Tennyson Joseph: DeLisle Worrell’s folly

delisle worrell Barbados

Tin-pot dictator, Insecure, drunk on power…

“To issue a ban and to accuse the Nation of “lack of professional integrity” is burning a house to kill an ant. Banning a media house for a misleading headline is the kind of action associated with backward tin-pot dictators, rather than very intelligent, highly placed civil servants.

In a context of authoritarian political leadership, our leading public servants must lift the political culture above the paranoid vindictiveness we associate with insecure politicians, drunk on power…”

Good reading at the Trinidad Express – Tennyson Joseph: DeLisle Worrell’s folly


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  1. just asking

    The central bank governor is just an educated idiot, so let’s forget about him, and just move on . See what’s happening in Thailand today, A COUP, that’s what these imbeciles for politicians want to do with our country, One must not protest, or object to anything the present administration say or do.

  2. D Oracle

    Worrell adheres strictly to short man syndrome with gaps in his logic to match his teeth.

  3. barbarees

    ph wrote

    Quote ‘Coming out of a very bad week in which Worrell announced yet another quarter of economic inertia, and in which he was roundly condemned for advocating VAT abo­lition in which he sounded more like a speculative graduate student rather than as a senior policy adviser, it was in Dr Worrell’s interest to out rather than stoke potential fires.

    Instead, Worrell opened his office to further negative scrutiny. It will not be surprising if global media watchdogs include his action among the developments suggesting recent attacks on press freedom in Barbados. The governor has also taken the criticism of his performance away from narrow partisan hands and placed it squarely in the impartial public domain.

    Indeed, the front page Sunday Sun commentary in which the Nation listed the economic failures of Barbados under the watch of Dr Worrell, and the reminder to him that there is much to which he “needs to pay attention and keep Barbadians informed in a timely manner”, suggests Dr Worrell had now fallen below the “high standard expected of his high office and the great record set by his esteemed predecessors”.

    In the context of continued economic decline, the Central Bank cannot be perceived as both a source of economic failure and political folly. Clearly, Dr Worrell has erred terribly.” Ends Quote

    Say what you like Joseph, Dr. Worrell is the only honest economist in Barbados. Some of you talk and write as though Barbados is the only country which is experiencing economic difficulties. You blame blame everybody apart from yourselves for the lowest GDP growth but you are living above your means driving gas guzzling machines,eating more fast foods than any other country in the Caribbean and importing more oil than any other neighbouring island, From Sunday to Saturday you are lining up at fast food outlets for cooked main courses, meats/fish and salads. Your children no long have breakfast at home but eat from parked vehicles at gas stations on your way to work. Hot dogs are in demand across the island from 6 a.m to 8 a.m. . Parents are lying on their health and their children’s just to be seen buying imported milk. Most of them turn their backs on Pine Hill products claiming that they are lactose intolerant. Flying fish is being sold at 75 dollars per hundred , ready boned. Very few young people are seen buying them from the vendors. They prefer to buy imported lamb chops for lunch instead of taking to work fish as their source of protein. Bajan women have become so Americanized that they can’t leave the house without their false hair, false eyelids, false nails and face brushes, all imported from overseas. Are you surprised that Haiti, where all of these items are ignored by the citizens, has a higher GDP growth than Barbados? Can you imagine Barbadian women wearing to work black pants-suits at this time of the year when the thermometer reads an average 30F all day? Ask them where the clothes are purchased and you would get the answer “USA” ,

    Bajans are fooling themselves. Former Prime Minister Arthur told them to get back to home gardening on a small scale . This advice seems to have fallen on the deaf ears of the young people. Yes, they are eating vegetables but the ones which are frozen and shipped to Barbados. Do you think Haitians have time for that rubbish? No, hey know how to eat what they produce.
    And finally Mr, Joseph, if you think that citizens of the big industrialized countries aren’t experiencing hard times , let me refer you to two articles titled (1) The U.S is a House of Cards , found at URL http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article38378.htm
    and (2) ‘UK growth forecast , a mirage for millions of Britons’ found at URL


  4. barbarees

    The first line of the above should read ” Tennyson Joseph wrote etc.”

  5. gentle jim

    @D Oracle: Never heard it put that way before. Made my day .