Barbados Finance Minister says redundant public employees should work for Trinidad & Tobago government

“We’re encouraging people to look for opportunities beyond Barbados and there are Caribbean territories that require that skilled labour. A lot of skilled labour from Barbados come here (to T&T). They go back and forth, and we are encouraging them to look for those opportunities.”

Barbados Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler speaking to T&T bankers

Leroy Parris and good friend Finance Minister Chris Sinckler share champagne

Leroy Parris and good friend Finance Minister Chris Sinckler share champagne – file photo

We’ve seen the cycle repeated for a long, long time. Barbados has way more people than this little rock can accommodate in space, resources and economy – so anytime in our history when there is a pull-back in the economy (as there is now), thousands of Bajans leave for better circumstances.

That happened when the Panama Canal was being carved from the jungle at the cost of 500 dead Bajans per mile, and it happened in the 1950’s and 1960’s when the lure of working in the UK took thousands of our best and brightest people away – most never to return.

Who leaves Barbados during these migrations?      

Those who can find work over and away – and that mostly excludes the lazy, the timid, the uneducated. Our best young people go and then they get settled in and start families abroad and that is the end of that. Nevermind the government’s good intentions to connect with the Bajan diaspora: once they go we don’t see or benefit much from the majority of them apart from some vacations or later retirement back home.

Finance Minister Sinckler’s statements in Trinidad are a message for young, skilled and educated Bajans: there is nothing here for you and won’t be for some time.

I’m too old to go and I’ve done enough travelling for ten normal lifetimes, but Cliverton and his friends talk about little else lately. It didn’t have to be this bad, but the politicians bought us with our own money and taught our people that “guvment do it”.

S0 the government coffers are empty and these same politicians have borrowed all they can. The government jobs must go, and so must the hungry mouths. So says our Minister of Finance between sips of champagne and more than a few bites of caviar on little toastees.


TT Guardian: Barbados is open to labour talks with T&T


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8 responses to “Barbados Finance Minister says redundant public employees should work for Trinidad & Tobago government

  1. Anonymous


  2. Party Animal

    Seeing T&T has taken over our Country he maybe right on.
    The third Party in the next Elections would be made up of all Trini’s
    I Vote for that.


    There is wok for the MOF in TnT Also, For he has no work in Bim for him that he can do, street broom

  4. Sadly true

    A terrible realization should come to all youths who read this.

    Leave Bim. Do so as soon as you can, and when you have a trade to support you. Try for the USA #1, UK #2, but just go!

  5. Konkieman

    Has anyone seen any numbers on remittances from the off shore Bajans? I am one who supports a parent in Bdos, and I am sure many do. I wonder how much of the economy it accounts for.

  6. Sadly true

    Remittances must be a significant part of the economy, but they are not part of the ‘real’ economy when it comes to suitability. Bajans have fewer children now and when the parents die off the remittances stop, thus remittances will continue to shrink as a part of the available foreign currency.

    Every abortion in the last 20 years had a negative impact on the economy and the future economy. Individual choices have larger societal consequences and we are now seeing one of the consequences of wholesale killing of the next generation: lowered economic base.

    There are many other factors at work, but it is intellectually dishonest to ignore wholesale abortion as a cause of economic damage simply because one supports abortion.

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  8. just asking

    M Of F is not involved in abortion, he is more involved in raping taxpayers, for his & his imbeciles partners in rape. When will the bajan community wake up from their slumber?