Amazing Barbados Photo: Blacks, Whites, Asians, Mixed Races Attend Party Together! Actually Enjoy Each Other!

Six years ago our friend Light-Skinned-ed Girl declared May to be Mixed Experience History Month. We hope the idea catches on because those of us who are Heinz 57 and/or in mixed-race marriages need to reflect upon our roots once in a while.

If you have to ask “What’s the big deal?”, well, perhaps you need to think about it a little more. There are many more of us than ever before but when we talk with other mixies, the experience is generally the same: neither black nor white, and not really accepted by either race. Here’s a little piece written by Marcus back in October 2006. I miss him…

Barbados Free Press


Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Site Of Astounding Happening!

Yes, folks – we couldn’t believe it ourselves (what with all this talk of that one incident last week between a light-skinned homeowner and a dark-skinned young man – link here) – it is true that several hundred people of all races, colours and religion all met last Saturday at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, and actually enjoyed each other’s company!

The event was the official launch of the proposal to establish the Graeme Hall National Park – but it felt more like a party than a meeting to Shona and Marcus.

One Racial Incident At Party…

There was one very serious racial incident at the party though. For a few minutes around 5pm, the cash bar ran short of cold Banks beer and two men of different races argued over who would get the last cold one.

A Barbados Free…

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7 responses to “Amazing Barbados Photo: Blacks, Whites, Asians, Mixed Races Attend Party Together! Actually Enjoy Each Other!

  1. zipzap

    I miss Marcus too! This was a good little story with a heart-warming message.

    Thank you Marcus wherever you are.

  2. robert ross

    BFP…I can only say this to you – and besides you know it very well. Be proud of who and what you are. Your colour is the least of your worries. Those who love you love you as you are and wouldn’t want you any different. Your true friends don’t see your colour. I have no doubt that your parents are as proud of you as you should be of yourselves. Grown up people care not a jot for race as the party you mention indicates and as Top Gear demonstrates. And woe to the people who try to tell you that you are less than you are and who, in their fashion, continue to stir up strife between the races. Yes, where there’s a wrong, right it without fear or favour of any man. And for the rest, we move forward in love for all men.

  3. just asking

    I am so happy that the Graeme Hall sanctuary will be opened again. I enjoyed going there so much. Where this colour thing is concerned, my mother was what people would call white, & my father was black, never had any problems with it, & it’s only since I came back to Barbados that my daughter had some problems. My husband is indian, so it seem some people had a problem, they didn’t know the meaning between a white or black person. Even at work they use to say that white woman (LOL) so funny, can’t think for themselves.

  4. river

    watch hbo series VICE to see the real world.