Lawyer’s letters to BBC & Barbados High Commissioner: “Top Gear specialises in making a profit from deliberate but deniable racism.”

TopGear Festival Barbados

Clarkson subsequently withdrew the apology for his use of the N-word and said that the BBC forced him to issue it.

… from the letter apparently sent to the BBC and Barbados High Commissioner to the UK. Did Clarkson really withdraw his apology? Something like that here.

Strictly Private and Confidential letters sent to Barbados Free Press

Today BFP received two letters apparently sent from Equal Justice Ltd Solicitors to the BBC and our High Commissioner in London. The letters are supposed to be “Strictly Private and Confidential”, but nonetheless were sent to BFP as PDF files.

Interesting… the PDF files hidden data reveals that two other UK law firms are perhaps involved in their creation: Penman Sedgwick LLP and lawyer Beena Faridi, apparently with Bindmans LLP as a trainee.

“Dear High Commissioner, you should consider banning the programme from Barbados because it appears to incite racist bullying at work and in the social sphere.”

… from the letter apparently sent to the Barbados High Commissioner to the UK

What does it all mean? We’re not smart enough to say, so we’ll publish the text of the letters and also the original PDFs so folks can have a look for themselves at the letters exactly as they came to us anonymously through an anonymous proxy out of Russia.

Remember: These letters were sent anonymously to BFP – and BFP is an anonymous blog run by unnamed persons somewhere near Grape Hall. Take it all with some salt until it’s confirmed somehow, okay?

The whole thing is about Jeremy Clarkson’s “N-word” comments. Clarkson used the word “NIGGER” in case anybody missed what this is all about – but the below letters explain that Clarkson’s racist comments are intentional and scripted. Is that the truth? Judge for yourself…

PDFs of the Letters

Letter to Barbados High Commissioner  let toBarbados 060514

Letter to BBC  let to BBC 060514

Letter to Barbados High Commissioner

Equal Justice Solicitors

Striving for better justice
Equal Justice Ltd
Bloomsbury House
4, Bloomsbury Square
London WC1A 2RL

Tel: 020 7405 5292
Fax: 020 7405 5315
DX: 35708 Bloomsbury

High Commissioner
Barbados High Commission
1 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3ND
By post and email.
Email –


Strictly Private and Confidential
6 May 2014

Our ref: LD/Top Gear
Your ref:

Dear High Commissioner


Race complaint against the UK’s British Broadcasting Corporation (“BBC”)

We act for various clients (including Richard Rogers and Fred Jacobs, US citizens) who have brought a race complaint against Jeremy Clarkson (a tv presenter) and the UK’s British Broadcasting Corporation (“BBC”) for scripting and authorising the use of the N-word in filming for the “Top Gear” show. As it transpired, and probably due to our previous complaints about the use of racist anti-Mexican material on the previous show, the BBC and Clarkson got cold feet and the racist material was not broadcast, but the racist intent to profit from the use of deliberate but deniable racism was there.

Mexican people (both adults and children) living in the UK were subjected to racist bullying after the earlier anti-Mexican broadcast.

The BBC defended the anti-Mexican racist material on the basis that it was “British humour”. Mexicans were described as being fat, flatulent, lazy and feckless.

The BBC have similarly defended their recent scripting and broadcasting of the term “slope” (a racist slur for Asian people, short for “slope-eyed”) on its Burma/Myanmar special. Further to our recent complaint, they have recently withdrawn the racist term from the US and Australian broadcast of the show.

When confronted with his use of the N-word Clarkson denied he had ever used it. However, it appears in his autobiography and more importantly he had been caught on camera repeatedly mumbling it on un-aired footage.

He then issued a public statement begging the forgiveness of the UK public.

Clarkson is said to be a close ally of the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron. The PM’s righthand man, Mr Michael Gove, with whom we have worked before, stated last week that Clarkson should not be sacked having apologised. He said this despite the fact that the BBC investigation has yet to conclude.

Clarkson subsequently withdrew the apology for his use of the N-word and said that the BBC forced him to issue it.

The BBC staff who scripted and approved the use of the N-word and all previous and later racist puns remain untouchable and un-investigated. We attach a copy of our complaint letter to the BBC in that regard.
We write to you because:

1. The BBC are about to film Top Gear in your country later this month. Given that the racists are still employed by the BBC and Clarkson has withdrawn his apology, there is the real risk that they will make racist jokes about your nationals and then broadcast them to a racist audience in the UK;

2. In practice, our complaints to the BBC caused it to withdraw the racist “British humour” against Mexicans and the recent use of the “slope” word from its foreign broadcasts. However, the racist intent is still there and they are profiting from such international
broadcasts from this casual (or, what we say is, deliberate) racism.

3. We have received a great deal of race hate mail, since making the complaint, some of which has been sent to us from abroad; copy attached by post only;

4. The Top Gear show reaches millions around the world and encourages the use of racism against ethnic minorities in the UK and abroad.

Further, we ask you to consider the evidence as it unfolds in the BBC investigation (if such ever occurs) and if your broadcasting authorities think it right, you may wish to consider banning the programme from your country because it appears to incite racist bullying at work and in the social sphere.

Of course, thanks to our complaints, your audience have yet to be exposed to the same level of racism that we have been, but the intent of the programme makers is the same; to use deliberate deniable racism (what some falsely call, “casual racism”) to sell the programme. In our view, it would not be appropriate for the BBC to profit from that racist intent, no matter how they seek to cover it up or to excuse it, after it is broadcast in the UK.

The current situation is that the BBC says that it is under no legal obligation under the Equality Act 2010 to prohibit racist broadcasts or racist editorial decisions, which we believe to be in conflict with EU law.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Equal Justice solicitors

Equal Justice Ltd is an incorporated firm of solicitors authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA No: 420325)
Equal Justice Ltd. is Registered in England Director: Lawrence Davies LLM Company Registration No. 05357696

Letter to BBC Legal Department

Equal Justice Solicitors
Striving for better justice
Head of Legal

BBC Legal Department
By email.

Strictly Private and Confidential
6 May 2014
Our ref: LD/Top Gear

Your ref:

Dear Madam


Race complaints about “Top Gear” and Jeremy Clarkson

We refer to our complaint of 1 May 2014 about Clarkson and Top Gear using the N-word.

We act for the following clients who wish to complain about the use of BBC staff, equipment and resources in the filming of the N-word comment by Jeremy Clarkson:

  • Ms Somi Guha, actress/writer
  • Mr Anthony Robinson, former Director of Casework, Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Mr Fred Jacobs, US entrepreneur and former Director at the Solicitors Regulation Authority
  • Mr Richard W. Rogers, US entrepreneur

The above complain that the following BBC staff must be sacked for gross misconduct for repeated use and approval of racist language on the Top Gear Show:

  • Mr Brian Klein, Director
Mr Andy Wilman, Executive Producer
  • Mr Robert Porter, Script-editor and writer
  • Mr Jeremy Clarkson, writer and presenter
  • Mr Richard Hammond, presenter

Mr Clarkson has a long-history of using racist abuse for humour. In “Clarkson on Cars”, he wrote:

“If it turns out that a Malaysian customs officer cannot be bribed, I shall renounce Christianity and move to the Orkneys where, I’m told, everyone is Lucifer’s best mate.”

“We know also that the French are rude, the Italians are mad and the Dutch are a bunch of dope-smoking pornographers.”

“Each Wednesday, I have to make a 120-mile journey from Nairobi, south London, to Bombay, near Birmingham.”

In his “Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld” he added: “My only experience of Vietnamese people was either at a restaurant in Fulham or as a lot of scuttling midgets in straw hats throwing hand grenades into Huey helicopters.”

In 2005, he did the Nazi salute on Top Gear and suggested BMW German cars’ sat nav “only goes to Poland”.

We assume that the BBC interviewed and challenged Mr Clarkson on his racist views before engaging him for the Top Gear show and subsequently as they emerged?

In early 2011, several of our clients complained about the racist comment used against Mexican people on the Top Gear show. In the next show, we now know he used the N-word.

In July 2011, he described watching a black screen on his tv as something that “looks like it is being presented by Lenry Henry (a black comedian) in a cave”.

In 2012, he made racist comments about Indian people. He also laughed at Chinese swimmers and likened them to the Chinese people who drowned in the bay of Morecombe in 2004.

In 2014, he described an Asian person as a “slope” (a racial slur, short for “slope-eyed”).

Despite this horrific history, he denies being a racist and the BBC did not sack him. His co- presenters aided and abetted most of the Top Gear racism.

It is important to note that all of these racist comments were used deliberately and scripted by Richard Porter and/or Jeremy Clarkson, except for the attack on the Mexican ambassador which Mr Clarkson improvised on the same racist theme.
Richard Porter (white male, whose aliases include “Richard Chapati” and “Archbishop Desmond Porter” according to the IMDb website) has commented in an interview:

If you could have a face-to-face with BMW’s Chris Bangle, what would you say / do to him?

I think I’d challenge him to a game of Pictionary. “What the hell is that? A door? You twat [sexist comment], that doesn’t look anything like a door. Why is it on the wonk?” Alternatively, I suppose I could wait until he’s asleep and then shave off the moustache part of his beard so that he looks like a religious cult leader. Or a Belgian.

How does it feel to know that Clarkson’s dry humour and “rapier wit” is the handiwork of (largely unsung) others?

It’s not really. He still writes an awful lot of Top Gear. I just chip in with gags and suggestions. Most of our scripts are a team effort, resulting from a bunch of blokes sitting in a room talking bollocks and trying to make each other laugh.

The scripted racism against Indians, Mexican and Roma people is initially approved by Mr Andy Wilman (Executive Producer) and Mr Clarkson, before Mr Clarkson receives the script to rehearse.

As insiders have commented on various blogs:

“Porter had said to Clarkson and Wilman that a joke or scene wasn’t funny and wouldn’t work and they just went ahead and did it anyway”.

“It must be said that with Clarkson and Wilman making the show that they want instead of the show that they think their audience wants, things will never turn out well. And let’s also remember that it’s Jeremy who writes most of the script, not Porter”.

“Porter is the “script editor” so he could take bits out if he wanted but ultimately it is Jeremy and Andy’s show and they will always have final say”.

In that regard, when Clarkson was complained of for attacking “special needs” people, Mr Wilman responded:

“Please direct your anger towards myself and the production team, rather than at Jeremy and James. This was our fault, not theirs, and we unreservedly apologise to all the viewers we have upset as a consequence”.

Mr Clarkson then rehearses the discriminatory lines with his co-presenters, Mr Hammond and Mr May.

The rehearsals then lead to several takes of what is being filmed. The presenters normally needing more than one take to finesse and nuance in the racist comment. BBC staff are present at all times.

The show is then edited on the Wednesday and approved for broadcast by Mr Andy Wilman, and the producers, including the Executive Producer, Mr Brian Klein.

Mr Hammond always acts as Mr Clarkson’s foil. His comments help to disguise and legitimise Clarkson’s racist comment. Like, James May, he is very much part of the problem and a willing accomplice.

The N-word

On a high after the racist attack on Mexican people, in their next show Mr Porter and/or Mr Clarkson wanted to go one step further and use the N-word.

They decided to use the N-word by Mr Clarkson reciting a racist nursery rhyme. This was scripted for Mr Clarkson to use.

Mr Clarkson was excited to use it having remarked upon why only Tarrantino (among white people) could use the N-word in his earlier autobiography. He enthusiastically said that there was only one way to tell between two cars and that was to use the racist nursery rhyme.

Indeed, one of our staff members’ children, stopped reading Clarkson’s autobiography when he read the N-word; even a 12 year old knew it had no place in a book about a car enthusiast.

The well-trodden trick was to weave the N-word into the narrative of the show without being censored or criticised.

The decision (presumably by Clarkson or the Director, Klein) was for the normally loud Clarkson to mumble the word; thus securing the badge of honour (among their racist fans) of including it but at the same time, disguising it. They did exactly the same thing by scripting the “slope” word (from the racial slur, slope-eyed) to attack Asian people in the show earlier this year. Once the slope word was said by Clarkson, co-presenter, Richard Hammond immediately pretended that Clarkson was referring to the angle of the bridge which he was not.

The show specialises in making a profit from deliberate but deniable racism.

Clarkson did several takes to perfect the mumble of the N-word. It is akin to saying the N-word under your breath when a black man passes. It is enough for him to hear it but not enough that he can prove it.

Clarkson thought he got it right on the second or third take.

All of the BBC staff present heard the N-word being repeatedly mumbled but did nothing.

Clarkson heard it back later and thought the N-word was too identifiable and asked if another take could be used.

In the end, probably because we had accused Top gear of racism in relation to the anti-Mexican show, they got cold feet and substituted the N-word for “teacher”. Their racist viewers would still get the pun though.

The Daily Mirror subsequently accused Clarkson of using the N-word.

He tweeted immediately that he had never used the N-word; “I did not use the n-word. Never use it. The Mirror has gone way too far this time.” That was a lie. He used it in his autobiography and he repeatedly stated/mumbled it in rehearsals and various filmed takes.
Clarkson said he used the c-word but not the N-word. The fact that he defended himself with disgusting sexism did not concern the BBC, despite the fact that the show had previously been accused of being institutionally sexist.

The Daily Mirror then released the footage of Clarkson mumbling the N-word in his attempt to get it into the broadcast programme.

Clarkson then issued an apology for mumbling the N-word in the clip and begged forgiveness.

Neither Porter nor Clarkson apologised for scripting the N-word into the show. Mr Klein and Mr Wilman did not apologise for sanctioning that usage so that it could be rehearsed by Clarkson and the BBC staff.

Indeed, Porter disrespectfully reacted as follows on his Sniff Petrol site: “Clarkson denies using N-word to describe Daily Mirror” (“I would never call it a Newspaper”). This was the unapologetic response from the script-editor who had deliberately scripted and/or approved the use of the N-word.

The BBC investigation

We have asked the BBC to investigate the use of the N-word and to re-investigate the anti- Mexican and slope remarks which our clients had previously complained about in that context.

Instead of investigating the matter it transpires that the BBC met with Clarkson and forced him to issue an apology. This was presumably a behind the scenes deal to save him under which he would appear to be contrite and then the BBC’s sanction of not dismissing him may appear to some viewers to be reasonable.

Having ignored the matter until then, the BBC publicised the apology on its website. The aim was to save face and not to root out the racism.

The apology was simply a ruse to fool the British people that the BBC and Clarkson were sorry for the use of the N-word. They were not.

In fact, Clarkson has now withdrawn his apology completely. He has said (in what must be a breach of confidentiality) that he was forced to make it by the BBC. He has also stated that the final written warning was unjustified and has mocked the BBC over their action to date.

In short, his apology was stage-managed and forced and therefore not sincere and hence not, in any sense, a mitigating circumstance.

The people responsible for the use of the N-word, that is Porter, Klein and Wilman among many other BBC staff, were not similarly disciplined or even investigated. These racists have thus far escaped (yet again) without censure. It is a national disgrace.

Clarkson-gate goes to the heart of the BBC management. Top Gear is the only remaining popular show to which racists lay claim. The BBC has to choose between justice and profiteering from illegal racism or the public will choose for it.

To date, therefore, we have had a sham investigation which was essentially a cover up, to protect the culpable BBC staff lurking in the shadows behind Clarkson and the BBC’s most profitable tv show.

The BBC has one last chance to re-establish its credibility as a non-racist and professional organisation.

The Law

We say that the Race Directive 2000 applies to racist comments made at work by your staff. We say that the exceptions created in the Equality Act 2010 in section 29 and 149 are illegal and contrary to that Directive. They must hence be disapplied and ignored.

It is only the Gender Directive 2004 which regrettably authorised such exemptions for broadcasts and editorial decisions. The Race Directive did not.

The Race Directive and/or article 47 of the Fundamental Charter of Rights also disapplies the also Communications Act in this regard.

The reason why the Race Directive was silent on it was because the EU was worried about broadcasts by people like Le Pen (and now Clarkson and Wilman) and wanted such racism to be capable of being challenged in the courts.

Some of the race hate emails aimed at our firm and our original client, Ms Guha (who also like our previous female clients received sexist emails as well) say these complaints are about political correctness rather than racism.

However, that is not true. After the anti-Mexican broadcast, we were contacted by (among other people) Mexicans based in the UK who were bullied at work (and school) as a direct result of Top Gear’s casual racism.

The Top Gear show encourages and legitimises racist stereotypes and attitudes.

Top Gear is the last bastion of racism in the UK. It is currently the only popular programme being broadcast that racists claim for their own.

This is why criticism of Clarkson is reacted to by racist threats; his fans want to “cull” the gypsies in Clarkson’s defence.

We have been contacted by Chinese and/or Asian origin people who have been targeted for bullying since the “slope” broadcast.

Of course, there are worse forms of racism. However, a programme that legitimises racist stereotypes to millions of adults (and children) both in the UK and abroad cannot be ignored.

British humour defence

The defence of the BBC to the allegation of racism against Indian people, Mexican people and more recently Asian people is that it is simply “British humour”.

However, it is not and they know it.

It is not a part of multicultural British humour. It is a part of the racist humour peddled by the Victorians up to the early 1970s when racism finally became illegal in the UK.

Further, when the BBC broadcast the anti-Mexican show in the USA they removed all of the racist “British humour” material. Why? It is because they knew it to be racist and that any civilised country like the USA would see it for what it is; racism, pure and simple.

Similarly, having deliberately used the “slope” word to describe an Asian person and admitted they knew the term was used to describe such people, they have decided not to broadcast the same in the USA or Australia because it is offensive there. But it is offensive here for exactly the same reason.


It is well-known that Clarkson is a personal friend of the Prime Minister, David Cameron. Last week, the PM’s right-hand man, Michael Gove, whom we know well, spoke out in defence of Clarkson, while the PM stayed silent. Gove said that Clarkson should not be axed.

Gove did so before your investigation had concluded and with no understanding of the factual matrix. This was a disgraceful act of cronyism by the Minister responsible for our children’s education. In his eyes, a dishonest racist who gives a false and forced apology should not be dismissed and the scripting of the N-word and enduring racism can simply be swept under the carpet?

We note that Gove believed much more in due process when we worked with him against Ed Balls over the procedural failures in the Baby P case.

Now in power, it seems cronyism is more important to him than due process and therefore, justice.

Please do not be swayed by political interference positive (Harriet Harman’s comments) or negative (Gove and Farage), or by your profit margins. You work for the British public not for politicians or your profit-margin so investigate the matter properly and act accordingly.

Our and our clients’ views

Lawrence Davies – “Until the dark forces behind Clarkson and his co-presenters are sacked, racism will remain part of the DNA of Top Gear. Not a penny of public money should facilitate their exit. Racism and dishonesty is gross misconduct and that is a fundamental breach of contract which entitles the BBC to sack them without compensation”

Somi Guha – ‘With a covert wink to their fans, the Top Gear team find it a sport to re-introduce words and slurs while pretending they haven’t. These words are the very words that racists have used while attacking, abusing, ganging up on and/or lynching someone from a visible minority. I refuse to fund their sport.’

Anthony Robinson – “This is totally unacceptable for the BBC to permit this kind of racist language. It is very clear what is being said, but even if the word had not been used the decision to recite the saying knowing that viewers would fill in the missing racist “N” word themselves is nevertheless unacceptable from the BBC. The BBC is under a legal duty to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between people. The failure to take action against this kind of racism or racist banter is a dereliction of the legal duties on the Corporation. The BBC must take the strongest actions possible against Jeremy Clarkson and those involved in the writing, editing and production of the programme”.

Our demands

Our clients ask the BBC to investigate the deliberate use of racism on the show by its writers, editors and producers and if this is proven to dismiss those staff and to return the profits from those particular shows and to donate them to an anti-racist charity.

Unless Clarkson, Wilman, Porter and Klein et al are dismissed further to a thorough investigation we are to call for non-racists to boycott the show, until it is de-commissioned, and we will consider additional legal action, including judicial review, next week.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Equal Justice solicitors

Cc: Ofcom
Equality and Human Rights Commission Minister for Equality
Shadow Minister for Equality


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    “Clarkson subsequently withdrew the apology for his use of the N-word and said that the BBC forced him to issue it.@

    Let Clarkson come , He was not talking to Bajans, He was talking to the DBLP Government of Barbados , Who fit the profile and behavior of such a people

  2. Anonymous

    I read every word in this article and am convinced that Clarkson and his associates use racism as entertainment. They are vile, polluted persons who have gravitated to the lowest of humour and entertainment.

    It would be difficult to cancel the event at this point, but we the people should make a spectacle of it with signs and protests so that the world will know.

    Clarkson is the worst kind of racist because he designs his racism to receive a ‘pass’ or benefit of the doubt. Too much smoke here. The fire must be burning.

  3. gentle jim

    Racism is alive worldwide. Checkout the finalists for American Idol,The Voice and Survivor. Not one black person left in any of these shows .I wonder why they bother to enter at all.

  4. gentle jim

    What will happen in Barbados ? Absolutely NOTHING !!!!

  5. St George's Dragon

    For casual racism in Barbados check out BU.

  6. robert ross

    Both communications sound a bit dodgy to me. They’re not well written and there’s no signature.

  7. robert ross

    BU received the same anonymous document. Doesn’t make sense.

  8. You people need to get a life. Clarkson is an entertainer, a good one, and his detractors are clearly sad losers.

  9. Credas

    There’s no way those letters were written by a firm of solicitors – they wouldn’t use such colloquial language in a formal letter of complaint.

    Incidentally, “slope” may be a racist term in Australia and some other countries, but I doubt that 1% of people in the UK had any idea of that usage before the fuss about Top Gear. It’s like “faggots”; a tasty traditional dish in the UK, a homophobic term in the US. People need to learn a bit more and lighten up.

  10. robert ross

    Credas and 45govt

    On the assumption that you are real people and since you are writing on a Bajan blog, may I suggest that it’s time you made your voices more widely heard? Those of us who live here and who have the temerity to suggest that racism is not just about slurring black people but, rather, ANY racial group are being targeted as racist – and that cannot be good for race relations in the wider scheme of things.

    Perhaps, in the light of the ‘Mixed’ post of a few days ago, BFP might take up this cause too.

  11. Keep Clarkson Out!

    Comissiong says don’t let the racist Clarkson into the country. I think he’s right!

  12. robert ross

    LOL But Commissiong would.

  13. Anonymous

    If black people consider the n word racist then perhaps they should stop using it to describe themselves for entertainment effect, I.e. Music.

  14. @ robert ross – I am a real person all right, and a Bajan citizen living abroad. This whole nonsense reminds me of what Martin Donawa once succinctly described as the ‘colour crutch’ relied upon by those without a purpose in life.
    I notice that one such above calling himself Keep Clarkson Out has quoted the moron David Commissiong, who has relied on this crutch for his living his entire worthless existence as he has striven to increase division in his race relations industry.
    This method of divide and conquer is just what the muslims are using with great effect against the supine civilised world..

  15. Anonymous

    I wonder if Mr Comissiong would take the same position if Dr Dre was scheduled to visit Barbados? Almost all of his songs feature the “N” fact his first group was called NWA (Niggers with Attitude), and his song “Niggers for Life” was NO 1 on the Top Billboard Pop charts way back in 1991.Chris Rock, and many other black comedians and rappers to this day use the word frequently in their performances and recordings.
    This story is getting way overblown.
    Kudos to Dr Dre for overcoming many obstacles to soon become the first BILLIONAIRE or white!
    Apple announced the intended purchase of his business for 3.2 Billion greenbacks.WOW!

  16. robert ross


    Yes, on all counts.

  17. vexxx

    fa real den, we does call each other niggas out of respect, its no big deal, Clarkson and team are welcome bout here. he can say nigga all he want, who gives a rass! looking forward to de event. ll those including Comissiong the idiot that dont want clarkson in the island can suck salt, we bajans love motersport and top gear, so you all bess stay home!

  18. A sadness

    My vote is to deny Clarkson entry to Barbados. We can at least do that.

  19. @ A sadness. You have named yourself well – you are truly a sadness if you want to cut off your nose to spite your face.

    @ robert ross – thanks 🙂

  20. In an effort to prove he’s not racist, Jeremy Clarkson has announced there will be more black people on Top Gear in future starting with a new “mystery driver”

    “The Nig” makes his debut this summer.

  21. Anonymous

    Will he be driving in a black outfit as opposed to the Stigs White?

  22. Seems logical, why not?

  23. gentle jim

    You only have to check out the recent Cheffete team launch for Rally Barbados. You see any black rally drivers in their team? It amazes me that the ones who can afford it most are the ones who get the most sponsorship.

  24. @ gentle jim. The only successful black driver I know is Hamilton, and I know of no top black swimmers, and few top white sprinters. Like it or not, there are ethnic differences. Why should it be about money?
    Sponsorship goes to those most likely to be successful – and that’s not rocket science.
    Some people will find racism anywhere and everywhere.

  25. Anonymous

    Next we won’t be able to call an Irish builder “paddy”

  26. robert ross

    Actually…as a matter of fact I live in an area where there are plenty of supped-up rally cars with black drivers – though I have to say I don’t know what events they enter…..and am not really interested. Is that an age thing or a colour thing?

  27. robert ross

    or ‘taffy’

  28. Robert Storey

    Well I hope the PC brigade are happy now. A 63 year old DJ on BBC radio has just been fired for playing the 1932 version on “the sun has got its hat on” which has the n word in it. That means that any DJ who now plays a Jaz-Z record will now be fired. And this is how black people want to project themselves towards equality.

  29. The PC brigade are never happy Robert, they are professional finders of offence, which I believe reflects the essential emptiness and futility of their own lives.
    The worlds best proponents of the ‘art’ of finding offence are the muslims – it is their yardstick, indeed their raison d’être.

    “The funny thing about moslems is that they are often offended by fellow moslems.

    To the point that they have to murder them of course.

    The usual targets are usually the most inoffensive brands of islam
    like the Suffis.

    They are offended by Buddhism so have to demolish ancient monuments
    wherever they find them.

    They are offended by Christianity so build mosques over the ancient
    churches and cathedrals of the Christian countries they invade.

    Of course they will not allow mosques to ever change into churches.

    They are offended by moslems who leave the faith for another one.

    They are offended by the sight of women to the extent that women must
    cover their faces.

    Moslems are a very offensive people.”

  30. robert ross

    We are in danger of becoming too comfortable. Following St George’s lead may I suggest interested people scrutinize the last few posts on Barbados Underground dealing with Clarkson.

  31. Karl Watson

    I am curious about something…..the timing of this media storm. The incident where Mr Clarkson was alleged (note I say alleged and in his submission to the local media Mr Commissiong as a seasoned lawyer wisely used that protective word as well) to have used the N word, took place well over a year ago. The tape where he mumbles something is on line. It is not clear what he says..I can’t make it out, even though I have listened to the tape repeatedly, even speech experts cannot be absolutely clear that what is mumbled is the N word. Even so, that section was never aired, instead what the world viewers saw and heard was “teacher” which apparently in England is an acceptable substitute for the N word. That tape aired in February, 2013. Yet fifteen months later, the whole thing has blown up. Strange timing…just before Top Gear is filmed here…an event in which we have invested scarce funds and which has the promise of considerable favourable publicity for our island, at a time when we desperately need such favourable publicity. Are we being sabotaged?