Political, religious, race-based agendas and fears are destroying our historical records

Successive Barbados governments have been talking for at least twenty years about the need to protect our historical places, buildings and written history with laws and actions – and then offering that heritage as part of our tourism.

Yup, they have been talking about it for years. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk – and not much else. Matter a fact, successive governments have chosen a fast buck or neglect every time over spending money to preserve and restore.

So this week was no different when Tourism Minister Richard Sealy said all the right words in front of first conference of Caribbean National Trusts and Preservation Societies. And words are about all that will be done until the next conference.

“Where’s the plan, Minister? Where’s the budget? Where’s the money put aside in your government’s budget for historical preservation?”

Words are all the DLP and BLP governments offer.

Here is an article we first published back in 2010, where our old friend Jim Lynch explains one of the reasons that we never seem to act to preserve our heritage, only talk. Maybe Mr. Sealy might read it…

Barbados Free Press

Our old friend and retired “Twotter” pilot Jim Lynch loves to preserve Barbados history and is a treasure-trove of information and advice for those seeking to learn about their Caribbean ancestry. He has published some very special books that will occupy you for weeks if you get one in your hands. Two years ago we covered his work in our article Old Barbados Newspapers Are A Treasure Of History.

Today Jim stopped by BFP and left the following comment that we think is worth a few minutes of your time.

Thanks, Jim! (I think the photo is about 25 years old, but you haven’t aged a bit, have you?) 🙂

I have been commended – and abused – in the past for saying what others think but refuse to put into words.

In Barbados, as in other Caribbean islands (and indeed in other parts of the world), records are destroyed…

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3 responses to “Political, religious, race-based agendas and fears are destroying our historical records

  1. West Side Davie

    A big “Well said” to both BFP and Mr. Lynch.


    Well by now you can see why , Old PLANTATION HOUSES REMOVED, WIND MILLS REMOVED, Land marks removed, records from the COURT removed, Town & Country records removed, land tax records removed, UDC records removed, NHC records removed,Inland Rev, records removed,
    title deeds removed and re- written, Archives records removed,
    We would love to see what his books are saying , National trust books can not be trusted, we have proof, Barbados Library can not be trusted , High Court Records cant not be trusted, Lawyers can not be trusted, Ministers can not be trusted, Sir Hillary Beckles at UWI can not be trusted , two face two mouth , Mr Lynch lets see what you have, It will be a shame if you can show more than the government of Barbados and the new DBLP government.

  3. A sadness

    We ignored and neglected our heritage for 40 years because we thought by destroying the evidence of slavery we would destroy the long term impact of slavery upon our society.

    How misguided we were! We allowed the last known slave house to be destroyed. Why? What the H*** were people thinking?

    It’s like those who destroyed the Nazi concentration camps in Europe. Every one of them should have been preserved. Lord help us.