vincent (who was allegedly awarded the “contract” for decor of BB)
    So , no Oasis, no Trader Vics, two Tennis courts for Cash to come for a week or two for free every year,Great success…Champagne for plastic please.

  507. Robert Storey

    You see even when I don’t comment on this blog I get to be the centre of attention. Some would call it an unhealthy fixation, I would just call you “anonymous” an anonymous troll. Now troll off and try and annoy someone else, because to me you are just a no mark.

  508. Anonymous

    He gets cross when he’s been rumbled

  509. Anonymous Bosch

    But I think we have to agree with him that any fixation with BS Bob is unhealthy, almost by definition.

  510. Robert Storey, you are the centre of attention because people are jealous of your intelligence, good looks, the quality of your comments , your consistency, your compassion and are amazed how you can make money from your investment, whilst they have nothing.

    I am blown away by the value you bring to this forum, and eagerly await your next comment. I just hope a Russian football club owner is following robert Storey, because I know he will be beating down Dave Ame’s door, with an open cheque book, desperate to invest in harlequin and the Ames family, and we will soon be having our loans paid and be enjoying 4 weeks vacation in one of harlequin’s top destinations. sitting back, enjoying our high monthly income and capital appreciation, reminiscing about the trivialities we currently concern ourselves with.

  511. Robert Storey

    @HBM you see you have been rumbled. No one knows what I look like. However I can fully concur with your other observations. Humbly yours.

  512. Anonymous

    You look like Gilbert Gottfried – worse yet, you even sound like him.

  513. Fifthy Shades

    Actually he does look a bit like GG, though BS is grey haired and fat

  514. Robert Storey

    FAT!! Im like a frigging racing snake.!

  515. Feeling Desperate?


    You are required to waiver your rights for 5 years in order to let Harlequin fix the blunders they caused. The sheer desperation of the following email should sum up the company for you. Being blunt – if you have to resort to signing legal documents “by email”, the situation really is untenable.

    For the record, RL have *NEVER* recommended investors join Harlequin’s trust. NEVER would they let an investor join something without seeing real due diligence (accounting). Harlequin’s trust is nothing more than a ploy to cover their tracks. If you have questions, ask RLegal –



    Harlequin’s latest:

    “Join The Trust: simply fill in the enclosed document”

    Dear All,

    Join the Trust via email

    In order to make it a lot easier for investors to join the Harlequin Investor Trust, we have prepared the Deed of Waiver as a secure Word document, into which investors can simply type their details, save it and email it back to us.

    To enter the Trust, investors must fill in the Deed of Waiver and have it signed by a witness. To sign the document, we suggest entering your initials.

    Please download the Deed of Waiver from the link below and fill in the sections on pages 6 and 7. You can only type into the highlighted sections you need to fill in.

    Download the Deed of Waiver document

    Once you have finished filling it in, please ensure you save the document and kindly email it back to us at:

    Regulatory Legal tells investors “join the Trust”, stops “update war”

    Following our update on Wednesday, we are pleased to see that Regulatory Legal has publically agreed to cease the “update war” and given the green light for their database to join the Trust if they wish to.

    There is one Trust for all investors

    Harlequin understands there are investors with different goals, views and allegiances, but only Harlequin can provide the security for a Trust to secure your investment and this is the only Trust available. Therefore any pretenses or discussions about possible alternatives are irrelevant and unproductive.

    Whatever “camp” you are in, whomever you like or dislike, only by joining the Harlequin Investment Trust can you receive security to protect against loss.

    Whether you wish to complete on your investment or receive a refund, joining the Trust will enable Harlequin to acquire funding, accelerate development, and strengthen the business so it can strive to provide the desired results for every kind of investor.


    Going forward, timescales will be determined by Harlequin and the Trustees as appropriate. We urge investors to sign up to the Deed of Waiver as soon as possible because the sooner all investors do so, the sooner all investments can be secured and Harlequin can continue its restructuring process.

    However, we will advise when and if a deadline for entering the Trust by way of the Deed of Waiver has been set. The lack of a definitive deadline is due to the fact a significant number of investors do not receive Harlequin’s emails for various reasons, so we will require time to identify and reach them by post.

    If you have any questions, please contact us on 01268 24 24 60 and one of the team will gladly assist.



  516. Feeling Desperate?


    You are required to waiver your rights for 5 years in order to let Harlequin fix the blunders they caused. The sheer desperation of the following email should sum up the company for you. Being blunt – if you have to resort to signing legal documents “by email”, the situation really is untenable; precarious at best.

    For the record, RL have *NEVER* recommended investors join Harlequin’s trust. NEVER would they let an investor join something without seeing real due diligence (accounting). Harlequin’s trust is nothing more than a ploy to cover their tracks. If you have questions, ask RLegal



    Harlequin’s latest:

    “Join The Trust: simply fill in the enclosed document”

    Dear All,

    Join the Trust via email

    In order to make it a lot easier for investors to join the Harlequin Investor Trust, we have prepared the Deed of Waiver as a secure Word document, into which investors can simply type their details, save it and email it back to us.

    To enter the Trust, investors must fill in the Deed of Waiver and have it signed by a witness. To sign the document, we suggest entering your initials.

    Please download the Deed of Waiver from the link below and fill in the sections on pages 6 and 7. You can only type into the highlighted sections you need to fill in.

    Download the Deed of Waiver document

    Once you have finished filling it in, please ensure you save the document and kindly email it back to us at: trust [at] harlequinhotelsandresorts [dot] com

    Regulatory Legal tells investors “join the Trust”, stops “update war”

    Following our update on Wednesday, we are pleased to see that Regulatory Legal has publically agreed to cease the “update war” and given the green light for their database to join the Trust if they wish to.

    There is one Trust for all investors

    Harlequin understands there are investors with different goals, views and allegiances, but only Harlequin can provide the security for a Trust to secure your investment and this is the only Trust available. Therefore any pretenses or discussions about possible alternatives are irrelevant and unproductive.

    Whatever “camp” you are in, whomever you like or dislike, only by joining the Harlequin Investment Trust can you receive security to protect against loss.

    Whether you wish to complete on your investment or receive a refund, joining the Trust will enable Harlequin to acquire funding, accelerate development, and strengthen the business so it can strive to provide the desired results for every kind of investor.


    Going forward, timescales will be determined by Harlequin and the Trustees as appropriate. We urge investors to sign up to the Deed of Waiver as soon as possible because the sooner all investors do so, the sooner all investments can be secured and Harlequin can continue its restructuring process.

    However, we will advise when and if a deadline for entering the Trust by way of the Deed of Waiver has been set. The lack of a definitive deadline is due to the fact a significant number of investors do not receive Harlequin’s emails for various reasons, so we will require time to identify and reach them by post.

    If you have any questions, please contact us on 01268 24 24 60 and one of the team will gladly assist.



  517. whatsthefuss

    You all need to sign you dipshits, or we wont get finance and it will be your own fault, thicko retards. deserve what you get.

  518. Anonymous


    Again, a very insightful contribution.

    Please can you answer my previous comment addressed to you? You may also wish to give investors an indication of what “finance” you would be referring?

    There has been absolutely no mention of a specific financier. This means they don’t exist. If that is the case, investors will be signing up for nothing, hence they should NOT join.

    If you could kindly detail the plans for Harlequin & details of the financier. We don’t need to know names, just something like terms, or perhaps how much capital they are looking to invest.


  519. Anon

    Finance, anybody who has a bank account and has got a loan or ever attempted to get a loan knows that finance is totally ludicrous. DA used your money because he couldn’t get finance in the first place! You are either a total retard, that desperate your brain has melted or a DA puppet.

  520. Anon

    I’ll make it simple.
    I buy a house worth £200 million. To buy it I borrow £400 million from the bank by misrepresenting its worth. A few years later I need some more money so I go to different bank please lend me some money, I have my honesty, integrity and negative equity of £200 million as collateral.
    Getting it yet! Finance is not reality.

  521. Whatever “camp” you are in, whomever you like or dislike, only by joining the Harlequin Investment Trust can you receive security to protect against loss.

    really Dave, isn’t that like fitting a smoke detector, after your home has burnt down.

    I am also left wondering Dave, without a legally binding contract, what am I legally entitled to ? Even though you used my pension to help build 100 cabanas, I have nothing to show for it , why would I believe an external financier would give me a % of the new development.

  522. Robert Store

    @Feeling Desperate 11.25, is the first part of your post your own comment, or one from R (we are not going to engage in a war of words) L?

  523. Anonymous


    My own – RL seem to have said “do as you please” and are doing the real work of getting investors their money back

  524. KST

    The Brethren know that the numbers will not arrive.

    The next month will be stage managed. Very much like the junior deacon taking his place with the senior deacon prior to the first parambulation !

  525. Oh Lord my God,is there no help for the widows son

    I believe Harlequin will be raised above the current situation, providing they see the light.


  526. Anonymous

    @ OLmG,itnhftws —–what the hello are you talking about ?

  527. whatsthefuss

    What about the dicks who tried to sue DA with a freezing order that worked well, LOL ……hope you have deep pockets because he is going to run this until you retards run out of money.

    And you thought it was a good move – for who? Crozier….

  528. Enjoying your cabana?

    @whatthefuss. Crozier!! Seriously old news. You need to catch up we are way past that. We are redress and couple of trusts at least since then. Lol
    I thought you was an investor, doesn’t that make you one of the retards? Or are you just a third rate troll.

  529. Thomas Levy

    Ding dong. RL calling…

    Odd that this was sent to non-clients and yet claims privilege. Ho well.


    We are at a point where we need to deal with matters by negotiation. We can see from the number of clients that have confirmed to us that they have not joined (or will not be joining) Harlequin’s trust that there needs to be a compromise.

    This update gives the options for all investors. You will see that we have categorised investors into three groups :-

    (a) restructure

    (b) redress

    (c) repayment

    You do not need to take any action unless you require repayment. See note.


    We do not intend to issue any further updates about negotiations. Any without prejudice negotiations are best dealt with privately.


    We have suggested to Harlequin that formal negotiations needs to commence as soon as possible to seek a solution for all the different categories of investors. We strongly feel that without compromise, liquidation is inevitable.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Click to access CounterOfferUpdate30thJune2014withoptions.pdf

  530. Oh Lord my God,is there no help for the widows son

    The forum closes as dark forces meet to discuss the next steps……

  531. KST

    The meetings of the Brethren never take place in the open.

    Brother, is the lodge properly tiled ?

  532. JD

    By a brother of this degree, without the inner door, invested with the proper implement of his office

  533. Anonymous

    Why I will never be a Mason.
    Ans: They seem to have a totally childish sense of humor/gravitas….

  534. Anon

    Sadly folks, Ames has pulled a master stroke, it’s got nothing to do with Masons, RL’s secure site was not very secure and Ames has threatened RL with defamation which sadly under UK law can indeed be done.

    RL as the host of the forum are culpable in a defamation case under UK law, so now Fatchett has no option but to dance to Ames’s merry tune.

    I suspect the SRA will be inundated with complaints about the conduct of Mr. Fatchett in this mess, and let’s not forget that the purchasers of the H hotel and the Hotel Blu were also clients of RL.

    Conflicted ????? I leave that up to you to judge.

  535. Final Act


    RL have not been threatened by Ames. RL took it down as they are preparing the final part of their take down plan. They have also moved into redress /repayment phase. Trust is irrelevant to them, so endless moans about it serve no purpose.

    If your a Harlequin person you would know this to be true due to your diary commitments in the next few weeks.

    RL will block the H & Blu swerve.

  536. Coup de maître? Pouah!

    @ 9:56
    absolute rubbish
    where do you get this tripe from?
    Ames has been shown up to be a liar again and again.

  537. Anonymous

    What does Pouah! mean ?

  538. Ugh yuk eek

    Have you not heard of Google?

  539. Anonymous

    What does Google mean?

  540. Anonymous

    @Final Act. “Trust is irrelevant to them” . So what did the lemmings, sorry clients, pay £240 for? If that is the case they have spent a lot of time and energy on something which is “irrelevant”.

  541. It is Not my fault

    @anonymous 5.23. Dumbass, for DD to get a true picture of the Harlequin scheme/scam. It became irrelevant when the DD showed up the realities of how much had been taken from the what you call “lemmings” by DAVID AMES.

  542. Anonymous

    I can confirm that Dave Ames is seeking to pursue RL and a number of others including Paul Walton for defamation, and for the release of confidential information, the closing of the RL forum was not a planned orchestrated move but rather a knee jerk reaction to the threat of litigation by Ames.

    And yes whilst Ames is most definitely a consistent and consummate liar he has after all stated that the RL DD is factually inaccurate therefore Ames is mad enough to believe that he is NOT lying,

    Unfortunately for RL and Paul Walton et al under UK law they will have to prove that Ames is lying, Ames under UK law does not have to prove that he is not lying and there in lies the problem for Fatchett and Walton.

    To prove that Ames is lying to a court of law is both a costly and time consuming affair, question has to be asked whether Fatchett and Walton et al can afford to go the distance.

    What is most certain is that Fatchett is now in an unenviable position where he either maintains his previous public stance or should as a matter of course bow out of the dog fight.

    He cannot represent clients using the clandestine methods laid out in his latest update, all his latest update and sudden forum closure did is to add fuel to those who have somewhat doubted the impartiality and integrity of RL and Fatchett.


    Not. GF is well ahead of any DA’s very predictable defamation attempt.
    RL have already got plenty of evidence from multiple sources to prove in a UK court that David Ames is a liar.

  544. Anonymous

    It has been proven time and time again here on the BFP blog….

  545. BBaywatch

    Wot a larf – We should have had a sweepstake on when DA would start defamation proceedings against RL!

    Entirely predictable as previously suggested, however time has passed since the actions against Singing Pig et al and so has the law. There is significantly more protection for publishers (and with the ever blurring lines between print and digital media who can say that a forum is not publishing?), particularly in the area of a defence in the public interest.

    “Under the new law bodies trading for profit will be asked to show that the words complained of caused, or are likely to cause, serious financial loss.”
    “A public interest defence for journalism is introduced into statute for the first time and abolishes the Reynolds defence. Defendants will be asked to show that they “reasonably believed that publication was in the public interest” to be able to use the defence”
    source Press Gazette

    There is also the background of the use of libel law in defence of serious serial criminals such as Saville and the role that barristers played in preventing him from being brought to justice. In interview with The Guardian Dominic Carman acknowledged very honestly that the role played by his father in suppressing press investigation of Saville had not been in the public interest. Thankfully that culture has now largely gone and the changes to the Defamation Act enshrine greater freedom for those intent on shedding light on wrong doing.

  546. Anonymous

    GF has not got the money to defend the case. He could not get financial backing for the redress claims for cash investors. Hence the “we cannot pursue this on a no win no fee basis” of course he could ask his favourite choir for his money back.

  547. Anonymous

    As I cannot access the new RL forum then I am not party to what is being said. If it is anything like the old forum then I am not surprised that some sort of litigation is not happening. It was unregulated, frankly quite nasty and aggressive at times and full of posters who just forum hopped between BFP and there, repeating some of the ridiculous comments word for word. Paul Walton, the head attack dog, deserves everything that gets thrown at him. IMO

  548. El fin del juego

    Ames will not be around long enough for any deformation case against anyone, don’t make me laugh, or I will have a little accident in my undies.

  549. Anonymous

    Some are missing the point here, Ames is a litigious animal, let’s take the Wilkins Kennedy claim, Ames is claiming for losses he and his companies suffered as a result of the alleged wrong doing by Wilkins Kennedy, yet Ames has produced valuations to RL which clearly demonstrate that no loss has occurred, to try and ascribe reasons for Ames’s actions is pointless.

    However RL have dealt with the matter terribly, of that there is no doubt.

    Let’s not forget the RL trust did not differ too much from the Ames trust, RL were stating that investors could join the trust and seek redress in tandem with the trust option.

    RL are now resiling themselves from this option by stating that those who join the Ames trust whilst at the same time pursuing redress claims may find the redress option difficult given the acceptance that the trust itself is high risk.

    The trust option whether the RL version or the Ames version was always going to be high risk.

    And whilst I am no fan of Ames, Fatchett appears to have been bumbling along in the belief that Ames was always going to act on good faith.

    Ames has Fatchett by the balls, and Fatchett has no option but to comply with Ames,

    There will be no winners from this, but investors could have valid claims against Fatchett now too,

  550. Distressed masons.

    Fatchett,Walton & Corny are Freemason’s, most senior judges are Freemason’s, so are senior Police officers.

    Dave Ames is not a Freemason despite his poor attempt at Photoshop on Youtube pretending to be so.

    If Ames attempts any action against senior mason like Fatchett & Walton it will simply be blocked.

    How could Ames afford to take legal action? Mr. Corny would be most interested in that – wheels with wheels……

  551. Anonymous

    So if I were an investor in HP and happy with my investment, could I now sue GF for potentially trying to destroy my investment by allowing anti HP rhetoric on his blog?

  552. Anonymous

    if you could prove that the business model was robust then yes you could,

    It will be easier for Ames to do this, especially given his claims that the RL DD is flawed.

    If Ames produces evidence that discredits some of the RL DD then the flood gates could open with claims against him by investors,

    Fatchett is desperately trying to wriggle of this particular hook and mitigate potential damage done.

    What Fatchett should be doing is maintaining an aggressive stance against Ames.

    But the other problem is that Fatchett is conflicted, his former clients are those who are offering to purchase Blu and the H Hotel, indeed they could still be his clients.

  553. Anon

    How come Ames has the money to sue for libel?

  554. To Sue GF all you have to do is prove DA business model is Sound. Fuckwit

    @anonymous your posts are like Harlequins sales brochures. Full of misinformation, rubbish and lies.
    “However RL have dealt with the matter terribly, of that there is no doubt.”
    Ermm who says. Your opinion!!
    “Let’s not forget the RL trust did not differ too much from the Ames trust, RL were stating that investors could join the trust and seek redress in tandem with the trust option.”
    There was never going to be an RL trust unless the INVESTORS saw satisfactory due diligence. Any planning of the RL trust was dependent on this. This was not forthcoming because DA wouldn’t release full information(not surprising). Hence no RL trust. BIG difference.
    “If you could prove the business model was robust” ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!!!!! Any possibility that you were anything but an HP troll went out the window right there.
    The rest of your posts are pure fantasy. Ames got GF by the balls etc.
    If you are going to try and troll intelligently on this at least don’t talk ridiculously, unbelievable crap.

  555. Anonymous

    “There was never going to be an RL trust unless the INVESTORS saw satisfactory due diligence. Any planning of the RL trust was dependent on this. This was not forthcoming because DA wouldn’t release full information(not surprising). Hence no RL trust”.
    Well that was a waste of £240 then wasn’t it.

  556. Sid

    Did anybody seriously think the trust would happen? Really?

  557. Anonymous

    Tut tut what did we say about posting rubbish. Ok. Hands up all investors who really knew for a fact the reality of the position of their investment with harlequin before RL due diligence(I know Sid a few of us figured it out a long time ago). Who do you think was going to pay for all that work anonymous? What nobody! Work for free? If so i have a nightmare back garden to clear, having a skip delivered Friday. Could you call round and give us a hand. Free beers and bbq

  558. Anonymous

    @Anon 4.23, and what did we say about reading posts before jumping in with both feet. The point that Anon 2.45 was making that the DD was never going to be any good because DA (in his opinion) would not supply full information. If that was going to happen then what was the point. Never mind work for free. How about million quid in the back pocket to go into a process which was doomed from the beginning? How about I quote you a grand to do the garden, which you pay up front, but then I don’t turn up. Deal?

  559. Next

    Doh. Having to go thorough the legal process. How about £400 million and I deliver you fuck all b

  560. Anonymous

    Well anyone who had handed over money to DA, received nothing and then shelled out another £240 for something that was leaked onto BF need to question their grey matter. Why are the cash investors on a NWNF basis? Because it doesn’t pay. Fatchett has his £1m, now the next stage is the SIPP redress action for another £35m.

  561. Next

    £240 a lot of money for a solicitors fee? You obviously don’t get out much. The brakes on my motor cost more than that yesterday.
    The rest, so what! You talk like running a LEGITIMATE business and making a profit is dodgy. Pray please tell me what other options/choices HP investors/fraud victims had. Why don’t we discuss the £200 million taken by DA and his agents. Wouldn’t you agree that the moment investors signed on the dotted line their “investment” lost 50% of its value? Do you think if “investors” we’re aware of that FACT they would have signed?

  562. Brothers in arms.

    Most of the SFO have been police officers, it necessarily follows some will be Freemasons.

    Ames can’t win.

  563. Islam the way

    You are way off. They are all born again Muslims. Muhammad (May peace be upon him) is protecting them.

  564. Anonymous

    It is dodgy if it is done under false pretences. RL should have come out with their true objectives from the start. The trust was a front to get the investor base from HP. The SIPP investors were then filtered out for special attention for redress claims. The cash investors can swivel. Glad you got your brakes done before you go over the cliff with the other lemmings. You think it’s the sign of a LEGITIMATE business to leak documents onto BFP under “look what I found on a train” and then repost that information back onto the RL blog under a shock/horror, look what I’ve found to whip up an almost religious fervour?

  565. Anonymous Bosch

    Does anyone still think that washed up old chuffs who ponce about in blue aprons have any meaningful influence on modern institutions? Of course they might like to think they can still pull strings but come on…

  566. Next

    No answer on other choices for “investors” ? Or wether “investors” would have signed if they knew the truth? Who said RL leaked documents onto BFP? Is that opinion or fact.
    Ok let’s be logical. Cash handed over to DA by different categories of lemmings(as you call them, I prefer fraud victims). The money has gone to various companies and countries. The end result, assets spread around the world hard to trace and take account of. The number 1 question every “investor” asks how do I get my money back. HOW?
    Sipps obvious route. Recovering monies from FCA, IFA,s etc
    How, and more importantly from who, would cash investors recover funds from? Over to you it’s not a trick question.

  567. Anonymous

    @Next, let me ask you this, what is the heading at the top of this thread? Who else had the DD information? Do you think that HP leaked the documents? If so why. My reference to lemmings is not referring to the original HP investor as you infer, it is to the investors who have slavishly followed GF like the new messiah. I don’t have the answer to recovery for cash investors, but there again I haven’t taken money on the pretence that I have. How many times was the question asked on the RL blog with no answer. The answer will be later was written so many times by RL.

  568. Anonymous

    The Wilkins Kennedy defence has been filed, and wow what a defence it is. So we have Wilkins Kennedy now claiming that Harlequin is nothing more then an elaborate fraud, and their claims that Ames and Harlequin were insolvent as far back as 2009, and apparently they have the documents to back this up and as per finance they deal with this too, and they claim there never was any nor never could have been.

    And they claim that Ames and his Caribbean lawyer lied through their teeth in the Irish case, it’s all getting very heated,

    Funny that RL went off line just as the WK defence came out,

    The Echo in Basildon will be running this story. 😉 😉

    Oh yeah Wilkins Kennedy are applying for security for costs.

  569. RL done well!

    Just logged on here after a long lay off and can see the Harlequin mob in full speed trying to ”sell ” their trust and get Ames off the hook for another 5 years.
    So much respect has got to go to RL for backing toady into a little corner.
    It was the best £240 I have ever spent. I got a lot more for my money than the £65000 I spent with Ames, all that got me was a nice glossy brochure and 7 years of complete bullish*t.
    I never believed the trust was going to work but I gladly paid the £240 to see Ames exposed.

  570. Anonymous

    Well if that’s the WK defence it’s pretty crap. Any mention of Mr MacDonald having a foot in both the Irish builder and HP camps? Doesn’t the claim go back to 2006? Looks pretty lame to me, but will wait for the full defence to come out. Security of costs will be no problem for DA.

  571. Also WK were retained until May 2010. So they were representing a company that was insolvent in 2009. Well that’s good for their reputation.
    Newman was acting for the Harlequin group until May 2010 as a tax planner. Tax planning for an insolvent company. You could make this up.

  572. Next

    Typical HP troll. Divert attention from DA and won’t answer direct questions about HP. Yes of course I see the light now. You are right RL are the real fraudsters. Without them on the scene everybody would know the truth and everybody would be recovering their investment. Maybe the above posts answers your questions.

  573. Anonymous

    Ops and there was me thinking it wasnt a trick question. Dont ask the questions if you dont like an OPINION back. I’m not a clever lawyer, thats why I havnt got £1m in my back pocket. Glad you see the light now, because you obviously have your head up your arse.

  574. Slimchops

    If WK are claiming that Harlequin was insolvent in 2009, they are admitting that their audit of the 2009 accounts (signed off in January 2010 with a clean opinion) was negligent. That would be a bit of an own goal as it pretty much proves Harlequin’s case for them.

    I therefore rather doubt that the synopsis of the defence as given above is genuine. It reads more like a load of wishful thinking.

  575. Next

    So you are capable of blind criticism on RL but alas no answers. Any opinions on DA or HP? Do think David Ames is a fraudster or just a lying incompetent businessman?

  576. Anonymous

    1 Wilkins Kennedy only audited the HMSSE accounts, and to year end April 2009.
    2. Wilkins Kennedy refer to the solvency position of the RDC’s in their defence.

    Wilkins Kennedy were not auditors for the RDC’s.

  577. Anonymous

    I’m glad DA can afford the security for costs, lol

  578. Anonymous

    That raises the obvious question — were there ever auditors for the

  579. Slimchops

    The year end of HMMSE is March. The last accounts WK signed off were for the year to 31 March 2009. The audit report is unqualified and is dated 14 January 2010.

    If the RDCs were trading insolvently, that should have raised issues with regard to the ability of HMSSE to continue as a going concern. That is not mentioned in the accounts. There is also no mention that any of the intercompany debt (around £2.8 million) might not be recoverable.

    How very odd.

  580. Dave, Carol and Sam Commissiong all lied in the Irish case, or was it that they told the truth in Ireland and lied in the CLC Case???? Or did they lie to CLC and tell the truth to RL?

    And there is more, lots more, did Ames’s expert witnesses lie in Ireland or lie later in the UK in the CLC case and / or to Gareth Fatchett ????????

    What is certain is Ames and his good wife lied, as did Commissiong and a few expert witnesses, the question though is whom did they lie to and for what purpose,?

    I await the publication of the Wilkins Kennedy defence with great interest, will the defence expose more of the bullshit from the Ames clan.

    It is apparent to all but the most loyal Harlequin supporters that Ames is finished,

  581. In the know.

    The auditors for Harlequin Property SVG Ltd, was a guy called Floyd Patterson, who worked for a company called PLF now called BDO, he refused to sign off any accounts post April 2007 for Harlequin Property SVG Ltd. due to concerns over the solvency of Harlequin Property SVG Ltd.

    Floyd might be worth a call, his office number is +1784 456 2300

    His email is floyd dot patterson at

  582. Anonymous

    ITK – could your initials be KP?

  583. In the know.

    Ames sacked the first contractor Ridgeview, an excellent 1st rate contracting company because he owed them a lot of money and could not afford to pay them for what he required.

    The Irish Contractor is the company behind the takeover of Buccament Bay, but their attempts at taking over the assets will be opposed by many.

  584. In the know.

    Dave Ames is a thief, a bully, but a coward to boot.

  585. Anonymous

    If/when DA is indicted/arrested will Ridgeview be unmuzzled.
    Was the non-disclosure SVG or UK?

  586. Final Act

    Dave is claiming to have 80% support for his trust via his hired cretin Dan Dalligan.

    That is the funniest thing I have heard all day.

  587. Anon

    Dalligan is claiming SFO have dropped inquiry into Harlequin.

  588. Anonymous

    @next, the question is ” is that a trick question?”

  589. Left foot forward

    @Anonymous Bosch

    Then why is Freemasonry full with powerful people who swear to help each other?

  590. They want to damage your investment.

    Walton, Fatchett, WK, Chris Corney, are all Mason’s they are trying to bring Harlequin down for their own gain.

    Fatchett has been involved in hotel management previously – he want Buccament Bay.

  591. Anon

    In reality Dave Ames is a failure as a business man, he has destroyed many lives, yet claims his business model is a successful one, or will be if his investors agree to join a trust and give him an unlimited (remember the waiver can be extended indefinetly with out consulting the investors) amount of time in which to attempt to raise finance.

    Ok look at it this way, if Ames had gone to a bank and raised 400 million, then turned around to the bank and refused to pay them their interest, furthermore suggesting to the bank, that unless they undertook not to pursue him for their money for a min period of 5 years that their money would be lost, do you seriously think that the bank would not foreclose on him?

    Ok some on here would disagree….

    And has it been lost on investors that Ames got (in many cases) investors to borrow money for him, yes that is exactly what he got investors to do, he got investors to borrow money from their banks, and got investors to willingly hand the money over to him at no risk to him, even having the audacity to charge interest to investors or admin fees should the same investors have wanted to resell their properties.

    And yes Ames is pursuing Walton and Fatchett over what Ames considers to be private and confidential emails sent by Katherine Wooller / Manderfield that were reproduced on the RL forum by Walton.

    Ames has without doubt forced Fatchett into a corner on this, and those who sing Fatchett’s praises should consider forcing Fatchett to continue to take a far more aggressive stance against the Bandit from Basildon as opposed to Fatchet’s capitulation at the hands of Ames, and there is no other word for it, Fatchett has panicked and capitulated, this is not some grand plan on his part, Harlequin is beyond being saved, and the realisation of this fact has suddenly dawned on Fatchett.

  592. Anonymous

    I doubt they are worried, Ames is on borrowed time.

  593. Anonymous

    @LFF in my experience most members seem to be middle to low ranking local business men that like to think they have influence over all sorts of things. But in reality they don’t. The world has moved on but they haven’t.

  594. IG

    I have been informed that the RL forum exists, but only to the exalted few.

    Rl have a dark forum. This forum is only for Masonic access, your lodge number is entered, then you are asked a series of masonic passwords and phrases.

    There is without doubt a cohesive planned take down of Ames. This site has one objective, to bring together Freemasons , with one common goal – to bring Ames and Harlequin crashing down.

    The end of July is a special date.

  595. Anonymous

    IG please be quiet

  596. Anonymous

    It’s not a “masonic” conspiracy

    The facts are that Harlequin has spent the £400m from investor deposits, have 6000+ contracts with 70% owing (after completing units), and will be basing their financing discussions on this. If all investors remain with Harlequin, and the company builds all the promised property, the income would be ~£700m or something from completions alone (room rates, etc would be extra income)

    If Ames can pull that off, it will be a big deal. That’s what he’ll be clinging to.

    The problem you have is Ames has constantly lied & bullied his way to do this. The underlying resentment, anger, conspiracy theories & general negative sentiment in Harlequin is all down to his ineptitude in operating a transparent company.

    Whether Fatchett has fucked up or not, the truth is most of Ames’ “investors” / victims were mis-sold into parting with their cash. Ames was painted as a multi-millionaire who’s done this stuff before, and has everything under control. The truth is the company didn’t even own all the land it claimed. That could be construed as misrepresentation (a fraudulent offence

    The problem for many investors is they just want out. They don’t care about Ames’ hare-brained schemes. They don’t care the world is against Harlequin. They don’t care that his fraudulent son is locked up in jail using Harlequin’s business model. They don’t care that Harlequin “just need 5 more years”. If you need 5 more years, redraw the contracts; see who’ll commit to the mortgages again, considering the “virtual mortgages” are not available now… again, COULD be seen as misrepresentation.

    Ames has no choice but to drag this out. Investors don’t want that – so just cut the bullshit and tell everyone how it is. Harlequin is stuck for finance (why didn’t they have backers BEFORE selling properties), are working on getting their company to a point to attract further funding… but what most investors have not considered is the finance will be provided on the provision of them completing (IE paying the 70% balance).

    Best option is for RL to stay strong & get all the SIPP investors out. My thoughts & prayers are with Fatchett & team. If it wasn’t for him & RL, Ames would be in jail already.

  597. Wot no Gary player!!!

    Gary Player Resorts

    One of our clients asked for a response from Gary Player Design as to their involvement in Harlequin.

    “Thank you for your email.

    Gary Player and Gary Player Design have no knowledge of, or involvement with, Harlequin’s business, investor activities, or development projects. In 2008, we were engaged to design a golf course and brand a hotel for Harlequin at Marquis Estates, but Harlequin delayed the bulk of the project work many times. While delays are not unusual in the golf course design business, we regularly pushed Harlequin to understand the cause of its delays and their expectations for our golf course design work. Gary Player Design has no ownership, development or management position in Marquis Estates, and Harlequin never finished the design project. We do not know what Harlequin has done in any other aspect of its business.


    Scott Ferrell


    Gary Player Design”

  598. IG

    What about the other sponsors? is that bullshit too?

  599. Porkie Pies


    Why don’t we all ask them?

  600. Anonymous

    “Garry Player and Garry Player designs have no knowledge of, or involvement with Harlequin’s business, investor activities or development projects”
    Then follows “in 2008 we were engaged to design a golf course and brand a hotel for Marquis estates”
    So you have no knowledge of of the golf course you were asked to design?
    And RL are asking HP for clarification of the involvement of Gary Player.
    I suggest RL ask Garry Player what his companies involvement was because they obviously don’t have a clue!

  601. Basildon Bomber

    Perhaps Mr Player and co could comment on this

  602. Basildon Bomber

    Or maybe this one

    Mr Player, you say it’s about “giving something back”. How about refunding the $millions you’ve taken in fees then. That would be a start.

  603. Basildon Bomber

    I wonder if Phil Spencer’s memory is as selective as Gary Player’s? Good investment Phil? You plonker.

  604. Basildon Bomber

    And how about that intellectual giant, Andy Townsend. That Harlequin gig was a nice little earner for him and his brother, Mike.

  605. Thomas Levy

    Will Liverpool FC and the gorgeous Pat Cash now start running away from Harlequin? It could be awkward for Patty-boy seeing as his manager was the first one to complete on a unit at Buccament.

  606. Anonymous

    All the videos from Basildon confirm is that Gary Player was very interested in the project, but nothing came of it because Harlequin never developed the property. Same for Trader Vic..same for Oasis..As for the Pat Cash Tennis Academy..what a joke..two Tennis Courts ..two?

  607. Basildon Bomber

    Really? That would be news to Harlequin. Have a look at The second paragraph of The Marquis Estate update states

    “Following meetings held in June with architects from HKS Design and Gary Player Group, the final plans are being amended for final conceptual design for Phase 1, which includes: Gary Player Hotel; Gary Player Villas; Gary Player Golf Course; and the Beach Club. ”

    So who was lying? Gary Player or Harlequin? Cos both can’t be right.

  608. Anonymous

    More Bullshit from Gary Player, Scott Ferrell and Ken Constanzo of Gary Player.

    The co-branded project will be developed and designed by Player Real Estate along with Harlequin. “Our long global history of being involved with the finest golf resort developments in the world will be brought to bear on this project,” said Ken Costanzo, president of Player Real Estate. “Additionally, we are organising a team of world class designers, hotel operators, and other professional partner firms to support us in the development of the Gary Player Golf Hotel in St Lucia.”

  609. St George's Dragon

    I don’t see much inconsistency in what Gary Player says.
    Reading between the lines, it looks as though Harlequin told them they wanted to do joint developments with them, including a Gary Player hotel at Marquis. Harlequin then actually only appointed GP to design a golf course, paid them a little bit of money for doing the initial part of the job and shamelessly used the Gary Player name on many of their developments.
    I think GP are trying to say that they acted as a design consultant only and were not a business partner.
    Looks to me as though Gary Player got burned like lots of other innocent contractors, suppliers and consultants.

  610. Gary Player Golf Legend and Friend of Fraudster ???????????? WHY YOU BACK PEDDLING GARY???

    more Player Bullshit on http invest5star wordpress dot com/

    On stage on both Monday and Tuesday we heard Gary Player talking about his own vision for the golf courses he and The Gary Player Group are developing on selected Harlequin resorts. Gary said, “I was stunned with the beauty of the location when I first visited St Lucia. This will be a pedigree development and a championship golf course which will ultimately provide a solid foundation for what will become one of the Caribbean’s most treasured and sought after developments and I am proud to be part of this exciting project”.

    Gary came across as a thoroughly nice guy and when his charming wife said Grace before dinner on Monday evening, it was impossible not to be impressed with the sincerity of her message. Gary told us how he likes to get completely involved with projects and the people he works with. Rolling his sleeves up and even shifting earth on site! He talked about his excitement at creating the very first Gary Player boutique hotel. It was announced also, to ensure that the Gary Player hotel and villas at St Lucia present a truly luxurious standard they will be run by The West Paces Hotel Group. West Paces Group manages select independent properties and also operates Capella Hotels and Solis Resorts. For more information go to www westpaceshotels com Gary also expressed his excitement about the vision which he is helping Dave create in St Lucia when he asked the audience ‘Where in the world can you go on holiday and play on a championship, Gary Player golf course, play tennis at a Pat Cash tennis academy and enjoy football at a Liverpool football club influenced football academy?

  611. Anonymous

    The terrain appears stunningly similar to the Buccament topography.
    Is it any wonder potential flood planes are undeveloped?

  612. Was Gary Player The Black Knight a Supporter of the Basildon Bandit. Dave the Turd Ames and his Crack head whore wife Carol

    Gary Player in Oman?????? Working with that nutter Ameless ?????????

    Was Gary Player that desperate for cash??????? Ken Constanzo says yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  613. Anonymous

    Looks like Fatchett has come out shooting from the hip again. Instead of carrying out a bit of simple research, as per above, his first thought is “I can get Ames on this for misrepresentation” Still what do you expect for £240, a decent background check?

  614. Dark forces

    This is one of many things that the dark site will come up with.
    Fidelity fidelity fidelity.

  615. Something in this Masonic stuff

    Private information on anybody in the country could normally be accessed very rapidly through endless permutations of Masonic contacts – police, magistrates, solicitors, bank managers, Post Office staff, [very useful in supplying copies of a man’s mail, and especially if you say the “target” is a sex offender – Julian Assange comes to mind [1]], doctors, government employee, bosses of firms and nationalised industries etc., and a dossier of personal data could be built up on anybody very quickly.

    When the major facts of an individual’s life were known, areas of vulnerability would become apparent. Perhaps he is in financial difficulties; perhaps he has some social vice – if married he might retain a mistress or have proclivity for visiting prostitutes; perhaps there is something in his past he wishes keep buried, some guilty secret, a criminal offence [easily obtainable through Freemason police of doubtful virtue], or other blemish on his character: all these and more could be discovered via the wide-ranging Masons network of 600,000 contacts [2] [this number has perhaps increased by at least a third since this article was originally written in 1984, though it’s normally accepted by the UGLE that there are 400,000 members in the UK, though as I say, I believe the figure to be much higher. Perhaps Knight was also referring to other Freemasons further abroad, or other affiliations such as the Rotarians, Odd Fellows etc.], a great many of whom were disposed to do favours for one another because that had been their prime motives for joining.

    Even decent Masons could often be conned into providing information on the basis that: “Brother Smith needs this to help the person involved”. The adversary would even sometimes be described as a fellow Mason to the Brother from whom information was sought perhaps someone with access to his bank manager or employer.

    The good Mason would not go to the lengths of checking with Freemasons Hall whether or not this was so. The “target” was presented as a “Brother” in distress by a fellow Freemason, especially a fellow Lodge member that would be enough for any upright member of the Craft.

    Sometimes this information gathering process – often involving a long chain of Masonic contacts all over the country and possibly abroad – would be unnecessary. Enough would be known in advance about the adversary to initiate any desired action against him. I asked how this action might be taken. “Solicitors are very good at it” said Christopher. “Get your man involved in something legal – it need not be serious – and you have him”

  616. Player the Mason?

    Palmer, Arnold Daniel (1929- ) – Simply an outstanding professional golfer, Arnold Palmer was born in Pennsylvania and for years set the example to make golf a ‘gentleman’s’ sport. He was the first golf star to appear during the television-age and, as such, became the sport’s earliest trailblazer, followed by Gary Player (S.A.) and Jack Nicklaus (U.S.A.). Palmer won the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. Palmer’s and Players lodge is Loyalhanna Lodge No.275 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

  617. conned

    Strange, today is the Wednesday after the week of Harlequin Trust meetings.
    I would have expected to hear from Harlequin by now, spreading the “Good News” that thousands of investors personally attended the meetings to sign up to the trust and more importantly the Deed of Waiver.
    Maybe they will announce it tomorrow… or the day after… or… never.

  618. Leaky mole left the bunker but has contacts

    327 investors have signed up, Mr. Ames is on holiday after taking this very badly.

  619. Anonymous

    He is not on holiday. He is in SVG sorting out land registry issues.

  620. Anonymous

    Such as Petit Nevis ?? Could Mr Campion be with him ??

  621. St George's Dragon

    It’s funny how all this rubbish about Masons, the Irish builder, Wilkins Kennedy or in this case Gary Player always seems to come out whenever something critical is about to happen in the Harlequin saga.

  622. Leaky mole left the bunker but has contacts

    Could Player have been told to distance himself from Harlequin, by some boss mason? Seems weird to me?

  623. Leaky mole left the bunker but has contacts

    The same land issues he told investors last week were not issues 🙂

  624. conned

    Anonymous @ July 2, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    And you would know Bob!

  625. Leaky mole left the bunker but has contacts

    Ames has dropped the wordpress case, or so I’ve been informed, by Vinny

  626. Anonymous

    Does that mean we can start calling him nasty names again…

  627. Anonymous

    Conned, Bob who?

  628. The things Bob will do for money

    Dear All,

    Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the Trust so far. We are receiving a steady flow of completed Deed of Waiver forms, plus many positive calls and emails with questions and comments.

    The same questions tend to arise, so please refer to our updated FAQ further down this message for clarification on some matters.

    Join the Trust Today

    Enter the Trust now by filling in the Deed of Waiver (download links are provided below) and having it signed by a witness.

    There are two options available. You can fill in the form electronically in Word format or print it from PDF format and fill it in manually.

    Please download the Deed of Waiver from one of the links below and fill in the sections on pages 6 and 7.

    Download the Deed of Waiver document in Word format

    Download the Deed of Waiver document in PDF format

    Once you have completed the form, please email it back to us at:

    If you have any questions, please contact us on 01268 24 24 60 and we will gladly assist.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I sign the Deed of Waiver?

    By signing the Deed of Waiver, you benefit from joining the Trust. Harlequin intends to place assets capable of registration as set out in the Trust documentation into the trust to help securitise the position of investors. This will give Harlequin the ability to raise finance and recommence construction. In the worst case scenario that Harlequin fails, investors will have security held by the Trust.

    The key exceptions to the Trust assets are the completion properties at Buccament Bay Resort, which are in the process of being conveyed, and H, Barbados and blu, St Lucia, which are the next part of the restructuring process. We are close to raising funding for H and blu, so to include them in the Trust and then remove them would be counter-productive and costly.

    Why is the company name not written on the Deed of Waiver agreement?

    Each development has its own Resort Development Company. The Deed of Waiver agreement is between each investor and the specific Resort Development Company or Companies where they have invested. Creating unique Deed of Waiver forms for each investor would be very time consuming and potentially costly, therefore Harlequin has left it blank and will complete that part of the form for you upon receipt. Alternatively, you can fill it in yourself. The company details will be on your contract.

    I have investments in more than one development/I am a joint investor. How many Waivers should I complete?

    It is preferable that you complete a Deed of Waiver for each development you have invested in, but you may use one Waiver if necessary.

    If more than one person is named on the investment(s), please complete one Waiver per investor.

    Is there an alternative Trust?


    Do I have options?

    Investors will always have options but we would like to stress that the alternative options being marketed by Regulatory Legal (“R Legal”) have no security to offer and ultimately rely on liquidating Harlequin so that investors can reclaim pennies in the pound. This will not provide investors with protection and only really benefits R Legal.

    What if I already paid £200 + VAT to join the Trust when R Legal was involved? Do I need to sign up again?

    Yes, you are required to sign up for this Trust separately.

    We understand a lot of investors are requesting refunds from R Legal, which are being resisted despite R Legal confirming in December 2013 that the fees were refundable. However, some investors have informed us that R Legal are now offering 60% refunds, with 40% being withheld because they performed some of the work promised.

    Who will manage the Trust and make important decisions on behalf of investors?

    The Trustees will manage the Trust and make key decisions for the benefit of the investment. The initial Trustees are expected to be Bob Ladell of Pro-Harlequin Investors Group (“PHIG”) and Jim Baker of Baker Clarke Chartered Accountants, who has extensive experience in the operation and management of Trusts.

    Can I apply to be a Trustee?

    Yes. We are looking for investors with the right experience and knowledge to come forward and join in the operation of the Trust. If you are interested, please contact Pro-Harlequin Investors’ Group on:

    Other than security, what is the benefit of joining the Trust?

    Financial institutions want to see unity amongst investors as a pre-requisite to lending. If this can be achieved by way of the Trust, Harlequin will gain momentum and start to deliver on promises. Not engaging and not signing up will significantly hinder Harlequin’s chances of raising finance.

    When is my investment protected?

    Once the Trust is formally set up with security transferred as set out in the Trust documentation, your investment will be as secure as it can be. Please therefore do not delay as this would put your investment at risk.

    Why should I wait five years?

    We have financiers interested in lending now to develop the projects, but they all need security, which the Trust achieves. We are now working alongside a global project management company to oversee the building work and are in discussions to develop multiple projects. We feel confident that this is achievable now the world economies are strengthening.

    What if I want redress/my money back?

    If you are going for redress or want your money back, it is in your interests to still secure the money you have invested by signing up to the Trust. If you fall into the redress category and R Legal tell you that redress cannot be achieved alongside the Trust, please speak to PHIG as they have a route where both can be pursued alongside each other for the good of the investment and your claim.

    Who put the Trust documents together?

    This Trust was put together in the interest of investors and approved by a London law firm, Pitmans, whom were instructed by R Legal at the time but unfortunately have not received payment despite R Legal taking many £200 + VAT payments from investors. The Trust was also signed off by a prominent barristers chambers and various related legal representatives.

    When will I see the Due Diligence Response?

    A due diligence response to R Legal’s inaccurate report will be shared by PHIG once we receive input from Caribbean solicitors. We anticipate this will happen within days.

    Yet again, the ceasefire did not last

    In another instance of desperate negative PR tactics and a curious failure to ask Harlequin a question without first sharing it with their entire database, R Legal has shared an email from Gary Player Design stating that the company currently has no involvement with Harlequin. As everybody knows, Harlequin is not currently building and The Marquis Estate has not opened, so it is hardly headline-grabbing.

    To clarify the situation, the email clearly states that an agreement was in place and, as is known to be the case, the development has been delayed due to external factors. As a consequence, the agreement is on hold. Once funding is received and development recommences, Harlequin will seek to return to an arrangement.

    Harlequin regrets and resents that investors are being used as pawns by R Legal. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions and we will be happy to help.

    We hope you have found this update useful.



  629. Opperation Bluebell

    A plan is in motion to bring Ames and Harlequin down. it will happen and very soon.

  630. Operation Tinkerbell

    I think you are away with the fairies.

  631. The odd couple (S)

    The Irish builder is paying for Nikki Crozier freezing order.

    WK have asked for £4million security of costs from Ames, they work with
    the Irish builder.

    If he finds it, Crozier will ask where from….

    The Irish builder is working with Walton and Fatchitt…..

    The SFO investigation, is headed up by a Freemason

    Chris Corny is a Freemason.

    Ames has real problems.

  632. RL finished ?

    “Non Refundable” on pink form
    “Non Refundable” on RL tofb

    Just read mine. No refunds there. Ames is prodding RL with a stick.

    RL turn forum off, go quiet. What’s happening ? RL do not seem the sort to back off.

  633. Anonymous

    Gary Player has become the latest in a long list of entities to be tainted by the toxic turd. But there was no need for Gary Player Group to lie,

    In 2008 when the Player Group did their (dodgy) deal with Ames, Player Group Real Estate were in serious financial trouble.

    Indeed Ken Constanzo (Head of Player Real Estate) left Player in 2009 and guess what? Yeah he started selling Harlequin products.

  634. B**Z

    RL will not back down, a message has been sent out to their ‘special’ friends, aka the Masons.

    When a Mason is in ‘distress’ they call on others to help; this request for help can not be ignore by follow Masons.

    This ‘card’ is only used in extreme circumstances, and must me agreed by Grand Lodge.

    We are at that stage now. The next couple of weeks will be very tough for Mr. Ames.


  635. The Evil of masons

    DVICE FOR VICTIMS OF FREEMASONRY (or the layman’s guide to evil)…. VICTIMS UNITE

    Fact…. It only takes one lower Mason to put you on the Freemason’s Lifetime Register Of Revenge. Did anyone ever say to you “I’ll make sure you never work again” ? Or perhaps one of your family members is on the Masonic Revenge Register and nobody knows why things go wrong. Did you ever have a Mason as a partner? Are you suffering in silence? We can help you to expose this evil.


    Fact…. Freemasons never let go, they will persecute until death. I have seen this with my own eyes for the last 28 years and I have gathered plenty of evidence on how they work. I am writing this now as I get my daily dose of “psychological grind you down”. I have overwhelming proof as you will read soon. I am a member/supporter of several victims groups who all have evidence of the Evil Freemasons (Destroyers Of Society) You must see

    2…. Buy a triple carbonated book and use it as daily diary. Put the other two copies into separate safe houses of people you can trust. (or copy onto CD/DVD to all). Don’t live to regret this advice.

    Fact…. Don’t try to hide from them. Technology is amazing now, we pay for it and the Masons get to abuse it. They also have a brilliant network of eyes and ears, local Masons, pub landlords, taxi drivers, curtain twitchers, dog-walkers and of course the Freemason Gangstalkers (organised harassment)

    3…. Keep your carbonated diary of dates, times and details of events and gather as much info
    as possible. Make it safe as soon as you can. Join us or start your own group.

    Fact…. When a Mason turns his foot (in a certain way) in court, that’s his way of letting the Masonic judge that he is your pseudo brother and you know the rest. Have a look at ex-top Mason Bill Schnoebelen’s brilliant expose of Masonic truth. It’s more than 2 hours long. Download it for free at…7389038944

    4…. Log all phone calls (good or bad, they can all be traced). Keep dates, times, phone numbers and nature of call (or record the calls) Masons love to hide and have cowardly fun, we can prove this.

    Fact…. Freemasonry is an international money making scam. Brainwash for money/power. Regardless of the codswallop they would have you believe. Masons are Masters Of Misinformation.

    5…. Gather evidence using Video or DVD-cam, digital camera, handheld voice recorder, etc. You can connect hidden cameras to your hard drive for 24/7 coverage (very inexpensive) Try putting your video-cam on your vehicle dashboard (hide/box it) and later keep all vehicles on record, you will be very surprised at the results. Also carry your small voice recorder, this is useful for taking notes or when talking to your enemy, etc. Remember, this evil uses a lot of cars during their persecution. (Lots More)

    Fact…. If you want to know which night of the week that they have their corruption/persecution meetings, just get online and put the name of your local Masonic Lodge into the search engines and there you have it. You can now document them, their vehicle, their job, their accomplices and so on. The website also gives you all the Masonic officers names, etc, etc…. See

    6…. Set them up…. Switch off your cellphone and try this…. Your cellphone/mobile phone is your 24/7 electronic tag, I have proved this lots of times by going somewhere rural with a friend and a video cam. Switch on your phone and make a normal call to someone close to you, then switch your phone off and wait with your video-cam at the ready. IMPORTANT always try to get a good close up of their face and don’t forget the date, time and nature of incident. More to follow from Open Society (not secret society)

    7…. If you can afford it, put a tracker on their vehicle and that will reveal everything about them. It will also reveal their corrupt accomplices, vehicles, jobs, contacts, etc, etc…. IMPROVISE & EXPOSE

    Fact…. Not one Mason can tell you what happens to their membership fees. (except the corrupt ones)

    More to follow….

  636. The Evil of masons

    DVICE FOR VICTIMS OF FREEMASONRY (or the layman’s guide to evil)…. VICTIMS UNITE

    Fact…. It only takes one lower Mason to put you on the Freemason’s Lifetime Register Of Revenge. Did anyone ever say to you “I’ll make sure you never work again” ? Or perhaps one of your family members is on the Masonic Revenge Register and nobody knows why things go wrong. Did you ever have a Mason as a partner? Are you suffering in silence? We can help you to expose this evil.


    Fact…. Freemasons never let go, they will persecute until death. I have seen this with my own eyes for the last 28 years and I have gathered plenty of evidence on how they work. I am writing this now as I get my daily dose of “psychological grind you down”. I have overwhelming proof as you will read soon. I am a member/supporter of several victims groups who all have evidence of the Evil Freemasons (Destroyers Of Society)

  637. The Evil of masons

    Please google ‘masonic registry of revenge’

    This is what Ames has been put on

  638. The Evil of masons

    Fact…. Do not get involved in litigation of any kind, you must be mad if you think justice will be done. Yes I have read the occasional rare victory, that’s just part of the controlled media to fool the public.

    11…. Don’t let them get to you, just ignore them. These calculated/deranged Masons only get pleasure from a reaction. It’s about time we done a role reversal here, they deserve it. Evil Freemasonry is responsible for a trillion, trillion crimes against the planet and all of it’s species. All in the name of money/greed/power/selfishness (report to follow)…. Why is there no Masonic register?

  639. Through The Keyhole

    It looks like convicted conman Matthew Ames’ property is still on the market.

  640. For whom the bell tolls

    Prison tend to cause divorce and when the proceeds of crime kick in…….
    Will Mummy& Daddy be next??

    Look just like a Chav’s house

  641. Wind Beneath My Wheels

    For who the bell tolls – Are you jealous?

    I bet you wish you had a £780k house rather than a worthless investment

  642. Basildon Bomber

    That house is truly chavtastic. The swimming pool looks so inviting!

    The Secretary of State has a caution over the property. Sale proceeds will be confiscated under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

    Fatty Matty will be looking at bankruptcy. If Mummy and Daddy aren’t around to give him a job, who’s going to employ a convicted fraudster? Maybe Gary Player will give him a job. Matty has lots of experience driving a golf buggy. They’d work so well together.

  643. Gary Player, great golfer but sadly sold his soul to the devil,

    Gary Player are up to their necks on this, Gary Player was warned about Ames, yet needed the cash, Scott’s bullshit letter to RL and Ames’s bullshit response last night is an attempt at fudging the situation, dark (k) nights and days ahead for Mr. Player who’s business was bailed out in 2008 by investors money, HARLEQUIN investors.

  644. Anon

    A sad day when even Gary Player gets infected by that bastard Ames, but when this gets out and it will, Gary Player will be tainted, good man Ames, your only ability is to expose greed and corruption on a massive scale.

    Shame on you Mr. Player, shame on you.

  645. St George's Dragon

    I love the bit about “Additional wooded plot…. to be confirmed”. Does that mean Little Ames owns the whole of the land, or just part of it. Echoes of Buccament Bay.

  646. St George's Dragon

    On reflection, perhaps he has already sold the “wooded plot” to an investor in Forestry for LIfe. Or possibly sold it to several of them, telling each of them they have sole title.

  647. Basildon Bomber

    Maybe the additional wooded plot (tbc) was to be home to a Gary Player Signature Golf Course (TM)?

  648. Through The Keyhole

    I’ve a feeling Matt ‘annexed’ that wooded plot (tbc) at the bottom of the garden.

  649. What a shag pad!

    Maybe he was growing trees for the Forestry of life

    The house looks Groovy baby – shagtastic!!

  650. Through The Keyhole

    @For whom the bell tolls
    Prison tend to cause divorce and when the proceeds of crime kick in…….

    Amanda Ames has to protect her share in the property. Although I’d like to ask if she knew where the money was coming from?

  651. Basildon Bomber

    A Signature Gary Player Golf Course to be built on the Marquis Estate

    Gary Player must be ruing the day he ever got involved with Harlequin and Dave Ames. Still, it’s amazing what other people’s cash can buy.

  652. Basildon Bomber

    From the same article

    “Harlequin’s commitment to St. Lucia is further demonstrated by the planned launch of a major airline called Harlequin Air”

    Two clapped-out Piper Navajo Chieftans originally registered in 1980 constitute a “major airline”!

    I guess they are slowly rotting somewhere with the engines and airframe off insurance, unmaintained and rapidly dropping in value. Or maybe the’ve been sold. Who knows.

  653. Basildon Bomber

    And the god that is Gary Player even gave an interview to Channel 4, specifically mentioning the Marquis Estate. I wonder how much he got for that plug?

  654. Anonymous

    Is that the same Gary Player who knew nothing about any connection with HP in the statement earlier in this thread? That would be the same statement that Fatchett was going to ask HP for clarification? Any wonder why his utterances are not taken seriously?

  655. Basildon Bomber

    That would be the same Gary Player who features on the cover of Issue 5 of HP’s own newsletter – along with the Great Visionary and Pat “I’ll Do Anything For” Cash.

    That’s the same Gary Player who hosted a “Golf Tournament” at The Grove on behalf of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts. And the same Scott Ferrell who penned the latter RL refer to features in the same newsletter. Some people have very short memories.

    Click to access Harlequin%20Newsletter%20no5%20-%20Sept%2009.pdf

  656. Anon

    Dear Gary Player and Scott Ferrell, do you guys remember Ken Constanzo, you should, he managed “Player Real Estate” for you, you both might also recall that Mr. Constanzo was under pressure, the Player Real Estate business was not fairing too well back in late 2007 – 2008.

    Scott / Gary do you guys remember an Alan Bell or a Simon Taylor????? To remind you, it was these two gentlemen from Harlequin that paid you close to 1 million dollars of investors money.

    Gary / Scott, do you both recall the extensive due diligence you carried out into Ames and Harlequin?????? You can’t cause you carried out none.

    Gary / Scott can you tell us what happened Mr. Constanzo in early 2009?

    After you guys dumped his ass???? When he went to sell Harlequin Properties in the US,

    Scott were you ever contacted over concerns about Harlequin????

    Scott over this side of the pond we would call you a liar, a fucking liar, and Mr. I am such a great guy Gary Player, well you have been helping and assisting Ames in his bullshit business, a business that has cost thousands of investors their life savings,

    Yet you invited Carol and Dave to stay with you at your home, you and your entourage entertained Dave and his crack whore wife, you had no problem doing this, because Ames had given you quite a bit of money…………,

    But it was not his money, Gary who introduced West Paces, Scott any idea, it was not you or Gary by any chance?????

    No course not, your letter to RL is very clear, you and Gar ( do you mind if we call you Gar, Gary) had nothing to do with Ames, 🙂 🙂

    Hope you guys start feeling the heat now, you guys are no better then Ames, especially you Ferrit sorry Ferrill, you lying piece of scum.

  657. Thomas Levy

    The SIPP Providers are revolting!


    Court Proceedings in annual management charges

    The bulk of our pension based clients should not be in a SIPP. The arrangement was never suitable for them. Many face the spectre of annual management charges for many years into the future. Where the SIPP has a cash account, that will ultimately run out, leading the SIPP member to be personally liable for the fees.

    Our redress claims will deal with the suitability element. The SIPP operators need to reach a compromise in relation to annual fees. This is not part of the standard redress process as it will involve litigation (if compromise cannot be reached). If you look at this matter, the original claim was approx. £700.00 and turns into £3200.00 when court and Sheriff costs are added. We will be writing to all SIPP investors in July 2014 setting out the issues and inviting them to join us in this process.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    And the claim form:*zyT8ISnMbnLrN5AS6Flx4ltnU8AMy0CnJph127T4ST*50vD4Gs6xxFeJLnmC8L7VS4qmNP/GuardianAnnualFeesClaimRedacted.pdf

  658. Anonymous

    Just out of interest does anyone know where RL have actually achieved redress and repayment in any case, anywhere? Or are investors sucked into RL on the promise of repayments based on ongoing cases which have not got to fruition yet?

  659. A Lidl observation

    Just out of interest, you can always spot a BS Bob Storey post.

  660. Silly old duffer Bob

    BS, – just bullshit Bob, still happy with your investment LOL

  661. Robert Storey

    Jesus, I don’t comment on here for days and you still have a fixation with me. Get a life you stalkers.And my investment is fine thank you. Your comments are just Aldi news. Lol

  662. Will Bob go for the Aldi or the Lidl wine box tonight?

    That was a quick response from Shilly Bob Storyteller. He sure has a fixation with this thread.

  663. Harlequin investor trust ‘to be established by Jan 2014'

    Whatever happened to that trust, Dave? Another “deadline” that just zoomed by. You really must be a Douglas Adams fan.

  664. Nick Name

    There’s my alter ego, Mr Name, posting messages on the old RL Forum, all commenting on stuff on this site.

    Nick: if you’re that interested, why not post on here. You have no audience where you are.

  665. Robert Storey

    No fixation, just enjoy reading the latest wacky posts on here. Ames suing Fatchett, Fatchett unable to check out if statements from Gary Player are correct or not, the laughable WK defence. The list goes on and on.

  666. Bobby Bull fulloshit

    Lidl all be fine by the morning after I finish the Aldi winebox

  667. Anon

    Fatchett is in trouble, his own fault for pussy footing around Ames, now SIPP providers are suing investors for their money and are winning, c’mon Fatchett enforce your stat demands……,

    Hope your PI insurance is upto date 🙂 🙂

  668. Anonymous

    He can always ask for a top up on the £240 for the insurance premiums.

  669. Anon

    Garreth mate, you were warned about Ames, you really thought he needed you, the guy is deranged, he watches what others do then try’s to emulate them, the man is a prized prick and all you have done is succeeded in allowing this crap to continue.

    It’s time you stopped dancing around the problem, take 100 of your clients and issue a stat demand against HP SVG, that will scare the living shit out of him.

    That is the only way you will bring the rabid dog to heal.

    And that is what Ames is, just a sick, dangerous rabid dog.

    Garreth pull the trigger and put investors out of their misery by putting down the little prick from Basildon. Bet you really chuffed with your other little mate Simon Terry now, 😉 😉

  670. Deluded

    Confused … whats the big issue with Sipp providers suing,, Win the redress and you get it all back anyway…. suing for a 500 quid annual charge is least of investors worries…. My Sipp provider has mine on hold until sorted… Think this is another RL scare monger tactic

  671. Trebles all round

    Deluded – scare tactic or not, it’s not a good place to be.

    My RL “source” tells me that the Ames refund push has resulted in less than 50 requests. RL routinely say “no” when the pink form is signed, which it is in 99% of cases.

    Read what you are given to sign and don’t bleat if you don’t ! Investors, don’t you just love ’em !

    RL have over a million pink reasons to love investors.

  672. Anonymous 1

    Just read about Gary Player, what a disgrace that man and his employee Scott Ferrill is, and what about Cashless Pat, another disgrace, I have written to CNN about cash, I think others should do too.

  673. The SFO contunue

    I have been informed that Harlequin senior management told me the SFO investigation is over.

    They will now be in very serious trouble.

  674. Anonymous

    Your post above does not make sense. “I have been informed that HP senior management told me” ?? Who do we believe? Well not you for a start.

  675. Deluded

    Trebles all round – I will NEVER sign that trust with Ames.. the guy continues to amaze me the lies one man can spout off… In regard to the Sipp charges and RL say they are suing non payments … Let them try, they dont really have much of a case .. If like me you have no more pension because your greedy agent took it all and have no savings … They will normally just wait until it is all resolved with redress… As for RL I have a lot of respect but hey ? A trust campain making a tidy sum, getting all contacts off data base, redress commission will be worth a fortune…. and now their angle is Sipp companies suing …. No more questionares no more trust no more forms – Just so what you are supposed to be good at ? my stat demmand is waiting

  676. Anonymous

    Guardian have sued and they won…. And the Sheriff confiscated the goods, so stating that they can try is odd, not only have they tried they have succeeded, and there is nothing Fatchett and Co. can do about it.

    All Fatchett succeeded in doing is buying time for Ames,

    ENFORCE THE STAT DEMANDS NOW that’s if you have any Fatchett.

  677. Anonymous

    Fatchett shouldn’t do anything right now.

    RL should wait for Harlequin to run its course. This trust shambles will pass soon enough – Ames will then present his “finance”, and thus enter the next phase of the scheme.

    The victims will then be free to claim they never wanted to be part of this ordeal, providing RL with a more robust case. A previous commenter on here is 100% correct – Ames just emulates others.

    As for Harlequin providing repayments / refunds. If you take that as seriously as the other bullshit Ames has come out with, it’s not a surprise many are in such a precarious position. Never in hell will Ames be able to use financier’s cash to pay off investors who want a refund; it ALL has to go into building.

    Only after buildings have been completed on would Harlequin even be able to consider refunds. Even then, the question remains as to where THAT money will come from, as most of the investors have absolutely no chance of raising a mortgage; which was promised at time of sale (misrepresentation).

    So if you think about the Harlequin model logically – that extra finance has to come in to get building started again; when people complete on those units, they will be paying Harlequin with “fresh” money – that can be used to pay back the victims. The issue is where do the completing victims get their money from?

  678. Anonymous

    Well nothing yet in the Basildon Echo about the WK defence documents. Bit slow off the mark on this one.

  679. Police, SFO, someone do something

    I hope the SFO make a move and put Harlequin out of our misery….. it’s just letting Ames take money of people without escrow accounts to do with what the F**k he likes

    That’s just wrong, plain and simple..

  680. Thomas Levy

    If there are people who are determined to give Harlequin more money, let them. The FSA and FCA have issued warnings. It is well known that Harlequin is under investigation by the SFO and the Essex Police. If, against that backdrop, there are people stupid enough to hand over cash without it being in escrow and it all goes tits up, then tough. You can’t legislate against stupid.

    The SFO’s role is to investigate suspected serious fraud and, where appropriate, prosecute. It is not there to protect morons from the consequences of their own actions.

    There’s no urgency for the SFO to move. They need to gather as much evidence as they can before acting. If they were to act in a precipitate manner they would be open, rightly, to considerable criticism and possibly being sued (see Tchenguiz & Kaupthing). The money that was paid over to Harlequin has gone, long ago. Whatever is paid over now is just marginal. There’s no real impact if they arrest anyone now or defer things for another four or five months.

    Also, there’s a good chance that some of the Great Visionary’s acolytes are turning on him. Those who are bright enough (Simon Terry and Katharine Manderfield, perhaps?) might well be looking to do some form of deal with the SFO. That again argues for the SFO not acting just yet. Allied to that is the constant stream of drivel and likely untruths coming out that simply digs the hole deeper and deeper. They might just be giving someone enough rope.

  681. Silly old duffer Bob

    Rats leaving a sinking or is that stinking ship

  682. Robert Storey

    There is only one silly old duffer on here. And it’s not me!!

  683. Silly old duffer Bob

    Yes, you are Bob. 😉
    When you actually wake up and find Ames has lost your £150,000………………..
    You don’t have a pot to piss in it will serve you right for being such a nasty little old man.

  684. Robert Storey

    Hahaha lol you know naff all so stop guessing. Let’s have a laugh, tell me again about the WK defence.

  685. Nick Name

    In the Know, July 1, 9.09 – suggests that Floyd Patterson, accountant for Harlequin St Vincent, should be emailed or telephoned (details given), presumably to ask him if he really did audit tHarlequin accounts OR may be something else.
    Thomas Levy Huly 3, 4.54 suggests SIPPS companies are making claims against somebody, but the details are blacked out.
    Anonymous July 3, 5.23 suggests RL’s successes at redress are a bit like BB completions – more a matter of imagination. Bit of Ames wishful thinking, I surmise. RL’s got more successes that BB has completions.
    Nick Name doesn’t like audiences, but enjoys a bit of stirring.
    Anonymous, July 4, 11.36 suggests that even repayments from Harlequin would depend on new money coming in. Does this CONFIRM IT IS A PONZI SCHEME?
    Thomas Levy July 4, 2.18, suggests that if the SFO moved too quickly, Ames might get off.

  686. Silly old duffer Bob

    Bob’s too old to see a return, daft old duffer 😉

  687. Nick Name

    Just in case anyone suggests that only “one handed ipad typists” get caught by Ponzi schemes, here’s a list of folk that were done by Bernard Madoff. There are some quite illustrious names on it …..

  688. Anonymous

    No Mr Name, I did not suggest RL successes are a bit like BB completions etc. I asked a question which actually no one has answered yet.

  689. Robert Storey

    Now what did Mr Fatchett give me £100 for. Something about a return I believe. Keep up muppet.

  690. Would that be the same “Nick Name” that GF allowed onto his RL blog to stir things up? Known as Paddy O’Name.

  691. Re mould Robert

    I seem to remember it was for tyres Bobit, because you were so skint you have to resort to cheap boxed of wine and begging for some new re moulds.

  692. Anonymous

    Fish and chips tonight ‘Bob’

  693. No one put re moulds on a Range Rover.

  694. Nick (Second hand cars) Name

    The range rover on lease was one of the assets that the administrators said wasn’t worth sending back when Harlequin got into difficulties. So SOMEONE got to keep a two year old car for nothing it appears!!

  695. Keep making it up Nick (second hand rumours) Name. Arse, talk out of, own, rearrange to suit.

  696. Nick (Llama farmer) Name

    Sister-in-law or part time llama farmer? Does Ames wear loose fitting wellies? Do you know any Welsh jokes?

  697. Anonymous

    Bob, how’s your returns 😉

    You will have snuffed it, before you get a return.

  698. Nick (F*** llamas) Name

    Ames himself said that returns were paid three months in arrears. Has Bob got something so serious that he won’t last 3 months?
    Why do Saesneg llama farmers wear loose fitting wellies?

  699. (Woof Snarl)

    RL’s successes? Yeah. (Look in your flipping letter.) They already have Harlequin successes from the FOS and others against financial institutions. They have successes with crowds and solo claims…..
    Did Mr Punch’s dog bite Harlequin? Because “Toby” has written an article about getting FOS claims delivered.

  700. If you had invested in a scheme, and were SUPPOSEDLY lucky enough to get your investment back, but later discovered thousands of people had lost their pensions, life savings & homes, causing relationship breakups, poverty , worry , anxiety , family breakdowns, potential suicides etc, and you knew the scheme was promoted.through misrepresentation and dubious sales tactics.

    would you
    1. keep quiet
    2. Openly support the victims of the Ponzi scheme
    3. Spend your days mocking other’s that had lost money, verbally abuse victims , openly support the instigators of the Ponzi scheme & be shocked when you were not given a warm reception.

  701. What flipping letter would that be? So confirm then please how much money RL have actually recovered.

  702. What would EYE do?

    4. Hound the perpetrators til they returned the money
    5. Develop trolling skills, so that the agents and employees involved will find it very hard to work/do business (a squalid use of a perfectly good expression) again?
    6. Ridicule for the rest of time the originator of the scheme and his close rellies/associates..

    You need more imagination WWYDo?

  703. What would EYE do?

    How do you get the blue ink Anonymous?
    Don’t know. Wasn’t me, mate. Try asking in the kennel of the Commedia dell’Arte. (And we know where to find one of those for £780,000, don’t we?)
    Llama turds floating in the swimming pool.

  704. What would thy do?

    7. Try and use the misfortune of others to line your own pockets. ( I think it’s called ambulance chasing)?

  705. Anonymous

    8. Claim a huge success, blame everyone else but yourself, sue your former accountants & admit no responsibility?

  706. Anonymous

    9. Claim to be an accountant and a tax planner, while really working hand in hand with an Irish builder who built nowt.

  707. BBaywatch

    Meanwhile back in reality – latest reviews confirm that the units still need maintenance and refurbishment. Most sensibly managed hotels will temporarily close during the next few weeks to attend to such matters but either there is no money to carry them out or HP are desperate for income – probably both – so guests can continue to look forward to threadbare loungers, dodgy decking and faulty electronic devices.

    Investors being asked to complete on their purchases might pause to consider that they are no longer buying new units, at the very least these have had several years of use, been flooded and generally suffered from the effects of a tropical climate. Would you buy property with such a record without a survey?

    And once you have taken ownership who is then responsible for the schedule of dilapidations and renewal of those expensive appliances? I can see that anyone signing up to the HP Trust will, in five years time, be looking for the recovery of 100% of their investment as opposed to the 30% currently due. Will a 10% return from liquidation now look like a missed opportunity in five years time – I wonder?

  708. Anonymous

    Talking of reality, the latest review on trip advisor, dated 3 days ago, gave a glowing 5* report. In the interest of a fair post of the review the lack of hot water and problems with the coffee machine was mentioned. Of course it would be possible to pick out selective negatives from all reviews on trip advisor, not that anyone on here would be that biased of course. Lol

  709. Anonymous

    And from a TA Forum on Buccament bay..
    Jul 03, 2014, 1:26 PM
    You obviously have read all the latest reviews I stand by mine ! It was a beautiful beachfront setting but was very tired and ok if you get it cheap we paid top dollar and so expected better I personally would go somewhere more accessible with better facilities and not looking so run down it needs major investment but the choice is yours good luck jane

  710. 5* Plastic glasses and cheap plonk

    Anyone thank thinks Buccament Bay is 5*, clearly have never been to a ‘proper’ 5 * resort.

    Maybe, they just have low standards.

  711. 5* Plastic glasses and cheap plonk

    I suspect having one son in jail for fraud and having been bankrupt twice, one may have low standards.

    Furthermore, surround yourself with uneducated morons and you can get the general gist of how some could think of it as 5*

  712. Nick (Casting Couch) Name

    Arlecchino, the servant responsible for cleaning up llama turds = DAme (he can play it in a dress if he wants)
    Il Dottore, the educated employee = STealth Bomber – prepare for a nice bit of lex talionis and bring your own tabs (somebody’s nicked £400 million from the dressing up box fund and the touring company can’t afford to buy replacements)
    Pantalone, one of the 23 = B MW – does the Mrs put it about on the back seat of a Beemer?

  713. N(Casting Couch) N

    Still auditioning for Scarramuccia?
    Perhaps the freemasons can help?

  714. Anonymous

    Ames is absolutely devastated that investors aren’t supporting him.
    He actually thinks there is a conspiracy against Harlequin & his family.

    He told me in confidence it’s the Freemasons.

  715. Nick (I can count above ten) Name

    10. Claim to have done work you haven’t done. I think there’s probably evidence that you COULDN’T have done it.
    11. Leave misleading documents on the tables of the buffet car, to encourage buyers to believe something false is reality.

    C’mon you guys! Join in back on the old forum.

  716. Nick (Peter Pan) Name

    Anonymous,5.57, If it were done by 4000 individual, complete strangers living the entire length of the UK plus a sprinkling all the way to Australia, would that count as a conspiracy?
    Or would they have to get together in some way to make a conspiracy?
    If the latter, Ames is away with the fairies!

  717. BBaywatch

    I see that Ames’ poodle took a break from bashing his iPad to rapid respond – how sad can you be? As usual the mangy old mutt completely misses the point I was making, regardless of what rating is given, reviewers continue to point out various issues that require attention and maintenance. This has been going on for quite a while now, so clearly nothing is being done about it and property ownership in the tropics is high maintenance. Problems don’t fix themselves, nor are they one – offs, electronics don’t last that long and fabrics and woodwork deteriorate as you look at them. Of course a properly managed profitable hotel makes provision and plans in advance – not the Harlequin way of course. Ignore problems, big up on the marketing and sue anyway who has the temerity to point out the obvious.

    Of course I’m sure that this will all have been pointed out to investors considering completion – or maybe not?

  718. The dim reaper

    Sadly, some people still think it’s a good idea to complete on a resort that will go bankrupt soon.

  719. Anonymous

    Unfortunately BBaywatch your comments will prove to be just more hot air when the hotel management company is revealed. Now wouldn’t you like to know who that is. A clue, it’s not Nicki Beach. Now trot on and try and find some more trivia to dig up.

  720. The dim reaper

    Would that be in the real world or the fantasy world the toxic turd lives in?
    Harlequin is over, the deluded one will end up in prison.

    Cash investors have lost their money – dead simple.

  721. Imagine dave ames trying to pitch the harlequin business model on dragons den.

    well, it’s like this in it, we wanted to have 9000 hotel rooms completed by now, with our investors enjoying 4 weeks vacation, and not only make our investors money, return their deposits but share the profits with the local local communities.

    well, despite only completing 100 hotel rooms, being under investigation by the SFO, being in numerous legal battles, owning millions, our flagship resort being in need or repair and upgrade and making a loss,, in my mind and the mind of investment experts , such as Rob Storey , Dan Dalligan, Matt Ames, ,Sunny Stenning, the harlequin business model just works,

    we are looking for a billion, or two…. tell you the truth, fulfillment is not really my thing, but anyway, and we’ll throw in a cabana at St Lucia,and you will be enjoying the same security and peace of mind that our investors currently enjoy, and if it all go wrong, for a small fee, you can join our ”trust”

    any questions ?

  722. Worn out Cabana

    BBaywatch July 6th 11.49, Eenterresting …. my Mrs chatters occasionally to a Harlequin acquaintance (the sort of people you say to on holiday “do drop in if you’re passing” and spend the rest of your life hoping they won’t). THERE WAS NO MENTION OF REPLACEMENT AND REPAIRS WHEN THEY WERE CONTEMPLATING COMPLETION.

  723. Worn out subject

    Did they ask a question regarding repairs? Don’t forget that the rental payment is based on a deduction for a management fee and maintenance.

  724. Slave Labour til you drop

    Dragon’s Den, 11.38, That’s the whole point Dragon’s Den, the REAL Harlequin model DOES WORK. Replace “flagship resort” with “Black Piglet Sweatshop Laundry”, the future workplace for all those pensioner “investors”. Replace “guaranteed mortgages” with “guaranteed stuffing by Harlequin” and it works like a dream. Ames, agents and employees live the high life , while responsible savers work til they drop.

  725. St George's Dragon

    I honestly wonder if Mr Ames is suffering from some form of mental illness.
    Here is a piece about paranoid schizophrenia:
    Check this paragraph:
    “One criterion for separating paranoid schizophrenia from other types is delusion. A delusion is a belief that is held strong even when evidence shows otherwise. Some common delusions associated with paranoid schizophrenia include, “believing that the government is monitoring every move you make, or that a co-worker is poisoning your lunch”.[4] These beliefs are irrational, and can cause the person holding them to behave abnormally. Another frequent type of delusion is a delusion of grandeur, or the “fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth”.”

  726. Worn out brain

    They’re a bit dozy and I think the repairs were covered by the maintenance fee deducted from the 10% rental. I’m sure they said the deduction for maintenance was much higher than the 1-2% Harlequin talked about for years, during those dull old meetings.