Barbados government sells Four Seasons to investors from slave nation Qatar


Qatar is a slave-nation in the 21st Century

Barbados Today is reporting that the government is selling the abandoned Barbados Four Seasons hotel project to a Qatar-based investment group.

Qatar, of course, is dependent upon slave labour to keep its economy and building boom rolling along. The Qatar slavery horror stories are legion. There is no question, no argument against, no misunderstanding. Qatar is a slave state in the 21st Century. (However, being a Muslim nation, Qatar knows that contemporary slavery is both sanctioned and ordered by the Koran, along with abductions and forced-conversions to Islam.)

So let there be no misunderstanding about this either: The descendants of Bajan slaves are happy to do business with modern day slavers.

Money trumps human rights on this rock, and we’ll do anything to get more.

Slavery reparations for Bajans? What a joke. Will Qatar slaves come after Barbados some day for reparations? As we’ve said here from the beginning: Spend any reparations payments to free current slaves.

There are more slaves today than at any other time in history; yet Barbados is about to shake hands with Qatar slave owners.


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42 responses to “Barbados government sells Four Seasons to investors from slave nation Qatar

  1. CJB

    The Qataris also own a large percentage of Heathrow Airport and God knows how many other properties in the UK. Their human rights record is appalling in their own country and elsewhere. They are pushing for huge expansion of the Airport, another 3rd runway, and a vast increase in noise and pollution. This will affect over 2 million residents of West London. And the profits will go into the UK economy? No! The profits from the Four Seasons operation will go into the Barnados economy. No!

  2. Fear Play

    One day coming soon we will have to make some decisions about a few things. Will the “N” word be available for use only to certain ethnic groups? Will gays have more rights than heterosexuals? Will Christian and other religious beliefs and symbols be subjugated around the world except for one religion that appears to be dictation the agenda? Will it be alright for racial slurs to be used against whites and other races but a crime punishable by law if applied to a certain race?

  3. Robert Storey

    The Quataris only own 20% of Heathrow, not even the largest share owner.

  4. Sue

    As someone who visits Barbados each year ( and have since the late ’80’s) it is really kind of sad to see the unique character of the country eroded by “international” development. Every time we drive up the west coast it becomes clear these days that every Bajan is NOT entitled to a view of the sea.

  5. 45govt

    If we let these stone-age scum into the fabric of our Island, we will be finished in short order.
    We will find our education systems infiltrated and islamised, mind-boggling over-payments will be made from the bottomless pit of oil money to buy every important landmark, and changes will be instituted to make everything compatible with the religion of hate.
    Forget rum, forget bikinis, forget freedom. If these barbarians are allowed to get a solid foothold, you may as well all look elsewhere to live. Look at London, or Londonistan – burkhas everywhere, these death-lovers in bin-bags threatening ‘Europe, your 911 is coming’, and the indigenous Britons arrested for racism if they dare protest.

    DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN IN BIM – tell these camel-jockeys that we are a civilised, 1st world nation, and to foxtrot oscar.

  6. Not sure which is worse

    In Barbados, after selling off its silver to the Trinis ( BS&T and BNB ) Barbados has had to deal with Harlequin and Clico like Ponzi schemes pissing away NIS money on GEMS, Four Seasons etc
    which funds are supposedly in Trust for those in Barbados who pay into it.

    These are very ugly choices and a lot has to do with the xenophobia and arrogance of those in power who have pushed away capital to the exclusion of all but the most predatory who are wiling to play by third world rules.

  7. Jack Bowman

    Dear BFP folks,

    I’m sure if you search your archives over many years you’ll see from my occasional comments on the blog that I am a real admirer of BFP. Not a mindless loyalist (because only idiots are mindless loyalists), but a genuine admirer of what, on balance, is without question a very positive contribution to open discussion in Barbados. Once more, thank you for that excellent contribution and long may you continue. May you continue for a very long time.

    But this Islam stuff drives you out of your mind. It’s probably your only blind spot. It’s one of the very few areas of public discussion in which you aren’t on the side of the angels. Or at least where you stop being clear-headed.

    Oh lawd, here we go. I anticipate the pillory for even saying this, but let’s say it …

    For all kinds of reasons that need not concern BFP, I have had to track the situation of migrant labourers in Doha/Qatar for some time. The situation is pitiful. It’s almost unimaginable, in fact, for someone who hasn’t stood there and looked right at it. No right-thinking person ever wants their sibling humans to live in these conditions.

    But … (start building the pillory now), the Qataris are not sending out teams of people with nets to sweep up Nepalese and Indians, so as to transport them to Qatar in the bowels of 777s. The Nepalese and the Indians freely choose to go there. It’s an important distinction and should not be buried in some more full-on hate about ragheads.

    There are always push and pull factors in these heart-breaking situations. Nobody who isn’t an idiot seriously doubts that huge numbers of migrant labourers in Qatar live in appalling circumstances. Nobody doubts that it is extremely difficult for them to leave. But they keep coming, pulled by the money in Qatar and pushed by the basket-case situations they leave behind in India and elsewhere. And you know what the solution to that is? Have a little think about it. I’ve been thinking professionally about it for years.

    It’s always a stretch when you use something like this to beat the ragheads again, as if everybody from Amman to Jakarta is some Neanderthal Nazi who wants to blow stuff up. And it just gives rise to what is, irrefutably, sheer hate. Look at your commenter above, who talks of “these stone-age scum”. That’s hate. Right there, staring you in the face, that is willful, ignorant hate. What do you imagine he knows, exactly, of sitting in a café in Beirut and discussing world affairs with people whose intelligence he can barely imagine? Nothing of course. He is an idiot.

  8. 45govt

    Jack – you are the idiot, the useful idiot that these people rely on to push the Trojan horse through the gates.

    I have sat in cafes all round the world, few of which are still safe to sit in, especially in the ME, and increasingly in European cities, and currently in London, you would not believe you were not in the third world.
    Get your fat head out of your ass, and smell the sh1t, you frigging moron.

  9. Jack Bowman

    Ah, bless. You voted UKIP didn’t you?

  10. just asking

    Which is worse Qatar or China?

  11. Anonymous

    They sure are buying up Britain,,,despite what Bob Storey thinks..Here are some..
    Barclays.6.67%, Harrods, The Olympic Village,Chelsea Barracks, Sainsbury 26%,Camden Market 20%, London Stock Exchange 20%,The Shard, One Hyde Park(Development Company owned by Quatari PM) Liquified Natural Gas.
    This list does not include individual investments such as real estate .
    First comes the investment, then the population explosion, then demands for Sharia law to be upheld. Its happening folks, and pretending its not , is not going to stop it.

  12. Jack Bowman

    Well, shit, the Daily Mail as a source. How can that even be discussed? The Daily Mail! I think I’ll just lie down and die. Jesus! The Daily Mail!

  13. Sue

    I am most definitely someone on the outside looking in with limited knowledge of the inner workings of all this but I gotta agree with Jack……..The Daily Mail?? Come on………………although it could be worse could be Rupert’s Rag. Try The Guardian for a bit more balance.

  14. barbarees

    We are poor students of world History. Not long ago Barclays was the bank which provided most of you with mortgage loans. Did you check on who were the founders of this said same bank? In case you didn’t know, I am telling you that they were deeply involved in the slave trade of the 18th century. Of more recent vintage, do you remember the worldwide protests over Barclays supporting the South African apartheid Government? Why can’t we accept Qatari help. The late Sir Errol W Barrow declared 48 years ago that we are friends of all but satellites of none. We welcome you , Qatar.

  15. Anonymous

    Jack. You are a sad idiot. Or a Muslim yourself. Muslims destroy everything everywhere they go. Religious nuts all do that. The Christians did that now it’s the Muslims turn it seems. Barbadians live in a bubble and we/ most of us are unaware of most things in the world because we are not thought to be curious and we are too busy believing barbados is the best place on earth. We are poor great and entitled and others come here smile as us tell us how educated we are while robbing and raping us raw.
    Our education system produces educated idiots by the thousands. We are like dogs who can count.. ( dogs cannot count mind you )
    Look at the comment of barbaries… I am embarrassed that I was born on that island when I hear these airheads. There was a time when everybody was in the slave trade because that was how the world was at that time it was the zeitgeist of that time. Mankind collectively knows that owning each other is wrong. The memo is out now for a long time. The countries / entities / religions that continue to do this now in my mind are worse than their historical predecessors.

  16. Anonymous

    @Jack Boman…can you state that anything in that Daily Mail report is not a fact? Of course not.So go lie down if you want.

  17. Dessalines

    Jack Bowman is correct. BFP suffers from a serious case of Islamophobia. As for myself, if we (the Caribbean) can do business with Britain, France, US and China we certainly can accept Qatar’s and all those other ME countries’ money. It’s all dirty anyway depending on how far back you want to look. For Qatar it maybe a year, for Britain and the US it may be 50 years. The money is still ill gotten and soaked in Africans and indigenous peoples blood.
    Furthermore, calling the conditions of the workers in Qatar slavery only undermines and trivializes black peoples experience with European slavery. At least those workers can go home, they have their families, language and culture intact, they get paid (very little) and they don’t get lynched or beaten to an inch of their lives for looking at their employees women. Their young daughters are not taken into the masters house to be raped all night.
    In conclusion they are not abandoned on a small island with no natural resources to eke out an existence with the crumbs that fall from their masters table with a population of educated fools. So in my book they are much better off than us here in the Caribbean.

  18. Anonymous

    Who should be worried about a people who follow a Religion of Peace?

  19. river

    and that is a surprise?no comment on barbados!! money ,money, monkeys.!lol

  20. Anonymous

    Mankind has not advanced since the Age of Enlightenment.
    All religions have toxic elements. And I mean ALL.

  21. Not sure which is worse

    It’s no secret that BFP definitely has a bent against Islamic jihadists which I recognize them as the creeping poison it is ( not the only religion but truly the most dangerous ) but BFP also represents an ardent anti abortion stance which I do not agree with and Jack Bowman has eloquently laid out the opposite.

    A free press is essential for a democracy to thrive and be balanced. so hats off to BFP and Bowman for contributing ideas that need to be discussed no matter the vitriol and emotions it raises

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  23. 45govt

    @ Dessalines:-
    What a sad person you are, with chips on both shoulders, and still ruining your life, intellect, such as it is, and future by sulking over events in history which were suffered by your forebears.
    You may or may not know it, but it seems unlikely, given your tendency to victimhood, that Black Africans were not the only, or indeed even the first slaves in Barbados, or that your own brethren together with Arab traders (whose still-barbaric descendants you now wish to welcome to Bim) were the prime movers in selling their own to the highest bidders, usually denominated in beads and trinkets.
    You seem to be trying to compare the lot of African slaves to modern day slaves held by Arabs and their like. This is stupidity writ large, for those white slaves transported from Scotland, and the disadvantaged in Europe were treated just as savagely by their white overlords, suffering beheadings, immolation, transportation and servitude.
    Grow up, recognise historical fact, but don’t let it ruin your life, and find the good that has resulted from past suffering.
    Finally ignore the likes of Guardian-reading Sue, and Jack Bowman – they are ostrich-like idiots, and refuse to recognise what is over the horizon. Europe is done for, but Barbados is still saveable, IF the dangers are recognised in time., ,

  24. 45govt

    Islam, is a barbaric death cult, in thrall to a depraved physically and mentally stunted paedophile moron, only one step up from the cretins who worship him.
    Read, and weep…

  25. Dessalines

    @ 45govt
    Thanks for the ad hominem response and armchair psychoanalysis.
    I do not know which is more sad, educated negroes who in 2014 still think that an African province/territory/kingdom can become wealthy by selling their ‘own’ for beads and trinkets or educated negroes who think that Africa was one homogeneous peoples (they are all black so there) all brothers and sisters singing kumbaya. We never hear these educated negroes saying that whites invaded and killed their brothers and sisters for millennia, no they make the distinction of them being British, French and German.
    I would have loved to seen an African bank vault in the 16th century full of priceless beads and trinkets. I wonder how they got powerful enough to raid other territories and kidnap their people, did they throw their beads and trinkets at their enemies or did they use them to trade for guns and ammunition. These negroes like 45govt have never asked the Europeans for names, places, dates, medium of exchange etc – yes evidence and data to back up their claims of Africans selling Africans. We swallow it like we swallow their religion and culture and everything that comes with it.
    As one blogger stated there can be no good or bad irrationality, irrationality whether it be Islam or Christianity or Judaism is irrationality.
    So once you can get an adult to believe that you represent a man in the sky watching your every move then you can get him to do anything regardless of how horrendous the act like kidnapping school girls. Christian leaders can get poor black people to fund their lavish lifestyles by giving them 10% or their earnings etc. That is the problem I have with BFP and their hatred for Islam while Christianity the religion that has done more harm to blacks the world over gets a free pass.

  26. 45govt

    @ Dessalines

    You are even more deluded than I feared. You have no concept of what ‘wealth’ is – my kingdom for a horse etc, and now Black Africa has its freedom from your hated white masters, look what they’ve swopped it for – Mugabe and the rest who have reduced self-sufficient nations to pre-colonial levels of .degradation, poverty, slavery and subjugation, while their own kith and kin shop in Paris by private jet, and eliminate their enemies by genocide.

    “These negroes like 45govt…”

    I am not a negro you lunatic, I am a white Bajan – I am just tired of hearing you blame your ills on everyone but yourselves, and show yourself happy to be taken back to slavery by the greatest evil facing civilisation today – Islam, the religion of death. Do some historical researh – it beats parading your ignorance. Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt.


  27. Anonymous

    Black/White/Yellow/Red/Whatever….the truth is that today anyone with
    a lap top less than 10 yrs old and internet access is just as powerful
    as anyone else. The trick is to forget the past and use his/her brain
    power that you were born with to make you mark in the world. Whining
    about historical wrongs, reparations, social standing ad infinitum is just
    plain counter-productive, Use you ability to become whatever you desire.
    ANYONE armed with the www is as powerful as anyone else. YOU
    possess the means …..go for it !!! Of course most of us find it easier
    to moan and groan than really take some responsibility.

  28. There is no getting away from it, if you want to compare the badness of religions you have to read the books.
    For example you will then see how much time islam spends telling it’s followers on how to treat the kafir and what rights they have and how you are supposed to deal with them.
    Anyone know the Japanese attitude to religion ?

  29. Anonymous

    Pretty ecumenical. One can be both Shinto and Buddhist at the
    same time. Aaaah – the ways of Zen.

  30. Anonymous

    @45Govt.. do you honestly have a 1911 colt? or is that just your name…. would love to have a look at if you are willing… (at a range and unloaded…)

    ahh mugabe is suffering from the same marginalization that the castro brothers are actually…. he is not the tyrant fox news is making him out to be…


  31. Dessalines

    @ govt45
    So a line in a Shakespeare’s play expounds what wealth consists of in 16th century Africa. Wow. Idiocy still does not explain how a people whose objective is to gain military power and wealth would trade their resources for trinkets and beads. Was the cost of a blunderbuss 7 beads 50 trinkets?

    Why the bitter resentment and what are you whining about – losing your privileges to commit genocide, steal lands and exploit indigenous peoples cheap labour. How you must yearn for those glory colonial days.
    Be informed that the glory days you fantasize about in Zimbabwe was in your minds. Zimbabwe was never a ‘bread basket’, it was a template for South Africa’s apartheid system where the ignoble system of white supremacy was spawned. A few thousand whites controlled all the land and resources and the majority blacks illiterate, marginalized and used as cheap labour. Under Mugabe, at least Zim can boast the highest literacy rate in Africa where under the glory days you speak of the adult literacy rate among blacks was some 90%. Africa was never freed from European domination economically, only politically – please inform yourself on the CFA common currency. So the desperate position that Zimbabweans are in today only began AFTER Mugabe decided that re distribute the lands stolen from his people to them. Any other African country will suffer the same fate if they dare challenge the EU/US economic interests in their own country. Just ask Laurent Dbagbo of Cote d’Ivoire… from his jail cell..

  32. Due Diligence



    Added by Barbados Today on May 24, 2014

    For the past several weeks, the Topaz has been docked in the Bridgetown Port. Why? It’s anybody’s guess. From what Barbados TODAY has been told, its owner, the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates is not here on official business, so maybe it’s a pleasure trip –– even though there’s been no sighting of Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, known as Sheikh Mansour, a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi

    Wonder if the Sheik is partnering with Qataris, or if he is just in Barbados to spend a bit of time with his friend/business associate Dr David Estwick

  33. barbarees

    I can just imagine how unhappy a man you are, living in a country where you see wrong things being done but have to keep silent because the English treat you as a second class citizen. However when you come on BFP you expect Bajans to take you seriously. Man, you are full uh shit.

  34. barbarees


    These are some news headlines that should not have escaped your notice when reading the tabloids of your choice in your beloved adopted country.

    (1)The Qatar Investment Authority, which controls more than $100 billion of assets, said it’s ready to boost investment in the U.K. after acquiring stakes in British companies such as Barclays Plc (BARC) and J Sainsbury Plc.

    (2) U.S goods trade with Qatar was 3.6 billion in 2013

    #3) Qatar is investing 10 billion to build a new Moscow ring-road and a fast-speed train line

    (4) Qatar Investments in Europe reach 65 billion USD

    (5) Qatar has invested 1.5 us dollars in China capital markets.

    (6) Take a lesson Europe and America. Russian police detained at least 300 people at a Muslim prayer room in Moscow on Friday after President Vladimir Putin ordered a crackdown on radical Muslims ahead of next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi.

    (7) China Blames Muslim Separatists for Knife Attack That Killed At Least 29

    (8) Muslims flatten world trade center.

    (9)Two Muslim converts guilty of killing UK soldier Lee Rigby

    Pray tell me , when Barbados borrows money from any of the lending institutions or any of the rich industrialized countries, don’t you see that they are borrowing indirectly from Qatar ? . Added to that, can’t you see that the said same industrialized countries turn a blind eye to Muslims” wrong-doings when doing business deals? Why the hell Barbados can’t enter a business deal with them?

    I suggest that you go next Sunday to Hyde Park and protest against Qatar’s investments in U.K . You wouldn’t be alone. There are many mad people who assemble there on weekends and especially on Sundays.

  35. 45govt

    @ Dessalines
    Ah, I get it! I am sorry, i mistook you for a sentient contributor, whereas you are only a sad racist leaning on the colour crutch..

  36. D Oracle

    Our black people selling to a qualified slave nation invites the question “SAY WHAT NIGGAHZ?!”

  37. 45govt

    Ah the unparallelled joys of the religion of death peace. Good to know we have imported this fine cultural tradition, just what Barbados needs, as in Londonistan.