Barbados abortion proponent George Griffith retiring. Served Planned Parenthood’s vision of fewer black births.

One that got away from George Griffith & the Barbados Family Planning Association

One that got away from George Griffith & the Barbados Family Planning Association

Sure I love you sweetheart. Now slip off those panties and doan worry ’bout nothing…

George Griffith and the Barbados Family Planning Association will fix any little accidents.

Just like before times.

George Griffith

George Griffith

The retiring head of the Barbados Family Planning Association still professes to support unrestricted abortion on demand, paid for by public monies. George Griffith can hardly do anything else considering that he devoted at least the last 25 years to promoting and serving the abortion industry, including the social agendas behind Planned Parenthood.

At one time I used to support abortion on demand too. Available and socially acceptable abortion is highly beneficial to young men who want to have their way with young women without any responsibility for the consequences of their random seductions. As a young man I was good at random seductions, I admit. Today’s ‘Game’ players have nothing on me. 

Cane field, beach, behind the school wall, backseat, bedroom while the parents were out, Xerox room at the office, standing up against the boot: it was all fine with me and fine with the ladies. We knew that George and his friends would rescue us. We’d be liars if we said that we never took any chances because of that knowledge, but truthful admissions like that go against the party line that inundating young people with technical sexual knowledge produces more responsible behaviour, not less.

But the years marched on, and I eventually matured and realised that I had been deceived about the about the societal and individual consequences of the values promoted by Mr. Griffiths and his friends, and deceived about goals of Planned Parenthood. Advances in medical science also played heavily on my soul as I read studies about fetal pain during abortions, and how tiny babies in the womb learn and feel and respond to outside stimulus and mother’s moods and her chemical changes.

I finally had to be honest with myself and acknowledge the humanity of the unborn child even at the earliest stages of development. Once you acknowledge the humanity of the unborn child, abortion becomes an abhorrent concept.

“Am I a hypocrite? No – I just changed my mind after the revelations of modern medical science couldn’t be denied any longer.”

Then there were the ongoing revelations that the founders of Planned Parenthood like Margaret Sanger were committed eugenicists who wanted to curtail the population growth of the ‘lower races‘, like those ugly black babies and the poor. To this day Planned Parenthood takes donations with a promise that the money will be used to abort only black babies. And the Barbados Family Planning Association is the recipient of that money. Check it out here.

The last twenty years also saw a deluge of insider revelations of widespread infanticide after “failed” abortions, otherwise known as “unintentional live births”. Ever hear about Dr. Kermit Gosnell? Then there was that nasty little Barbados scandal about a 12 year old given an abortion without telling her parents. Planned Parenthood and the Barbados Family Planning Association have lately had difficulties in hiring staff. No wonder.

George Griffith’s failed attempts to get elected to Parliament had everything to do with his employment. I couldn’t understand why the BLP kept fielding him as a candidate until 2013 when everyone realised he was toxic to winning general support. Sometimes people get so focused on their own causes and beliefs that they can’t accept the majority of folks don’t think the same.

Abortion is a multi-billion dollar business

Abortion is a dirty business, but it is also a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. If Bajans needed further proof of how dirty the abortion business is, they got it when Prime Minister Owen Arthur allowed a stem-cell clinic to set up in Barbados – that used body parts from aborted and murdered live babies imported from Eastern Europe. Lucrative, yes… but dirty. The local news media dropped that story in about two seconds and never mentioned it again.

And then we have today’s news article with smiling George Griffith attending the 60th anniversary church service of the Barbados Family Planning Association. A church service to celebrate the largest abortion supplier in Barbados…

Jesus wept.



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20 responses to “Barbados abortion proponent George Griffith retiring. Served Planned Parenthood’s vision of fewer black births.

  1. Second take

    The author is right about the advances in medical science and fetal pain. Sadly true.

  2. Anonymous

    Why lie about it? That’s what I never understand. Just be honest and say you are opposed to abortion because of your religious belief. All of a sudden science (faux science) is credible. Wtf.

  3. ticktock

    Anonymous is a typical attack setting up a straw man. abortion supporters don’t want to address the issues laid out in this well documented article. Still stuck in the 1970’s.

    In Detroit today over 35% of black babies are aborted. Great job by Planned Parenthood: keep those blacks down!

    How has abortion helped women and society? Are women really better off?

  4. Jack Bowman

    Dear Cliverton,

    I read the piece. As always, nicely written and provocatively combative.

    What I didn’t get, though, is any sense of what you want to do about the fact that abortion is legal. What do you want to do about that? You want to ban abortion?

  5. Peltdownman

    Only recently I had a case of an employee who was distraught to find herself pregnant for the third time. She is a single mother and the wutless ass who got her pregnant gives her absolutely no support. What is she to do? I do not have the right to make her go to Family Planning, not even to advise her, as her employer. So what-is-she-to-do? Unless you and many others like you are going to run a high profile campaign to educate both young men and women, this is going to happen time and time again. If not, then the only way might be abortion. The alternative may be destruction of the mother’s health and mental stability – certainly not good for the existing members of her family.

  6. robert ross


    You are too hard. It’s called ‘fellow feeling’ and ‘in confidence’ – too little of that in this judgemental and pharisaical society.

    Bring back ‘Sister Jane’.

  7. robert ross

    As Anon has implied, I think it’s time to come clean BFP. If the arguments here, based as they are eg in what somebody is supposed to have written or said in the 20’s and 30’s, are discreet arguments and can be substantiated – which I don’t think they are – then well and good. But if the reality is that you oppose abortion on religious grounds then don’t hang the racial cleansing argument on that. The reality is (cf Jack B) that within certain constraints abortion is lawful in Barbados. So you have to start by dealing with that.

    If I say, “I want this donation to help poor black women to be able to afford an abortion” are you saying that that is ethically wrong? Surely, I can give for any charitable purpose?

  8. clickticktock

    Here is something for all to consider. A new report released yesterday details six years of investigations into Planned Parenthood illegality and targeting of the black community. Blacks in the USA comprise about 13% of the population, but have over 30% of PP abortions:

  9. clickticktock

    Here is where you can download the report:

    Here is the overview video:

  10. clickticktock

    “Lies, Corruption, and Scandal”: New Report on Planned Parenthood
    Pro-Life Org Releases “Six Years of Exposing Planned Parenthood”


    Arlington, VA – Live Action today released a “damning investigative report” on Planned Parenthood Federation of America that details shocking activity within the abortion giant’s walls, including hiding the sexual abuse of children, facilitating taxpayer-funded sex-selective abortion against girls in the womb, and manipulative counseling tailored to convince women to abort their children. The report is part of a campaign to urge citizens and legislators to expose and speak out against the United States’ largest abortion corporation.

    The report, spanning six years and documenting a series of undercover investigations, shows “an institutionalized pattern of dangerous and illegal behavior,” said Live Action president Lila Rose.

    “Abortion is a sickening human rights abuse against both women and children,” Rose said. “When I first began to go undercover in these facilities in 2007, I thought I would find illegal and harmful activity. But even I had no idea of the huge, company-wide commitment to abortion at any cost – the fraud, the lies, the cover-ups.”

    The report is titled “Lies, Corruption, and Scandal: Six Years of Exposing Planned Parenthood.”

    Rose is calling for the immediate and complete revocation of all taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood. “An organization that lies to women and kills three thousand children every day for profit can have no valid claim on a single American’s paycheck,” she said. “It’s a grave injustice that our government and our president actively promote this extreme form of violence. It’s a disgrace that we are all forced to fund it.”

    Per its latest annual report, Planned Parenthood received $540.7 million in government (i.e., taxpayer) funds in 2011-2012. The corporation performed 327,166 abortions during that time.

    “Planned Parenthood is an abortion corporation,” Rose said, “no matter what its gold-plated marketing department tells you. These facilities need to be investigated, inspected, and shut down. Most if not all of these abortionists should be prosecuted – along with destroying thousands of lives, they regularly skirt or outright violate state statutes. Our report shows where the true ‘war on women’ is – it’s front and center in America’s abortion facilities. And it will never end until their doors are shut forever.”

    Live Action’s report can be obtained at

  11. Peltdownman

    @Robert Ross Thank you for your appropriate reply to rude and uncalled-for comment from Bowman. What does it have to do with me? Well, she has been a diligent and concientious employee for many years. She is a nice person and as her employer I want to help her as best I can, but without insisting on certain courses of action, because I have no right to. In the end she had her baby but is struggling to get by, because without support she has to work and look after 3 young children. But what will she do if it happens again? I am not advocating abortion, but laying out the stark choices that women have when, either through ignorance or weakness, they find themselves in such a situation. That is why Cliverton’s argument is over-simplistic.

  12. Kimsheron

    Its not the years immediately following abolition but like everything else, abortion has its place. However that place is behind responsible mating, behind contraceptive which should be behind abstinence . Men should take responsibility for what becomes of their sperms and women should be more cognizant of their choices and how those affect and impact their social n economic situation.

  13. Peltdownman

    @Jack Bowman. Thanks. Not a problem.

  14. Jack Bowman

    Must say I’m liking this ross person more and more, both here and in another place. Talks sense, writes well, has brain, keeps patient when confronted by idiots (that area is always my personal downfall), and generally seems to be on the side of the angels, whether s/he be godly or not. Keep up the good work, rossy. As your time allows, write more.

  15. robert ross


    That was kind – but the side of the ‘fallen angels’ is more appropriate. Besides, what other sorts are there?

  16. robert ross

    ‘I’m on the side which is gonna make us love each other more”. YEAH


    on this column–barbados is extremely overpopulated as it is now. the whole world is overpopulated.
    barbados does not have jobs for its own people now.!!
    if this birth rate is not fixed barbados is doomed by its own
    overpopulation. crime will sky rocket as we are seeing now.
    and as possibly” the sex with many women and your wife ”
    bajan way of life is looking more like the problem.
    this planned parenthood or lack of is a huge problem in barbados.
    i would tend to look at it as one of the most important things
    in barbados.
    but as bajans make comments like it is nothing or that the white man want to stop black babies being born is pure rubbish,. and as i was saying this mentality will be the
    real down fall of barbados if something is not done .
    something real. like a limit on the amount of children one
    man or woman can produce.
    where all these people going to go as north america
    and Europe are closing their doors? on the block ?
    looking to rob and steal and sell drugs and kill is the only answer.! this ministry should be one of barbados most important. and should have a study how many will be on the small rock ahead of time before the crime and so on escalate as a result of no jobs ,!!!!!!
    it is already happening now. the 2 go hand in hand.


    i do not what robert ross means by YEAH but if i am reading that comment with a bajan racist mind it means he is saying more sex,yeah.
    this is exactly the kind of thinking that will be the end of barbados.
    if i take that comment wrong correct me !

  19. Jack Bowman

    You’re welcome, robert.

    And now that islangal246 has teletransported from another place in a parallel universe to weigh in on a different thread on this blog, it’s time for something not completely different.

    For many years in Barbados I’ve been reading the thoughts of a particular “social commentator” whose thinking is published weekly in a Bajan national newspaper. And I’ve been wondering, for several years now, if he’s been transmitting his weekly and weakly argued sermons to the Nation News from some bizarre inter-stellar time warp—a time warp that is locked eternally into some British sitcom from around 1973. Possibly 1974. Definitely no later than 1975.

    “You’re below me, Viyoma (phwarr, phwarr, phwarr) but the wife doesn’t know so let’s grease up the Bobcat and let the homos in the CSME know that they can’t stop my ‘large instrument’ [everybody in the audience dies from hysterical laughter] from ‘probing’ [even the dead are laughing now] your penchant [total Armageddon of hilarity] for the ‘tools’ [apocalypse; world raptured] of my new ‘drink’ [universe implodes; all the righteous now with god]. Plus, let’s hang everybody accused of murder without a trial and stone ‘naughty girls’ (phwarr, phwarr, phwarr, and a big Sid James phwarr).”

    It’s been a righteous experience to watch a national newspaper publish weekly and weakly commentary from someone who resides mostly in an early 1970s British sitcom (phwarr, phwarr, phwarr!!!).

    And I have sometimes wondered, as I’ve read this stuff over many years, my mouth agape at the possibility that anyone might find it even slightly amusing, if there is any connection at all between the national newspaper’s social commentator and a well-known tea-based beverage in another place.

  20. Sad memories

    Just read this article for the first time and it is like my journey from abortion supporter to finally realizing that the child in the womb can feel pain, can be educated and is fully human in the ways that matter much sooner than I’d been told. In short, I was lied to by the abortion business.