Typical: 1/ Wall off the coast. 2/ Provide no parking for beach-goers. 3/ Advertise the beach to tourists.

Barbados Beach Problems (click photo for large)

Tear down these walls!

It’s a good thing there is no truth in advertising, for instead of showing the usual photos of bikini clad lovelies frolicking on the Bajan sand between blue sea and green foliage, we’d have to show a wall of concrete condos blocking the sun and the view – with nary a path for people to find their way to the beach.

Parking? You mek sport! Why would our esteemed leaders ever give a care to provide parking spots near the very beaches upon which this island’s economy depends?

Fools they are, and fools we are for letting them continue to sell every last piece of land with not a thought about what happens when large stretches of beach are inaccessible except to the few elites who can afford to live right there.

Unfinished concrete skeletons dot the coast. TEAR DOWN THESE WALLS and let the people access the beach!

Beach Bummer

IT IS fast becoming one of the most popular beaches in Barbados, especially among visitors, but there is a snag.

The beach, located along the busy highway at The Garden, St James, has no parking space. As a result, visitors park their vehicles along Storehouse Gap, just opposite the road leading to the beach, resulting in the two-lane road being restricted to one lane for traffic going in both directions…

Read it all in The Nation

(and thanks to The Nation for the photo)


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10 responses to “Typical: 1/ Wall off the coast. 2/ Provide no parking for beach-goers. 3/ Advertise the beach to tourists.

  1. Party Animal

    Bajans, Always put the Cart before the Horse

    One thing I must say I see a lot of stuff building and I wonder what is happening at T&CP as it looks like no one is “Planning” for the future.

    Warrens a typical example.

  2. Dirt into Gold!

    Much of the problem is that there is no overall plan, never has been one. No one wants a plan because that would eliminate the ability of the politicians to personally profit from having relatives acquire pieces of land and then rezoning them a year or two later when no one is looking. Scrub land becomes worth gold overnight!

  3. Anonymous

    I grow up bathin, in sea water
    But nowadays, that is bare horror
    If I only venture, from my seashore
    Police Telling me, I cyan bade no more
    Cause “Jack” doan want me to bade on my beach
    “JACK” tell dem to keep me outto reach
    “JACK” tell dem, I would never made de grade
    dey STRENGHTEN SECURITY and build barricade
    Dat cyan happen here in this country
    I want Jack to know that the beach belong to me (we)
    Dah cyan happen here, OVER MY DEAD BODY
    Tell (big guts) JACK (him)
    GABBY (I) say that de beach belong to me (we)
    Look! That beach is mine, I can bade anytime
    Despite what they say I go there anyway
    (I gine bade anyway)

  4. just asking

    It seem as if those words of GABBY have no meaning these days. Land sold, wall build, & that’s the end of that

  5. RLL

    Poor us. There is not much to talk about. Whatever we had once is gone. So we give our homage to the gate and the fine trimmed lawn.

    The ordinary people don’t count for much. Why should the govmnt give us access to the beaches even if the law demands it? They don’t care for the law. Them. They.


    Its easy to sell what is not yours and take the money and run , or make the money and run, for now they have more money to live some where else, Remember this part of the World dont belong to them ,
    Terra real estate is the helper of the crooks , look at who run it, One kind selling to another , None is the owner , They can never sell land that way any where else , Barbados does not allow or have TITLE COMPANIES TO INSURE THE BUYERS FROM OTHER CLAIMS , OF A CLEAR TITLE.
    Bit by bit you will see crooks at every port and doc and the crook lawyers waiting to make words that sound good ..It seem Barbados crooks lawyers sending their money to TnT , When one lawyer gets shot , it send a earth quake to the lawyers in Barbados where some their money is hidden.TnT lawyers made their living in Barbados for many years and have their names on many companies papers ,

  7. distant voice

    tear down the hoardings around all the unfinished and unstarted beachfront properties and show foreign developers that they cant come here and f=%k up our most precious income earner…the beach front. Incidentally in other countries, stalled developments have a time limit, before the government moves to force them to re-start or sell at auction locally.
    How long will bajans do nothing about..Beachlands, Harlequin, etc?
    Half of Holetown seafront has been blocked off by 12ft high hoardings. No more glorious sunsets for visitors and locals to enjoy….who the hell gave these developers permission to rob us of this particular pleasure?
    Most of these hoardings are illegal anyway. They are all encroaching the road reserve….they should be at least 21 ft from centre of road.
    The chief town planner should force the owners to take down the hoardings, clean up and make safe the sites and landscape them until work can start back at the very least.

  8. Victor

    Over a five month period between November and April 2014 I asked every long stay visitor I encountered including visitors who live here, what they thought about Barbados. After a long litany of complaints including all the ones we hear every day, such as despoiling the island by littering, bus scandals, inept police, rip-off taxis, importunate beach selling etc. etc. plus fear of mugging, mean treatment of animals, government corruption, airport mugging by customs etc. terrible newspapers, bad attitude to customer service.
    I asked “why DO you love Barbados then? Why are you here, why do you keep coming back?” The answer was invariably, “the people, the people are so great!. Sweet, clever, funny, friendly, kind. laid-back attitude, I feel so comfortable and relaxed”. (The customer service attitude is not restricted to tourists as we know!)
    It’s by no means the most beautiful island in the Caribbean nor the cheapest, that’s for sure. Not “unspoiled” anymore, either unfortunately. But what brings others here is the populace, that is it. Bajans is sweet! They know they sweet because everyone says so.
    Obviously the all-inclusives wouldn’t have a clue about that as they might as well be in Majorca. That’s another beef of mine I won’t go there at this time!
    It seems so unfair that this loved populace, the main draw for tourism, is not getting the proper treatment by its representatives so that its inheritance is being squandered, just to line the pockets of those greedy rasses.
    Yet the irony is that the very same laid-back attitude so appreciated by visitors is the attitude that stops the Bajan voter from pursuing an agenda of focussing on politics keenly. Shouting your head off in a rum shop does not equate to getting down to facts and insisting on transparency, for example, to root out the corruption which blossoms like a sick flower here. Accountability would unleash a storm! Let’s have it pronto!
    Until Bajans get a grip on political awareness away from partisan two-party politics, things will continue to gently spiral on downwards. Downwards may be the wrong word, what do you think? It is more a case of control drifting out of the hands of the voters, as windows to the sea are lost, infrastructure wobbles and chicanery rides rampant in the property development sector, to the detriment of all, including tourists.
    I’ve been to other countries such as Spain, where coastal dwellers who sold off their orange groves to become taxi drivers for the expected hotel guest boom, found themselves unemployed in a barren terrain of half-built monstrosities like ghost towns, not a beautiful orange grove in sight.
    Everyone goes “oh well what can you do. politicians, eh?” Then they start ranting and raving but why no new political parties?
    It is time to fight back the corruption and laissez faire attitudes of our politicians. Nothing can be changed by voting for one of two sets of initials whose only differentiation is one letter!

  9. just asking

    What about the 4 seasons project? Did Barbadians read the newspaper today? what about all the NIS money that was put into this enterprise? Can anyone give us a feed back on what is happening to our money & if it has gone into some one Swiss account? So many ? need to be answered, no one, neither Government nor opposition are saying anything, just a whole lot of bull –it coming out of the PM & MoF mouth. This thing with CLICO has been said over & over again, we are still waiting. All of the other caribbean island people are just shaking their heads at us & our inept politicians, & idiotic people.

  10. Anonymous

    Lovely public beach at Welches…but nowhere to park your car (some people do park illegally across the highway) It’s just a lack of will and creative thinking by our elected Ministers. They have no idea how to do things right.
    Oh yes, they know how to spend money on overseas missions and trips.