Anna Druzhinina murder: Persaud appealing sentence, Barbados Court stonewalls journalist

Zero Transparency or Accountability from Barbados courts…

One is not permitted to take notes or record in courts in Barbados, even public criminal proceedings. The press is gagged until after the trial is over. Then one cannot get any transcripts of the proceedings, motions, and findings.

Over a year later and I am still waiting on the High Court’s registrar’s office to provide me with DPP Leacock’s recommendations for sentencing of the two murderers of Anna Druzhinina, one in 2010 and one in 2012. They got manslaughter for hanging her.

So what is the definition of transparency?

Amy L. Beam, journalist and BFP contributor

Below article originally published on February 13, 2013…

Barbados Free Press

Anna Druzhinina Murder

Censorship and a Travesty of Justice

By Amy L. Beam, Ed.D

As of today, I have waited over one month for the chief registrar in the court’s registrar’s office to provide me with the written statements of DPP Leacock in the sentencing recommendations for McCollin (2010) and Persaud (2012). In common parlance, this is known as stone-walling. Silence does not mean I’m finished with this issue.

Also, I was told at the court house that Persaud is appealing his sentencing.

So Barbados is a country with complete judicial secrecy. In the courtroom I was not allowed to have paper, pen, or recording devices. Now I have been refused ALL documents relating to both of the convicted men.

“The case is over, the verdicts and sentencing have been rendered, yet the documents are being kept secret. Does Barbados seal documents after a murder or manslaughter trial? Is the international community taking…

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10 responses to “Anna Druzhinina murder: Persaud appealing sentence, Barbados Court stonewalls journalist

  1. robert ross

    We have been here before. First, in no jurisdiction of which I am aware may recording devices be taken into the Court and notes may not be taken other than by authorized personnel. This is certainly the position in the UK. Second, from what she says it is not at all clear what this lady is asking for.

  2. Nostradamus

    @Robert Ross

    Isn’t she asking for “…… the chief registrar in the court’s registrar’s office to provide me with the written statements of DPP Leacock in the sentencing recommendations for McCollin (2010) and Persaud (2012).”

  3. robert ross

    Yes and I have no idea what it means.

  4. Self evident

    Looks like she wants full transparency of The Director of Public Prosecutor transcripts as to his written recommendations, which is normal in a court of Law in the First World. They should be public and readily available.

    This DPP might be the same one that is extremely diligent in looking for rent money in a woman’s vagina ( ie shakedown ) early one morning when she was taken away forcibly from her child This would be automatic dismissal in most jurisdictions except of course Zimbabwe and Russia.

  5. Wily Coyote

    Remember this is BARBADOS, “A RULE FOR EVERYTHING AND ENFORCEMENT OF NOTHING”, judiciary is as corrupt as the politicians.

  6. just want to know

    Wily Coyote I agree with you 100%. When murders can get away with killing another person wilfully & say in court they didn’t mean to do it, why did they do it in the first place. Another human life is just as important as yours, so pay for your crime. What about the man who shot his son, went overseas, being allowed by the police, saying there is no one in Barbados to mend the wound. These people went into the house & killed that girl whether intentionally or not deserved to hang just as they hanged her by a wire. Is it because she is white? & the family white? where is the justice? Now the same DPP is asking for protection after what happened in T & T, or as it is said only people in Government like politicians are to be protected, & if anyone does kill them, they should be hanged. Your life & mine are not important.

  7. Anonymous

    Haven’t you guys ever heard of CourtTV. Live telecasts of
    court trials and proceedings. THAT is called freedom of the press.

  8. robert ross


    Oh Gee… better tell the UK then.

  9. John

    I routinely take notes in civil court in Barbados and I am not a lawyer.

    One of the times the other side complained the then acting CJ, Peter Williams, said he had no problem with it.

    He also said the courts in the UK are moving to be more transparent and recordings are actually encouraged.

    I was once prevented from taking notes, …. way back in 1999 I believe.

    Google the phrase taking notes in court.

    Obviously you must respect the court but I cant see permission being denied either in the UK or here.

  10. just want to know

    So why did they object to the journalist recording the proceedings, & would not give her the evidence of both trials that she is asking for ? Do they have something to hide? The prosecutor need to answer questions. But like everything else in Barbados it is 7 day wonder.